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    1 '
P, ,1 m'l.WftHi .', TJu t upgti iucIi Dthtnt
ir Ihbfoii Uik'ciSh ttch P.ohd or Donds, it
vh:iil be July of hk!i licnff, Dipul,. ui
Ccnitablrs- ft the o'.e may be, to release Mm.
ht r or them fiam cW.lnrmctU or custody, mi)
' .,. Hac or m.Uan Ij the'wMiwiy nomitli
.Mauding. . ;
- iltii farther finirtcJi That to enable ihc Hon
cit D.btei tlis more easily to obtain the Sceutiu
rcquli ( l In the Erst tccllnJI tM Act. U sb-li
-. be hwftil forth ciU Scuiivy at the Coutt to
rTilKc riuiwtIrEoumT to uppcsr, to snrmi-
- der,iri open CoUt, the Vtd Piltuipal In discharge
"of the hccUiity. And for the uid puiposeof ma
Mnjft!ic sui render, the hrcuiity It hereby author
a iteil to cxcieise all the pocr, which by Uw spc-
(,! uil have over their principal.- - -
r if further rnadai, That u;tt the appear
ance of such Debtor or Debtors t the County
I'ourt af.;icsald, it nhall be lawful for him, her ot
TinctaltbTrTr pnnn - or-by' attorney to move
the Court to be admitted to take the oath pic-
l crlutd for tbV relief of lnsolvtui Debtois,"or to
.wear to the Schedule previously filled with the
Clerk of said Court, agreeably to the provisions
of this Act hereinafter contained. And it shall
le the duty of said Couit upon kuch Drhtor or
Debtors making it appear to them that, at lc.v.t,
ten day notice has been given in writing to hiv
her or their Creditors of the intention to uvtil
him, Iseror themselves of the benefit of this Art,
to administer 'he oa'.h prescribe d lor the benefit
of lnolvent Debtor, or to swe;r him, her or
them to the6chcdulc, as aforesaid, (at the case
tnav be,) und to direct the Clerk to make an cn:
try of the same upon his minutes, which shall ex
empt the body or bodies of such Debtor or Debt
tits from impiiionment for debt, in all the cases
where notice may have been given to the Cicdi
loi h which notices shall be filed uith the Clerk of
fcid Court. J'rciidrJ nrvrrticieit, That if any
' Creditor or Creditors shell suggest any fraud or
concealment of hny pro;rty, money or effect,
it shall be the duty of the Court to direct an Istuc
to be made op und tried by the Jury at the first
Term before s-uch Debtoi or Debtors arc sworn.
' h ciTfed further, '1'hat if either of the parlies
shall be unprepared for the trial of such Issue,
the (.'curt nuy continue the ;me under the same
rules and i emulations by which suits at law arc
i.ow continued ; and if the raid Jury shall find
that there is any fraud or concealment, or if said
Debtor or Debtors shall fail or refuse to answer
upon oa'.h, or if said Debtor or Debtors shall fail
totnuke it uppear to the Court that he, she or they
have givtn the ntcc-aty notice to the Creditor
or Creditors -t whose instance h, she or they
may have been arrested, then and in that case the
.said Debtor or Debtors. shall be deemed hi the
custody of the Sheriff', and the Court shall ad-judge-tlut
he, she or they be imprisoned until a
lull ind fuir disclosure of H the property, mon
ey or effects, be made hy sai l Debtor or Debtors,
.nd until he, &he or they have c;iicn the neces
sary notice as aforesaid, to be judged of by said
lit it further enacted, That when any debtor
or iirbtors taken upon any capias ad satisfacien
dum as aforesaid, shall be desirous to render a
Juil and fur schedule of his her or their proper
ty and effects, he she or they shall file the same
with the Clerk of the County Court at least ten
ilaxs before the sitting of the Court at which he
proposes to avail himself of the benefit of this
ct ; and that upon his being permitted to s we al
io the said schedule, the same proceedings shall
jc Jud thereon as may bfe now had on schedules
Jih'! under the law now in force.
Re it further enacted, That no person shall be
imptisoned jor debt upon any capias ad satisfa
ciendum who will comply with the requisites of
this act, except in cases of fraud or concealment
herein be tore mentioned, any law, usage or cus
torn to the contrary notwithstanding.
Be it further rnarirj, That all laws and clau
ses of laws, coming within the meaning and pur
view of this act; be and the same are hereby re
cicd. . . .
ii t.f IV, ra j M..I hto in. ii,'t '!, al'.v'a'i'ci '!''
I.) law uj Die iincicd mid cfln r ollU cti hi tt.:!i !' tl.i
rk(iit'itc depart inenf j ir.d tlut thi.,nni....4t'. e have
Urtu-to report Ly biU or otitvrwine.
Mr. lUbertt ucinired a division of the cues'
iioiii wild it bung btcuh!lfi'ly iickt t.iknt c n stiik1
ii.u' n't U was detei mtntu in the lCm u.-mc
-yes 2J.
Mr. VurrVf movoa to MiiKf rtt M Ihe t-tntnrl- , That e.nii.'.Mrfl kfinointed to
iiu id so mueli as relates to thc'fc'Jaiie of theJwUn; nituution of tt.e sctthim nti unon the I'acific
Utcan, ftiul the especu'ury 01 occupying tua LoLnnUa
rivlr.' --r"-; r
On motion of Mr. EJdijy it wai '
Jtetttvit, the Speaker cf the llouw b reqtiff
i 1 lo inform the csceiitivc cf the te ff Kliod hUuid,
J' the dvbtli ( I'N.itluiUtl IlAzard, one of the rcprccnto
Cus Ircnn, ai. .uta, ...
Mr. finJ submitted for convideration the fol-
If 1 JutJj iM..ij'j;..!-.Vif t'tc; .r in t'.f.h year
l.itli eh-nred betatc- tin; 0lh d.n i( b pUu.ber,
mii.I tl,o e uluch At tlcuriJkincc tlut date.
On ii.oi ion of Mr. ihrlji it wu
Itriuh nt, 'I hut a roTuniittre e appointed in Inrcrtl
ut? the l!u'ui.c.r tlifr lwt OlHe I)epuit;.ietp villi mjw
er tu tend f ,r ptuoiu iv.J paper.
On motion of Mr. irW, It was
1 rri'tt l"V'
IX SC.V.iTE..:TvitxMj, pec
i he benate, t;reci.iry to the order of the day,
piofeeded to the consideration of thcfollnttinfir
lesolution, introduced by Burrifl, of R. I. on
"the I6U1 ult.
Retohe( 1 hat the act, entitled " Ail aet allowing com
pensiition tuUicncnth.-isof tiie Senate, members of the
House of Representatives of tf; United States, and to
the delegates of the ti-mtorics, and. repealing all other
laws on tnc SUDjecv pnsscd at tlic first sessjon of the
fiftseuth Confrcs3, oueat to he .; altered arict,amendtd
Uit the eoapcnsatr.un to tlie n'tcinibers and deletyates
aforesaid shall hereafter '.ye i dollars for each dav'a at-
icnciawee, artu six -uonars ror.svery twenty miles travel.
vresi: jr :.r HV1 '"TT"!' : . 1'. .. .'
and: tteVit be. reftOTcd
oitfortterififr:amcB) said act accbrd-
Upon the merits of the proposition, and cf Ue
'"''several ''iribio'iH made In Ithe -course of its ronsi-
demtion, a spirited, good tempered,, und interest
ing debute look place, occupying: more than three
"u'j .ol w hich u is not possibly at present, to
Rive even a SKetcti.
Mr. D:itiay moved to amend the resoltrfibrt W
.striking out all after , he word ?&.W,-and in:
uniiijr the loJlowitisubstitute : '.
Tlit a cc nin.ittce be apooiritcd to inauire into the nm
. rriety edilcinff 4he allowanee'i-authdrIeJ: bv the aeij
in icq act wiownijj compensation to the inembt
vi u.e nenate, xnt : T.emijers ot . t
cxeumve oiiaets, wishing, to ciuuihUr ncr
thcrrlorc endangert the malnAolMeU'ttl lUltc x
- 'J motion, after consldcraoJe discussion Mas
decided in the negative, by )cusund tfayiHat
U N'nys22.
T JiC.ipucstion being. taken on thr, anieiidiitcnt
of M.. Dvuii it was arrced to; ami
'i he resolution, as amended, wai then uieed
to by the following vote :
r..Uar(Uf FJIiot, tUuilurd, IIuImicv, of ktuiiwy Jfhi l
MuKMippi, HtMitrr, Jlitwfvof Kfcnlnekyj-.'uhtiion'M'
litnmtfrt, IownY Meoiv Momlr, Tobte, fatnic r; rar
rott, I'lelisaritu; Uutierti, Kuirjrtes, aifuff, hrbith'l'albdt,'
I l'r, '! l.orna Tu hri.or, Triuihh, Walker, f Alabauu,
Walker, of Geonria, Willian.s, of T uncwr,-.12
NAYS. Mcfi. Katon, Kinif, of Alabama, Kin, of
New-York, Mill. 4.
Mefcsi Dana, Ilurrid, Jtinton, of Kentucky
Hcberti, unci 'imith, wcie apointed the commit
tee ) and the Senate adjourned.
Wfr.DNKSDAY, DrC 20.
hank or tiii: imikd .states.
Mr. SunfurJt from the committee on finance,
to which was referred the petition of the Presi
dent and Directors of the Hank of the United
States, rc mi ted the following bill ; which receiv
ed the lirst reading :
Hr ii rnnrlril, ie, That it shall be lawful for th Di
rector!, of (lie Hank of the Cnitrd Statu to appoint an
Aernt ami a Keirttfter, and that all bills and note of the
aid eorM)ratinn, imued after the first appointment of
mien Aent and Kt Lnsttr, shall be aigTicd by titc Ajrent,
and coontenijfned by the Itigister; Ut such bill and
note shall have the like force ami effect ai the bills arid
note of the naid corporation which are now signed S
the President, and cAinteraijrned by the Cashier, thereof :
and tlut, as often as an Agc-at or a- Register of the said
corporation shall be appointed, no note of bill, sigiicd by
an Agent, or countersigned by a Register, shall be issu
ed, until puhlic notice of the appointment of such A.
gent or Itegister shall luvc been previously given, for
ten days, in Uo gazettes, printed at the city of Wash
ington. Sec. 2. .Indbcit farmer enacted, That, if anv Presi
dent, Director, Cashier, or other officer, or servant, of
the Hank of the Umtcl States, or of any of its officers,
shall fraudulently convert to his own use any money, bill,
note, security for nione, evidence of debt, or other ef
fect whatever, belonging to the said Bank, such person
shall, upon due convieUon, be punished by imprison
ment, not exceeding three years, and by standing in a
pillorv not more than three times in open day, in some
public place, during one hour at a time ; which standing
in a pillory, when inflicted more than once, shall be on
cult rent days.
Mr. Holmes of Mississippi, irom the commit
tee on that subject, reported a bill for the better
regulation of the trade with the Indian tribes ;
which was read the first time.
tuksivay, dec. 19. The Speaker laid before
the House a letter from the Secretary of the
I reasury, transmitting an account of the receipts
and expenditures of the United States for the year
1819 ; und, also, a letter from the Secretary of
War, transmitting, in obedience to a resolution of
the House of Representatives of the 12th
formation m relation to the horses furnished by the
mounted men engaged in the Seminole war : ako
of the rule adopted for compensating said troops
not applicable to all other troops of the same de
On motion of Mr. Code, certain statements
presented at a former session, from the Third
Auditor of the Treasury, respecting allowance
to officers of the army for transportation, fccc.
were ordered to be printed, as containing some
lacts of particular interest at this moment.
Mr. Cobb rose, and gave notice that, on account
of the absence of some members, and, in compli
ance with the wishes of others, he should- post
pone his motion ior $oing into committee -of the
whole on the subject of retrenchments until this
dav fortnight.
ty r.rJ'JJii submitted for consideration, the fol
lowing resolution ; . - ' -
, ,Reqhf(lt Aju the Senate end Haute o f Representative
thcr-M-mtea-Atatn oj .liicr ih Uvngreaa-atnembled, and
it is hereby declared, that.Jhc day of- next ensu
ing; thcr statcvof Missouri shall beTdnutfed intolhe Union
upon ao etpial footing with the original' states, in all re
speets whatsoever : Provided, That so much of the 26th
section of the 3d article in the constitution of said state.
presented to Congress .at the present session, as makes id
me ciury ot tiie Legislature to pass such laws as shall be
necessary w to prevent free negroes and mulat toes from
"coming to, and settling in, this state, under anv nretext
4i whatsoever," shall,Tnorbefore 'that dayihaVe. been ex-
ptingeu incrtirom
The resolution was read t.m$Cs'Jlnfljira&4bet
on motion ot Mr.- Jmstis, ordered to Jie on the
table for one day. - :';'""-" " "
MrrffofV.- submitted fbf hsideltioh
live following reolVitions, which, also, from their
nature, lie on the. table one dajt. of . course ;
Jtnohed, That the Seeretary of the Treasury be in
struc'xd to state to this House, so far as he has informa
tion, the number and tonnage of the French ship which
h o e tirmed and were expected to arrive in the course
cf the present year,' in the River St". Mary's, since the 1st
July licst; whether their cargoes are intended for the
TroftsHniptjcn of theelTnited States, and to be introduced
Yuinifi u;e urntonesot the same, in evusion of the re
venue laws, and what further provision he deems. neces
sary to be nude by law tor the more effectual collection
of 'the revenue ca the southern frontier. ' '
t Rrwlvcit, That the JkcreUry of the 'Treasury be in-
j, mm uj uiiuic uus nouse a sta'e-
of American and
y pafjes with brass helmets. ThU Cjrure. waj
ollowel by large Jwrtyibeailhg Uautiful jlc'ctl
lowing resolve, which, fiom its nature, lies on the
table one dayof emirs?! . -
Hhyrtr't' hat- "he-Scerrtarr of thq-Departme nt -of
War, be ri:(juired to Ly before diU House a statement of
the nurnWr and itiitTii f all the military posts in the
Unitcl Mates at thin timf, togetlier whh the dintribut'tOti
of the urmv, designating the number of men, also the
number and rank of the officers at each place.
On motion of Mr. MoneU, it was
Rentved, Tliat the .Committee on the Public Lands
be iiutructcd to inquire whether any, and if any, wlut
regulations ran be adopted consistent with the interest
of the government, whereby the soldiers of the late war,
who have not received their bounty lands, can be better
provided for than under existing laws.
Wednesday, dkc. 20. Mr. Edward, of N. C.
from the committee on Revolutionary Pensions,
reported a bill in addition to the several acts ma
king provision for certain persons engaged in
the (ami and naval service of the United States
during the Revolutionary war ; which was twice
The object of the bill is to provide for the
case of persons who, owing to disability, cannot
appear in open court to take the necessary oaths.
I he bill was laid on the table, for the purpose
of being printed for better examination before it
should be ordered to a third reading.
Mr. Ron, of Ohio, submitted for consideration
the following resolution; -which, from Its nature,
lies on the table one day of course
Reiolved, That the President of the United States be
requested to cause to be laid before this house the names
of all persons who have been prosecuted and convicted.
ia the courts of the I'nited States, under the art of Con
gress, passed the 14th July, 1798, entitled M An act in
addition to the kct, entitled An act for the punishment
of certain crimes against the United States" particularly
designating in'w hat Htate, and before hat court convict
ed j the amount of the fine, together with the term of
imprisonment inflicted on each defendant; and also the
amount of fines paid into the Treasury of the United
States, and by whom the amount of audi fines as mav
have beci collected by the officers of government, and
which have not yet been paid into the Treasury of Uie
United States ; the time when collected j also, by whom,
and from whom, collected.
The House proceeded to consider tHe resolu
tion yesterday moved by Mr. loyd, calling for
certain information from the War Department ;
and, on motion, the resolve was amended, by ad
ding thereto the following: " and mhether any
of the officers of the army hold any other office or
employment under the government, and if so,
with what salary or emoluments.
md it was pi .in, 'that tespcel fur Jtsr raajcLly, and
confidence In hrr innocence, was the general
feeling. The Youths of the Mctrcpolis conaU.
ltd of lads from the oge of 12 (o II j they had
while tllk flagsfr with appropriate mottos. The
most fcplt ndidcxhibition was that' of the bran
founders t This procession was headed by V man
dressed in i tun of burnished fL(e armour cf
brass, inomitcu rn a handsome black horse, led
cf fancy work In bruss.
In the course of the day, upwards of three
hundred carriages drove up to the house ; some
of the prucctU.n were very Elegantly arranged.
. , LiVkltfOOL, OCT-31.
In Spain, the wheels of the new government
scent to revolve with much freedom, and to th
j;lJre.jutisfaciton of Uth -the sovereign" and Ms "
LyubieavXhe. official jtnnunciatina.of lh surA--
render of the Hondas to the United States; ia '
conformity to tho Treaty insde during; thcJaj; :
year with the Spanish negotu'tor, Om'is, has not
yet reached the counfry ; but it is generally un
derstood that the fact is indiputaWeand that the
surrender will extend to both Last and West
l-'iom Portugal the ad ices appear to be favor
able ; and the progress towards a representative
form of government is made with all the despatch
mid with the tranquility that the most ardent
friends to public order und popular rights could
. The foreign newt , of the past week is within,
a very narrow compass. The approaching meet
ing ot the allied tovereigns at Troppan, it looked
forward to on the continent with a lively solici
tude ; and it is expected that the decision will
there be taken how far it will be expedient to
compel Naples to re-establish her ancient Insti
tutions, for the present, the Austrian troops in
Italy have gone into cantonment, and no decisive
step will be taken till the system of foreign in-
tctlercnce in the concerns of independent states
has been concocted by the sovereigns and minis
ters-; who, for the rood of the world, no doubt.
have been pleased to take upon their shoulders
the weighty affairs, not only of their own coun
tries, but also of every other state in the great
Lu rope an commonwealth.
Yovcign uuA Domestic.
The regular and fast sailing packet snip Jas.
Monroe, Capt. Rogers, arrived off Sandy Hook
on Wednesday aftsrnoon, and came up yesterday
morning, from Liverpool, whence she sailed on
the 4th of November.
It is hardly possible to describe the enthusias
tic feeling which seems to pervade all ranks in
England in favor of the Queen. Addresses con
tinue to pour in from all quarters ; her majesty
daily receives the visits of the nobles, nmonjj
whom we perceive the names of tlie Prince Leo
pold, and of the Duke of Sussex, the brother of
the King. 1 he corporation of the city of Lon
don have likewise given an additional proof of
their attachment and conviction Of her innocence,
by inviting the Queen to rime InThe Guild Hall,
on the approaching Lord Mayor's day.
The following is from the London Morning Post.
Proper way of-dealiso with thr rab
l le.- 7 era bile, ivk eti r it 6 p e r i. Y dealt with, Are
not dangerous. -The inhabitants of great cities
arc always facticti and cowardly 1 Louis XYL
allowed his-subject-to-be-threatened, but-not
struck : Napoleon fired grate among them,
and secured their afifilauae and gratitude.
addresses to the queen.
T"' On Monday last her majesty received nume
rous addresses at Brandenburg House. It had
been announced by her chamberlains, as the last
occasion of the kind. The deputations were re
ceived by her majesty in the usual state, in the
Wn Iiallr Khewas attended by niime7ffii
the place of Mr-Alderman Wood, who is s?cri.
busTy ' indisposed,) and a oumber of foreiifn gen
tlemen, besides Lieuts. Hownam and Mynn, Mr.
Austin, Lady Anne Hamilton, und the Countess
of Oldi. The following is a general list 'of the
different addresses presented : t
Margate, New Mills; r
Islington, Weavers of Newbury,
Coopertj, I)itchling, Sussex,
Youths the Metropolis Lawyers' Clerks,
Leather Dresiers, Odd Fellow a,
'Brass Founders, . ;f "Sidmoutli, v
Oakingham, . ' v';vf VAmidel,
Silver Trade; . v' 1'ontipoof,
Taper tlangera, ' Chichester, ..
. Lncklayers, Cabinet Maktr,
West and East Coke r Lymingtcn, .
Mdnmputh, ; Maidstone.
savakkah, dic. SO.
The ship Leda, Capt. Meades, arrived at this
port last evening from Falmouth, which placft
she left on the 9th November, and brings Lon-
tlon dates to the 6th. - We have notet been ablo
to procure any papers by. ner, but learn verbally,
that the Queen s trial had closed and that the
Hill of Pains and Penalties had been rejected.
i nit was me report ai raimoutn me, nay op
which Cpu Mr mIM' - - Reftuttica.
Capt. Meades, of the ship Leda, who arrivfd
at this port last evening from London, having
left there oh the 7th of November, informs that
the Hill of Pains and Penalties against the Queen
bad passed the second reading, and wis laid on
the table. ; Mutatm.
circlf.ville, (ohio,) DKC. 8.
In our last we briefly noticed the trial, convic
tion and sentence of John Duncan for horse steal
ing. On Sunday morning last, the mother of the
convict came to town to vish her sooi previous to "
his departure for his lodgingt in Columbus and
by the indulgence of the gaoler, was admitted into
the dreary cell' of the prison, where the bosom
of the fond mother was filled with horror at be
holding the darling of her declining years fetter
ed and chained to the floor ! After this heart
rending interview was closed, and the parcntwas.
about to iake 'along farewell of.tbe child, the
gaoler was summoned to release the sorrow
stricken dame from the cold damp of te dun
geon. His sympathetic heart was moved with
pityi whateart of Jie"sh" w
thus moved ? for the grief of the disconsolate,
mother on returning from the prison, some re
freshments were, kindly offered to the. sorrowful
visitant, w ho declined accepting- them nd de
parted from the house with tears and loud lamen-tationsv:.;..-1
. .- .
day morning, whenthe gaoler, on visiting the
prison, was informed, with an air of cxultatioh,
that " there had been a change e prisoner there
on the night before !" When, on more strict
examinationvhe found, to his great surprise and
extreme chagrin, that he had the mother of Dun
can safely secured, but that the culprit John had
deliberately .gTwr his way, in her. habiliments .
Tl.ic ic ta earnhil tP- litllin a VW W.eCkS
that this malefactor has effected his escape from
this juilt which is consitlered inferior to oqne iiv
tUe .state,-M It maynot beamisSiibr person .pwy.v,
ning horses to keep a good look out.
On Monday evening last 5 round bales of Cot
ton, were brought-to town in a waggon and sold,
by Mr. Micajah . Ford, of C lumbia County, to a
merchant, in this place. After being purchased
it was sent to Mr. Burton's warehouse to be weigh
ed, and stored. The weight of two of the bales
induced Mr. Burton to suspect some unfairness
in packing, and he deemed it his duty' to exam
ine them. On being opened, in a bale.weiglm5
4 1 0 was found .a, rock ueighing 86 tbs, and m a
ile Weihm-4
tSealui of rcckJo Ithlw

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