v .4 J rtr fT't-nr' X) r,, r tmvr il. rrisn to fci-.u iiKuci my i,;.iuit; J, i'j fuiec VtfB.u niijatoilifl uiont i;!i,'ihl wars and me m m U reslabli-b thtir err Jit, and place their npef wi i par itl jfttf,. the. only stTiJard of vatiM that raL reiki J jeir-iorr insar r ', .' . ..Ju7 that there are, in my. dpkiou, ut few iWu , luiions tf the klml in the t'r.inn rporc toltcnt , "ami tione wlicif fewer cm'of i,K,it'ii.it atur! int j.r.mle ran be found. luuth Mchtetjto the whe and liberal policy of our ininittiute predcces-nois for an important arrangement in the, supreme hrwiich of It, I Mt!l tt many repects dcfvciitc. i As tin evileln.r,Ml yU4o tbe appointments and icda-ilu'i ul.U J have tjtehrv'TuOnlinixpr utrJuVtltey iiut'weicr.tiotbunctiiDoiittltoituilc. cvnd smile wurcaMir airy sornewharcf f 1w!tcttw ectie f , And in JceJ, jf, J .may c iMiOAU:d,tt i. i i i ..... . . . . .pea plainly, aoes u not muniicstiy tiegrane tiif .itn W.nrfilJcY.riid jrvli li t Lf ,t ;.'( reU of 1 i ronf !e;.ry the Mali. our !n(y 1 . (Ut"n. I.x iii.'mc will ( fcxrninu'iig eye luio the viio.i o-ruti-ii.! ol ,li a yttm. Scan h .otH th rmi'ie of 4 xtri a urf , ml upply tb (orrtriWr. v '". iiitf rrjt ') tidily ThetitVic-e of Mtd7 Itif, ln;j lu our cliitens, nd so well 'deserting IcKL" 'ivcaftyniion, Imi, as )tt, with a few rt pi'ton, pavK-'J unnoticed and unprotected. And i' fust to uuiiifitciif however UMucasaut tiif amiimioii lctlit ln i In a 1cm itimiuMo condition tlutt in KorthCiironn4. 1'hc qtirtion imuif -illy o nr, lijr(i tlii the caw f The amer it ovi mi. r5rcaiic-iu iilinoM f vrry mhr t).irt of tlic touic rbaracterof the State, Impair the ufit'tieu ofi ditirr. vrriitr.or atutjr.tory tentlmonUlsol picilcfsl tn iil "Vi M :f ft on i Mime re spec tilde iUI"l t K'itl jr " t6K" iiiintfil , iiiijrdt ri)kUlii,. i eMcniul 4u tU tumimcnt of pithlic rcpett and puMic cottli 1- -1 that (Icpirtmctitcf our" povcrnrntftt j und at the tame time wound the honorahlc enilllitiej ff lite ttflrctin,;purt of the community! Ifacono lay Ite.tho object, I pray yWto examine the c jkegwi thkt ftare been incurred hy State in i.oneifliiij the Council for the purpose of filling uycka occasioned bribe mignntloni of oyr JudKCH and )ou uill then find that the trifling addition to the aalry requiiitetd.rtiun tli'e.in 6n the bencfc,-wmi.Jbe tbe lickt economy jou could practice. TbU, howetfr, J not, lo my pninfcin, our true policy, ?A tllfftSnuiion of their labor, wbtc'i would be virtually, an increase of talarv, Is induUtabljr the, remedy cjltd for by cipert- tnre. .' . f " 'I here are two way i by wh'rh this may be done. The tney itfe re;or;ition of the Dittrict prin ciplf, new-modeled and refined the otherby the creation of two or three additional circuity The first I (ball never think of but with the most unvioui aolicitude I t co rt-cVutdished f Cor 1 have ever ie.e l Uu feature in our old ftyttem, ihe ofTsprin of Yevolutionary times,-wuh the 'M-ienetJ ojKlrc.5nejCl.Ior, itc Wom c.earr ancestor, trom. whose lure and patriotic ncBds antt nearwituuwert j -rninjped at ZJJk atmc time with tbe vw oi riiuoirtitt 13 fr the,rsb act. that expunged it from our Statute t ' 356ok. If, however, this change, o deiiruble uftd 1neitimible In itself, bhould be deemed unpracti- Vablt, I would re'pectfullytubn.ii, as dernier 4iort,' tl.e propiiety of making two additional ireuits v i. - ' f x w;- . . T A tralifT Theorpanlimton of our County Courts - or'Qtinrtf rlyScv.JoD, ft Ifcenu t4 toe, may be niucli imoroved ' Andiwitli due deference, I will take jle liberty of submitting foVjffur cnidera- . T lion on Idea or two, surfeited not only by my own - f itnVctioni on the subject J but Wpporteif.hy' the ; nmcitning opinions some of our most expo iienced and intelligent cltizens lnnovaiionsi) ndrrif, should be srrictlykcrul!rtizcd bcrorrf,they . receive the eouuunoiico ond approbation oL the Legislature, out when found to be salutary, It 1st -The confusion apparent jnoht County. Courts "v n consequence of whatls technically called'Count . rw busineis chshlnc'viih the rectilir Jury trills, 1 "bufloo often (Ue Cause xubi 6nly'"br dday inllie . bamiillMiauon Oi usuur, oui is, ai uip sainc ?C) ' . Vurilienvome andotpeniiv'e to the parties litigant, ( and harrasuDg und oppressive to every officer of , , thctourt. . , , , t.v.,.? , ,vs Si'parauon oi inesc uuiics-anu powers, vj the creation of what htavuilhDroirictv and cb' - j - - - 4 w : I t -V rectneasf b eUl County Court, Ar tT)epe- "t.ai:"put-po3Ctr vransacimjr an ccnmtyj ouMnewj T ether than that wberp the intervention of a iury "tna'jr be necessary." woiild, it seems to mei be pro- ' ductive of infinite benefit, by cxpediung business, ' ' ... . ' - i . r - jna tnercojrconomisiog irme nncrexpepauure. A further detail of ihe, contemplated improve : . .!. I r ' -i..' h, jntm? uiuai uc inc icsun oi yuur reseat -uv . . V-'The Insolvent Iiwsof our State, jt appears to jne ari; auscepliblo of amendment. Their de "fcct'sj'I eodeavored to point out in my Mr com? ;muni:aiion, and will, therefore, for, the present", , Karcl bbsertre, that any system of laws which op- rates' with equal severity on the innocent and jggtuUlyynw teecUveyoyhdHV to shield Iron) the ifgnnancici'cuiiQrJlicmnor t cnt out jui UMiunaie-nian n i. pe ron i cor.sri- ,rn5i30usjy Jjeuevc, snmiin w iic.u jajrioiaict . -Jei the fraudulent delrtor be punished as a criminal, please, or in any otheij.way thai nu be deemed - best to arrest the progress of fraud, and give ef " "facyTW'tlfe'ifAt ttenrands tjf-efedttor -hut J I.rooa;itiaintatti iionjpstchtorjout of the reach q( aJ jijnominrous incarceration, '--This relict of Uarbansmr so te Hitherto, t'.r tln.e of our annual Sttn-ioiu has been almost f nclukively devoted to the prenerva tion and security of property, while the livcv health and happiness of a numerous and intelli- gent population, have been left at the mercy of every pretender ; and thousands and teNis of thou sands of our fellow titiicnw, I inibt say, have fallen victims to tbe empirical efforts of a host of intruders..-.....: - The youth of our State who have lcen reared and educated for the profession, with that native modestv which I trust will ever characterize them, advance with becoming diffidence in their vocations, while the more adventurous Q'l.ick, presuming on the iorance and credulity of the people, run off vthh the upoil. tThii, certainty, in no one instance, can last long j but from the facility with which these persons ehant tjuar ten, and front the eagerness with which aHhcted humanity seizes tho offeted relief, the Crst fruits are bnt too often gathered by the rawh though Ig norant practitioner. Under tbee circumstances, wbnt Inducement nave our young men to trudge tti-Uve-tKirNkTul of riHry-n4 Ttord- tbcir lirno nnu pairimony in tayjng ine toiinoaiion toe Hitue ircn'iIneVs t TniethennteIIeduar UP iirnnh is cxauisite : but of itself it is insufficient to sustain the diffident and desponding youth who r". i .if . . il . j nnfu nimscn prcsscy ny soniany oiincuiiics, sou find's too, that his very sustenance is taken from him by the characters above alluded to Again. It must be mortifylng'to see our young men Constrained to abandon their"1 native State in pursuit of Medical Science abroad ; where, too often, in reapingrnhCfffiit or scicncc7 foreign maples ami foreign habits are formed, not on pr i? opposed to-the cenius and spirit of our gov eminent, but measurably disqualify imf'them in other respects for futur&.lifei .. Thus exhausting, ks It weVc'lhe last earninsrs of parenUt industry und frugality, to obtain what might, with a little effort b as welt obtained tt home. -Let me ob serve what irt,iy'Wdemed sUpf I nupUUaftliu tViC(iicauoarq wiii pot prejucice me pretensions of any pracfitioiier of the present day, for its op eration roust necessarily be prospective t TbU. subject, presents' so-.tnany, interesting poiuis, ana in iruin is so Busccpuoic vi musira Uod.' tfiat I'must believe it Is only rcquisite'to in lerest the ndnd of tbe intelligent statesmun to perceii'e itslmnjortance. v -1 7 . - i Bin aware, inai some uivenuy oi sentiment . , .' i -. . ' i . .. may oe cxpeciea as lo tnc manner in wnicn ine Medical Board, above alluded to, should be estab lished ; but that it, is ? not only4 practicabjr, but hijihlrj eardrentj-Kmer-T thinkrcan- rationally oouoii-wnerrineT aavtrt ro mc, uniiorTn success which has attended theefibrts;of many ot our sistcr.States. Let roe", then, entreat you, at the Guardians of the people's best interests to give thirUbccVDr WI orhers', the hiosUiiUeresuog a full, fair and dispassionate cohslderatiou. ., It has not been my habit to travel bej pnd the limits: t)f the State, and tf course beyond the spher of;your ction,r for. subjects to, interest your ilelibe rations V ou the -vital importance ttf one of he jnost Jrdent and labored discussions which has agitated the union since the foimation of our government has. and will on the present oWfciortrdiverTmB tenor of m.y course, i iurio 4ook -v td feej for the issue. io.the Jtvcni fu tcpnflkt! would argue an in i'1'f1- ' .-,-.1 " - . r . . ' scnviuuuy;.anit, apatny loreign jrom my itature and an obduracy of feeling unknown to the patrl uuc,jbina.4lL success , attcndsJihe., gigantic siriucs oi'ioe menus oi manuiaciurcs, ana toe onerous burthens sought to he imposed on the agi icuUural, 4ind inked many oilier branches of uiduryi.sbouid, boasted equality of .fHirsuirand freedom from unnecessary restrafptliltherto the pride of our couniLry lyMninf liiic't ti-st!1 n stin add ! anJ permn nei.ily Miaitnhi on tlem, would, 1 ft'ar,' produce . . i - i l!. ...!. ....!.- . r....i.. it I iC.Jl J'trtS II liiC pu.. liuriu inTiir.c ft wiui r and rtiino'.ts h the extreme. "Tani aae tha! b't Ml of Icj-.KMion fan grow otit-cf my reniitks j fnit a silent anaoscnre, while the rhutiis aie foiririx, amid!.uhe general exprcssinn of puhlic tcniiinetil, would bo u gross !er Uction of uty. . . " . TrfrMmil- f tin addreat fwtfd J nt emrnng at larre into the subjec t, wr re it necevvary, whlh, n i. tissiom wi.kIi lute been uoing on in an'i it of CoiitTirs for the Us.1 iwtlu mOnOi u I twill iJturUib:Wl"i-cly-aak if it i iut Mr iilrt!Jv,llal ilm iii'if ud:.t ycutuutry tfiiur rotmtry ahrnihT-be' mmriUnrary tv the $egr ttf-rt ana oetiawa popnmttonirmt nine growtn oi mauuLaui lng elaUiloe nu I X)r. it it . (toliik that this vrrtuui ami intelligent yeomanry, the only knfe depoutory and shield of the lilterty of the country, ihould.iiv lln hot-bed cstaJJinment of woik-shops, be ultimately amalgamated with them, or driven by oppression, constrained to a Itandon the fair and cxhilirntmg pursuits or rural ife, the prolific nursery of heroes, statesmen, tatriots and philanthropists. Jir an act passed at the last session of the uen- cral Assembly, I was suihoilzed and requested tn cause the outhwestero bolindary ine of this State to be ascertained, extended and marked. In purtiuance thereof a rorrespondence was im mediately opened whh jhe (iovcrnor of Tchncs see ; but for the want of authority on his part to co-operate in the busincw, in inevitable delay en sued until tbe meeting of jhe Je gislatuie of that State, which took place during the lust summer- As soon, however, os it was known that the pow. er had hecn delegated, the subject was resumed, and a hope' was1 at first entertained that an ami cable completion of the business might be effect ed during lie present year; but causes beyond our controut have and will prevent it. I am gra tified, however, to have it in my power to say that juuinpleaunfror tmTrieiNHy-txdthbrrtre ed tie Bp prehendetfr- v V - M ""r-" In the filer market)- A; arrcontalned tne Testg. nations If such Justitns'of the Peace and Field Office fs as lift ve been rtcelved (luring the t eress, togtther.iith the resignation of Judge Murphy one of tbe Judges of our Superior Cwirtsof Law and F.quity, n gentleman as highly esteemed for hrs private virtues, as Tor his able and disinterest led devotion Jo the best interest of- bis country. To supply the vacancy, I wasadmed by the Couiir cU, to kitder the temporary appointment to Vil ham Norwood, l.sq.oniillslwro, a lawyer of long standing, and doubtless knowri to many of you. v I shall now; Centlemen, close this desultorv ..... - . sdilrtss, and in doing to permit me to lender you, and. through you, ray fellow .citizens, generally, the unfeigned homage of my j-espect and jgrati-tude-V If, in 'he discharge or the duties attached to tbe executive onicer my condttct hat been such as rjpVe efficiency to e government of laws, to impart in ine'smaliest degree viuuty and energy to.tjie benign gi)d happy institutions under which we live, and finally to meet the approbation of r- n " - r t r - ' . . " " my idiow ciuienst eanconhaemrysay tnarmy highest ambition w ill have been pratified-, and that my fondest arid most ardent anticipation have been I have tbe honor tcbe youf oltcdlent servant, t -JOHN BRANCH. Thurspat, jroT.V23Thc. House, dissected the'Coveinor's Message,' and referred its several ' from so mild and happy a system of Jurisprudence -a oyr twn - contemplated increase of the tariff, us effects on the fiscal resources of our countryi,ill produce a crufsf cTihtre5hing67tTieTj)hltanthroj)lst and op pressiveia the eitremeVatthistiaie, to-the agri cultural andcommercial, part of, our population alred borne down by an unprecedented depres-! sion of prices, unpurralleled In the history of our times. ' For if the aouixes of our national reve cue arc-ldrk4 up hyh The ctJto rics and conveniences of lite, together with a cor responding fHlliug-off in vhe jykes of the etsple t The interesting subject of Intemnl Improve - wenis hav been !ly constdcreuL bylthei Board cieate'! at the last. AsseVvibly, for the more imme diate supeiintcndanco and " control of the pecun isry and physical i tsourccs of the State, set apart for that purAoscr' 1 heir report will be submit- -fctl hrdue eason.4 1 tasmothoevrv,skoputhe "-tiBjett,svitrrtuMheexpi(mpf:iJr Dial Uiosi uj tiio iiiitui lain imjctm wc nave id . i.view will ultimately be attained ; and ihat upon ' the "whole, our piospcrtiare fluttering, although. H present, "cfouds and -datkness,r( hover over - some of our operations in particular sections ol the State., - , That Mjjje tnoney,tmd perhaps rot a little, ha? been iinpruditly expended, is reacliiy admitted ; but it doe riioi. hence follow, that the objects' are ifhw oiihy of jliiHuiS orthalthe prospciiiy of ilk parts to tustinct cotumiuees.. . Mr. Iredell, from ,the committee' appointed 'to draft joint, riles forth government of thif two House SKmidexrep6ri,liTc'h was concurred, in'; amf beingse6C-tth-Senqte,'i thi ejortw1a.'. there also adoptett The rules are In confcijrjiity to the rules acted upon by Congress,' which will introducean entirely'hew rnode of transacting the business of the twojlguses. : .The, annual Jteport' of the, Public' Treasurer was hid before the House.; It makes the balance in the.Treasuryon the firstof November instant, 8156,875 39 '- ; r. resolution y esierday Presented byMr.:Al- sion was ciMieu up, una, on mouon oi -wr. rae ban'ejttas amended, by p'reccdi lowing pi eariibreT7 ? T?: ' 7?k- fMhercas Julin Haywood, Public Trewurcr, has set forth in Iris annual report at tlii seisioii, that impres&ott and insinuations have gon aWrwwl umighing b'wintegt Hty hi the discharge of hii official dutiet and the Mid John Haywood hx- in consequence thcrtof, irqufHtcd an iuvrsUpation of hi accounts, and the atlairs of the Treasury (Jfiice", i ii fcvlrv ruilvidJLc. "1 7 Theelblunoli'lvis ;tfiehgreedl6 commodities of rmrroimtry will not, be the only oppressions most deeply tp be depi'ccatedbut a permanent and ine movable direct tax, must be resorted to to rcpltr.ish an empty I reasury. , I shudder when I anticipate the-ccmsequenCes which mubt result from the prevalence of such counsels. , Our fellow citizens, already borne down by a reverse of fortune and' stru jjjling fur 1 ' 1 u r - Sale -of Chmkrr ;arrff:ThO" afejr of the lOTcKiatcly-CTded bjahetThtreJifesTio ihtssTaTe; have taken place, under the superintendence of Major Jesse Franklin and James Mtbane, Esq. TheyoldvrwlwrHV nearly Wamaerearout-of 66.000 acres surveyed, for about 66,450 dollars. The price varied according to tbe quality, from two to nine dollars, though hut little was sold at the latter price. 'Most of th$ land disposed of was.of the first and second quality, though there ir ' ? ci to he stride of money, and the large quantitytf new lands in market, the sales may be considered good. The purchasers weie principally settlers and inhabi tants of the neighborhood ; but few strangers be ing present.. , JialtigM Xcgittr. , Great Dividend. Tht New-York American Insurance Company have declared a dividend of fifteen per cent, for the lat ux months. The President romrwunicated eopyof tk. constitiii('r at iiioptta wr tne goveruiutut ; the State Jllssouil j which wn rt .U hereupon, on mtlo5 of Mr. Smith, inquire wtieuicr any, aim, ii anv, wn.it LigiJ, tivc measures may be necessary for sduiiitiu State of Misvniri into the Union., , . Messrs. Smithf Hurri!! and Mconert t piauteil it Uiutuiiuce a(jorxIinly,aud hf toe4 tuti til Mat ita-tred lu said committee. 4 .....Tlte irewelesrtljoftrrrefr ten trortock; tit'ir the" orgsniMtlon of the 'Hotrie' r Rehrt'ieJ" lives, bru mci BganHouutf nnuinjf tnw Xt-Mivi f ItepiesrntalWcs had not yet elected a SpcaVu they adjourned till to-morrow. : . t Thurmlrty, Aov. 1 6-Mr. of Kf ntnrVf sulinittcd the following resolution for condJtr. I ion ' .. 'Ilemlxtd, Tliat itia eipcdicat to tntke Trw'),t, lawlo autbrie any prr)it who has' purcua4 Um ami not made full payment lit tlie tafa, to tili, quiih to the t'nited Htates si miirfr thereof u mr m i . . . i -. A... " ' .-.. - . . do jua wr, anu rvuin wen punioti oi me ofjtmJ p4 c!uJ ts mav amounl to Uio nuns of moncVscliuItwa at die prico for which the land was purcliaiti . : Mr. flurrill submitted tot conslderstlon Ar following resolution r , ' . y1' . f Pe,lvl, That the act entitled An act anowlnjrgi. pr iiiation to the members oTthe Senate, fttmlrnftW House of Itepittentatives of the UulUd Stated td the dclofufi of the territories, and repeafing at vim law's on the subject," patted at V f.nt Betfioa ef th Fifteenth ongrcst, oujebt to W so altered and aarmU that die chftipcntation to the members and dtWria forcniJ thstl hcreaArr be tlx doHan fur each dav'i i temlance, ami six dollars for every twenty miles trite. iwU'iJ.ti.thc.compcaaalioa Bownllawc(Lhc.faati(L and Dial tf be reftrrtd taf a comiuktec to prepaid mJ (un a uiu wr uumng aau imrnoiiiy aata sci accorvLit. T he Senate adjourned to 1 1 oxlock to-morroe. khvtivxx, tai: irAThe President nicatcd to the Senate a letter from the Sicr-at bf the Trtastlry, transmitting, in obedienc . 1 rvsotuuonoi xuc ocnaic w iae n or May ; .. a statement of the monejr w hich has been : ally appropriated and paid since the year for surveying the sea coast,' hoys, inlets." haiWt and shoals, and (or erecting and kcejJ'mi in it. pair uTit, nouses, ocacons anu ouoys, anaiorue pui chase of ground for light bouses,.whick t rVad and oidered foherinteoT7 -j"-;--'' The President also communicated to the Sen ate a letter from, the Secretary of the Treasuif, transmitting, in obedience to e resolution of tie' Senate of the 3d of April last," statement of money annually .appropriated and paid, since tk declaration cf independence, for purcJiaBin jf the Ijidians, snryeying, and f aclling,. the, puMk lands, tbe quantity purchased, surveyed, soU,1 remaining unsold, tbe amount of jsales, of forfci Luieorsumaunpaidr ice. which was rekh 4 on. motion of Mr., 7Wm5r, aoo extra xV ' thereof ordered to be printed ; and , ..; ; TJTfiii; Senate adjournedto MondayV :"." . Mr; Valkerj of Alabamal suhmitted Jor sidefation several resolutlooa for the relief of purchSsers'of public jands,,.wbicb: were read wi ordered to be printeiC. " ' , ZJfhe-cjiatcjhciirpoJSDaTim.1 day, proceeded to the appointment- by ballot, f the standing committees, which resulted imN distribution or the members as follows i'7-5-. ;P9Me. P11& !Pgl& Wferftrt.Me1 Barbour, Macon, Brown, Hunter, King of Kt York." 7 ' 7. .. ; ' On i'nanff....Messri.'SanfordrMac6n, Dj Eaton, Holmes of Maine. ;. . On Commerce and MantactureZ1Ui Dtckerson7 Riigglcs, Durrill, Horsey, Sanford. On Military Jfairt.Mctn. Williams of Tt Trimble, Taylor, Elliott, 'Johnson of Kentuclj -GiH4&r it;)a.....,MegBrsyollc)-Tfchcaffi Stokes, Laoman, Chandler."7 if-7 Wiinamf 6T MisstsiTpgi, VVaikcrTorAlato5 Valker'6r"CeorRla7'f'---,'''3i'.' v.t7r On the Public alan.,..Messrs. Thornas, lor LoMiie, atoriiVandykc- iJi.l . On Intfian'JJFuirs..Miiws. Ifolniea of-.V. Johnson bf Ken. Johnson of Louisiana, KiaS" AhibamarLowrief-"-"- - -.--T-r Xin C'AiiBMessrsvX'Uson, Hobcrts, Morris Ruggles,-Vandyke- ,7: : - tn: On the Judiciary... .'Messnu Smltla Burtt3 inKt)mWjall " ; OnVitTruflce find i'ot c(.,....I-1 Stokes, Wilson, Palmer, Edwards, Chandler. On Pent on.Mcssrs. Noble,' tliiott, AVilso LLatcoif TichcQorx On the DUlrht Ciiuypbia,.ylt'inA Lanman, Lloyd, Barbour, Iltinter Vir On Accounts .....Messrsv Robe rls, BiirrUI, L" ( man. v: ' . . . , , v. , On Boadt and Caaati.,.. Messrs. Kin? of Trimble to wrie ivmS; "Tlie followintf resolutions submitted by m Sanford on Friday , '.vcre Uken up, nl agreed . :cetwyfg;;:i yat.se tnucn o.lheMineajiaC; Pi esMijoi .. tlDate4.iiHus i tiace r' iciuiiuua vu" "I'aui puu wild r juim - to thc-committg cln (orelgn r'cli.bna-I-. -Hem: toed, That so much of tU messar President of the United States ,&s i d nancief be referred to the cdh(n'it:ti t ' .'lteolved'i That W much of, the tr.c7 ;t Ptcbideiit of thy Viiited States as.ic"

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