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ill ;i.l tiir.
icriT.m: ( f the British, v.'uo wan all hand, Dr. Bayinrd laid hti as ml on
I it iT.
Mr. T. Moore ha lately published a third
dumber of the National Melodies, eiti;d, if not
superior, in nil respect , Oj either of the two
firmer one, We subjoin from it the nonj:
.tiUpttil to the V encciun uir. It i of that kind
n w hich he pre-eminently exec's
Jtovt gently hero, my gondohir,
So softly vtuke the tide,
That not an ear on earth nay la-ar
Hut lier'n to bom vie gl'de,
Had Heaven hut tongues o; ;ie:ik aj w tli
A urry e-y c to re,
Oil think ' ttliat tales 'twould hnve to t-.ll
Of wan Jcriiij; yuulh like me.
Now u-t thee here, my!
Huth 1 luibh ! fur up I jro,
lo climb yon liht balcony '1 l.e'u ht,
M hiNt thou keep'it nut, h h-love.
Ob ' ihd we tale for hem en above,
It i: '..ill' i tt Ii phsvr
Tkt, ibiy uiul night, for uniruii'i love,
What angels vc should be.
!',.'. a- M IV i)u;.t!i-.i.i, ;nul v:p to n.i man
ner ut' cajolery, by dint of peictual
!i ti nty, gained my good will, slipped
the king's bounty into my hand, which
l p..K kfted, and entered a volunteer iti
i the l'th regiment. Sioney l'oltu
w is our station, and 1 thought myself
.viiugly out of hurra's way, when one
ugly l ight, when I did not even dream
of isuct. an iiccidetit, the pou wj cur
ried at the point of the bayonet, and
an unluc ky thrust 'aid nte prctr.o.e on
ihc earth. It w..s a treat consul ition.
however, dthough this was rather rough
treatment from the hand of a Incnd,
that the Old Dclawaits were covered
with glory, and that as their prisoner,
I was sure to meet with the kindest at
his heart, and Mr. Skrine b.'.d a clear
looking &!.iss to his tnoudi. 1 found
hji pulse biuk grAduully, till at lait I
could n't feel the least molioti in li'u
heart, nor could Mr. Skrine. perceive
the least tort of breath on the bright
ttiirror held to his mouth. Then eath
of us by turnn examined his arm,
hrart and breath; but could not,, by
the nicest -.crutiny, discover in him the
least symptom of life. We reasoned
a long tune, aa well a- we could, ;;bout
this odd .jppearaiiee ; and finding he
continued in that slate, began to con
clude that he carried the experiment
too Jar. At last we were satisfied
that he w is actually dead, and were
ready to leave him. Thiv continued
tetition. Mv wound once cured, andihdf m limir. Uy nine o'clock in te
licro inv minycin; but diilikiufj tha
monotony of a eouiKry own, be remo'
ved with hit brother to 12 ah, where duty
were both enactd for the l'umj Uoout
bund, by the late Mr. l.mdky, who ihen
' . . i . ' i . .
c.n tits Cue i- and expired, l he ten,,
of the poor man was heightened to
greater degree by the observation .,
the bystanders, wnn remarking t:,.
coincidence of her death, and her tj
Troin the Trenton I'lnro-iarr;.
S.1V H HY '
Oh why shoubl the heart of the cLmum be t:tJ,
Or In evening be shrout'nl in Ix-io,
3y why .hoiilJ he 'gh hen b. fir
In iti(,''it rloutli! there' HHil n ! e "'!,b'
Ami ben from its tlirnMoiii sj, '.t it .bul! b.irt
I ike ibe un finrii the b:u'' s ibjt so: r,IH-li
II ibiil vmr to yon lieavm 4 pi. re :il tut
'I be iLtn of the rnorniiijr t r im f. uo-i it.
3y bv hi'.llhe tl r i'.. ol L! ,
II i P .,) ut I. rmi ii-.jj i p.ia-u ii.
Or g n. c !.4t the hopes of hi I I ;i.- 1 ii'S
In . c t-.-n:;it tre scattt r--i a-i ! ! la.'e.l
IL" bii i.e m l!ie I ibl of yon tVliomli n ihii.c,
Art.J rrm vtill but niki' it v. 'i.r,
To tiy to t( rnity's bo-jun fn in I. :.(.
On h lugs by misfortune ii juc Hunter.
M "
white-washed of my sins, my ancict t
comrades received tnc with kindness;
and lie,ht of heart, and hoping to i;ain
atiy (juautity 'f laurels in the south, 1
marched forward with te regiment,
as a pjrtd the command, destined to
recover t! r Carolinni and (leoria.
The bloodv battle of Camden, fourht
nn th I Cth of Augu'it,b ul luck to the
d .y, bro ttit me once acain trou
ble. Our regiment wa rut up root
.in l branch, and poor 1'ilj.irlic, tny on
f trtuiiate stlf, wounded and made ptii-
tie r. iM y prejuuices agan st a jail I
have Irjukly told, and being pretty
ecf-'iihrt I iihould r.ot a whit bet
ter rr!i-h a lodging in the inside of a
conducted the first n.U'deJd tfitcilatmnents ki lhc noycau, asserted that he inu
l that city. i utioam s , , - her hm . u
proless.on at Ilatb for some , cars, luli y ; . h R
esteeinei by a numerous, circle ot friends, g"", , -J .
and increasing in hone and fortune ; but taken ; and to convince them, a
if it had not bofii for one of those little he conceived, ot iti harni.rsa fpiahiie,
iif-cidents vtliichdc'teiniinc tlie " path that he seized die bottle, and pouring o.
men are destined to walk in," srience a c.lass of it drank it in an agony t
tnijjht have lost lhe advantages of his earnestness, when so rapid was the ac
brilliant discoveries. He employed Ids tin ( this potent poison, that the per
leisure hours in astronomical observation grtUJ K-t.c him had not time to rt
expennierm; urn! 'mc o litem , , f thc. atu.mion which his cot,
I once arain suf! red mv-
sc if to be persuaded, and Iht.d in the
itil.ttilry of l arltun s I.rgton. O,both-
'" 1 ar-; era'inn. w a mistake. I vrr be
fore had kept siith bad omp;:r y ; as a
man d hor.our, I was out f my iV-it-ent,
and should certa' luvt given
tlu in leg, but that 1 had i,u lime
to brood over inv misli-rtunes, I ,r the
battle of tbr towpri.s rpdckly f 1! ow-
iv;-, lb ward jnd Oil K.nkwool g-.tve
us the b . r.rt -o hand . -.Titlv, th:.t w e
v. tre t.ikt-n c ; t and .11, ;,r..J I sh lIJ
t i .i i i
u:..n:rt, h i i tt a di.i-
W ashir.gton's dd-d a sir .tch
vt'Cn ol
or two to the account . Irrady .'iid
As to all
"a ntv if f rtunate c.ttt .ns.
thc tvistri s ti'at I ha e i.;:c
did wi'.:i a hc.wiity ut rveiy thing
mornir.g, s we were going awav, we
observed some motion about, the body,
and, upon examination, fout'dhis pulse
and thc motion ol his heart gtadualiy
returning ; he began to breathe gently
and xpeak softly. e were astonish
ed at this unexperted change, and al
ter some, further conversation with
him and with each other, went away
fullv satisfied as to all thc particulars
of litis fact, but not i.lle tu account
for it. II: aff-Tw ar.h called for an
attorney, added a codicil to his v, i!!,
i it i r i . i
:.a cainov anu compust ui tucci, aouut
5 or G o'clock that cvenirig.''
S, i U .:'.'; -....) 1 .U.,-:.
iJistn p Dupoy invited one day to
dinner, two Clergy men and two ladies :
he remarked that during the whole ol
die rep.iit, the vour gtbtol the tw-j
tl rrrymrn h.ul his eyes steadily f xd
on one of the yctng ladies, w!to was
vt ry handsome. The Hish'p, nfter
dinner, when the l.tdU i bad retired,
!icd him what l.e thr..'g'.;t ol thj
beauty he had been linking at W.-:
thrrman answered. "My f. id, in
looking at toe lady , I was riiieciing
that her beautiful forehead wid one
dav berocered with wrinkles ; that the
coral d her lips will pass to her eye.-,
the vivacity of vbieh will be extin-
duct extorted, before they were ashuii
The eloquent Dr. Harrow, has 1
one of his sermons, given the follow
itig admirable summary of what I.
hiviirr foituoaudy attracted royal atten-
.. '. . e .......
i toi, Uiil ere i' on K-.m m vicmik , , . , , it-.' ii r
in ' , in ,iii i rtti tin iitt t;d with thc additional horror ol ..
111. was resolved that 4 J lerschrll bliouui . , r
not hi valuahie time in crotchets ; ncssing the desiructu n ol a kcco,.
and cniavers.' Sir William under his j v ict.m thr poor man iremblod, H
gracious patronage, relirnjiii-htd bis pro- ; and expired
fcssion. and m:oter. Iiim-ell entirely to
astronomy and die manufacturing of tel
escopes, from Hath he removed to
Slough, where be erected one ol surpiis
ing magnitude in his jrarden. He here
,10 . ..u.l 1 1 . r- diiilrii'.t !i!.ii'.,'l. U'hirli I ' i '
II. w mi-. t - . . ,
railed the " Cnrgiwn ,!,:," in i0i, )f i caiieu uie uisioiy c. inuuiiry;
of l is illustrious patron. Sir Wiilbm To industrious study is to be astt
pcsscsse.d thc milk of human kindness in . bed th.: invention and perfection of
an eminent degree, and was most anxious ' those arts, whereby human life is ci
to tMaufy his numerous WMtors by .:-i ilicd, and lhe wuild cultivated w';
plain'tturthe eoinp!im!ed inarhincry of mmi)crI,s3 accommodathms, err.;
his mind," in the simplest manner. No , iwnU b,.Hlli;s Alj lhe con.;
nc ever returned bom Ins bo-pital, e , , , , , a j
(Ia i llin" wfl.out feehn,' gratiliea with , . . , '. . . .. .
Lv the ii-Ms u( bis rei.ins ' i:h comfort, industry did cu
tiik r.()t r i.
Vrotn th- !,,eot:.! f-nn; ll
w i tli a j
line t.'.em.
Induttry t eared tho::e magnifict:
f.ibric.i, and those commodious house
. i i i . ' . .. i.e.. .ii... .
ie intiut nee ' i iu:at er.iy uo.oes ; ,t lormeu i.iwu goooiv pictures ai
ir.t'S of this eaith, i vet a ! statues ; it raised those convenie
Xev.lon 1
iijjvin ttic t
reat e'ed d" "ut
,n, at Ici.:.r. ! rauseu avs, bridges, those acp.
nidi .'. ii'iw it j ducts ; it planted those garth.
is t!i..l the aitrariiiin ol ihe nieon ; w I'll various liowers and l.uits ;
f tlte !(!"theit those pleasant fields widicc
it b'.illt t'luse shins whet:
I . . , I d i.l .1, , ,1 ,
ti.Jcs. licit Ihctt is a vanetv ol pliv- 1 am; grass ; it o-ult liiuse .stops
r.omef.a in which this iidhieiu e is y et 1 by we phn'gh the seas, reaping :
i: Mematical ; such as whether there ' cminodities of foreign regions.
:ue ju states id tiie itif on w h' lt ha.h fci.bjecied all cte.iti.res to u
A tl
cb. oi;;,ht to be sown.
d, command and seivice, t:i.i!di:ig us
Vuriety's the very p.e
Tbut gre it all i'i f r-
it e ...... . iii .i.e. i .i
i c.i . ac. i i f i.r'it tji-o stion is, v, i.c lour j suociue tae utrcesi, to c aicu inc w :..
i these art1 really ad'tcied by the moon ; ; est, to render the gentler sort t .'
! -.1 ,1 iI-ih ncvi i. itr.t fti, v ri- :il!.rri f' 1 Irirl ir f;l .1 'iml i-l,tl in iw. tr lur
Cuishidjthi;vo;v .cf .hct.ivLhwijl l.,-ho uwrxwxx Uv ,-m (rom tK. WOol of the'sl.etp, b
change t . i o'my ; t.o.t t , tiie rov and ! r ,i y rt.,;..,ble for the disii.r- I the id" the goJt, from the U:.
ii.:e 11 u.r iui.i, ka,1 ,i, ..,i..ia
tbut a-nitite and musp.ito-s, 1 iav no- :,i'Pf :,ranit ot t:,rc v,i" t:,acJ , K,t
. . . ' . I .- i' , HI . I
ut ttieni. Mv 1 ,ve I.r mv nir Iinc . " ' ! the f its. than it is to observe then. ! It hebcth us. from the inmost bow
i -1 i . r . i "ii. i i
e it prouuees in ine element ol oi me sioi, to weave our Home-,
; ir. It is more difficult ti explain kern us warm, to make us and y
country elves me court ce t soppo-rt po-rhrmnt; that her agteea
V .. .'' I II it .
jie sttules I
I': am CirJei'i .1 .e; :f ,Kc .1
MICH ALL I)t)( III ft I V.
l he existence of stotms at the cquino?: ( of the earth, to letch divers tieed
h-t, and great del tv-rc when ii:u f r imaces ; ai d us jc () nu.ral! m;ticed-.houKh.;ot ' tools and utensils.
1 11
Hi i- Oocttt rty. f.xciw!'-;
e s, v. t- ei e ci"- t th ' th
of 1
It I I I ' ... i.m.iK . tm .i i I ..rninf t i.. 'itil,'7,l-
.llH s. 1 1 IVr m ff,tl,r.! S. :,IW l-eH' in,kui nut. in in I .I..HUWI.V
I nfver shotdd have sup-
. . i . . . .u n ,. i .. .1 . . I.. . : ..u.
illtsi.rc- I 5 iiiii-.e .ij,'1
Tht iharucter of the s .lditr cf for-'Jv ' it will not I t surni-' il. after all
tune, s mimiubly well drawn, 1 Inv e s.d, t'nt I fri 1 fjr,!ms ' ) ""'-'"g "i;:n with such ptol'.vivl medi
whichc nsiiiutcs the chicl mttitc-t the ! at the thoupht f l-attt!e, tike 7. h.;t, , tat.-in.
pripid ir tale, v A Legend c f M
ii.t--?r ?;! I will, I ?m a!'3 s sire i f.nd
rose. r. as oeen c sm -ri au.-i;-ei:v r
imagintry, ar.d the careless J, edify
with w-iii.-h he changed s'uhs, arid em-! I'r,,, ,;':' -u " v-
br.v ed opposite print if les. regarded as SIM. t I. Alt t,U l n :.
the vj, ,,t.ive invention of thr"'author's Kn; esa (? n
braoi. !'.l bricflv rrhue thr . .hen-1 AV rtions) considus to.-!ts-;en b w
ru.iM i:v.
' rn Dr. '1 ..ftei t
f f S. Iis'iUtV , W .is ( I
m r t!e
tores i f a srr,tine in the rontitiet tal ; '-!r N'fVoi
service. reLcived from h s r.-wi 1 r . I -v the will
c; vrnvrs f r
l'atietit; arc-
t 1
and leave it to mv .eaders to i(nrr- ; o 1 v " their Cf iiudalt.ts; and I5u-
mine whether the ch raitrr of 1) UK.n r-r. ItiJes the irrtiturr.t I ! po-
,h it
i "
h ivr
At ti maiui i of retifj?, on i!
12th o," iit. KSJ, when r..,ntl Lau
ren c mm. Hiding the buhl truoj -i !
g'fltal t.reene'x artr.V, beat "p the
tj'.rart' rs ' I the enrmv near Act-V,-,
"S'ir'nael D.icheitv, ilisringctisbe i s'd
d'e "f )- I)rl .w-irev, v ,i I t-. a f 'i,.
l a ie I'" .i i.t ir " I J ... j , it :
nn rW e-iod to fof k lint hfh h'r-f.d
never did, m ght i c t ! c1
t.c'.ri.u ivtit lv ae.Mnr.r th- : iierrr
J') e all things to keep p I. in
if tie et the rt"..,
ii fish
I arle.ry at 1 1 -inhere. pd.tlern.'ii ,,e
lot.i'tntto a btet'ttv. di'!1. at a v i'.l.'j;? ahotit
trn nnl'-s U ,t. :i:. Appii -I't 'i ws m.ule
to the i lercrv rtn.n of toe ; aush tor leave
) he'V bi'o ri the e lt:ri.h-v,i: il. lie
par1":! iri'i'iiin! of wl at reliein I e w.e,.
and was t:,hl that be bad died 1 thiti'M
" I ben." sai I he, !.e ratint-t be l.u in!
b"te : t'ieie re if t ' but l.utneiat.s in
ntj nn ibuob -sai.l. and '.bete shall Ir no
did other" On iV.i brin-' ti 1,1 Dr. 1 hom-
ill I 1 a l' t 111 I
very jucctvsluily expiaini tl. .luiuis It coiieciecl inanKmu into cities, .
C..r in the 5th book of his com- j compacted them into orderly soc'uti, epeaks of his anxiety to a.vl devised wholesome laws, t.n.l
leave lliiuin for (iaul, " ue unni e;:- ' slteltei whereof, we en joy safetv .
i i i
tt '.re ih.Mdlrj.c, nui,: peace, wealth and plenty, mutual 1
j trq'..i'KCtihi : u'n i o" lest be should t cor :uul defence, sw eet oa Versa'.'. -
I I ,se the season of nav igaiioii, because : and beneficial lommcrcc.
j ti c eouiitn w;is ;,t b.!tid. egi tins, : j It, by meditation, did invei.t -
J. din writer w ho :1 tirishin .1H" years ; those sciences w hercb , our minds ;.
T C'.e. J
r- t t
be ore Christ, obse rvt s that as betw t e tt ; cir'u l:cd and intnlded, our man:
thc G'h fhiv cf l!:e !v..!, nds t June t re lined and o'Mit tl, oor i urioiitv
4 0 '
h d.y ol tlte
hi r. ( con es;-otiwiit
t I
f i!..-
tt niaoo.'y !
: r, I ti S
i w t r I
has bren sp'tlt t; is div, mv h
4 -
th d we air liktlv to see the t
the fa!. w':r. e.X'.rat.rdn fry :
" Dr (. !.. re. in -' i of I '
tre j-. i s r rr..ti s a cast , :ht
of ss l ie h is eth!lrd hv an irtefra-
Uralde fon.Stt.ith n of evijenrr, cf a
:i.f,',e in
m ,! i v t i
:th o! itlv,
: -.u :.:::ve :
:s I it died
as, !.e lOin-.t ,'i.i'eiv to-i,
went to j' tt-e m 'o-v
hot ' rt (I I im it.; -., .Ie.
! ,r i-aii.rd. b i o 1. t
folcd t it- le'ru; '. Ii 1 V
s .ti. ' f t. ut. .' o
to il e i; " : t '
I '.i h h..j 'ill ! 0
As it t a'e cf a chut ;!. in
1 is I urviniT a ctupe,
I :s ho'vf, .im!
' ? 1 ; '
At !e i- h tne
1. . v.l .: he h..d
e f . of I ea
' i..l ! t' c (1 -.or
f .. .cm-
in m 11 l eti 1
I I t i, ts- treet :
v.-bet i a wi man
k .! t; Is ot Oilo
t em- jvn.r.t'.i f I
ui .uu A thc :,.ii;.:itivi, it the Le -t. ho-
r.uise the sharpness ol tl.e i,
s Uend by the genial influence of
son-imer, ?) alter that time lo the l of
t..b ll, f.'T I le IS Ot in fitted.
Vh..t i i there which we admire,
v. he: t in we deli.d.t, that ph-aseth i
mi. id, or graiilit th our sense, ,,r wb.
we are not heir Idea to ii.dustry :
Doth :.nv countrv flourish in weal.
the ides of November, the ravigatn :i i:i -rar.dei,r, in pr .speiitv? It m
is the me lt tl irgetcos ; bcetotse tdttr l.e imputed to industry ; I the in i :
':tr a cry fuire !t of iu governors, settling good r
isjih r; tf tlie industry of its pejl'
lo.iouin.r l rot, table occupations;
J 1
1 sc of it! man that c uhl die, to all appeal atiCC, ca"nf I'Urd trc !'.v U' sllvr '" lhc
without a fight." No notice w.,s ta-j.u anv time h those ; and alter h.irg n'",l"v (
ken ol ihe speech at lhe time, t tut : lam I fr a rr.iisi h r.ihle period exactly
m"-e'iri him shordy af'rr in camp, I , as a corpse, wa? al'r, it seemed, hv a
inq .wed, ' how Ar, who was s i moch j voluntary i r.i rt, to rt store to hmstil
appboulrd for unc mnv-n g.dlaotry, the appearance sin el all the functions ol
should luve expressed treat d.dight I tiimation nnd inullcrt. It is ti-be
on fmdi. g the enemy indisposed for j inferred from the L'ter patt o the
ac'.io.,." " And who, besides mvstlf, j story, that the unnatural and dnful
had a better right to be ph ased, I won- J excrtiors by w hrb in jk r n pstim
der," said Docherty. " Wounds and ! ed the apprsrnnce cf dise;r-v, 'f ilu-
on.lireil .'tl It-n.Hll A LlA r suit ; I) alli
w oulj no b'tige r he mm ke ! with im
punity, l he t rmrtcrlVi! cot r. s l w
hours alter its revival, rd.osfd
f tl c s nh c. ' Sir ! s'n ! I want
.pfvk to vou.' I'l'vihcr, ajs I,
' wait till 1 have dotie :' N. sir. I must
pck to you inmiei'iiti h 1' 'Wi'v.theti
.,d is t!;r ni.t'ir: ' v nv, sir. s's
tin- i ! s ol 1
star Aiitun.s iisi s, nnd li.v st a
-..'.jeit to violent tempests. 1 Lis is
io ', L:wecr. the idea of tl;; sar, wl.'i 'did (Into i.otablc oration tl i
makes an era hum the etpaitrox, not ; in Salltist, tt 11 the I'nninn senate, ti
I rou i the a; -penance d panic stars.
ru ssio m id.
The Prusslc ;u ill, wh' M trrme rdous
activity as a poison iivill known lo
scientific nnd men, exists in
the kernel of cherries,, and
bitter a!m nds. In a copiously diluted
state it is harmless ar.d even agre eable,
it was by thc industry of their arte
tors, th..t th a; iimniot; w ra1 h did at
to .such a pitch of grcatiu-s. Wl.
sloth creept-th in, then all things ct
rt'pt and decay ; then the public st..
doth sit.k into disorder, penury and
eli'r-i ac- lul ici dition.
you nre bun in;; a Hun who died , lhe cordials and o'.h'-r licpiois man
tt i;v b no harm fur m never yet fought, hut ns
bail Im k would have it, bcth have been
hi poition. When 1 give vou a liule
piece of thf historv of niv post l:fe into a state width was capable , I n
. . -ti i-. t i " 1 1 '. t
you w oi rive no- crron i r tnv wisn l ) 1 1' r.;t r n suc nation. i:v.t tne c ;.? .
be cn I ol of the r( that to cevc.
I v. : - , . , 'kV fr,,m the jump. At the
tat'b ' I5r n ' wine, acting ns a srr
. a ' f a company in the Delaware
i T'-rt. m captain killed, and l'uu
t a i absenting himself from the f.tld
1 y th' ir-atir safety of ris nit titer's
so interesting and nm.-i k..b!e as to de
htlU (ia I tug it ill all lhe Ji'.td w id'
which Dr. Cheytic present". )t to Ids
"lie ro'.d 1 elle or rnvire when lo
please d ; and s jn i ll'oM, i r some
how, he could 1 1 nr to li'r ;tp iln. lb
juJKhl I'.rruritnt. -A Law ve
rm w deceased, a ceh brated wa.". w
... 3
pha li g before a ottli Judr.e, wv
"l orn he was oti most intimate tern -Happening
to have a clicrd, a fcni'
dtler.dant in an action, of the name
I II !i 1 . Il f f Ml niln-pil I .. c t ni.iT h in T '
of these li-ptois without loU;.winrt'l.umerr..': "Tick:-
IliV 1 urn; In-- iii ii i ti it I mv inr
i keeper in thc cfjnntrv had. ar.reeahly to 1 1 i- " t .t- , i ..
The renuiinsel ihi-, mineiit astrono- j a custom amone tradesmen in Fngland, ' ,-it ' ... LI ,t. . i
. . . . . . . . , M IdV .Atl.11, tt .lllllie IIMU II I '
remlcd hm customers w ith litpior, f0 ne.( ,ir, , f ,..rW.. r. by the .lo
which in this w..s ;.; ; eo'.v. I ,, ,!,',. i-,, 1 1 ' i, . ' ' i ? "
, I l II 11 1, I H.ll till !'USl, Ii...
with thc! pi x tic! mv pi '-r bu-band ,laeturcel Iroin t'.esc fruits owlrg their
who never had it.'" This stmy h:.d thc j Havor to its The following
i!isirc! rflert ; nnd lhc run :e p. t loioecl , iinerdotc, v hich is cxtr.ttled from an
d e bi nes ol ti e poor iihintsi j Lc laid
i' the I.u'.l ctati e buie b vatd.
Lrglish puMic?.ion, shows the darger
i ,
hi- prr tirat ion. sli"t-
I f, ufht w ith d.'spi ration till our ' insisted so tv.ueh n, mi
. . i . . i
i -or seen
mer weir on rs.di. i -t ir ttlii iiiooii in'e'ie i
at I ton ( bnreli, iitikshire. in width
palish be had br inaliy jeais irsit'eib
lie Wat a (icntun ! y 1 ii!h, ton! von of a
nttisii un. in vi hit h profession Sir William
ws t.ii.iiial!v rclutaUi!, nnd excelled on
seirtal mode id instrunir nts. He was
nias'er of the bar d of a rtitnriit, wbii h
wts tc red ut 1 1 .i 1 1 fa x in the 5 tar 1 770.
It w.i bete proposed by some of thc
ti:"-i; al ir.htil it.n.i to rtrct Hi otan in
l.e 1 'in It, ar.d -i.'sri lot inns wttx enter
Tltey liked the liquor, expressul a
w ish to have it stronger. 1 he trades
man, willing to oblige them, transmit
ted an order to a person who manufac
tured his rtoycau, that he would pre-
paie him a trrtain quantity of dcu!!c
i',' wail sitrcngt.'u I his was compii-
il ui'h. without rither inimiiies on
' 1
evic prt or explanation on the other.
rv, vou'ie as able to do it as I."
A wit having lost the i!c 'i,,n to n .'
low ship at College, wbii h ns to,:
rd t-v a iintlidate of very iiifniur deser'
'.Veil," said be," I'oi'K itii ;h Wof
makes thc nu'ii ; thc want ol it the
i ..... 1 . . u .-.... t.' : . 1 1 j 1 '
.0 morn., n was expended, and mv t1i.1I i-.tdr.that we were at 'at fotred.1" ' r 110.1 v ouim w..s S . .r.,.,1,. novtau v,, :irt',.(tla
e. u rades being Co mP'. lied t . retire, I to comph . We al ,h,ee f,h hts pche 1 !f r,f or!' VrPf tl-e Jj(j visittJ thc$h'op ttho bcinff a0 JM tUtUd
was hit h. h.lesn and ;... . ..... dir.; V..' .... ...! ' reoinmriHiaunn 01 me latr aonu nates i .',, .. , ' lUae kstone's t
' iihji, ..... .".ui-i.1, 11 ' r-ii an hi , 1. . t, ,1 .,. , r .1,. ,),,. 1. I e ai . una iimimna , 1111 it juc t ii i i , ,, r .. ,,1 sn.i f,!l .-, the h.r.U.T ,0, I.K.....I. I I.;, ... i, ,.i ... ....... i 1 '.l W,,H ,,,c n ,l'c""l,li:iml a..: r ' .: .letters from ai at
, x ! - """-irltrkM Ilalilax. and whose m know!, t!eec "l,m'1" ' ' r,l,,u"; ""I"11 I tended for lhe a
-.. inv. ( lou nu i'f t .tr-t-rr ..i.. I . .,. .. It.. .,n,,. I i.: ir , , ... h l.i r ...I .. :.u .1... f.... .
. " . ' ," 111 i'"i --i o ii'uki vuli-mi tit ill tit eiflier Ol music tnstir- ioeiorr eiiscmTU ut r uu me ti.Ni I .,..
' ' "" 1 t""1'- 'er re .:w . lus h., k. atid 1 in a Mil postme b 1 1 , e .,,r, es to the- r ,rnl'uiatr who.,r ivtis.
i-ioo. re, r re ,..,. . , Ins b. atid I in a Mil! postme
:. I !. . . .ii.
' o renn, .- ip'.tuo- ' s-.rv.C lime. VV MHP X Held I',!S
I, I
e I'lotlT
Vr.o- An aoridgmrnt c
onimcntaries in a series
her to his Dat:i;htcr. it
dvanrement of I'eni o
thr nrf. :,iwl tilmiit !
tdnss of los imp, oved cordial. If. 1 ,r ,ni'.is-a in London. We bone '
sir William cntinccd lady drank it, and at a few minutes kll ' nn nuke the Ladici Lawyer.
ori ess to t!,e r iTididatr whi .,r (vtist

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