VTaN TTTts W7 m k .km , i v it ... i r i rcnusiiEn nv i onii u mxcif.ui. BAIAB1111XV TUESDAY,' Pl! Wi ,1821. ; ;Vo; I... ....No. S5. Tho Wmtiot Ctiouiiti U pubr'shed every Tut-, day, at THHKE DOLLAKi ptrannuni, payable icuJ. ' "ftritiuaW in advance. CC'No pim t will be discontinued tinhf Bll'arrvarnrok ave jnstTrcnrrd from New !. W.II W k f,.r tl.o .Jym,nt u, rM;tfin, urfirrt warr,i,lc,l Kudu. H.tihc, M Tilnr-papers, fthall receive a tcnthfr-M.',!. Atvr.iiTirMEiT uill be inserted on the rttstomary .Ii r ins... !L J'uwa..euJirjr,luAUvi:Jliacic!)1. must VjMrt ifv ttic number of ifiiei they wish them inserted, or they w ill bo cotaliiUt-J tliroracrcJ out, and charged ac cordingly. , (. No mlvi rt'ncmr m inn'Ttettfuiitir it ha b ' n f hUI for, or it pa incut iiinncJ by tome jKnwn ItrThis town, or i's uuiiy , Cj All letters to the editors tust be fmtt-pulit, or they ill not be attended to, , --J . . To Uttnt. f 11111. subscriber wishes to rttit his firm, togitVr w'th A a dw-i llin.liot.v; ami ont-housef., on tlir Vw!kii lCi m r, innnediatily at tin Toll nridge, nix miles from Halis. bury, on the great r.wtd leading from Charleston and Au g u to Richmond, Baltimore, fcc. H i'l let the houses with or without the firji, and, if 1 -1 s , w ill hire at many icrvanu m the ivuiMr Ncv. house ix a Rprinff of excellent water, whirb, v illi id tlcruti d xitualion, render it oo of the mom h::t!tliv tcatu in tin r(nnitv. The ie and plan of the Iio.mc and it lul ititimtion, arc eminently CHlcuUtcd to pli-.ic tnvdlem, and, if well kept, cannot fail to produce a liiiiulxoc income to it oecupant. '- A it m the object of the proprietor to have a genteel hotssj' of mtcrtainnient kept, none needapplv who can tiot jfi-c a nHtisJactory auranct: of tlicir qtulhication.H. Tenns tiuy be known by applying to Allemony & IKke, or to ni)Kv'll( in thU town. Jf)MX ItKAKH, jr. SaUl;irvt January 15, 1 831. 32 6 Tj- Tin Kditor of tie llaleih Sv- and ftiiLnotitl F.nuuSirrt are refpu'tied to five the above V u rtior.i in their reapcttivc jwpeis and Arward Uieir arconnti to this odire for payiiieni. "lrnr.HF.AS l)c honorable the Uenend Avmb!v, nt f t their last ae'dtion, pacd an act to establish a Col lee in the Western part of the Mate the Trustees of tbn intended Institution of !.caniinj are herebv ;vi.u s ted to meet in Linco!nton, on the lt Wednesday of Fob " ntarr next, to fit on those niesxu-us w Licit r.a ;jp .tr crdculatcd to promote the design, and to diocbarc, as fur as nonsible, that very important trust which their follow. citizen have reposed in tliem t And u all is et tu be (uyieAJ)4,.auiA deprvu on the nrxt step that may be taken t as all are equally interested in whatever may tend to the good of the present ami future fenerations ; ttfif), from each county in the supposed district, hea'uU-s - the TritsleeB, arc invited also to altemt, to give us their countenance and their aid, in sujrestin tlto..- nuani 'which they mny docm most conducive to the prosperity of the Institution. Should it unfortunately happen that a failure in the attciuLnee of the Trustee be experi enced at. their first meeting; it may blig-ht it in the bin!, cool the fervor of its friends, and ftivc oeewsl.iu t tinise (if such there he) who arc somewhat inimVjl, t say, in derision, "Thev ben to build, but were not able to fcnish.H. jamf.s r;u r., Chah uuu: if the Cuint 11 1.1,1 1 ,' 1a,h ui.t! . Jamubt S, 1321. T IE connexion formerly existing1 between the Triii- i, icea w ouuesvuie Acaucmy ana uie .suos.ti: ! ru Teacher beinjf dissolved, parents and g-.iardianr" are hereby informed, that the 'different bratHi' s heretofr tanpht in tliis Academy, he will still continue to teach in a wiibblo house prepareil for this purpos. . The satis faction w)ijeh tlie discharge of his oflicc hus given dur ing the term of five years, and the respeeuiile. standing Of his students in the different higher seminaries w$:t h they have entered, afford a wcll'croundcd hope tbal the h usoaj hberal wipiMt-jmdejiCdraement will be contin ued, rarents and j'uw'Uians ajresrassuml,- Uiatcv. erv nccessarv attentioh'will be n:ud to the deportment. r . ... . the pwgTessaniracxnracTw-pnpiiH. . . llie school coiiiiiienccd on the first, of the present monlhi To accommodiite the people of .South-Carolina, v hos.; patronage h:ia been liberal, there w ill be'but one 1 vacatiuu ill the year ijfre. first vacation Jo conn.encu,tUe 16th December, W21. . . . .BirJincai be Jiad, as usaal, at the house of Messrs. Work. ilcKnidit. and Hart, Sic;t JOHN MUiiHAT. N. D. From the inexperience of youth, it Often hap' pens they are too" easily led into habits of ;travagancc. In, these they too successfully inuulge, iiolwitlistuiuiiiig' Dlrttthj iff mle th Stall Dal; .WUn-iiirrtU SaShrr, ' 1 .1 . . ... 1 . 1 . ii'. m nac q inionn iiieir cuniuinrto uiii wic puuiic ripiif vi III H V flH(illIVI SJII I Mill If Ptik ll I VUlf nfrd itetl "Watch" Chains j 'Heals," Keys, &c. Star ami Ksrtcl for O.Ticx;r' coats af.il haUi lalies' hair IlraceleU, jrold inountcdj white aixl yellow Spanhai fincy and motiminjr King, of diffV-mii paticfituf. Anau lets j Coral I Ciriit ts," antf"gfasji Head Kur Wngi f il ver Thimbles, he': tic. ' A aupply of Silver poonn, Hemp ladles, and Kntfar l ongs, coimUntly kept 011 hand, and alo iiiiuiufucturt (1 to any pattern, at short notice. CLOCK'S, IFJTL'IEX, ii TIME PIECES, of every ilticriplion, carefully repaired, at t.hort notice, ami watmuMsMo-kp tUm', . The siilitcribcrt fvtl jfrattful to the public fo favom atrfaily received and liopehy careful attention, to merit the cunttiituiice ot' public patron'i'?, v r.l'HTIS WILKINSON', m en HORAIl. Sn$hnrjrt'Ikr.- C7- ,- . .- - N. II. Ilunj:iit Hair, aiiitable for making watch chain, bracelet, hv. w anted, for which a lib-ral price, in cash, w ill be paid, on its delivery at our shop. W. &, II. fBilb ptiblx arc rcspcitfully inloniHd, that 'I. Kllioit l and F.. U. Ri bxium. Clock and Walch Makers, from New-York, have commenced the above business in various branehia, a few ilooi from the Court-Hoii'ie, MJn-street, Mitlim'mn-1 wher all ord'.-rs in the line of their businesji will be thankfilly received, and with plea sure attended to, without delay. - Tlie subscribers lute for Kile an assortment of Watches, Jewelry and Silver-Ware; Consisting of patent-lever anrt w'ain Watches warranted first tpiality; jruld and fjiK Watcli Chains Seals and Keys, Kutger Kings Kar Kings, and llrcast I'iiih, f various fiat terns ; silver Spoons Tlrimblcs Sleeve Muttons Steel Watch Chains &c. ike. F.I.MO'IT !; UL'KMIAM. N. 11. Clocks Watches and Timepieces, of etery de scription, carefully repaired, tul w arrauted to kei p time. 30 K II. 5 N l T Tal) HTATKH fllJlETutririr havTiT spent nrncKttrne Tn ctoMd'amTlin a. , tx'irju.1 apii('auoii,aiMi iiieurrew nesvy cxp'ivvs to complete his NLp of the Cuited States flatters hiinwlt lliat her has hcen o far mirccssfnl in hit w ork as to make it wcU wortliV the patronage of his fellow itixeus. 'Una Map is drawn' on a largt r scale tloii any other of the tinted States heretofore published. Crcat pains have - . STATE OF KORTIIAUOLlNAi . ".'.Ct . mkOKtf. cowtt 1 rmt'llT ct rh Qoartf f Eewions Xoverobtr tiw, I J 18?Jf Jiime P. .. 'Creo n. Kidiard M'Crfei ri(r'' nal a'lacMnciiU rrlurilfd M'vtrrT vtt pemmai rooos,v v. is orlcml, that, in this casr, th rtefe ndamV Richard 1 M'Cree, who, it appears, ia-ttot an inhabitant of thia utr, apear at the next term of, the court to be held for Iho , county aforesaid, at RUtesville, on the third Monday iu IVbnlary next, and replevy the property, ind Utul t inn eausi', otnerw ie uie piamtur, win do jeniniu:u v ( XfeW Ul)t)lH. TIIF subscriber is now opening-, at his Store in Suit burii, a general and well K-lected assortment of Dry Goodny Iiurd-Wate and Mediant's Just received direct from New-York and Philadelphia and laid in at prices that will en:Me him to sell remark ably lowv. His cuHtoirietit, and the public, arc respect fully invited to call and examine for theriiselVeT All kinds of Country. Pmdtfcc received iu exchange.. D c. 12, 1820. Ia27 J. MCKPIIV. 'lie care and fcriluncc of the teacher and trustees. Th teacher, especially, sullers the blame, although errors ot t his kind are committed without his knowledge and per. .. jn.isston., Aware of this "and at theliame time lesiroiiH to attord every reasonable secunry to parents ami guar- lians Uie Following' Tides will be stnctly atteitueil tu t F.very student shall be confined to one particular store for tl;e purchase of tli6sc articles of which he. may stand in. need; h's account in said slore JoJe caref.illy exanti-neiloneeiti-every.moiiVh, r -- : 12, '.. amesj nor indoige tn tlie "use of lir&JpuitS prevent these evils, their accounts in taverns shall be ex .t nined and a report obtained froiii the owners of lwar ding; houses respecting; the conduct of thcif boarders once-iu every month... ' ';''. . These ami the other regulations of the'sthool will hq :irriedinto execution by the following' gentlemen : Col Tfichartl Allisojii, iJr: tecoh tiuy, lU-v. iJr. MclJee, Rob ert Worke, Ks p Win. MMmyiil, Esq. Gen. George J.; jlavidson; John Hug-gins, Esq,1 Capt. Alexander Dunlap, I hoirias Allison. , J. 51. Five Ilfcvnvt. 1J AX. away, on or about tlnrjth inst. a Negro' f ilrl by the name of Salle. M or 2J veai-s riM. afio'ut. S i-vt ' , 3 , ' T " . 1 11 . i I 111 . .- t ' j-fwanl will be e-ivt-n to Mtiv nci'soii who v.-UI IVivvitfc liutcvtwimwcnt. TIIF. mibscriln-r takes this methyl of informing his friends, :ml the public in general, that he has estab lished himself in the house forme rl occupied by the Hev. Peter F.aton, in the Town ol lltintsvillc, Surry county, Xorth-i'arolina ; anil has been at considerable expense in making his rooms commodious and comforta ble, for the reception of Travellers, and all who may fa vor him with their custom. His Sideboard i provided With Liquors of tlie best quality, and his Stables with every thing requisite for Horses; and hopes by particu .Jt aUeutieii, to iiu iil a share of public patronage. Ml Nil iWI) HFJORNATT. Hi:::::r!r-; Jlr. 17, 1:0. V.rtf . I'. 1 he subscriber eontmurs to earn' on the Cuh inct tminrsv, and w ill execute all orders with neatness and dispatch, for cash, creditor country product . M. 1). Cen'talmtaKrv1L1W.iar' Stid atlsfactr,rj-jnfi)rnuk Juuitjrain4vJmcwu'cio. , juation cf each Town, County, ami State j and by a new ' " ' ' TX. MMONTON, Ctntr uikI pecnliar inctltou, the comparative population of each l oun c .ii be eaMly diHtnipotlM ii on tins uwp. . Inq dj vision lines, sta-e anil main roads lakes canals kc. flc all dcliiuoted with care; and more of tlie improvements relative to (he 'Western SLtes aiele.t.ulej lit IT7 iIi'mh aiv4oWfvtiiU(4 wiv-tl4,r unql'rUghir alietttioit ha been likeviise paid to the insertion of the various Forts and place undered important durinj; the Lte evtiitful war. llv means also, of n entire map tfN'orth America, which i joined to the abovc all the great Western Ilitrn are therein traecil to their wnirces; and a correct vi"w hi jiven of the Florida reeently redid to our gt.ununcnt, and of Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, c. Lc. Hut, besides this minute and com plete survey of the United States, a general t iew is give n ofCauatla, Mexico, and the West-Indie.' All these ud vantages togeliur with the mat st)Ie in which this ma;, lus been executed, entitle it to be ror.aidcn d not onl.i a a beautiful and pioptr ornament to en. In !!'.;' Mnv l lice, cou!iting-cK)Ri, or parlour, bt alio h the im,' t er- tuni and correct index Vhicil can be oi;taoiil ol ti e present Geography of our country. For a rov,ew of this workj the inqttirrr is r feVred to the Portico, a. well known rviKwltorv of science 'and ht- libhed in thia aty. (See vol. ,h1.) M;m certirlcuieshkewisc, .f the character of this Map, might I "OR S VF, a new Stick (,Ot ith a sun top ; which ' 'I I III ...1 . .I.1.. .. win oe Mini io. ppi i') uie i'liiuc.. Jn.iunvv 11, 181. UvSi Ilic-abfi re deliver the Equiti; Full Term, VS20. Uci tVuirl-V!.Ynnw. mlkckhuhiirir County Jwbcr Senxiun, 1820 .1o.l!r inTv,.- nnguial ATtarhWtr - . C Levied on sundry articles. A nxEit M l.top. IT appearing to the Court that the defendant is not a ivsidentcr of this state.... 0"re, therefore, that pub lication be maue three months in the H niern iovohiunn. that the defendant apnear at - the- next Court to be liekl for said coimtv, at the court-house in CharlottuQii fourth Monday in Februan next, and replevy- ami -plead to is sue, or demur, otherwise judgment final will be entered agnmst htiih : 3m2SL '.' ' a wt. ISA AC ALEXANDER, C srATE OF ntoht!u:auollna, J es.se A. Pearson and ot 1 1 e rs, John pictTer and o(TieVs3.r. S "jTNlhTs case ills "lJWm7,tfi:Vt"''pt!bIioation be made for 1 six weeks snecessiviry m the'Av eeTHtaro1ininn;r William lAiiirhorn. one of the delendnnt., ta appear at tlc next Court,- and plead, answ er, or demur, otherwise, the bill will be taken pro confesso against ltim,andhcai-d X parte, - -6wj1- GEOUGK.UJUKC, C.JLE. STATfT OF XOin'lI-CAimtlA;"" " Rowan Cumtiy Cuitrl ,f Equity, Full 7cii, 183); James Hryn... f lvv:Vor, nnd auppicmcntal T C (hillliled. George llouser.3 , OilDEWKl), that publication he inade six weeks suc cesively in tiit )V"esU rn Cattdinian, for AVed l?rc 'vsitf,"Mwat"HftWHfr'ft Euegcnc ttrevatiUintliiiu and luirs at kiw of Eli Kershaw, deceas ed . uhey James Ciic.stuit, Duncan M'Crae, John Taylor, and .!,tiiies S. leas. ' exeei.to.is 'of the lat will of John Ciu -Mtnt,.dt.u:e..ial-df 4dso, Jatucs.Chesiiur; i)u'ntau M'Cxae and .Miry his w ife'.'hn Tat lor and Sarah his wifei Janu s S,. He.;.;' ani Marart If- his wife, and ll.u ritl ciicsiiut, heirs at; law i'-t" ,i!m tJliosnuU ileceusedto appear' at tlie next k ntr f thW Court, and plead, an? , er, or demur to tiic i). tile.i .n uiivfft-wwie OiU van txxan mv crature, pubhshc V.l llllktlli if IIKt H il. k X'l I IV VIINI tl '1 i9 lSlf 11 be r-iveii ; but the following concise ftconinieiidt' it is hoped, will s'lttire, without fatiguing the reader with man v useless eneoiiiiums. ' CIIAId.KS VAKI.F., Cm. f,L.. lli ltimorc, 1 it Mi A, 181'.). cEimtic.rrr.s, Ve, the subscribers, have introdiict d Mr. Varh's Map of the I nited .states into our School. I !.e ca.y and perspicuous method observed in i's const cm tion, enable the youth to understand it with little assV.aoce from their tcaebers. W e find it uvire full and comprehensive than any other map of tlie I i iu -1 Sutes. It shows dis tinctly each county and its m-h' of jiinliee, whieli has been omitted in other maps. Tin: capitals of each state, ter ritory, &.c. he. their towns with their population, of coarse what rnk they occupy m iiieir respective s'alts, are all distinctly exhibited." W e very much approve, also, of h'.s two Vertical Sec tions of this continent : the) give a collect idea of the different degrees of temperature of this globe, in pro portion ta the elevation of its surface, in the atniosphep: - knvwiadgM of uu(rlKku. to Afpseuliuro Vel PIiilostMiFiV; besides it fornishca a very appropriate iiittliwl lt- impretwiuif younjr minds with the liguie of tlie surtace ol uie Cartli. I nis is an tmprvein?nt nut to be found, except in ilr. Varle's Map. From these considerations wo think it better calcula ted to aid tlie student of Geography than any otl.tr nup extant. Siot il Kot, Prrv'tlvit f llattimvt C',He?r. W. SiseLAlM, Hcr-i'ir.ntkitt f lltiltimorr Citlrfc. S i m L. Riiows, J'rimijmf tli .IcutL-mit, CltunU-ntrrrt. SML. Jkssisi.s, J'i s'lli nl i if .hilar) 1 S' liiinnrii, U11U. Gr.o. H'.Arruicn?i, I'mfcsfir ltithr,na:iis C1" I'hiUntiphij. John CRKsnr, J'vintijml f ilw lAiucu. tt iiui( Sri'iuL, Jjuwitrtl-Ktr.rt. W. Ki.hi.kv, Tiur'.cr of ,MiJlnMimilfr ami finryntthy, Sliurfitrftl. We have attentively examined a Mapf the I i'i'ed States, rcCv utly published by Mr. Charles t ailc, ' f this c'.ty, and eonsuler i's style of cxeculmii ten neat, and appropriate in etery respeit to a map of that si- . Co.SF. JSC FlIKtMAN, A-jj Mt'Cf-.T, tUut-Kliwl. Thi Maj-'i live 'ett iu length, by three feetjten inolies in breadth. ZJ The above M:io is new fbr si!c at Mr. Willian II slaughter's in Nilisiuitv, where it may be viewed for a tew ' STATE OF N0UTIIJAJ10IJNA, lltEOKLL C0l'KTT $ U H ' RT.of Fleas and Quarter Resaioiis November. "tcnTT ' 1 HobiTt Shnonton r. John Vanilever 1 oripi on! atUfhmen', returned IaUhI 4u laixl. Jt vppcariM to the satisfaction of tlii Court, that the defendant, John andeyer, is not an inhabitant of this s'ate, it is w,L.wil, tint p'iblication ht imule in tlie Wtttcni Carolinian for thrie months that unless the defendant appear at tho ti mi of the court to be held for the county aforesaid, at JU'ctillf, 011 the third Monday in 1'ehruaiy next, and replevy the priM-rty aiid plea.l, the plaintiff will h permitted to enli r up judgment a:iiMsthint procotJ'c... dwM . SIMONTOX, Cirri'. ( b 1 ATE (F NOhVI H-CAUOLLNA, IIIKDIU.L COt'KTY : ii P I' of Pleas ami Quarter Serious Not ember tene, ' H2:): James II. Houston r. W illiam Kerr, junior ; original attachment, returned levied 0:1 land. It app' ar. m;f to the MvAvf n ot thccinir, that the ucfcmlant. M dliaci Ki rr, in r.-r, i . not an inhabitant i f tliis slate, it ri fore oideieil, that pubhcali n be made for threr 1. in th. W O'eiii Csi'olini'tn, that unless t!ieid .1 -I pear at the term of the court to be hel 1 for ( i th' n eir.'i K .1. 1 tin roioity at..r. !tai.l, at Muesvill, on the Uirm lolay in In-tart iu , and replevy the properly, and plead, 1 -r p'ltl'i'iiT' wi'l be permitted ti enter up jidjuitnt a;;aii." him, p.o coitfcsio. .. . I I?. SIMONTOX, CM. hTATL OF NORTH-CAROLINA, IHKDKLL COVKTY : KM' RT of Fleas an;l Quarter Sessions, November tt rr , . i im t . m t. v r.. 11 ;n:.. ... f : y in.u : rs 1 1 11 1 it it am w. ,u, i iiiiuin ivr rr, junior . original attachment, returned levied on two hundred and thirty -seven acres of land. It appearing to the iatisfaC tion of the court, that the defendant, W illiam Kerr, jun. lor, is not an inhabitant of this states it is therefore cr den d, that publication be made for three mouths in the Western Carolinian, that unless the dclcniunt appear a. the next ourt to be held for the county aforeaaitl, at Statestille, on the third Monday in February rext, and replety th- property, and plead, the plaintiffs v ill bo permitted to take jm! .'ieiit again.t him, pro confesso. GwJi R. SIMON I ON, CLrk. - ftTAl'II Ol" X0J1TU-CAU0LINA, CtOCRT of Pleas vid Quarter Sessions Noveuiler term, t lKit): Jame. Kerr xs- William Kerr, junior ; or'tri- ginal attachment, returned levied on tw o hundred ami thirtv-scven acres ot land. It appearing to the aattstac- tion of the court, that the defendant, William Kerr, jun- .. v. ... l-i;..- .. r .1 . -1 1 - .1 r tor, is not an iitiianuam 01 1111s state, it is uietreiore or dered, that publication be made for three months in the Western Carolinian, that unlct: the defendant appear at the next court to be held for tlie county aforesaid, a. Sla'esville, on the third Monday in February next, and replevy the propcrt, and plead, the pla'mtifT will b: pcrmitte ! to ta3;e judgmtiit against him, pro confess. w 2 L SIMON I ON, Clerk. ( SJ:k!'W, .V. C Jun. .10, 1S21. KEE'EUS. IjOR SALE, the premisei situated on the corner of I. ""King '"and Market, aiid York-and Market, sirccts, Camden, S. Carolina, recently occupied by W. Yauglian, Es " They an close- to the Pu-blk t ltlkes. aaid would be well suited for either a Private Hotel, or a Hoarding IIoiimv A fiatne is now '-ready to Ue rectetl, so as to alloid every ..possible, facility to a putcliaa c who lias ei liier of those objects in view. Tlie..wi..iL' propertj, sinniin". three fronts with every neei. ssar- iMit-btul liiig-, mid among- them an excellent brick Ston -liousc, Srt oke liouse, &c. would be soldon favorable terms. Apply on the nicMiisvs,. Cauda,, S.C. li e. 1 L IB-fiw N. JJ. Good paper would he taken iu payment. il.Stl, A tract of.2j0 acres nf LAND,- within three milea of Camden, well calculated tsr any one becoming the pur chaser ff the above property. Apply as above. IS hereby given, that 1 .guve a Note. to'Tl'onias Yfill cotks, a clock iiedleivfor the sum of twenty dolhus for a clock which the said W dlcoeks wamnted to r..e for a .jrood tinie-prcce ; and ga,ve jm obli.rition on'hiui- iicjf'f it did not 'prove good, to take it lracfc agitrn. ' the said lime waspaanie uie ijiii 11. i ei , 11 e-nn eiuciiv, if not, on or against the 2 th of Dcremln r, I do hereby forewarn all jiersons froin trading .tor said note, as 1 ai.i detey.aiiicd not to pay it JW(o.y 27, 1821. -"wll JOHN PHIFCR. I'tint.u, 2d Jsi; .t1 .1821. TIF.SOf.Vrd), That the .debtors to this Bank, and it I. Hr-.iiic.hcs be reiiinred to pa" instalments of one- ter.'h of their respe tive debts on renewal, after the -v'th iibtfint. - l'ubUilu'4 Itij ' ortlrr if tie 1 HouvJ. , ' oJtf - W. IL .HAV V00I),XV;,A V. , STATU OF NORTH-CAROLINA, 1HKDKI.L C0UK1 Y : 01 ' KT of Plcak and Qtiartcr Seaioiis November term, J 1 8J:J 1 " James Camtibcll vi. Stt pheii Pitts j oriirinal itt tcbiiK iit, returned levied on land. It apnearinj;to th .it inaction of the court that the deftnditirt, Stephen Pitts not an inhabitant of thii .ate, It ii therefore or- le red, that ptibHcatiott le mle for three months in the Western Carolinian, that unless the defendant apnear at the next court to be held tor Uie county .voresakl, at. Statestillc, on ihc third Monday of February next, an I replevy the property, arid plead, the plaintiff will bo permitted to take judgment against him, pro coiifesso. 3wJl It. SI MOM ON, Ct?rk. STATE OF NOimi-CAROLlNA, .'; ; IREDK.LL COUKTY : C1 OTTlt 'of PIcas and Quarter Sessions Xovembef term, 1 tf-2.Ui J'lS:!.Ntti W'ilfiam Kerr, junior; original attachment, returoell'le'vTcd oil tw 0 hundred and -thir)-i.cven acres of .land. It appearing1 to the satisfac tion of the court that the defcnuaiit, William. Kerr, jun.. ior, is not an inhabitant, of this state, it is therefore or-dejH-d .that publication be uiadeJW tlir.ee. Diouthi iii Die W estern Carolinian, that. unless i the defendant appear at the next court of said county, to be held kt Ktatcsvilh-, on ITM7nrimTIon(lay)tI"Vb prop'ei'i't-, 'ami plead, the plaintiif will- be permitted Ao Uike judgment against him, pro confesso. Jw.4 H. hlMONTON, CM: . : " STATE OF NORTH -CAROLINA, .1. , ihedem. coukty': CtOURT of Pleas and Quarter ScssionsNc virtuhcr tcrnt, ) 1 3 JO : Jane Cooler. Samuel Wilson; original a- nvThmcvt-rtlTinirxl; ajipearing; to the satisfaction of the court, that the de fendant, Samuel Wilson, is. not a'n'mhabitaht' of this Stat', it m therefore ordered, iitat unle-ss the defendant appear at the next tewa if thi sa id ct tft, anil repljt: yy the, p rop c rty iij.le . judgment, pro coliti s -o ; and that this brder be publislnd thrco toontlu in' tae W esteril Cart.linian. 4w34; . v R. SIMONTOX, Cttrk. VA'Aiiks, STATE 01' NORtlI.CAlfcOLrN. lUKUhlL COUNTY : C1 Ol ' RT of Fleas and Quarter SessionsNovember ten J IH2J: Jacob Kebler.rff. Robert Houston ; ordinal attachment, levied . on personal goods. It 'appearing '0 die satisfaction of this coitit, that tlie defetvlsnt in tliis : ase is not a rest'Ient'of this state, it' la therefore ordereil, tliat p4iblicatioii be made for three months jn the W cistern Carolinian, .thut' unless the defendant, 'Robert IIoii.sfon, appear at tlie next court to be held for.the covin, afore said, at?itat.csvil?, oh the third Monday of Febmnry next, and rer evv the nroulrtv. and pltait. th toiauiiiit - . l J l J 1 - - -t . - ,1 I 'iiwvawansir'

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