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jnrxT ami rrj:Msi!i;i!, r.vntY tuesdat,
JJr i;;c;ifAM i-. white.
Ti: ;:;. :
The subscription to the Whtkiiv Caiiolixiix
is Three Dollar.; per annum, payable half-yearly
in advance.
QCj No paper will be discontinued until al
arrearages are paid, unless at the discretion o
the Kditors- and any subscriber failing- to give
notice of his wish to discontinue at the end of a
ear, will be considered as wishing to continue
the paper, which will he sent accordingly,.
."Whoever will become responsible for the
payment of nine papers, shall receive a tenth
AnvEiiTisEnnxTs will lie inserted on the cus
tomary terms. Persons sending in Adver
tisements, must specify the number of times they
wish them inserted, or they will be continued till
ordered out, and charged accordingly
No advertisement inserted until it has been
paid for, or its payment assumed by some person
in this town, or its vicinity'.
CCjAll letters to the editors mu:;t be post-paid,
or they will not be attended to.
linking Wusifuiss.
THE subscriber having employed a compe
tent person, will keep on hand a constant
supply of
Bread and CracAers, and Cakes, of ev
ery description,
as well as the various articlc3 usually kept in a
Confectionary Store, all of which he will dis
pose of on very reasonable terms.
Salisbury, Dec. 18, 1821. 80
?ov Sale,
The celebrated Horse
171 Oil terms, apply to the
' subscriber. If not sold
nrevious to the 15th of February next, he will
again stand the ensuing Spring Season, in tins
Salisbury, Dec. 3, 1821. 73tri5
lUHrtc-lVuvg Business.
TT1HE subscriber respectfully informs the citi
JL zens of the "Western section of N. Carolina
and the adjoining districts of S. Carolina, that he
has established the llook-llinding Jiusiness, in all
cf its various branches, in the town of Salisbury,
N. C. He has taken the store formerly occupied
by Wood Si Kridcr, on Main-street, three doors
north of the Court-House.
Having devoted considerable time to acquire
a competent knowledge of his business, in the
city of Baltimore, the subscriber flatters himself
that he will be able to execute every kind of
work in his line, in a style and on terms that will
give general satisfaction.
Merchants and others, can have lllanh Hooks
ruled and bound to any pattern, on short noti ce,
as cheap and as well finished as any that can be
brought from the North.
Old Books rebound on the most reasonable
terms, and at short notice.
Orders from a distance, for Binding of every
description, will be faithfully attended to.
ILL1A.M 11.
Salisbury June 8, 1821.
j f nili; subscriber respectfully info
p77'-';S Jt. the citizens of Salisbury and
N'tiH adjacent country, that he has remo
from his late residence on the north side of the
Yadkin river, on the main road leading from
Salem to Danville, 15 miles from Salisbury, and
lias taken the house formerly occupied by Capt.
.la. Kridcr, in town, on Main street, a few doors
north of the Court-House ; where he is prepared
to keep a ILuse of Private P:iter!ai.:.aent for
Travellers and citizens. He will at all times
furnish Stabling, Fodder and Crain for Horses.
Salisbury Sept. 25, 1821. 78
N. II. Eight or ten HOAKDEHS will be taken
at the custon:ary prices in town.
AN awuv from the subscriber, at CharioUe,
tb Mecklenbunr count v. N. Carolina, a Negro
Boy by the name of SIMON; dark complexion,
stout made, ami five feet seven or eight inches
high. He speaks low when spoken to. It is
supposed that he will make towards the county
of Prince William, Virginia, as he was purchased
in that county. I will give the above reward if
the said negro is delivered to Isaac Wide, Con
cord, Cabarrus county, or 25 dollars if secured in
anv jail, and information given, so that I get him
a: ain. EVAN W1EIE.
l m
W.irch 21, 1821.
subscriber, who is
contractor for carrying
States Mail between
llalcigh and Salisbury, bv
KJ' the ir.
v.av of li.-.rulolph, Chatham, &c. respectfully in
forms the public, that he has fitted up an entire
NEW STAGE ; w hich, added to other improve
ments that have been made, will enable him to
carry PASSENGERS with as much comfort ami
expedition as they can be carried by any line of
stages in this part cf the country. The sca rcity
f t" money, the reduction in the price of produce,
Tc. demand a correspondent reduction in every
department of life : Therefore, the subscriber
has determined to reduce the rate cf passage
from eight to s:.v cents per mile. Cientl men
travelling from the West to ILdcigh, or by way
of Iialeigh to the North, are invited to try the
subscriber's Stage, as he feels assured it only
needs a trial to gain a preference.
The Stage arrives in Salisbury every Tue sday,
?, or 9 o'clock, and departs thence for Raleigh
the same dav at 2 o'clock; it arrives in 11 leigh
lVulav evening, and leaves there for Salisbury
n Saturday at 2 o'clock.
Mtv 221821. S'i JOHN LANE.
last ot lieUevs
Hemuii.iinr in the Post-Off ce at Chariot le, .V. C,
on the 1st of January, 1822.
JTjT A. Vincent Ivans
&Jksi Alexaxiieu "William Jamison
Maj. Tho. Alexander Samuel Johnston
Wallace Alexander, sen. Cyrus Johnston
Charles Alexander Mary Johnson
James A. Alexander Andrew Jones
Hczekiah Alexander K.
James Alexander Marcus l. Kenr.idy
Eemuel II. Alsobrook Thomas Kirkpatrick
William Ainv.orth, jr. Sarah Kimbel
Felkcrd Anton E.
H. John Little, 3
And'n. S: Eliz'th. Eeaty S. W. Eia lsay St Co. 2
E. A. Eeaty Margaret A. Lawing
Anderson lJcaty, 2 M.
Isaac Ilryan " Alam M'Kavcn
Kobert Euchanan John Morris
Jo!m Uowden Thomas J. Mabry
AVilliam Ela'.r liobert M'Enight
John Iiarnett Job Mills
Mary Eaklwiii Daniel M'Ecan
C. Cvrus M'Clure
'ictor Crook, 2 Charles Mason
Messrs. W. Sc J.Cook, 2 Himehus Mendenhall
William A. Cannon Samuel M'Comb, 2
Dr. David T. Caldv.cll O.
James Cathev Joseph E. Orr
John Carclock 1.
John Cuthbertson Joseph Purviancc
Robert T. Cheek AVilliam Price
Henjamin T. Curtis E
Ecv. 1). F.Christenburv Francis Query
William Clark ' li.
Moses Christenbury James lloper
D. John Kob'mson
Mark Dcrden John Hitch
William Doncll S.
John Dulin David Smith, 2
William Duckworth Ellis Smith
Walter Davis John Stilte
F. . Ilvstaspas Steward
John W. Frisbie tleorire Singleton
David Foster Sheriff of Mecklenburg
Eeuben Freeman John Stockinger
James II. Eraser Eeroy Secns
Frederick Festerman Martraret Springs
C. Adam Springs
James Gibson T.
ltev. Isaac ireer David A. Thompson
James Gillespie W.
gness Galloway Eev. AVilham ilson
Daniel Gallov.av Susana Ward
H. Moses Wallace
Robert Hcnegal Samuel Whiteside
John Henderson Evdia Wallace
Richard T. I lickson Joiin Wilson
J I. '..
John IE Irwin D. fv. II. Zanty
WILLIAM SMITH, Post-.Uaster.
3ouvencn TixUoys.
THE subscriber wishes to employ, immedi
ately, three or four sober and industrious
Journeymen Tailors, to whom liberal wages and
constant employ will be given.
Salisbury, January 1, 1822. 6 83
4 LL persons indebted to the subscribers,
either by book account or note, are once
more earnestly requested to call and make pay
ment on or before the last day ot February next.
I'hose who fail to attend to tins notice, may-
expect to find their notes and accounts in the
hands of an ofiicer for collection.
Charlotte Jan. 7, 1822. - 4vt87
rmiTIJT nf I'Iciu :md Otiartcr Sessions. No-
vember sessions, 1821 : Martin Rendleman
vs. Samuel Trott Original attachment, levied,
&c. It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that the defendant is not an inhabitant of this
State, it is therct";rc Ordered, that publication be
made for six weeks successively, in the ll'estera
Carolinian, printed in Salisbury, that the defen
dant appear at our next Court of Pleas and
Quartei jssions to be held for the county of
Rowan, ai the in Salisbury, on the
third Monday in February next, then and there
to plead, or judgment will be entered according
to the piaintiil 's i.emand. 6vt88
JNO. GILES, Clerk.
I.i fsuit'?.
If OIIN WILLIAMSON, j'oscph M'Connaugh
c3 ey, vs. Ann Cowan, Stephen Cowan, David
F. Cowan, and others In this case it is ordered,
that publication be made for six weeks in the
Western Carolinian, that David F. Cowan and
Stephen Cowan may nppear at the next Supe
rior Court of Law and Equity, to be held for the
county of Mecklenburg, on the Gth Monday af
ter the 4th Monday of March next, and plead,
answer or demur, or the bill shall be taken pro
confess'), and judgment be entered against them.
6 82 1). IE DEN LAP, C. M. C.
SUvlu tL QYtti-CuYoVuui.
SUPERIOR Court cf Lav, Fall Term, 1821....
Margaret Dullcy vs. Robert Dulley Peti
tion for Divorce. It appearing to the satisfac
tion of Court, that Robert Dufl'ey, the defendant
in this case, is nov an inhabitant of this State :
Ordered, that publication be made for three
months, in tiic Ualeigh Star and Western Caro
linian, that unless he appear at the next term of
the Superior Court of Lav, to be held for thr
county of Mecklenburg, at the Court-House in
Charlotte, on the sixth Monday after the fourth
Monday in March next, and answer said petition,
it will be set for hearing ex parte, and a decree
made in favour of the petitioner. Witness
Ci oi-e Graham, C'erk of said Court, at Oi'Kcc,
the 6th Monday after the 4th Monday in Sep
tember, A. D. 1821, and in the 45lh year cf
American Independence.
GEO. GRAHAM, Clerk S. C. J..
.V,,r. 24, 1821. 78m3
Fvr sale: at this Oiiice.
Valuable liawiVs uwvl iMAWs
THE subscribers will sell the following Valu
able Lands, belonging to the estate of the
late Lewis Ueard:
That valuable plantation, commonly called
" IJeard's Mills," situated on both sides of Swear
ing Creek, near where it enters into the Yadkin
river, and in that part of Rowan county called
the Jersey Settlement,- the number of acres in
the body is abc it 2500, but it will be divided, if
required by purchasers. 1 he product ot cotton
from this plantation, for several years past, has
exceeded 110 bales, besides proportionate crops
of corn and small grain. Attached to the prem
ises is a valuable set of wheat and corn Mills,
and a Saw-Mill ; one Cotton Gin, by water, and
another excellent one by horse power, with a
new and prime packing screw. Also, a good
dwelling-house, with a store-room attached an
extensive distillery, with all the necessary imple
ments. In short, there is not a more complete
and desirable establishment in the western part
of Ihe state for a man of capital, who wishes to
turn his attention to cotton and the other staples
of the country. From its situation in a rich
cotton-raising settlement, it is aljo known to be
one of the best stands in the country for the
mercantile business. It is deemed unnecessary
to give any further description, as persons wish
ing to purchase will view the premises and learn
the terms.
Another Tract, of about 150 acres, situated on
both sides of the Yadkin River, on one of the
main roads leading from Salisbury to Fayette
ville. To this tract belongs the Ferry commonly
called " Skeen's Ferry."
Another parcel, of about 1200 acres, situated
about four and five miles from Salisbury, inclu
ding Dunn's Mountain.
A small tract, of 75 or 80 acres, situated on
the South River.
About 900 acres, lying in Montgomery county,
not far below Stokes's Ferry.
Any part of about 7000 acres, commonly call
ed the Flat Swamp lands. Surveys will be made
out of this tract, to suit persons wishing to
Another parcel, ot about 1000 acres, on the
waters of Muddy Creek, in the county of Iiurke.
On this land is situated one of the most eligible
unoccupied seats for an Iron-Works in the state
of North-Carolina. It has an abundance of wa
ter that can be applied to machinery with a very
small expense, owing to the fine fall of the creek.
It is also within a reasonable distance ot a rich
supply of Iron-Ore, that will be sold with the site.
Persons disposed to purchase any o the fore
going lands, may learn terms and particulars by
applying, in person or bv letter, to either of the
subscribers, which will be punctually attended
Salisbury Jan. 10, 1822. 84
Yvbvc Sale ot liavuls.
THE following tracts of land, lying in differ
ent sections of Rowan County, Aviil be sold
at the Court-House in Salisbury, on the second
Monday in March next, to satisfy arrears of tax
due on said Lands.
Capt. Jeb lack's Company.
John Graham 200 Acres.
Samuel Luckey, sen. 84 do.
James Morrow 140 do.
James Speaks 350 do.
Peter Clodfelter 128 do.
brah am Ronton 144 do.
Samuel Bcnnon Vo9 do.
Caht. Shaping's Company.
John Patterson, (Cabarrus,) 40 Acres.
Capt. M'illiamson's Company.
Samuel Lewis' 59 Acres.
Lemuel Elliott, sen. 67 do.
Capt. Sivink's Company.
Michael II. Swink 150 Acres.
Capt. JJargcr's Company.
Hugh Morgan 40 Acres.
Capt. J food s Company, (Town.)
Benjamin P. Pearson, House and lots.
Green H. Moss, Douse and lots.
Porks Sectioii.
The heirs of Win. Gaither, 40 Acres.
JOHN BEARD, former Sheriff.
Salisbury, Jan. 22, 1822. 7vt91
SO DoWwys AVe,UY.
"S HOKE JAIL on the night of the 17th in
stant, a white man and two negroes. The
white man is by the name of John Prince, said
to have come from Grayson county, Virginia, who
was confined on a charge of counterfeiting mon
ey ; he is about 35 years of age, dark complex
ion, about five feet ten inches high. One of the
negroes says he came from Charleston, S. C. and
that his name is Bill, and is a runaway; he is a
trim built fellow, cf a middle size and age, has
been cropped, or lost a piece of one ear, I think
the right car : The other is of a yellow com
plexion, heavy built, thick lips", and a small scar
on his under lip, supposed to be about 35 years
of age, says his name is Owen, and is a runaway
from the state of Georgia. It is thought by
some that Prince will pass for their master, and
perhaps sell them.
Any person that will apprehend them, and
confine them in any jail, or bring them so that I
get them again, shall receive the above reward,
and all reasonable expenses ; or 10 dollars for
each or cither of them.
WM. ABMFIELD, Sheriff.
(Jreensboro1, Guilford Co. V. C.
November 26, 1821. SmtUM
WHEREAS my wife Nancy has acted in such
manner as has compelled me to resolve
upon a final separation from her, and has like
wise shown a disposition to involve me as much
as possible in debt, since our separation, I do
therefore hereby forewarn all persons from trad
ing with or trusting my wife Nancy on mv ac
count or credit, as I will not pay any debts of
her contracting, nor have, any thing to do wilh
any of her engagements or concerns, further
than what I cannot possibly avoid.
January 19, 1S22. 4v8(S
4 FEW reams of Foolscap Paper, at 3 25
2. per ream, for sale at this office.
Wc copy the following just icproof
from the National Gazette. It is the first
time that this topic has been, in any shape,
introduced into our columns, conceiving
as we do, that the establishment of eti
quette between the foreign ministers is a
matter that wc have no right to interfere
with : etiquette is a primary point in Eu
ropean courts, and it is both unjust and
unreasonable that we should, in our pub
lic prints, ridicule the representatives of
friendly foreign powers, sojourning at the
seat of government, for the practice of it.
On the score of courtesy alone wc ought
to stand neuter. No one will deny that
the republicans of the new world are
as virtuous and as highminded as the roy
alists of the old ; then there can be noth
ing incompatible with our national char
acter, in being equallyjof. 11 ash. (laz.
" The most vulgar account which we
have yet seen, of the feud alledgecl to
have taken place between the French
and English ministers at Washington,
is contained in a letter to be found in
the Richmond Knquirer of the 1st inst.
The French minister is called Mon
sieur Parezvous ; the English, IVIon
sieur Goddam and J 'ohn Bull ; the Swe
dish, Monsieur dc Swede, c. The
whole narrative has a character accor
dant with those choice and witty de
signations, and must have been receiv
ed with infinite glee in the night-cellars
and stable-yards of V , for
which, we presume, it was intended.
The American Secretary of State is
introduced into this most facetious
" liroad Grin," with strokes about the
cession of Texas, Sec. which shew the
design of blending the grave with the
gay, seria jocis of making him more
than ridiculous.
44 The caricature is so coarse that the
editor of the Enquirer appears to
have felt some small degree of shame,
in introducing it into his columns. He
states that he himself certainly would
not have selected in every case, the
forms of expression which his corres
pondent has used for conveying his
ideas. But a man of any refinement
of taste and habits, would have refus
ed to convey to the public such forms
of expression ; and would disdain
waggery so forced and low as that, for
example, which marks the following
passage :
' J'uta Jiene. Etiquette this morning says the
gentlemen cannot go out, until further advices ;
but their attaches (which they tell me, means
tails) may probably " take a bout." Did you
ever know foreign ministers were like electric
eels, to fight with their tails ? But that is the
etiquette to-day, and whether it is anew edition
cf the Secretary of State's work on that subject,
I have not learned : when I Jo I will write to y ou
Though the two ambassadors in
question should have been betrayed by
pique and misapprehension, into high
words or menacing gestures in the hall
of the President's mansion, the Ame
rican writer or editor should not so
forget his own pretensions to the cha
racter of a gentleman, nor what would
be still due to their quality of stran
gers, and their official station, as to
publish on tbi occasion pasquinades
in a style of buffoonery which is no
longer tolerated even in the farce of
the .London stage, and has been for
some time cast olf and consigned to the
jack puddings of the country fairs.
Some light and chastened pleasantry,
some good natured raillery, in our
newspapers, at the expense of foreign
ministers, when they commit an open
indiscretion of the kind alledged, might
not be amiss, as it would serve to pun
ish the irregularity in the adequate ex
tent, and to render them more watch
ful for the future.
44 The accounts which have been
printed of the altercation are, no doubt,
overcharged, and in some particulars
fictitious, and at all events there is no
thing very extraordinary or grievous
in the circumstance, of two representa
tivesof rival and monarchical countries,
jealous of the dignity of their princi
pals, and of their personal considera
tion, misconceiving each other, and be
ing surprised into a momentary resent
ment and expostulation, in a juncture
of peculiar ceremony. Both, in this
instance, are men whose general de
portment and private character entitle
them to the highest respect. The am
bassador of France, Mr. de Neuville,
is a most estimable person, ot a gener
ous and manly temper, for whom all
who know him well must, we think,
entertain a lively regard, it is not
certainly from Washington that he
ought to be held up to ridicule ; and it
is still less at Richmond, the scene of
the recent most scandalous contention
between the Governor and Council, in
which the lie was directly and furious
ly given in print that the dispute
or discomposure of the ambassadors
should be treated as a subject of so
much wonder and derision."
Among the visitors recently at Wash
ington were a party of Indians, from the
remote regions of the Upper Missouri
country, under the direction and care of
Major O'Fallon. They are fine, stout
looking men ; but at the same time have
more striking features of the savage about
them, than any I have ever seen. I un
derstand they represent several tribes ;
none of which have ever before had an
opportunity to witness the fruits of civil
ization. They visited Congress hall
while the house w as in session ; and al
though they disdained to betray any emo
tion, they afterwards acknowledged they
were astonished at the interior of that
spacious and splendid apartment. They
say, if they were to live thirty years after
their return, they could not relate to their
countrymen all the wonders they have
seen. They have not yet, however, seen
all. The secretary of war has sent them
on to visit the cities of Baltimore, Phila
delphia, and New-York ; at. which last
place it is intended to send them on bourd
one of our seventy-fours, where they
will be received with a national salute.-
Such a visit, and such a reception, must
make a lasting impression on those sim
ple sons of the forest; and dispose them
to entertain a profound respect for their
great Father, the President.
ylmer. Republican.
Professional Anecdote of Dr. Fra?dclin.
When he came to Philadelphia in
1713, he was first employed by one
Keimer, a printer, a visionary whose
mind was frequently elevated above
the little concerns of life, and conse
quently veryr s abject to mistakes, which
he seldom took the pains to correct.
Franklin had frequently reasoned with
him upon the importance of accuracy
in his profession, but in vain. His
fertile head, however, soon furnished
him with an opportunity to second his
arguments by proof. They soon after
undertook the impression of a primer,
which had lately' been published in
New England. Franklin looked over
the piece, and when his master had set
the following couplet
"When the last trumpet soundeth,
We shall not all die ;
But we shall all be changed
In the twinkling of an eye.
IJe privately removed the letter c, and
it was worked off
"When the last trumpet soundeth,
We shall not all die ;
But we shall all be hanged
In the twinkling of an eye.
Cross your tys, though ijgu spell ivrong.
Some years ago, Capt. of schr.
while at one of the West India
Islands, received the following order
among others, from his owner : 44 I
want you to git me too monkeys for a
particular purpose Don't fail." In
consequence of the word being mispel
led, and the r not being crossed, the
captain put himself to great expense,
and considerably prolonged the voyage
to accomplish the order in the sense
he gave it. 44 Where have you been
so long ?" said the anxious owner, on
his return. 44 Looking for your d n'd
monkeys," said the enraged captain,
4t and with ali my pains, I have been
able to get but sixty out of the 100."
Sixty Monkeys ! exclaimed the owner,
why I only sent for tivo." 44 Here
is your order for them, sir," replied
the captain, coolly pulling out the let
ter. It is a fact known to but few, that celery seed
in the quantity of a dessert spoonful to a gallon,
ooiled in soup of any kind, gives to it a richness
of flavor that is no other way to be had, and has
this advantage over the celery itself, that it is to
be had at all seasons and at a much less price.

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