stances it is impossible even to designate their foundations The roofs of houses, large house logs, furniture of every de scription, were carried a considerable dis tance and scattered over the country. In short, this tremendous gale, -which, ac companied as it was with rain, hail, thun der and lightning, was attended with all the alarming and destructive consequen ces which churacletize the most furious tornados in level countries, and a low southern latitude. It happened in the dead of night, while animated nature was sunk in slumber and forgetfulness, and although a great num ber of dwelling houses were destroyed by its fury, we have not heard of the loss of any lives. A great number of persons, i i . i . . inuccu aiinosi every muiviuuai in the pros trated houses, was very severely bruised and wounded, but by the care of a kind 2)rovidence, who rides in the tempest and directs tne storm, they have escaped with tneir lives. liepublican. FRESH. aucusta, ArniL 22 Contrary to ex pectation, all the mails, excepting those on the Athens, Petersburg and Milledge- ville routes, came throucrh. We refer our readers to the Meteorological Table for an account of the quantity of rain which has fallen within the past week ; and will only observe it has been so im mense as to make the town quite insula ted. Savannah river seems to have all the fullness of spring-time within it; and looks like an angry god in pursuit of his stolen Naiad. The greatest height, on Saturday, as we understand from Mr. Sharp, was 25 feet above the ordinary level of a boatable river; being somewhat lower than it was during the Yazoo Fresh, and about four inches higher than the flood in Christmas week. The fresh overtook a private boat con taining five or six hundred bales of cot ton, and carried it against a point, the boat sunk, and a negro was drowned. MURDER. It becomes our painful duty to record one of the most wilful murders lately committed in the western country. We at first, wished to doubt the report, but we Virvf lfn rrvrrrrtlv informed, that on Thnr.rl.v Inst, a minrrp.l took nkire foe-! casioned by some previous misunder- standing of a trivial nature between a Mr. Andrew Cummings and Enos M' Daniel, in the neighbourhood of Silas .Meeting House, of Bourbon county, which, apparently, was settled, and the parties restored to friendship. After some lapse of time, Cummings took his opportunity, and seizing a hand spike, (a large stick which lay by,) gave M'Daniels several blows on the head, at the same time saying, " for fear the first won't do, I will give you another." Daniel-expired on the same evening. The authority having failed to do their duty, Cummings -was suffered to go at liberty until M 'Dan iel's death, and afterwards made his es cape. The villain has since been pursu ed, but we have not yet learned whether he is taken or not. Kentucky Orbit. An amusing occuircncc happened in this town and its neighborhood, the other dav. Four fellow- belonging to the pe culiar caste o gentlemen, vulgarly known as va?abonds, weic taken.up by our vigi i,nt Mnrslnl : but as it was aDDrchendcd 1 that their detention in gaol might be more j productive of exoense to the Corporation than 01 ocneuc - promise was made on the condition of ; their crossing the Bridge. They, howev er, no sooner put feet on the South Cro- r lin.T shore, than the inhabitants ot Ham burg again laid hold of them ; coupled the unfortunate devils, and drove them back to Augusta, u two by two, one after anoth er," with a drum rolling behind them : Where they have g-onc ; and how they fare ; " Very few know : and very few care." Augusta Chronic le9 25th trtt. "HAIR BREADTH ESCAPE." From the Detroit Gazette. Not long since, a son of Mr. Chipman, of Oakland, being in the woods with his dog, he saw a striped squirrel run into a small hollow log, and perceiving that the hollow extended through the log, he pla ced the dog at one end to catch the squir rel which he should drive out by trust ing a stick into the other end. The dog anticipating game, stood with his jaws ex tended over the poor squirrel's only re ireat, who now feeling the necessity of avoiding the contact of the intrusive pole, made a sortie, with such a desperate vig or and velocity, as actually to escape the fangs of his terrible enemy, and effect a lodgment in his very throat, who imme diately threw himself upon the ground in all the agonies of strangulation. The boy seeing his dog in apparent agony, ran to his aid, and immediately perceived the cause without hesitation he put his hand into the dog's mouth and seized the squir rel by the tail, who dreading. to pass the terrible jaws, tenaciously maintained him self in his position, and actually parted with his brush, to maintain his lodgment the boy, however, made a second at tempt, in which he succeeded in seizing the squirrel by his hind leg, drew him forth, and threw him upon the ground the little animal, before his enemy could recover siifficiently to revenge the iiarm he hail received by the lone: retention of so rare and indigestible a mouthful, escaped into a tree, ana lor aught vc know, is now chattering to his nut crackine: progeny his u hair breadth escape in the imminent SALISBURY r TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1S2J. The last accounts from Washington left Congress very busy. As their time drerj nigh, they appeared to be in quite a bustle to make preparations for their de parture. They have done with the busi ness of the nation, as most of us do with more serious concerns, put it off till the last moment ; when, if done at all, it must be done in a hurry. Economy, towards the close of the session, was becoming very fashionable with some members, who no doubt expect to ride glibly on it into popular favor. A bill was introdu ced, and warmly supported, to reduce the pay of members of Congress from eight to six dollars per day, and six dollars for every twentv miles travel ; but some members were so perverse as to believe, that if a postponement of it could be ob tained till the next session of Congress, it would die a natural death because, be fore that pciiod arrives, the elections to the Eighteenth Congress will have been made, and the necessity ceased. But we can look upon this insinuation in ho oth- er iisrtu than as slander direct on Ur. Hardin, who reported the bill : his mo tive was :zire ; it was to save the people s money ; and the only thing we complain of is, that he did not go farther, and save cthe expense of legislation, by compell ing members to serve for nothing, and find themselves. This would save annu- ally a round sum to the people, and like wise remove all danger of corruption ; for those who would be willing to serve the uoile for nothing, would be too high minded and honorable to accept a bribe from the Executive. The news from Europe, in this week's paper, is of a warlike cast. The accounts concerning Russia and Turkey, are con tradictory ; but on a comparison of the whole, and giving each its due weight of probability, if any conclusion at all can be drawn, it must be, that the cross and the crescent will soon meet on the hostile I was left to " go down amid the roar of field, if they have not already. In such the waters," beholding, for a few moments an event, without entering at all into the of aRon' his onl' hoPe t)f refuge darting . v r c 4l 4. 'like a meteor from him. I can conceive views, or caung lor the tears, 01 the other j rr , , , , 7 1 of few situations more terrible than this ; European cabinets, we say, "God speed j and jt was rcndercd even more distress the right.' ing from the circumstance of the wife of A British paper, speaking of Erance,!th'e unfortunate man being on board!" says : Make the best of it, France is ! Th Legislature of the state of New- 111 a CI t nucai Miiwuoii. 1 ne irum ? critical situation. 1 nc trutn of this is evident from the accounts re-! reived by the late arrivals. The meas- Urcs of the ultras, of the emigrant fac . tion, as the rrench term n, arc not such as are calculated to sooth, or to settle the people of France down into a forgetful ness of the past, and a quiet acquiescence in the piescnt order of things : very far from it. They are of a most dangerous character, arc totally inconsistent with the stability of the 13ourborn dynasty ; and must have their origin, we think, cither in ignorance of the French nation, and its eventful history for the last thirty years nr of human nature. The Prr. thr great moral luminary of the world, is to be hurled from its glorious destiny, and its light shrouded beneath the dark mantle of despotism ; all the avenues to knowl edge arc to be closed up from the people ; the darkness of the middle ages must set tle on France : all this must be done, it seems, not that the Bourbons may reign, for by a wise policy they might easily perpetuate their power, but, that they may be tyrants. That the Bourbons wish thus to degrade France, facts sufficiently show. 1 heir repeated attacks on the free dom of the Press, until they have finally frittered it away to a mere shadow, und a late royal edict, directed to the professors of Ethics, Public Law, Political Econo my, &c. at the Lyceum, Athcncum, Sec. " ordering them either to discontinue thtir lectures, or to give them in EATIX I" speak no equivocal language. Such high handed, outrageous measures ; such go thic attacks on science, and letters, and the arts, cannot, it appears to us, be endured- But it is a part of our political creed to let every nation manage its own afTairs, and choose whatever form of government it pleases ; and if the French are satisfi ed with their present government, and its measures, so are we. Unless they are anxious for a change, we certainly arc not. In England things go on pretty much as usual, grumbling among all classes, except the privileged, and but a partial relief to any. Ireland presents a scene of distress which must convey a pang to every sympathetic bosom. The condition of the Irish peasants, maugre all the boast of English freedom, is far inferior to that of most of our slaves. The latter are out by permission, till nine o'clock at night, have good huts, food, and clothing : the for mer, if caught outside of their mud-wall ed cabins between the hours of sun-down and sun-rise, arc liable to be transported for seven years, to be torn from their friends, and their country, (which even to them is dear!) and sent to Botany Bay ! This is English liberty, contrasted with Imerican slavery ! FROM THE COAST OF AFRICA. By the schooner Dolphin, arrived at Charleston, files of the Siena Leone Cla zette to the 24th of February have been received. We are sorry to find that they confirm the verbal reports brought by the same vessel, that the slaxe trade is still carried on to a shameful extent on the windward coast of Africa. We learn from Capt. Pearson, who came home in the schooner Dolphin, that the American Colonists were comfortably settled at Cape Messurado, and were high ly pleased with their prospects. Thev found the climate healthy and the soil fertile, and their wish was that their breth ren generally in the United States would embrace the first opportunity to come and settle with them. Courier. MELANCHOLY. Extract of a letter from an American resident in Liverpool, to a friend in New-York, dated loth of Jan. 1822. u Having written thus far, it being Sun day afternoon, and a fine westerly wind, I walked to the pier head, and had the pica sure to see the Warren come up from Philadelphia. She had a most tempestu- 1 . r ous passage, ana lost tne nrst irate over- board ; they were scuddimr in a eale of wind at the time, when a sea swept the decks and cairied him off in an instant he was seen on the second wave as high as the top gallant mast, his whole breast above water, straining every nerve for life ; in another moment he was lost to them forever ! The ship was going with great rapidity, though almost buried in the waves ; to have put her about would have been certain destruction to them all he York adiournedon Wednesday last. 1're- vious to the adjournment, at a meeting of a numberof citizens, members oi the Iegis lature, and others, friendly to the existing administration of the state, it was agreed to nominate Governor Clinton and Lieut. Governor Tayler for re-election to the of fices they now hold. On application to them, in due form, to consent to serve, they both positively declined. So, for the present, the field is free for Messrs. Yates and Root. The government of the City of Boston is at length organized. John Phillips was elected Mayor on the 1 7th instant, almost without opposition, the names of Mr. Otis and Mr. Quincy, having both been withdrawn. Connecticut. Gov. Wolcott and Lieut. i Gov. Incrersol have been re-elected to their respective offices with but little op position. National Intelligencer. Extract cf a letter fre-n 'Washington of 2Tth " William P. Duval, of Kentucky, is appointed Governor of Florida, and we hear that John Branch, of North Carolina, and Joseph L. Smith, of Connecticut, late colonel in the army, are nominated Judges; George Walton. Secretary; W. G. D. Worthington and G. Forbes, Mar shals ; and Alexander Hamilton and Trip let' B. Harrison, District Attorneys. The territory is divided into two districts, the , Eastern and Western. The judges, mar shals and attorneys have reference to these divisions. NEW PRINTING PRESS. Mr. Daniel Xeall, an ingenious mechan ic of Bcnsalem township, Bticks county, Pa. has constructed a printing press, on a plan different from those in use, and has sent on a specification cf his improve ment to Washington, with a view of ob taining a patent. On this principle press es may be made either tingle or dou ble ; the single to be small and cheap, for job work, and tp print one side at' a time ; the double to be composed cf two bed 2 and two platens ranged in a line, and to give the impression from two forms bv one pull of the lever. ; The person working the press, puts the paper on, the press turns it, and when printed on both sides, lays it snugly otF." He terms his invention, the Vertical Press. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. A law was passed by the legislature of N. York during its late session, which promises to be of great utility to the com merce of that city. The operations of this law, (as we learn from the National Advocate,) are very simple : Men of prop erty have heretofore declined entering in to co-partnership in trade for fear of in volving their whole fortune by this act a man may become a partner in a house by depositing a certain sum, and if the house fails for any amount, he can lose no more than the sum originally deposi ted. Thus fathers, to a certain extent, may assist their children, and enterpris ing young men may obtain the name and funds of a respectable person, without in curring unknown or undefinable risks, and money is thus circulated in trade. f Halt. Amer. Raising the Hind. The Postmaster General in a report to Congress, has sug gested the doubling of postage on Xeus papers, the payment of that postage at the . office where the papers are mailed, and a prohibition of the Jree exchanges between printers, as means to increase the revenue of the United States. These proposed methods of raising- the Kvind seem to have raised a breeze which may possibly cap-size the report and its author. Galascy. mi rrrini AGR1CFX ITRAL. Trom the Messenger of Peace, a German paper, published at Northampton, Penn. To protect J'ruit trees nvhen in biossojn from the frost. A gentleman of Rienen herg, near Prague, has discovered a me thod of protecting fruit trees when in blossom, Irom the operation of the frost, which frequently in the spring destroys the finest prospect of a fruitful harvest. His plan is very simple. Round the trunk of the tree he wraps a rope of straw, one end of which with a stone fastened to it ; is conducted into a vessel which is ; nIIed w spring water, and placed at a tium distance irom tne tree, une ves- l'a! l ill one iirrt 4on c ftt-ni'-i I f r a m a I It a j i ai.iai .i mc j tPs of strau' mY bc extended so as to 1 cncircie sevciui, uciwic us cnu is piaceu in the water. The vessel must be placed in an open space, where it will not be shadowed by any branches of the tree. This precau tion is particularly to be attended to, in I regard to those trees the blossoms of which appear nearly at the same time as the leaves, they being most likely to suf fer from the frost. .MARRIED, In Concord, on Thursday, the 3d inst. by the Rev. Samuel Caldwell, Mr. Alfred 7hm's, of Mecklenburg- county, to Miss Martha Pritchet, of Virrnnia. DIED, In this town, on the 6th instant, Peter .Moore, ag-ed 48, of Richmond county, Va. I le had been to the south, and had got this far on his return home, when the hand of death arrested him. The gentleman who accompanied him to this place, omitted nothing which might conduce to his restoration to health, or to alleviate the pains of that disease which the power of medicine was found inadequate to contend with. OCj The editors of the Richmond Enquirer are requested to insert in their paper the above notice. In Cabarrus county, on the 2StIi instant, Rob. a t Cochran, in the 83d year of his age. He was a respectable member of society, and a ruling elder in the Sceeder Church. OF the Students of the Salisbury Academies, will commence on Tuesday, the 4th, and close on Friday, the 6th of June. Parents and guardians are rcspectfullv invited to attend. 1 IIOS. L. CO WAX, Secretary. 14, 182?. Notice. "FIXDIXG it necessary to close my business fe in this count-, I hope my customers will be ahle to settle their accounts shortly, as I cannot acrain commence until that is done. ALFKED VAXXEUSOX. Concord, 6th .May, 1822. lwr "ITfENT away, on the night of the 23th nit. T ? from the subscriber, near Charlotte, Meck lenburg" county, N. C. a negro man by the name of PEYION--cf a dark complexion, rather spare made, about six feet high, thirty-three or lour years of age ; when spoken to he speaks quick and rather abruptly ; I believe he is defec tive in one of his arms, so that lie cannot easily raise it above his head. He had when he left me a very g-ood great coatcf drab colored tlui ing, a pretty g-ood wool hat, a new ami targe pair of yellow colored cotton pjntaIror.s, and some other indifferent clothing, 110 cose bodied coat. It is probable 1 vil1 n,ake to wards Richmond, Va. where I purchased him last fall. I will give the above reward to any person who will apprehend and secure the said fellow and give information so that I get him again. , BENJAMIN JOHNSON. misers .Will, Atril2t 1822. 3wtl03r 1?vcsv Goods JUST opening' and for sale, at the Store of the subscriber, viz : Illue and black Broadcloth, very cheap; do. common, various colors; Cassi meres, or" ditTerent colors ; black and colored Canton Crapes ; Bombazettes and black Velvets; Silks, and Silk Shawls, of ever)' description ; Cambric and Robes, for ladies dresses ; -Domestic Cloth, of the best quality ; Hats, Bonnets, and Shoes, a complete assortment ; besides numer ous other articles. .l:so, Powder, shot, and lead; .'best gunpowder tea, and chocolate; Writing Paper and School Rooks, Sec. Sec. Sec. In addition to the above, a good supnlv of GROCERIES, Zfc. such as brown and loaf Su gar, Col'ee, and Pepper; Copperas: Dutch and English Scythes; patent hoes; ILird-IVure, erf various kinds; J)f and Ch:j:a JVcre, &.c. All of which will be sold vcrv low for cash. GEORGE MILLER. Salisbury, April S, 1823 96tf AO TICK. BV a decree of the Court of Equity, made at April term, 1822, I will expose to Public day, the lUth of June next, lots No. 17 and 18, in the great north square of the town of Salis bury, on which there are improvements ; and lots No. 25, 37, and 38, in said town, unimpro ved. AL-n), two tracts or parcels of land, lying and being in the county of ltowan, to wit : one of three hundred acres, Ivir.g on the waters of Flat Swamp Creek, and one of a hundred acres, lying on the top of a mountain, called little mountain, near to the Flat Swamp Springs, be longing to the heirs at law of Evan Alexander, deceased. A credit of twelve and eighteen months will be given. Rrjnds, with approved securities, w ill be required. G 1 : 0. LO C K E, C. .M. E. fyrilSO, 1822. 4wt 104 SMITH & WRIGHT IB EG leave to inform their friends and tli pub a P lie, that they have made an establ-srncnt in. the above business at Newark, New-Jersey, eight miles from New-York, w here they have constant ly on hand, of their own manufacture, an exten sive assortment of SADDLES ZJ Iit IDLES, Of all kinds, Harness, Trunks, '"ips, and Spurs Also, Skirting Leather; Bridle and Harness do.; Hog Skins ; Siieep, Calf, and Morocco do.; Saddle Trees, and Saddlery Ware, oJ every de scription. Merchants that are on f the North, and deal in the articles, will find it to t'ie'.r inter est to call and examine. Orders w Hl ' c care fully executed, and goods sent to any part ot'lhe United States. They respectfully solicit a share, of the public patronage. V?-rfr, .If arch 2o', 1822. Gwtl02 To h&e'Uvive's, lO Iw the purpose of building a Male and Fe U. male Academy in Charlotte, N. C. Propo sals will be received by either of the undersign ed, until the last Wednesday in May, for making" and delivering" at the place of building, an soon as practicable, two hundred thousand well made and burnt brick, of the usual size. Persons making proposals will say how soon they will undertake to deliver the brick. JOHN IRWIN. ROB T. i. DIN KiNS, 4wtl03 WM. DAVIDSON. CD The Trustees of the Charlotte Mai - and Female Academy are notified to meet at Char lotte on the last Wednesday in May. ISO UoYfcres TTT'lLL be given for apprehending- a:vi deliv ? t t ering" to the subscribers FOUR NEGRO MEN, (who left their owners on last evenir.g for no other reason than to endeavor to rcac" somes state w here they w ill be free men,) iz : Robin, Jacob, Julius and Rixon, (who perhaps may be in company with several others.) Robm is ;!out 25 years of ag-c, dark complexion, heavy built, a likely active waiting man, and a g-ood wagon er an honest, faithful servant, one who never had his back marked with a whip ; in a word, we had all confidence in him. He has a large scar across one of his hands and fingers from the cut of a cotton machine. Jacob is a black fel low, about 45 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 10 in ches h'gh, stoop'd shoulders, grey head and larger whiskers: lie is an old 'offender. Julius is about 35 or 40 years of age, vellow complex ion, a little above the middle size, likely, active, smart fellow, can read and perhaps write. Rix on, belonging to James Harris, of York District, S. C. is about 35 years old, stout made, but low er than the common size of negroes; is of a black complexion, speaks slow, and has a down look when spoken to. He was brought from the eastern shore in Maryland, by Mr. Springs, 15 years ago, and sold to J. Harris. He took with him a drab great-coat, a suit of brown broad-cloth, all new, two spotted vests, two pair white pantaloons, three pair of shoes, three neck-cloths, a white hat, and upwards cf 20 in cash. No doubt they (with all in their compa ny) will make the best of their way either on the route leading" to the north or west, perhaps the latter. The above reward, or one quarter, for cither, will be paid on their" being appre hended or secured, so that we get t! em. Wc expect their route will be by the way of Wilkcs borough. Any communication respecting the ! above negroes, or either 6f them, can be made to Robert Dmkins, Charlotte, N. O. JAMES I) INK INS, FREDERICK DINK1NS, JAMES HARRIS. .MecXmhur? Co. V. C. April 29, 1822. f wtl 05 AN AWAY from the subscriber, r.r-bar- .- lotte. on Sunnav mgnx, uic cu" "- " NEGROES, viz: Tom, Tone, - 1 it . 7 - . and Washing- X - ton. Tom Is about 55 vear1' modest and '17,11 is .-ibout 15 years old, dark colored. cute. and out mouthed, rob is not quite so dark, but thick made, andPPrs stubborn. "Washington is about 1 0 -ears 010, ana aown-casi :ook. i uiu took v. ita liim a pair of buck-skin trow sets, and a d--ib great-coat. The boys had one mixed, coat, and one of red and blue homespun ; two pair of new shoes, two new wool hats, and two or three pair of oiher shoes. The' also took with them one rifle gun, without a boy, and a half stocked shot gun, and screw -driver, with a buck-horn handle. To any person that will ap prehend the above negroes and lo.lge them in any jail so that I get them again, I will pay Forty Dollars; or twenty dollars for Tom rd .e, aud ten dollars for Tone, and five dollars for each oi the boys. ZEN AS ALEXANDER. JWecklenbnrz Co. JV. C. Jlhvil 29. 1 822. ? t 102r ' - i W 1 ''

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