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' J..
KAIisniltV, (N. I.'.) TLXSDAY, IM'.fi, 1S2X,
iiiiiii mil wiiai u minMiii nfrr
' run jlulx. .
Amorifjall the mWeiles to n-htcti' Printer arc
subject, (and Heaven kitowi the jr art not i few,)
., ,.thefc not one peihaps which affect ihcMad
more, and moke creator remiUltiom on the pj
M tlencct Uun the failure the mailt,' 'Tbii Uevcn
vexatious, where die mail arrives dulfy f when
liut twice or thrice week, doubly ao but to hate
mailt which arrive only once week,, i in
ilccJ compelling the Printer to resort to detfer-
. ,ute.Wtt. Our apof tlicrcfore,. to.ourrea
clem, for not filing them this week a summary
of the proceeding! of the Lcjhtoturtand of Con
'"greu; it, that we had none ti give. The mails,
by which we receive all our intelligence, failed.
Under the present arrangements, the new mail
route established last spring from Fredericks
burg, Vo. lo Poweltoti, Ca. entirely fails of ac
complishing Ibe objects intended, and is of very
little, if any, public benefit. All our papers und
letters from the north are still sent round by the
way 01 Raleigh ; and lor their regular arrival
tere, we bare to depend on the crazy vehicle that
runs between that place and this, to atop which
hardly any thing more is necessary than the bare
appearance of a cloud above the horizon. 1 f Mr.
Meigs cannot, either by making the Post-Office
at Fredericksburg a distributing one, or in some
other way, have the present evils remedied, the
northern mail may as well be discontinued, as it
is only subjecting the government to a heavy ex
pense, without producing any equivalent advan
tage to the public.
!ad Times The cry of hard time$ has been
ro long sounding in our ears, that we huve wor
ked ourselves into the belief that we are, iu real
ity, a people. But the fact is far oth-
m m m a
, crwise. We are rattier embarrassed, it is true ;
but then our condition is perfect happiness, when
compared with that of the people of some other
nations ; when contrasted, for example, with the
condition of the inhabitants of England. Were
we, In addition to what we term our present dU-
r- mm mmm . w a I In lit A I r irl . . Iha
k. 1U ( yiU UM. 1411 "UllH VI tub
'- Edinburgh Review) "upon every article which
, enters into the mouth, or covers the back, or is
" placed under the foot upon evry thing which
Ss pleasant to see, hear, feel, smell or taste upon
warmth, light, and locomotion taxes, on every
thing on earth, and the waters under the earth
on every thing that comes from abroad, or is
grown at home taxes on the sauce which pam
pers man's appetite, and the drug which restores
. htm to health on the poor man s salt, and the
rich: man's spice on the brass nails of the coffin,
and the ribands of the bride," and on a hundred
et cetera i were we subject to all this, well, in
deed, miirht we err out hard times. But such
is not our condition: We have every thing in
abundance, except money ; and perhaps we have
'as much of thai, when we take into view its qual
ity) as beneficial to us to have.
Tfft taslslal trn n tvKaf tar o ta c -xA ilrvj a w m will
now add another little extract, for our readers to
r "look upon,' whencrer they feel inclined to mag-
. mfy their distresses, and to complain of the light
' trpullet which they experience: .
. ...JU.- . Hot.TM PETElSBl'na ISTELMOKJCtl.
. .... ..... -t ... -. iflinis'iwli.-i nA' & 'W Stf.X.; - 'n'ir" .at- ..tii.w.v' -"-
... nosedJiv ib.e.Bntlih' tfovemrr t;lnJ tlltt. for the
k!nt:! ti tf lti.iini S tt' f:lJ.f)!i!. m
hirr r l. fir pnfi' if tliC tUnK !mJi hU iim nt, iif
Irr bt lnj r ianini tl hihI wmtI y rmiiittr- a 1 ( !
he liooki of the junk, 4 foufid to tt torn tt ml iwli-
fa,'7' ...
Iifl ev fiiii t4 1 li at day, llic Ihrrttors m t umI pro.
erfli-l to the election of UV Dirrrton of ttic Kti rnI
lrm l Ink. Hie oiily slurstl'MM Ukh wrre ttuwle
were the fUo!, At SjIiHirv, Jnrr Martin, ir,
and Ji mc llttnivr. were poiritcl Dirt-ctiT, in lla
fUrc of Itranl nd 'Jcwte A. IVarsnn. At I'aT.
lUcvillr. Diiiirsii )U tA.nn s ftMIutc!in the pbVe of
o!in Dick riti. At M'ilinlnxtoit, Vl Hnu'Ui nut Airs-
antler Arvkrn, in U10 piacri 01 iiiji rt ih-tr nl J horn'
M C, Kcrtw. . At TuriMjrtHirfi, Fumotl Wrny, I'rtrr
Sujfjf Ami ltolert A. Jonrn, la Uie placvf of lt)Jcrt Joy.
ni-r, llirwlotph Cotton nfl 11nna Itirrow; an.l at
Cdciitoi'JoiKrhXloint,ln t!ic 'iLctf of Tlio'wuu )l V.
' , ' ' JUd.
The Board of Public Improvement, on Satur
day last, after a f esslon of ieventcen dajr 1, brought
their business toVcfoseT 'Their annual He writ,
which gives a sketch or the objects which have
engaged their ttent ion during ihe-year, has been
made to,the. Iej;islaturejndjjogether..with all
the He ports made by Hamilton I ulion, Es(j. the
Engineer of the State,has b tnlnted, in a
pamphlctrand marue hitTatlhe Register OlTicc.
puling the sitting of the Board, Instructions
were given to Mr. Fulton and Mr. Bruzicr, to
v'uit the Koanoke, and lay out the residue of the
Canal at the Great Falls, and determine the site
of the Locks; to determine the site of the first
Dam and Iock on the Tar Hiitr below lewls
burg, and draw a plan of a proper Lock for that
purpose. Afterwards to viit Cape, and de
termine the plan of improvement from Buck
born to'Fayettevtlle then to go to the Yadkin
Hiver, and give such aid und instruction to the
Yadkin Company as might le necessary. The
Engineers are now perfomitng this sen ice.
The election of a new Board has been moved
in the legislature t but tho motion has leen met
with one to repeal the Act setting cpart a fund
for Public Improvement, which has not yet been
acted upon. r
Jltlicwng the principal Engineer and his Asa
sistant to be men every way qualified to perform
the duties of their appointments, we are concern
ed to state that we are likely to lose their ser
vices (except the new Board shall make some
fresh arrangement with these gentlemen,) the
former having resigned, and the latter been noti
fied that his contract will be considered at an end
in February next. Hid.
rs, Navy, Armjr, 8cc." amounted to 24 1 ,647, 1 64
dollars. Tha. article of salt, paid a tax of four
dollura fier buaficlf r Domestic liquor a tax of one
. dollar twenty centt per gallon ; and foreign li
quora three dollar teverfty-Jive cents Every
thing, in shbrt, for the comfort and sustenance of
- .the. people of thut coutury, is assessed, and pays
a dirty in proportion , to the articles enumerated.
T he windows of. houses are not excepted.
- Americans t What thinj ye of hard times' ?"
BALt.ton, pfx. S.--On Wdncdav last, the Electors of
Preaulent and Vice-President of the UvUeil States con
xvened tiA flu State House ngreably to law, and, after ma.
kinjr Judijc Hall their Chairman, t cceded topve in
their votes, w hich were unanimously for James Monroe
a.,.Piewdntr avd Daniel ih Tompkins a Vice-PresU
.dent. . . . . ' s .RegUttr,.
"i ' ' ( -
' Rank. At the annual meeting of the Stockhold
ers f tle.tte Bnk of North-Carolina, onr KoncUylast,
the oUl Dirt-ttni' ..were rflf-ctil A btatomotit t. tt.
Xitiur of'tHa ijank' was l:ud befom tlie Stotkholdei-s, in
- "w au estimate, was of alt the desperate anu
CWHibtful il,.ht ri t!lf ln.tltlltio'11. 6Hil ai'irh a chit. iliiiVt.
We can scarcely credit the report, that the
state of our relations with France is of the com
plexion which the following extract has given
them. A roost extraordinary demnnd, if we are
to believe the Washington letter writer, is in em
bryo, ready to be made upon our government at
any time, as an off-set against any demands we
may have, in the adjustment of our affairs with
France. IVathivgton City Gazette.
ro tui xew-tobk Aicaici.
' Extract from ll'mhington-" 1 hough the gov
ernmcnt appears to be without infonna ion, there
seems some reason to believe that the Florida
question was referred by the king's ministers to
the Cortes, a committee of which body has had
the 6ame under consideration. It is lelicved
that the French government required cf Mr. (Jul
latin, aulhoiized on our part to treat on the sub
ject of navigation und commerce, to allow the
admission of French vessels into Louisiana on the
same footing as those of England, grounding the
claim on the article of the Louisiana treaty, by
which it is stipulated that the vessels of France
shall be adnitied into the (oits of Louisiana on
the fooling ol the most favored nation. Mr. Gal
latin answered, that he would not consent to such
admission, unless France would, by udmiitingour
vessels into her porta on the footing of I rcnch
vessels, give us the equivalent compensation by
which England obtained this pi iilegc. The an
swer is said to have been, that the cession of Louis
iana was the compensation, and that in virtue of
the stipulation on our part, the vessels of France
were entitled to be received in Louisiana on4hc
most favoured footing allowed, whether gratui
tously or for a compensation, to the vessels of
any other foreign power. Not only is this un
tenable claim jnade,''bii(''compesatiionT6VTKe
suspension of the privilege s is required, and the
negotiatiorr is transferred tcrWashingtonTw here
the pica of the want of powers could not exist.
It is possible that this unfounded demand,-for
such it doubtless must be considered, the con
struction of the terms granting the rights oT the
most favoured nations so often and so univ ersally
settled, aims at raising up acclaim, that may, to a
certain degree, operate as an offset agaiiist the
claims of compensation made on our parV: w 1
-.At a meeting of the' Trustees of the South
Carolina College, on Saturday evening last, Mr.
Stephen Elliott !;Waj unanimously elected
President of that Institution ; Dr. Coopfr was
also unanimously re-elected Professor of Chem
istry ; Mr. Wallace was elected Professor of
Mathemaucs, and Mr-t jlowxie, Tutor. - : -
State Gazette.
- Schools,
The school commissioners for Frederick coun -
ty in the stare ol A ii ginia, in'contbrmity 'tp the
act foregi11jtlngTtiie literary fund, rcj)ort, that
there are about fifty-seven schools in said countv-
The Common ('otinril of Savaimat) hare unan
ln)f)ii.y vtcd thtir thanks to the Mayor of that
itvtfurl,i nunly, lynquthrtic, and gff rou
roudifctdutlngthe late maligmnt dlcac at thai
pl.icf '. ,
M.tltltlKt), T7M
Kor titovin,onl1iur4lty evening the 14tli hutant,
Mr, Ohadiah f lamptoQ tu MIm filiy Iinnc, hHh f tlie
county of Ilowan. . t roaxcitATtp.
On tlie I8U1 ntntf at hit realdenee, a few mikf from
tli town, ipitc 'MdJentyAftiM it, Itsq. In tltf 70h
year of.hi ae. lie una a rctj.ecltMe atal eMn nvl
ciiitcit,! uoit'iy nugUtratr, and an old inhabitant of
Ito wan county. ;' .
ffoJiancTtia wit kit raui thi vkttrtilli nxitm.1
lUcoit - . li o
IUtf,incM ""-"' - " 10 12
fresh ... 43
nrrtwai - 25 3'J
Itrandy, Coif. - - gal. J 23 3
IVncn ' . 7(1
'Applu - CO M
Butter .... Ib. 'il
Cofltc .... 00 32
Corn .... buih. 45 5J
Cotton, I' pland - 10U It). U 2J
Flour, wiperfine - - bid. 3 62 J
fine 3 25 1 50
rUxared - - mb. I
Gin, M.Jhnd . - gal. 1 1 25
Northern - 6.) 70
llilard - - U- 1
Iruti, 8rnli - 100 h. fi 6 5U
f.njfliiili 1 - 3 6
Lead .... IK 10 1?J
Molici ... jpd. 40 45
Outs .... 30 4'J
l'ork .... 100 ll. 4 5
Potatoes - - hush. 75 1
Hum, JniN-, 4th proof gal. 25 1 J5
W. Inland, 4th do. .
do. 3d do. - 90 1
New-England . . 50 G)
Kice - - - 100 lb. 4 5
Salt.TiirU-Uland bush. 90
IAerpooI ground - 1
Steel, tlornian - lb. 15
Sugar, lluscov ado - - 100 lb. II 12
Iaf ... 1I. 25 27
Tea, Young IIvmni - 1 12 1 25
Hyson ' - - - 1 2t; 1 40
Imperial - 1 75 2
Gunpowder - - 1 50 1 73
Tobacco, lc:f - - 100 lb. 4 3
manufactured lb. 10 12
Tailor .... U 13
V'.-at .... bush. 6-
Wl.iAcy ... 3'J 35
f IVlf. c rii.ft.,n fintiply rJving I.Hrcn t!. Tru- '
L trc fif f'UiU-iwIU" A'm!my mid llir Ml.wuf.i f t
tmIur lulnf di.riW, I'urenti anl fiuurdlsrH are
li. K by tiifi.nmJ, t!ut tlie d fit rtnt lrnln I.errtfXio
t ti-lit h thli aruilcmy, us will till rondiniv to ti mIi In
a suitable h'utc 'rrsn-il fi,r this rwr". 'H. tut',,
faction u hich the lir'try. of j, fifou firt n durinx
the urin of fite yean, tbr r!.j auir,g iY,
bis s'ulents iri tic di3'.rttit UgUt Kiiiiiuiio which,. ,
l..r fttlftvA- kfT.lllit a m ,. I .1 1..... ,1... . I. .
uwiaj liberal support and ertcotin. uht ill tw emhi.
urd. Tartnts and Curdiaus may rest aireil, tlut 'ih.
cry M-retnary attention slialt be paid la the deport n.ejit.
the projfrtM and accuracy of nipiV . , , . ,
..ici.jK; roijfucnr e tn t)w of Jarjtyjt,
To H coniinoitile ti e piu1: of 2ioiilh-('trt:na, th r.
a ill be bi't uw rl;jt in the ) car, tu couimcnce on thr
I6lb of NovniJier, ll . .' , .
Iloapd'mif can be had- it unnid. a? the luuri of Ifrura.
Work, Mart, and Mi Knight, Le.
joiiN.iuaiiAT. i'..
fitnt'rit, .Vt. 24, 1870.- .Itcop'M
TUT mibcrib rTs now opeiirnpTol h" FWe TiTJC)?Jr
bun', a general aiul well elected au4liU:iil of
. j)rj C6oih"" '
j lhird-Wate.aml
J rrrcived direct from Kew-York imd Fbiliilrlpblj,
mm uki iii si prices inai vtiu i'Imiih: mm 10 u n-in;irk-hIiIv
low. ' It'm riiMoiiKra, oi.d the pnblir, are nM'i.
fuliy invited to call and examine for iWimm lits. All
kintl of Country Hnxbtt: received in x h.ujre.
the. 12, 1820. Ia27 J. Ml'KPIIY.
VTOTICT. is hereby iriven, that an order hath been
ll made and signed by the ('residi-nt ami Dln-etoni of
the Yadkin Na igntion Conipajiy.that a fifth iiutialiuent of
ti n itoUar' on each klisre is required to w pawl by the
subscribers, on or brforv the l'jth lay of January next.
r Itr.IJr.KH'K KANUI t; Tietumrr.
5ih Dsctmler, JHJ0. 5 29 .
' State of odb-C arollnn.
' iredell vouwrr.
Maiu ell and Ilcnn- Chambers, and others,') Petition for
v. thc division
James Irw in, Uobert and Samuel Chambers, j of UuhI.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the
defendants in this rase are the inhabitants of other
statcs....7'ir'ri', rr-d. That publication be made for
six weeks in tfie lVclevn CaruVu ion, published in the town
or Salisbury, that unless they appear at the next Court ol
Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of
Iredell, on the third Monday in February, 1821, and plead,
answer, or demur to said petition, judgment will be ta
ken pro confesso, and heard exparte. 6w2l
AVkYstm & tmV.,
Dirrrthf npfionitr the State Hunk, Jfiiiii-Snvf'; .Vi'M'f ", leave to inform their customers, and the public
in general, that they have just received from Xtw-
oik a supply of
consisting of first rate warrantetl Kngliaii Vatc!iei gold,
gilt, and steel Watch Chains j Seals, Kejs, tic. -, S'ars
and Figlea for Ofi'ieer' eoaU and h..ts ; ladies' hair
Bracelets, gold mounted; white and yellow Spangles;
fancy and nioc.rning Kings, of diH'cntit patterns;
Icts; Coral; (larnets, aad glass Heads ; Fur Rings ; mI
ver Thimbles c. Sec. A supply of Silver Spoons, Soup
f Adles, and Sugar Tung's constantly kept on hand, and
also manufactured to any pattern, at abort notice.
of every description, carefully repaired, at short notice,
and warranted to keep 1'me.
The subscribers Tetd grateful to the public for favors
already received; and bop, by careful attention, to uicrit
the continuance of public patronage.
' lictai HoitAif. :"
N. H. Human Iluir, s'iitab' for making v:tch cliains,
bracelets, L?. wanted, foi which a liberal price, In easii,
will be paiil, on its delivery at our liop. W, h H.
W)k Store Aiiei)nlt)U.
T'tF. sibrribers have lately received a large supply
.Of JWHiKs. r.tMl. in a.llition, will in a 6 days re.
ccivc a large and valuable collection of Ijiw, TliefiloglcaT,'
CbhsirMl, Il.ntorical, Medical and Miscellaneous Books,
wi'b a grnend a-HortrtK-nt f the best and most approred
ScbiMil l(Mik Hlank ami Account Itooks, S ritlng an
Wrapping Paper, Bonnet Hoards, Ink and Ink I'owdcr,
of the Usi kind, Slates !ead ami Slate Penrils, Hay
wood's New Manual, Potter's Justice and Martin on the
law of executor and vlministrators, scarce books in this
end of the Slate i aitd s enl new agricultural works.
Academics, scluMtls, public, private, ami social libraries
supplied on the iimhM reasonable terms.
Onlers for any lxK)ks w ill In. thankfully received ; an I
any books in the Hiiladelphia, cw-Yort, or Charleston
markets will be procured at short notice, and delivered
here at the Philadelphia and N't w -York retail prices.
At the I'OHt.OHiee.
IJclnion, W. C. Ay. 3, 1820. 327
ON Horvbiy the 1st of Jsmisry, 1S2I, at tlie house of
W. Mrirhin, Tju). will h? ssw4. 1, on a credit if 12
months, twentywo or three likely NF.tKtF, belong
iug to the istatc of Win. Martin, deceased.
AI.FKKI) "(JAlTHKIt, ) 4 . .
A. F. 1'ALDWEI.I, 5wwr'
Imtrll, AVf. 27, 1820. l26r
Stivtc of VoTl-C!ttrunt1
Milly (Either..
Petlt'ofi for tlie
sale ol land.
John. Martin, John Price,. Milly Price,
y ounjc, t.'harles C, Youngs 1
nwra Voting, Adaline Young, Ilorin
da Young, Willisim M. Yoting, Tho
mas Young, and Adelaide F.. Young..
IT appearing to the aativfaction of the Cotirt that the
dii'endnnts in tls case are the inhnbitants of another
state and government : TUf-fn, tr, That pnblien
tion be made for six wetks in the H'etttrn CanHiaan,
uiih ss the u foresaid parlies apfiear at the next Superior
C fMirt of Law and Kjuity to be hekl for the county of
lr'lell, on the fifth Monday after fourth Momlay in
March next, and plead, answer, or demur to said petition.
juilju nt w ill be .taken pro coufusso, awl heard ex parte.
of VoTUv-GaToWna:
Msiklriifmi County ...Wwembtr Stiiioni, 1820,
Jou. lawix, V
r C I
Ahrkr M'Lkor. j
o:vied on stindiy articles.
iYcNV (looAs.,
fllllK snbscribt r respectfully informs the citizens of
. J. Cabarrus and the adjacent coiinties, lludr in. addition.
to his former stock, he hits just received, and now cjiefs
for sale, at his Store lit Concord, a grjeatvariety of ' .
Vnbke and fashionablrSfjBDS,
well adapted to the season ; which-be -will sell cn the
Tjiost accommo'dating terms, and invites all tliose who"
wish to pitrchose to call and examihe Tor themselves.
He would also beg leave -herewith to teiulcrjua sifi
cere ack now lodgments, and to return his best thanks, to
those w ho have heretofore so liberally patronized him,
and most respectfully solicit a continnance of their
patronage. -
, He also most earnestly, but very respectfully, requests
all tliose hos" notes and Jivy2t bave bpeoinc rva- , . fyf.&&
blc, to call and make" payn cnCwTtbout delav, as tliat K t4.,- s.r" i
i mi iii . . , 1 i . . v c Ion, on Uie tlunl
alone will enable h:m to rnct his engagements, and at- ' ...
meet ins engagements.
ford the proper and necessary accommodation;.. v
- TDIilAH HKOYVN, vent or
Cmconl, Dec. 12, 1820. 5w27 7 :
r .
IT appearing to the ourtthat the defendant "la. hot a
residenter .of thin atate..prTcJ, thcreforcthat pub
lication be itiade. thjxc hioutlia kl)l,ll.rtr9.,(VA!ta
that Uie defendant appear at the next Court to-be hekl
tir Bnid crntthcTTonrtihmis(rin CharlottcTon fourth-
Monday in February next, and replevy and plead to is
sue, or d-mur, otherwise judgment linal will be entered
agiinst him. 3m29r
...I ' Ti "i . i -
Lincoln cocm,.
Cowrr of Plra und Qwirter-Seintnf ? - -October
fr-nium, .L D. 1201 $
Thomas indJohn Tip ps."
, t. , .. J..... Petit ton fat., distributive.-,.
T r.. 1 '
iuuis:i a?Mi jLonrau i ipos,,
administrators of
Matthias Tipps, deceased.
sharcn of the estate of Mat
lluas Tipps, deceased.'
"I T ftppearing to the Court that Louisa Tipps 14 not a&j of this state, it is tiicrciore jmwiiDy tne
court, that i toi ire be published si weeks in the Jl entern
Catpliniiin, requiring the said iWisaTipps to appear it
tlie next County Court of Picas and Quarter Session to
cmintv at'tne-lrt-lloustnLincplit"--
Monday in January next, then and lliere
to answer or demur to the said petition r 'otherwise it
will be t:.ken pro confettn, and judged accofilingljff as to
the said LouiaaVipps. VvitnesH V. JPBee, Clerk ybf siid
eMirt, at Lincfolnwn, ihe third Mondav cf tUctolw, 182J.

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