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V. ";, V '
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, i i li i : f i i i i i ) iM iii t
The Wmthi C.aotim It publislied every Ttica.
thy, t TlIltliK D0LLAU9 per annum, payable acini.
Annually in advance." j
(Cj'Ntf paper will be discontinued until all arrearages
fTpaTd7uidcT"artne discretion of lIicTrdHoriT" "
VhovJJtJ(mertllponiblc for the payment of
nine papers, shall receive a tenth gratis,
ADTtaTiaixKXTa will be inserted on the'eustomary
So advertisement iiwxrte.! until it lias been paid for.
- r it payment assumed-by some person in this town,
it vicinity. - ' ' ' !
-CT'All letters lo the editors must be, wf-yxM, or they
v ijl not be attended to.
TUP. mibncriber is now opening, 'at Ml FtoiT in S'alit
bun', a general and well selected a-sortincnt of
Dry Goods,
Hard-Ware, and
Jiut received direct from New-York ami I'hiladrlphix,
and lakfin at prices that will enable rim to m 1) renmrk
ahlylow. His customer, and the public, arercspctt
tullv invited to cull and examine for themselves. All
kind of Country Produce received in exchange.
Dec. 12, 1820. U27 J. Mt'KIMIY.
Slate of tXorUi-ljiiroWiia:
Metklekburg County November Scniiu, loJO.
Jobs lawn, "),.. ... , . .
IT appearing to the Court that the defendant in no, a
residenter of this state.... Ordered, therefore, that pub made three months in the Western tankman,
that flic defendant appear at the next Court to be held
fur aid county, at the court-house in Charlotte, on fourth
Monday in February next, and replevy and plead to is-
sue, or demur, otherwise judgment final will be entered
.ngsinst him. 3m29f
vrStalc of .VoYft-t3avoYinu,
talaxvcll and Henry Chambers, and other, Petition f ir
.f vs. ' ': the hv uion
James Irwin, Robert and Satnucj Chambers. 3 of Lath
IT appearing-'M'the siitinfaetion of Ute Court, that the
' defendants "Iri this c are the inhubititntu of other
States. Therrfort, trdereti. That publication be made for
wl Weeks in tha ftntem Uaroumun, published in the town
WIIF.Iir.AS the honorable the General Aswnlty, at
their tist si ssion, nasst d an act to establish a Col-
lefe in the Mestcni part of the fctate the Trusters of
litis imenucu insuiuutwi oi txitnuiijf arc iitreoy rcqucs;
U d to meet in I jncolnton, on the 14 Wednesday of Feb.
ruary ncxt,..toficn.hoc measures w Inch msy appear
calculated to promote the design, and to nscTiare,us fUr
as possible, tint Tery important trust which their fellow,
citizens have reposed in them t Ami as all is yet to be
done, ami much depend on the (trot steps that mny be
Ukeu m.jJI an; equally utUnsted in whatever may
tend to the good of tlie present and future ' fenerations j
0lUri, from each county in the supposed district, beudei
the Trustees, are invited also to attend, to give us their
countenance and tlteir aid, in soggcst'iiiR. those means
which they may deem most conducive to the prosperity
of the Institution. Should it unfortunately happen that
a failure in the attendance of the Trustee be experi
enced at their first meeting, it may blight it in the bud,
rool the fervor of its friends, and give occasion to those
(if such there be) who are somewhat inimical, to say, in
l riion, They began to build, but wen not able to
li.iish." .1 AMKS M'RF.K,
Chairman J lU t'om tnliuit ul Um button.
Jmrv rT ft, IM21.
Til E subscriber is now finishing a I trgr ami rommo.
dious house in tliis place, on the western side of the
town, situate between the Male ami Female Academies,
w hich he intends as a boarding-house for young ladies.
He w ill furnish them with good board, w ashing, and tod
irinsr. for seventv-five dollars, for this vear. He nlcdires
himself that nothing shall be wanting, on his part, to ren
der satisfaction to those who may favor him with their
As parents and eruardians are desirous that their chil
dren's expenses' may be so managed,' as if the niOnoyiiid
actually all passed through their ow n hand, he therefore
considers the follow ing method of keeping their accounts
will answer the purpose i
Those who come to this place well provided with
clothes, will not require any additional ones for some
time. However, when they w rite home, it is very easy
to let their parents know what they require, and an an
swer to said letter w ill contain an order for said articles
if '.heir parents think it Accessary.
The next time they write home, they will mention
whit such articles rot, which will enable their parents
not only to know what articles their children get, but
w'.tat thtxeost jJtem. It will, at the same time, with the
distance of the Tutoresses, habituate the children to
ticepint? their ow n accounts, which will be very essential
to them during life, ami the improvement they may make j
in this little business, will be very gratifying to their pa
rents. , It is unnecessary for the young ladi'.-. to trouble their
parents with the purchase of books, quills, ink, paper,
i -4
6ir . sXexsTColkgiv
mt anfiahsi r, that Ufllcua Uypp:t a Um imU Court uf , kc. ws what Jr Academy cxerdses require must be had
Plea and (Juaiter Sessions to be held lor the county ot It is only necessarj- to include them w ith the cost of
' lrelVonethhMciTyiiTFcbniaiT; 1821, and plead, other articles, so that thtyisjsy be acquainted rith every
answer or demur to said petition, judgment w ill be ta-
ken pro confesso, ami heard exparte. r
KOfrAs cousfr.
Jesse A.Pearson and others,")
t. W Equity, rti!T,-r ,1V:0.
John Pickler and others M
TN this case it' is OrdtmL that publication bo made for
JL aixiweeks successively in the Western Carolinian, fori
ATuiiSm Langhorn, one of the defendants, to appear sit
tbe taext Court, and plead, answer, or demur, otherwise
Hii frill W'Ql be taken pro confesso against him, and heard
cxliarte. 6w3l GEORGE LOCKE, CM. E.
Rtvan Coimty.r..:.T......C9Wt of Ewtu, Fall 7 ,, 1820.
James Ilrj'son
Gc'onre Houser.
Bill of revivor, and supplemental
biU filed.
ORDERED, that publication be made six weeks suc
cessively in the Western Carolinian, for Alfred l)n -vard,
Edward Brcfad, Sarah A. Brevard, and Eut g;ne
Brevard, ihfants and heirs at law of Eli Kershaw, deceas
ed i also, James Chesnut, Duncan M'Crac, John Taylor,
and J antes S. Deas, executors of the last will of John
Ciiesnut, deceased j also, James Chesnut, Duncan M'Crac
; ik1 Maijrbia vlfe;J
8. Deas and Margaret R. his wife, and Harriet Chesnut,
heirs at law of John Chesnut, deceased to appear at
the next term of this Court, and plead, answer, or demur th bifl (Ucd lMliw case, or the billw;in.b.e,
confesso figalhst tlieni, and heard ex parte.
ZT:si george-locke; C. m. e.
friemls and tl public in general, tliat he has esta!-
J shed himseit in this house formerly occupied by the Peter Eaton, in the Town of Huntsville, Surry
ounty, Nortli-Carolina j and has been at considerable
expense in making his rooms commodious and comforta
ble, for tlie reception of Travellers, and all who may fa
vor him with their custom. His Sideboard is provided
with Liquors of the best quality, and his Stables with
. .v?rvlbin4:eqtujiite for JIors;, and hopes, by pai'tigu
lar attention, to mem a s!iarc ot public patronage.
.,,La..7',..'..5J,.''wwTbpr continues to carry on the Cab.
x - r,nd despatehi'tbr cash credit,or country prodiice.
M. J).
FROM the suhtcriber, on tlie niglit of fli' '7tli instant,
aNEGKQ BOY, by the name of eighlycars
old, with the fliurul) On the rig'ht haiwi split open from
-the cut of an axe. -It is supposed that he was stolen by
: niun who calls himself Thomas Young, who says he lives
.l:i the state of Tennessee. Y oung is a tall ntan ; wore a
-white hat. The saiil Young has lost theuse of hiV right
hand, and the thumb. is on" from it, occasioned from a
i;oi ue ic;tn eu ta utai uanu.r
' He recollects, sme yesrs ago, of having two young
ladies at the Salem Academy ; at that time Mr. Kramet
attended it ; he wrote to the subscriber frequently, and
e;ich letter contained a statement of the young ladies'
.-counts, with what additional articles they might have
had since he wrote the hist: Therefore, by having refer-dir.-
to his last letter, a View' was had of their accounts
t 'hat time. This led the subscriber to the above meth
od, w ith what he considers a little uneinliiient.
Those little attentions, although uppuren'-Iy of but lit
tle importance, when careful!) ;a enuni u nun prove to
be of considerable advantage to Vje nm ladies, and to
the welfare of the Academy.
The Trustees are nicely attentive to the choice of
their Tutoresses, and as nicely aue.r.ivejo th;- care of the
yMng ladies; and in order dial :ht: of tle Axul
i inv max go on with success, tin must be as attentive
to tlie young ladies' expenses,' whicli it is believed tin
t.boxe method will regulate. J(J!LN FI'LTOX.
Salisbury, January 1, 1 82 1 . w 3 j
We'ltarcbcen favored with t cpn of the foil.. ng
niSCOlTMK for pullication, delivered in I.iiicoluto
August 2J," 1820,J to a numerous and rrspeclaM eonven
tion fcf citizens from the atljaceiit counties, by Jnss
Mcl.'it, p. v. ' We shall coTitinui it wreklyttH Knuhed."
Hi publlcatJon lias been delayed until lit result ofour
application .o the General Avcmb!y slioukl be know n.
It is now made public, to excite the minds of those who
may feel an Inclination to" favor," fy Uieirlnnu'cncc Jand
liberality, the intended institution of learning in the wes
tern part of the State of North-Carolina.
Christ tun Iirethren, and FrHoir-Cithcn :
It was deemed expedient that this meeting
should be opened with an uddros, explanatory
of the object ; to point out its importance, and in
inspire us with zeal and unanimity in its prose
cution : which, instead of retarding the business,
might have a tendency to unite our judgments and
our hearts, and hasten our progress to such mea
sures and decisions, as may, in the issue, be hon
oraUe lo ourselves and beneficial to the world.
lie, who now addresses this intelligent assem
bly, feels a pride and a pleasure to be honored by
an audience of freemen and chrittiutiti whom the
haiKTo? God has placed on higher ground, on a
more' elevated situation, than has fallen lo the lot
of any people upon earth, during the long lapse
of six thousand years.
As freemen, enjoying equal rights, you Itow to
no authority but the constitution nnd laws or your
couhlryT " As chrittlaitty you call no man rno
ter you bow to no authority but the laws of
Christ, the great King, and head of his church ;
"who sittetb king? and shall forever the- scep
tre of whose kingdom is u right sceptre." You
also know and fctl that you stand lespoiis'ibre to
Uod, to the Church, the State, and posterity, in
bring forward the ljc
which this convention, whs invited to assemble on
this day in this village, expressed in the follow
ing words : u To establish in the western part
ol the Stale of North-Carolina bfiublic Semiiiury
if Lrartdrig, to prepare young men, by the knowl
edge and influence of the christian religion, with
untiNime shaH be iw more The-Uit-general
don that shall be born, may " rise up and call ,
you hlcisfd." , . , .
When preparing this tIUcoiirse,.four. distinct
particulars presented themselves to vicw,as cou
netted "n ithTlic r object of our present meeting t
ccn of a kind and propitious Profdence sfanTl
Indebted for t hat (Rati hlilshed Yank wo no w hold "
among the nations of the earth.
2d. The nature of our rovernmcn? ; the exen.
Vtb'n iT"our terrifory'J the rapid intreane of tir
f imputation ; and, aljove ull, the state (f the Churth
mperiouslv demand that every practicable mean
used to dilTusc "knowledge throughout-our
d. The smiles of divine Providence on many
of those literary institutions which have been al
ready established in the tinted States, and tho
advantages that have arisen from them, may en
courage us to follow their example.
4th. That the It'ettern District of the state of
North-Carolina is a favorable situation, and con
tains resources to accomplish the object for
which we are assembled.
To these four distinct propositions, we shall
speak in the order in which they have been named-
1st. To Mciaice and the light and vfluence of
the C h nation religion we are indebted, under tho
propitious providence of Cod, fur that distin
guished rank we now hold among the nations of
the earth.
Ilow Jong. nature had slum!ered in awful soli
tude on the western side of the : AtTant!cOceari,
until Jicr soil was first impressed with the foot of
man ; and how, or from whence, it received its
first human inhabitants, is covered with the veil
of obtcuiity. Nature had sported in wild profu
sion in this vast region, and that luminary now
act proportion to your light,-privileges, and ' howtM had mca.ured 55 centuries', when
cans of doing good. l,u nno wor wa opened to the astonished eyes
It is now time tobrinjr forward the reject for I f Kuroe, by the bold and scientific Christopher
Columbus,indcr the patronage (lo the honor of
the sex be it spoken) of Isabella, trbeen of Spain.
The beginning, progress, and issue of this ad
venture, form some of the most splendid and in
teresting pages in the history of mankind. Sci
ence made the discovety, and religion planted
I Tl k 1 I 1 ..f... .1!.
the aid of sound science, to act with honor and our "al'P' i0U- ADOlu JU a lcr .im.5 ""
advantage in those
which the church
mankind now oo, and will in future requi
Which institution shall be founded on the broad
and solid basis of christian and republican prin
ciples, to the eh tire exclusion of all party names,
se public departments of lifc,cd lvry, few emigrants, under the mflu
the state, and the ..condition of, encc of llJe Christian religion and the love of Ub
, and will in future require , erty, planted their standard in Plymouth, in New-
Estate Vo Wusft, ftenY,
"VfOTICE. Those persons who have lawful demand ;
ll against the estate of John Koss, senior, deceased,
are hereby requested to make them known to me on or
before the 20th day of February next, so that I may pre
pare for settlement, for 1 wish to make a final settlement
of the estate at February Session, 18 .1.
' -'. : ' jacob drown; rar, ;
January 10, 1821. :w32p
w;n i ,n,i ik,-
at ff: stable lh.l?alisburj-'. The tfrtns will be wade kiiow n
in due time. MICHAEL BROWN.
Utifis'iirrh, .',:). 1 i.'loJl. 5w32
and distinctions, whether civil or religious.
Should this detail be considered cither errone
ous or wanting, your candor will overlook its er
rors, and your wisdom in deliberation will sup
ply its delects.
Introductory to our discourse,, and in some
measure connected, with the design of our meet
ing, you will now lend your attention to the read
ing of the last four verses of the 144th Psalm,
the description which a wise a:id piuus prince
has given-of a happy nation :
"That our sons may be as plants, growing up in their
) outh: that our daughters ma be as corner stones,
j'Klishcu alter tltc Similitude ot a palace.
Kngland. Then and there however, unseen by
the eye, or unconceived by the mind of man,
was laid the foundation of American indepen
dence. This handful of puritans (IOC in num
ber) was the richest treasure that ever sailed the
ocean. 1 ney, navmg ilea irom bondage, anew
how to appreciate the blessings of civil and reli
gious liberty ; and by education impressed the
value of these blessings on the minds of their
posterity. Had the latter been su He red to grow
u,) in igtioiance, America would never have bctn
free. I hey bowed the knee to the (lod of tho
ocean and the land the ocean over which they
had been safely carried; the land in which they
then dwelt. They established schools for the
education of their children; built churches for
1 ..a ' I. " J- a -
V vi''jpr -"'',! .' . t. r- hub-.. . I IfcivuJ Wil)"n James WdS'on, William Walker.- "jyi wmcn, iu u nvyy cuecis may Lamyug.uit, uoiuinvi wv vat
rXi.- "j, XlW?iSr - k. :L; ,1 ts-Mwmi, V. M Jvcrvd homage to age riown the; -.mtu n of "nu; low 'Jm th-ie. alsaie the means on which m j
. . : J
.HIS - ' . y, i.'ooi'EU,
Xa.Kh.ii.i!!- iii P .Office at Cliarhttr, .V. Carolina,
'fi tin; st of January, 1821.
A jiVtnrLi Ai.kxamikb, 2, William Andrews, Myrick
Allen, Kyan Alexander, Joel IJ. Alexander, Marga
ret Alexander, Major Tliomns AJex-.-indcr, Col. Charles
Alexander. 11 Samuel Ulack. inn. John Mack. Shadrick
.llotullteja4Ucau,v.a Griffitlt Haker,
William Barnes, Isaac llradwell, Nancy Uarr, W. Itibb.
C Falcott Curtis, Jan Caldwell, Thomas Cashon, Wil
liam Cai-son, 2, Daniel Caldwell.. JJol in Davis, 2,
Street Dutton, John It. Davidson,-Margaret Duck. F
-Tbos. Fields Messrs. Fkining "James & Co. -t-s(Jeorge
(Iraham, Davil If, Greeny -Martha (iTav Mary (iingle,s.
II Jeremiah II:Kd, Cecilia C Harris, Samuel Hemic,
Kcuben Hill, Thomas Hunter. J Andrew Jones, 2,
Iteuhen Johnston, Jacob Julin. K Thos. Kirkpatrick,
Samuel Knox John Knov. L Samuel W. Lindsay,
Robert. LindsaV, James Latta. M Henry M'Bride, Al
exander M'Cray, 2, Hiillimoh Morris, John Montgomery
liev. Samuel MathiS," Joseph' M'Cullah, jun.' Alexander
M'Kibben, James Maxwell, , Abner M'Leod. I' James
Porter, Isaac V. Pelt, Aaron Perrv. Q William C.
Quer-. H John Kca, .losejdi "W. Koss, Robert Rogers,
Edward Itodgcrs, Williuin Reee, William Roberts. S
William Scott, Arthur Smith, Catharine Shinn,. John
Swanii, Seth Sexton, 2, John C. Stockinger, Robert Silli
nian, Linas Sandfirrd; , TJamts (i. Twrefcee, J pteC'A .
Iliornhdl. Joseph ernar, -W--Jostinh W ilson,
the worship of God ; and infused into the minds
l Lit our gainers uuv be full, affording all manner of ; of their youth the principles of civil and religious
s'ttre : that our sheep may bring thousands, and ten ; ii,crlv. These, descending from father to son,
moil anus n o r s.reeis: i , our oxen may ue .iron- , f me encra(ir,n t0 anotier, fur i)e 8paCC of
to l:,lliir tliul hi' nit hr, fit mir in iw.r inniir mi - 1 " .
that there be no eon.olaininir in the streets.6 ("c bund, cd and idly years, gathering strength
" Happ) is that people that is in sue h a case . i :i, happy
is that pcopk, whose Cod is the Lord."
In this description of a. prosperous nation, the
Psalrnisi places in front of the items, and with
great propriety a rising generation of. piomiic,
coming forward on the theatre ol life, preparing
to act the parts assigned them with honor to them
selves and advantage lo the woild. " That our
sons," &c
Is there a parent in this asscmblv is there a
friend of man, a lover onViseouiVtryrorJaIriend
of ion, but would wish that all the youth, both
of the present-antLfuture. .4;encralio.nsi wouldJuU
fil this description ? " Our sons" growing up as
plants in a fruitful soil, in vigor, courage, knowl
edge, and piety: the pillars of the Church ; the
future defence of their country and the state:
Our -"daughters" prudent, industrious virtuous,
healthful, and amiable; qualified to fill the im
portant relations into which they may enter; con
he ctifijf- r milies 4og it Ivc r iai "Z piitKlieXlxo i;n c r "
stones connect, beau ily, and strengthen the walls
of a magnificent building.
"Happy the city where their sons,
'like pi Ihirs round a-1 palace set, -; - -.;
" And daughters brigtrt w tttt,'-?
"Give strength and beauty to the state.'
The 12th Verse of the U"4th Psalm, on which
you have received a short comment, designed
l ather as a motio than a tex't on this" occasion sug
gests tliat a well educated, virtuous youth, the
stafility, "ill-fence, an I gtiry of a naticn" From
whkh it is fairly dcducible and perfectly con
nected with the design of our meeting that -wee
who are now on the stage of action, intrusted
with the invaluable legacy of civil and religious'
liberty, are the guardians and trustees-of pontic
tit v and" rha'y ' establish a public Seminary of
Learning, which in its happy effectsi may de-
iii their progress, when oppression was threat
ened, and our rights invaded, burst forb in the
no1t!e and patriotic breasts of Samuel Adams and
John Hancock ; and a spirit of resistance, " quick
'A the light rcfiectcd from a glass," from M ainc
to Georgia, preal itstlf over thirteen provinces.
An ignorant people would have submitted,
without resistance, to the chains of oppression :
an irreligious people, without priucipls, would
never have concerted a system of defence. Per
"haps ,'np warwas ever com mcncel under tircunvr
stances apparently more.. inauspicious: but a
good caiiic fears not danger.' All that made life
uoithy ol contendiiTglorv'asat stake; Th c y
loved life, but feared not death ; they loved lib
erty, but hated bondage. Their patriotism, and
the hope of success, were founded on their reli
gion. -They knew that " verily there was a God .
who rulcth in, the earth :" They knew " that tho
race was not always to the swift, nor the battle to
the strong." In the name of the Lord of Hosts
did they set up their banners ; and his right hand
and his holy arm, crowned the contest with vic
tory and independence. ' The Lord is a man of
war j 4hcXt)rd.j " At thy
retmkef O Cod of Jac
army sunk like lead in the mighty waters." It
'might also be stated, without a dread of contra
diction, that, in no age nor country, was there
ever a body ol men collected, ,whoj for imfornia--lion,
eloquence and irtue for true dignity and
grandeur of souI,' could bear a comparison with
tlie first American Congress. In that council ot.
saes, the least was greaU . ,
Tims, as we are indebted, under the auspices
of the, kind providence of Cod, to science and the
light and Ui.luence of the Ciiiristian religion, for .
that high and distinguished rank we now"." tu.hl
..... . i . . . r . i . - . I. .;. .. .11 iK... J.
among me nauons 01 me eurui u win u m iw.-

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