North Carolina Newspapers

MISTEU AKII rUUI.tMf.U, KVi:i.i a. lilUT,
The subscription tu the Wktkuv (,'mni.nui
i Thru l.'tiUnvt jcr annum, pa) able li;i!t j curly
in advance
dj" Nd pi.per will he. discontinued until all
arrearages are paid, .nlesx at the discivtioii of
t tic Editors j and any subscriber failing to give
notice f his wi.ih to discontinue at the end of a
year, will be comsidcrcd as wishing to continue
the paper, which will he neiit accordingly.
Whoever will become responsible for the
' payment of nine paperi, shall receive a tenth
Aiivr.nTiHi:n;Ti will )c inserted on the cus
tomary terms. Persons' ncmling in Adver-
t'neinentM, specify tin- munlicr of times they
wiih them inserted, or they will he continued till
ordered out, and charged accordingly.
No advertisement inserted until it has been
paid for, or its payment nvamicd by some person
in this town, or its vicinity. ,
Cj'All letters to the editors must he fmHjhrid,
or they will not be attended to.
VaUi Ui'vaiviw, kv.
JAMES K. HAMPTON respectfully informs
the public, that lie occupies the oil shop
forurrh otu.el by his father, on Main-street,
a few doors south of the Court-House, Salisbury,
hcre he in now prcpr.ted, with a good set of
,oo I ., to repair all kinds ol
He assure all who may fior him with their
custom, that their work nhall be executed in as
Ijood a st)le as1 at any other shop in thin part of
tne country. All kinds of old Jewelry repaired,
:nid some kinds made. Jobs of every description
in hi line of business, w ill be thanktully received,
and executed on a short notice. People who
reside at a distance, by sending, ir.ny depend on
Laving their work as faithfully attended to and
returned, as though they w ere present and
fitho old established Salisbury prices charged.
Snh.buru, V; I'JJ?. 'It
T HIE subscriber has just received a choice
1 iiipply of tiUOCKUH.S which In- oil. rs
fjr sale on the most reasonable terni, Tor rush.
Among them are : Sugar, Cofl'cc, Molasses, Hum,
l;ice, Figs, Itiisins Salt ; and also, the usual sup
ply ol l''m,rftimuvie4. Eikewi , pint and hall
pint lunibi.-rs. THOMAS HOLMES.
June 16, i:i IOC
1 he ( !! ra'cd I
V.; In i4 .;o.V,
r"-L stand the ensuing
? season at my plantation,
seven v. i it of Salisbury,
,at ten dollars the sr.Hun, live
"in! u-s (i,t s.hlIc lean, and f.fteen dollar; for in
virancr. The season will commence the lS'.li
of September, and end the last of November.
Product' of all kin.U will bo taken in payment
at the market nit v.
I'li: I.E. the rih bra'. d.buk Don Pi.-.trTo.
II. will Ik? seven Vi lirs nM next s'lrmir ; is
incimitT.iiilv l.irire, and well tonned, of vtrat
ktithgtli and vinr, ami an can't Iknt and sure
I' .i!gi 'ter Price, S'1'-
JutV: .U'NH'S SNEtD.
.'...'V.'-urv. ,v. c.s : 1322.
ViWnA WuvstA rwvcvA.
ffl IE Mil.y-ri'icr wisln to i: f.trm the iitien
I of T'r't. d M iti i, that he hat obtained
a p i'iii' from the Pri .ident of the I'nitcd State
fir a new and nsi fil iWovrry in the mcibfvl of
cimi.g ltiimisi., in J-jrse-. Ti e manner of
trta'Picnt is s:n.n!i', :.n I sen ea . lv .i rfrmcl.
Nnil hrrs of people li;n , niven ci rlitiCate of the
if a' iivfidm-H rf ibis d'scn erv, and othel s are
rp a Iv to t s',it in the same way, should they be
t dl t! OH. The sub , r.'cr svi hi s it not t,i be
is rs'istM?, tlut l.crii ' w!io.. t-vex v. e become
lesd, can br brought to thi ir sight ajrain ; bu',
in manv rajt s v her- t'.iev h.. t been blind fmm
ii; c to i.vni, bv !."s niethixl they l au
bci n restored t peifect si'lit, and cvtr ultir
r.'n.ainf I so.
I!ii'iis for States, or ngk" rouiiliet, niav be
('.'aii.ed by npnhing, cither M rsoall or by
1 'tcr, to tin- i bsi tiber, or hi ageil', in the
t '".ii of li'iuts'. lib. Sum ciiontv, N. Carolina.
A r'j,bt for a single county will be sold at from
) to 1'1'J dollars pn'imrtionf il to the pomihrinn
,rr.of. JflsEPII SAIER.
sr- f.,,.tr, x. c. m?. i .'. i ';". .u';r.
A SwiiuWvv.
SHORT tin e siinc, a ;'ii by the name of
Centre Cart' riu'l.'. joiirmyin an sl.ocma-
' ..-I-1 .. .. l nni 1 -t! ? . .'I .
Vng ir.'oni deb', absenni'.i 'I without pain".l
He wett ntl v ' a juriie man t tdor. In the!
'"line rf I emote . I' is supposed he ill make
'or Tcnncsee, 'be w:i nf l.iiicolntnii and
M'l-gin'on. The objd t of this notice is to put
the jieb'ic on th-ir goard, and h t the tliararter
of the man keep pace w itb Iiuiihi If. '
Cnnr.;t, J;i: 2'), lh.V.-tf '1 i
I aUV. Ntw VivWmi
fV!K MocM.olde-s of the t 'atav ha N.i .,-itiim
I Company, are ri quired 'oiia1 the third in
Miihr.ciit on en It h'.a'v held 1-) them tv-oic
lively, together with nil urn aragi s ' honcait
Canipht II, Y.v. trcasuri rot tlie ccinpuny. 'I T.e
stin t; of nil those who shall fall to cnndy with
the '-om ni't ce, ill be positivciv sold, nt
iolntnn, on the .1d d.iv ' I" ttctober m t.
II V order of ti e h if'
i". i, i8::.-5v.:j
1V.IV.UV, will he exposed to Public Rale af
Clinton, Itmvan county, situate in the fork
of the north and south Yadkin, on the 4th day
of November next, being the first Monday of
the moii'b, the. remaining unsold lots in the tow n
plan of said place ; one of w hich contains a large,
new frame building, nearly finished. Likewise,
the adjoining land, upwards of two hundred
acres, a great part of which consists: of valuable
low grounds, reserving the plan of the tow n, the
width and direction of the road, to the seite of
the bridge commenced on tin: north Yadkin,
and to the bridge of the south Yadkin. The
sale will continue from day to dux, until the
property is all disposed of i and a credit of one
and two yean given for the purchase money,
with interest, the purchaser giving bond ami
security. Attention w ill he given, lv
c. s. woous.
JNftvs;'ft $np..
I) Y virtue of an execution to rue directed, is.
I sued from the t'ircu'p Court of North-Car-olina,
at the instance of the Coiled States' llaiiK,
against Alexander 1'rohock and Alexander Long,
sen. will be exposed to public auction, for cash,
at the Court House in Salisbury, North-Carolina,
on the ,'ilst day of October next, a certain tract
of l.unil, lying on the Yadkin river, supposed
to contain one thousand acre, more or less, in
the county of Rowan, North-Carolina. This
tract of land is the tnt that Alexander Frohock
sold to Judge Murpb'-y.
Hue attendance will be given bv mc,
Hy Jisirs Ti rsim, . .VuW.
y-:t. 19, i3:. wis
i'.vu U iiv suli 'ov Tuxes.
1WII.L hell, at the t'ou-t-Ilnnse in Lincohitoii,
on Monday the Ifcth day of Novcmbt r next,
the folbiwing tracts of land, (or so much there
of as will satisly the taxes and contingent chnr
ges thereon) due for the years 182'J and IK?.
100 aer s (ow ner not known) Ijing on Long
Shoal Cp ek, joining lands of tieorge Haruiau,
Loville and Potter, ai.i! ethers, (not listed.)
125 ."(res hi loturiiu' t the heirs tf James
Wilson, I.Mignn Potts' Cr. ek, joining lands of
Daniel (.'onra l, Jacob Shuford an I others, (do.
2n0 acres King o-i naked creek, joining lands
of William Kooiat ar.d others, supposed to be-'
ong to Dav.s I.vgatiis, (do. Jii.)
200 acres lving near the Catawba spring, (be
longing to Pringle's estate,) ist'-d by Capt.
John Reid fur tiit: lui- IS.'J, U ih year 142
not luted.
Jvi acres 1'. ingon S now Creek, joining lands of
John Null and others, (formerly E-.ti-d by said
Noll ) belo'ij'ire; to Rkw, Mn, !o.)
:j'Jacn i Jyir.g on the water. of MV:.b u Creek
and Pini !i gut, joining of HiiTV Sid1 i and
(.eorge Lot, supposed to! i long to ti.e lt;patecJ
of J.iH'ct', (do. do.)
lU'J acres hiii g ett Jacob. I;'.1 '. r, joining hinds
of Joseph J. ,'i;, .. .n and other,, ippov 1 to be
the lirnpett" '' W iliiam Reid, ('n. do.)
2'J u res h'ngon tfi: C;.iub.t River, joining
land, of Wii.i.,:n Henderson, James Abenuthy
and other ., t'.e p.'oper.v oi William Davidson,
(do. do.)
Also, "j ac, s. lving on John W'dfoug's Mill
Creek, oini,;g lands c.f J olm W'dtoef, Jacob
Star, and other .belonging 'o lnvi 1 ! .llii.crer
legattcs, nut li .te d. JOHN CnCI.TEi!,
.V.. ";jf"f IJt:ntn P '...ntg.
?' fi'" f.'i;,-. nf l'.' .S"',i f- t'i-('i.)'iitQ.
linn-iRI'AS. bv an act of the U ik ral A;
IT seiubiy of the State of Nortii-f urolina,
thr Covrno of the State is au'lmrised localise
the unsold l .ii.'i 1. a-'iuirtd by treaty
the Chi mkee tiitr.1 oi" Indians, to Ijo ofli r( d for
Salt": Now, te-I'f, I, (.abriil Holmes, (io-
vernor of th-t
ef No:.l; Car"!i.ia. d, i he re-
hy dctl.tre sn 1 tn.,ke kienvit tle t a pui.lie tale
fcr the t'istii d, agreeably to law, of t!ic aid
lands !i ,11 In romiiieiiccd at Waynes die, in the
count) of lb wood, on Monday the -'Sthof Or.
toiler iieM, tttiik r the s ipi riiiti'iid.on of a
Conitiiissiotu r, ppoirited fir that purpo-'-, vh,
is authorized by my letter ol ii.-trin i.on-., to ad
journ the vaid sale to, or near tin- v.hi' b
diall priviimvv lie laid ofl' fo-n t.nm, "H the
said land vi. such adj.v.n i.:n nt be dn mcd
a.Uis.ible. . t!.T! eighth part of the pui
money u. ill be rvt,iiredof 'the purJ..iM t, at the
time, of the sale, an. I bond and senility for the
payment of the leiUnce, in the fulhiwinp instal
ments vi : t)ne eighth at the expiration of one
year, one loorth at the expiration of t vi veats
one fourth at the t-n lof three earn, and thr re-ni-umler
at the i t d of foi r ear. The sale to
continue twn wcek, a'ul no lontrcr.
(,'vrn tm dur mv hand and the seal of
the State, at'irb, en the 12th d.iv
tif September, 1S2
tlAlll.U.I. IIOI.Mi.ts.
Stalo, ttV VtivU-!vtAn,A,
("10t'HTori". as ami Quarter Set sioti., Ang-t.-.t
' s-liui, 1I:: : .loseph Davis 1 1. John Cald
well original att.u btoeut, K vied, Uc. It ttp-
peantiif to the satisfaction of the Court, th it the
defeitilant is not an inhabitant of this state, it is
then lore OiAtm, that miblication be made for
s! weeks successively, in the Western Caroli.
n'.ui, prin'cd in Salisbury, that the defendant ap
pear at our next court of I'leas and Quarter Ses
sions tn he held for the county of Kowan, at the
Court-House in Salisbury, on the 'bird Monday
of November next, thin and there tn rcph-vy,
pli-ad or denui', or judpn. lit will be rntired
itgaiiiit him, m cord'oiT in the pi in'.itl 's demand,
Test. JOHN I.H.I, I. i. f . ( .
Price adv. $: 6 t'.Vi
Yvis Vwyrr,
"l.'Sdlt ,de id the otTirc of the " C .irolmian," at
II three dollars tw nty-live cents per ream.
Alio, two reams broken foolscap, f)2 50;
An-l pno bundl: Sup?rl!ovM, for v ranpinj;
SMiVisflmf WilAe Society .
fl!n", members of this society and all other
.1 persons friendly to the benevolent object
of the institution, are requested to attend a meet
ing to be held in the Court House on Saturday,
the 1 Jlh of ' Jctobrr. After the business of the
Society is disposed o'", a sermon will be deliver
ed on the occasion, by the Hev. Jonathan U.
SfU;nhvr 15th, 1822. '20 ,
ittvisitm tV Uowan.
"VTOTICE. A bill will be laid before the next
1 1 (ieneral Assembly for a division of Rowan
county : the new county to be laid oil" on the
north side of the River. I
S'ftrm'iKI- 1HM, 1822. '20
"K. SANSAY respectfully informs the La
i 1 dies and gentkinen of Salislairv, tliat he
intends to open a tlnnnnif trh'nif, oi the first of
Novi mber next. On his arrival, he will give
particular notice bv another adverticment.
(hi. 1, 1822. L'21
TIilE .dicers and cragoon.s composing the
I company of cavalry under my command, are
ordered to parade in the town of Salisbury on
the 17th iust. completely equipped, to be re
viewed by the Major fieneraL It is requested
that every man in my company bouid appear
as clean and neat as possible.
(,EOH(,E L. SMI 1 11, CrM.
Oct. 1, 1822. .)wt'2J
rnilE Races over the Salisbury Turf, will com
I iiietice on Wednesday, the 2-mI of October
First day, three mile heats; second day, two
mile heats ; third day, one mile heats, free fur
nil horses, geldings, or marcs. Fourth day, the
proprietors' purse, free for all nagsj owned and
laisi d in the county.
JAMES IHTE, Tirimrrtr.
.WV,n, .V.-;. 21, 1822. 4wt'2.
HE subscribers take this method to inform
the citizens of Rowan county, and counties
adjacent, that they have commenced making
Coti'iit .SV.s Ci'i'j on an improved plan. Those
wishing to purchase Cotton dins, by applying to
us in Salisbury, a few doors north of the Court
House, can be supplied as cheap as at any shop
in this part of the state. All kinds of repairing
done to Cotton Giiu, at short notice, and on low
lenr,. S A ML' EL FR AEY,
Kalhhwy, Oct. 1, 1822. unit o.l
TiV:i v ftwA coinUeA
t II'.) the jail of Rurkc county. N. C. a bright
E mulatto man, who calls himself .Acion : lie
s s he belongs to Reuben Picket, of Fairfield
district, S. C. H't is a chunky, thick set fi How,
and appi ai- to be about 18 or 20 years of age.
'I he owner is requested to come forward, prove
property, pay charges, and take him aav.
.nr;iv,ton, A.. 22, 1822. f23l
.miucuLTViuL xorici:.
F"1llK annual meeting of the Mecklenburg
I Agricultural Society will take place at the
Court-lioust in Charlotte, on the .Id Saturday
in October net ; where the members, and oth
.: friendly tothecauseof agrictdtund piirvuis,
are earnestly solicited to attend. Wc sincerely
ho'.e ti.ut every intelligent farmer in this count y
will turn out to a man, ami produce specimens
of their agricultiir.d knowledge, toktther with
their implements of husbandry, and live stock
of ovry description; it being the science
t: .ugnt our first parents before they fell from
their I ; it t t ate, In lore they knew those multi
plied ti'n which have since been brought upon
their descendant; and n.ay, thertfore, be naid
to have the blessing of the Deity himself. Let
ci arouse from our liferent letharric state, and
tear asunder the veil of pirjiifticc that has
-Jirmulcd . wit minus ami paral,c! our mteller.
dial cv rtmn.i. Me antu ipato a numerous ajei
n-sr,,Tt:hl. Tiui thn': und hoi.r. . . Ion,' u
w ill be ;ibl to siy with one voice, '." ?re,t
il.c I '; A .'
lu ord. r i.f the s.i. u
u ori.roi tne S.H.I. n,
x Vrmh.r 1 "
' '""".. ' ' T" ' . .
XtiWcc l) .V.tnS.
itv itvtv iv.,,,, ...v, ..i.oik in i
li r lii stru t. Moum-i annum, ou me am in
w .. ..........' II..,.. I. . I, .......... ,.l' i ... II .
j'l. . Ill IUMI lll'H I . IIV llIIIV !! ....
i about :: or :.) yesirs of age, f fett 2 or " in
cheithih, of a slender nia'c, thin is,'c, tiirou
liw I... ... I 1 ,.tf on. I cMf-il c u illl rutlvt.l .pTl'ih fflll.
scduence w hen conversii.j-, has a wre on the!
bottom of his right foo', which i at present
-I.. .11 1..., M..iii..r.i.ii. b-'.n .,rf,. ihjii 'A
dnliar-the t-e are ueleM but he wears a
shoe on that foot. I purchased I'etcr from Mr.
John K. Vincent, who brought him from Orange
countv, X. C. near the Casvw II line. In rdui ii-
iti'' tu that place, he will probably he lodged in
... ' . . . ,i
i Miiiic "ol - unit iii lliai ciiiulilioii. I ixpici, u.u
leiiv iii name und owner. Anv i ylor who may
hate him in custody, will pirate direct a line to
the subscriber, at I.ihcrlv Hill, Lancaster l)i
triot, S. ('. for which alif.iCtory acknowledge
ment shall he rendered. JOHN t.iMM il.
Orf. 1, IS.1.'. '.T .
1AAii siV eVciTU-V.ftTttini,
VI 1 K FS' COUxTt.
fKH'UT of I'leatand Quarter Session, July
Term. 18::. Georire Tark v. the
estate of John llemniit, decea'-ed Petition for
partition. It appearing that Nancy Caudle, or
her heirs arc not inhabitant ol unothi r ste
thih inl, that publication he wade fur kit week
in the Western Carolinian, that they appttur at
the next count,' court, to be In Id for the county
of Milki-s, at the Court-House in ilkenboro',
on the first Monday in November next, nd
nh d, answer or demur, or the petition will be
lierd ex parte.
. martin-, c rr. C. C.
' ..'-'v' y
Hail1 first of Arts, source of domestic case ;
Pride of the land, and piitron of the tea.
A writer in the American Farmer sayn
" The great and the only secret with te
Vrafd to insuring a Rood crop of Rye is
early Howing;. From the middle of Au
p;iit.t to the middle of September, I have
always found to be the best time for sow
ing Rye. From three pecks to a bushel
per acre, is amply sufficient for seed
Karly itown rye U much more heavy than
the later, ami further it affords excellent
pisture both in the fall and spring, nor
does pasturing injure the crop ; in manv
cases it is a real benefit particularly
when eaten down by slierp "
IUmrilii a qui ntt Veiimn rthith In Jul .Vl 1X1'..
Mr. Joseph W. Uallaid, of Mount
Pleasant, Isle of Wight County, Virgin
ia, directs, incases where hogs are infes
ted with vermin, lo take " a little tar, and
Rrcase of any kind sufficient to make the
tar quite thin, then pout it over the hogs,
when fed, sufficiently so as to have them
quite smeared with the tar; this may be
repeated often in the summer ami fall, as
I conceive it to be an excellent thing for
the health of the hogs or in good wea
ther von may give to each ho; a small ta
ble spoonful ef Mi'pher'in their fond, or
in damp weather have them well sprink
led with strong wood ashes; either rf
thcbe remedies will prevent or destroy the
vermin." .1mer. Farmer.
A Pennsylvania Agricultural Society
have recommended to their fellow citi
zens to prohibit the practice of shootinc
birds, inasmuch as it is believed that the
alanniiu increase of inserts in tint state
is principally owing to the destruction of
The following reripe comes from the
hands of a lady, eminent for the neat and
! judicious Tnnnacement of all her house-
hohl concern j we can say from happv
I . , , '
i expeuener, that tables spread under her
! suprrintcndanre, ate alwavs inviting, os
well for 'hr variety of good things, as for
the taste vvith which thev nre disnlaved.
F.dit. Ami r. Parmer.
j To firrfTfe T.m-tlir thr'-uth thr uintr.
Perl the Tomatoes, cut them small.
. sfp. j,,, xv.l(pr( leir ow !,,, e the rulor, bv ayinS toother forty
. ..( '.an
inicf hem ;? stitfic lent t c ison tiirin wjtn.etKni nours.
' nrpner. crated cinder, cat lie Doun-
. , . brrzr.d I.ambrrt. lhcTt is a gentle-
'inr' ,n vo,ir taste when cool, put: . . w , .h ,
nun in the town cf cn:eiharbe. in N H.
!"'rni n ,"?"rs nd r",k. ,hem s 10 Vr. l ilr!) lowic. a c I.l.y and respect.
(eeludt ibe ai' look ' them frffiiientlv,.H!,ie farmer. host height is 5 lert 10
jifvi'i o'.'-vvf ap rffiirvrsrcnce of mould, ; inches, girth 7 feet, and weight 515 lbs
i -i ; . . . ! . .o i cm, nit, t iK..r.
, r , ..... I : . .,
vl n M'j tne iiii: iiiuii uc nunc ri in
earthen pn, or the fine red colour will
no' be so well preserved thev retjuite to
he kept on the fire some considerable
time, until mnic are wasted, or they will
; not keep when the weather is cool there
not keep when the weather is cool tl
will lie no further trouble with them.
ritODtCTS OF I t.OltlDA.
A "Titer in the FlfTHi?"; piiI'di'.hKl in
Pcnsacola, states a fact which may be in
teresting to many-persons. "It may
pcilmps lc gratifying to your readers to
learn that among the abundant vegetable
productions of West Florida, the Quer
cus Cert or oriental oak, stands in the
first clasi. It owes its importance to the
production of nut galls they have hith
erto been imported from the Mediterra
nean nt a great expense, and their impor
tance in manufactures is well known.
Thev are the production of an insect of
an liymm'ifitrrou species. The Ciwfi
Qitrrc foluy deposit their egg on the
leaves and tender branches of the tree
?n excrescence is soon furmed around
the egg, which enlarges the ball to th
size of a bullet, inclosing the eggw hich
in process of time is batched, awl the
embryo often undergoing bevcral,
finally eats its way out of its priion .
This excrescence is tlx nut gall and
those found in Florida are equal in ever'
respect to those imported from the Le
vant. This tree seldom attains the height of
ten feet, and grows principally In low and
wet bituaiions, and the galls cover the
branches in great profusion. The writer
of this gathered ii the r.pue of a few
moment several pounds. When it is ta
ken into consideration the importance cf
this production in dyintf and medicine,
their present high price (from 50 to 2,60
per cwt ) and their not being indigenous
in any oilier part of (he United States, we
now of nothing that would so well repay
the tnterprizc of any of our citizens, a
collecting them and sending them to the
northward for sale."
The Shukm. i has been decided in
Kentucky, that the law which authorizes
the imposing fines by a court martial, on
the Shakers, for not attending ordinary
musters, in unconstitutional and void, as
the religious tentts of that society forbid
them bearing arms ; and the property
seized by the sheriff for such fines waj
The law of that state increasing the
jurisdiction cf justices of the peace, from
five pounds to fifty dollars, has also been
declared unconstitutional, because it de
prived the party of trial by jury ; and in
consequence of this decision, the law was
amended so as to provide for a jury trill
before a justice of the peace.
Singular drtection of Plagiurittn.
A correspondent of the " Village
Record" lately" sent the Kdi'or an es
sav as original, which the latter svrotc
and published in another paper, some
years a;jo.
Karly Murriazt. Tacitus says early
marriage makes us immortal- It it tho
soul and chief prop of empire. That
man w ho resolves to live without woman,
tid that woman who reolres toltve with
out man, are enemies to the community
in which thev dwell, injurious to them
selves, destructive to the world, apostate
from nature, and rebels against htaven
and earth.
l.ahvr cvd thr raw r.-arna. -It is t'l
ted in an article in the Aurora, that ons
pound of Sea Island Cotton worth 20 cents
in Savantuh, when sent to England and
converted into green game, tells for
about V.80; and that one pound of fax,
converted into fine Brussels lace, will o!
tuin neatly gioo !
A new green color has been discover
ed, and is formed from a decoction of cof
fee and sulphate of copper. Coffee ker-
neis ana tne unites oi egts win pro-
lie ! otjii.jcci to use a secoua tnur tor
the more bulky part of his frame.
.1 valuable and v.'ondfrful Caff.
A i s.1'', i nly seven months old on
the IGth ' f hst m.inth.the property ol
Natnan Cu A, of layette, Seneca rc.
N. York, is atntcd to have given, for
the last month, from 1J to 2 pints of
mt every day ; and has a bag and
teats of a handsome aiz.e. The isual
qtnntitv of cream rises on the rr. k,as
on milk Irom cows, i ne call i bur
common sized for her age; and Mr.
C. is obliged to have it milked rcg,
to prevent injury,
rn.'.'.a'e (Jcric,
James Risson, of Warren, (R- I.)
has imported species of geese from
Bremen, w hich sometimes grow so large
as to weigh 20 pounds and more and has
been successful in his attempts lo raise
themj having now 22 of them young and
A Steam-hoat of iron has been put afloat
to run between lxndon and Paris. "She
draws less water than has hern usual, is in
even respect etual to the ordinary iteam
boat, and is utterly n:r.b:uti!)lt.

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