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NO. IO&.
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. white.
T I M :
The subscription to the U'r.sTr.nsCHntmi!i
is Three DAhir per annum, payable half-yearly
n advance
CCj" So paper will be discontinued until all
arrearages are paid, unle ss at tlie discretion of
the Editors ; and any subscriber failing to give
notice of his wish "to discontinue nt the end of a
year, will be considered as wishing- to continue
the paper, which will be sent accordingly.
Whoever v ill become responsible fur the
payment of nine papers, shall receive a tenth
AnvEHTisEMEtr will be inserted on the rui.
tomury terms. .Persons st tiding in Adver
tiscments, must specify the number of times they
wi-.Ii them inserted, or they w ill bo continued tilj
ordered out, and charged accord' ngly.
No advertisement inserted utril it has been
paid for, or its pa3"ment assumed by some person
in this town, or its vicinity.
Cj.V.11 letters to the editors must be post-paid
.r they wiil not be attended to.
fTUfi: subscriber, wuhincr to remove to the
i v. .stern country, will oifer far sale, at pub
he vendue, on Tuesday, the 16th of July next,
that valuable tract of land in Burke county,
whereon he now lives, containing1 I Out) acres, sit
uated 12 miles from Moranton, on the main
road leading- from tlie latter place across the
Lnvi!!eand Yellow Mountains to Jonesborough
in" E. Tennessee. There is a good dwelling
house with an enclosed yard and iardcn, a barn,
stabler cribs ne,ro cabins, and other out-houses,
ail in tfood repair. Th:i tract 1 ii?r on J.ynville
river affords a large proportion tf flat land, a
Bufliciencv of which is cleared an I underwood
fenr. ; the soil being fertile, w ill easily afford
the means of still further improvement ; it is w ell
adapted to the culture of wheat, rye, corn, bar
ley, oas, he. This farm also aff ords a good dis
tiller., is well w atered, and abounds with exccl-
i . . . . : . - a n tt.wt ".-m K.tlf1fc ttif shim.
icm hk -.. - r . .
dant prtKluetsot U l f Vflt
vantage i in ; nnniiuiiii i.t'-nivm.- 1 - i i . s i . 1 i,,- ,,.
mer Zn In shor, its local advantages are Ming been t;n, d w nh. ,t .s "nkixd
Stat These, together with the uncommon sa- court that pub.c.tu.n fe male three month, a
frf of its situation make it a sirahjc "tt
at for a country resulence Jf'J Court, to he hell fo-the county of Rowan, to
vrdl be made ay asy aM g ng e cr ; , u . h(
reasonable mdulgence to the pun CK parte. l ea t is t,nv en to the petitioner to ex
The sub,r.ber, as agent, wul also otter f r I F J ' . - -A ol:ce to thc
oi twelve
months all the lavishing in the coun.) of I.urke
helon -inir to the estate of Col. Jchn
deceased, iz : One tract of land, including sev
eral survevs, Iving on the w aters of I'add
Creek, and containing Vf) acres, more or less;
m hereon there is a good Grist Mil!, well suppli
ed with custom. It consists rf uplands of a
pretty g-ool quality, is well timbered, and will
udrtilt of sev . ral se'ttlement. It will be sold al
together, or in parcels, as may hi st suit the pur
chasers. Also, several other tracts situat d in
'difle-ent parts of the mountains, and valuable on
liccotmt of the range. Iknd, w ith approved se
curity, will he required in a!J cases. Thc terms
will he more fully made known on the day of
tale, when due attendance will hi given on the
1, remises, bv the subscriber.
WM. M'C.IMSEV, .Ifrnt
f',r the If in of CA. J. U'(i:mt r, d- e'd.
McrranU,nt .IpHl'lo, liJl 12 wlWJ
N'. It. Anv person wishing to purchase pri
vate! v, can do so by appHingany time before
the day of sale.
V Y V V V .lt v Yt aYYUt Yt .
3 f 11HH subscriber respectfully informs
t;r l I the citizens of Sahiburv and the
'.. :.!' accr.t country, that he has removed
from his late residence on the north s:de of the
Yadkin river, on the main road leading from ; for divorce. It appearing- o the satisfaction of
Sal. m to Danville, 1.5 miles from Salisbury, and ' the court, that the dcfcndai t in tfiis case resides
l as t.tketi the house formetlv occ lpied by Capt. without the lirr.its of the sta'e, it is therefore or
Ja. Krider, in town, on M.un street, a few doors tiered, that publication n .de in the Western
north of the Court-! louse ; where he is prepared j Carolinian for three months, that the defendant
to keep a II,us of Private EnterUunment for , appear at the next Superior Court of Ijv to be
Travellers and citizens. He w id at all times j held for the county of Sum , ;,t the Court-House
furnish Stabling, Pod.der and Grin for Horses. in Pockfrd. on the first Moi day in September
.Vii;-''-. ". S't't. 25. 121 73
r .
X. P.. Liglit or ten KOAKDHRS will be taken,
ut the customary prices in town.
'IF. su"cr.her having male thc necessary
: rra-i r.t, for carrjin tn the llaking
llwsiness, w ill keep on hand a corutart supply of.
Bread, Crackers, and Caket
cf every description, as well ;,s the variotis ;
armies oMi.u.y wept in a i.oiuec nonary store ; :
all ef winch he d;.-p se of on vcrv reasonable ;
u'i.fnrff. D r. 13, 1S21. J
.1 Gnott llnttev Wtttei.
flUF. PAL wages will he jf'u en to one or two
J young men, of good habits, who understand
thur business. Those seeking employ merit may
get a good job, by applying to thc subscriber in, N. C.
Vtt; jUftY8 AVcrwvYi.
RAN a'vay from the snbs-riber, at Charlotte,
Mecklenburg county, N. Carolina, a Negro
Ptov by the name of SIMON ; dark complexion,
stout ma 1?, and five feet seven tr eight inches
high. lie speaks low when spoken to. It is
!-"i:-r--.sid that he will make towanU the county
f I 'r. William, Virginia, as he ws purchased
in tire r,t:r.ty. I will rive the above reward if
the said negro is delivered t I-intr Wiiie, Con
con'., Cabarrus - 'nty, or 25 dollars if secured in
anv iail, ui. " nation given, so that I tret him
a.ain. EVAN WILIE.
.l-f-cA 2 1, 1 821. 5)
F the vr.rirm kinds commonly in use, for sale
at the Ofhce ef t!:e CitsoiiMix.
It Ejui.': Ij nl 'l rri, 182 2.
Jesse A. Pcarvjn, Joseph Pearson and others,
agair it William II. Thomas, Alexander 1 1. Tho
mas, William Langharne: ahu against Pleas
ant II. May and Benjamin Chairs, executors
of tie last wiH of William Thomas, deceased.
TT appearing to the court that William I .anc
hor 'i: res'uh in Virginia, and William H.
Thomas Alexander II. Thomas, and Pleasant
II. May, reside in South-Carolina : It is (h,!crr!,
that pul licstion be nude for fix weeks in the
Westen. Caroih.ian, that the said defendants
Wili'amlnghonv.', William II. Thomas Alex
ander II Thomas and Pleasant II. May, do make
their pet tonal aprn arance at the next Court of
T-H'iit v, t be held fr the county of Rowan afore
said, on t ie second Monday after the fourth Mon
day of S ptembt r nevt, and answer, plead, or
demur t the complainants hill of complaint,
otherui.s. the same will be taken pro confesso
acrainst tlem, and heard ex. parte.
. "titlO-S Test. i;r. . LOCKE, C. J. 11.
Ji ;.;.; Ifril Term, 1322.
The Exec iters of the last Will of Richmond
Pearson, deceased, vs. llenjamin Chairs and
Pleasant II. M ty. Executors of the Let Will
of Thou as, deceased.
TT uppe ring to tlie court that Pleasant II.
Mav,' oi of t?ie lefeiuL.:its, resides in South.
Carolina it is (-.i r-!, that puldicatiou he made
for six v ee a in thr Western Carolinian, for him
to appear a the next term of the Court of Equi
ty, to be he d for Rowan county, on the second ufur the fourth Monday of September
next, then & d there to answ er, plead, or demur
to the i-oii.j) .unai.ts' b'.il, otlitrvv ise the same will
he taken pr toi:iV s o against him, and heard
( t'.i !'. c;f:o. LOCKE, cm. v..
I'PERiOR f oust of !. . , April Term, 1S22 ...
Ruth Ifar i-. t . .h'hn Hams.
to the cot rf, v r-tiirn of two snhptrnas that ,'
-:.t it-,;. ?w ....t I,. I..- fimn
l m the co un-
! i v, 'and the rc.,:..tion of th-. act in other reject
' " . - . r , " i i
' Ph.t the limits of the
state, to parts unknown
Witness Alex. I robot k, Ch i k of the llow an
Superior Court, at "ftice.
Jn.'llt Al EX. rUOIIQCK, V. S. C.
State of YtAAYo!a,
10PUT of PI ai ; n 1 Quarter Sessions March
... ...... .. ... . . i
li.m' i h " !..r t I Iwilr.fWflll. t st llill
Kv.uh O. Att. It : TK-.innir to the satisfaction
of the court, that th ! ftndant, IJavid Eans,
resides h' r.d t! i n.ti of tlit state ; it was
thtrefjre ordered, tl.t publication be ma le in
the Western Carolinian fr three months, that
unless he, the aid Dati.l Ev at:. make his ap
pearance at our I et C 'irtof I'h asan 1 Quarter
Session, to he htl 1 f- r said county, at Morgan
ton, on tlie f -urtft M ot.d y in July next, t'.ien and
there to rt plevy or pk o issue, judgment will
be taken for the pl;iria', "s lemartl ;nainst him.
Attest, .1. I KM IN, ( !rk:
.nitl09-rricc : '.v. M.
Stnti" rsuY-tjnYoiv,
UPFJIIOR Court of h i-, M,n;h V rm, 1H22
ij William Ihirch, r. Na icv I lurch
next, an I plead, answer or it. mur to said peti-
ition, otherwise the petition v ill be heard ex-
i :...i,, . .. ....-.i, .i
Pl- i'1..., . , v
intl09 Price adv. S 50
Stvxtc ut XoYt-V!aYtAvu,
OCNTY Court of PS-as and ih trtcr Senior.-,
I T nn, A. 1. 1S22.... Peer 1 rnev
if'.ni'iin l.v Original a'Lcb-ti :tit. Icv-
.(.tI f)f nt.gnK.s aJij ,,;mIry artie'e of person-
ftJ pro.)crtv. It anpearii - to the v.ti-!artion of
, . (;hri,ti in Ih inhardt, the defend-
ant, is not an inha'.itant ot tins, slate : It ij there
fore onh reI by caurt, that he appea at t!i- next
countv court of Pleas and iuart r Sessions to
be held for Lincoln countv, at the C urt House
in Lincolnton, on the thi. il Mom lay ir. July next,
replevy and plead to issue, or judgn.-r.t by de
fault fmal will be cntereil np against Mm. Or
dered, bv court, that publication hereof be made
three months successively in the West -m Caro
linian. 3mtll2r
Tel. VARDliV M I5E! C. C.
("10OIT of Pleas and Quarter Ses .'.cr. May
J Term, 1S22 Christopher Swaim, i. Job
Mills Ata. levied in the hands of Mesesswairn
anl others. It appearing to the court ti t th
defendant in this case is not an inhabitant if this
state It i (hd-retU that publication he made
for six w eek? in the Western Carolinian, prnted
in Salisbury, for the wid dtrl ruUt.t toappe.rat
the c4irt c.f rleas and t i .rter Scs- ior.s, to be
held for the county of Randolph, on the l.rst
Monday lit August next, and plead, answ er or
demur, rtthtrwue judgment will be tnterfd
acrainst hint.
e-.rt'9 Vr.zr ?
riUF. subscribers have in their possession for
A sale, a new pannel tiig, made in Ne -Vork,
which will be disposed of on reasonable terms.
V.i.V.,.., jr,ch 13, 1822. 93
IVan Away
JJMiOM the subscriber, on the
27th of May, a neirro man
named SAMHO, "about 1'6 or 27
earmold, tall, and rather Inclin-ing-
to ellow. He has a dim scar
on his left cheek, an inch or bet
ter long1, is of a good countenance,
and well spoken. Anv person
that will take him and confine him so that I gxt
hint, or bring him home, shall be handsomely re
warded. LI'MlTEL 1. JOHNSTON.
37, 1S22. U'7p
State XoYt-l!aYuna,
rlOrRT of Pleas ami Quarter Sessions, May
J Sessions, 1822 Elizabeth Humphris, Ad
ministratrix, ts. John Ilumphtis Original At-
tacliment...Ainbrose I'arks summoned as Gar
nishee. Whereas it appears to the satisfaction
of the court that the defendant is an inhabitant
of another state, it is therefore ordered, that
publication be made for three months in the
Western Carolinian, that the defendant appear
at the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to
he held for the county of Ashe, at the Court
House in Jefferson, on" the 2d Monday after the
4th M omlay in October next, then and there to
answer, plead, or .lemur, otherwise judgment
will be taken pro confesxo.
I, Thus. Callow ay, certify, that the foregoing
is a true copy of record, as appear from the
minutes. I3vt'15p
In Equity Sprinj Ttnn, 1S22.
LEXANDLR GRAY and .le-sse Harper, Ad
ministrator",, with the will annexed, of Sul-
onuui Parke, deceased, against John Morgan and
others It appearing to the court that Augus
tus 15. Longstrcet and Frances Elizabeth his wife.
Jacob flowers, and Polly his w ife, reside with-
out tins state : It is ( : . , tliat publication be
made for six weeks in the Western Carchnian,
matle for six weeks m the Vestern I 'arc l.n,a:i,
for them to appear at the next term of this court.
and plead, answ er or demur, otherw ise tie hid
will be taken proconfesso against them, and heard
ex pare. II. ELLIOT I , L. U. JL.
6wt'9 -Price adv. R2.
10h"IU" t f Ph as and Quarter Sessions, May
V ; Tt rm, 1M22 Marmatluke Sw aan, t . Job
M ils. Atta. Ieied in the hands of P. P.'.hott
and others. li appearing to the court that thc
defendant in is not an inhabitant of this
state It is OrJfrff, that publication be ma
for six v eeks in tlie Western Carolinian, printed
in Salisbury, for the sanl uefenuant to appear at
the court ot IMeas and Quarters Sesnns, to fie
held f.r the county .f Uaiulolph, on the tirst
MoiitUy of August iu t, and plead, answer
.V1'"-'"'3- j6-'- u"uu'
against him.
Price adv. $2.
(10PHT of Ph as and Quarter Sessions May
J Tt rm, 1 ft2...MichaclS w ains, r . Pcmrov Hig-
ley.': Atta. levied in the hands of Joseph llodg--
cu antl fjtht-rs It apiearin5- to the court that the
dth ndant in this case is not an inhabitant of this
statt It U (ti!rre,t, that publication be rr.aJe
lor six w eeks in the Western Carolinian, printetl
in Salisburj', for the said defendant to appear at
tlie court ot I'leas and Quarter Sessions, to he
held for the county of Randolph, on the first
Monday of August next, and plead, answer or
demur, otherwise judgment will he entered
against him.
CivfPrice adv.
i lOPRF of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, May
j Term, 1822 Thomas Greer, vs. Samuel
W. Lindsay. Attachmcr.t....Le ied on a tract of
land, Mindry articles of merchandize, household
furniture and other property, and Mr. J. Robin
son and others summoned as Garnishees. In
this case it appearing to the satisfaction of the
court, tliat the. defendant is not an inhabitant of
this state, or has absconded, or so conceals him
st If that the ordinary process of law cannot he
.-r d on him: It is, therefore, ordered, tha
Ttii'ihrition be made for three months in the
Western Carolinian, that unl-.-ss the said defend
ant appear at the next court of Pleas and Quar
ter Sessions, to he held for the county of Meck
lenburg, at the Court-House in Charlotte, on the
fourth Montlav of Aug-ist next, and replevy,
judgment final by default will be taken against
h'm, and the case heard ex parte.
Smt'16 Price adv. St
CIOI'RT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions May
J Term, 1822. ...James Wilson,. Samuel W.
Lindsay. Attachment. ...Levied in tlie hands of
Alex. Porter, Richard Robinson, and others, and
! "y summoned as Garnishees. In this case it ap
;.. "rirrg to the Fiti&faction of the court, that thc
dcllruiant is not an inhabitant of this state, or
has absconded, or so conceals himself that the
ordinary process cf law cannot be served on him :
It is therefore 0. ', by the court, that publi
cation be made for three months in the Western
Carolinian, that ui.le.-s the said defendant appear
r.t the next inert of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
o he hell for the county cf Mecklenburg, at
the Court House in Charlotte, on the 4th Monday
cf Angust next, and replevy, jndg.nent final by
default will be taken against him, and U.e case
htr.rd ex part.
'iest. 1 S "v C A LEX ANDER. C. . If. C
.Mr. Smith's Speech conchi-lei.
But gentlemen say our Constitution
has had an an existence of 45 years,
therefore ought not to be touched.
If an argument of this kind ought to
have any weight, it might have been
used with much greater force against
amending the Constitution or Charter
of Connecticut, which had existed since
the days, of King Charles. But such
arguments had no weight there, and
they are entitled to none here. Time
cannot sanctify error. If your Consti
tution have nothing to recommend it
but the rust of antiquity, that ought
not to protect it. If you are not able
to shew that it is perfect in all its parts,
or superior to any Constitution which
the present age can form, the people
ought to have an opportunity of amend
ing it when they express a wish to do so.
IIr. Jefferson had been referred to
as authority for the system of Repre
sentation adopted in Virginia. You
are told that a portion of the people in
that State are disfranchised; that no
man who is not possessed of a freehold
can vote for a Delegate to their House
of .Representatives. IMr. S. said he
objected to this system. lie cared not
who was in favour of it. He respec
ted Mr. Jefferson as much as any man ;
but he souldnot call such a system ci
government a Democratic Republic ;
but, in the language of Vattel an Aris
tocratic Republic. Mr. S. read a pas-
Ii om
Yuttel in support oi his
opinion, j
What, aked Mr. S. constitutes the
strength oi" tlie State r There are two
kinds of strength ; the one moral, the
other ph sical. The moral, is the good
opinion which the people entertain of
thc goodness of its form ; thc physical,
is the force and ability which it posses
ses to meet an enemy. Suppose your
Republic is invaded, all your citizens
would be called upon to defend it,
whether they have land or not, and if a
man be obliged to fight for his country,
he surely ought to enjoy the rights of a
The next gentleman that addressed
the committee on this subject was from
lieaufort, (Mr. Blackledge.) That
gentleman acknowledged that the Wes
tern people were not correctly repre
sented. This w as a generous acknowl
edgment, and nothing more than he ex
pected from the candour of that gen
tleman. But he nevertheless demand
ed of us a catalouge of our grievances.
He admits wchave not justice done us,
but demands of us to show where we
have it not. The gentleman goes on
to remark, that though the East does
not equal the West in population, the
towns of Xewbern, Wilmington, &c.
pay all thc taxes paid by this State to
the General Government. It is true
that tho3e places are the ports of entry,
and that the Revenue Officers reside
there, and that our merchants first pay
the duties on shipping and on goods
imported. But if the gentleman had
read a little mere on the subject of Po
litical Economy, he would have found,
that though the merchant pays these
duties in the first instance, they are ul
timately paid by the consumers of the
goods imported, who live in the inte
rior of the country.
The gentleman from Wilmington,
(Mr. Jones) next addressed the com
mittee, very eloquently and very feel
ingly, lie regretted that so much feel
ing and zeal had been shewn by the ad
vocates of these resolutions. Mr. S.
said it was natural that gentlemen
should express themselves feelingly
when they had to claim the rights of
freemen, of which they were unjustly
deprived. But the alarm which was
taken in relation to our forcibly ob
taining our rights, had no foundation.
We will bear the evil of which we
complain, until our Eastern friends can
be prevailed upon to do us justice ; but
we shall never cease to claim our rights.
Gentlemen speak of threats w hich
have appeared in some newspapers.
This was no doubt the production of
some intemperate person ; but a publi
cation of this kind ought not to be
charged upon the friends of these res-cdntrcr.-?.
So far as knew the Wes
tern people, he could pledge himself
they meant to use no other
but those of fair argument.
A Convention is objected to, because
it is committing ill the political pow
ers of the community into the hands of
the people ; and it is feared that when
the delegates to a Convention are met,
they might break down some of the old
barriers of the Government. It is ap
prehended that certain powers would
be taken from the Judiciary and pla
ced in the .Legislature. He did not
fear any thing of the kind. Though
some two or three gentlemen might
have given such an opinion, he believ
ed the people of the West are as much
attached to the Judiciary, as any other
citizens in the State. No danger, he
believed, need be apprehended from
that quarter.
Are you afraid, asked Mr. S. to trust
the people with the power that belongs
to them ? The doctrine, that the peo
ple are unable to govern themselves,
cannot be tolerated in this free country.
It might su'uthe subjects of George IV.
or of the Emperor of all the Ru-'bias,
but he hoped it would find but fevy ad
vocates with us. He should always be
the supporter of self-government. It
is contained in the first clause of our
Declaration of Rights ; and the people
have never passed the sovereignty out
of their hands, and he trusted never
The next gentleman xvho addressed
the committee was from Granville,
(Mr. Hillman) and he adopted the
s a m e s t r a in o f a r g u m e n t v i t h h i s f r i e n d s
on that side of the question. He asks
if the Governor be not now, in effect,
elected by the people, through their
representatives. Mr. S- observed, that
he had already stated that the present
majority oi the Legislature elect the
officers of Government and make laws
without cur consent, which is a suffi
cient answer to the gentleman's remark.
But, asks the gentleman, if you form
a Constitution, may not that also have
its defects ? Mr. S. presumed it would.
It would be the work of man, and as
man is imperfect, his works will neces
sarily be so. But what, said he, does
this prove ? Not that our present Con
stitution cannot be amended i Cannot
be made more conformable to republi
can principles ? It certainly proves no
such thing.
The gentleman asks if the Constitu
tion of the U. States be not republi
can ? It certainly is, said Mr. Sand
he would be content to make ours as
like it as possible ; for he considered it
a good republican Constitution. But
the gentleman inquires if political jus
tice can be weighed m a balance?
Though this cannot be done, we might
come nearer to it than to allow one
man to have six times as much as an
other. We can approach equal justice
something nearer than our present
Constitution does.
But the question is asked, why a man
with half a million of dollars has not
more political power than a man with
out a dollar ? A rich man has no more
power in the election of a member of
this House than the poorest man of the
community; but our Constitution pro
vides for the security of the rich in the
Senate, whose members are elected by
landholders, and without whose con
sent no law can pass to injure the man
of wealth. The riches of a wealthy
man give him also an indirect influ
ence in elections, as he can generally
draw after him a number of votes from,
men who, in some way or other, are
dependent on him, though this is con
trary to our principles of political jus
tice. Men are equal, and ought to
have equal political rights.
The gentleman intimated that if thc
Western people had the power they
would abuse it. But he assigned no
reason why the people of the West
would be more likely to abuse power
than those of the East. Mr. S. did
not know that the Eastern people had
abused the power which they have.
But the better way is to distribute the
power, and thus give neither section
of the State an opportunity of abus
ing it.
But the gentleman asks, if any coun
ty has presented a grievance to this
Legislature which has not been prop
erly attended to ? Mr. S. said the e
gislature had not the power of wAy- f
ing a remedy to the grievarice .vhich

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