ISfl O'O. 58. in w PRINTED A!?U PCB LISFIEIT, EYEKT TUESDAY, Ur IiLXGlIAM AVIIITC. TERMS : The subscription to tlie Westehx Cahclixiax Is Three Dollars per annum, payable half-yearly in advance. OC No paper w ill be discontinued until al arrearages are paid, unless at the discretion of the Editors ; and any subscriber failing- to give notice of his wish to discontinue at the end of a year, will be considered as wishing1 to continue the paper, which will be sent accordingly. Whoever will become responsible for the payment of nine papers, shall receive a tenth gratis. Advertisements will be inserted on the cus tomary terms. Persons sending in Adver tisements, must specify- the number of times they wish them inserted, or they will be continued till ordered out, and charged accordingly. No advertisement inserted until it has been paid for, or its payment assumed by some person in this town, or its vicinity. CAll letters to the editors must be post-paid, or they will not be attended to. JVcgYOfcs 1lo Sale. ON the last Thursday in July, at the Court I louse in Salisbury, will be sold, on a credit of six months, several valuable young NlCGIiO Uoys and Girls, belonging to tlie estate of the late Col. Richmond Pearson, deceased. J. A. PEARSON, Executor. E. PEARSON, Executrix. June 25, 1821. 5Jts JVtw Goods. fTHE subscriber is nov ppening, at his Store JL in Salisbury, a general and well selected assortment of DRY GOODS, HARD-WARE, and MEDICINES, Just received direct from New-York and Phila delphia, and laid in at prices that will enable him to sell remarkably low. His customers, and the public, are respectfully invited to call and ex amine for themselves. All kinds of Country Produce received in exchange. lat7S J. MURPHY. Yoi! Sale, THE well known stand in Lexington, N. C. known by the name of the Swan Tavern, with one and a half Town Lots, with good Sta bles, a Kitchen, and all necessary Out-Houses. The Dwelling-house is roomy, and well furnished with furniture, which may be had by the pur chaser. Also, 130 acres of good LAND, joining town. The plantation is in a high state of cultivation. I will make the payments easy, as times are hard. For terms, apply to the subscriber in Lexington. MICHAEL BEARD. May 7th, 1821. 10wt5S iVcNV Stage to WoYeAgli. fw?v rrrxiiA contractor lor carry in c 0Wgtf4Qji& the 1 J. States M ail between Raleisrh and Salisbury, by way of Randolph, Chatham, &.c. respectfully in forms the public, that he has fitted up an entire NEW STAGE; which, added to other improve-j mcnts that have been made, will enable him to 1 carry PASSENGERS with as much comfort and , expedition as they can be carried by any line of; stages in this part of the country. The scarcity ; of money, the reduction in the price of produce, fcic. demand a correspondent reduction in every department of life : Therefore, the subscriber has determined to reduce tlie rate of passage from eight to six cents per. mile. Gentlemen travelling from the West to Ilaleigh, or by way of Raleigh to the North, are invited to try the subscriber's Stage, as he feels assured it only needs a trial to gain a preference. The Stage arrives in Salisbury every Tuesday, S or 9 o'clock, and departs tlience for Raleigh i. .i o l- ?j. :. i..i i. cue bUiiie uay ui -s u ciuvk ; n iii rnis ill iiaiciiu i Fridav evenincr. and leaves there for Salisburv ' on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Ut' 22, "1321. 50 JOHN LANE. Tirivatfc "Entertainment. THE subscriber takes this method of inform ing his friends, and the public in general, that ho has established himself in the house for merly occupied by the Rev. Peter Eaton, in the Town of Iluntsvillc, Surry county, N. Carolina; and has been at considerable expense in making his rooms commodious and comfortable, for the reception .of Travellers, and all who mav. favor him with their custom. His Sideboard is pro- vided with Liquors of the best quality, and his i Stables with every tiling requisite for Horses ; I and hopes, by particular attention, to merit a share of public patronage. MUMFO RD DEJORXATT. Hun isville, Bee. 1 7, 1 820. 50 N. B. The subscriber continues to carry on the Cabinet Business ; and will execute all or ders with neatness and despatch, for cash, credit, or country produce. M. D. TiCtx Dollars llewavil. AN away from the subscriber, at Charlotte, lb Mecklenburg county, N. Carolina, a Negro Roy by the name of SIMON; dark complexion, stout made, and five feet seven or eight inches t T 1 1 1 " nig.i. iic ! V ' 'PPV "'Vi- V" vwi.v , of Prince Ailhani,, as he was purchased j in mat ccumy. m JJUU 14 the said negro is delivered to Isaac If die, Con- j cord, Cabarrus county, or 2d dollars if secured in j any jail, and information given, so that I get him , airam. EVAN WILIE. March 21. 1821. 50 The Editors of tlie Richmond Enquirer arc requested to insert the above advertisement six weeks, and send their account to the office of tlie Western Carolinian for payment. Wirits YeniVitioni Exponas, For sale at this Office. YADKIN Navigation Company. "JVTOTICE is hereby given, that the President i. k and Directors of the Yadkin Navigation Company have required the payment of the sev enth, eighth and ninth instalments, often dollars each, upon every share subscribed, to be made to the Treasurer of the Company, or to such Agents as they shall appoint to receive the same : Aiid that payment of said instalments be made on or before the 6th day of August next, or the shares of the subscribers failing to pay, will be sold at auction, at the town of Salisbury, North Carolina, on Monday, the 10th day of Septem ber next. FRANCIS L.OCKE, President pro tern, (if the Yadkin vVuviq ation Compary. .Tunc 20, 1821. oStSplO l?i duration ON the first of October next, th Pleasant Reireut Academy, at JLincolnton, N. C. will open under the superintendence of the Rev. Messrs. Mcsiiat and Hell. In this institution will be taught the different branches of English and Classical Education, such as Reading, Wri ting, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography, Mathemat'cs, Moral and Natural Pliilosophy, the Crock and Latin Languages, and, if required, pupils will be instructed in the German and lie brew Languages. The suitableness cf the Buildings, in point of comfort and convenience, together with the cheapness of boarding, the established moral character of the villagers and vicinity, the health iness ot the place, and the II known and ac- knowled abilities ot the gentlemen who will conduct tlie exercises cf the Academy, give this Institution a decided preference to anv in the state. 1 he Trustees do, therefore, confidently feel themselves entitled to a liberal share of public patronage ; and expecting it, they pledge themselves that nothing shall be wanting on their part to promote the improvement of the students. By order ot the Board. 1). RE1NII ARDT, Secretary. lJncolnton,Jtm. C.Junc 5, 1821. GwtoB STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, ASTIE COUNTY. EORGE BOWER rs.Jarncs M'Guicr : Orig- G X inal attachment, returned to May session, 1821. It is ordered by the court, that publica tion be made in the Western Carolinian for three months, that the defendant, James M'Guicr, appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Ashe, on the second Momby after the fourth Monday in July next, and plead, answer, or demur, other wise judgment by default final will be entered up against him. 10wt59 TIIOS. CALLOWAY, Clerk. STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, a sin: COUNTY. LEONARD SHOWN versus James M'Guier: Original attachment, returned to May ses sion, 1821. It is ordered by the court, that pub lication be made in the Western Carolinian for three months, that the defendant, James M'Guicr, appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Ashe, on tlie second Monday after tlie fourth Monday in July next, and plead, answer, or demur, other wise judgment by default final will be entered up against him. 10vt5D TIIOS. CALLOWAY, Cleric. STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, a sin: COUNTY. AUGII & FINLY versus James M'Guier : If Original attachment, returned to May Sess'on, 1821. It is ordered by the court, that publication be made in the Western Carolinian for three months, that the defendant, James Mac Guier, appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Ashe, on the second Monday after the fourth Monday in July ncxt and plead, answer, or de mur, otherwise judgment by default final will be entered up against him. 10wt59 TIIOS. CALLOWAY, Clerk. STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, ASHE COUNTY. OOXROD SMITH AT r. James M'Guicr: Original attachment, returned to May ses sion. 1821. It is ordered by the court, that pub lication be made in the Western Carolinian for three months, that the defendant, James M'Guier, appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Ashe, on the second Monday after the fourth Monday in July next, and plead, answer, or demur, other wise judgment by elefault final will be entered up against him. 10wt59 TIIOS. CALLOWAY, Cleric. STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, ROWAN COUNTY. fl 1U,V m l ',,crm J ,; Origsna OURT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, May 1. Henry Williams vs. "William al attachment, Jesse A. Pearson and others summoned as garnishees. It appear ing to the satisfaction of the court that the de fendant is not an inhabitant of this state, it is therefore ordered, that publication be made for three months in the Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury, that the defendant appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for tlie county of Rowan, at the Court-House in Salisbury, on the third Monday in August next, then and there to replevy, plead, or demur, or judgment will be taken against him by default. llvt53 Test: JNO. GILES, C. 11. C. C. STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, It O WAN COUNTY. 4-10URT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Mav Term, 1821. Richmond Pearson's execu- tor :md cxccutris VSm William Langhom, John 'crm, 1821. Richmond Pearsons execu- Calowav, and J. S. Harwell Original attach- Jrent Qn UntL u appcarin?0 lhc fa. factIon cf the CQUrt that acfelKlaut3 arc not inIiab - ltants cf this state, it is therefore ordered that publication be made for six weeks in the Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury, that the defendants appear at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Rowan, at the Court-House in Salisbury, on the third Monday in August next, then and there to replevy, plead, or demur, or judgment will be taken against them by default. 6vt33 Test: JNO. GILES, C.I!. C. C. mOM THE XATIONAE GAZETTE. We were gratified yesterday with the perusal of a private, familiar letter from .London, written by a distinguish ed American physician. It appeared to us that a considerable part of the letter could not fail to prove highly in teresting to his brethren of the Facul ty at home ; and we therefore request ed permission to publish the extracts from it, which wc now lay before our readers. LONDON, APRIL 24. " I have visited in succession St. Bartholomew's, St, George's, and St. Thomas's Hospitals, with their respec tive prescribing Surgeons. The f first observation which I had occasion to make, was, that they are by no" means exemplary in the style in which they are kept, being much inferior to the Pennsylvania Hospital ; as the latter is, however, considered a " rara avis," it is perhaps not fair to establish it as a standard of comparison. The Better ing House is nearer the mark, and their striking superiority over that, is ra ther in extent than in any other circum stance." u St. Bartholomews did not, at the time of my visit, present much variety or interest in its cases, indeed, Mr. Abernethy apologizt-d for its poverty in this respect. They have lately modified an old fashioned treatment for fractured os femoris, by arranging the frame which supports the limb in such a manner, that the angle may be increased or diminished at pleasure. This plan also prevails at St. Thomas', and Guy s and is in some measure the hobby of the dav. I observed, how ever, a child of two or three years old, who had his limbs laid on one side on a cushion, without any splint whatever, and the remark connected with this circumstance was, that the limb.- of children healed very kindly, and requir ed scarcely any other management than rest. As far as I can judge, Mr. Aber nethy's leading treatment in ulcers, in chronic diseases, Sec. is to attend par ticularly to the state of the stomach and bowels ; this he enjoins on almost every patient saying that except where an immediate operation is ne cessary, surgery can do , nothing else. I had an opportunity on the same day of seeing Mr. Lawrence operate for strangulated femorel hernia in a wo man. The operation was' well per formed, though I was not sensible of any remarkable adroitness in his style, nor indeed did the time which he took indicate a better knowledge of the parts than similar attempts on pur side of the water. Diseases of the joints were numerous ; issues and causticks constitute the mode of treatment ; the purgative plan, if known, is not attend ed to. In a few days afterwards I dined with Mr. Abernethy, and was much pleased with him ; he is a socia ble, honest and unpretending man, more disposed to amuse himself after the business of the day, than to tease his brain on medical subjects." 44 Mr. Cooper was civil enough in a few davs afterwards to take me to his hospitals : the variety of cases is here much greater and more interesting ; diseases of the bones, of the testis, and of the joints, are remarkably numer ous. Mr. Cooper has lately perform ed an operation of an interesting char acter, on a clergyman ; the extraction of more than a hundred calculi from the bladder, by means of a pair of for ceps. The case, as he mentioned it to me, is briefly this : Some time last summer he was applied to by this gen tleman ; as the time was unfavorable for operating, he gave him a soda mix ture, with a request to return in the month of November, in order to sub mit to it. He returned accordingly, and Mr. C. on examination, convin cing himself of the presence of sever al small calculi, it came into his head to attempt their extraction through the urethra. Weis, an ingenious instru ment maker, in a little time furnished him with a suitable pair of forceps, and, at the very first trial, he hooked out thirty. This operation was repeat ed in a few days, till the . whole were removed, and the gentleman perfectly restored. The instrument resembles a common sound, split into two blades at its extremity ; these blades were made to recede from each other bv a stylet, vith a shoulder passing through the instrument. When the stvlet is drawn outwards, the blades recede, which gives an opportunity to pass them over the stone ; the stylet being then shoved inwards the elasticity of the blades brings them together, and therefore fixes the stone. A modification of this instrument has been in use lor a few weeks, for dilating strictures of the urethra, and the results are said to be favorable. ' Dr. Chapman's Journal is making an excellent impression in favor of the medical literature of our country, and perse-erance only is required to estab lish ourselves fully in the estimation of English practitioners. Dr. C's high reputation for talents, and as a teacher, has attracted the eyes of the profession here, and very interesting results are calculated on. The gentlemen from whose conversation I have derived these conclusions are, Sir Kverard Home, Dr. Babington, and Charles Bell. The latter says that this is an auspicious moment for the underta king, as the profession here is almost at a stand, and would readily seize up on any new opinions, either from the continent or from America." rr.OJI TUE 3TATIUX.IL INTELLIGENCES. ELDER. Samsuccs, Linn. The virtues of this shrub, which is found in abundance in our fields, and is now in full bloom, are not sufficiently known among us. In continental Europe it is valued and is used with success in many diseases. Chaptal, Purmentier, and others, in their admirable dictionary of natural history, applied to the arts and to rural and domestic economy, say that from Hippocrates down to the present day it has been employed in medicine, and its virtues and properties unequiv ocally confirmed br time and experi ence. Its flowers arc resolutive, anodyne, and emollient. Infused and drank like tea, they provoke and establish per spiration in certain fevers, colds, and catarrhs ; fried with eggs they are an agreeable purge ; applied as a fomen tation in cases of erysipelas, they re duce the heat and irritation, and prove excellent in all disorders of the skin. Warmed and applied to the forehead and temples they cure the megrim. They are used in a vapor bath for swollen legs, particularly in the drop sy, in which disorder the berries, in ner bark, and roots of this plant are used with great effect as a diuretick and purgative. From the berries a rcb or thick juice is extracted, which is giv en with success in bowel complaints, and in the dysentery. The flowers give a fine perfume to vinegar, and to wine the flavor of mus cat ; apples, when laid on a bed of these flowers when dried, and then confined from the air, acquire an ex quisite taste. A decoction of its ber ries dyes linen when passed through al um water, of a green brown color ; and excellent brandy can be distilled from them. An English farmer in the county of Devonshire, in a season when the whole of the vegetation in his neigh borhood had been destroyed by cater pillars, grasshoppers, and other insects, observed that the Elder remained un touched, in full health and vigor; this induced him to make an experiment which was attended with perfect suc cess. With boughs of the Elder tied together he went over his grounds, whipping and brushing gently his cab bage plants, turnips, and even wTheat, which drove off all the insects, who ne ver returned. He then tried the same operation on his fruit trees with equal effect. Since this discovery has been made known, some boil the branches and leaves of this plant in water, and then sprinkle this decoction over young plants, which is said to preserve them effectually from destruction by insects. A peculiar account of this experiment was communicated many years ago to the Royal Societv, by Christopher Gullet. The leaves and flowers of this plant when sprinkled with molasses, and laid in places infested by cockroaches and ants, will drive them off. AGRICULTURAL. Hail! first of Arts, source cf domestic case ; Pride of the land, and patron of the seas. CONSTITUTION OF TilC noVAX AGniCULTUIUt SOCIETT. 1. The society shall be styled the Row an Agricultural Society. 2. The society shall be composed of regutir and honorary members. The regular members are those who attend the stated meetings of the society, and assist in its transactions. The honorary members are such gentlemen (not resi ding in the county of Rowan) as the so ciety may think proper to elect, but when, attending, they shair have all the rights and privileges of regular members. 3. The officers of the society shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, Secre tary and Treasurer. They shall be elect ed by ballot at the spring meeting, for the term of one year. There shall lso be a Committee of Correspondence, consisting of three members. 4. The President shall preside in the society at its meetings, and preserve or der and decorum. In the absence of the President, his duties shall be performed by the 1st Vice President ; and in his ab sence, by the 2d Vice President. When neither of these officers is present, then the society may call any member to tiie chair for the time being. The President, at his own discretion, may, or at the re quest of any five members, shall, call a meeting of the society, first giving ten days notice thereof in the Western Caro linian. 5. The Secretary shall record the trans actions of the society. He shall receive in charge all the papers of the society, carefully filing away all letters and com munications belonging thereto. He shall take charge of the books and other prop erty of the society. 6. The Treasurer shall have in charge the1 funds of the society, from whatever source arising, and disburse the same on ly on the written order of the President. He shall keep a book, wherein his accounts shall be fully stated, and which shall be free to the inspection of the society at every meeting : at the annual meetings he shall make a detailed report of the pe cuniary concerns of -the society, stating what moneys received, how expended, and the balance on hand. 7. The Committee of Correspondence shall open and carry on a correspondence with other Agricultural Societies, and with intelligent individuals in different sections of the country, for the purpose of collecting information on the most ap proved methods of cultivation, and for the procurement of the best models of farm ing implements. All the information and communications received by them shall, at the first meeting thereafter, be laid be fore the society. 8. It is considered the particular duty of every member of the society, diligent ly to turn his attention (as much as his sit uation will allow) to the study of agricul ture, and on all occasions to impart to the society any improvements or discoveries he may make ; also, to use every exertion in his power to procure correct models of the most approved farming implements in use in any part of the country. 9. It is the duty of the members reg ularly to attend the meetings of the so ciety ; and each member may at any time bring with him into the society one friend as a visitor. 10. Ten members, with the President, or either of the Vice Presidents, or twen ty members without either of those offi cers, may constitute a quorum to transact business. 11. There shall be two regular meet- iiiia ui uic auuiciy ii cat.) y un y the first Thnrsdav in the month cf Octo J i l if

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