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    The MAe! whate'er the Muse inspires,
My soul the tuneful strain admires....t.curT.
v- 'A
rno.n the franklin oAZtrrz.
0i Tisitinnr the battle ground of Saratoga.
V'here the foerncn in conflict have met,
Where the scimctar hurtled afar ;
On the plains which their life crimson wet,
The heroes hav e rush' J to the war !
Saw ye not the proud banneret gory,
The flag of the patriot, free
The meteor exhaling- to glory,
It shone, Sauatoga, on thee !
'Tvvas the hour when dimly the star
Of America glimmered on night
When the death-drum and bugle, ufar,
Caird the chieftain away to the fight.
The pledge of masrixu to recover,
The champions of freedom arose
Till oppression was scatterd, should never
The sword in its scabbard repose.
With devotion the traveller here,
O'er the relics of valor would tread ;
lie gives to their prowess the tear,
It moistens the place of the dead.
ItcvcrM .be the incense 'tis holy !
liver green be the warrior's grave ;
Columbia ! cherish the glory,
That haloes the deed of the brave.
again, and offered It to me ; but, as I eyes, she was not thought so by her
did not wish to smoke any more, he own people ; the other, though old,
went and carefully locked it up, making was considered the greatest beauty in
me understand when I wanted it, it Assouan, on account of her being so
was at my service. I must confess I extremely fat. Their hair was plaited
felt hurt to see the distinction he made, after the Nubian custom, adorned with
but afterwards I iaw the necessity of a few gold ornaments, with a plenty of
so doing. stinking raw fiit, and certain bark of a
"They always behaved to me not tree beat in powder to make it black,
.1 - .1 1 . 11' 1 1 C 1 - I-
only witn respect, out numiuty ; so ucsiues giving a norriu. penume, wmc
that their roughness seems not direct- they consider as a great improvement
ed towards women in general ; and I to their charms ; it is not the same
have often heard them remark to me, powder they use in blacking the eye-
that it thev treated these women as 1 brows and eve-lids. 1 made ner a
was treated, they would become quite present of some beads, which she
unruly. tried to hide, and I wished her fare-
" A short time afterwards the Aga well.
came in, and inquiring if they had
served me with coffee and pipe, he
went to his treasury and brought out
some dirty bruised grapes, as a great
treat, which he presented me, the poor
The following description of the corn-
walked side by side with the yellow
bearded savage, whose gigantic mus
cles had been nerved in the freezing
waves of the Elbe or the Danube, or
whose thick strong hair was congealed
and shagged on his brow with the
Scythian or Scandinavian winters.
" Many fierce Moors and Arabs,
and curled Ethiopians were there,
with the beams of the southern sun
burnt in every various shade of swar
thiness upon their skins. Nor did
our own remote island wTant her repre
sentatives in the deadly procession,
for I saw among the armed multitude
and that not altogether without
some of more peculiar interest two
or three gaunt barbarians, whose
breasts and shoulders bore uncouth
marks of blue and purple, so vivid in
the tints, that I thought many months
could not have elapsed since they must
have been wandering in wild freedom
along the native ridges of some Silu
rian or Caledonian forest. As they
moved around the arena, some of these
men were saluted by the whole multi-
the amphitheatre, mixed with contend
ing cheers and huzzas from others of
the spectators. But by far the greater
part were suffered to pass on in silenc
to him, and rilled his dying breast with
" Whether or not the haughtiness of
his countenance had been observed by
them with displeasure, I cannot say ;
but so it was, that those who had cried
I out to give him a chance of recover-,
were speedily silent, and the Emperor
lookinground, and seeing all the thumbs
turned downwards, (for that is, you
know, the signal of death,) was con
strained to give the sign, and forthwith
the young man, receiving again with
out a struggle the sword of the Moor
into his gashed bosom, breathed forth
his lite, and lay stretched cut in his
blood upon the place of guilt. With
that a joyous clamour was uplifted by
many those that looked upon it, and
the victorious ?Ioor being crowned
with an ivy garland, was carried in
procession around the arena by certain
young men who leaped down lor that
purpose from the midst of the assem
bly.' In the mean time, those that had the
care of .such things, dragged away,
with a filthy hook,, the corpse of him
that had been slain ; and then, raking
up the sand over the blood that had fal
len from him, prepared the place with
indifferent countenances, for some oth
er cruel tragedy of the same kind ;
while all around me the spectators
were seen rising from their places, and
saluting each other ; and there was a
Love stra M into an avian-,
For Love is fond of melody ;
They brought him out the birds to see,
That Love might choose for You and me.
A mocking bird at first they bring,
The harlequin of birds that sing ;
But counterfeits will ne'er agree,
So said Love, with You and me.
The lark his early summons gave,
That wakes to toil the peasant slave ;
But morning dreams before him flee ;
'Twont do, said Love, for You and me.
The humming bird, w ith dancing w ing,
Essay 'd to flutter and to sing ;
He looks too like Inconstancy,
'Twont do, said Love, for You and me.
They bring him next a turtle dove,
The bird of soul, the bird of love ;
The dove, said Love, so fond and true,
Is just the tiling for me and You.
A quill from his scft wing I drew,
These verse3 round his neck I threw ;
Kiss the sweet herald, when you see,
And he will bring Your kiss to me.
"XAtcWcwy T&xtvacts, Sec.
Variety's the very spice of life,
That gives it all its flavor.
women looking witn wisniui eyes to- bats of the Roman Gladiators, is publish-
wards the basket. In the impulse oi I . f. Rf15tnr nf t. , nmlnn T :tpvnrv
the moment I took it. and offered them . r . , r1
to his wife, and then to the rest, who! 1 ' .
all refused : and. though thev did not JUUB wolik' wmtI, I,c AS
dare to take any themselves, yet they denlly written by a hand of the finer order, tU(le with noisy acclamations, in token,
pressed me to eat, and seemed aston- antl ls a production oi classical intern- j supposed, ol the approbation where-
ished when, on account of their dirt, gencc. The scene is of the same kind with the feats of some former festival
I only took one bunch. I kept the with the tournament in Ivanhoe, and had deserved to be remembered. On
grapes in my hands for some time, be-1 there arc many passages in these volumes the appearance of others, groans and
lore I could muster resolution to eat which would not disparage the irrcat un- nisses were heard trom some parts of
them. I becran at last, one bv one, I, i,;.if . .unu
trying to wipe them in an handker- 4, ,. , . ,
JO I - I 1 r o nthnp nirfc ix h 1 li r irk nit mnct
chief without their perceiving it ; but , ,
I was mistaken, for their eyes were " w ' "
fixed upon me verv closely. An old "Such was the enormous crowd of this, being in all likelihood the first
woman saw what I was doing, and ran human beings, high and low, assem- alas ! who could tell whether it
and fetched me a burdock of water, bled therein, that when any motion micrht not also be the last day of their
I did not ask for water at first, as I went through their assembly, the noise sharing in that fearful exhibition."
was afraid to do any thing to offend of the rising up or sitting down could Their masters paired them shortly,
them. be likened to nothing, except, perhaps, and in succession thev becan to make
"I now gave my little present of the far-off sullen roaring ot the illimi- proof of their fatal skill. At first,
beads and a looking glass, which con- table sea, or the "rushing of a great Scythian was matched against Scvth-
tained a drawer. The beads pleased night wind amongst the boughs of a han Greek against Greek Ethioo-
them, and the glass, being the largest forest. It was the first time that I kan against. Ethiopian Spaniard a-
thev had ever seen, and made to stand had seen a peopled amphitheatre, nay, o-ainst Spaniard ; and I saw the sand
by itself, was to them a matter of as- it was the first time that I had ever dyed beneath their feet with bjood ! ing time upon the benches before them,
lonishment. lo describe the tricks seen any very great multitude ot men streaming from the wounds of kindred others lightlv joining their voices in
unison with the proud notes ot the
trumpets and clarions."
-rr cccctt
" Armce with its intelligence, man rc-
duces to system the extended movements
of the universe, reduces to order the erra
tic marches of the planets, brings to mea
surement their distances, their magni
tude, their density, their velocity ; ex
plains their apparent irregularities and
eccentricities, calculates and determines
the all pervading power of gravitation?
numbers the stars in the firmament, and
metes out the limits of the constellation.
u The mathematics give to geography
its precision, and of course all its value ;
they point out to the mariner his track
on the pathless ocean, to the traveller his
road through the untrodden wilderness,
buzz of talking as universal as the si-
lence had been during the combat ;
some speaking of it, and paying and
receiving money lost and won upon its
issue ; some already laughing merrily,
and discoursing concerning other mat
ters, even as if nothing uncommon had
been witnessed ; while others again ap
peared to be entirely occupied with the
martial music which ever struck up
majestically at such pauses in the cour
ses of the cruel exhibition ; some beat-
the women pi lyed with it, tearing it assembled together, within any labric hands. 15ut these combats, although
from each other, and setting it in any of human erection ; so that you cannot abundantly bloody and terrible, were
way but the right, would be thought a doubt there was, in the scene before regarded only as preludes to the seri
caricature. I at first attempted to me, enough to impress my mind with Gus business of the day, which con-
show them the right way to use it, but a very serious leeling or astonishment sisted of duels between European on
there is no other method with those not to say of veneration. Not less the one side, and Africans on the oth
womcn than letting them have their than eighty thousand human beings, er ; wherein it was the well nieh in-
own way: and l ueiicve it is pretty ior sucn tney toiu me was tne stupen- transgressible law of the Amphithea-
well so in more civilized countries, or dous capacity of the building,) were tre, that at least one out of every pair
I am much mistaken. When the there met together. Such a multitude of combatants should die on the arena
wife perceived they had got the glass can no where be regarded, without in- before the eves of the multitude.
out of its frame, she put it in a little spiring a certain indefinable sense of Instead of shrinking from the more
i i i i . .t.ii il . i r 11 i I. e
room, and lociced it up witn the beads, majesty; least oi an, wnen congrega- desperate brutalities of these latter
" On the man comincr in. thev becran tecl within the wide sweep of such a conflicts, the almost certaintv of their
to prepare for cooking the dinner for glorious edifice as this, and surrounded fatal termination seemed only to make
the Aga, which consisted of a dish of on all sides with every circumstance of the assembly gaze on them with a
ornament and spicnaour, neiuting an more intense curiosity, and a more in
everlasting monument of Human vie- human measure of delight. Methinks
tones, the munihcence ot Koman prin- I feel as if it were but of vesterday,
13amia, boiled in mutton broth, pour
ed over bread, with a little mutton, and
some mince'd meat, mixed up with
rice into balls : what other ingredients
might be mixed shall by me be name
less : the cleanliness of this preparation
I have not eloquence to describe ; the
horror I felt at the idea that I should
ccs,-and the imperial luxury of uni- when sickened with the protracted to the miner his route in his subterranean
versal Rome. Judge then, with what terrors of -i rnnflirf thnt ormrA ;f journey. Many of the arts of civil life,
eyes of wonder all this was surveyed it were never to have an end, although architecture, civil, naval and hydraulic,
by me, who had but yesterday, as it both the combatants were already co- fortification surveying navigation, de
were, emerged from the solitary still- vered all over with hideous rashes Pnd erxc uslveI; ?n thel,r assistance, and
ness of a British valWu hn J .,. T I! ,j I Ji i J, 1 1 . most of thc machinery that gives to man
er is lormeci ana
it ii i. .. .t
i.frpx, xsuuia, anu sjna.1 r.ngusn stomacn couid reconcile at ; -uai"u an my me iu tuusiucr as clasped my Hands upon my eyes, to guided by their principles. Without
u Having heard so much of Turks that moment. They brought me all:ai"5 the most impressive human save them from the torture of eazinir fheir aid, society itself, like some necrlect-
. .1 . I. ... . r. . . I a. I 1 1 i I. - -l " . "
and Arabs, I took tne opportunity, the dishes betore they took them out "aucb, uir usuiu passage oi a iew thereon farther. 7 ed column, or tower, like Palmyra or
scores ot legionaries, through some "At that instant all were silent, in Babylon, would moulder into ruin.'
uarK auey or a wooa, or awe-struck the rnnhmnlnt nn f the hrntVilcC dr. elliott.
village of barbarians. Trajan himself strife ; insomuch, that a groan, the first
,,U3 dUtau) jiitatiit, uut iu nu wise, that had escaped Irom either ol the THOU MUST DIE.
except irom tne canopy oyer his ivory combatants, although low and luxuri- When we bring to mind this awful
u,Jir wuc uisimguisiiea irom tne otn- ant, and hall suppressed, sounded, ouite sentence, which has been nassed unon
while in Egypt, to observe the manners to the Aga, and Mr. B. was to dine
of women in that country. On our with him. The first was thc bamia,
arrival at Assouan, I went to visit the which I refused, but I took a piece of
women ot the Aga ol that place. I the boiled mutton, as being thc clean
was met at the door by himself, his est, with some bread : that would not
wife, his sister, her husband, two young
children, three old women, uglier than
ISlacbwth's witches, and an old negro
slave. I entered into a small vard,
and a deal chair was brought me. The
Aga went out, and the women then
stood round me, while the husband of
Aga's sister made coffee and prepared
a pipe, which he presented me, not al
lowing the women to touch it. He
durst not trust them with any thing, as
he knew of their monkeyish tricks
whenever he turned his back. He
seemed to pride himself much on his
great knowledge of the "world, by cor
recting the rough curiosity of the wo
men, when they attempted to examine
my dress too rudely.
" I made a sign I wished them to
sit down, and in particular that the
wife should take coffee with me, but
he treated them verv harshly, made me
understand that cofft e would be too
good for them and said water was good
enough ; atthesameiimeheheldthecof-fee-pot,
pressing me to drink more : on
my refusing, he locked it up in a small
room, that the women might not drink
it. 15v this time I had been so much
among the women in Egypt, and com
pelled to smoke, that I could easily fin
ish my half pipe, rafter having smo
ked for ;ome time I laid it down ; one
of th: .omcn took it up and began to
smoke : on seeing such a horrid profa
nation, be took it from her with vio
lence, antl was going to bct her, which
I naturally prevented. He filled it
do, the wife took some of the minced
meat and rice in her hands, and insist
ed on my eating it, making me under
stand it was the best. At last all was
carried to the Aga. I was then serv
ed with the customary cofTec and pipe.
1 he house, or rather stable, consisted
of four walls, which had thc sky for
its ceiling, inclosing two small rooms,
one in which thc Aga used to keep
the treasure locked, such as coffee, coffee-cups,
tobacco, ccc. ; the other was
thc wife's, and contained all their great
wardrobe, besides bread, onions, flour,
dhourra, oil, and many other things of
the kind. The furniture consisted of
water jars, sieves to clean the corn and
sift thc Hour, a few earthern pots to
cook in, some wooden bowls to eat
out of, an oven, and some burdock for
cooling water, a small coffee-pot, and
old mats to lie on. I took my leave,
giving the children and women a small
present of money, promising to call
and see them on my return. Next
morning another wife of the Aga sent
me word that she should be glad to
see me. I felt little inclination to go,
but, not wishing to make anv distinc
tion between thern, I went, and found
to my surprise, a very pretty young
woman. She lived next door to the
other, who got upon the wall to see
what passed between us. She had no
coffee to give me, but instead present
ed me with some dates and dhourra
in grain. She seemed much afraid ol
the ether wife. Though pretty in my
er consul that sate over against him." distinctly amid the deep hush of the every creature inhabiting this ball of
1 he proclamation being repeated a assembly, and being constrained there- earth, how insignificant appear these
second time, a door on' the right hand by to turn my eyes once more down- low pursuits which agitate the toiling
or the arena was laid open, and a sin- wards, I beheld that, at length, one of race of men. He who has been for a
gle trumpet sounded, as it seemed to the two had received the sword of his series of years building airy castles, and
me, inuurniuuy, wnue me giaaiators auversary quite tnrougn nis body, and preparing tor tuture years ot enjoy-
1'i.uuicu in wun siow steps, eacn man nau suiik oeiore mm upon tne sanu. j. ment
who has been fillintr his barns
na.ced, except being girt with a cloth beautiful young man was he that had with plenty and stores with abundance ;
about his loins bearing on his left arm received this harm, with fair hair, clus- how is he astonished, when to him
a small buckler, and having a short tercd in glossy ringlets upon his neck is sent this awful summons ! His
straight sword suspended by a cord a- and brows; but the sickness of his proud projects vanish into emptiness,
round his neck. They marched, as I wound was already visible on his droo- and more worthless than chaff appear
have said, slowly and steadily ; so that ping eye-lids, and his lips were pale as those vast regions of grandeur which
the whole assembly had full leisure to if the blood had rushed from them to had called forth all the energies of his
contemplate the forms of a man ; while the untimely outlet. Nevertheless, mind. Not so the Christian, who
those w ho were, or wht imagined thc Moorish gladiator who had fought Has made the statutes of the Lord
themselves, skilled in thc business of with him, had drawn forth again his His 'study and delight."
the arena; were fixing, in their own weapon and stood there, awaiting in To him death comes not unlooked for ;
minds, on such as they thought most silence the decision of the multitude, he knows it is the lot of our frail na-
likely to be victorious, and laying wa- whether at once to slay the defenceless ture, and he rejoices in it as the road
ges concerning their chances of sue- youth, or to assist in removing him to blessedness. Sustained by the hope
cess, with as much unconcern as if they from the arena, if perchance the blood of glory, he sinks not under the ren-
had been contemplating so many irra- might be stopped from flowing, and dings of pain the agonies of disease
tionai animals, cr rattier, indeed, I some hope ot recovery yet extended to are considered as tne price or nis
should say, so many senseless pieces him. Hereupon there arose, on the passport to a happier state ; and, re-
ot ingenious mechanism. the wide instant, aloud voice of contention ; and j signed he receives tne cup oi ainicuon.
diversity of complexion and feature it seemed to me as if the wounded The death of the Christian :s the re
exhibited among these devoted athlets, man regarded the multitude with a vival of faith. Those who stand at
afforded at once a majestic idea of the proud, and withal a contemptuous
extent ot the Kcman empire, and a ter- glance, being aware, without question,
rible one of the purposes to which that that he had executed all things so as to
wide sway had too often been made deserve their compassion, but aware,
subservient. The beautiful Greek, moreover, that even had that been free
with a countenance of noble serenity, ly vouchsafed to him, it was too late
and limbs, after which the sculptois of for any hope of safety. But the cruel
ly3 country might have modeled their ty of their faces, it' may be, and the
god-like symbols of graceful power, loudness of their cries, were a sorrow
the bedside who behold him throw
off the shackles of mortality, his coun
tenance beaming with heavenly smiles,
and his lips uttering praise must
surely be convinced that he has follow
ed ho "cunningly devised fables"
and even skeptics must be induced to
wish, that their latter end might be
like his.

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