North Carolina Newspapers

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Muiuis id L- ' ''
peaied to U ' '. t'i- '! "mi. ol l.utopc
wtlltitl tin control, has i'diowed their un
happy example. .Welt may the Psalmist
have exclaimed .W 'if i'. wan."
Sir Samuel Attehmuty, a distinguished
soldier, whose death is just announced, is
said in the Lnglish papers to he & native
of that country. Whenever any Ameri
- tun does any thtt that is particularly
clever, hr is sure to he claimed by some
of the English papers, a a countryman,
liven Washington has been frenaienlly
chanted ; ami it was t e y lately t It I we
saw ati l.ii.rH-u uccount made him
Use c i if Mm-:t ifi in. We under
stand t'i'l 'it S lum ! Aiir.htnu was a
su'ite (il'th'u riv, hi faiher baling been
rector of 'unity church. Admiral sir
Benjamin llalloivcll, sir Isaac Collin, sir
Samuel II L'mxee. Winihrop, with some
twentw eapiains of reputation, are our
coti'ttrvriien. Amongst thtir milii..ry
men. we heard the names "F Sir
John Mn. rt, Sir I re 1 i k Iijhinvn,
WelUmUmi'i late ijuarttr nuver gener
ul. sir Wi'rumdeLnncy.sir HoerSiieallV,
ami I') ir lit tlvit do nut ornir to ns just
n-.w,'mned l.einj; Imlishinen. It
is of but little moment where a man
born, hut il any tiling he s iid about it at
11, it should be the truth.
.V. V. Cum. Adv.
fj .s w i : . 1 1 ui .1. .1 nun, miar
,M irh ilt')!', n.ihd, or .k cording to
Virzioia ; ul i. e, ,u ,-. liorse, on
tl'i., i onjn'u n, 't it. .it it )' a week,
the (ine wlio thuviyht hr li.ul the hest
il" t'i'i h.utMin l.ut.1.1 p. iv the other
tw u hush, h (d w l.eut. The day tame.
; i'i.Vi.i:vi. of nit; j'lUk
The forth I'otuirt novel of the uuthor
of Wuveily, umlcr thi$ title, h;is excited
some curioMiy an to the prohahle scene of
it. I'cuk CatlO) according to the London
Literary Gazette, U situ-ited in the coun
ty of Derbv, which according the Ar
1 thiloguie, is " perched proudly on the
summit ol iin mnost injccessiotc rocn,
.i.ut ,u Imk would luvc it, they met I imnendintr overone of the most hor-
dj'iut h.ilf way hitwecn their rvspec , rid and tiverns that nature ever
live honv s. Where art thou going ?" j formed." I he castle tfstdfwnd the mlh
said one. "To thy house with the borinj; ountry is of the most Muur.tic
wheat," answered the other: "and . Icicriptiot and from the dcsci ipuon riv
Co'ijirniitli'jn of the btilmdid victory uj' tl:t
mjiik, or r, 10.
Altlioiili we never douU.'il f'ira inomiiit that
lifts accounts, somrtiiiii; ajjo ri"u:hi-il '.his
country, of the. glorious li'mmiilt of the tircclc
patriots over their barbarian opjiressors, wouKI
he i ihhtuntiully eonfii'inctl, we havt: f'ounil it no
tessary, frutn time to time, to cipi;,.u the ule nt
tempts of that corrupt pi t-s i.i fcurope, which
never faiU to IUfiiisvs t!u" truth when the cause
I. ,, .... .k,.., , i t'i. v" en ot it, is Hticn as t ie tncv oi toe rco n oi iioertv 11 conn-nuM!, aim id una um m
""'""I i i mwu n"'"h "V , .. .... ... ....
. . . 1 ti, 4 . i, It. l. ... I.. .......... I . ...1, . ..' 1 I ! . t. . I ... - II. I ..
replied the first "I was turn;' Ihe '"JV-"l iichkihs u iuiimii, u. i wu- j cimw (u-en oi nu; ueisv aoommaoiu oespuoMii
wheat to ihv' house." Kach' pleased tioif uy that the castle was l.tiilt ly Wih j i ,,e ,rl.l. provided it alutsluthir it forblooj
, , . ,' - ..i.u. t...i'...i "am revcrel, natural son cf V lUiam the j ,,,,,1,... i)aioii-r of "ir.-iuauui," Th,- in
wun n Darcain, nan mouuni uc ..,....,..,- i-:o:,. i .i .i. ..... ., ... .
justly due to his tictghhc , and was go- ; tllC ,()UIldcr, ; , l53 poisoned H-uulph. m ,iy tk. m ,1 ,,r,s, of Pur is il(,d
t0 1' 1 hCrC7;re t UT' I KM "f ClieS,er' f,,r M ,iS tSme ml Vi,n.,u, is' onlv one un,.,,,;, a thou.uvl v.hVh
I ill;e Kccml. . employments were forfeited to the crown. t(H,y ,,c ofil.r;(l iU,(, M lt (() li;tV, t!l,
From Helf's tiaeftef
iiii; s.ia;:in(; iioxnkt.
Mr.. Hklk: I ca.. give no better
name than the above to &orne of the
fashi'-.n.ible 1 gh rns which are now
worn In the ladies. The front tlrini
A part of them lioweter were reserved
fot his daughter. The story of Uanuiph's
twtudci is probably the main incident of
the novel GVwvan.
effect of putting us at nil times mi our uurd as
to the ititi.llii;c::ce fonlevei! thrccij;h these
It appears that the ship Howard, v. hieh reach.
r'i this port the (!'iy
the Austt'i.'h lV;i;i crter) titnl tooii p,j,
the plains of St. George, between ,
and Corinth. Three thonsatul ,
perished. No account oi the wom,,
and prisoners has yet been received,
about 2000 horses, 120 camels, nn,i
the Turkish b a , ,.!", ami iimima.;
fell in the lu-nds of the Greeks; am!
defeated enemy moved towards Coin
whither they were followed with vi;oi.
" uvdiu, Jtt.v "l.A Tuikish (Jj
ion ol about I '.!,;( () men, h.d lately y
et rated by l.ivad'u into Pelopoiiiic.
where it is now liarrussid by the iuln
ants. This ii the' s.ame division, v,
almost total des,tr'iei'ton wc tiiiottia-ei
oar tiuuil).':!' of the 7th Scp'ember,"
j. 'onittitulUuiu,
The Cot In advices mention also
defeat of the Turkish division, wh'k
described under the .ante head.
It is stated under the head of Con..'
tinoplc, Hith Ati;,;u4; to he beyoi.i
doubt, that the e,ou'i'umcnt of the L'ti.
States of America, had formed entv
i'liis, iutmiv$ wiiii lae :scna;e oi voft
jf.t i-;,v, iWiin Ha.; j;i uiat the liiitish Ambassador, I.
13 v infos ton received from a nerson
who lately visited the Samhich, i v,v ,,,""h'1' i'reiu h papers of a la. r du-.o than , Strai.Kford, j.-.dous of the.e liuu:n
is o constructed and protr-idrd. that die wific Ocean, i appears that theie U" ' ' ""...-rru.H.i ' .rjscnt uReuts to I u-.x. ,iul ?yra, and X
art two Amen- ai.s settled on ttie isiaiKi i .'.... .h vi :"J '.""- ''" i"jr
of Wa.ioo, who hiive r.ianiei' natives of' satisfactory confirmation i.ot only of the event ; f.rutrrtivn 'J Lr.mul to tliut J Jmf
At the late Flection, in the state of
Pennsylvania, for a r presentative to Con
res, to fi I the vacatu y occasioned br
the 'resignation of Wni. Milnor, a iir
cumsiaiice ocenrrrd wiiiih peih.ips has
rot a parallel in t ' e bi-toiy of Llertion ..
1 be whole number of votes given in vus
tle.ii Iv twrlve thoustiwh ..nd :he majori'y
ul" i I'O'rest over, Mr. Miller wjs l t
a ii, 1 i i v of t evote. Not rtilhslaio I
ttiiv vimiilar result, and the (jcioiv it.sioi nn.
vrouul .dTord for a contest of the legality
of the election, it is stated that Mr. Mil
ler has no idea of dhputin the eie tinn.
Xm. lad. Th
the motion of thelidies' walk keeps it
in a perpetual nodaihg- nctton j and I
dely any person, with the same eye
sight 1 possess, toasceitain across the
strut, whether the ladies mean that
vou should touch ijtUr lint in return.
I have commi'trd evrr.d mistakes in
tn'.s way ; and have afterwards found,
to my no small thajjr'm, that it was n.t
the lady, hut the ladv's b'jiinet, that
was so familiarly nulling u me across
the street. It was enh yesterday
morninq a 1 was cominr down Ches
nut fitrrrt that 1 was mJtUil to by three
Indies on the other side. It was s
very familiar, th.t I could not with
anv pretensions to irallavtry, avoid
tr'.ssinr;, -w ben lo! to my utter r. nlu-
the, Island. One ol them, Aaron Holmes
bv n.inie, i a native of the town of At
tleboruui;h, M.iss. ,-t ii has beeti on the
lilaiiil about twenty-six yeats; lb, hues
nun led tlx former kin c's d.iui;htcr. by
vi hum he six d,iuv;btets ; I c . s a;;etit
for the former and ako for the p-escht
bins;; be furnidns vessels v ho vi-.i: the
l-latiil, and ieci clothes olid other at -thics
in return ; -he dicssts all bis family
in Ao.ei icn st Ic ; the natives call him
uncle Homer. I be other is llei j onin
l!ois, a native of Providence ; be hu bci n
; 'i.M tit from Amciica .it'ou' ten, .uul
has been on Hie .ibout ti u e years.
Xttvunnuh ( tew:;. ut.
On Friday weel. a rcspct table couj-ie.
sion, the hulies were p-ritct sir.r.trers inhaliitants of Slnfodd. presented t:.,ir
to me Asking pardon, i math- a
clumsy cuH ee, and prtu eeth d on my
battle (im(;!it al the f.iinciis i f Tin -rn'iop la',
in whieh the Turks were lia.teil v. i'.li ii.,iiieiiM: j
sla!ij.diter, ( the stiUeij-crit i!:'-as'i, s of the
im.iiici-, lihtil their final i-.'.pii'dou fior.i tlie soil ,
of hhei ty. Fri'in thesi: il -Iai!s it v i nM s in, J
tliat tin; i'fi,,;.' itueeiiieiit v. e pool, an o u -.'.'r-ih
reliti 'l t' a i.u-un.t l-a'tle, i;i v.'hii ll 'Mi'i
Turks . c kdh-l, and tl ;.t -,v; arc vit v.iihuiu
the I'ou rilllielit hull' tin, i-'.ii!aii-iivf ih't detail-,
of the p.-.nli.l I'aliiiy v. hah Me hope h,:U
seal the ( inarn -ij.u'ion uf (.n i ce, a-a' p'aee the
vii-tort fireo. r la vmal t!e- ei.i.'n.l ,f Otioiiian
t runny. 'I lie I'llh.-aiis.;- t: ie, .!..:!ons from the
U'ii ('i.i'.:ilitiniai( ! ot lie 1 i'li S
hi. h re U..1. ha d to la.- Id,
I'll.l! (.attlC ll' K : .'l .'.. , f I'!.'.
of this hif'hly '....itV.njr h
!i tiihcr, fit-
iladeljihi.1 N:i-
,b the partiiai-
I o this information, (he editor of the.
lis Journal 1'es Debits, of ;bc lCth S
attaches thtt following sapient note of
" Wc ratinot i;uarnty the exurt:
(if this asseition. We believe that
United St.i'es has treated vhh the IV
ul least far cohimei i ial Iiiteicsts. Jii
is fjuite ul conloi nuty wiUi toe poll..
Hie United States toob'ai.i !i) the d
t errant an a asv him for the ir mere
vessels, atiil perhaps even a military
1 bey have i.i vain made the most ud
ta! to iu:(4i;iie either Syracuse or
I-.le of lilba. They bavi; eiideavoir
form ;ii cst.ddi-dimciit i:i the (i.ii
Iti.mb.s, vi bi!.h thev abandoned on w t ,
some tin
ad attire mij'ht lead us
ant i !kci or nuvatukr
Volt's, A ml!, lie aged Hcuu.
. i:tti.k vim a ut ri:.
twcniy ci'btb child ,.t the bepu-im.d foot
ol the parish clinch. I hey have been
tiurticd about C3, ami the luoiher
haj been dclivi icd of a child cw-iv su -cetdinn
ten ruoii.hs. 'I here have Lun
no twins, and the eldest and the u t.m c i ! "l,Vjlv !(1 ,""ll'lllt'
l- r . , t , . t
aie the cidyiliioiui now lis "hot- 1 !.
s.tuie sur;reon uttcm'fd at every bi:'li cx-
of its unhealthy
The L'ui'ed S1
To one thapttr in the I. Ie uf Jumr femidi, alia?
V ilhaui liiij'iis. j
lie stole a ho'se on !'iiday, Feb 13.
K12 j he was bouml over to the Hupnh.i
Court, ihen in s-ssion at Ik rifuid. en Sat
tirdav pleaded irmltv , and was sentenced
bv his honour Judjre Peters to Newgate
for three year ; on Mon uy. coinlm ted to
Newgate, carried thence to New lLven
to attend his trial before the county com I
for a previous horse theft ; scute m cd three
years mo e ; remanded to Newgate ; call
ed fro n that plate to the bar in I ollatsd,
hsr h.'oioj s otrn vet another
tic tul bias srntrme'' forth; ce cars more
iui ti !! t. in ri h him!
'a iii j ti risen
in i'.c .'.'. 'c
tcpt one , on i i b occasion be v. as horn
liome- Afr'tft,'... r ."
l.iiutenaiit Collet, t 1' '.be Iloni'ny ar
my, having luard that a v t ry jrt;c ti-
err had (h stroved seven inhabitants of an
adjacent tillage, resolved, mill another
otlutr, to attempt the destruction of the
inoi.sfv. Hating ordtttd seven ele
phants, they wrtit in p:est of the animal,
which thev found sleeping bettc;.t!i a
bush. Housed by the noise of the e'e
phants, he made a feiioos chare .n
them. i.nd l.ieut. t 's elephntil iuc:ctl
him en her shoulder, the ether six hav
ing turned about ?tid run ofl, t.otvotb
j standing the exertions cl the li'its
I The cleidutit sbdohoO the i i .; t r. i.nd iii ut.
" ai i aius or t.iif.r.i r..
'lie Attstii.n Ob.ciui t.' r e i:s ye on the alh.iisol (ore, e, del..ii
as liistressiag us erroneous. It is only
ites to tie coin-
fitted. In eeiic i d, th: Aus'.i iuii Journ 1
I is to he rc,id with lotic h d: ti ust. Wcdu
not say that il i not acquainted with fn i .,
but it warps them to suit its views. In
these recent transactions, the Observer.
could ca-iJy save On t ie by a i,..Val u
mi nt hoiitew h..t ctiisiJci-ble lun f.t:.
'I he hilUming i-. j ivcti hi the I:
Sun i f the I'.th September an ia.'.i
tit e statement cf the piojcct Wi'.h w!
M. l)e Montiooi em y is charged hi
;ovcrnivcnl of I r-iuc, to propcic t-j
t'oi:';res f.t Vienna :
I . An unifoi in ine sure of comprf
to be adopted against the presi nl j '.,'
fech.iCS to idalluilU-tv OlC'i.dcllt ii
I-.xtcnsivc i.uMd.,ctutin( -tst;.Uish.if',,di,,h' "fl,!,in- il 'c m the late j rope ; U which the .-wu
parties are to piovide u.i.iutv o,
ted on j "t u s' rccurH. ,n ,hC P 'st ; "(l svvs us !'
.,' i telligence from 'be 4'h in the 'J.'d of Jul v. g
ments. it i ..if mioo :o br ni i
the iher which .uns throne h lt.swieh. ! "W " he 4th toife -.t ol Juiv. gent, to lie employed at the I'-Mest ,.'
. ' ,.l. ., I . ..... Itiria ll t, I ,.l I.'.,.. ,.l it... ., ....... i .1 ... I.
,i III,, , nt I lie .1 1 1 IV , nil. , i ' . ' -i ... , j 1 . 1 I l.v pal lis T, 1 1 IC 1 II , I I M.I I ll lie' llil
ccivfd fresher tidings, thou th ir. h cd 'd' a j w hose State may he me an d ; 4iH
nature which i: relishes less. Wc sh,.d 1 cmplovmcnt of this enmim't r.t not r
iheitfiite, abstain lic.m icpvi'.ig minute j const etc I as-oiy av i.'itci I:? ir,,: wiiii
details, become now iisthss, end in'tcdj gener.d iclatiuns of est 'ir-.;
of confused and a.:tie nair.tises, ue shall tween the ountiics.
i'litle! lilillfr ti.pil fur, h .tU :.t hi,,,, l.i"
in w i a pieutcament t,r r ...... , -. ,- ,n .
, , . , . i ie ii . iioi .-in , ri in 1 1 in-' i nit 1 1 oe
,. ;e .o,.'t ; o ssji v:i M t iri en- nil ,
. . V . I . .
U.iCiv Q .t;ij.!ei amuil ill i i.e n ihfs,
stsaU.iwed h-udaiiuio to kill bimsib
laspiiinrji ln ut. t i H I. II,i iiiv Uiiss-
'fd bis ch'er!. hp seieil the r'rnh.ail bv
! he 1 l,. i,;.,.. , i I, :. . .. i :,i
,. , , . t ,i,ii niiiii ir", mie iiaiiau imi im ii ihii
p it iteiin .'.ppbrd me- tis to ie ing it from i f , , ,. , ., , , ,
' . . . . , i from her. and another bd hr hi foils
liis smnuch, which MKieedcd mcisi to ; , , , , ,, ... ,
. , 1 hold and h d a s-etotu! tmu . Si.t posing
work. w,.s pern .ttcd to go out ol the en-!,,.,, .... ,- , , , ',
" Inat I.i- U:i ,i,-,w i h..,!,nfl . 1 i, of I urt
Mass. Ij swich. I presume, is in be the
site, it gives us pidMiic to find our
m.,t u! 'Coiies iitco jsing in taiieus di
iet tii us, because inu stmci ts tvouhl nm
be ni..uc in this kind, of stork, unless i;
were really and sr.bstatiti.dlv pnlitabie.
When maniibi! tot ies fpii!g up in i. i,
wnutl cv vsiil r.-kc r'erp rout, and it v. ill
mpmc ;utiie'hi!i,; t;.-;,'e lb... ;.n or, it ary
shock to tncrtl.iow tl i tn. (''.'. .1 'r.
miLAni t rtu , oe i . 2.
V title Of Ike t'.-im! -'(.'- I he sioi k
holders cf tt i 'i ii f - . i. ie. , I v .a!
jotn iin.eot, on 'in .i.i to mine
he iqiort of ihi ( i n o.i"ee v ! i i, ihev
had, it ., fin nut 1; ' ei r ap,;i,ud to
examine nunutrlv toi- ifd.s r ci tu'.i
tionot !ir u..nk. A ut'.'it s.i-, iio u;-
siions wi'h a guard to work on a .vga-l rashJv fSisn;mn,!cil. , nh t,.e tesoh,ii,.n .1 "'K'v P "' d. . . . , to
mat.e som, excuse to uo ,uu of sigh t o unin )hn whh )U u,oh ,,M ,c tier, ; aninuted ..nd eloquent -re..ku ..,
IL. me on ms.rons na , ,in fcn nol,(.;.,;; tu $Ar aHj.hpr ; pM, -t!f,ptr(,. rr,,, ls
H-iire ore mtci euv t nro m inc iis, . f . .. t ;. ... ... t .. .1 . i 1 teresom' to the atimi, ,.s c
tot a horse, s-joiiic and bri :!c roo'e K
. t ..;,i. 1 n;.. .,!.
. .i;rr .,i .i,,ii.i "' v 's-."M'-'"
to Mr. l'.ii tavern at ILskrll ' Point.
l'ertv, :'-!c
in.j'.oteo a trooper's horse, which was 1
rei (. p..ii r 1 wish sjddb-, hi Kile,
m. ! ag.Je, j'is'ols, 1 ols'enj and crupper
and In. not sin'e been beard of. A
vtwanl cf '"40 is olTered fur his apprc -heo
i'jti -tXn'teeiifut Mirror.
M. .sis. Cumudnj; and M'Dufiic, seem
di 1. 111 ienl to write it out, if not fiejn it
out., I here ,'pia yis u be no end to their
pi . id. M'Dufnc has published 3 or 4
sin. e 'ntir i ttuiti- ti.d Col.C.t least as
Sa ,
c t,
W !
tl 1
;. R w on Lieut, i". and caught hint
i iu ti e niou'h. "I i e sir ength and
piditt ol ti c Lieut, howt vt f. did not for
,. ke i.ini ; he iinme
; into the tii;er 1 bouv. s iui Ime'ini: this fuel
jno effect. Ie e.iseng. gre! l is ,'m villi .11
i his, . nd diicctiiig ti e tv'hi r pistol to his
I hfait, he t Lit desuoted lam. al er 1 c-
cciviog tttfnty-bve severe wound-,.
HF.AIt ( IIA-sl..
v. c- srrr I he vrcrk be-
1. One has ih.ii eed the other uiih
opium and "vene water -and
'h r has retaliated by charging his
. ty ttith usin.-; a sttong dcioction
-i 'mU liaik. N il contented wish as
g eai h oilier, they have turned up-
. ; . 1 , . . . 1 ,
.111 e wiui urmg no gen' ir man wnn
fo.e list.tno box . the n t ten and the
other e leven scars ol uue, sons of Mr.
Win. Juhnson. of C; nipcnfiild Hat, Luke
Simcoe, observed ait old bear and three
voting swimming acioss the bay;
they put out after them with a lark ui.oe,
and by the use of their tire nuns, soon
despati bed the young ones, and ton's them
on boaid their canoes. i bey m.-a'c sev
eral shots at the head of the old cne, nith
del ed
. v :.s fi
i.'h.H ie
to t'
intir- 'mtiici:!, 'c t lntetes'e'' !; Me tr 11.';, n ;
! H ICei Is .0 view a J I, ". i t H !,,i es
as ill as 1 uts. v. I n I. ti i'.n-o t! e
I I nk, and tr.eii.'ii : 1. 1 ilt 1.0 i,i!, 0 e 1 1. .! e
repu::ion uf the emu. tit. Vv .n ie
toil cd li t the n ee'ing hd t!tr iot ; tin
I he K11;.., i'y to dim t that t! c e pe.ii
shciihl be pul.'li-hed. becatee itv !i , i,p(-.
Hunt must not endv have a siuiarv i 1 fl - -enec
upon the futuic e .jUi-i s of n i .
and otht r chaiteied Ionics, but must be
of csseti'i.d beiu fu to the Atiiiikaii j--ub-lie.
eei.cial law for the re;
oiler a tui I s'.atcnu nt of the !
..lVair or Thci iiu pvlx. 1 ii h it I, a, been Uie Press, wb'n h is to suspend '!
litre mpted to den v. and adal a i.U,.:i ol the .,v.s now aut housing a gtc.itcr I t'i'.u 1
last events i.i Peloponnesus, looie itcel.t pu! lit jtiotl than may be iboujd.t cor
c!-:cil by the Auitu-n (Ii- -ent with the new F 11 rope an rri.'"
I meiits.
At... II Wc l..oe iustie-' . I he election of a tii'ouiud uivai
ih.ti those
" conn
reived mi n
of ihe I i.rks.
1 OX. It Mas
.ci n. I, Meat priiaijlc ol the Mayeiire hibundc
t I ! fen. Jlsi,f(j .,, 'pi, p.uu ftir (i,c puni-htnt
I. !.c
wlin a c il urcsag.iinst the German Cos
1- Visi I t! '.
It took pi
ti e r-te . M
lu.t e i' itii 1 sine their i.i- t(- nial and ounishnii r.t of ofi :
snuection. ( la him I id P.ila, with ;t. :,g. iiut the 1 u'er of things now csk
aimv e,f ixn, ) men. 1 .lr-nl if the in liutope. I I.e authoi itv of this t i .
eoiobiacd litres o! 1 1 c-.s..y .aid aim;. to txtcr.e! cserall rep'rsrnl .live .
.loni.,, nd , H the re . m-nts h 1,1 ti c ( umcuts to t r ex'ent of tai.i,.im, t,r'
I), iitiacbi d ti e i-'iaits ti the h iss ; ciion inii'oi.tuals who, from
Joii. The 1 o'oii-i s ol ' th- Ti.ils h Tiihunc f tluir National -Usca.!.;
roi entangled in the t'i file Miiundeicil J.,4,1 Fmguagf Mid inc ideate duett 1 1 tainane, ;.-d the u st i.i the,, See med subversive cf the present s
uco lii'id Hgitunacy.
t t . j tt aunt tool. 10 i ; i t. 1 ui'
l is H ill'.)!, ( I fUOil'i i P ( ha took tin
lor'e cf Phars du ; but in this diicvti--ti be ;
A measure which 1 1 ; ia;!
omiici S;iin to eutit into !., ti s
fond ihe delile e I Tiviho. 1 he nt but j, lie I hdv Al'iinte, by the establish!!
hogiHS hnr, vl tie he b'st Uu- leinainsicf a Chandoer f Peers,
if his aunt . 1 lom lie tilla; e of . Si ,
10 cos, the lead u tnaincd hloik-l . r.','c i.i 'r, n Lirulet.s.t.t Frr
ed up vi;b dcd bodies " I be e stau- lit), who Was sect vii'h an e.v j'i 11,; p
mints me acre ntp.-.tiicd by pat tie ulats ff by n,e lhi'is'i i;ovemrnt nt. with ci
the battles. .thai to advance as near as ossi!ile t-
" I he Soidiots. after tl i ir tvo tictotirs North "nle, or to explore the coast of
against Omar P..cia, con'ir-iud their s Polar Sea, from the Pacific n und to
lies liom the heights of Kt.,pha. nt on A'l -ntic Doeati, nt the A .n.'i of
the Albi r.cse , eon in; mil ti I'V tb. t P. e lu. mc rica. has returned to HodMin's l!jv,
I.M.t. or no .ll.r, . -., I ... 1 1, r-
V.VI- , , MiMluV, V ,lll(. I "' " ....... fc . . - - - . .
with Contact with her, one ol tncin
..-.. 1..
ltd and
ol'.ing the- uuth, Uy. hit. Ml), m- 1 ,,,'ok,? npr bowlder, the satage b tm ius-
both Col. C. , i3 fuend as
wcte Capable cf unfulrnru." f bus
t I, .1 .. . .'.. .!,,,,...!.,
,,,..v 111, v- Illl.llllillUI
completely riiiiculous. .tmm ! !
M'out? or Nonu.nT.
A cutious bti.foi atbous ind pour.ds,
has lately teen made. T110 nohle-i-iMi,
ttcll known on the turf, hate
; . red to run against each other the
i t unit' ebt, on HitniMeud Heath.
M .",e is to wear jack loots, m d to
tu, i .il:wi,tt!s aaitist tl.e other, who
1 limy a l.uge umbixlia over his
! , 1, d to tun lorn aid. Thev art
if I - "t . r. irst the wind. Ail the
; ti ,; voi: are o- be j reert, aril
"t , . '.S i :.rc,!'U tti.'ele .
lu-ss of the iiiiitri.d now i; i 10 todes
oeration, sisc endeavored to ft set the ca-
On Monday last, the dae of Albemarle
Ceuut, 'I'h'itnuH JijJ'rr. ' n. Mad '.n nhose nimv, tvbiih. at the leiiiming ed ter on iilisenre of three years, hating
out Jumtn .tMi".-c, with several otier dis- JlUH., nti.tined to CJ,( o me m is ie-
tmguishret riMZcns. attraetetl by t m mus due r el to c.t'OO.
rnii.itineiiis, altetuied at Chailottsiiiio.
It is an ugrcca'dc speciarle to sec such
meeting together, and ininuiing tihhou!
miv p.irm! Mill, ihe ,u-m f their ,.i.n-
trynieti. None of that absmel pomp
which iieco'ripanies a vvuul trip to liubliii
ul to 1 -dilibui i;h l In political puipi -e
t'rew these ren'leiuen te i ether but tin-
A sister on !mif, secitig the bn- t holv cause of 1'cnraiion. I be two Fs-
hoe .
ardous si'uat'tcn of l.rr i'rtle brothers,
toon Another boat at el ut enit tn tl rir hi
sistanrc. The bear s;w l.rr 1 1 citig, Ic ft
the bo, s.and made tow. n'sber.t ; "ti which
the tounu Ninuoelsciicd cut 1 s. i.'t feai.
Sally, thump her en li e nose and keep j
her; we bate bn.ktn me f her j
sbot'h't i s j keep her bat k mail vri' in load j
again and we will Lu. k the other.' Tl e j
l.o; a we re as good tS the ir v oid ; they did. j
so, and having bo;!, legs elc,.' h. d, tl cy
pushed her head under water vi !i their '
patulles and drottnul her. I ley with
si me t iilii ultv. got In r into the boat, and j
took the foui in till, n ib to land. Ihe
to r. es of tl , sc lids ate, Jatiics and ii - n ti'iu Ccunril of Virginia. e-f tcnac
.: itv. Juhnsoi!. I tcb.iiis ptisctit station
prr-idents nnl tle pie sent PtcMtlc-nt, toe
visiteisof the liiivusi'v of Virginia
for whose interest they were collected.
J'irf.murif 'nnt'.ri r, Or.'. 1 I.
i't ii it Marti rj, Ohio. 1 l.tce uun
drrd ci-Hs of fetcr tvetr teptuted bv the
visiiii g ceir.niittcc at Marietta. f.'')'b Sept.
JV. V. hl iilnl.
Front the NatinnJ bit, liigenrer.
P P, mRtioi B, the Speaker of the
House of Hepn 'cntativc i of the Unite el
States, has declined accepting the judkial
plan 'incut tendered t him Iv the i.x
" zasik, AVio 10. As ion as tie
Greek gc.tetntnci t was inh t l! at a
Tuikish aunt had penetrated in o Pel"-
, . .. I fS.. ,. 11 ... I- I it r
,,ui,lisi. .,,. ...i C....,o..i V . ...... . i
!a number of his party by laminc and
Uigi'C The party cic scd the ctstiiim
by land, strii'k thcotr.11 in latitude
i'tx! co.isteil the pol. r sr-,i h,r i-hnu!
j miles, w l eu thev wt ic compellctl to
, !., ,. ..... ni.l, ..
. .. . ... ......w V... .....1 '
si'tuc destination, it isoicel a piorlauutii.n (.d's ed snow, almost ia solid elout
calling all the inhebiu nts to ain.s.
" In ccnseijuencc ol this Pie th,r.iati n.
sctcn or eight thu,,...i'd ve li.n'r 1 1 n.ilit ;,
joined the tiooj's cd'.Patras. l'nt:r thn
stind h'ainotcs, in obeelie nee to tl.e oir'e rs
of their chief M at 1 emit h; Ie, arme d at
Cahimanta. The other Pt h otmesian
every where flew to aims, so that gcnei
' I Colocottonc ur,d Matiomk hi Ie we ir
enabled to march at the head of le ' 00
men towards Argos. It was in the plains
that t! cy met the citcmv, whom thev tie
feted. " 1 he tucck of the Turkish tinny ie
ttca'ed on the side cf Count! , where a
corps of almut 6,000 men, consisting cl
'links of Patras, and Fepftiio, had just
ariived. The tictoiiutis Gieek imnt
maichcrtiigaiiist these new ti en ies. 'I his
second battle was elici t ti tin oth i Ml, Cape I'.or
ih of Au'jttst, (15 dajs after the o.usof
the lucmth cf August. At the faith--
pe hi noilh l ich thev re., bed, the
was open as lar as the eve toidi icat
w i: hunt the least apperixicc of hx.
ii' '.' -,r: Mi ncnrr
taftwe (f f.ivr ;..'u:i ..I ri,,'.,
ti e a.Ttval at this 01" 1 !' the s' hr. Kn
iei, in 14 davs from Havana, wc hate .
reived inicllige ncc that the V. S. sloop 1
w.,r Peacoek, hadeapturcii five piiati'
vessels ill the West Indies, three of tt I.i'
were bin ii' to ihe watet's edge.
lit the I'liiival of the ship Nrptur:
from Havana, wc leant that the bug 1
war lltcti.i, the schr. Diana, end sever
other small vessels, with upwards of ."
Hoops on hoard, were about to sail iu pr" i l 'he piratical tessels which wot
o ml St. Antonio.
.V. Y. ir.:hr:

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