North Carolina Newspapers

YQiii 111.
.NO. 10S.
i A
rat.sTm jwiMsiicp, tbisdat,
' ''" TK6Mlf! . '
'The subscription to the Wkktkbt Cabomniah
is Three Dulfort per twinim, payable half-yearly
0 advance. .'",,: , (
)r No paper will be discontinued until all
arrearage are paid, unless at the discretion of
the Editon i and any ubscriber failing to give
notice of his vish to discontinue at the end of a
year, will be considered as wisliinj? to continue
the paper, which will be gent accordingly.
, Whoever will become responsible for the
payment of nine papers, glial receive tenth
gratii. , i ,.' ' i, ... , .
AuviaTitii:T4 will lie iiiscrU-J on the cus.
totnary term. , Persons sending in Adver;,
tiaements, must specify the number of times they
wish them inserted, or they will be continued tilj
ordered out, and charged accordingly," .
No advertisement Inserted until it habecn
Jaid for, or its payment avtumcd by some person
in this town, or its vicinity.
C3All letter to the editors must be pmi-paiiP
or they will not be attended to.
Valuable Lands ior Sale.
TIlIE subscriber, wishing; to remove to the
J. western, country, will ufli-r for mile, ut pub
lic vendue, on Tuesday, the 16th of July next,
that valuable tract of land in Burke vountv,
whereon he now live, containing 1UU0 acres, sit
uate(L12 miles from Morgunton, oii the main
road leading from the latter pluce aero the
I.yiwille and Velio Mountains to Joncsbowujrh
in E. Tennessee.' 1'hcre is a good duelling
house with an enclosed yard and garden, a barn,
stables, cribs, ncirfo cabins, and other out -houses.
all in good repair. ' This tract lying on Lynville j
river atluru larga proportion ot Hat land, a
sufficiency of which is cleared and under pood
fence i the soil being fertile, will easily ntlortl
the means of still further improvement ; it is well
adapted to the culture of wheat, rye, corn, bar.
ley, oats, tic. This farm also allord a good dis
tillery, is well watered, and abound with excel
lent timber. As a stock farm, besides the abun
dant products of food and forage, it hat the ad
vantage of lying convenient to an excellent sum
mer range. In short, its local advantage arc
great. - These, together with the uncommon v
lubrity of its situation, make it a 'most desirable
seat for a f ountfy residence. The terms of sale'
will be made as easy as possible, by giving every
reasonable indulgence to the purchaser.
The subsriber, as agent, will also offer for
sole, at the same time, at a credit of twelve
months, all the lands lying in the county of Iturke
belonging to the estate of Col. John M'Gimsey,
deceased, viz : One tract of land, including scv.
cral surveys, lying on the waters of 1'nddy's
Creek, and containing KWO acres, more or less j
whereon there is a good Grist Mill, w ell suppli
ed with c'tstnm. It Consists of .upland of a
pretty good quality, is well limbered, and a ill
admit nt icYcral settlements. It w ill be sou: al
together, or in parcels, at may best uit the pur
chasers. Also, several other tracts, situated in
different parts of the mountains, and valuable on
account of the rnge. Roml, with approved se
curity, will be required in all cases, 'llie terms
will be more fully made known on the day of
side, when due attendance will be given on the
premises, by the subscriber.
VM. M't.IMSEV, .ijent
fvr the 11 in Ct!.J..M'Cimv, Jct'J.
. N. B. Any person wishing to purchase pri
vately, can do so by applying any time before
the Jay of tale. .
Tiir. subscriber respectfully infr.vs the puh
lie, that he has takrT his shop in Sa
lislmry, on Main street, opposite the State Bank,
where he is prepared to c":cc;'c'aH orders in
the line of his business. Clocks, Watches, Jew
elrv, Stc. repaired on the shortcut notice." lie
solicits the patronage of hl friends, his old cus
tomers, and the public in general, and issures
them that he will do their work, and sell them
all articles in his line, on lower terms than at any
other shop iitthls part of the state.
Morganlon slcaaCjW',
'11 1'UKE Countv. is now onen for the rcccD'
.1 tion of SchoUrs, under (be rstrortasre of a
respectable Hoard of Trustees. The mode of
instruction pursued istho result of much attcii'
tion anu upcrience, and etnlncntly calculated to
fit joiing gentlemen and ladies for the active
"KH-s of lite, ami w prepare students succevuui
ly to pursue Uicir collegiate studies.
lectures in an easv, familiar nlyle, are given
, three or fmir times a week, on Language, His
tory, Rhetoric, or Moral, Intellectual, Natural,
. lntM PhilnannUv. -
Great attention it paid to reading, speaking,
writing, and IhtntHiu-ing the Eiig'noh Unguagc
with cor:etncw and elegance, anl to the man
ner and morals of the pupils t ami every thing
done to promote their liappines and improve
ment. Tuition $.20 per annum, and board on
the mnl retsonable terms. The village is pleas
ant and healthy. v
French and Italian will be taught grammati
cally, if requested. ,
' JprillS, 18. ImtllO
atkin aVavVgaUon
XjOTlCEi hereby aiveiH that the tockof all
X those rockhoUlcrs, who may be in arrears
f r all or any part of the first, second, third,
fourth, fifih, tixth, eyeutli, eihtlw nintli, or
tenth instalment, on the Kih day ot A'inist
next, that the stock of such delinquent will, on
that day, be sold at vendue in Uie town of Salis
JW 20, 182J. -Swl'H
Constaljesv locutions
. Fgr sale at Uii Om-e. ,.
Sttxity 61 NVH-CaroYuuj,
. . , 1 ASIIB COUNTY. : .
("10URT ofl'leasand Quarter Sessions, Mav
J Sessions, 18'22,.,..Eliabeth lltimpliris, Ad
ministratrix, vi. John Humphri..,.,Orgiia! At
tachment Ambrose Parks summoned as tinr-
ni'hen.-i-Where!)H it appears to the satisfaction
of thtt court that the defendant is an inhabitant
of another state, .it is therefore ordered,,, that
publication be made for three .mouths in ijie
Wcitcru Carolinian, that the defendant appear
at tlw Court of Pleas and Uuartef ?cwioti, to
be held for the county of Aiie, at the Court
Ilouse in JeHerson, on the 2d Moinlay after the
4 h Monday in t ttober next, then anil there to
answer, plead, or demur, otherwise judgment
will be taken pro confessu. , . , v., , - (
I, Thou. CalJowayvjCcrtify, that the foregoing
U a true copy of record, us' appears from the
minute. ' " ' ; ft ' '13wt15t '
In IUjiiity tyring TVm, 1822.
VLEXANUKIt GRAY nd .lease Jlarner, Ad
. tninist ra'.on, with the w ill aniieieil, of Sol
onion I'arke, deceased, against John Morgan and
others.. appearing to the court thai Angus,
tun II. Lonintrcet mul prances Elizabeth hit wife,
Jacob plowcrs, and Colly bis wife, rciiido ith-
0it tins stati; ; It is Drd in!, that publication be
inaile for wx wti-ks !n the We ittrn Carolinian,
for them to appear at the next term of this court,
ami plead, anwer or demur, otherwise the bill
will be taken prototiletsoagHinsttliem.andlu'ard
cx parte."," !J. r.l.l.lOTT, c.m.j:.
OwrSJ Price adv. J). . '.
lOt:r,T of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Mjv
J ferin, lM.J.....Manii;iiuKe Kwaim, r. Job
Mills. AUa. levied ill the bands of B. Ellittt
and other. -It appearing to the court that the
defendant in this cmc is not an iiil oliitmit of litis
slate It is OrtUtnt, that publication be made
fur aix weeks in tlio Western Carolinian, printed
(ri Salisbury; i't.f the d:iid dcfcnikntto appror at
the court of pleas and Quarters .Serious, lo be
hehl for the county of ltandotph, on the first
Monday of August next, and ph:xil, answer or
demur, other i;- judgment wi!J be entered
gainst him. ' ' ' 1 ' 1
Cwt'9 Price adv. 2. ,
(101'IiT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions May
) Term,1822...MiibaelSaim,r.Po'rroy Hig.
Icy. Atta. levied in the hand of Joseph HH!g
en and other. ..It uppenring to t i ."nurt th;t t);
defendant in this case is not an inhabitant of this
state It is Qrdftrtl, that publication be rdc
lor six weeks in the Western Carolinian, printed
in Salisbury, for the fii'l defendant tn appear at
the court -of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, to be
held fur. the couhty of Kandulph, on the first
Monday of Aogtut next, and plrad, atuwcr or
demur, otherwise jiK'gnitut will l entered
against him. - JEK IIAKPEIV C.C.C.
6wtS) Price, tile. fi. " '
MF.CKi.Kym no coum v J
ClOrUT if Pleas snd Quarter Stsiiont, May
J Term, 132i . -.1 Uona Crfcf. n. Samuel
W. Lind..av. Attachment.... levied on tr.rt of
land, sundry articles of u'-ivba:vli?.e, honhotd
furniture and ilher pmperty, aiul M.'. J. KoUin
m and other stimmoned a GarmJiees, In
tilts case it apfeariu'' to the sntibtartion of the
court, that the defendant H nut an inlmbi'.aut of
this state. fr has aluroiuleil, or so rmweals lnm-
sr!f that tli? ordinary process .f law cannot be
served on him : It is, therefore, ordered, that
publication be ijwle for three months in the
Western Carolinian, that uult-m t!i uiil ilrl.-nu
ant ajitrar t the livt court f Pleas and Quar
ttr Scvo:ui, to be held for tL county of JLf.J;
li-.liburg. at the Court House in Charlotte, on the
f.iurth Moiulay of Auiruit next, anil renlevv.
udinenf fsiml by I'el.iult will be taken jiasuit
bin., and tile- case heard ex parte. ,
?!. ISAAC Al.KAMr.R, r.
rmit'lrt ' ; Price ,.t .'
CQPHT ef Pleas ami Quarter Scions, May
Term, l!t2...Jain. WiLson,v. uuel W.
Lindov. Attachnicnt..,.Ivied in the hand of
ai. t inrtpr i.'u-liaiilKobinson. ami other, knd
tlicy summoned Garnishee. IntJiiscise it p-
peanng to the saiiMaruon oi inc conn, huh nit
defendant i not an inhabitant of this tate, or
has absconded, or st conceal liimsclf that the
onlinary process of law cannot be served on him :
It is thercf.irs Onhd, by the court, that publi
cation be made for three months in the Western
Carolinian, that unless the said defendant appear
at the iu vt court of Plea and Quarter Scmuoiis,
lo be held for the county of Mecklenburg, at
the Court-Uousc in Charlotte, on the 4th Monday
of August next, and replevy, judgment final Ly
llatiit wilt (M, laiull aiiatUU. iuiu. alia ue
heard ex parte.
Tilt. IS A At; Al-l-AA- I'M!, X .
3mtM6 - ' ' Price adv. fct "
SVac Xotl-UariAhv.i,;
,l.iy Sii!w, 1822.
THE Petition of Cuy Maxwell, in right 01 las
wife Elizabeth, John inliney and Alexan
der Gibnry ngnitwi William tl.bnt!) ml W illiam
Alexander, in right of hi wife Nancy, praying
partition of the real estate 01 tsiw
.1 t It nnraiinL' to the aatisfactiunot' the
court, that the mfemUiits, W nl.rm t.ibue nc
W illiam Alexander, r. ule Oeyonutue nnmi. tn
tlii state It U therefore ordered by court, that
publication be made in the Western Carohu'.nn
for six werk. tiiat unlrs the said William tilb
ury and Willinm Alexander appear our next
court of Plea and Quarter Sessions, to be he ld
for the countv of Mccklen'.nrg, at the Coert
IUiU in Chailotte, on the 4th Momlay in Au
gust next, tn pie ml, answer, or dcn.ur to axl pe
I it ion, otherw ise the petition will be heard ex
parte, and judgment swarded accordingly.
invt'l?, 1'ri-e adv. ;
Slate of SotU-CatoVma,
SUPERIOR Court of Law, April Term, 1SC2....
Ruth Harrit t. John Hains It appearing
to the court, by return of two wibpurnas, that
sn id John Harris is oot to be found in the coun
ty, and the requisition Of the act ill other respect
having been complied with; it is ordered by the
court, that publication be mode three month in
the Western Carolinian and Kaleigh Star; for the
said John Harris to appear at the next Superior
Court, to be held, for the county of Rowan, to
answer thi petition, otherwise it will be heard
ex parte. Leave is given to the petitioner to ex
amine testimony without giving notice to the
defendant i it appearing to the court that he ha
absconded and gone without the limit of the
state, to parts unknow n. , ', ', ' ,
Witness Alex. FrohocR, Clerk of tjie Rowan
Superior Court, at office. . ; . r t',
3mtll4 v.ALEX. FROHOCK, C. S. C,
' ' BURKE COUNTT.' ' !.
COURT of Plea and Quarter Sessions, March
Term, 1 822..;. John Thompson,- rt. David
Kvans...0. Alt..;. It appearing to the. salinfaclion
of the court, tlmt Uie defeuJant, David Evan,
resales beyond the runit of this state j it wa
therefore ordered, that publication be made in
the Western Carolinian for three months, that
unless, he, Jhe said David Evans, makes his ap
pearance at our next Court of Pleat and 'liia.tcr
Session, to be held for aid county,, at Morjpin.
toij, ontlie fourth Monday in July next, then and
thre to replevy or plead to issue, judgment will
be taken for the plaintiff' demand aguir-t him,
: Attest, J. F.KWIN, Cierk.
, '. 5mtl09-Price ady. R3 JO.
, feiatc of (XoYlU'CavoUna
- , suRltir cot ki t.
SUPERIOR Court pf I aw, March term, 1822.
William Purcli, v. Nancy Hureh Petition
for divorce. It appearing to the satisfaction of
the court, that the defendant in thi catic ri-i.ii U s
without the limits of the Mate, it is therefore or
dered, that publication be made in the Western
Carolinian for three months, that the def. lul int
appear at the next Superior Court of laiw to he
held for the county of Sorry, at the Court-Nouse
in Rockford, on the fint Monday in Stpteinbrr
next, and plead, answer or demur t' said peti
tion, otherwise the petition will be heard cx
parte, and judgment awarded according!-; '
I'esf, J. WILIJAMS, Jr. C.S, C.
J tmtlOO Price adv. g3 50 ' J
Vftlti Vo-lv-VJarovm
(10UNTY Court ePlea and Quarter Sessions
J April Term, A. 1). lS22..Petvr Forney it.
Christian Reinhrdt...Original attachnicnt, lev
ied on aix negroes and sundry article of person
al property. It appearing to the satisfaction of
the court, that Christian liciiili.mlt, tlie defend
ant, is not an inhabitant of this state : It U there
fore ordered by court, that he appear at the ItVxt
county court if Plea and Quarter Sessions, to
be held for Lincoln county, at the Court House
in Lincoluton, on the third Monday in July next,
replevy and plead to Issue, or judgn.ent by de
fault fnal will be entered up against bint. Or
I'.ered, by court, that publication hereof be made
three months juccesnvcly in the Western Ciuu
linian. 3mtll2r
IMc ot iVoTlVJardUna,
Ttf Equity. Original I5ill.....Tlo. Cox, cam
plainant. vt. Thos.. Davis, Jesse P.rijjgs, and
Abraham Este,u lenIants. It appearing to the
tUfction of tlie eurt, at March term, tiiat
Abmhani F.ste is not an inliabitant of thi state
It is itrd.rctt 07 the court, that publication be
made in the Western Carolinian, published in
Ka'idi.rty, for date weeks, t'ut unWs the said
IVf ! appears t our ucM c("irt cf Foui'v, to be
ludd for this county, ori Uie first Moudny n Sep
'.ember next, at tlie Cnurt-lleuse in Hcu kford,
nd plead, answer, or demur, the stiid bill will
be taken pro confeoio, as to him, and heard cx
parte. ' ' owt'10
State XfvtA:avona,
M: ."iV..ios, 1S22.'
"lyil.I.IAM PUNS r8. Thnmaa Moorr ......
It Original aMachtncnt levied on arrr
of land. Whereas it appear t'he satif.irtion
fif die court, that the defendant in this case Eve
beyond the liiuils of this tate It is therefore
firrferei.', that publication be made for six meek
in the Western Carolinian, that the defendant
appear at the court of Pleas and Quarter Ses
sions, to be held for the county of Meukleiibmr,
on the 4th Monday in August next, to :itt,
plead or demur, o herw ise judgment pro con
feo will be entered against him. ' ' '
Test. "ISAAC AI.KXAM'F.n, r. r.
6wt'12. Price adv. S2.
1 1 u t -wiiHVutia
f 101 TIT of Plea and Qutrtcr $cwto?rs, Vay
J Term, 132'2...Cliri3topherSwaim, tt. Job
Mills Atta. leriexl in the hamlsof Me Swami
snd other. it appearing to tlio court that tlie
dcfemUnt in thi case ia not an inhabitaM of this
state Jt ! (Kr'i, that publicstion lc made
for six w ecks in the Wcsternarolitilan, printed
in Salisbury, for the aid dchmdant to appear at
the court of Plea and Quarter Mcsion, tn le
held for tlio county of Randolph, pn the lirst
Monday in August next, ami pU-ad, answer or
demur, other iu judguieiil stUl be enteud
afriinrt him.
6wf9 Price adv. 2.
rpilH subtcriber haa just received a eboice
JL supply of CROCEIilES, which he I r
for tt'e n tlie most rrstonable terms, fir cA.
Amonic them are i Sugar, Colfer, Molasses, Rum,
Rice, i'igs. Raisins, Jjait ; anJ also, the tisual sup
ply of rnViejW. Likewise, pint and lmlf
pint ruinbiera. . THOMAS HOLMES.
.'1 1322.-105
Hail ! first of Arts, ource of domestic ease
Pride of the land, and patron of the ea.
' V ',: 'I r . . tu.EKWootf,''
O thou! whose vuxlom, pter and love,
f Thi world Vnd all it creature prove i 4 ..
v Tlie fertile field and fruitful trees,
Thrive, or decay, at thou halt please j ) t
, . And hmnan art and toil are vain, : ;
, If thou withhold thy tun nd rain ! v .
. Still may thy bounteous Providence, I
All wjsh'd all needful goml tlispcnsCj,
, When brumal storms' tve ipnt their power,
And Spring expanded many a flower, , .
. Mpj' ne'er the frost that fall at night, y
.; The seed if future harvest blight ; , i
, , Miy lic'er the blushing blosiom yied "
.To t6rm that devastate the field I- ,
From with, and from too-piercing air,
- 1 he newhon lamb and netling spare !
In Summer, when thy solar ray " ' ' '
Is felt through all th' enfeebling day,
, MilJ be tils genial beams without '
t Contagion' force, or parching drought j -,'
And fi eijuent may the full-frguglit cloud ,
?l'be a4uru ah o Heaven fcushr'jud,., , : ;
That gentle moisturcttenirai Wat,
A plen'eou harvest may complete '
When Aiitumn 1resurc spread around, ,
And garners teem, and fruit abound, '
T hen shall the Husbandman upraise
,v '1 o thee hU g-'j ful Hymn of ppaise ; ( '
..To tUea, who gavest, not in vain, ,
'"'lie early and the latter rain 5 ' , ,
To then, whose promise doth avail 3
, " Srtd limtMH'l JIaneit ne'er hatt
Go-J of the Seasons! let thy care
Preside o'er each revolving year j ' '.
' May Health, fair queen of blesiing ! crown
Each city and each rural town '
While sweet content, and heart -felt joy
This land of Freedom shall employ f
Tsu may thy offspring," man, adore,
Till Time and Season change no more r
Extract from an Address delivered by John Da
vis Es j. of Augusta, before the member of
. It is now, however, time to conclude
by the mention of ;a few facts, which
will ettach the farmer to his profettion,
and thus be a main aid to agriculture.
In the East, Solomon and some of tine
Assyrian princes were fond of gar
dening, plantations, Lotany, or agricul
ture. Tbe Emperors of Chin, also,
both of ancient and modem times, on
one day of every y ear, in the presence
of thtir people, plough the soil in per
son, and on another dav they sow it ;
and similar vise examples have been
set 'in other Eastern i.atjons." Greiit
men likewise among the Carthaginians
and among the liomans, hVe written
on hu&bandrv ; and are mentioned with
honor to this day for having so em
ployed thtir time. Cincinnatus (the
patron of our. Ciucinnati societies) a
great comnundcr in Uome, was Uken
I rum his plough to be invested with
absolute power for six months, in or
der to rescue his country, when in a
state of. txtreme danger. In a latter
nge of the lioman government an ex
ample occurred of a still more mem
orable description, which shall be rela
ted as pearly .as jpossible,irt the words
of Mr. Gibbon. . The Emperor Dio
clcsinn, after IjcJhsd.yan'juished all Lis
enemies and accomplished all his pur
poses, aluntarilij retired to pass the
la&t nine yturs ok his life ia a private
condition. Reason (says Mr. Gibbon)
had dictated, and content seemed to
have accompanied retreat ; in which
he enjoyed, for a long time, the respect
of those Princes to whom ,he had re
signed the,. World. He preserved, or
at least, he soon recovered, a taste for
the most innocent, as well as the most
natural pleasures ; and hi leisure hours
were Sufficiently employed in building
planting and gardening. When soli
cited to resume the reins of government
by his former colleague, Maximian,
he rr jected the temptation ; and calm
ly observing, that if he could show
Maximian the Cabbage which he had
planted with his own hands he should
no longer be urged to relinquish the
enjoyment of happiness, for the purtuit
of power.
In Great liritaln, Mr. Arthur Young'
had as contributors to his publication
called the Annul of Agriculture not
only Dukes written in theirown names,
but the Kinjj of England (George 3d)
written tnder a borrowed name. The
memorable Earl Chatham and Charles
Fox, with almost the whole of the
nobility and gentry of the British
Empire, have interested themsqlvcs in
planting trt'csj or else in Gardening
on a larger or smaller scale j and ma
ny of them have superintended the
cultivation of farms and the breeding
of, farming1 animals. In our country,
three I'tesidentfl of the United States
have made themselves remarkable by
what they have written on the subject
of Agriculture and four of our Pre
sidents, when their Urm of office ex
pired, have nobly attended to the con
ducting fcf their estates j and the fifth
President has a mind too excellent,
and feelings too amiable and patriotic,
not to follow this useful occupa-ion.
On what does all this uniformity of
proceeding in intelligent and prosper
ous nations depend, but on the great
principle arid great ioterests of hu
man nature ? It has been well observ
ed, that ngriculture is perhaps the on
ly putsuit in which political men caa
find comfort, after they have resigned
their power j and this is not less true.
where they have Sense, virtue or do
mestic qualities. Agriculture is n
occupation which, by its infinite vane-
ty,its conxnnt exeruse of the imcllect,
the beaut' ful objects connected with it,
and the degree in which it flatters self
love when its works become perfect,
joined to the sense of the utility at
tached to it ' if Is an occupation, we
soy, which is capable of filling a large
void in the human mind ; even of af
fording something like consolation for
disappointments. In our da)s, In par
ticular, additional pleasures hre to be
obtained from this occupation. Be
sides the new objects and operations
which have arisen among ourselves, or
have been derived from foreign coun
tries men of science have laid open
to the intelligent agriculturist, to ma
ny recently discoverd processes oc
curring in vegetation, that he seem
as it were not only to be taken intf
partnership with the great provider of
all good, but he is even allowed to di
rect many of the efforts of nature, and
as it were to change her very consti
tution and habits.
If there be any truth then in the ob
servation, that those are among the
happiest of men who have laboring
hands, a thinking head, and a feeling
heart; and if the farmer joins to this
tlie reflection of the participation which
is thus allowed to him in the wotksof
Providence, and the avowed utility of
his profession; he will possess a con
scious dignity and satisfaction: and
mny safely say, without being held pro-
lane, or irartng to oe contradicted,
raon m tiri vtsnrsx.
There are many still alive who had lh
pleuure of being- acquainted with a dis
senting Scots Clergyman, equally re
markable for his piety, guileless simplici.
tjr of heart, and eccentricity of manner.
To relate all the anecdotes tbst are told
of him and to record all his bon mot that
are stiil remembered, would Clt half rotir
Magazine. Take the following as speci
mens. :
Living in a populous manufacturing
town.) he often beheld, ith regret, the
privation tq which the Lburintf thiwi
were exposed, from the depression of
trade or the dearth of provisions. On an
eccasion of this kind, the poor bad been
relieved by a most ahundar.t supply of her
rings, of which the fishing had been more
than Uiually lucces&ful. One Sunday
forenoon, in public prayers, Mr. ex
pressed himiclf thus t Oh Lord, te de
sire it effer our grateful thank unto thee,
Tor the seasonable relief which thou hast
sent to the poor of this place, from thy In
exhaustible storehouse in the great deep,
snd tb.ich every day wo hear called upen
our streetFine fresh herrings -sax a
penny, sax a penny !"
Tiici e is a stream ss well ss a nmp tide
in the fluctuation cf trade; snd they who
have been a ground by the one, sre ready 9
and willing to float with the other so was
tho esse with the weavers in Mr. 's
neighborhood t trade had become uncom- '
monly brisk t high wages were paid and
on Ssturdsy night, like tailors after
. 1

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