North Carolina Newspapers

By a Ijw passed during the late Session
of Congress, the mail route flora Fay
etteville to Salisbury was changed so as
to go by Carthage, M'Neill's, and Skcan's
ferry, and to return by Forrest's tilakcly,
Law renceville, Allentown,and M'AuIey's
Store. By this alteration, the people on
the eastern side of the Yadkin in the low-
er part of this county, and in tlic part of
Montgomery county adjoining, will be
able to get papers from Salisbury within
a izeek after they are printed ; now they
cannot obtain them at all, without riding
a distance of thirty miles. By a regula
tion made a year or two since, but which,
from some cause or other, was n:ver car
ried into effect, the mail was to cross
Skean's ferry in gcinj down, and return
by the way of Forrest's Store : any way,
however, to open some kind of commu
nication with the above district cf coun
try. We have received a letter from a re
spectable gentleman, (James "VVhitaker,
Esq.) living at Swanano, Buncombe Co.
who states that an insane person, by the
name of Archibald Womack, has been at
his house for some days, is very destitute,
and unable to provide for, or take care of
hirqself. Womack says that he belongs
to this county, and has children and friends
living here. Mr. W. requests us to give
this notice, as 44 it may inform his chil
dren or friends, who, if they have any
human feelings, will try to alleviate the
distresses of a father, or perhaps a broth
er, who is at this lime withcut either sense
or reason, or any thing else, except life
We have before slightly noticed a se
ries of papers under the signature of a
" Native Virginian," which originally ap
peared in the Federal Republican, and
have since been embodied in a pamphlet
and distributed over the Union. Their
pretended object is to expose public de
faulters and peculators ; and it will no
doubt greatly astonish the good people of
this country to learn, that from the estab
lishment of the government to the pres
ent time, they have been govxmed by a
set of sharpers, swindlers, and unprinci
pled, mercenary wretches ! This a " Na
tive of Virginia," alias a native of Mary
land, and a dismissed clerk from one of the
Departments, has discovered ! And this
writer, who has doubtless ere this tickled
his fancy with the appellation of the mod-
em Junius ; this quondam clerk, whose in
tegrity, without question, caused his dis
mission from his clerkship ; this man, as
pure as the snows of heaven, actuated by
motives of the sublimest patriotism, and
peculiarly fitted for the task, has under
taken to reform the morals of the land,
and to expose the obliquities of our Na
tional Rulers.
Seriously, hovrevcr, this " Native Vir
ginian" has come forward with the osten
sible motives of exposing corruption : he
pretends to be actuated by nothing less
than the purest patriotism : and with
these professions he attacks the fair fame
of our most distinguished citizens ; of
men whose good name is the property of
their country, and which she should cher
ish as she would her own existence ; cf
men whose names will be known and rev
erenced ages after that of a " Native Vir
ginian" shall have sunk into the obscurity
whence it sprung. He holds up to the
exultation of the governments of Europe,
(for his slanders will reach even there,)
this Republic, but an infant among na
tions, as more corrupt than the most
depraved among them ; as having been
governed from John Adams administra
tion to that of James Monroe, by men
who confer as little honor on human na
ture as they do on their country : he
shows the purity of his intections,his patri
otism, in thus holding up his country to
the scorn and derision of the world. We
are as little disposed to shield lie public
defaulter, the peculator, as any one ; nor
are we opposed to a rigid scrutiny into the
conduct of our public officers. On the
f contrary, we third; such a scrutiny abso
lutely necessary. Our rulers, State and
National, fchould be vrtched with a vigi
lant, though not a suspicious eye ; their
transactions should be closely scanned,
not because we -jiah to discover errors, cr
mal-practices, but to prevent them. The
confidence and vigilance of the people
should go together. Hut while we would
render what little assistance we could to
the individuil, actuated by honest and up
right motives, who would fearlessly drag
the public leeches (for such there are)
into the glare of day, and expose them to
the just execrations of the people ; who
would arruign at the bar of public justice
the guilty defaulter, and the unprincipled
nrnLitnr. . fnr vountr as our country is.
! . K1 . . nrart(.r, . wh;,e w. wouH.
vr X - ------w --
we say, rather assist such an individual,
than throw the least obstacle in his way,
we should feel ourselves in duty bound to;
discountenance "A Native Virginian."
His zeal is commendable ; but his mo
tives, to say nothing harsher, are greatly
to be suspected. That to some of the
cases he has animadverted upon, he may
have attached sufficient evidence of cor
ruption in the actors, is very probable ;
but that in others he has grossly slander
ed individuals, and w hen convinced of it,
refused to retract, is notorious
In his 6th No. he charges Mr. Jefferson
with receiving the money tvjice on a bill
which he drew on a banker in Amsterdam,
during his mission to France. once, when
the bill was drawn, and again, when he
retired from office in 1809. And this,
he says, " '.vas a palpable and manifest act
of moral turpitude, about r.hich no tzv?
honest, impartial mtn can posiibly dijfer. '
Mr. Jefferson hus at length replied to
this charge, and explained the nature of
it so satisfactorily, and exculpated himself
so completely, that it would stem to be
impossible that instant conviction of its
falsity should not Hash on the mind of ev
ery one. The fccts are these : Mr. Jef
ferson, while at Cowes in Englan l,n 1789,
on his return to the United States, drew
a letter of credit on a Dutch house at
Amsterdam, in favor of Grand if Co.
Paris, and immediately charged himself
with it as cash, in his account with the
United States. The bill was sent by mail,
by way of London, to Grand If Co. Paris ;
but it being then, Mr. J. states, exactly
at the time when martial law was declar
ed in Paris, the country all up in arms,
and executions by the mob dally taking
place, the mail was probably lost, as the
bill never reached its destination. The
consequence was, the bill never -.vas paid.
Mr. Jefferson could not have sold it ; for
of what value would it have been to any i among the children of fashion I Would
., . .i . c i t thev not call the perverse conduct of those
one, without the endorsement of Grand I? 1 .. t . . .
, . . . . , , i who rise at one or two, dine at eight, and
Co. ? 1 his it could not have received, rcdre tQ bed whcn the movnin; is unfoId-
because it never reached them. And ingallitsglories,andnature puttingonher
neither the Dutch Bankers nor Grand IS most pleasing aspect, absolute insanity ?
Co. in their accounts of that date, or any " Swift ba observed, such is the extent
, . , . . .... . c ,. r of modern epicurism, that the world tnust
other date, notice this bill ; it follows of Ar etlcompa.,ed brjure a vnsher.mman can
necessity, therefore, that it never could tit d,Jsn t0 her treakjast .' i. e. by a voy
have been paid, and that Mr. Jefferson age to the East for tea, and to the West
h-d rnnfmirntl v a iust claim nn th Uni- ' for 8U?ar."
ted States for the full amount of it, which
was only 1 143 dollars. A. PRry sum, in
deed, for a man like Mr. Jefferson, to In
come a rogue for ! The sum of t?ie
whole then is," says Mr. J. "that I drew
a bill on the U. S.' bankers, charged my
self with it, on the presumption it would
be paid ; that it never was paid, however,
either by the bankers cf the U. S. cr cny
body else. It was surely just then, to re-!
turn me the money I had paid for it ; yet
the Native cf Virginia thinks, that this
act of receiving back the money I had
thus, through error, overpaid, ivas a pal
pable end mawcat act cf rnzral turpitude,
clou.: ?hich no tv.'o honest, impartial men
can possibly d:jlr.' "
It -s much to be-regretted that any one,
at this late day, should have rrladc a charge
like the one above mentioned, against Mr.
Jefferson. Occupying, as he docs, so
conspicuous a place id the page cf Amer
ican history, his fame, in a measure, has be
come identified with that of his countty ;
and in proportion as you tarnish the one,
you soil the other. The author of the
" Declaration of Independence," and be
longing to that band of sages and patriots
who form so bold a relief in the historical
view of our Revolution, he has strong
claims on the gratitude, and adds not a
little to the reputation of his country.
Whatever may have been his error,
therefore, it is ungenerous, ungrateful,
and cruel, no v.', while bending under the
weight of years, tr.d just about to pass
off the stage, to charge him with crime.
The reputation of Mr. Jefferson belongs
not to a party, but to his country ; and his
country should protect it.
The Portland Statesman gives an ac
count of a Quack Cancer Doctor, in
Maine, who gives his patients cobwebs
and spiders, each dose containing at least
Jive large black spiders!' He applies ex
ternally copperas, Spanish flies, and ar
senic ! No remedy could be more effec
tual : the most inveterate cancer would
unquestionably be killed... .and the patient
too I '
A newspaper printed at Dayton, at the
confluence of Mad River with the Great
Miami, in the interior of Ohio, gives the
following as the price current of certain
articles at that place : Superfine flour, S2
50 per bbl ; wheat 30 cents per bushel ;
rye, 20 to 25 cents, corn 12 cents, fresh
beef 1 to 3 cents a pound ; smoked ham 2
to 3 cents ; butter 5 to 8 cents; eggs 3 to
5 cents per dozen ; barn fowls 50 to 75
cents per dozen.
Extract from a recent work of Dr. Kitchner's.
44 The more luxuriously you live, the
more exercise you require.
" Exercise, to have its full effect, must
be continued till we feel a sensible degree
of perspiration, (which is the panacea for
the prevention of corpulence,) and should
at least once a day proceed to the borders
of fatigue, but never pass them, or we
shall be weakened instead of strengthened.
44 vfter exercise, take care to get cool
gradually ; when your head perspires, rub
it and your face, Sec. dry with a cloth.
Be content with one dish ; as many
men dig their graves with their teeth as
with the tankard. Drunkenness is de
structive, but gluttony destroys an hun
dred to one.
' The food which we fancy most gen
erally, sits easiest on the stomach.
k4 To affirm that any thine: is wholesome,
or unwholesome, without considering the
subject in all the circumstances to which
it bears relation, and the unaccountable
peculiarities of different constitutions, is,
with submission, talking nonsense.
" nat we nave Deen longest uicu to ib
most likely to agree with US best. :
44 The wholcsomeness, ice ol all tood
. ic .,.,. -,,,-u ,iri a.. fl,,ditv nf ir
depends very much on the quakt ci
and the way in which it is cooked
I hose who are poor in health must
live as they can : certainly the less stimu
lus any of us use the better, provided it be
sufficient to properly carry on the circu
lation. " The stately dames of Edward the
Fourth's Court rose with the lark, des
patched their dinner at eleven o'clock in
the forenoon, and shortly after eight, were
wrapt in slumber. How would those peo
ple be astonished could they but be wit
nesses to the present distribution of time
-JL l J .
In Mecklenburg' county, on Thursday, the 30th
nit. hv the Rev. John Uobinson. John tt.JU;ans.
of CaWus countv, to Miss .Maar.,t
inui, daughter of the 'llev. John 31. Wilson,
of Mecklenburg.
On the 16di ult. by Henry Connor, Esq. Har
nett Dougherty, Esq. late of Lincolnton, to Mrs.
1'oUy J'on-rrs, all of the county of Iincoln.
la this county, on the 2d instant, at the house
of Jacob Pahel, Mr. iniliam Jtobertson, a tran
sient person. He said he lived, when at heme,
about thirty miles from Fayetteviilc, and that he
left there four children. XjThc printers in
Fayetteville might confer a favor on the rela
tives of the deceased, by publishing' the above.
. In Manchester, X. II. on the 8th May , Ma
jor Cien. Joax Stare, aged 93 years, 8 months
and 24 days. He was a native of New-Hampshire,
and for nearly a century resided cn the
banks cf the Mernmac, near Arnosktsjr Fails.
When 21 years of age, Le was captured by the
Indians, carried a prisoner to Montreal, and re
deemed by Mr. Wheelwright of Boston. Soon
after, he w3 at the head of a company of
gcrs, and by Lis courage, caution, and vigilance,
distinguished himself as a Commander of one of
those corps which were to IrgbJy distinguished
in the French and Indian wirs which preceded
the revolution. In this last war, the deeds of
Gen. Stark till up many of ths ra.V- brilliant
and well known pages of its history. He joined
the army at Cambridge, and continued in active
se n ice to the close of the contest. I lis achieve
ment in 1777, at Bennington, in the capture of
the British and German corpx amies, was one
of the most intrepid, important, and cheering
events of the Revolution. Those only can ap
preciate its importance who were witnesses of
the gloom which was dissipated by this glorious
event, and the spirit it inspired in hearts almost
sinking into despondency. At the close of the
war of independence, he retired a his paternal
residence, and mingling with the hardy and in
dustrious yeomanry of his native state, spent a
protracted life in innocence and peace, hating
outlived at! the General Officers of thi army to
which he b longed. Jiotzn Cen'.iiul.
Charlotte, .Ifec V.vr,r, .V. C.
A MONO the various sciences and literary pur
A suits of life, there is rone morc pre-enanent-ly
important than that which is emphatically st 1
ed the healing art ; which brings health and joy
to mankind ; which counterpoises the frail con
dition of our nature, and meliorates or remedies
the miseries which result from the indulgence of
our vicious propensities Several hundred dan
gerous diseases have been known to exist, for
centuries past, (and the catalogue is annually
increasing-,) under a thousand variegated shades
and modifications, so as frequently to embarrass
the most learned physicians and require the ut
most exertion of genius to keep pace wkh the
progress of disease. This at once shews the
importance of the profession, and the necessity
of using1 all possible means to acquire a knowl
edge of all the discoveries that are made in
Surgery and Physic. And inasmuch as our
State Legislature has hitherto nesjleettd to cher
ish or support this useful science in any wry
whatever, "a number of Physicians from various
western counties of th's state, together with
some from the adjacent districts of South-Carolina,
met by previous appoint:!. cut, in Charlotte,
on the 15th diVf May last, and unai:irr.oiily
agreed to associate themselves in the form it"
a Societv, to.hc known by the name t the
LSCULAI'I.N SOCIETY; 'the ohj; cts of which
are, to inci e a spirit of investigation and re
search ; to tViftuse H'torni-ttion an.uij; the mem
bers ; to establish such rules as may promote an
harmonious intercourse ; and to advance the
character and forward the interest of the pro
fession, fiC. The constitution provides that the
Societv shall be composed of those who subscri
bed at the time of its adoption, and others who
ihall he admitted under the fuliow ing- regula
tions, vi : ' When any one, vv ! has been reg
ular iv educate d as a phvsician, w iahes to become
a member, he shall make his intentions known
to une ,,p tj(C managers, and at the next irett-
iug shall he balloted for, in which rase a major-
ity ol the members present snau eiect or reject ;
aiid incase unv .shall oiler lor uho
- formptlv examlneJ. he orthev
, e , it,. ,i "iiiii v, I
and if recommended bv them, tdll be bahoted
, w . . ... I
, . ,
luc as iiuue ouiui.
Conformably with the constitution, the follow
ing official members were elected to serve cne
year, viz :
Dr. Samuel Henderson, President.
Br. Kobert MKinzic, rice-President.
Dr. Stephen Fov, 3
Dr. David H. Dunlap, Cc. Secretan .
Dr. James Divings, Pec. Secretary.
Br. Joseph W. Koss, 'JWasurer.
Br. A. ti. Anderson, librarian.
Br. Chas. S. H. Schiefftl.n, "
Dr. Joseph It. Darnall,
J .Mate
Br. A. School,
Br. Samuel S. Harris,
Br. Johri M. Harris,
After the Society was organized, they pro
ceeded to form rules and regulations for their
own benefit, and especially ordered that their
rates of Fees, by which they have pledged them
selves to be governed, and in which the commu
nity feel themselves interested, should be pub
lished in the Western Carolinian. Those rates
are as follows :
Visits by day, per visit - - -
in night, double - - -Mileage
by day, per mile - -
in night, double - -Cathartics
and Emetics - - -I'ilK
per doz. ------
Epispasticks ------
Fever Powders, per doz. - -Tinctures
and Mixtures, peroz.
P. Bark and Columbo, per oz. -Venesection
Extracting tooth - - - - -
Consultations ------
Written direction or Iiecipes -Oral
Advice ------
Attendance, per hour, in day -"
in night
Obstetrical Operations - - -Amputations
Paracentesis ------
Fractures -------
Trepanning ------
Depression or extracting Cataract
Introducins: Catheter - - -
1 5(A
Enema - - 50,'
(Gonorrhoea j 10
Lues Veneria I 20
Merc. Ointment, per oz. - - I 50j
By onler,
D. R. BUNL.V.1, Ccr. Stc'r?:
William II. Slaughter,
A T his large and commodious Buildings, two
1 doors east of the State Bank. He has lately
employed an experienced and attentive' Bar
Keeper, w ho, with the aid of clean, well furnish
ed Chambers, a well stored Cellar, Ice-House,
Granary, good Ostlers, &c. is able, he flatters him
self, to support his claims, in an increased degree,
to the very liberal patronage his House has for
so manv j ears received.
TraitUers and Private Boarders v.'ill continue
to meet with these comforts and attentions with
which they have, hitherto, been pleased to ex
press themselves so well pleased.
CjThe Northern, Southern, and Eastern
Stages, put tip at this House. .Way 1, 1822.
The Editors cf the Georgia Journal, the
National Intelligencer, and the Raleigh Register,
arc requested to insert the above advertisement
in their respective papers three times, and send
t their accounts to this office for payment. '4
Sale TosV$mieA.
TUP. Sale of the lots ui the town of Salisbury;
advertised to be sokL under a decree of the
Court of Equity, on the lJth of Jtme, is post
poned utitil Monday, the - 3d of September next.
June 11, 1S2J. lw
W1IIE Co-partnership of Francis U. John Irwin,
JL hitherto existing in Charlotte, N. C. and
Jasper county, Georgia, has this d;ij dissolved by
mutual consent. Those indebted to the concern
will please to make pav merit to either of the sub
scribers, who are indi idujJiv authorized to trans
act am" business relative to the co-partnership.
.UIiw 1, - Ti
A T Rowan county court, V!ay term, 132.?, the
subscriber obtained letters of adnrda".st ra
tion on tiie estate of the Rev. J Ah Canigan,
deceased. All persons indebted to the said es
tate, are requested to make payment; and those
who lave claims, to exhibit them wiihia the
time limited by la, otherwise this notice will
be pled in bar of recovti v.
jno. m 'culloch, .u.:r.
June 8, 1S?2. 3;7
f flHE heirs and distributives of Henry Deilin
JL g"er, deceased, are hereby notified to attend
at John Zimmerman's in Lincoln ton, on the
Wednesday of the next July court, held there,
to render a statement in writing- and upon oath,
what property they may have received cf their
father, the deceased Henry Bellinger, hy way
of advancement, in his lifetime ; and if the."
fail to attend according' to this notice, I sh:!l
proceed to make distribution of the goods and
chattels cf the estate of the said Henry, with
out anv reeard to anv claims thev rr.av have.
JJ.ico-'nto.i, A". C. .Ma 29, 1S22. 3i'7
400 1.yiYv.
Savz'wl Ji Lindsa",
I ATE a Merchant of Mecklenburg" county,
J N. C. h tt his family the latter part of Feb
ruary last, and is suppv. sed to hav jjone to i e
of the south-western states. Jiiul-.av is a1 '.. :
9 years of age, red complexion, s.uj 'y o':n.d
hair, has had one cf his legs h-roka near the
ancle, and writes an excellent hand. '1 he last
accounts from him, left him in C! .itlesion, .C
on the 30th of March : he left there on that J-v,
in a. new glr, and bus not since been heard from.
He has forfeited all claims to confidence ''.'i;
his friends ; has made a default in the pa ru
of his debts, of several thousand dollars ; . i 1
lias probably taken a large sum of money v :r!i
him. He may probably change his name to that
of Wilson, or Carson.
The above reward will be given to any pei .-;;
w ho will give me information of his place of res
idence, so that 1 get him in four inenths; an J
half the above sum if found in s'x months. Ir is
confidently hoped tht ail friends to honesty and
humanity, will use some exertions to discover
the same to me, or anv other knowledge they
iua uaie vi unit.
Guilfurd Countv, .A. C
.May 25, 1822. 2.vt5
N.B. The E.iitorsof the Georgian, Sava-inah
tlie Press, Vahaicba, and Republican, II tn;;-.-li'le,
Alaba. Floridian, Pensaathi, "and Adver
tiser, .Yer--Or!ean$, will please to insert the a
above in their several papers, four times.
THE subscriber respectfully informs th
lie, that he has again taken h;s shop in
lisbury, on Main street, opposite the - ta 1. r ,
where he is prepared to execute all orders
the line of his business. Clocks, Watch Jev,
elry, &c. repaired on the shories nr-t-ice. He
solicits the patronage cf his friends, his n- cur
tomers, and the public in general, and asu os
them that he will do their work, and sell '.hem
ail articles in his line, on lower terms than at any
other shop in this part of the state.
Scbiburv, .Mtii 28, 1822. 103
liiiat Von
.2nd Pxlrilition, Pleasant Retreat .icademy. in
JJncchiton, JST. C.
FfHE Examination of the students in the Lir
1 colnton Male Academy, will commence ---n
the 2nd July, and end on the 3d. The succeed
ing day the students will have an exhibitn,
vhich, it is hoped, will be highly entertainm;-,
as it w ill consist of a nnmber of select speeches
and interesting dramatic performances.
Parents and -Guardians, and friends to litera
ture, are requested to attend.
Jlag 25, 1822. iwtY
IU URKE County, is now open for the recep
,1 tion of Scholars, under the patronage of a
respectable Board of Trustees. The mode of
instruction pursued is the result of much atten
tion and experience, and eminently calculated to
fit young g-eivtlcmen and ladies for the active
duties of life, and to prepare students successful
ly to pursue their collegiate studies.
Lectures in an easy, familiar snle, are given
three or four times a week, on 1-inguage, His
tory, Rhetoric, or 31 oral. Intellectual, Natural,
or Political Philosnplry.
Great attention is paid to reading, speaking,
writing, and pmnoimcinj the English language
with correctness and elegance, and to the man
ners and moiais of the pupils ; and every thing
done to promote their happiness and improve
ment. Tuition Per annum, and board on
the most reasonable terms. The village is pleas
ant and healthy.
French and Italian will be taught grammati
cally, if requested.
Jpril 15, 1S22. 3mtll0
Sale o XegToes.
BY virtue of an ord?r of Court, obtained at
May term, 1822, w ill he sold at the Court -House
in Salisbury, on Saturday, the 29th of
June, of the estate of Robert Baird, deceased, the
following NEGROES, viz : Rachel and her two
youngest children, Nicey and Mary, to satisfy the
debts" against the estate. The term of credi
one vear.
Jtey 25, 1822. 3s. t'Jp

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