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foreox xEirs.
Late Lfailm J?P? ""'h ut HM'C i'
ditional intcllijcocc, to what bad be;n received
by previous ones ; yet that little is not without Us
importance) or power to interest. In England)
TnypcbVUideCvoYt'tiiA'Qaecn seems to
be fast subsiding. She has consented to receive
the 50,000 Voted her by Parliament for fier
support and..ali'e appear iu to- have given up the
contest, at a hopeless one, for the restoration of
her name to the liturgy; Advices from the con
tinent are still of a decidedly war character, and
. there can be no doubt that hostilities have before
this commenced between Austria and Naples.
The Neapolitans appear to be enthusiastically
determined to repel force by force, and to bare
their breasts to the sorm which is gathering over
tncm. ljic wisnes 01 every eooq nun, pi every
lover of freedom, of every, friend . la national
rights and independence, will be with them.
There is strong hope, If they can prolong the
contest (as we feci confident they can) for a little
time, that they wilt find an ally in more than one
nation on the continent, and perhaps in the Brit
ish nation. Strange r.things.than this have hap
pened within a few short years; and in this age
m . Art t
of revolutions, ana or events naming an caicuta
tions, and setting at nought all experience, one
may, without ihq imputation f extravagance, or
folly, expect almost any thing.
The Allied Tyrants have issued a lengthy De
claration relative to the affairs of Naples, which
is a full, and, we must do them the justice to
say, an undisguised exposition of the infamous
and detestable objects ami "views of the Jloty
League. "The strength of their arguments to
vindicate their interference in the internal affairs
of other nations, lies only in the physical force
which backs them : Their Jesuitical sophistry, to
r -i .i. I. r t;
jusiuy mc perjury oi me superannuated rcriu
nand, might have purchased -for hs authors, in
the.l20i century, a title to canonixation ;
but it is too stale for these times. Tb'e Dccla
ration will " damn to everlasting fame" this mod
em triumvirate) this Ihly Jlliance of despots
against the liberties of the world. M The invio
lability say they, of all ettablithed right t, the
independence of all legitimate governments, the
integrity of all their possessions, thett are the
bare from which their resolutions will never de
viate!' And what did they say in 1816, when
this famous League was formed ? Why, with all
the cant and sanctity of hypocriteirthey'dccla-
red (these arc their own words j H the religion of
God their Saviour to be the future guide and di
rectory of their conduct in the administration of
their respective governments and that this re
ligion, 4 far from being solely applicable to pri
vate life ought, on the contrary, directly to in
fluence the resolutions of Piinccs and to guide
all their undertakings, as being the only meant
(what a wonderful change the minds of these
royal christians, Francis, Frederick, and Alexan-
ler, have since undergone I) bjgiyingtobiHty
to human institutions, and of remedying their
imperfections !" Comment suchTglariiVg,
....... despicable hypocrisy, would be throwr) away
Important. .-.-News has reached this country,
by an arriraL from Li verpool? of a severe engage
ment having taken place between the Austrians
and Neapolitans, in "which the former were de
featcd with considerable loss. Wcshall be eble
to give particulars in our next.
This, welrust, is' but th'eiprecursor of more
decisive victories, more glorious triumphs ; that
it is only the opening.sccrie of a-drama, which
r viU close, with the downfal of tyranny and leg.Lt-
" irriate hypocrisy in Europe, and the establishment
o of the rights of man on in immovable basis--
rf.Tbe Hon. Gideon Barstow Is elected .'member
of Congress from Essex South District; Mass.
The Hon. Timothy Pickering was the opposing
candidate. , - . . , "
nOiVti "Wotcorr ii preselected 'Governor,
and Jonathan Ijcokksoll Lieutenant Cover
nor of the State of Connecticut, without .oppo
A meeting cf tl.a Inhabitants of Lincohlon
wjts held on the 2d instant, for the purpose of
consulting- on tho expediency of establishing a
I'emahvAcademy In that place; the result of
which was, that five trustees were appointed to
superintend the affairs of the same, and two sub
scriptions issued, the one for erecting a building
for an academy, and tho other for subscribers to
the same. commukicatid. '
Upwards of two hundred centlemen, of the
city of New-York, have subscribed to an agree-
ment, "disapptoving of the custom which has
so long prevailed," of giving wine at funerals ;
and they promise to discountenance and abolish
it, in case of death in their own fumilies, and in
all others where their influence extends.
Census of Utvwan.
We have been obligingly furnished with a
schedule of the Census of this county, just com
pleted, which is given in full below. The in
crease of our population is not so great as might
have been expected, being, according to our cal
culation, only 5,762, for the last ten years, which
is but a trifle over 25 per cent.
. At the annual meeting of the Stockholders of
the Ncuse Navigation Company, held In this
city on the 24th intt. the lion. Henry Potter was
elected President, end Joseph Giles, Thcophilus
Hunter, and Thomas Cobb j, Eiqrs. Directors, for
the present year. . Hot. Star. .
French c ronni and 5 franc fiiecet are a legal
tender by the laws of the United States, until the
29th of April, 1822, being continued as such by
the act of;Marcb J, 1821. There is no provis
ion for the fiartt of these coins. The crowns, if
weighing 1 1- pwts-and 17- grs. are rated at 1 10
cents ; but, as In general, they are much worn,
the banks take them only at 109 cents -Vet. In.
... .; NEWS FROM MISSOURI. .. . .
, The St. Louis Enquirer, of March 34, trium
phantly announces to its reader!, that Missouri
has been .admitted .to her just rank in the confed
eracy; a member of that Union which efery true
American ardently hopes may be perpetual." It
points out 44 the pitiable and mortifying' predica
ment in which our late enemteS are placed for
s there is no such clause in our constitution,
(incompatible with the rights of citizens in other
states,) the LegUtature can EAsnr enough declare
1 8
2" 17
41 O.I K)l Nl C
While male under 10 years.
Ql y' JC'
White males of 10 and under 16.
Ml Hi M
?l o' 0 gl
Wliite mules between 16 and 18.
like malts between 18 and 26,
including head of families.
lute males between 26 and 45,
including heads of families.
t vU-' K White males of 45 and upwards.
under 10 vcars
feSNESl ! w'hitc females un,
oel wi ol e nI.cjI m' oH m at
o, m w u U
f5 a
L 1 'c f a
tfJ oi OjI -
cot w
(pi Ui I i
White females at' lU and under
16 vears.
I. ... i- i I i .
ft 1 I 1 lit. IIHC lll!lIC3 Ul 1U UIIU UIIULT
mI SI 41 fe'r6 including heads of families.
The Legislature of Kentucky have passed a
law prohibiting printers of newspapers from re
ceiving more than 3 for the insertion of an or
der of Court, let it be long or short ! This kind
of legislation is the wortt kind of drafiotiim. A
law might be passed, with equal propriety, decla
ring that no nun should receive more than a dol
lar for a barrel of flour, or fifty cents for an acre
of land. Motion (lazette.
A vast number of adventurers are bound to
Florida, to make, or try to make their fortunes.
Pensacola, it is supposed, will become the most
important harbor on the coast, both for the sa'le
and shipment of American produce. It is more
convenient than New-Orleans, for a number of
reasons; and is, at the same time, one of the
mOst healthy situations on the (iulf of Mexico.
Com. Rogers, U is surmised, will be made the
naval ccmmaiuler on that station, to reside at
Pensacola.- ib.
The astonishing rapidity, and we may add,
magnificence, with which Savannah is mine from
her ruins, appear, as if the talitman of the fabled
Aladdin, had commissioned the (Senii to extend
the charm of immediate renovation over our city,
rather than the effect ot humen industry, nroxm
Iced by the perseverance of our artisan. A dai-
Tl.. A ... 8 . . "It
y n neurit improvement is pcrccpiioic in
.! . l.f J. - .
me creation anu completion o our new and va
rious structures. Upon the buildings nearly fin
ished, both public and private, the proverbial spir
it of emulative taste is conferring a degree of
external elegance that will compete with many of
. ..i fi ... k
grcairr magnitude, i ne ioijnaations ot some
are suddenly starting upward in every street;
others, half completed, arc ascending with sim
ilar haste, and all tending to increase the re nut a
tion of our city. There is somctlung peculiarly
pleasurable in witnessing a revolution so remark
able ; from a depopulated chaos of recking des
olation, to the growing prosperity of commercial
enterprise, and the beauty of architectural re
finement, so distant from anticipation, in Us most
sanguine form Georgian.
ily were ncccttaribj absent, yufiiter, very
properly, prrsidctl, attended by hi Satellites.
The Congrcsi broke up on .thursday j and
one of our bcst'AImanac makers predict!
41 that lome rare and wonderful occurrr nee
mau talc place among the empire, kingdoms,
and republic!, of the earth.'' So look out, '
readers, for great news'. V i
Aiimlinjr, to the extraordinary coniWtUm ofsii plan
eti la no sign of the Zodiac.
i ' . . - '
Once more we renublith ihli rrrn.rA
beg of all those who feel wish to preserve it, to
cutjt out, of the paper, and plice it somewhere
that they may easily find if if tieces'saryJ NotV"
withstanding U bat already appeared more than
once in this paper, applications are almost daily
made to me from various parts of the United
StatesTofHirmab'tfto IweonW
quite burdensome to comply with the multiplied
-Take the dried plant as-much as will make A
decoction of about the strength of common break-
last tea, pour loihng water ot it and let it stand
home time : lake or this tea a half a pint, on an
empty stomach three limes a day, tint is, morn-
ui)j hwii, miu iiiiii -t every mira ajy omuliio
tea altogether, and instead thereof, take a teaspoon-full
of pulverised brimstone in the samo
manner, once Wore breakfast, and again before
dinner. Abstain altogether from aH "kinds of
spirits, (iiec as lor tne smaii-pox, and be careful
not to wet the feet, nor expose yourself to take
cold. Pursue this Course, in cases of the bite of
dog, for 40 days. , In cases of tetantu, or lock-
aw, and other spasmodic affections, the dose
must be mot e or less strong, and exhibited more
or less frequently, according to the nature of tho
case and the advice of some respectable phy&i
cian. fA. Y. Jive. Pott.
Two verdicts have recently been given for
breach of promise of marriage, one in New-Jer
sey of 5x) dollars, and the other in Poughkcrp
sie of 800 dollars and to Our mortification, wo
uve to announce that the delinquents, in both
cases, were of the male sex. If the late fre
quent occurrence of these cases proves the fick
eness of the gentlemen, they may in return
claim the merit of not enforcing the penalties of
coquetry against the inconstant fair. Perhaps
the ladies are not aware that they may incur the
same premunire as ourselves, and are not at lib
erty to break hearts and disappoint dreams of
golden felicity with impunity. Let them, there-
ore, take warning by the examples before them,
est some rejected swain, with a Uulc delicacy
Las the4 fair plaintiff In the abo , -unreil tho
mystcriet of courtship before a court of justice,
and rear! some solid consolalioii Tor the loss of-a
rail heart or anticipated wealth.- A". Y. Amtr.
White females of 26 and under
nJ 2 1 g'M including heads of families.
White tetnaics ot 45 ana up-
!X wards
ft. I t l Oi
0.1 (mI ba.1 pl
N "-4 Oij tJ
K Ml Kil iwl
Oil o
Foreigners not naturalized.
Number of persona engaged in
.. agriculture. 1 ,
lNumber of persona engaged in
J commerce.
l IIINumbcrof persons engaged in
manufactures. .
cl U.I Ol rf
Of I o
tri to! -
Male "slat es Under 14 years-;"
Male slaves of 14 and under 26
vears. '
m I
U 0 w HO
o o c o-i
Ti . . r-r-. i
Oil 03
I J c
"S1 OJ
Male-slave of 26 and under 45
Male slares of 45 and upward.
S Clly 9
0" il oc
Female slaves under 14 years.
M I I Female slaves of 14 and under
f 26 years.
k:1 m
Vf t have understood that Vro. Klutts7 Esq.
of Concord, (formerly a memjtroQ'Legisla
lut e,) will be a candidate for Congress auhe en
suing election, to represent the district compo
sing fhe i counties of Mecklenburg1, Cabarrus-and
Lincoln- . .r
. - .
, At the Superior Court, held for Iredell county,
week before last, the trial of William Millshap,
:Tor-thTnufderdfh'ti'wiftttla6ij'ht of which"
4k t- i- m
UJ -Si
Female slaves of 26, and under
45 years.
Ml to
Female slaves of 45 and up;
" " w'ardai" " . '
Free colored males under
Free colored males of 14 and
. under 26. T . . .
m Lu, a
Free colored .males of 26 arid
k' S under 45.
Free colored 'males of 45 and
Free colored females- under 10
0 mJ m Oij OiJ '
Free colored females "of-10 wmI
under 26. .
Free colored females of 26 and
under 45.
Free colored females pf .45 -and
- upwards. ;
Since it has become fashionable to scandalize
our state, we must look around for consoling top
ics, which shall sustain us in something like con
tent among ourselves. Nor need we to look far
We venture to enumerate some of them, at the
risk of being deemed Pharisaical in our compari
SOUS. - --z:::t:::::zz::
" alleviating law" ever defeated the administra
tion of justice- where no mutinous spirit ever
raised the standard of rebellion where no facil
ities of divorce ever, loosened the bands of so
ciety -where, no sectarian spirit .ever thwarted
the path of philanthropy where no false econo
my ever retarded the march of letters where
ho state ambition ever shookTihe nationarfabric
where no conscientious scruples ever relaxed the
sinews of patriotism where no villanous sym
pathies ever gave life and vigor to pirates and
murderers where no bank speculations ever in
volved character in the mazes of fraud where
religion was never the. stepping-stone of ambi
Uon nor. corruption the means of power
r Let the galled jade go wince, ,
. Our withers are unwrj," ..
Charleston Courier.
" ""From tlie K'ew-HampsWfe Sentinel.'
; Sicce ;4he Congress, oi the Piquets assejn
bled, on Monday, we have experienced noth
ing.but coltlKE. (snow-storms, AndN..W,
piercing blasts. The proteedings of this au-
gust assembly have nots officially transpired
Georg'mm Sidusy we learn, did not attend, but
sent a messenger (ih.Q last cornet) with his ex
cuse, that being r.ither heavy .$rwulded,:-and
at this time in a remote partof his very ex
tensive dominions, which, by his Coronation
oath, he Ls obliged to visit once in about 83
year, and . finding that;it Vonld be a journey
THE semi-annual EXAMINATION of the pupils of
this institution will commence on the 5th of June.
and close on the 8th. Parents and guardians are re
spectfully invited to attend. The next session begins on
the tint Monday m July next. Dy order.
Mi'j,n. T. I COWAN. &e.
THE well known Manl in Lexington, N. C. known bv
the name of the .S'W'JJV TJVKR.Y. with one anil
a half Town Lots, with good Stables, a Kitchen, and all
necessary Out-l!ouses. The Dwelling-house is roomv,
and well furnished with furniture, which may be had fiy
the purchaser.
Also, 130 acres of good LAND, ioinintr town. Th
plantation is in a high state of cultivation. I will mako
the payments easy, a times are havJ. For terms, annlv
to the subscriber in Ixington.
May 7th, 1821. 10w49
UommiUed to JaU,
IN Montgomery county, North-Carolina, on the 18th of
April, a NEGRO fellow, who says he belongs to Jacob
H)1cs of Lincoln county, N. (X- Said negro is of darlc
cpmplejuoiit jshout 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, about 30 or
35 years of age, anrsaj siTiiS name j-TOM.The owner-
is requested to come forward, pay. charges, and take
away bis property, otherwise the law will be strictly aU
tended to. P. KIRK, Sherif.
JprU29t 1821. 4w49 . .
is ED MONT). He is about 25 or 30 vears of are. about
5 feet 10 inches high, dark complected, has a sear 4 lu
left foot, says he is a carpenter 1iy trade, and says- he he-
longs to Hubert I). Wade, in f erson county. - Any per
son claiming said negro, is requested to come and prove
property, pay charges, Sec. '
lJnrlnton,N. C. Mutj 5, 1821. 3w49
Catifc'wha -jNttgftt ion- u omauy .
NOTICE is hereby given, that the President and
Directors' of the Catawba" Navigation Company
have required the payment of the third instalment, of
Ten Dollars, Upon each and every share subscribed, to
be made to the Treasurer of the Company, or to such
agent a he ahaU apr
shares of subscribers, fairing to make such payment, will
be sold at Auction, in the town of Uncolnton, on the 18th
day of June nextr and if the stock shoQUl jiot' selV for
the amount due, with uiterest from the time it was Call
ed for, , and' expenses of sale,, the ,stekboldcM wil) be
inuncdiktcly proceeded against foif the balance, accord
ing to the, terms of the charter. t v
By order of the Board, '
May 8," 1821.-
1SAAC T. AVERT. Prudent.
RANaway fromtbe subscriber, Bring in Lincoln
county, seyen miles above Lincolnton, on the South
Forlc On the 31 instant, a Nf gro man named TOM
WAS taken up and committed to the jail of Lincoln
county, on the 9th of April lastTlfe says his aame r
n takatw 1 A tJ . t m.
ju ib os yrar yi age, r
ty ae:elbtnl
ve, reei eig ui lueitei mgn, fire . ;
;x1nd. 'lel;whUe. spysvi;.,
ifbni - JAtB irovLE

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