North Carolina Newspapers

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tit jI " '" remit
i he tKinn.inco t pu'db: Und." .
Xr4' ft Vital pinch of the maf rf ihe
)itiucnt of Uio Ui)il Sutrs rrlates to the
!,( it"- tc it fared to ihe'cuniDiiuce on
AnJ the Senile Adjourned. , .
' S Sfc I
, ,V Rouse w mu-jiEscxrATivr.?.'
.U. JLl'- ."L '.ir.Ti'riP4f aori
The ilwrSe" tact -pursuant to iIjuum.neiit, at
l! oM'fk nl prctfUcd forthwith to ballot a
tjm fur a Kpeiker of the House, in tlyj plice ol
lr. Clirs ieiii-d. And ballotinj iwth t
tituftt 'without lwl',7 "uUe to cortje to i choice;
iveral jn C1"'lUflnBpl naud-piciiouaJr,
l-tu nude, motion was. finally earned to d-
wws it, aor.' XlT
"" The f fats f.airf been culled to order at 12
p'clock, primer (In! to ballot the twentieth lime
U SjKulicr, in the phice of Mr.Clay,reiKnl,
,nd after three ballotiiiRS (makinq; in the whole
tvtnty-ltvo,) Itici ff df d in electing Johm VTnf
ioa a Bcprcaeiituiie? from the itaieof New
Votk 2 hivln been conducted ,lo tile chair
11 Mr. Newton and Mr. Mostly. addiescdthe
House us follow! i 4 ' , , .
VtntUmn:, I approach t y aUtion to w hicli your favor
.mwlrt ff Pad diitruaang riijr ability to fidTd your
iuft executions,' Although the duties of the chair have
Ivcnnio ks arduous by improvements in it practice
'fiuing tbo adininistiation of my dislingnikhcd prt deces
t I should nut icnttire to anstiroc their responsibilities
UVut a Cna reliance' on your indulgent support. ,Iu
12 deliberative ascn:bhVs, ilio prcatrratinn of order ruuit
drprnd in greater degree upon the member at large
I'.an upou any efforts oft presiding pffieer. "The for
tttianre utd deronim which cWactcried tltit bouieln
ki Hirmrr tetnim, t period of pecutiir eni'.cmcttt, f
furd of their continued excrcUu bsippj ontie'ittiont
fst the eonftdctvfc ith which you We how.n i me, b
plnrd to accept my prt,founl aclnowIedkirn-yU. Iii
my endearor to merit your apjtatjon, wliicji tlwll
igrnce, and a conttant aim at impartuStj. ( can hope
Ct nolhiir Vreatcr tlin UuL,iIw emkavoia uuiw
mqv altogetlier uoaradin,;,, .., (
On niouon ol Mr. kelson, ol Va. a committee
V: iippoinited, iojnllf Vuh.iucb cpmnilUte tit
T.. p. pJMi :.,'lhftr.,yVt Cf wLUh AJl.tll-'.
nil .pi.,i.,n Coii;rm'ifjSbi !,,,
to the tear lC'J', nj rriinrc c
J jMi'tlic .(Okcrt, It. to lie ivruiiuou la hUf.
they then UMJtU At tii ptcMMit jM-i;,;.
however, wjt for hi'jiilrjr rtirrtly, not rcjuiunK
Jtijr epreHi,ii of the opinion of the bouie, be
Imped mi ijec'ion would Im m!e to it.
Mr. Cobb, of (ie'oiM4. ! fev word ex
preit'. hi opinion, tht if -a Tcductloti of
pcndiiurrs, kc. wut ifiade. it uutbt t' he more
rceiirnj than wai propoaed bjr mwiun to be
indued Into. ,To auch i g tntrul reduction,, be
wf fr.rPrMfi btit,irt opposed toapiece-meil
Ir ;Utl(.n on luhjcct, which muM e,
ixl niiifht be unjiitt in i yprw'wnt Thia w
the nibusDM uftuC diawtaiiuMbQutrfe
P?ihwMi Ho.fdK,-JI UIu;d m reaolauon ta;
kpfy?' "I to,rokj it conipreeuaivrj,
i in liia. opinion it outrlit to be.
Mr. Smith, of Md. thought iHc o'.ect of tli
motion did not properlr full wuhlu the duties of
the comnutce of wMy and meant, and wiabed it
referred to tdiiTcreiit committee. ' .
Mr. Unn did not wish t t At the bui by
urprie, ond contented to bit motion's Ivlnir on
the table, that ptiitlemen m'mbilute an opot.
tunity to prrpatc aniendmeiilt to it, if they
thought proper. So the lewdution was ortlcred
to lie on the table.
Mr. (Tofke. of Ten. aufiniltted for considera
tion the following reaolutioti j
JijMnSxd. That the committee on tnittarr etu-
lichipent be inilmctiHl to intfuire Into the cspcdie-f of
rednring the miliUry prvt etl!i.Viict of UC I'mted
Stutea. , . k
r And the revdulion wa ogrttJ io, without de
bate or divition. :, - .
Mr. Smithi of N. C fliumitted for contsidera-
tlon a joint resolution. In doinir io,-' be asprei
ted hit earnest hope tlut, ak a t'unilr resolution
had patsed the Senate at the U1 session but not
6een acted apon in'this'boute' for want i.f time,
it would have an'eaiy conride ration at this ses
sion, and receite that approbation from the bouse
wbiiff TiZindught tncrttet he iott$ M
rrf the tt itf ahkll, s.litrHi'?, I w'jijmilt l iwl no
t'lli will le $HiHx t' f ullilfli the HitiU tf,Jltf tth
pw on va 1tf;;irU:ir sutject, 'M"lf i Uifm tva
to'.f l.le ktv of the U-pl uxtrpatimi ami f'nr.'n tq-
t i a . i 0 a A ,
tier .uto ntr iav . i,.nir taincly tau.Vc T. ana to ln
jiret3rm wtih a4t-Untiinedreottition tortiij4yeeri
bonor-ibV and JaJ mcam whii'h tio.1 ainl iwtre ba'tt
placed iit their na'tdt, tooWin wltat alone can rt tlreta
their tirvancei, and restore harmony to U Sutea
Tbo lu bare empl-ij e . ilteir pern in dt fen'linu the
Intereita of the Wet, ill not, we tmt, Imi any f ttw-ir
Jtal ia M gaidaiauaew-. Cotiitaat ifejtioii dl t-yvhiu
tic iu a otait4irph'",,'','' ''''- -
, T ail, w io bat coolfiltt rtxdjr lLcIrxo;nnJUf4cW0,J
t4 ceapnrcoUtrniw atl Intparttrreat toth? pajxr,
we tetwLr pur grateful arknowledTnent and atcit a
continuance of .their favors. J '? , .
Hie following gentlemen are agents fur the Wsrrtaa
n.Muii, to atom uh of our patrona, as ran make
it vonven'ent, are re'uiVcJ to make payuicntT'
I). Ruaataar, !tmoitrr, IjttrolnUm. ' f
A ,uld b appointed by the Senate, to wilt upon
Jtlic Preaidcnt of the United States, and iiforni
liytroflhe orgsnizauoh f the two bouses, and of
the iireadineks io receive anr cotnmuuicauon he
the unreadiness io receive anr
i . - .
may have to make to thein, . WJ. v-
On motion of Mr. ?mith, of N. C the daily
hour of meeting, until other aise directed, was
fixed at I J o'clock, y -'j . . :. ;
The committee appointed to wait on the Pres
ident of the United States, reported that they hud
performed that sen ice, and received for answer,
tbt a message would be transmitted by the Pres
ident initncdiatelyirl :
received, and read f aiui the House adjonrneu.
f TircasoiT; xot, IC.-f-Thc House Tesolved it-
stlflntb a conunlrtec of the whole on the state
-tth-Untonj t hom-had-4een -referred the
essaeor.tnePreside'nrbf the' United St at est
Innsmitted yesterday Mr raon, of Vs-Scihg
Icallcd to the chair;;. Mr. ,'CobS submitted sundry.
resolutions, referring the various subjects, "em-
traced in the message to different committees,
-,hich were severally concurred Sa.-i. i -
On motiqp of Mr. tmvell, it was4' ? '' :
'. lUmlsiJ, l1mt tL iVooihiittc'e on otibllc land be 4-
I ; atnteted to trnjihre int tl-ejjUitincy of roviJiiig Jby
-,llt.sorac ftlie to the purcliasura' oTutiCe' Luidi'In TCjo 1
viuyru gra;cs, previous 10 uioi iaiu. . ;
" " At the hour of one, tfc7 House ;procee"ded to
hsIlot for a Chaplain on the paitjof the llouet
when the Rev. Mir.' "Cnmft'StU vii cltoseDon th
third trial. . And the llouse adjourned.''
yatfi.if V var: 1 7. Mr. CVom, of N. Y, ofTcred
fur consideration, the following resolve -
Jfr.W, That the Committee of Waya and Mean be
instructed to prepare and report to this House, at soon
i may be, alitt of all the expenditures, hader their pro-
' per heads, anthoriaed by ths'e slating kwa of the United.
Ta(c wluTsTopIiiion ivapTcling flie"fe'3ucuVn7c3ftf'
pronoSmf to tlt Uif'uJU.iv of tha atvcral ath wuU,
when ratified by the ItgUIaturet W thrte-fuurtha of the
Ktatea, jtliaQ be vatitl, to all intents ami purpoat , as, part
of tlu aid'conatiUitiOiti. ,) iJ.v-i 4i.f v,!
" That, for tlif piwpoac orchooaing Rlprctwrnfitives la
the Conjxn of the I'niU d Kttf ear b' aliull, by iti
legiidttturt be divided jjato a n'imber of districts, etjtml
to thtf number of IVir(sen' which aoch aae
may he entitled) tle districts ah ol be formed jf Contig
uoua territory, anil. conudn, aa'Deirly jit may br, an tpal
number of puitona entitled bv tho constitution to be rep
reaented, or of pcnni qvialifitd to vote fcf Biember of
tlienK" nomeroua brm:l-f the-tateJegilaturo. In
each Jintrict tho TNrtwtnt oualifWd to ota shall clnwae
one Tf preaentativev That, for the Tor(Sie f ebooauir
Wcctorsof Prciidcnt snd.Viee f rtiib-nt f-tho t iiitod
States, tmj-perrma mahhcd tormc vt ewnMivmi
nt cscn distna sriaTlrnfwsetmereJertorr I he two a.ic
uorua eicciora w. wit auui cnuueu,oau
appointed in wich wtunner as the legislature thereof ma
direct.' The electors w"hen convened it the time and
place preicriber IVTiv, Tof lli'e purrtoSo t TOtln"Tor
Prei'deat an J Vice "Prewdf nt'of tLa raifed Stales, !ia"l
have power, in case aiiy'of them atiall fall Wattmd, tp
elioosc an elector or electors in place of him or them ao
failing to'attcndr.' TbV division of atatcs into districts,' as
b ereby provided for, shall take yce immediately, after
everv'fututv cenatta -id at)toninient.f-JeprescnU-
tirea under the aamei and u:h tlbtricta'itball not bo al-
tered unt.l antibaeiuent crnsni iball hav been taken.
and an apoi'tioninciit of nepreautualivfcs'jiu ikr U aball
t. . 1 . . - I - M . . . f . .''
""The resolution was twice rcaoVanlf cfHrcfao
aromnuuee of ibe, th stae of the
Union, vr -yty 1 - :t
Qtisl rin.rnprorrani enront'iiwM ill h mnnm y
rnl. aiiJ KimffitW 'mat rSf lAitAJt' wjcm -
cry M-r-cat .atUtJj.'Pl.Sltall be mirto tU drportinen!,. Iz.
llie thtrrri ail aitnrary piiiilC " 1 , . r " -T'
The S. I.U..I III r rnnmenea tn Ihe1mia1m'irr tegr"1?'''1
,V. 8it,
3. Tsatls,-Concord.
r t
roNTLvravs.' - - v
The Del-ptcs Ut' ly elected in lUaiuatbiiuUS, I tf-r
pnrpoae of rvi'.ng and auscnliria the constitution f ttiat
Slate, in Convention at lloaton. (in nwmoar
nearly 4'JQ,) on the tJih ultimo. ,Tle Hon. Jwiiir As
ia, the venerable patritA and profound staUantain, tvat
cltoten Preatdtiit abr.oat unanimoualy, but declined the
honor conferred on ftim, on aroount of hit alvaiKed age,
(being now 93.) wluch'rendercd the tlutinlf dot office
too arduous to be perfortned by him. The floft. Chief
justice I'aaata wu tUen elcCcu. '
t lac bUte of New-Tork Is tn the'pofnt of altering her
conrtitution, and bill is before the' Legislature nou- In
Ksaion, for calling a Cenvcndon, the Delegate- ti he
chosen in February, ami to nect if June nest. , Tu bill
tuts passed the House of Assembly, and sA ill no doubt
m e H' iViancrtofl cf Tlie jrrtntrr
Cdpyftbefeaolve rowed by Mr.b adk.ran any honest, mtcCJrent man, la? hi.
" Prmh to (hi Seiuttanf Jlonte fHefrtKnUilixn l liand oh bis heart ami say. tliat be believes North-Csro-
tk$ lWv.MaCVr.i arrf'' 'Ib ooaKsacs a moral iftabiCiy Uidtr Vr coi'nOlution I
tliu-da of ImIi hooat s concymnr, Ibat the.fuUoaing . , , . . ' ,
amendm. nftd the ConatitutJon of the UaHed' Sues of rt,,er "" thl th of P9pi
....... - ' 1 . ... .1.' itl i e i ... f
! u, tf vs jifcumM uic i'pe in wnj gnou rywuuny icom
an attempt of tliat kind ' We bel'ievt not. 'fjucb as
sertions bav been made i but he ttarter from which
they epianated renders them unvorthy of notice1, ' "
An attempt sill be made at the prcacnt aesaion of our
Lcgiklaturr, t3 obtain a Convention for tlio purpoW of
.... . .. . . . ...
antenumg our coiwuuiuoni out Uie tresrnirnt wui re
ceivo from tLa east may be pretty weU adtftTtdfrjalbe
silence of Hot. Baivra oh the subject, In hirmeawge to
the Leg'sture. Astlencen a ribjecf ao biportant to
a large -owfonty of his ebttitnents,and4w-wldek they
have'd;plyed 'so much feelingjcertaiidy indicates "an
aiiwtrrauiablo eonteropt or bhliflerenoa on bis part, and
U U2 to ad-cffiisMercd byTbeefyepe'-j
SAUsnCRf, (N. C.) TIT.SDAT, liLCi 5, Isl-O.
at jr.
.u A prospectus baa been iaatxii at Lei wTctonTv Lrh
pulilctttio-of a ,W5iCCc ajuli-'lcrarv Workv enitlcd
tiaa : " Westcr: 'Mlnerri,'" cr Amcricin Anna! of KnowT-
edge and 14tewtue;" tobi' ptibltieqtiaHciitffn tftuiT
bcrs of 80 Jj.'ijct, at two d..iLtrS per annum. 1 Jte edi
tors ciprcsa a confidence, iVoin the"ppkl improvement
the Wyem Statci have made' Srid'are already iiinking
in mondimprorcmeht," that a work. of the above na! ura
will mectwith a liberal and adetmate suppoVti. 't'hera
U'norpubllshcd lir tnlrgtorTJt btcory-ymk, tbe W
UrnKfUiv, which is said to be conducted wfch nuic'i
ability, and to$o honor tb-ths talenta jnd.lltcrarj'jlka'
ff hc Western Statj:
I'.iy vf ''V- ' i if..-, and a trs s;i.m f .11 of rotnr-n ta
ble Hii,! (Iifiu wtli top 'lifri boUl tli rnl in tba
Mi-iih,,fit it can tnurth ravHy or Im.Iuiw in th
tixilhl it M giv hli.a.t iittta iU.u oo ixlkf, it',id wt
' I I I "
TIFi annnci'irfi f mrrly eiiing hMaren tbe Trtts-
tfrs of sttaiei!te Arad. nif and tbe atibribrr as "
Tvacbt:r, listing d'J'e-l, l'uiis auJ tioanbait aa.,,,,
hrfrby tnriraH'd, that tit d ir.-nnt lnn. br
tstytt lg itils eurmf, l. oil) ij)ritimi loUath in '; '
.suitable liousa prepared for this itirpir.- Tim astia-"
fnj-tton wlitcn tlit luactiavire M tusamce has givrmtttfln
lie rm of llvy vrars, ami t!iu svaprrtaHU iftit 3t in t!i d d. n ot lilithrr vn.'narv t wliisii
tbrv have rn'rrt'd, afford s wt lirmtithlt d hr tbut tint-.'
1stTXa1tnf fte'slT
To acronuiMkUle tho popU of SmtU-Curot&a, tbrrw
ill be hot one vacation in tlieytaif 10 comoteiRa on tie ',
loth of NovcmW, 1821.
Hoarding Can b IhmI, U usiial, at t!ie bouses of Meaart,
Work, llart, snd McKiiight, fcc." , .
. JOHN lll'hn vr, 4'. D. Af.
' HutuiOr, A'-ss 54, 1 8JJ. '
- ' -s t'
1 9 I have been frequently aoTM-hcd dirottgh 'lho Jtir.
l mtt ami aitutnn toeommpnce.scain the liOtineaa of
truJ.'.M, Uye takc,n thia ntrthod to p PubUe notice..
that I tlcaign't'i commence with the ftf of the ehsuing
yesrjif the number of fn leitts win ofl'rr will justify thv
atUinp'f It if not my yl to a'tt nj utmn a large num.
ber.' lucent bntUlg can be bad in tlie iieiabttprhjMid
for i or f,70 per atiniin..' Tuition, 16; I dnalgn to
take a frw fu mv awn fauiifv. ft is my wiab that tbosa
who detign Spidying or ar (idinr their ms, w OulJ" cow-
numcat auch'iiiU ntkn or w ia.i prevums to the 30th of
Deecmber. ' J. PRlLTAl WCK.
tt:rlllt,x,c..vrt2o,im: . .'. ; ..a .
C 'Bltyit tjC X.CaxoVnfta
, int-DliL xot'ft...tir,y.qUtTt. . ,
..II- --. -.1 ' "' r r
iiny taniier
waoasiaiafaawajfcaAaaa j U . r
Jolm Martin, John tnce, lt.Ily Price, .j . B f .
K.i1y VeMiCWbj. C loung, UV X KHi?, lV
1 a.ira Towng. Adaline Vounp, Dorin. f .lie.OT ,a-
. da Tnfe W-dliant , M. ,Ve,.n4 ..Tbo- U
mastoung, and AoVuide Utoung.J t
v ... . ..
IT appearing ta the aat'ufaction of the Court that lhv -defendant
in this cats are tlie inhabitants of another '
state snd gmemtnentf Thrr,brtfrdTttft ; Tit poblica."
liw "be stuile for six wreck i tn the ITtttcn Cartiian
uidisa tho aforesaid parties appear st the nrxt D.ttpenoe f
Court of Law and Ktiity to be bld fr the eotin'vof ', .
fredcll, on the fifdt Monday sfter tha fourth Monday br
Uttdtnestandtilcad,answer,nrdcnwrto nid petition, - r
judgment a ill 4 taJUntra coitfsa, ami heard tt parte. , . -6a
SI - JOHN K. If A1JT. C. .If. C. . -
OSTHondsy the 1st of January, 131, at the I'.mnse vf ,
Wm. IFarbln, Kaq,, will he sold, on a rrrdit of I'i,S
month, twentytwoir three l'.Vcly NF.r.TtOF.3, bchmg
Jie t state prvt m.3Tan m, ocf'Mi. .; ..
j r i AI FKF.I tAITItEP.V .V .
si . rm aistA t i.j . .,-.-.. --- a
Injlo tlie t state
.' P
.mh. of Jjwtnjpe.fiiieiXLjc.
--Thejesolution wai ordered to lie on tbet'ddei
t.1(r. EddTf of Rhode Island, offered for con
alderattion. trict follow ing nesolution t . ' -f
: Wjsefw, That the act entitled "An act allowing com-
tensation to th members of the Senate, members of the
"ItaliWof Kiijprcscntatrrea '.of tlie t'nited- States, ami to
r. tiiff JJclcsates of me teniteriev snd:.rrp-3i!ing all other
nas oiKcne S'lDjec, pastca ie nrsi session 01 me ni
Irinih CpnTesft.oueht to ! be 'ao altered and amended that
Jfis-' compensation to the members and delegates afoi e.
.Iibnp. n.l ir fnllor far ertrv twenty niiler tr.ivcl. in-
I'eatl of the comnensation widw allowe'd by said act, and
ftwt it be, inferred to a committee to prepare and report
. Jwill the hoiuo nois proceed to the considcralion
.toihi4res'dutim it iss dccde(j tbuss
."; rj'or. coiiM.ler.ation, f 5 53
. x .Ai'itinit lr.' ' ' "-':" ftl . .
:ttthfl?houe refused'tothft'Ce4tsH
t..tsQttuc resolution at this time,
v Mr.' Ivttin, of New-Jersey, submiucd for con-
' '"tSi-ertcit ta 6j1ikM fetfflfayediewey 'tifTathintiy thq
im-,rn--stjph s'lottfi toraembem in, tongrew to sis
i jfer H i ul a proportiorittl rc!u'c!tioa for trsrel
' rid fi'm the ieat ff government nd also of re
( t'Vky 'pf all the oflicera of gwernment that ha
..icra (1 sidetheyea? liHJ,a wjbat. it was at or
' t'lUt pciioi-L'''--- ' ','' ' ;
Mr. jf ra4dd'a;feV.:'remark$ enin'roducing
"S!tTnontbt!raynowekpsod-siiK-tiitt rstfuuabexot
"tho Cxiioui ijiSf. s Issued and, agrreably toonr teruia,
the paymt-ut of one -year's "aubseription tow becomes
due. Our diaBurftemeuls fc? tb last 'aia "months have
b.CaeV.Purec!siptcj)niparativi .is
hoped, thercf we, tliat suh of our patrons a, commcn
ctd with the firsi'nuiidierTw'ul per iclve tlufnecesjityof
fbrTngrpf ojrsxl 'Mlh'cjtSyhWT
'"Vteleel grarcluTro"tiwntiiiued'"SM toqrra&ng pa
tronagc our paprj ''as reenved,' amlfor the spprbbatiort
wliicii. dm gcamiiy Jec
hart pill wttd (Mir objatii ha boai .'to. jdaaia all as far.
as possible, onUtciitly wjth the duty we owe to Our
selvea and to this public at large ; but we never erjiected
affortling anwsement and iiiatruction to most of our rea
ders, our endiia answered j if we have lost the patronage
and support of a few, two it ia nothing more tiian we
expected. ' But it is gratifying to nato'sfate, that the
Hpportof Se
that the reason of their "not being wJbngto contribute
ta the circulation" of our MSth !l.?V!J!?aled as it uht
to. bc. . It is for the public to -jutlgej whether a little
yy.y vw-i'jiotit tbe fcuat lincture of personafi, nltho'
to bis govermnent. Seyural columns of Jtoyerls troops
are advancing into this part of the country in variooa di-rcctitm-v
and the strength, if correctly report-dj will be
sufficient to carry the views into execution against the
diaaileetcd tWit'of the lite Chrir.tophc-AS much re-
1 jeiced a ntovniT -tbe tef4 in tbia futrtoJUlve . Waml
wavas..nMt stfrmiaaiatn,,'. wjirwuijiiie i vninnj , at.iu
nunr of them do not atinesr very cordially disnoaed to
be governed 1y'Boyer, They witih to have a clilcf of
ibt flwn, anj th t late pnnce of Jjuibc, fCen. Kouv)
iiiaid tt tors .teiaJa?
it ri$LSP!r1G PWluee
tliat iseltcmeitt m tiie breast of any Jf iitlcman,' which a
certain p'tlij; note w e have in our poaaussioa would aeem
ton:'.jcat? tliat t did . ' . ' ' ' v :
fVe siiall cotltinue to use every seftion which the
jpport re receive will ctrable U3 to d to vender Ihcff
1UOM 8T.
M'a4tava hern politelv ftvOfud with tho folloalna es
tract of letter received per the abm'Amdl S. iKjtl
son, arrjved here on SaturJay.i4 12 day from Gouives
' ft-, .-. j " otnrs,'aKT. J5.l82t.;
"'All business habccn suspemled in Consequence of
iiieciurvor rresiueni itover. ne ioir nosic&iiMi os uie
place on thcStnJl, with a force that defied opposition, and
none was marie -his flag ia now.fhiiK'- on toe forts, &.C.
l!alanigjt started for the cape w itli the determination
t f 'taking oawcaaion tXaKMultEngall' tbatpift tf ti6
FJaVutf TH ttdvancrgn t;ttndei
rei.c! aoout jtignt Tmiea trom tins ptace anai pre.
ndlne tlitre will be fghUnz beltire the norm will submit
iwvw iiiii(wnwiuiiii..,ii(w ii'LWr,'iBBI 'W(S.SWCSIIiSWlo-r',W,v'irt.-"m' "ftf""! -m ," f- 7"SS'-
udices between bluck and niulattnea are reviving ane w,
and it is not unlikely but that the old scenes of bloodshed
and massacre are agidri to be acted. In this place the
paradox of var and ametnen is realized. Since the Fres-
lidenl'itroopseiime in, there baa been no disturbance or
vioiai oa os gooa oraer. i in.nionv i pouring- in iirtaun
dance, and is begioniilg to pass tolerably cantiit.''
rpr .We rtnd from an o(ci:d statemenV tlist
the exports from Massaciiuaetts, tor tne precerting rear,
New-Vork, '."T'';'"-' - ?. "- " - t&Sr&8'
. 6,jIU,434
..r .6,293,783
AH '.he other States arc con'rabty lcsT'than -tiiea-
bore. lialUnwre Jlbrrunr XlsQtucle.
Maryland, 7 "
Jlfr. Gvt'i infamtte ww Ar i Tc(h Jcht.-U To a
tabkspcoa full of afey kind tt' trita, add the same qBan-
' "-f -liJtcout cocKrtrs - t . '- . t
Thomar and John TippV
- .4a -.t ;
Louisa and Conrad Tipps,
c4: a6nimrtrtirt . . 1
MatUuaS Tipps, deceased.
' '.M V ' '
. PelltUkibr-2trUiutivi..
shares of the estate of Matv
tli:as lions, deceased.
IT sppenriiig ta the Court that Louiia Tipps is not in
'Jnhabltant of thisj ita'c.itis thtryfore OrimAby tho .;.T.a:'
court, that notlco Je published aix weeks in the I em "t
Cursft'nfin rrrpiiring the said Louia Tipps to appear at -
ilte 7ivi CtH.iirVC.Hirt oTTIeai and Qiu'r'5t.ai0a V - .'
be held for aaid county at the Coiutrllou in Lincoln-" " X
ton, on thetliird Monday in January next, then and thcror
M annWerjor demur to the said jioition j otherwise' it '
will be taken r ftcM, and jadircd accon'mly as to '""1 ;
.the' ld Louisa ITppsrWrtneas V, Jl'Ilecj Clerk of awirt' " 'H'
tmw at Lincolntoiu thtlul ITomtav 4r October, 13-!J.
B3fiV...A .i:,..:..S'(AlU)llk",litE,. ClC-Lii
' I . : " x ' . . ' m - -
- ' " 'I"'1 ' 1 i. ' '" r y . .a i . ,
r 'j, f- ' -' 31rt Octohrr, 1830.. .Ki
"WT fll 'k.N...rsTt..AJ U.,t u...m' T in 4 lii t .
...i,.....:...,i v,.n lam u ill h fiiltl,l t,. - ,W
prolit after the dividend to be declared next Decembers
agreeably to the terti.s of the aubscription. . To the end
tiist the psmes of the jubscrilterj f'j,r this New Stork, pr
rbth' BSs'cTOcS.aniartji! jtsctTtaiacdand enteretl en- !W
ImmiI tXa kti.k. tlia recuihts df full raiments of said
shares should be fora
allar th 15th of December next. lien such receipts will
f .... - l ( ... - 1 !l .L. "
lie canceled, ana trnJmret ot r;ock iwuqii in uie names
of tlie real owner thereof. None fcut tliose who may
hare fiilfr naid (or tbeitoclt cu tbc15th Decenibct ncxt,-
-will be entitled to share the protitf of tiicinstitution, or
couiudered aro;ktuWera. . ; ..,-. '
... . i- i . I I i . L r. I P r' ... IP
;. .ruwww:.i JUTvoruc r oi yie iioaxu tn vurcvw ra. -
- ; - tr..i "i-t.r..": '
1 1'iiitt'vimuiutMit . .'iii.
FflTlK suWribrJwsJakenjdie stand lattlv" fternpicd by
X John llolmevw'b erelie wtH kerp'eerTaTmnelif lor-
travellers, lie aoficits a ibare of public patronage snd
will use yery exertion to aatiafy au whomay call on him,
loth a7toacc(MnmotlatIbiMforUieDiaelves, and keeping
for their horse. ..,GAL0 SMOOf;,..
-j?ww;tWi JltJtOatJSr, 1823 J (3a 25. I
r Six Ccni HtVfarA.
71 AN AWAYfroln the subscriber,on the Jlth Instant,
a 1 hum FiitW, an indented apprentice to me, IS years
bT wwrmlc si.all re
ceive the a6ovc reward, but no chargei. 4
?2stmrAW 83; 182Q,-.3w&r ,
'f."' a,' c
TTniO can come well rccommendecVfto clisrge
Apply to Moses A- Locke, or the Prifttef." - 3w24
Tor sale," at the OOct of tha CiaoVa''
, L'Z' '''iii'-" l-t:

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