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    f.,l frivauufcli tatlou cliicf and u.f.rcrs, din
H and remained together ull d.iy yesterday unu
iworc ftrnul fiicwUhip ai.d phibnlhropby.
The dinner was given by the ( (Mo
Mo and wuft toiiocbl and fivclrthat wc all seem
rd like old ft icti Jh. Dvixvr tsanledncveral timet.
fit ace and the valour qf the Generul in thief and
hit urmtj. ucnerai iMoiiiio, in an inc uncerny
of Ml heart and almost with teara In his cyci,
jlftnk to concord and mutual friewUSip. All the
chiefs and clIicxrareciprocalcd toasti iiYXhe same
manner." '-.''
Holivar and Morillo mounted on the table to
toast peace and the valiant toldieri of both ar
mies, and afterwards shouted Fiyoj A mono
mcni to" ciTeTaTeHft 'Teconcifia?
uon, was d. termined on, and the Generals them
selves immediately laid the first alone."
;-:- The northeast storm of Sunday but commcn
ced til Nen-VyVk on Saturday evening alwut eight
o'clock; and,' by accounts from Philadelphia, it
Appears to have began snowing in that city, full
two hours earlier" than at NewYork.B We do
not know the precise time at which the snow bc-
jjan to fall mthii town, bur conclude it to have
licen at least 7 or 8 hours after the commence
rneiitofthe storm in Philadelphia. These facts
furnish additional evidence of the correctness of
the theory, that our most severe N. K. storms be
rinat nearly opposite points of the compass, and
make rapid piogressTn lace of the wind.
Daily Adv.
lis Baltimore at noon t in Wakhinton at 8 o'clock,
.. n. auJ in t'barlc&Um on Friday evening.
GHF.lXriF.I D, MASS. JAV. 9.
The public will probably be surprUed to learnj
. that the famous Springfield Ox, known by the
name of "Maxiraus," must give place in the
calcto another, heavier and nobler than he. Vc
!l tide to the ox raided, fatted, and now owned,
by Col. Asa Stcbbins, of Dccrficld. This ox is
but six years old, and it is said by good judges
will now weigh thirty-three hundred pound ; and
is as remarkable for symmetry of form an he is
for his surprising fatness and "weight. Maxtmus,
if we recollect right, weighed (live wrightj but
2700. The Dccrficld ox is, probably, the heav
iest ever raised, fatted, or exhibited in this coun
try, and is well worth the attention of the curious.
Col. S. is now on the way with him to Uoston,
where, we understand, he will be exhibited.
Cjrraw. -The Legislature of South-Carolina
have passed an Act incorporating this Village,
which has been heretofore known by the name of
Chatham, and given it the name of C1IEKAW.
This is the ancient Indian name of the place
,Whatmodvej,.if anyv operated to effect this
change of name, is unknown here : no British
. name could have been less exceptionable than
that' of Chatham f that name was worn, adorned,
and rendered sacred to freedom, by one of the
greatest and best of Englishmen, and cannot be
reiinouished bv those who know and feel its char
acter in the history of civil liberty, without re
gret. But the powers that be have enacted, that the
j lace shall be known as Cherdiv let us with
cheerfulness adopt the name : as Chrratv let it
rise and prosper ; there is no magic in a name ;
it is the local and geographical advantages winch
nature has given to the place, and the civic vir
tues of its inhabitants, that must render the name
" which it bears, august and respectable.
Pee Dee Gazette.
From the Southern Recorder.
In our last paper, on information derived from
a eentleman who had lately been at the Indian
Springs', we stated, there was little probability of
a treaty being conpluded with the Creek Indians.
We are glad to learn the result has been more
propitious than was anticipated. Runners hav-
mg been despatched lor tne inuians, a urge num
ber have assembled, antTtfie Chiefs of the Na
lion, we understand, have agrce(LUh-lhe Com
ihissioncrs oh "'the" bastipf la Treaty, by which
t he C re e k Nation ' cedes to, the United States,
for- the use of Georgia, a large xteni of terri
tory, supposed to contain uve millions of acres,
of which there is much valuable land.. The tract
-ijpcou ht rypl Oposed torjbav ceded, by. the- Indians
( for the sum of four hundred and fifty thousand
dollars, out of which an ample reservation is made
for the settlement of ---citizens1 claims) is comprise
cd within the following limits Beginning on the
st side of Flint river where Jackson's treaty
line crosses the same, thence up said river to As
most western source thence a line running a
: "due west -course until it &hall intersect the Cha
la'noochce therjee up said river to the fcltowa or
Jlightower trail thence with said trail to where
it crosses the Ulcofan-hat-chee -thence down
.said stream. to its junction wjth frhe Qcmulgee ri
ver thence down said liver to where Mitchell's
treaty line-intersects the same thence with said
line until it intersects Jackson's treaty line and
thence with the latter line to the beginning.
By an act of the general court of New-Hampshire,
the riame of Je rVrw -Vrii-, "a very 'prosaic
and creeping name, is metamorphosed into
:(.V6rv It'ask'nztQn Orange a lizard into a green
bay tree. This is an example of the great power
of our Legislatures, which, it is said, can do al
most 7an'y thing, except making a man a woman.
. '.,'' ' Salem. Gazelle.
, We cannot sr.v that the Pennsylvania Legislature could"
piivke "a man a. woman," but we arc wclIiiRsured, that
-S j.uv
t. i i m H tiiim .ii .
'- I 'I
HALIHIJUHY, (.V. C.) TL'KSDAY, FED. (J, '1321.
r 7E 7
Hie chiiena of flaTiibury were aroucd from, their
kluntbcrs about 13 o'clock on Wcdnrdy nigAt !a. by
the appalling cry of whkh had broke out h the new
hulMinjf occupied by Mftvi, Wllklnaim Jlowh, ailvcfc
aniitlit, which wai totally coniumcJ Tthc mewt "valiuble
part of It contents was saved. The fire had attained to
tiuit height, before the engine arrived, that it wai jmpo.
ilde to av the building by that alone j and other meant
e had none ' The 'dwelCng-liouiw of Mr. Month, situa
ted within a fc feci 1 the hop, frrouxl ik ptrwve,
ring exertions of the citlxcna, aud the timely auuUuce
of a heavy fall of rain, was preu rved. Great credit U
due to the citizena of Salitbury fjr the ahicrity with
which they repaired, at that iinv:ttoniible hour, to the
ocne of alarm ; but every person present nvui be aen.
nihle of 'the deplorable deficiency of mean which exists
among m to arrtrt the progn wof fire, uliould it happen
under ahnoit any other circuntittanci t thun the above, m
alio of the' great want of avttcni to combine the exer
tion of the citizen, and (rive them tlut force and efll
cary an immctiaely important in tucli an event. Kut
a "Citizen" below ha, called the attention of the public
to thia subject; and it it most earnestly to be hoped that
Mich measures will he taken, ami such means provided,
as w ill rnalile us, in rate of anolhi r ihx, and under more
unfavorable circumstAnces, to cope s jccessfully with tiie
destructive clement, and stop iis ravages short oi" the
entire destruction of the tou n.
cold wr.Arnnit.
A correspondent informs us tint, at Concord, (Cabar
rus county,) on the morning of the 2jUi ultimo, the mer
cur)" stood at 1 degrees below zero, in a close room,
and did not, throughout tlic day, mr more Us an 2 de
grees. Wind north. This is believed to he the coldest
day that has been experienced in this part of the coun
try for many years.
The citizens of Salisbury have so long enjoyed
fortune's lovors, as it respects fire, having never
been severely visited by that di-tiessing calami
ty, which has made such dreadful havoc and
which has been attended with such fatal conse
quences in all parts of the United States, that
they appear disposed to fold their aims in ap
parent safety, and trust to heaven for the result.
It is true we have an engine ; but not one third
of hc citizens would know where to find it. We
have no such tilings as buckets, fire-hooka, lad
ders, 8cc. whicB arc essentially necessary In
case of fire.
These reflections were suggested on witness
ing the fire which broke out on last Wednesday
night, which, at its commencement, bid fair to
have involved the greater part of Salisbury in
one wretched scene of cor.lbration ; and it is
owing entirely to the heavy fall of rain, which
enabled us more conveniently to supply the en
gine with water, that its progress was arrested.
It is time for us to arouse from our lethargy.
Experience i sometimes a sad lesion, but it is
universally acknowledged to be the best teacher ;
and I fear nothing else will awaken us to our
state of danger. We have seen some of the ci
ties of the north almost entirely consumed by
fire ; wc have seen Wilmington and Faycttcviile
fall victims to this devouring clement we hae
hud warnings time afcr time at our own doors ;
stiil we neglect to provide against such an emer
gency. It imperiously demands the attention
of the commissioners. Something should be
done. Let them levy a tax for the purpose of
procuring buckets, fire-hooks, ladders, kc. There
should be a house built in the'strcct for the,pur
pose of keeping the engine secure, and where
it may be bad conveniently, and a company
formed for keepiug it in order. Unless some-,
thing of the kind is attended to, we must ere
longexpect to sec Salisbury in flames. It is
hoped the commissioned
side ration, and that we shall be enabled, for the
future, more effectually to arrest the progress
of fire-
It is with pleasure I have seen that the citi
zens have subscribed liberally to indemnify the
late sufferers ; sympathy is ?lways commenda
ble ; but only !ci viceable when she lends a fyelp
inj hand. ........ a citizen.
Which we have with so much pleasure pre-'
6ented to our readers, was followed by a treaty
for the regulation of war, a copy of which has
levelled' this Co
Dec. 6, from which it is translated into the Na
tional Gazette. The first article is as follows :
1st. The war bctweenHipain and Columbia
" hall be prosecuted henceforward as war is car
" ried on by civilized natic""?, iriall cases in which
" the practices of the lalter do not clash with any
"l.. the articles of the present treaty, which is to
"serve, a the primary and inviolable rule for
" both governments."
The whole treaty is in the spirit of the first
article, and announces the progress. of civiliza
tion and inti 'Mcncc '
A doubt is eN pressed, bv the Natignel Gazette
i.o doubt of it. Crrtain it Is, that, if it le itatcM
it becomes by thit nrt outlawed iio lunger cm
kens of any country, but rtrutes, enrmtes to all.
Aatiunul IztclUsenctr,
The proceeding! which occupied the House of
Hepresentativrs this day were of an unusual na
ture, and the sitting was protected beyond the
uiual Itour. - It is not practicable to give, at no
late an hour, any intelligible itccouut. cfv,what
passed atnlr Iivdted, were the proceeding accu
rately reported, they were so complicated, that
few bu veteran legislator! would under it and
tlicro.-.Our readers must peed be contend for
this time with t he-following plaiu account of hc
lobjccnitbc houtr rlebif eT ancrVotUtltne, V
and Kayt being called several timei." ,
Orf )' Journal of the preceding day being
read, wlijdt ii always preliminary to proceeding
to butioeii, a mcmlcr remarked on the phrase
ology of a part of it. That part atates the pre
sentations of three memorial. -from 4ha. legUl
tureof Missouri, revpectmg public lands' and
other masters. It was rcmarhed, that it .had
been heretofore, the uniform practice, in an
nouncing a Memorial from n State Legislature,
to state it on the Journal us being from the l.e
gislature cf the Slu'te of Maryland, VlrKiMTfcT.
and, such being the caption of these Memorials
from the Legislature of Missouri, it was sugges
ted that the Journal ought to have conformed t
it ; and a motion was made to insert the words
the State of" Iniforc the word Missouri. And
out of this motion grew the Debate and subse
quent proceedings which consumed the day . .
The reader will be able to comprehend, that
this motion allow ed of allusions to the present
condition of Missouri, and for the display of the
feelings of members on that subject, which gave
to the business an interest whith does not belong
to mere questions of order.
It is necessary to stale another circumstance
which had a bearing on the whole day's business.
It appeared that the Clerk, who makes up the
Journal, had originally written in the Journal
the words now proposed to be inserted. Ily the
rules of the house it is made the duty of the
Speaker to revise and correct the Journal of each
day's proceedings, previously to its being read in
the House. In the performance cf that duty, the
Speaker had erased the words now proposed to
be inserted, with a view, as he stated from the
chair, to prevent the entry on the Journal from
being such as to be capable of being construed us
either assuming for granted, or denying, what
has been the subject of great difference of opin
ion in the House, that Missouri is now a state.
The Journal, however, as he added, was subject
to the pleasure of the House, und open to any al
teration it should think proper to nuke.
1 he question on the motion lor amending the
Journal, as above stated, was taken by Yeas and
Nays 1 and there were Yeas 76, Nays 76. The
Hou being equally divided, the Speaker voted
in the negative j and the motion to amend the
Journal was thus rejected.
Another motion was made to amend the Jour
nal, by inserting, before the word " Missouri,"
rthe words "the territory of." This motion was
negatived, by Yeas and Nays, 150 votes to 4.
Other motions succeeded, and numerous ques
tions; of order ; motions to adjourn were repeat
edly negatived ; but, at length, the contention re
specting the journal was ended by an adjourn
ment, which, it is understood, prevents a renewal
of the controversy, as the Journal can only be
amended on the duy on which it is read, unless a
proposition for its amendment shall lc actually
under consideration at the time of adjournment
on that day, which was not the case when the
House adjourned this day. it).
From official documents elicited by a call from
the House of Representatives, it appears, that
the number of' the Cadets who huve been educa
ted at the Miliary Academy, from its first estab
lishment, is 261 ; of whom there are now in the
army no fewer than 161 leaving one .hundred
for deaths and resignations. The total number
of the "Cadets now at the Academy is 233 ; ol
whom the following States allordv in ihe-order'm
which they stand, the, largest proportion's, h.
New-York . ... .......... . 31
- - -"- Pennsylvania - -,.... V) . . ;
Virginia ... 26
Massachusetts (and Maine) .... 24
Of the ot h er-fctatesr no-staic-aflordi .morcthari
twelve Cadets.
The New-York and Philadelphia papers exult
verjTmuch, that th'e coach travels between each
city (a distance near 100 miles) ir. 8 hours and
20 minutes. We will acknowledge this is. great
speed and w'prthy ".'of :mqiJ". uoretew-
stance which ur outdoes this, t our young gen
tlemen? belonging to Boston, the last week, trav
elled on skates from Woburn to Uoston, a elis
tatrcietf nme,miles'tn 27'niHutcs4.btiaft'aithe
rate of twenty mils in un h,ur ! Let any one in
the world beat this, if he can. Boat, Vent.
The Netrport-Ui-i'-) Mercury, "of December
30th, contains air account of the i rriyal at Tar
paulmXWfof the' WevmotUh, Capt. Chadwick,
from the coast of Peru, with two thousand and
I fifty barrtlH of Oil. The same vessel spoke, on
the South-American coast, in'the Pacific Ocean,
twenty-eigtit " other American Whalemen, .whose
joint collection! amoiuitcd to eighteen thousand
and twenty baTel.
gtif ".a hate dciivrd from tI."Jr political
aiioii, the exeuisc Cf The liberty of the l'ret
otaiidt re eminent, and it already working wot
dcrs, J houibtlic etcnt m to leant, Utiles a
vaibty of minor publication, and the usual Gj
actte under an Improved form, ths Portuaiez
Constitutbnal, O Pa' i lota, () Liberal, O Mac
Observator Constitutional, pi Utted In Lisbon, trn
gether lth others, from the Oporto press, hvo
already, and we Confess we Imve hoi
llccd their contents with; attonlthmcnt a;d de
light. Such' Js the prlroary advantage that'JiM
followed the u strong ail hcaltljul coinmutU.n"
on which the Tr(ugue$c. resolved in order in
raurinemseirer from airraaaTwn tDcTxooift
no longer CJiuuir, una jruioe cucrar rxioni
io the whole of their national coiicerni.-iVf. .
ORtcix.iL .Jvvi x.mrr, gemus
The r'uir.rns of the District, ajid strangers, ire
resjeciiuuy inueutoexanune,ai wr.crawwru
Assembly Iloom, (where they will remain for
day or two,) the p.iintingsof a youth of George
town. Original recently from Home will he
exhibited also. No charge U required for admin
silMlr '
The youth who has dared to attempt an Imi
tation of these paintings, the works of masters
of the art, ii in his 13th year, in self-taught, and
commenced his career of genius in May last; and
yet, nurprizing as it, may seem, he has measured
excellence wi'h hi great oiimals !
The fame of West ia held a the common prop
erty of his country ; and Americans may well be
proud of hit genius. Hut it is questionable wheth
er the more ripened genius of thi wonderful
nun was more rerfect than arc the first designs
of this little son of Columbia. Is this child not
the property of the nation i la h less ho, in the.
art of painting, than our great captains in the art
of war i If not, then let him be fostered inert
the fame which he appears destined to acquire,
may with propriety be sharcd-if leant bifkl
roMi. Auf. Inttl.
mom mi 4i.timobi mumiiii caaoNiriR.
The tax on Old Bachelors, that has been pro
posed ou the fiKr of our legislature, has excited
more alarm tlun we can readily account for. What
measitirn it would be the most advisable to irdpt
as a substitute, we arc not at present fully prepar
ed to say. Those parties inclinable to matrimo
ny, are compelled to take out a license for that
purpose. We would barely suggest, whether it
might not be proper for those disposed to live a
life oi celibacy, to take out a license for that pm
pose likewise. Another plan may be proposed,
and pcrhapi not aitrndcd with so many embar
rassments, and that is, to set up our old Hachc
lors at public auction, none to be allowed to bid
who do not belong to the respectable order of
Old Miid The auctioneer would then proceed
in this manner, Mr.--is now exposed Tor'aale ;
who bids ? -once -twice thrice just a going
gone. As our legislature propose to make their
fellow rljizcns marry by compulsion, pcrha s lhi3
will be the most eligible mode.
() During the bustle and confusion attendant pn the
btc fire, a small SILK UMBWUJ.A vasminlai.l, or ta
ken by some one through mi .take. Whoever may have
it, and will return it to Mr. lirrah, or leave it at this of
fice, will confer a favor on the owner.
$Vx..UeiYla IWwiATtA.
DRSERTKD my service on the 3lht Dec. 1320, an
apprentice, by name THOMAS HAKVIIJ about
1 J years of ugv, 5 feet 3 inch hijfh, has stoppage in
his speech, and is very fond of spirits. Ho took with
h'ua a good many clothes, of different kinds. I hereby
forcMr. all persons from harborinjy said bov, or credi
ting him on my account, us I atn det-r:Qin-f not to pay
any percon that may credit him. The above revrard will
be' given, and no thanks, for de liverinjr said boy to me.
,103. W. MCUbOCH.
RESPf.CTFUUV informs the public, that.he has rc-
cirntlr -returned from " Wiita4erpru"ahd tsTabirshcd
Jiiins-lf in btisincus in this plaei-, in the east corner of Mr,
Cowan s iitore. lie hfu brong'ht on with him the newest
tashion.v:aiid tnatarrangeniejita to receive them regu.
krlv hensafter from.Cbarlea.r4.Hi(d J. Watson. 1'biliSdcl-
phia, so that -he will he enabled to do his work in tho
most approved and fashionanjc style, . He . solicits a share
of public patronage ; end hopes, by assujuity and atten-
TioirTfTli1)ii)stnK!naT'fray(rnll whff rear favor htm wit
thur cn-siom. . . ,
Suiiht.,,t Jon. 22, V2. Z1
"VTOTICK . Will be sold, at the court-hoiisf in Salls-
bury, on the last Thursday of March next, a tract
6.; LAND of 444 acres, lying on the Yadkin, und k"hown
by the name of John S. IoueV Ferry. Also, Via likely
NiXiUOriS,- the Trootrty if Jolm Ixmt to- Satisfy
sundry executions m favor of-Alexander Longr senior,
Michuel brown, and others, vh. John. Ixng.
Jewry Q$, m.
1 SO. HKAU I. Sen -Slttriff.
XMUiuNuvvalVtm Company,
r0TJCE U hereby piven, llsat the fifth and sixth in
J3l stalinents of ten liuHcrs on e:ich share subscribed to
the, capital stock of the Yadkin .Kavi&aAion Cotnnany, arc
rtquii-etl, by order of ihe Presklent and Directors oC
tit sakl company, to be pmiJU the fifth on or bctcrc tho
2oth day of Jamiary nxt, and Uiesixth on or before tin:
15th day of February next.
- tucrvDutoir nivni r t
r iIji-juiii.oi. n,-uiULi l rnrrir-r- .
20.'A Xoivmber, 1320.---6w3l .
. ' . .. -I, - -
The Celebrate.?
i Will stand the en3uine Sprinjr 8easof;
at ni stable in Salisbury. The terms will be made know ,
iiwluetime. ' WCHAXL rU0W .
I Kl a n w
lit WS.A

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