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,VO. 08.
f B
rnrsTED jutd rcnr-isiiED, evert tiisdai,
The subscription to the Westers Catiohxi
is Three Dollars per annum, payable half-yen rly
in advance.
07 No paper will be discontinued until ah
arrearages are paid, unless at the discretion of
the Editors; and any subscriber failing- to give
notice of his wish to discontinue at the end of a
year, will be considered as wishing to continue
the paper, which will be sent accordingly.
Whoever will become responsible for the
payment of nine papers, shall receive a tenth
Adyehtisexexts will be inserted on the cus
tomary terms. Persons sending in Adver
tisements, must specify the number of times they
wish them inserted, or they will be continued till
ordered out, and charged accordingly.
No advertisement inserted until it has been
paid for, or its payment assumed by some person
in this town, or its vicinity.
CZjAll letters to the editors must be Jtost-pairf,
or they will not be attended to.
Hail! first of Artr., source of domestic ease ;
Pride of the land, and patron of the seas.
THE subscriber is now opening, at his Store
in Salisbury, a general and well selected
assortment ot
Just received direct from New-York and Phili
Concluded from our last.
Sir Humphrey Davy informs us, that
all vegetable and animal substances are
consumed in vegetation, but they can
only nouri
ter solubl
stances capable of being absorbed by
the plants. This great principle ap
pears to be confirmed by several of his
experiments, and is probably as correct
an account ot the food oi plants, as we
another layer of them ; sprinkle this
last laver with all the ashes and soot
you can collect about the farm ; next
go into your stable and cattle yard ;
collect all the animal manure they con
tain, and lay on another layer of this
dung; over this spread a laver of bad
fodder, waste straw, sweepings of your
yard, particularly after ram, and any-
kind of rubbish about your building.
You will find that your compost heap
will now be raised about five feet : but
as this will probably settle, as decom
position takes place, to about three feet,
you must begin again with your layers,
and proceed till your pit is filled up.
Should your soil be very stiff, it will be
advisable to sprinkle two or three in
ches of sand ur gravel between each
ish a plant by affording mt- .f hc Uexr.s' :s ?e SLreat "commen
e in water, or gaseous sub- tion of this plan is, that you may suit
unable of being absorbed by '.ur mun: ,to. the "ature ot Vl,r
soil. Should it on the contrary be
light, sandy and porous, a layer of loa
my clay should be occasionally intro
This mode of making compost ma-
are likelv to obtain. We know that
all dead animal or vegetable matter, if nure, requires but one part out of five
sufficiently divided, spontaneously un- of stable manure, to create a fermen-
dergoes a process ; which brings it at tation through the whole mass. Should
length to be a fat greasy earth, which it not speedily commence, you have
we call rich loam, or garden mould. only to remove some of the boards dur-
delphia, and laid in at prices that will enable him The woody fibre of vegetables is Ion- h.g the hrst rain, and the moisture and
'-""" v XW . . v,' w" cer in unuerjroing tins process, out its i - n.. " piuuucu wc ucu
V SSSSZ AuTuX Cof 'counm: texture is at last broken down, and it effect. All the materials for the com-
Produce received in exchange.
Ijoolv-ImiViig Business.
finilE subscriber respectfully informs the citi-
is resolved into new elements. Ani- Pst heap should be placed ready round
mals matter, therefore, and the muci- your pit before you commence, as per-
laginous parts of vegetables being more haps it may be advisable to mix the
I .-'. w - w - If. 1 . 1 .
liable to decompose than dry wnodv substances a little together, and not let
er rebpccuujiv liuuriii' uic ciu-i . . - i .t 11.111
JL sens of the Western section of N. Carolina fibre, their mixture is evidently rcquir- "jein jav 111 sucn tietacnea layers
north of the Court-IIouse. r .... . 1 1 ?....t a comnost hean. is nond or creek mud
Having rVvntPrl rnnsulemhlr tmn in nrnmn IOrCgOing principle, WC learil lliai n lien- I 1. , r 1 - , - 7-
u l"ri'.u r th' mmnorl of cnhstnnrM wncre xt can ue ooiainea, togeiner witn,
the ad ioinin? districts of S.Carolina, that h -s ed hv their nature, and hence the on- ohould the heap become very hot, the
established the Book-liiiulin? JJuuness. in all l . f T,c Innnlifv nf vnnr rnmnnct- ivilf h- ininr.
its various branches, in the town of Salisbury, 1 J 11 I i t 1
.C. He has taken the store formerly occupied With regard to the fermentation of uu.u yuu ui ma m ory
' Wood Sc Krider, on Main-street, three doors rnmnnct Unn? ittrnrrinfr f, f. Hcaincr. xV very valuable addition to
supply their deficiencies ; and fearful I services to social order. The oromula-
of exhausting a patience so largely tion of those codes by which we are
med and so liberallv bestowed. In tllls aav governed, nouvithstandmc the
nclusion, they will only permit them- F,tlccl,o,,s Gl the penal code, is
M .1 1.1 A. A ajk. llft.Sll IV1.111.11 V k I 1 t I 1 1 J : wTT ' r fV T T
e that . v r
scivcs iu cypress a iervent nop
their labor may be useful, which will
be their best reward, apd that their bro
ther farmers will show-Torth their faith
by their good works.
tions to come ; a p u-i oi rurope is alrea
dy in possession of it.
We will not speak of that astonishing
military glory which is admitted without
dispute : the improvements in tiie internal
Old Books rebound on the most reasonable
terms, and at short notice.
Orders from a distance, for Rinding of every
description, will be faithfully attended to.
Salisbury, June 8, 1821. 53
2Sew Stage to "Raleigh.
nnilE subscriber, who is
most extensively useful.
Your committee having often had
contractor for carryinir occasion themselves, to complain of
their, states Mail between the want of detailed, precise, and spe
Raleigh and Salisbury, by'c ,r,Q.: n
way of Randolph, Chatham, &c. respectfully in- "" J - V. uu
forms Cie public, that he has fitted up an entire thors, will endeavor to avoid this re-
new stage; which, added to other improve- proach while they proceed to recom-
mentsthat have t been made, enable him to mend the best mcthod within their
expedition as they can bp carried by any line of knowledge ot iorming this most essen
statres in tliis part of the country. The scarcity tial requisite on cverv farm a coni-
The principles have been
stated ; the practice is founded
has determined to reduce the rate of passage on them, and a small share of industry
The remaining subject oconsidera- administration, the miblick works, ih
tion, that of fossil manures, together settlement of finances, present more dur-
with the time and mode of applica- ablc titles to admiration and respect. In
tion of all manures to the soil, must be ine Bonaparte is dead ; truth should sit
the subject of a subsequent renort uPon llis tomb ; and let us not be diffident
which your committee hope to have In.sayinS tht the prisoner of St. Helena
the honor of presenting ' WlH bc recked amongst the great.
All vhich is respectfully submitted.
Chairman of the Committee uf Manures. There is perhaps no person in the civ-
. ilized world, that holds in his hand more
DeStOYT moral power at the present moment than
gen. Bertrand. He possessed the undi-
ENGLISH 11ISHOPRICS. meu connaence oi isapoleon ; duriner his
1 r . tin ... . v
Tim fntnl nf .imnlp wv-niiM nf ti cennnement in Lioa, ne solicited and ot-
Knglish Bishoprics, exclusive of all sine- .tainetd lea,ve fto ttcnU Ills sovereign, dur
cures, and places converted into sinecures Vt?. lhehoIe course of that confinement-
for their benefit, has been estimated at LV, fl1naPariep fas incarcerated m bt-
172,000. and of the Irish bishopries 01 V I,c cn,naence Scn bertrand
1 53,OOCV. makin-a general total of 325,- remained unshaken, and he shared his
000. The property possessed by Deans """i "caui oi
and Chapters, Sec of which in England h.e emperor. Now, whatever he says of
and Wales there are between 30 and 40, us eceased patron will be believed, and
(besides peculiars,) is equally magnificent he 15 nY Probab,y gone to Austria, to
and mysterious 5 and it is asserted that one ?nSaSe the emperor of Germany, in the
of the metropolitan chapters is in the an- 11 e OI mb aw, now oeceaseo.
nual receipt of nearly 40,000. Dr. Heeke 1 he acoun st,ales: that h soiicited and
(some years ago, and on a very moderate TaS J11,5 the liberty of taKin the
calculation) estimated the neat income Jlf,3.11 of h's benefactr along with him.
from tithes in South Britain at 200,000. 1 hls ould we presume, have been giv
snd Mr. Colquhoun estimates the total n to the son ot the ex-emperor, accom
professional income obtained by the es- Panied the d'inS junctions of his
tablished clerirv in England and Ireland, Pare1' iAe goes nome, we inay reiy up
inc!cpcr.dentlv"bf that Veceiyed from the on U'.f5omrn friendly moUves to the
universities, at nearly five millions per1 4U y uiope. in papers anu
annum. The whole influence created bv manuscripts of Bonaparte, if taken pos-
he direction of such enormous property, sessl" ot, ll?e 1?mis.11 Sovement,
(the sum of which is immense and un- c . Puu"sea auuienuc, wouiu weign
mown,) is retained with jealousy in only n . s m Vnf.SCalc J uc sol"arr
ider the name of oat- Ui C"CA . .
yaau. mom. L.iron.
curious il-
asserted in a I GREECE.
that three Russia dissembles no longer. The
sh family. Muscovite marches on the Mussulman.
fices there The Eagle pounces on the Pigeon of
J - -- -- ima '1 I WMI1 I II U 1 r gz r r 1 T 1 Tl V r'lV'fc
u l ,l,i It is nrpsumpfl n5 n mnttpy nf rnurcn l :kk:. - ' '""" 4V- wujhvjh wi vaiu-
aUtll llJttlll ilvJUlV.i III ilUULU till 111 I - r ......w. . vuuiov i t 3 llvi lllllaUllilllls CACI LIjC UllV eieCllVc I r-it 4 j r
that cverv one who calk himsrlf n fr. , ThP fnllnxvin,. tIr,, a"nc ai v'ncrson' MS sne passes oy9
J J e- . 1 . ..' . xbaucasus shudders- find Kjj'zimithi.n
seems like
spirit of
kMAvA ! -w-. w -v r c m nr . t i v mil iiui i iii.. .11111 iiic Mil n I n I i
. I 1 l
, rronaire, becomes a most formidable en-
that he will be able to execute every kind of . ,orcr,c ,.ori, "c found in lacroons ; and your committee of political power. As a
work in his line, in a style and on terms that will b b b " . 4 b ennmente ;nmf nf the- mnternU lustration of this evil, it was
give general satisfaction. lermentation or putreiactum suouia ue within thf re.rS nf P"blic journal, some time aSo,
Merchants and others, can have Ulank Book, prevented as much as possible: and most oi "ch are w itinn the reacn of L.Jfrr Jv.r rrtn:nrfl nnj V;
mh-d -ind hnnnd tn nnv naltm. nn hnrt nnllr 1 ,f r US n . whirh thv rprnmrnn to murcS cre retained in 011C 1 H
vT i , V i I i on tne contrarw wnen tnev consist on ' . " j Out of upwards of u,ooobene
as cheap and as well finished as any that can be . - . . , . , - , I collected and nrenared for comnons I " , , ' . :
r woodv fibre, and insoluble substances, tollcl-lcu preparcu ior compoas. . about fortv ovcr ,vhiCti
& v.c aw & vyiA4 liiv A.vwa.v w ' 1
oi money, tne reduction in tne price ot produce, post heap.
department of life : Therefore- the subseribpr already
irom eigni w six cents per mue. uenticmen anci judgment is alone requisite to
cf Raleijrh to the North, are invhed to tfy the U the moSt heneficial results.
snbscriher's Stajrc, as he feels assured it onlrf A Bountiful Providence has
tarc, as lie teels assured it onlr
needs a trial to g"ain a preference.
The Stride arrives in Salisbiiry every Tuesday,
8 or 9 o'clock-, and departs thence for Ralelg-h
the same day at 2 o'clock ; it arrives in Raleigh
Friday cvci.inj, and leaves there for Sslhbury
tn Satiiruav :t 2 o clock:.
May 2?, "1821. 50 JO I IX L.AN7'.
RAN awaj- from the subscriber, at Charlotte,
Mecklenburg count', N. Carolini, a Necjt)
Boy by the name of SIMON; dark complexion,
stoat made, and five feet seven or eight inches
liig-Ii. lie sneaks low wlien spoken to. It is
supposed thut he will make towards the ccuntv
of Trincc William, Virginia, as he was purchased
in that county. I vill five the above reward if
the said negro is delivered to Tsaac Jf'ilie, Con
cord, Cabarrus county, or 25 dollars if secured in
any jail, and information given, so that I get him
March 2 1, 1821. 50
The Editors cf the Richmond Enquirer arc
requested to insert the above advertisement six
.weeks, ana send their account to the office of
the Western Carolinian lor payment.
XioYation Wanlevl,
"IT&Y the children of John Cunningham, de
JLJ ceased, who departed this life in Greenville
)):strict, S. C. whose wife was named Jane.
Their youngest daughter, Jane Cunningham, is
i.ow residing in HloomfieH, Kelson county, Ken.
and is'dcsirous of obtaining any information that
will open a correspondence between the widow
of said Cunningham, or John, James and George,
children cf the aforesaid John and Jane Cun
ningham. The said Jane was bound cr put un
der the care of Sirs. Armstrong, of South-Carolina,
who removed to Kentucky and brought the
said Jane with her. Any information relating to
them will be thankfully 'received, by
Jilocrrfeld, Ken.
CC Editors of newspapers in "Washington City,
North and Scuth-Carolina, Georia, Alabama, and
Tennessee, will confer a particular obligation on
un orphan child, by giving, the above two or
thre insertions in their respective paper,
yards of your cattle and sheep, should and servc to cxPose nature of th
be kept constantly littered with cither '7 princess
tuiH-auiKs, iciu:c snaw ur louuer, The Archbishops and Bishops 1835
dneu leaves or shavincrs. Xhis will The Deans, Chapters, &c. 1091
hoth inrrenp nnrl nresmt vnnr ctohl The Universities and Coileres 653
4 j
manure. The materials for the com
post heap, may bc sand or gaavel ; sods
ol top earth from lanes and hollows ;
green weeds of all kinds ; (and rag or
hog weed is excellent) dried weeds
and leaves ; ashes and soot ; sweeping
of yards, and all kinds ol rubbish ;
saw dust from ; creek mud and
prophecy. Constantine with his Greek
cadets, pants for the sceptre which his
ancestor designed him, and the lapse
of fifteen hundred years may restore
the name and the religion of its found
er to the capital of the Greek Empire.
The revival of the Greek Republics
is an episode in the Russian drama
The f'eath of a man who has exercised a popular accompaniment of the Czar's
a gren influence on the destiny of the ambition. 1 hat the 1 artar and the
people, is an event which gives birth to Cossac should redeem the land of A
numerous recollections, and may furnish polio and the .Muses, and unenlighten
materials for important reflections. Few td hordes revive the sonjr of L,ibertv
From the Paris Constitutional, July 11
every where, substances which form a
manure for the soil ; but man must not
expect to sit still, and that manna will
drop into his mouth. His faculties
and reason were given him for exer- j
tion, and materials are placed within
his reach, to enable him by their exer
cise, to improve his condition. In the
first place, then, let every farmer marl;
out a small spot, from twenty to "forty
feet square, according to the size of his
farm ; this spot should bc dug down
from two to four feet deep, and the
earth should form a bank round it ; a
few stout oak posts with crotches should
bc planted in a line along the middle of
this pit, and shorter ones should be
placed at the sides, toN receive strong
poles, on which to erect a shed of
common clap-boards. HaTing thus
cheaply made a shelter for your ma
nure, which at once secures it from the
sun, from rain, and from water running
into it, while by removing a few of the
boards, you can admit them when ne
cessary ; the next step is to bring to it
a quantity of top earth or sods, and if
vur soil be stilf, a quantity of sand.
These substances should be mixed,
and a laver of one foot in thickness
should be spread over the bottom of
the pit ; then cut down and collect all
the weeds (before thev seed) about
your fence and farm, and spread ano
ther layer of them, of the same thick
ness, over the former one ; then col
lect dead leaves, by scraping the sur
face cf the adjacent woods, and spread
..iu hum ii iiiii in. i z i i f i k. nun i ;i i i i i
, , ' conquerors nave nau a lame so extendec on the he chts of Olvmnus. on the
nnnd tmsh rotten wnorl nnrl hnrt- tin- . x ,.n f. ULIiuia U1 v-fiymjjust un uic
1 , , , ' , , ; asiMapoieonuonaparie. i ne noise oi his banks of the Peneus. in the vallev of
n7 f iiT-n i ' 6 n,amC f,Hed rT' 23 i ard ,t0 TemPe To rescue that classic e'arth
offal of all kinds. the extremities of Asia. Placed by the frorthe degrading tyranny of the
Let not the farmer be misled by the force of e!ents at the head of a Sreat na- Mahometan sunerstition is an effort
opinion that these necessary operations b' "chy, the heir C.t Z fDl
; . i r i of a revolution which had excited pirru u nicn "iJgnt awake ana rain tne sieep-
in rnnsnmp rnn mnrn rT 11 1 c rimx i
...v vttiv.i . : y . inrr snirifc m ihp mmhtv riPiH hp
let him seriously set himself to work much hy the c of uu own wiJ as Genius of place re-embodies the souls
in hauling materials to his manure pit, the fecbicness of parties, to the supreme of the departed in the scenes of their
and he will himsell be surprised to find power, placed France in a state of perma- celebrity. On the top of Mount Oeta
how easily and how soon compost is nent war, substituted the illusion of glory the shade of Hercules, and the shade
made when he has a little stable ma- for tlve real benefits of liberty, and Icjen- of L,eonidas at its base inspire strength
nure before hand. tifying himself with the national indencn- nml mnfirW- qjii
It is believed that one man and one dence, drew irom the apprehensions of a Lar;SSa conquer, which was the land
boy, with a horse and cart, will in less ?"S". ' "V ''um:nt of of Achilles-dwells not the spirit of
thin tvL rrpnti i tii'icc Sf mm I J
7" 1
x- i r.M, : r u.w.uimiuuu.ii un ma viuuriuus rac
post sufficient for five acres of land It waJ his belief tiiat an insurmountable shall Thebes forget the martial sum
and how many idle weews do we all rnt?li:fv o-nvrnPfl hi ritinv. ThUmr, mons of Cadmus, and Philippi learn
spend. It will be recollected also, that has been common to several eminent per- no rom Brutus to die or to be free ?
the greater part of this work can be sons, and almost all those who have parti- Has Mycene lost Agamemnon, and
performed at leisure times ; the most cipstccl in it have experienced, after the Cephalonia Ulysses I Where is Ar-
proper and convenient for us, appears most signal success, the greatest reverse, chimedes with his consuming glass
to be immediately after layincr bv our They left not "sufficient scope to the coun- where Harmodius and Aristoniton,
drill crops, as the vegetables will then cils ot wisdom ; tne iruits oi mty victories their swordsred with blood and green
be in full luxuriance, and we have some were destroyed, perhaps, in one unfortu- with amarantn ? Shall Ida, the birth
weeks of leisure. In forming your nate day ; of this Pultowa and Waterloo plaCe of Jupiter, and Delos of Latona,
compost the manure from your sheep a'nd ParnasLs the mountain of poet,
yard and poultry houses must not be wt,k nil ry, be unmindful of their ancient
forgotten, and as these are of a hot and tC( am0n us. He was no longer con- tars an inspired votaries ? Shall not
fermenting nature, they should be cerned in military conquests, but for thn the ramcs be revived at Olympia, and
spread over those layers least likely to establisment of constitutional liberty, the the mysteries of Ceres be renewed at
decompose without their aid. From most glorious conquest of civilization Eleusis ? Shall not .Marathon again
six to ten or twelve weeks is sufficient, Xapojeon necessarily made a strong im- behold an Athenian triumph, and thn
with proper management, to reduce the pression on the minds and imaginations shining sea of Marmora the wrcrk of
comnost heaD to a condition fit for aD- of mankind. A soldier, who, by the force fT,P inv-der Shall thf mnnr.t Tr!-
. . I r :. ..1 r , . ,r I
plication, and on emptying your rr.a- Cl . mmseu oove con- posscss foreVer Smyrna, where Hornet
nure piles, care should be taken to turn b;"
and mix the heap as much as possible, disturoed so.etr, and dictates h:s laWS to
. ' . tfivprr-iJ-n?. nrin,'5rc in flip wnt-iil n vrnr1r
Your committee could add many
ful personage, and the earth is silent be-
.i i i .
uiiiers to incsc i ccuiiiuiciiuauuns ; out for him.
they forbear, relying both on the good History, an impartial judge, will con
sense and judgment of the Society toifes that Napoleon hv? rrndered singular
was born, and Chrcronea, wiiich gav
birth to Plutarch ? Vill not the b?.iu
tiful forms of heathen mythology cxT
pel from the classic groves and vaK
and gardens of Greece the foul s
!.re5 of Turkish s,jncrct!Ton

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