'it f - , ...... ., , . . " , . " . i t p " - f v , . 1 : -AEy Mm i ;VrAvI..;....a. 510.. Ll ? ... i rrm0 SVori Cui i xL!u'jcJ. wt Taw jJvl (.'rftn!:fTI)OLL.lniJcf ann iid, pbls i4 the taJ''' moni lit tVL-V'trwlil er4 wniU fvif tho bument of I 9 pc !ul rceclff tonUi jmi,. r A"riVutriiM7s fiji't'nvmi "So" ti" e jcuitoffiirif - i- - rrm. . , -j " , !"6!-"w'r.t lncflol until it hit bt pa'J far, ,f lt mrmcnt 4rm-:4 1 same pcrwn in tlu tfcwn, or r3LH Icn to Ijc editors murt If fit-pdil or thrv . i i . j . ., I'rcaAAcnt's Message la tob n'rt M th npetunj of tin fleeond Ecaalon cf tlie iHr.cfitI C?ijjTt, UHrvwuUcJ by iir.J.ai. , Mr, Jap. ' . x - fn ccjnmuptcaiinf "to you a jut iw of public all4in,' at the commencement cf your present iaoor8; i uo ii wun great aaiUMCuon, because, lilting an circumjuncci into consiu tratlon, which claim attentioi), I tcejmuch cause to rejoice in the felicity of our situation, la making this -remark, I tio no't wi&h to be M . f I... .1 . . 'l uouemoou 10 impiy; inai an unaricu pros prrity is tote seen in every interest . this p-eat community. In the progress of a na tion, inhabiting a territory of rsuch vast e tctt,an4 gtcat Taiiety.ofHmatej HPfttr lion of which is engaged in foreign cdmmcrcp; tnd (table to be affccted in-some ileree, by thf tlMitgw whVch'occtir in'ihc'condiitoS and regulations of foreign 'copntrici. li tvduld be strinje the produceo(por sotlnrid (hein tlystry and enterprise of otir felloV citizens, J, jivticu,oi mi lime?, uuu iu cvtijr judder, m " uni tn ond4 equal ebcouracemcnu ,1 This is k ' t i vouidoe more tr.jnwc would nave aneht to espect, under circumstances the most favor 'cblc Pressure's on certain interests, it is ad , milted, have been feltf but, allowing to t'.iese ' thdr greatest extent, they detract but little irotn theibrce oT tha remark already"ma3 IaTorminga just estimate of our present sit- jjatQn4t.iuj.propcr.tP look atjhe whole in rdw outline 1m welt as in tlieileuiL A free, virtuous,and enlightened people kno well itJw gfcat principles, and, causes on whicK their happiness depends ; and even those who suf- to most,joccasknally, in their transitory conr 2. . HOl'SK OF COMUONS Moi o r . xor. 20. AOtiot urn of inrmlirr In iMtii UuuM:stliiepre(M,lbey cr ar:oitiiity Oir.IieaT-D-rUelf Yinuy, r.(. ia "elected Speaker of the Senatd nnd Hohc Viilunii snd lkiijamfn 11. Coiniton L'lcrks j and Konmlii M. binders, Ks(r.'Sieaker of tie .Common Cand Plcamnt Ilendcron and William tt. Lotkhart, Ueiks. The Doorkerprrs in tlie Iloune of Commons are the same who have served In that eapjf itjr for many years. In tbe place of the ute Mr. Iurts ueul, Uernian Uulner elected. TV r so at, no. 21 .Mr. WiitTs Alston pre sented the f'IIoii) rtsoluticni IlrmlrrJ. Thrt f oint c1-ct rommlMrr. m;l'in! t4 . ' a tnrta ifi ttit prt t4 the House, b ppoinut to join n-n t'mimiuc u vj D8 flpponiica on tii t)rt ui tbe (CntC. tO int M'.iimla tile ICLUiiliti. mil Iikiuim in In tL ofnl cnfMuct f John liavwooit, Tutlic TrcureT cf tli hie cf Norrb-C)liiuW and thti their laqnirt ! exlfivo to tl time liivtcd it bout Likinr tu oitbof mmt, or itavuif enwrcu U.m doikk na tnurnr, u Uie Uv drccti and tbt the 4J committee power to etui for ncnoni xnd paperi, nl to take ail ncccaarr and pfw;)tr ntrMurcs to lutuxv a Toll and cureplcU inrctti- Ordered that the resolution lit on the table, i A joint Committee was appolntwl to wall on his Excellency the Governor to inlorm him Iwtb House were organized? and "to know when he woutd plcnv; to make hh communication to them. ' Ileccived from the Senate a proposition for the appointment of a iolnt cominittre to xenott joint TOks foe. thi"fw'a'ITiiliscwaKdta Infialrt'lntoUart, cipcoiencyoT eacn iiytise pericctinjj every unt, fcc. wtfph shall tome before (ii ItPWit be H"? to the other'UouseT V ' wr.nKr.sDAr. k6t. 22 Mr. Turner, from the joint committee appointed to waft im the Gover nor, reported, thai Jie would make his commutu caUonjtliisdajat half. paati I o'clock. ' r;H--f "On motion of Mr..bcoJ a.tnesiatre was sent to the Senate) proposing to ballot for a Judge to suppir me Tacurtey occnuonea urine ro.ign.mon of JuSge, Murphey, on Jatuydayflexti' nomba Imi W m. .Norwood, .sq. for tbe appointment. ttie balloting committee forenirrpssins: clerks ctrns, find'ereat relief under their sufferings from the blessings which they otherwise en jov, and io the tfbnsoling and animating hope which' they, administer. From whence do these pressures come ? . Kotrom a'goverq nent which is founded byv administered for, nd supported bthe peopled .UVc trace ttim tJIHe pediaVcharaictcr pi tlie epocliln v'"ch we live, and to the 'extraordinary occurrences which hnve aignali2ed it: The'ctohVuWdns wi:h which several of the" powers ff,Erov (ave beeulhatehrahd thflongantf destruc tive wars, in which aU were engaged, with jheir sudden transition" ta a state of peace. -presenttnj;-iit thtr-first instancer unusual en . cotiragsraent to our commerce, and withdraw' -iag it, in the second, even '.within its wonted limit, could not fail th 'be lenKibly felt here. Hie station, too, which . we had tf) support 'through this Ion conflict, compelled, as we 'fere, finally, to become a pajty to it, with a Jteip4 p.ojmr arul -sulkr htavv losws, and iq '.contract consider? "atfairswwigmemingv tcricvast ammratnae t circulating medium and there))' elevating, at on time, tho price of every , article above a jt-starvdardi ; Jind 'deprtsstngitiratanotheff tbclow it, had, likewise, us due elkctfe - It U manifest that tbe"presaret f svhich e eonxphini hare proceeded, in a great mras -jjf ejranihese -ieaW-ho, then we take $fi't$ view thg pmpTwt s14ppr ermdittori nme a foiHict or sentiment generated by that inveterate hostility which has evrrj)een found ta exist between Creditor aril Debtor; tin one strivlig not only toirfttntain nod exfcnil theinflurutt -4a hiclr they f onaidcr themJ selves fslrlv catitlrd, but through'thc igincy oi-.iaoks, olc making -vigorous f ffiirts to buul eirvyjtimhan4fn4.foottih the more, ready and obedient sacrifice! the other, equally inordinate and regardless of the obligation! of justice, seizing with avidi ty and impassioned zeal the most trivial f re texts tb avert from their shoulders their due portion of the distresses tf the country, in duced s much by their own imprudences and extra v a -ratters as from any other cause To yoo have been intrusted, for a season, the scales of justice; and let me in trial you to hold 'them with . a : firm ; and iteadx hand. yielding neither to the wanton encroachments of ihe one, or the licentious clamors of the other.', i ' i ' e '.- f That much, yes, very much, of those'em- barrassments jnay.be airly attributed to the unreasonable multiplicntron oT banks', and the excessive issue of their paper, far beyond their capstijy to redeem, wilt not be denied. It,therelore becomes your Imperious dttiv so to regulate those monied institutions as to give stability to their issues', and prevent, as far as practicable, the ruinous consequences result ing to the community, from ihe versatility .of us junarat;cr,.auu iik uuciuairon in lis vaiue. This Dbligatioa is surely as siroug as though ihe potfu to make' money, aiwl to regulate the a ata a ' value tncrcoj, naa occn expressly uciegateU j fur unless somethrng" is done, what will pre vent-the .recurrence of similar 'embafrass mentseven after we W temporarily relieved from the present pressure r a profit thereon, andenharce their diviuenus, " and that upon a full view'if ail the circtim- , stanct s,it will be ta t'u Interest of the bank ' , io decline faymrrrt.alraviher SuppOiC Pn.SiC indiruiual was to be guilty of the same ton duct, would Be not benivlrsally stigmati ced,vam 'would hevACt deservedly incur the ; , rpuneici twinaicrt nvwuai apcueaoi sopn- - ... istrv, then, or in what system of .ethics can it -be found, that an individual ha!l be thus de '.' graded and stripped even to the last low that gives sustenance to his family, to meet the . ' demands of his creditors, that does not apply ' . ro at) association of individuals,, under, the ' . . character W' bank stockholders, banl direc trim, or what nol?" ' : ' s'Tlje principle, I opprehend, is alike appli- . cable to allj but the practice in this pur day t is-ery di(Tcfent, for, as f oleryed Wf , do - you find the Stockholder giving tip hii diyi ; dend to sustain the character of his bank, or , " making tht 6rdinar)! sacrifices b procure the specie, or w-hat may be deemed an eqntvjlepc - for specie, to redeem their paper i . No t on . the ' contrary, you find him securely entrenchetl behind his impregnable .ramparts, drawing: "'. his eight, ten. or twtlve per cent, interest, atjd . '. . ueiying tne storm wpicn ms own cupiauy nas contributed fo excite. f ,Ji '. Dut it ma) be impatiently asked, whatahaH be done to relieve the people from their prest ent unnarallued burthens I - I must candidly aATwTedgerthar t9cflVrya, neither have ( beta able io de-t"! vire any jystcm myself to afford a radical rep- . . . m - . ... i . . ovatiorj, save mat oi putting our anouiacrs the wheel, and practisiht? the trrcatcst'fruiraU ... .- . . 4 .. ity and industry, Por we have, on a form eft , , occasion, tried a iuspetisioir law, and whidr .r ' irol did it do?! In addition to an -accumu lation' of, debt and a relaxation of morals, it a . a a ari Ma - w n rcporteauiai moraas. Arm'tionRBnqjoitn r . ir , : ; - '.,:e , r. ' . "j . . . 1 u V L,rifrr nit until lh rialirnt il rrtnr, na tnat anoiner oatiow - ------- I nnticioate that It wiH be said, that it is I hazardous' to pressHheljahks at this timcrorP4" Pe corroding idea that we had; In mak- . : , by the adoption "of "encrcaic mTinc"ccttlrd crt to do what we had nb- rutTon, tb attempt. measures, the correction of the abuses , of loose in-itnutionsi.or,in ouicr .worus, nut rf jar coahtry; iri all the gtearerrctimstance l-''hic"i''tnstitut the felicity 6f a nation ; eve J v' individual in the full enjoyment of alt his t?htirf? the Lf ntOh blea8tdiw4th4letaTOd 'Jfapidly rising to greatness, under a national "ovtffnmintVhich operntes with complete tf 'ift in every part, w'ithont being felt in any,' Except by the ample protection which it af fords and under state governments which impossible pecta ; most l. "IfvU lantiiicstimabU blessings. Deeply Porrest were anrxrioted in was necessary (or it third." .Another balloting took place.but no ejection was made- tv -j, Jta4hc-.ppu!itcd Governor presented' the following: Messagci hf Mr. Wm. nummeri Msntyate betretary.t- T$ At UvnorabU the CfwralJumlh C: : Oh CtSTtEMEM:. Having on former andsome- what recent occasions, entered . extensively into them'obtpromtnent subjcctslifState pol icy, but liitle remains 'for me7 at this time to superadd . s'ave- that of a yejtmtlon.f' the warid6ctflfts7offitheT wtpi a :itnryette tions on the times and he occurrences grow. ) ingout of them.""Ih dtscharging this duty, 1 sniiii, a i uavc uccn wuni ii nu, .i... with- yw ;-Kr can see..no-teastinV'nyl in this our nartinc interview. Jl different course should be pursued." TodeVd the impulses T)f a heart " glowing 3vitH agratefiueolleaion of the renewed instances confidence repo sed in' me by my fellow-citizens would forbid a different wurs'e T cannot, however," expect that" all should unite with me in sentiment iu the reflections 1 am about to introduce, presenting so many dLffoUApstt.-aod,vie w ny different m?dium';,Neverthek ss,it is in istabl,thtfj adnhrmeriinsdeyelopemeni rvt events, measures originally designed to promote the general interest, are found to be subversive of-ThmTintcpSPii4: JhJmisV niiences not anticinateds that it becomes an impericHi dmy ;'with- tho8e'ntrSwwhtIie, sovereign power,icpause. anaponuei.w cii befor&thev .raa&J&ujtoc and dispassTonateTf dfthc pat;in: order thqt:they may be the oeuer.aJjle: to' discern between adverse fortune flowing . motth 3 i'hTpuWic hiippittes?; it is j ocauro,rritvfving, gloriOuS a s f'', witnoitJreinr' jheaetratedf wiihi.th from human frailty and human indiscretion, ana ; those national -reverse uiu-,. which no human foresight or prudence could avert. . Dut on a retrospect, I am fully per suaded the patriotic bosom will find abundant mim ta " dilateith trratitude. - and-wrUlbe pleasirrably impelled to offeT up to thellirone ,Ol.-U.mnisciencujc wannc at-.1jw7.v-t tnentsr-1- """"""i:" g'i-: - Allmv m attention to the causes and character of our, pecuniary embarrassments, which have for the' kt eighteen mo ing, and, ! might say, more intemperate db citssior, than every.other subject combined ftr it i bUt'too manifest, thrat we have 4t this ed to healtfi lefore. we call in the physician. T11 obviate this ofi'rctfohwhich ii'eertjinltf nsoretpecjous tnan.euiia, ..1 shoujupcdiapQ;. scd to give thy banks thijr, 00 "time" to re sumc"$peclCaymehts, providcdihatttlme was" "reastnablo'oiie "but to". tell them, ih ptafcnnThFf''trhis7.:yolr will nod protu Dy tnc anon K-ugc you nave gamea irom expf riencej- you.ball ba-'dRfranchised,"" and rV.td to your ervlfiiundaxloci4 to which snouici oe annexcu ui iicav icbi irai penalties known to our law 'J TitXiZZ ft .Their charters", it may he" thought, already providf or the puVment of tht irnotes in pe eteHU"t is- manifvfct-tha(frMn'me:cauHC Lor other, (he IerToyligalion, if anyris treat ed with-dmsion, aiid-the oranipotente of banks 1iastbecame almost proverbial. Jf in this pafticjular I im wronjj, I should begrati fied to be convTncecf of my 'erory practfeai demonjtration"i jf right", 'i;htf a'oonef it is known the better,' In order that" th rfeople may tio lohper be deluded l)y theagat iia' 6F I W ild l.iDCT, nut may, in uue season, r renaer to vc sar the thing- ihat arc Cttsar tw'VI am uot d I posed (o assert, neither 'do I helieve, that the banks have been the sole cause of our dif ficulties for the' people themselves; by an in- ; 10 do, inflicted a wound on our consti, n,. that sacred inheVUanceV which is , "W at j - w i av m - correctly and emphatically tailed the rail ad i- 9 urn lofjour llights.-1 . f . - The emisslorTpf more moneyunder some " form or otherj may, perhaps, be a favorlt estil J ,ZZ... pedieii't with? some j buf I pray you" to pause " r r andTreflecfwell before you resort to such des a, 'T , perate remedies. ; ror how can the intelligent r - mtftd Uuuht,. lor a. moment, as to the rjroper. instruction to be put on our constitution in - ; 1 : .11 i'';v . . . . . have been e vidently the intention of the con 'J stiditbn to place'lhe currency of the country -' v unoer-tne exclusive controj ot me. congress . if the United States and to preclude the in-1" dividuaL statcV from legislating on the 'sub- ' ilcjtf i fmd wh aU a ngii a ge Can I use to enforce ;tz myi(icr"ter aaaptea 10 tpc occasion, mart ihelanu r the 1st Art. and Sec. 16; the power to coia . . . money;' rt'gulate the value heYeof and of for eigrr'toirrris exclusleljrgiycn to CongreVsr and in the 10th section the1 aXatC8 are prs.Ijr" j r forbidden to coin monevl emit Villa of credit,' . - of to make any thing but gold and silver coin: a tedderjo payment" of debts. ( Sn, J ? ' are justly chargeable for. 'a full portion, and jrrremtsly-wrthWiUStatntrtfr; IheninairdTt 6fj-fitiibutie"juiitice,i;for;to under the distressing pressure," have shed and to be ttHUhedding 'drops of blood i'luf lijt Jq, not only sulfcr for their own misconduct, but for ;tlje: luisconduct of othcfflIpprihend not.hcjllarmerjnusL.nolJoriIy profits of his farm, but the farm itself, to meet thTdcm be Isaidfnlk filer chill branch of industry, save that of- the stock holder and the stockholder alone but by fiomejpecics of.legerdemain incomprcbensi ble to a pWa manf some of the banks, when hard pressed, instead of making the "ordinary sacrifices to meet the demands f iustice,Jn dignantly otiose their vaults; and tell the hold ers of their notes, witk ineffable contempt, tnai it isrueHney liave aomehall-a mitlion or miinon4'pecie On hHiuly aml-in addwuiu thiretar havefuMsartnitht prDbablyTisweT as well as theipecie, and that although 'these H funds have cost them little or nothing, the premium 4 havingl been advanced 4 by i their needy customen.for the purpose of, obtaining additional accommodation atbank,'that they bevertheiess have 4t in their power to make vlSome years pftaat, the Legislature, without due reflection I am persuaded; and merely to supply our citizens with change," directed the issuing of a small quantity of Treasury not -, or cent bills. As yet from the limi- 1 r '"f 1 t 1 j' it-u quanuiy erotucu, .no very scnoui mis reLf5jiiayirTrtrdTtutifClhyuldltj' run fortunately drawn Into a n prertleh t, nnd tM-.r-;;" LegislatJrj "sll6uld,"at any future period, cli-v-.'" rcct the issuing of n larger guantity to supply .14,'. ihTcTeleH or6u may 1 , .,..,. T-,,..., w-m- . ..... .... .. ,.,m. men uiu auicu to inc, remorauou oia wnoie- spme .currency andrtake a long, Jong fare.r. wcii ui lire amuidiy pruviaiuua ui 111c consii tution, unless, peradventure, a" re fleemTng a"pl V iH-. ' r it -should founU; wiK Ju ; , ""The othcrexpedients that have hrerr spoken r-U, . of, arc, in my opinion; equally tain and nugatory, and if reduced, to practice, will be found, to be, . ;; woTse'tharr the'tUeasc.1' nie-concluslon then rof the wholemstter this, that itis j our duty to leginluid efficiently on the suHect above veferred to, and to tihce those ' : ....... " ' . .... . nionien insutuunns on Alien, a oasts as n iirprom ie sianuiiy ana tne greatest unilorniuy to tneir issues, and 4hcreuy- prerent rapid appreciatioi.s- and dtprcxiations whitlMaay be C4i rtcily jelled the l'aiwlcfra ijox iiom whenceuJiave flowed so , many deletcrious-circumstaiicesForv by the" establishment of Banks, mbney is not onlf made but .by their failure to pay ..specie, the yaluejiere- ; oflislndire provisions of our Constitution are virtually defeat It is far froiy being my Wl&li to injure) the cbir . , i-:r,-z'fdi$s ' t:ti , ... - I f r 1

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