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, . V I i : -
SATul 'My JC. 0. ,'EUE8.Y1 'MAX' 16, ABfci.
NO. 40.
f lli ."
vs. '
f . 4
.... ........
"mIITI AM Vrl8An, mT TOliB!;
- The lufiicnpiloft price, of IU W4t Cauuk is
Mfun per annum, paytJlcTlf-ycarly In advance.
C3No paper will be diconUnOd until all arrearages
74. nilL unlTTt tKe f the ifdiiora.
TivhoveTi?ri bwwna rcwlle for the payment of
nine paper, sliull receive ft tenw :gratit.
ATTitMwrr will be; inserted on the customary
Venon wndimr ia Advertisement, must
pecify the numlxr of time tbey wUU them inserted, or
they will be continued tdl ordered out, sou nurgeu
..l-rrtoiMiri.lnMrtfl until it ha been paid for,
or it na roen wsuneVl bysome person in this town, or
iUvianityS. Vv' r. M
. .. . TV"! .? 11?. . (-, .. nr thev
Gj All itijcni lauic cuiwiti ui,uv i jr-,r -
will not be fttftridedto.
.,, t.
J). l U rit, vntv fC.11 WftMiVnd virror. will
...... I,. .n.;MlMfflllt mttiMc. in Salisbury, at the
modern price yf twelve dollar the season seven dol
l.,n the .ingle leap, U ntydllar, for insurance i
" w HT iTill te (!cjudcd ar, aoonr uHliemaro 4i ' wco
rrtd to be with foa'or tli property traiuferrtd. The
."i.i w Ul commtnee the, first day of March, and end
tl'C nis: ci a -gum. . - , , , .
Filtv ctnfj to thcrroom, in every instance.
9. 182i33tiOJt,
L'LSCKlP'i'iOV-Napoleon U a beautiful, aom l, tco
o'J tMa liprii,,', sixteen IkuhU ud one inch hijrli,
r , - .-xct 'lent ivniuictr)', and po(rVcc ai much pou tr
i rivity a am horse on the couuneni; nu ra.c
":.. ,-nd unrivaWd.
r.DK.Rr.E Sky Scraper, tlic kiro of N'inoleoti, was ,
j jv fol, fli'lnvs'.i famous imported hone I)are Devil,
vra.s rt d ly the Duke of Grafton, and pot by Muff
lie. "t r IU! c ( Hebe u got by chr. ohte, out ol
t wi H;tc- o E bpo. Fitv-wap r's clm was the cele- j
b-ut. u r'in.i-.jf uirc Orncle, w ho got by Obscurity ;
i.i'thui) ! Cclar ; hs gran Jam by the imported horse j
' . )scnr;tv , Cclar and Partner, were all Hue bred horses,
ac;. inJi .i'from Um best blood ih Engliind. Sbo'tand
r ,. , f-i? dam of Napoleon, was jrot by the- imported
h. hnro-ict her dstn, cullfd Camilla, wt ffot
Dluts t Jiw dam, who uaa sis'ej Brillmnt and IJurrcl
? ,i .ILr, was Jot hy OH TrawUcn her
' uToujf'it, out Of Col. HirdN ou-Ijf
.i .';,r-r.rt nt rnmilla. w as snvenDV
III' BUUIt WfcUit,i--v r - o: .
... , I I . l.nml Tiki fid.
Gcu.-Wuik Hampton. " Carolina, . f
l,r 'ttif'- - JNOrXti-STOS.
l'FUFOKM VNCE. I do hereby rtrrtifrithat Napoleon
has run ftnr -aces, Ml of which lie ha VJCSi
eia the ht.ver the Salisbury turf, beaUng Branch s Sir
L .'l s'-nirlotoM's buy horse, and Jones' colt ; branch's
a s iii-Meton' uorsc he distanced. He ha never been
b- t "Lrt'i 1'ie tarf since ; and 1 do recommend turn a a
5 , ' ll pctter. JOHN THOMPSON.
"S 17ROX1 my stable in atanu county, on
tKakhof rebmarv last, a
'V dark chtsnut sorrel MAKE, having :i white
, A hind foot, and a blaze in h-r forehead ; she
Cahuut fiHccn hands higii, six or sereri years old, anl
.f iie- i'".f I wnmu trv. Anv person taking up said mare,
' r'tt know:, so that 1 can jet her ag-un, shall
U , oil .cwarded. by MOSES A. SHELBY, -.?.r.7
18, 1821. 3w47 t?,
feJnwrif Tctw, 1821. 5
Robert Cunningham, Adm'r D.8.1Uilcyf deceased, w.
um'.th ;.in ior relief '
THE complainant having filed in this cpurt hW bill,
among other things, prayingf that the creditors vt
tal1ih their e-
Xiantcr o. naiicv imir-wmH
manilii, and receive their proper proportion of the assetts
of the aid iaatate, andJthat he might be discharged from
tis administration under the direction of this ceurt and
it appearing, to the, satisfaction of this court, that Uic
following persons, naving aemanos againv uic ou
tate, reside out of this state, viz. : Jane Troy, Pctei
Smith, Peter Smith, jun. George lledrick, HenryTnu
ley, Pearson t-Murphey, Jame Smith, Satterwhite &
Travis, Jacob Doe, Thomas Allison, Joh Frailey, Thomas
L. Cow an, Peter W. Smith, Mose A. Locke, Alfred 1).
Kerr, Clarv & Dohertv, Anderson4. Elhv" Geo. Pearson,
. 1 James Clav, Dr. S. L. Ferrand, Thomai Scott, Robert
n-oodi Cn JcrrWilliam Dixon, KohertMopre is there.
,1 tint th nmnnn above named do airear to
the said bill on or before the first day Of June next, or in
ON U.e ICth of April Ue exercice of the male de
, partment of thi Institution commenced, under the
care of the Hcv, Dr. Freeman, who will alio superintend
)he education of the females. During upward of twenty
year Dr. .Vrecman b prrmdcdj'priiiclpaJlyjbver.the
..t . fivnn rdU'h institution he received the mot lion
orable testimonlei of hi wpcrtoftalfnt u I tcadier
I 1 ' - . ... - t if. A tatlr t.t .initintV
UUl nil vuvvtmovn inmn pi . w y iuw.
gCiluCncss wiui a UUC rcpani w uiv-iimnc, hi uic jj""
ernment of his pupils. The best evidence which can
be riven of the qualifications of Dr. Freeman, may be
OCnVCU lnni Wir,IVlJ, Vlia uunnjj i m"o " ,vr")
thr fniiitiitiona ovf r which he ha presided have flour.
islied beyond nv former example. For the satisfaction
ol tlioM-, who may not ie ariuainicd wiui ue cnaracicr
. .. ' '.it..:.. r..n.u n
Of Lir. r rcrinan, wc wuuhj .uujuih mi; iuuuu5
tractii, fnMii a voluntary tribute of thanks" communica
tori l.v 11. Tnuteei of .New her il Acauemv. Oil ins rciir
ing from Uieir service among whom we notice some of
the most distinguished names our state can boast :
Tlii Seminary, under lui dirccuon, nas liuuruueu uc
yond alLfcimxxxperienrc. In scnooi uistipnne, in mc
. . . . t .
I riiiiitirHionoi a tear it-r. in mkccm hi acn sncinir
the progress tf his pupiU uml in unwearied diligence
.n.l .oT Dr. freeman has alwavs been considered 1V
the Trusti es as unrivaled, and entitled to their undivided
acknowledgments: and the Trustee would avail
themselves of the opportunity to tender their testimony
in the highest commendation of his social, moral, and re.
L'gious deportment." , "v '
1 ha lollow uitf hranc lies oi etiucanon arc uukiu
lish Reading, Writing, Siielling, Arithmetir, MatliemaU
ics, Geopraphv, anJ use ottlie Globes,' Nafiihll and Moral
Philnpby, Rhetoric, L)ic, Composition and Declama-
tion. . , .
In Latin Ruddiman's and Adam's Crammar, t.orde
rix. Historix Sacr;c, Viri Horn, -6 book of Ca-sar,
Ovid ExpurgaU, Virgil, Cicero's Select Oration, Sal
but' uars with Cataline and Jugurtha, ljoracethrougli
out, Mair'i. lntrtxluction, Prosody.
In Greek Valpy's or Wcttenhall' Grammar, Greek
Testament, Evangelist ami Act of the Apostles Grace
Minora, Grea Majora, Xcnophon, Homer, Ncilson's
Exercises and Proswly.
la the Female Department, Dr. Freeman will be as
slated by Mi-s Slater, in the literary and classical
Mitrhell will continue to conduct
tiie ornamental. Of the talents and qualifications of
these Ladies, to improve the minds, ana poiisu tne man
ners of their pupils, the Trustees from ample experience,
:... mriat i I.t'i. 1 finiiroliition.
UH "- -l l .
I'nder such auspices the Trustees feel assured thi
i:.,.:..ii miiwt flourish. To render it a nurserv of all
llmlll" ...-..-v - .
the oolite and useful branches of education, as well as ol
correct moral and religious principles and feelings
lc their 'i.ircmittinj? aim ; and they feel confidence in
mr'tngt that no wmilar iiiHtiltrtMin m uie aixic rap w
Claim superior auvamages. . ...
"l i. thin denartment the studies, and hooks us:l, will
'be Reading, Writing, Spelling, English Grammar,
Pike's or - Walsh's Arithmetic, Geography and the use
r .1. r-iKaa Vi' and T!cr's Histories Blair's
Rhetoric, Conversations on Natural Philosophy, Moral
Philosophy, Astronomy, Andrew s Logic, i,i.emiiry,
Euclid, Composition ; aijU, Il requireii, Aigeur, aiiu w.
. " . li r .1. ....At. ti npn
.. thi natnt-ii iiiannsiuoii ui xmwi. wiitii umv.
..: l ,. w,n iatn tra Hfrances. t he trustcss earnestly
.i...... ti,f nowntt fT miardians bnntnmr scliolars to tins
arademv, should place them under the special care of
mime iiidiiious Derson, wiui i"."v "v....-
their wants and regulate their purchases of necessary
.:!.. .,t r.f tK titorpa. The inmortance of this reciui-
U v.. i . I -
sitionmust be apparent to ever) person of reflection
and experience f The trustees have no oilier interest in
the success of these Institutions than to furnish to the
,nAmtirin nnnnrtunitics of education. To UC-
conipl'h thi object, they have devoted much of their
.:., . .t -ttAnf'.on. and have rone to verv consider.dde
expense in erecting two large and commodious cdiliccs
in nrocuring maps and other indispensable articles for
I . . , ? ;.-. i .i:l.....n.nt. V . fiirront
lll ai.iiu.. - $ t I
exDcnsi of the Institution, for salaries to the teachers !
and otlier purpose amoum w wwu. jj
tt'iitherefore' indispensable, that parents and guar
dians should be punctual in paying the tuition charges ;
and to avoid the uncertainty and trouble of after collcc
: u ;a noutivelv reauired. that the tuition money in
all Ciises, sliall be paid when the certificate ol admission
ktlkcrtoui. - By -ortlerjof. the Board, ,
.j- THOS. L. COWAN, Secretary.
, Stditburv. Moil 1, 1821.
(Tr Hoarding may oc nau in respwutuic miuusa i
73 to 80 dolfars the ycxt.
vaox TR axtiieAV rnvia.
HR. ixixNEit I had heard many reaN back
that the beat way to improve thepofato, waa from
the wedof Its own apnler:: Abotjt Gtc or aix years
past, I made the trial I gathered a handful of
the applet of the Hue potato when fully ripe
I mashed thcniV and washed out the seed and
dried them In the spring I sowed them in drills
they came up very thick, having the appear
ance of some small weeds In two or three
weeks they put out leaves, having the appear
ance of potatoes I then thinned them, and
worked them as 1 thought right In thcffall I had
seed of many kinds, white, blue and red, of va
rioira: shapes and complexions I -selected four
or five kinds in the spring, and planted each scp
arate and found I had improved my potatoes very
much as to flavour and also, some of the kinds
selected were very productirc, so much so that
I planted no more of tny old wed, and do still
consider the change advantageous. 1 -
After noticincr the departure from Naples,
of the king of the two Sicilies, for Lybach,
. ra . 1 1 I tt
the editor oi the lioston Lcnlmel adds tne lot
lowincr note: Kinz Ferdinand of the Two
Sicilies, is now in the 71st year of his age.
- r 9T
One ol the cmnresses ot the emperor rrancis,
was the daughter of this king ; and the king's
two sons married Austrian archduchesses.
This monarch has not been celebrated for
much talent ; and the principal part of his
... . a t A
life has been spent in hunting, nsmng, c.
He was considered one of the best shots and
exnertest fishermen in his kinjrdom : and trav
ellers say. that he contributed vcryimuch oy
. ... ... t. .. . x... u..t.t. e u-:u"-.
tea tii wiiTta' camuiiav. " i '
MP4IR. rtiiTOti i Deenlv intfretirf a
an individual and aso chiien of the wcatcm
section of the sute of NorthCaroUnj.i, I havt
since the commencement of the. publication
of. your very useful- and highly .respectable
paper, .oecn a stieni uui anxious speciaior oi
passing events; and the pleasure which 1
have derived irpm the indepcnaence anu 2eal
manifested throughout its course, In the vindi-
cation of our rights as citizens, has excited in
me a desire to contribute as much as possible to
perpetuate and extend its usefulness to its ut
most limits.
Manv and som verV well written essays
have already found their war to the public.
and have made their appearance amidst a
people, oppressed Jy the. despotic sway of
Lifrrri tvnnni'. whrnri we are ta etrneet laws
and regulations to govern' us not adapted ta
the exigencies ol the country, out iraraea
and constituted by the whim and caprice of a
few designing men, whose private .interest is
probably the governing principle Some of
these essays had for.their object the laudable
and very fruitful subject oh a Convention, to
revise and amend the present constitution and
form of government ol the state X..wortn
Carolina, whereby and by which alone equal
rights and immunities can be restored and
secured to the people ot a state, in point oi
nonulation and Dhvsical importance, certainly
not the least in this gigantic confederacy.
Through the medium of your paper many
other subjects also, of no small importance.
have been qiscussru, wnicn were t,.ui.ui".e
to open the eyes of the understanding of thei
people whose welfare appears to. have been
the basis. Previous to the late session of the
legislature of North-Carolina, the subject of
. . c t :. !. .v... .. .m ..
an institution oi icanuuK i "wv
tion of the state received tnat attenuon amu
wna urrd with that and olicifude which
ua ai f ifcK t4(trAa'thvfKf'HiW nf hrinfT-
jj AUV9 V ,a - -'we w r trVn& UigwU wr mwmm rwaaBv w
ine to market in Naples, to keep down the the imnortance of the subject demanded; and
price of that necessary article of food. They wjiaj Was the result ? The legislature, actua
add, that the following epitaph on a brother te( by motives of patriotism and benevolence,
Ol tne King, win iiuv us uimuiuiuib iui ino uOUOi, grauicu a niaiici w uic iuihvuuvu
. I 1 . . U 1 . I ' 1 J . ..!.--. m .li A -KM nfl Ml ' I "Vl I Cf
so anxiousiy auiu vciiciuiiny u.iuiivtvu
tablet on his decease :
" Here lies a glorious king of Spain,
Whose, praises ever poet pipes,
Renowned for many a pig campaign,
And dealing death among the snipes ;
Rut laugh not, living 1 ings 1 pray,
llccftusejhis planets so 1k- iii'd him,
This king of Spain, I dar to say,
Ixaves many a fool with crowns behind him."
jnf,,.u'thr.rpor n orrlor will be made that the said bill
- i.o..ul-in.iiiii j'iinino: uln the said defendants. Ami it
is further ohlered, that larl.ii Balleyr ho resides out .of
. .. !! I -f vl ft. -A
tliis atste', ile ajpe4o;e satt dui oeiore me near cwi.
JOHN CARTEli, Cfl'"-CaniciiDtit'
March 3, 1821. tJel Al . '
TvWiate EnUrtamment.
rnilK subscriber takes this method of informing his
. JL friends, and. the public in general, mat ne nas eao
.Vshed himself in the hbuse formerly occupied by the
Rev. Peter Eaton, in the Town of Hunsville, Surry
county- Norlh-CarQlina,"' and has been at considerahie
expense in making his rooms commodious and comforta
ble, for the reception of Travellers, and. all w ho may fa.
vor him with their custom. Ills Sideboahl is provided
. with Liquors of the best quality, and his Stables with
every thing requisite for Horses ; a'nd'hopes,1y particu,
, lar attention," to merit a share of public patronage.
- ,....... .(. n. IT 189fl . llbf .
TimKnbWnepcmngf-aX iii Store In MUs
iuri'$ a. general and well selected assortment of
Hard-Ware, and
Just received direct from New-York and Philadelphia,
.nil Pt,l in of nricies that will enable him to sell remark-
(tllU - Y ,
! ably low. His customers and the public, are respect-
fully invited' -to. calL nn i.,exanune ior uienisewcs. .m
KintlS OI UOUJliry rruuuei; i.v.iiii,v
iWilrrtr trim -himbseKbfm-th
1 12 1 st of inrii: a HOttSlS abbuV six yeftfir
nlrL nf a dantile irrav color, aoout uve icei
twn mVhrs "'liiirlu ;artd lcm iil flcsli. his
horse has been lately cut for the Aoofrs,' his hoofs are
vnewrhit hroken and uneven, and his mane and tail are:
almost black. A reward of five dollars w ill be given, if
the horse is brought to. . ,
' . n 9 . 1 ( rw W T . ...
Salisbury, .1 8, 1821. 48
act of the legislature, I hope, will, from the
beneficial effects anticipated, and which will,
no doubt be realized, stand as a monument of
liberality for ages yet unknown, and may be
the theme of admiration and praise for gene
rations yet unborcu J
But has the legislature of North-Carolina,
at its session for 1820, uniformly distinguish
ed itself, by its legislative acts, for .wisdom
r.r.,1 kun.lirfnrr urh a that evinced on thi 5
, , muvuvvu.. - - -----
The captain of a West Indiaroao, who arrived occa5'lori j A copy of the acts passed by that
at a port at the eastward a few days since, states, bcftrc they show for
that on Friday, the 30th of March, between 5 and . 8 them dccidc Dcliffhtful
L ; would be the task of contemplating the act,
ry St breeze, he saw, ?ery distinctly, the sea of any sessn -of -rf "v.0
' " . r ...i. r k. ..... n.i nn,i invanthitr ilmt in(niished lor wisdom, ln-
SERPENT, at aDOlll lony yuiua iium mc 6msm auv ; o " 'T " .
steering south. His description of the Serpent tegrity, and patriotism ; but, alas ! ante dit-
. ..... r --.. U.. I I r r e i- .L. m.. .m .- n trl ir
corresponds witn tne lormer accounts, uc "jaiierem, i icar, i wic piuaJtuw u
a if i .U-A-.-.i.lri--. rC tKio fnMl . I ........ y . - -m ,
neretoiore msoeiicvcu uiw ca""v. v. jaWa are enacted ana executes ior uic
iter, but bis doubts are now entirely eradicated. nu s r ;ntroducint)eace and, order into
"the imiTnt tradeT Lciety,S
. ir.i. ...Mr Uk rnndition or man : and the only oDiect
1 lie INeW- lOri VtUACl,c vuiiiatua an imiv-i v. - ..... . I 1
a letter from Liverpool, the that should beheld steadily in View, by a leg-
te wAiirhAri "fAr Uv the editors of that Daner, which islative bodv. should be that which promises
states ithat arranKcments are nearly cbmpieted for (the most beneficial effects. In speaking ol
linUing the" :Hqdson:sJtay-anuioiin;-tye3L j.ur the transactions i xne: iatc sessioo oi nc icg--Companies,
under the name orthTIItidsons Bay isiaturej I do hot wish to be undentoocPas
Company. castinc any undue reflections on any mem-
ber or members of that body ; nay, I do not
T fifiprii V.vtrdf) r dinar u for the ericoutesfe Vm wish to be understood "as charging the
ment ofs domestic industry. We are in- legislature, as a body, with fraud and corrup
r , rnmhinv nf lnrliet have nro- . nA ltbnno-h I Hri not anorove of some
jected a Lottery for the above purpose, in 0f the acts passed tyf yet Jave
wnicn ev erj' uauuviui. muunn f no u,uuu. ujf vnv.v -j - r
chases a ticket, will be entitled to a valuable motives. Unfortunately, however, they were
x ....- I -. . !M4'Mi rx Sk1 M
Drize.w;i9ut? any deaucrton. ; ,:r: rr.3r I irrossiy mttttxenjn.winc ,iuiuv., ,y
1 if mm f ... , er... l -...... W.,v Qllll
a: v --s-- --.-falW"4nstMce-anDears to have been the. case.
Train OW,
Barrels of Train Oil for sale, low for cash; Apply
...rrw"'-r.j '
,l 'liVX I tlw
il to the
'Ualijispat!Jh for Icain
e, j...l j ;J,b.JJi(. WWj. u ill iii4; Hit llli 1
s rrp rvtr mini f rm inu aim' numkm vM. vi.- . r-
! liberal tetftsml W'iufefeiit U-eatmeiit..
Kjyj I f uviiij. ,"ui-- v inwi v ,. -- - -
the deaths of the male se" there were
679 above 100 years of age ; ? 19 above 105 ;
1 16 above 1 10 ; 60 above 123 ; 5 above 130 ; one
attained the age of 140; and one even that of
145 vears. The number of marria.ijes was 333,
339,'bcing 3.670 fewer than in 181 7. ,
. -The UvStatcs' Bank, Stock, has riscti in New-
with far more called the dishon-
est debtors', act, inasmuch as they and they
r.vVlxr derive much benefit from
it in'lrtsentfo'rm , Mtith pratse is cer
tainly 'due' thatiegislartire for haying imed
imprisoning persons, without distinction, for
deotv must, ana iof cvc m wv.; wM-.y
rr: jkpe u ...piaics AaMww-.M.n debt must and for ever- wui pe, consiaerea .

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