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    tcj-y a torupicucrj". place in the cnrul of Knfj
JjikI; but it will owe ill prominence to its Mack
rc. nd tkfbrrmtyv And the pJjjn of Mttorjr
Vvhich clctuil M acts 4d conduct " till do lt
rmljr for the purpose of ihowinj; how every way
unworthy they were not only of a ling but of a
rational and moral Uinjj i They detail hi
" acts and conduct JH but imonp; them all will not
- be found one Indicative of tiny of' those quulitici
tf Inind of LcXrTwMch hand the"hanic oPan in
tlmdual down to posterity honored ind revered.
' "The Jlithof Cketter condemned tlie language
which L had Lrd used, with regard to his msjesty, in
the course of these proceeding. One noble lord ((m.
venorhad-saJtlf thai, had Iwiten ArchbUltop, I would
hare thrown tli pram-book in the king face i and a
counsel si their lordhip's bar, had presumed -to liken
the sovereign who now presided over this prat nation,
to the most abominable and atrocious tyrant of ancient
L. ' . . . 1 1 U k If- 111. I ll . -I...
futiirt timet, Jul 9 et of vr Httory which detailed the actt
and conduct of George IV, would bear a comparison with
thote of the brightest period of the rtifnt lU most emi
nent tovcrtigiu which had preceded him" .
If the following portrait of one of the heredi
tary Peers of England, a member of that august
jmembly, composed, if we may believe the Lon
don Courier, of more collective wisdom and dig
nity than can be found in any other body of men
01 me lite una on me uce 01 me giooe, io not
make our readers nauseate, do not make them
turn with pride and pleasure to our own Senate,
composed of men whose titles to that distinction
are not the adventitious circumstances of birth,
but talents and merit, if it do not have this ef
fect, vre shall be greatly mistaken. Here it is !
Extract of a letter from an American lady in Itndon It
her friend in Xev-Yorl; dated Oct. 1820.
M I was in Hyde-Park on .Sunday. It was crowded
w ith fashion, fard Petcrshaw ia the blood of the tla.
lie is the most complete show I ever saw. He wears
large mustachios, a beard or tuft upon his chin, very
biro collar to his shirt, a block cravat tied in a large bow
where the ruffle should be, a white drejts resembling a
carter's frock, and over that a block jemmy coat almost
otf his shoulders, w ith his coat sleeves turned half way
tip his arms his wristbands covering bis bands. He wears
a very small hat, with a very low crown, and a small rim,
just to cover the top of his head, and a boqnet before him
completes this object! lie has a little footman, in white
Tivery, by his aide. He bawl out " Row are you," so loud
4?hat you can hear him almost over the Park. His face is
aiwllow as a pumpkin, lie attracts general attention 1
and whenever he stops, he U surrounded."
On the morning of January 2d, the Mercury
h stood fix degrees below zero, in Concord, Ca-
4- -
. liar mi tvuintv. ... ... . . .
i ....
Adjourned on Wednesday, the 20th ultimo ;
previous to which the committee on Banks re
ported and recommended resolutions, of which
the following are the substance :
The 6rst : That the exhibit made by the Stale
Bank, of their affairs and standing, was satisfac
tory, and that no fact came to their knowledge
that ought to impair confidence in the solvency
of that institution, or the management of its pres
ident and directors.
-- The second 1 Directing an annual exhibit from
the president of the state banks located in Savan
nah, Augusta, and Darien, of the standing and
management of each of those institutions, and
their branches, for the twelve months previous
to the first Monday in Oct. in each year, show
ing particularly the amount of "specie in their
vaults, the amount of debts due them, the amount
of t heir issues, the amount of their bills in circu
lation, Jbe amount of deposits, and the largest
amount due and owing by each of said banks.
Tho law giving twenty-five per cent, damages
where the bunks should refuse specie, as it re
gards the United States Bank, has been repealed
during-the) session f)vhich.js almost all that
oukl be done without declaring open hostilities
to the laws of the, general government.
..',. :-.l;:'-' Savannah Georgian.
-The Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
it in -existence, and its President and .Directors
have been chosen by theLegislature. John J.
was chosen President of the Bank. The capital
of the Bank is two millions, with the capacity of
being enlarged to three millions. A branch is
established in each District of the State. No
loan can be made to any individual to an amount
greater than two thousand dollars. Notwith-
Mantling me parner againsi speculation wmc is
interposed by this limitation, we yet apprehend
Uiat he establishment of this Bank will be .to
Kentucky the future source of deep but vain re-
... tret. ' ... . .r' .Mt..lnieL,..
Kentucky, as passed by the Senate, gives the In
stitution the privilege of issuing notes for lett
than one dollar . J here is a branch to be estab
lished in each of the 12 judicial districts.
-J&frAiWLXf:T.6 Po'sTJLlSTERSr :
The Postmaster General issued, some two or
t - - -v - w .
inree years ago, 10 au ueputy fostmasjers, a
standing order, to give notice to the Printer there
of of any newspaper which should remain' in their
offices, respectively , uncalled for, or not taken up,
by the person to whom It should be addressed,
and to state whether the person refused Uo re
'f.cive the paper, or was dead, had removed, and,
icnerJly otkcrvcd by t!ic grntlcmcn tT uhomii
was given, but, hating reason to believe that it
was in some liiManccs neglected, we promised,
in the course of the last summer, if any cte ol
such neglect should come to our knowledge, to
lay it before the Postmaster General, in orderf
that the delinquent might be dealt with accord!
ingly. Such an instance of neglect having oc
curred tt a distant post office not long since, and
the fact being established to the satisfaction of the
Postmaster General, we have the pleasure to
state, thatT)e immediately dlmltted the tJTtndtr
ffcM bffleer We deem It proper to mention the
fact, for the information of publishers as well as
postmasters, and as an assurance that Informa
tion of similar miscondiict,from any quarter,
will be promptly attended to by the Postmaster
ueneraTwvwrrrr. -
cuk old nitVDi rui ska smriHf.
Having within these few days, happily dispos
ed of:ihrKrcar3Tate:trwl in: England, we .had
just put on our considering cap, in order to study
out something novel and stiiking wherewith to
astonish the public ; when our eyes were greet
ed with the following account, extracted from a
Boston paper, of the return upon the Ncw-Kng-land
coast of that strange monster, the great a
riuatic Serpent. Hail sovereign of the vasty
deep ! Thou object of wonder, admiration and
terror to the hardy sons of ocean ! Pel. Intel.
u Extract from the log book of the schr. Gen.
Jackson, Capt. Thompson, arrived at Boston from
the Grand (ianksat Marblehea'.' i Dec 10, 1820,
lat. 5 1 20, long. 54 30, saw the Sea Serpent. A
bout 11 P. M. it being calm, the watch on deck
saw something in the water, making for the ves
sel, supposed to be porpoises one of the people
went on the bows with the harpoon to receive
them. When within about 15 feet from the ves
sel, found it to be a Snake called the Skipper
up by this time he had come so as to touch the
vessel forward and lay himself along side, mov
ing slowly,' his head past the stern and his tail
under the bowspriu .-.Supposed him to be About
twenty feet longer than the vessel, which is eighty
tons burthen. A light breeze coming up, left
him astern -his head about three or four feet out
of the water. One of the people says, " he ap
peared as I have seen him described in the pa
pers Marblchead, Dec. 28th, ;820."
The F.xfiort of the United States, for the year
ending the 30th September last, amount to $69,
691,669, of which 51,683,646 are of domestic,
and g 18,008,029 of foreign products.
Cumberland .Hood.- The Commissioner ap
pointed by the government of the United States,
Thomas M'Giffin, Esq. has been enguged for a
week or two past in examining the United States
Turnpike, made, under contract with the nov-
eminent, bv James Kinkead k Co. Ietwccn this
place and Washington, who has apprdved of it,
and ordered the aame to be o-iven uo bv the con-1
o r
tractors for public use. The National Turnpike
is now completed and in the use of the public,
from Cumberland, in the state of Maryland, to
heeling, in the state of Virginia, distance of
about 1 30 miles- Pennsylvania fiujicr.
In the neighboring fxirtt of South:imrrit u, i an Armistice
for nix montht, between Holh ur arid toritlo.
We do not know that, since the Tivaty of I'cace be
tween the t'nited States and Great Bri'ain, wc have had
as much satinfactioii in announcing any News from abroad,
as that contained in the following' article. Ix:t us hope
that it is the prelude to a permanent pacification.
Enough of blood has flowed; enough of havoc has been
made ; the humanities of life have been already too far
violated in this conflict.. Humanity demanded a cessa
tion of it, and Providence has ordained it. We trust the
negotiations, w hich will follow this suspension of hostili
ties, will, give liberation and repose to the people of
Venezuela and their confederates. Jat. InUl.
MtW-TOrtR, JA. 5.
Capt. Cravcroft, of the schooner Tom, who left Ia
guira Dec. 2lst; informs, that on the 16th there was a
general rejoicing at that place and Caraccas, on account
of an urmiUce Laving been concluded fur six month, be
tween Generals Bolivar and Morillo."' Two officers from
Bolivar's army passed through 'Caraccas and Laguira on
the 18th, on their w ay to .Margarita Island and Barcelona,
to give information of the armistice.. Gen. Mojillo liaxl
resigned the command of the Spanish army, and w as sue
ceeded -by Gen. 1-a Torras. T he fonner had arrived at
I'orto Cavello, and w as fitting out the schooner' Morillo
to cany hun home to Spain; and a great number of
officers had that plact tQ take. leave of Jjun.
On the 20th December, a Spanish squadron of 3 frigates,
1 brig of 22 gur.-s, 1 ketch of 16 guns, 3 large transports;
and 1 schooner, arrived at Laguira from Cadiz, with
.15,000 stand of arms, and clothing and provisions for the
army. Business was entirely suspended at Laguira.
cr times. The icveral eUtdlitcs nre put on
moveable sockets to be tct by the hand un
derneath these, and covering the wheel-work,
is a dial 14 inches in diameter, with two cir
cles graduated into months and days, and signs
and degrees, to point out the exact situation
of the several planets as they pass over it So
far the machine represents the revolutions of
the primary planets, and constitutes what is
called a Planetarium, There is another por
tion w);uh can lc put on at pleasure represent
ing the various motions of the earth and moon.
This portion answers the purposes of the in
struments, called the Tellurium and Ijtrtarittin.
'Hie globe representing the earth is about an
inch and a half in diameter, and has a general
" map orthTworlcfacltne
revolves round the common centre, or gilt ball,
representing the sun, performs the diurnal ro
ution on .its nxis. which at the same time is
properly Inclincdr and prcsefvts Us 'parallel
ism. "The moon performs her periodical rev
olutions, and has its orbit properly incline 4 Jo
that of the earth. These several movements
are very nearly in their proper times. With
this instrument the various phenomena of the
heavens, such as day and night, different sea
sons, changes of the moon, eclipses, Stc are
at once imitated and explained.' They are
very beautifully exhibited in a darkened room,
a small lamp being substituted for the gilt ball
or sun. -
Although this machine does not represent
the elliptical and unequal movements of the
planets, et it answers rvery purpose of com
mtfmcating general ideasof Astronomy, which
is, in fact, all that can be done by any machine.
The purpose of accurate calculation in Astron
omy can never be obtained by machinery ; but
must be sought in the use of calculated ta
bles. " The workmanship of this instrument will
bear comparison with any English Orrery of
the kind, and reflects great credit on the in
genuity and skill of Mr. W. The price be
ing only from 40 to 50 or 60 dollars, accord
ing to the movements and stile of execution,
puts the instrument within the reach of ordi
nary schools and academies.
We understand that Mr. Willard is about
constructing for Dr. Locke a Cometarium,
which will show the elliptic, eccentric, and
unequal motions of the planets and comets.
This, tngcthei with the portable Orrery just
described, will constitute a very complete
pparatus for illustrating astronomical movc-
ll sn: Wn.Ni ta-v 1 tin nivl.r'ii J rnntll i Ammnn
An Orrery, calculated by Dr. Locke, has
lately been made by Mr. Aaron vviixard,
of this town, which w6 take the .liberty of no-ticing-especially.
on. account of the impricity
of its movements, the neatness of its work
manship, and the moderate price at which it
may be afforded. This is the third instru
ment of the kind made by Mr. Willard,' and
has been made more complete by having the
diurnal rotation of the earth added to its move
ments. The machinery is made of brass and
steel wheel w ork. ,This instrument is of the
portable kind, the most extreme revolution
being in a circle of about two feet diameter.
The six platiets, Mercury, Venus, the Earth,
Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, represented by
ivory balls; are made to resolve horizontally
At Concord, Cabarrua county, on Thursday, the UUi
instant, by Tobias Brown, Esq. Dr, Tilman Davit, to
Mrs. Martha Carton, all of that town.
At Washington City, on the 5th instant, the Hon. Jon
a Member of the House of Representatives from
hc State of New-Jersey, aged about 57 years.
On the 3th instant, at his seat near Petersburg, Va.
Heist HtxALL, Esq. of the old established Arm of Wil
liam and Henry lla.all, of that town.
In Springfield, N. J. on the 24th ultimo, Mr. Walter
Smith, aged 97; leaving behind him a numerous train of
descendants to mourn bis loss, of winch there arc uow liv
ing 8 children, 39 grand-children, "J. great -grand -children,
5 great-great-grand-childrcn total one hundred
and forty of blood descendants; besides forty sons and
daughters in law who have married into his family, and,
what is more remarkable, within four years they have
all, with the exception of two, lived within the souud of
the church bell of the parish, lie could say, within
three years past, what few could say, that he sat down at
table with five generations around liini, including himself.
17OK SALE, the premises situated on
King-and-M4rket and Vork and M:
TW loai;iUv-UtMse mu Hotel
the corner of
- imi n -mi fit jiirttKCi nun 7
Camden, S. Carolina, recently occupied by W. Vaughan,
Esq. They are close; tl the rubhe tlmrcs, and would
be well suited for either a 1'rlvate Hotel, or a Hoarding
House. A frame is now ready to be erected, so' as to
ttflord every potible facility -to a purchascr-uho has ei
ther of those objects in view. The whole 'property,
showing three fronts, with every necessary out-building,
and among them an excellent brick Store-house, Smoke
house, &c. would be sold on favorable terms. Apply on
the premises.
Camden, S. C. Dec. 1 1, 1820. 6v33
N. B. Good paper would be taken in payment.,
' 'also, ' ""' -:-A
tract of 250 acres of LAND, within three miles- of
Camden, w ell calculated for any one becoming the pur
chaser of the ubove property.' Apply as above.
Thomas Ytiste
RESPECTFULLY informs the public, 'that. he has re
cently returned from Piiiladtlphia, ahd established
himself in business in this place, in the east corner of Mr.
Cowan's store. IJLe has brought on w ith him the newst
fashions, and made arrangements to receive them regu
larly "hereafter from Charles C. and J. Wutson, Philadel
phia, no that, he will be enabled -to do his work in the
most approved and fashionable style. He solicits a share
of public patronage ; and hopes, by asiiduity and atten
tion to his bqsiiiess, to please all w ho may favor him with
their custom. , .
Salisbury, Jan. 22, 1821. ' ' ,33
VntUvviUo Ltlf tft IjvirvcnU
roRHLtrin tuit raov thi rt trrttiLif (iurrt
.rule J.
Hacou , .
Bi tf, men
Itrcfwax tr
Hrandy, Cog;. -
u, ' Peach , ,
.". ." 'Apple" w
nutter' v.,-:.
CoTee , ', - '
(V it ton, I'pUnd t
Flour, jperfiiie lu
fine . .
rhx.sccd -'ir, ,. - ,,,,
Gilt, Holland
Northern ,
Hog's lard . . -Iron,
Swedish '
Kniflisli n . ... .
Leaii .
Molasses . -
Oats ....
Pork ; . -Potatoes,
Rum, Jamaica, 4th proof
V. Island, 4th do. -do.
3d do.
Iticc ....
Suit, Turks-Island
Ijverpool ground
Steel, German
Sugar, Muscovado
Ijnw . . - - i
fca. Young Hyson
fly son
Tobacco, leaf - -
Tallow ....
Whiskey ...
p. v.
100 lb.
100 lb.
100 lb.
100 lb.
- .1
2 J
2 2J
i 3J
4 J
3 C2J
3 25
- H
5 75
... 9
3 30
I 25
1 lij
1 2i
1 73
1 50
4 30
3 50
1 IS
6 ...
4 ... ...
1 3J
1 23
1 40
t 73
To Utnt.
THE subuchber wishes to rem. i.s farm, together with
a dwelling-house and out-houses, on the Yadkin Ri
ver, immediately at the Toll Bridge, six miles from Salis
bury, on the great road leading from Charleston and Au
gusta to Richmond, Baltimore, Lc.
He will let the houses with or w ithout the farm, am!,
if desired, will hire as many servants as the premise
will require.
. Nrar the bouse is a spring of excellent water, wliicb,
with its elevated situation, renders it one of the most
healthy seats in the county. The sir.e and plan of the
house and its local situation, art eminently calculated to
please travellers, and, if well kept, cannot fail to produce
a handsome income to its occupant.
As it is the object of the proprietor to hare a genteel
house of entertainment kept, none we4 apply who can
not give a satisfactory assurance of their qualifications.
Terms may be know n by applying to Allcinong h Locke,
or to my Klf, in this town.
&iLVrf, January 15, 1821. 33 6
(tj The Editors of the Raleirh Star and Richmond
Enom'rrr, rt rrouesteil to rive the above tie insertions
in their respective papers, tad forward thir accounts to
this office lor payment.
Ulock &; WatcAv Making, &c.
THE public arc respectfully informed, that . Elliott
and E. D. Bcanuw, Clock aitd Watch Makers, from
New-York, have commenced the above business, in its
various branches, a few dMrs from the Court-House,
Main-street, Salisbury i where all orders in the line of
their business will be thankfully received, and with plea
sure attended to, without delay. The subscribers nave
for sale an assortment of
Watches, Jewelry i and Silver-Ware ;
Consisting of patent-lever ami plain Watches, warranted
first quality; gold and gilt Watch Chains, Seals and Keys
Finger Rings Ear Rings, and Breast Pius, of various pot-
cms j silver Spoons, Humbles, Sleeve Buttons, Steel
Watch Chains, &c. !c.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Timepieces, of everv de
scription, carefully repaired, and warranted to keep time.
3U K K H.
WtlkUiaon & Uorak,
Hrrrtff oMionite the State. Bank, Main-Street, Siditbnri.,
.'. leave to inform their customers, and the public
in general, that they have just received from New -
York a supply of --
consisting of first rate warranted English Watches; gold.
jfihy -ami stceLWatcli-ChaijiSi Seals, Kejs, &c. ; Stars
and Fugles for Oflicers' coats and hats; ladies'" hair
RractlctSv goUl mounted ; ,w hitc. and yellow Spangles ;
fancy and mourning Rings, of different patterns; Amu-
lets; Coral ; uarncU, and glass Beads tAt Rings; Sil
ver Thimbles, kc. Ilc. A supply of Silver Spoons, Soup
Ladles, nnd Sugar Tongs, constantly kept on hand, and
Uo manufactured to any pattern, at short notice.
Gg lor Bale.
1011 3AE, a new Stick GIGy with a sun
w lllie sold low. Apply t the Pr' r
ton ; r. hiclf
of every description, carcfulty repaired, at short notice.
and warranted to keep time..
The subscribers feci grateful to the public for fivors
already receive I ; and hope, by careful attention, to merit
the continuance ot public patrtmage.
.'--n--.iiUGH HOUA11. -'.. .-. -.'..
SuHslmrv, Dr. 12. 17
N. B. ..Human ILur, suitable for making watch chair ." ,
bracelets, Sic. wr.iited, for which a liberal price, in casu,
will be paitL; on its delivery at our ; shop".' V. &"IL
XuAknv Xayigation iiomvftuy.
NOTICE is hereby g-iven, that the fifth and sixth in
stalments of !' dollar on each share subscribed to
capital stock of the Yadkin Navigation Company, ar
nircd, by an 'otxler of the President and. Directors o!
the smd company, to c paia ine nnn on or oeiore m
20th day of .fanuary next, and the sixth on or before the.
IJth ky of Tebniarv next., - , ..........
' FREDERICK HANDLE, Tmfi;. r,: ,
00r. .VwK 1820. 6w3l
tvxte liftnk oi! XoTtl-t3aroti
T1ES.0LVED, at the debtors to this Hank and ii
W Branches, be required to pav instalments of one:
tenth of thgir respective debts oni renewal, after the 2tJt1c
instant. -.Pri'-rWr
urwr ot me jiomv. ,
VT H HAYW(niit,rj,-M'
centre, nearly jn their rrort-1 jr., ij. ifl2 i,ar

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