North Carolina Newspapers

    mi H i) ii rim i 'l ii 1 1
;iik! .ii'J!i,.j Milr, to
, , .,; , ),., severe p'inisii;iu lit nl i people went on ,',,im
,,rni was u:;onii, '.!) ' Hv th.tijscr the hot i id pct
time the. natives had bivriin t. look lor We Dud but liith- in the papers on the
themselves, and to provide mean, of h"p-j amor, t.l Xtw Sp, ,in, il'we c:;cc pt a very
port for the fjovcinwnt. who :i;pea-ed ' Inn;, detiil of xhtt pttrations .iiii,t i he
absolutely abandoned by the military hr-, hud of St. Juan ih L'llo.i, and the attack
lis of this place. -A native, wh : ;-!!i the ri-v of Vcim Cri:. of .vhidi i hf
ware of the movements of the ir,!i.ibi'..!its miV.! im e lets been already nbii .lied ; and
out of the walls, tin I within two IciiHfs ' tin- arti' tc which wc have translated, da
distance of the i t v obsenimr die old ted id fori rest on the I.Mh n!t, tthich
Ci tvernor wavetimr. in! Im-httetl to M.;n iiuiun; s tin; proiK.ouuy o. i or in vv i ,mpt;
i, ,.;i c.i' t.t. roue v. of, pcihap i r."i'(, o: ,..ulups lci, Wo no
the order for apprchciinin"; "' persons
accused hv tlic bewil lend nidia .m l sol
dierv, cried out to him, il he did ac
cede to the wishes of the petitioner-;, he
would decree the destrut tbn ami ruin of
the whole hi 'lid and hosiiotif,' wi ve his
re sons, that the Governor refused to
rrint what was desired of liim ; in l.iet,
tor's bf.'in;;,ihout to f! to the United States,
with srvn.d tniPior.sof dollars. Al'lintrli
this is iiii cunt w'.irli may veiy possibly
happen at no leiuote pciio 1, perha)s the
time has iiot vet art ived w hieh would icn-
not luoilcil :!ie precise amount,) hr
(trh!'n:(, with " ft mij tricky' a '
ftjr,trr," who had the audacity to throw
" dirty water on Ids head !" " (licut are
thy works, ' Old Kuntm ""
Till: .U.I U.S.
Tin: following t tl I of a I. Iter In tlo- i 'i
toi's, Iron) a resper '! able ctirreopou h ii1, on the
subject i if the mail-, is dr.n n ine; (if piihlic at.
tent '.nil. I't a blip- I' U.-nt nt' rumit y , ik ;,
IM" incut i lii.'li lii- pi-npuM 3 v-ooM iind'Hi!.'-
;'.'; '! of J.;n at a'h ;llt;in. , leit the feuhili!)
ot I he plan, at tie- pre ,, nl j . r 1 1 lin e, i-, a! I a-it
ijutiiy ol '.he (h c people of ihi'.fa'e I i ilain i. M ,,s'i-)M)pi, Loiii' a;! 'I t :
; suij:et, in all things, to the viiilo'iui , inn'.iin ij.lsi'y) .,h- p-, .,,',.
a Kiiitority of their lelln.v riii.ens, is ami
repuhlii.aii, tiiijust, and oppressive, ami
ou;;hf, of lij'ht, to he so altered and
amended, us to set tirr to every fieeniin
of this stall' an r pi ility of privileges and
iofluenet: ill the '.;ovei n .eem thereof.
And whereas it is riipdied toy the said
constitution, that then- shall he annual
tiieeiiii,',s of the (General As-.emhl v w hi' h
fxfjci ienee h-e proven to he unnei essarv
for the puhlir jfootl, produilne of (.,.'( .it
expense to the people, ..nd (ah uL.ied to
prevent u wholesome system ol lei-,u-ti'jii
l'r'Jtnt, on thf i';imin ' tint, if.miut'.
del' sin h a 'i!c) liceessaiy lor tiir iif'.er .i.'n .l. The I'usi.Olii. e Ij, par'ti.i nf j I lut the said eonst i' utio'i oim,h' ti he s
l Mi lu e i.e'.-.ioci. 4u lu' Vo I -! v. '
i i oiiliu ; io the estioiate of a .,i.t to
pl-n't r, y7,.!')'j ol ihesi; sljvesare eo.p...
t d lor do'Siest I' pin p(,ses, 4'),)'-) oil sn m
:id tohi'i) plaiilations, '),0'.;O tin n
pl-iol.itions, 2:J,'ijO me ioe haiiit s, ale1
1 .i I -.7 ! are rnplovcd on the cottou pi -n
i nous. I his es'.iir.dip im.lui es hth 1 1
lei live and 1 1 ' 1 1 idler live si ,v i s i ,,t
t ui'lv -itlon tit r otlon h is Vr'iy inu' h in
n rased i' lllii .i lew ivei. the j : 1 t i. ,-.
eonse'jucii'lv !e n redni rrl. ..nd i'. i -,'a-tt
d tlut the r o-io.i o.a;i'..'l jns it hi ,
present, in" i - ii ' :: ,'.,(, Il is I p'
scnted im p .i,.i . . o ,n re,.i . i ..
niui !;et rosts )- ,', i'in!i s -d
valioti vi his lieai! Ct.urirr.
i ns to hi: I'K.ketl np'ili, hv soimr of our ul'.ered. that 'he ( Asseillldv sll'iti i-! I far, ) t the s.J
e neai iv a"
a- an ' ' .
anil not ,
mm and
the -'.!
I rd
i: e
llli.V ( l c
' ine; men, or wh'i e.'i to h
the feir of the Governor aio'.e Iroin the' l.ate .-.ews l.otn l.uiope ts (d a:i I o'er, li'lini nt hn- tin- nuniose of iv. nu.
titter incapacity in which he was of citfor-, estin east. It appears to he l !ievel that j :i puhhe eonv. i.i, m . , and iisteii.liitrf tostrenifih.
rim: the observance of the laws ; the mi the Mmperor ol llu .sia had idi,n-fd h!s;,.11(;. ( ;,,, inei-eusiuj,' th-f..eii;ty ..f r.,m.
li'iaantl soldiny appearing to he against ; views as o, furkev, and had 'h'tein,i.,ed 1 ,.,,, . d.llerent and rcn'tote fa.-ts
him. Hut, a! the same time, advices came U r7;. that power to make ( om es ions, j (if rul.u.y,
to him from several ptrsons a . vt 1 v em- j 1 he ace c f ti e sucr cses nf the' "
ployed in the Mibiirbs, anil in the villages- '-hi r.s
around the i itv. that SCU'IY.I thous.mds r,f I firmed.
the inhabitants were in anas ready t
pour into the ritv, and lescnc the (imrin
or from the jeop;uiiy in which he ''a:;
pl.u eil hv the disorderly roniltn t of those
u ho oiii'ht to he his best stmtiortr rs. I hi .
jiitelliirence inspired the old p,enilenian j
villi confidence and courage and t'-vt ,
meet om e in t o v r-ars otily, nnles . si.r hi.' h by the pound ;" 'To
r ial oi iuiieiiiis bliould rei'dr1 it otan
wiie rss try.
And whertas it is the nndoiihtrd tihi
r.f a lice I'lonle, at all times, to
havrfi lUnk e.t V The r 'nr.
to' s ol this r.s'itwtioli I: d lln ii I'm ' i
nlar ineetiuf, .-nd with il.e o'hei oTe r
sr poiinUr v. I he .
ii :--:
Jjnv'iht'-i i, In. 2', !'.-'.
M la- IN. I HI lull : j
th-!.'' -turn . 'I In' mail-, (nan ahsleirv mis' !
.i 1 ... i .... ..... .. .1 .. . i '
ttaiis, at;il. hv this evctit. toe Aioiea : w ;l" "" ' " " "' .
been !i'.er..'.e.l front the Iial !i n iaos ! ' ih tt,.Tini,n, m n anruam
a i.'. .' . ;
( '..stle of d: in;h iimti'!f rr-il tothe I
!av. when rotnmutiica't d tn the ir.iinii:
, oerM ,., Ka,,,, -...nurt u..noKn . s..,. a ,.,..,. ,v ,,,, tlt;, ...,, iv.t.., -, i.,'o .,rr ,1., t ) join thr rv;,,
h e Ii, as Mia luiij.' sill' e the mail via tins
her, tided l"'l halis n k s a;;o, w hii I
' " ; t aUM.'il die mail earner to he so In at V load
.'.' 7 t;i:i! .".;,' : Wc leal I:, t't he rompelleiho leave a (art every vtt-r k. l ast1 and to the piomotiott of the liberty
'.mi 11 .I'iiin.fp. !!..,( (',,,., i. ,...'i,re 1'i.ior ' the rah r inlonne.l tlx
iitid in lid iioote o;t I luii'sdav e v f it -
..... . i. i . . . .r t .
ail'l army. WOO ny in.a liine nan u. i ii ; ... mm.t in nn " n i " , , ,..l);,.r, .,. keil loll. As there i tin en . la.
more than 4h ln.tjr (iii.if.f reJ and under h...e been in tie it v. bought an . si t.t rdi
turns, produrcrl the due ami s.nnt .t y el , t" Nu'ldi;, i.udr v tlie t ,i'im, nd ol I,t.
.feet that was expected. j Newell, a whole I'l.irhon ofi i;;ht m-.m -
" A capitu' I'icn tool; pl.xe ti;i n.of I'r.e ( i:'-( d ! ! - r a;; liit'.t the I'iiates.
u-'.'nlcs, tin- f.r-,tof which was. all ' I be omnio.ioi has p:uceed''d to the
the Mdi'i.t that were i.uarteied. sl.on'd ' oit:i to p'o.-i.: e a catridioat to form a
amend, and lefotm t heir constii ti'ion oi rte .woin m on .S,i'i;i'(!.iv, the 0
f'jein of I'ovr i imient, whenevrr, in thrir I '1oiid,n h is be; 't f,.ed on as the
opinion, it he. nines ueei Ss.irv SO Ui !.' !av i Wedln si! v as the dis'Oi!'.'
lor the befrr si eiii itv of liieir rights nd iml 'Ihms'i.iv a.i the diy fur f in .
privileges, and thr ptumtioii of t!i:n sn rrs to thos- u ho w islt paper dii oi.
wellai e :
lici,;lftU mi I In- '..ini'itt ,f thin mrrtni, C'.i'hw'i ti Hi rc The (.' i Uputiofi of t he
1' it is indi'.peti'.jbly neiessau to the ' une.i'h i. litis tiver by arolonvl'Ofii thr
sennit i of eon 1 tiebls anil tnivileio'.. L'. Slates, is t.d,.rd of A tor ct.t.
'' ')
jiriiidiilv ;n ( haiuhei bur about imr-
had 1 It a iiMin- ; hj I mines of the or otde of i his sti.te. t!i..i t v I wlin,r i i:i."in have ah e.idv rii'"i-
Oi) ii ineijih s ol ripi.ili'y, shouitl be as- tioii. prov i !r ! i;oici unit nt wi.l 'n - -'.
re.i c to their homes ;.;io'l,er that the,
vim's Goves and Ctioiles) should h.Mnn-!
sidrrrd '" :i -::t that the tin tiii."'f '-he '
l)t pu'ii's mihi continue to e:i '., ;;! tie J
Tiia;;d icmpletion of the promi e of ov-'
emment ; that the tioicrs le u! 1 be pun.
ished. The ritli'-r : r 1 1 h s I i i:i;: imin t''-,
ritb I do Do', mention thc:n. I'hc f.i-t
a'liclc w.ri e;".t!i:ei!. 'or the tr .! ;!;e;- we;e
p tern tllv itbuked.
"On the tunin:: of the this re
volve was f'!i'.i:fiiitt'alci! to the ti'.ops.
r d ' eire and ruder re-rs' dnislied. 1 he '
1.,, ..)' l,e old SpaiiuuL, all the inanicd
ir i n I'liom.,' the: i, have hi ;hiv dis'tpprov
rd the i o',,'u t of their voun ; hot he., led
Con' ti men. ami i c: v thin,; -i cms now
to ,! oi i a o:i- r ontiiin atice of orili r."
I . . C e.i'o'i sio:iers ajipoin'ed some
i ! ( in tes ol Spain, for the
i in 'i Mexico, hiv? ariivcd at
oi hc
ion. A':'. .;,',.
V .'-
, 'v.f.
t ikii ot the tnails K' trine; lighter, v. mild it not he
proper t. r s'ahLdi a line ol ... a-es, sav Imin
( ht l a a , S ( '. lu ( hat lot'e, lalieolntoii, lnrh'ail
t.iii, Ashville, Warm 'prints, to Neuporl, in
Teiin. sm e, 'a lut rsec' the tt '-rn line at Knn
tdle' ( heravt is her oiiiiei' a idaee o( r (
r rahle lnere:iliUle ini'nirtala , and as then u
semliled, sritoal'er, ulo'in aful ami nd j tu lent i in out ai'i-mr .tit to j.js'.il t so h . u.
thc consiitu'in-i of t his s ate. as will line e o'.s an nil. le 1 1 akin;; Chtirti- r if '
Jon s' T. t tiu 'ol laio.inr,' is i i a 'd
a Seiutoi of ' r- I'liin (I s (m.iii :.e
Mate of 1 1. . . t m a v i. e Mi 1 ' I. K s s 1 ,
eflecMallv attain th.- (Mra-.t ami in poi'.mt
objerts lor wli'n It civil ovcinmr i,t is in
htitu'erl and intended.
Ami whereas i hrr constitution of th!
he a lin- ot s'.iLjts tii'tn Clu ow via (. i.!!ii' ; s'.ite cotitaiiis no provision. I;y w l.ii li the iCsi;M:ei
t'.-H'V I" Chad' -ton, ties uimld he a in it-s.rj saii.l! may he jhel'ld, atueiitied, or le-j -tdditieii.
I he I, lie v.. mid he II supported hv : !',, ,,,ol ;.,l l,,,lr it,,. C'..i. .,-.! .k.-,. ' .' '!.. to I,.,.; t-.t i
I j v have. I'ioiii time to time, i.fnM-dtu r.rk Itoin the iutetio!'. vui
I. lie v. nul l tie n support
'lie inert lianM 'm Ilns laie ai,. 1 t .', e the !aea l'..rCl.adi s- i
I ! I.
i ;
t I
ll' M'
t ' ' t
, ' 1.1 Kll.l, t 1
()!) s, ( j'nn I it. ir, i.n, ni ..lllt.i net. ,:.n 1 1 J t a ! I s j
The in..,!', from s.,li,hun anil l!aleiL'', v.ntild ! tor as' et 'ainimr the -ense of the t-sp,: ,
: fall in" 'bin 1. tie at ( har!o"r ; and ihe n a, I, t.f thiss'atc a. to the ( Xpli.iiit. V ! A
' .....' I then rot he t.4k to or three w i Ls trtiiej, ami mat, , t.f it hi iiiin th ..;!
I ii'.r '.e in the ll.ttld t'.ed state th'-v Mi ti. inn iii 1 . . . 1
: i .11 it 'i t i ' 'I'l'.l'i'l i
! a."' , I.'. 1,1 tiieir In ,t., pat l, d on Imrv Lxek, e. i , , ... .... . !
, d to vut. main ol vtln.di. iro.i, He 1 " ' ' "'s '' I
time 'i
I'" :''
( :. '
a t'. i
1. t
' hi i c 't as
ut of tie.'
i :i li.s
t'roi 'i' to ..i to in
I I .v !.... the N'.i .'.is i vi hr .V
v dd but lift
o. ; ti.v.
We o H'' th'-. , ( . i. : i e pie is-jc of 1-iV-ini
bi f.e e our l e .de: s I a.- piot . r dill' s ol
the me in His r-i fie i.roeid .s
I ivoia'de,: a ' .. I si
i'littortant su'.t'-f t Will Do. lie blooTi
fn'lv brf.ire Mir people ol the Wot; a'nl
the I ast in iv f.itlu a pic! v eo! rut
j . s uf t he lit !)! I Oil i! il Iiii ( t with I' Ol il
.. 1.1" u n on! ot (!,e ma is, from the i'..p,a I -i..;
torn nt! and tin- ihtt etim.s les' .
ill Vt .5', i, fssl'tl-
... : .Mi.
i 1 o '"'f rhiv le cvio'is 1! ot Hie in-
-. i. .n l.v si.tne i-rrsrn who had been
sr n
, from ti .'
tr es.
t :'
1 1 an
4 t Oti filial. t ID
, , 1
the ,.fi' if. Gait'. ( .
'tidied ti) lite ( letter.
. t '1
M Tie I of .tssistamC, .tml Was lunusirl
Vvi'it t scieealit a'nl IJ 'lu'lt. who l'( pair
ed on o. 'd the '.ehr. e.ttlv in the cve iitu.;.
am' tent. lined .; tiu..r;c' s tmiil - r,'. !o. k
it's li
fe ' ntot nin,;. w hen the in lit ti
r.'. o tl." ii'ltiihcr of ah. n: V
..'s. armrtl wi lt nni-if'.. c
c it'iii. ..' .nr i''e the s. iir. I 'e
ho. c'l'ii 'lo"n ha I hi ". i t . e ii' I hv '
'lulw.rks. ili-. bar ,ed 1 v .11. v "i t "-..
in. 1 die hut-, whi. - t'.'rw I te ; at
Ui set el 1!
. ; s tin .
i!..if s.
!i n
. I
t : e'l
1 IM l .1. 11
. - r't e t'
M.i"it 1 . me
.1 III to f TV
i' : 1 1 s ' '
1 !..r hr ' I
ai '1
a ol
1 o! the if '1 pie-
( )'ir I. is'ei 11 frit '.a n ,.v
.' tot .:t i - ; ' it 111 ' .'t i
e.!a c.dl '011 in 1 ..'.' ., . t . .ml toe
('o:npii;i Ui.v sue th-.t he ' il s lion, h'
!,... rt;'h: 'itf. lite ' will piev.ul.
the rrort t wiii ti inmph. . 11 i the opjni-
' i'i VI o! t .e I . is! w ill or- t t'sht d, bl lie...' Il
' 1 " !ti .jestie ma 1 1 h 1 I Miisiirit- l hr
;d..nswhi h tiir Wis' ,.i n ... atiop'ut,'
e hoi 1 iv pas inn ; thev li.tvc not , r".'"iTl ill!' iliot.t
! '; e -.- vt j;i no ! o i t li:t.p,is;
I.'.... ' s all'.' t l"!)l il'.lll 1' .
-in 1
1 1. 1 tioii, .(!
..I t;..:ii theit
l itis v. e Sav
it..! we
:t..i 11 Inn trmn haih
t a'!'. in-i 1'., as tin- ton ka,
ht ii , tt. tie" tnaiiv 11. a. Is L'o.n '
j--Pj , fve'i'i. i." ! l..kiii a v.rv rirtin'o'is
le t .re diet et t to A-hv ,11. ; a1 ill t in ti I
! 1 . ,1 1 d tin ft , HI ert;,t is the M( . .;!,!, ih.l ilt,
. lea nnp"ssihe .r thetll to e;i t on rt fTiilarh .
j I 4t:i "1! I 'he i-id'T tre'ti Ashvtllr ues'w ird, is
1 1 oa.'n Ih d to hate 4 I. tl Imrse par ked tutli tie'
' tt.a.U h.s liar's It in,,' strai'itt a n-si the lior.-,
; I: an ti.. ir hi .lie s . t.h'l'. s'titit d ; in tin, V,
I '.he lie. Is III. 1st he nan It it,'. i' t d.
j As ties p.' . I ,1 (.t the t ,i"ni and ( i
I j til the !.. won!.! :. sepper'. I ht
' ; ,s- I .' ! s t ii ', 'hi 1 kit t out Tt , in 'he v, kit
I .'!,, .ti the ,'!!.n r. tins I. in- t.,iiid .a
aot.e. . ,;e tn die I' . Ill,, e Id p,i':l flit, ,,!-! 1,
'1 . .1' 1 not ea.i nt e to o.i'h I T. .hti.i, ti, 11 I 1 I
'., . .'.. , ! 1 . ie t , e ! ' 1"-. t hi
1 a .,' . n l-lli ',',.. t e! '.' a, in r- , :.' 1 1 t 1,, . v.-.
Oi't , !t;,s ,'.,'e.
It I, In' V. I IV . ' .hi -a' ', I'.a' t I "'. ' ' .
II, . d.' !a d :'h tl '.-t -. . 1- . . ' 1 !.,s l,in , i. h tnotn s v 1 oM lie mi . ! ,
ftli. .11 te id I tt s.
I I, . a s. . 11 in. rt h.ei's I".'!. KiiovmII, ,
tie p i'rol,e. l.t Mien !i.iti'N "i,'n
e- . I he I'i. st. I Ha e i p.ii'ti . lit
(: s, 'a d! n an u! n ' ' ion !n 'his : e
h.i' '..k. in'" 1 11 t. ' he hers -..
i. nt el th s line, and :t t; lie i.a r,
..; 'r.,. ' 111 s'.iap s, and lieno nl the
1 .ht t.e shnr'.i t,i d so a, to t..!l into
That it i . I
solliC lH 1.' ,
the M Hm: o(
.list lilt tiv ,, ,
id railina; a r onv eidioii
1. ' ' ' O'o .
an 1 itcress
adoptc 1,
v ";.!
hi -thv
po .iris .
S .token; I'tlitor piopnsr'S, that ',,
pinion in ijorof a'iv piti'id r t..mi
a'e hi I'n'si dent on. lit to I ' f ivee 1 n
.1 tin' toit e of thr n tioii liesi.Mo.te t 1111
il -,e
is I
people tuny be laii Iv lui
l I lail.C d as to the pt op: ietv
o ,il . ivs t'le N'.di ntal (. i.""t
!v's trdl.ii t his son. tli ,t . -t '
f.if f.e teri.'t r v'i'il ,' !. nt It'in.t
vi ( ',.,' 1' (;,- :r, .
lie 1 c inhr I e meii'iot.i 1! : it i-. ti.ei c.oi
b"ll by 1 ei ouitoet'.rle
to the lie run n of
( i s 1 .v IT.
A I .':. I 1 1 pap. r s' 't s tl: 1!
the srv v 1 ' 1 o'.it.'.u's in this state, uhn.p- ,"e leu'sheads ol tune in arrll
pi tt e thr s inn . . t the neM aiii.t.i elf 1 meP. whith tteu rhpo-i'td ":
tioii, tt) el .1 ! i:rk-):utcs, to meet in the 1 yc.r l'..' 1. Ihe tost vv..s 2i
t i'v of II. It i.h on t!ie M'co!id loi.tLy of , hn h sum. il it It'l ht en p it m'c a'C
r t .
nt r tc
l O .ts.
OUlil' I!
No'.eni'ter ne't. then : nd tl.cte to ilctise
some Ii1 ,.i:d nrnpi r pl.t!) for that purpose ; in Zi
'. luitiiti. to
su' ii o'.lar mt as
.. !l
t;tt 3 i s thr - ii I i'r!e'..'..:cs inav ih':em mo-.:
a Ivisab'e I t the further jih e theteoi.
t''V. .'.r.'.'.T. (. . r '('.. ' f ill n
i lest, mild at. i ;!,!,! to so o
Si. lht a bottle id to. a wine i. .
ros' ..oi, I, J I 1 1 ti tr; (,!'.;; crop
t os'. bovr '.
I ..:. it
!,r. c
i: ,! ih.
r :,c r: t
e t ire
.ii . i. -. 1 1 . i i i
eft one tl, le,; i'
.1 1,1.11, ''CIS I'i
r at ii i ii'intv sli.dl have
it t ' t
l.'.-t- I
1 o ,t ihe
;. ,-,..,t.-s
r.n m i i ii i r i'iu '. v. n ,
( ,'".;, to 1 ri ... : '
lo t Ji. .d,i-k. ii, p. hr-.' i :.. J
h-a'nit , i 1 . ' I .'It, -1 ") to V , ii." :i, I
!.. ' 'o . ' -' i". tia - "t.. . . "'oil
pt r ,-vt t. '.....I, 1 '' ft tl's p. r ll. . i '.
. a ; f a, I,'- s.-n, 1 I 'o I , i . It . s.
's 111 I dnl . t..!iovt, J I to 11 'S e r
- t ... I
o. '!.
!.. ,o , I h
P'l li s'l So'lia
t to r ery 'hirj; s. rt .
p. t ot tt ill, it' nu, I , ,
i, I tht se rt n arks
l i,. I I 'i
i ' 'mi ;
U it,"- e;i
Je..,1 f.e i
ti f pi: 'is h
.p. -he'd
a i. 1 i ris
n .:, i
ssl !s in ' e
tiie d tin :
laid, to pu:
.. . i r - i e
i a f. I'P'.o
; .'' p.-vt
. ''I.!..!, and
i- !i' Is , it is
. mu ' h te
tt t ' I p i ki t
i ,'::r!u;! i'i' !i
V' I l
- t . an I t e Kilo v , I' ti,
I i, -or Ii i I. .sit. !;. !1 1 I v!.,l.i:i ; t,t;
tt t, u tee tr- il'. ' e the
! . '.hi;-, tn ji lU'-c a' i 1 1 1 .".a ; t r ask
- w'o-di! : it is n t' l-.-tti r, wlietlii'f i'
t.t mite the put id u i-,d m, to !;ii;!c
mi.oi.'I.;, ih wn lie r utt i ii'. thai., hv i.U
i:.J-" a'trl i'!e tt'pt Oi ,:rt I st its t). .1,,'C ss.
ii he '."tp! hv Its i:ili:i , p
as'; tlo m ' ,s ; i s.m r time vr her this rn im alter Caiulle li 'l.t ; w hen
it :l ot. t oitn us vnrrr with whli ii Ko. ett WiilUutson. I v.,s ctdic'l to
',' w i.l hr i en iv i I. et w r i are not : our
( n.Yl IIM'KKY.
!.-.,!'. J'; I. n . t" I (.i..-'-'
i: . .in In Id in l;..le.h'!i.
-t . Vt!:,-:t. :, i . . :t.
In r diitui niitv to ptt vious pn alii no'n e.
mrc'ilr." i I t't" tnl tube i s i, l!:e (.t I.C! a I
an of
. each lotmtt
rc ;y Va
altil I lilt 't ill. I
ha-:, p,
t to
.. t.f :., t cr
t j
rt. ',!,-, iiu' it is luaiiiv rxproient, tor
ti.e . ( t . iiipiishii ' tit id th.e (treat object
con'cmphitcd l.t this tiitctiii,;. that there
... . r
siioii.ii be a to coiumutce oi lours- i
poi iliiH c in c-ch tout;') luioiablc to the
Sail, ooil'tt. ' 'lurks l-lun !. tr'al-i; wh.-h t, . t . "
lit s'l.rc,.', ..rf.rr. That the mctnlcrs l.s-a. -in-;, 4'i t , n's (. r In -I -I.' melt . s :, I
r! this iv.i r'in do herrhy pl i!,te them- ! hank:ihs 1 ' a .'or ' , nt ,i c.e . ..
siht'. to use 'heir best entlrvois. by . - .
c'l.peta'r am' just means, to t fleet m;i h I'lVVVVU-t' Ut YuAmiV
j ..I'i r.itiniii and amet!i!!nrnts in thr t .in.sti-,' ( hmi: MKvi.,
I 1 1.' Ion ol I! is";r. ill 'iijii vriini' in tic , I- h , ,
1 tv citirn thereof, without trttart! toloral Vp'ii--. i,n. r n !, '(,,!!, .
-ittn.'ion. the ui.-v lacnt ol t,.ul ii .Ms , -o . (. ,. , n ! V
ml i.t iv i h-n is. I :n ii...!irn.ih!e l.;ilh li .'l.t I I : .. the on' i'." fu-..l '
, ol every bet m..:i.
I 1'
cu.uti r.sru.vM ' iini.r, u
Cot' nn, 1 I to 1 . I', ii"'-, H i , f , e
Ct'fV, e. Hat ,, v, 4 .'i J , t II 'i
i -'U,'ar, hrott it, 7 a K. Mas, :.t j ! , e ,t .1 ,
T a .'J . s.,it, nenni.,!, a T i , d a
' C
Alter these rr- .luin.r.s ietc read., eon
. I
lie S
I ,,l e t o:!., In in e.
t. hn h 'In t v. ol
, i iiM'!i!'.:iii. t' f.k place unite Sv iiatcch..m
s'.dl t J .il'.d ad, d wi'.!',')U' j Ilis-C tl'lti
e hi 1 aho her provisn its ami
,.i d. '.tn! sails h-t!, afd w is '
', ou-ul lo Ne-v Orleans. II
I '-ui iTa. ,1 i i i "in.; her
I i. t e hi r "1 a hv mi 1 iblr en-
im.t' a uv ';! vi-ss? Is. s! . is . bun'
i - ) ' ... tid is lirr.'a ' tvi'lt 'oti" 'of ; time .
i s.leis; ,"td'. so la -! :'o.'t tvt m t;i t : ,
. - , . i ,'i it lit ; . i
i );i ti e imr tu 'it of tV ' )ve tr.rn - ;
: "i t'lf sr lr . .V:.. i .'.".. of t'lial'.r s-
t, j ,ii -,- ', i, ,:; t'ei v I ; h ei! 7,
..' I- k.!.: 1 i i" 1 : to.-n whtv , .:".IC alon
i 'e in t Ii i it ; ht'eiit'C the ne'r and
i o. k on ' ') i'il. tin v a'-emp't'd to pittmlrr
if . Unit wi re oppi.Mtl. ;.'id I'litcn
bad; it;'o their ow n bo it ; thrv hewcv cr
- ii ti f-T.rd on the s. hi', tut ami
II . i 1 1
i i.i. i
voice, it was tern tuotr.i tiui a errrai
i oniniit're of t ot re-pot. dc nr c be appoint
1 1;. and the lollow in. i;cn'lemcn, I )ntn tu
f .men n. J aincs Mcbjiie, Wiilum I'uik.
sr ii 'r. I'.iidct V.itiri'V. ( hatles 1 i-!ier.
i loi'iniit'ee ol five in-r-ons l e .ip. , i- i si, .,'..- it.t,i tVrs.,its, i.iul Pji.I
ttr mm .1 the Hast," hv exnusmi: pinu., , ,.,,;. . the i o.isiileM'i' :. f t-.. i;lu,r, . , ,,T.lU ,w- ,.',,.:,,! t-
p .rt oi 1 1 iv itu :
!.,rk, h id I at ') in iir.o.i s ii!-, ilutv an I our iiuuse arc pi. .in; am! the
ihe eh .ir.
James (irabam. I.s p w as
iCiiit.uv. It w.ts then mow d
K I.!
ii'dt- utmiitv if the poiiti.d sar;.ril t!,is utt etimt stu 11 ni.-.isiu t s as tin v mav
tt!.:. h '.it v at ti'.t.'e tn t hr mselv t s. wr tild
pt it iir 'lo t tin it intcirs's ami their ilti'v
i mi in the s ,.:ic rh.uint 1 w ,;h rut .
dtciii espii'ielit. to asicrtain whetln'" l.
be the s( ; s am! I'.eM e of the free men o!
oi th-I atolin.i to call a rot vi nti iti ; .tml
J, r I dlovt me r titlemi r., Dni.t u t e
Iron, .1 ..mi's Mt liatie, ( hai les I ishct. Mob-
: i iii',tri , veu at onliii.;iv appr .i. w,,h persoiis tbuaihout
the ', wl:o iu.iv feci fiittii'ly ill posed
to fi lliii ' a ronvt ii'ion.
It t as further moved a committee 1
.i e in t a:h t omit', , net I
(',, l i.l '., e ..!.! . ' ,;,
: . ll, h o . ! .
v I; I IN i I'lfl't t:.
. ( I 1 I hit'" r
s li. atK .le, 'I '' 1,
it. ,1 a' th :,"!' t mi! n . ,
I'ht' L-t ll.t.ius CotiHiiltr rotitains an .ft Mr,uit;r and James M'Kav, wetc mill-
i .. t : i . . .
i . .. ,.,,., ,' in.iteo. ''llit ti" 'i.imonsiv ,ij.ioii,,i ;i ,i lion
o. (.our
t veccdm etrn, be appointed upon the
, tcr otnii fti,
. . . . t. . . t
l!i. I ; ,t C !;.( m tte l.ll'l ivni, ft a inn in
1,: urr. tied the f-.rmt r, ttul hmr'helat
. . . ... ... i . . - .i i i i ,!,,. . r.. vr
III ttiil. l.ii.., ai... itiiit j i inat it .ii. - - (
s, 1 I he rook fnituti itilv swatn to the it is ,t ft
if t "in. i ., .. .
r ', a t. . live of that famous town,
a h. h i . t " "olv s' veil muidhs old. and
wci ;l,s ei lb-.." 'Ihe riiit'.r
ti- up his ilesctiptlotl rf tiiis ptotii;v
of !I ,!ii'i with the ftdluwim; intcnnt-:i.
ti.ei ami i lam ui.m : " Wh:! will the
other hi.rt.ti.dis 'jut tii-(i. tl Iv Sdisbtirv '
flfcat are thy work, 4 Oh.
.ioi. id the nu tn'.crs of As-
. .n. i' !. 0,,.,, ,t ,1 1'l.lln.rll.i. rinililiM.
iit.iuee lor that purpose -The iiic, .i..;t ;in ' ; ,,,,1 KcMltmen were ,p-
mill a I'.tiiiu.i ti.uii i,,ii-i,.., i . v. ... n' , ,i,,;,. ,1 ,.,..,,, lls
Ml. It r I tvMW... ; vv.
i In
, ,
jv to this
Sav ? Whv. no iloidit, th."
the :
'J'iLKsdcy :vit:ir. The ftieluls t.f
i onvetitinn me! accordinc; to iii!iiiiitni'.rnt.
and the lollowint: n .iiiion vtcrr -ub-mined
hv the committee tU inuuis
It atlop't'd : !v the ron-titution i f this
"'te. l arh cotiniv is entitled to i In t to
1 e G'lirlVi Assembly n" C'll.d mni bi r
in their several en unties :
Tin I .furs of jtcnlletin n rninpiisli'if li
i imiini'tt i s hi .htter. n? rutin: iris, are iiei c-ai
h tinnl't I until oar nr vt.f
I S.
A late wri'crof a pampldttat ("holes
n t,, ts. I'.) estimate the average annual
s en I',.
). eo-, .
. I)
! CM i vm r..: i i t'vrv.
(Ht C , T I i n. a 1 '! el. r Si --. e ., Y-
t , e,' 'r, I - ' ... I M l '
, !, e. ,' l.e.t ei' .1 .I, a M'l.tirr, -. d
,' .. , .tie,,;, lotto' IV -t . ' I
, , , ' .la'ei M'laire and .1 .'.. - M l a'
1. 1 i'i. . t i '.ii'., i'. i ro ."
! It i- t' ei'. tore ord, n t'. ' .'!
, ,( -4 : :- v. ....I ., i. w . .. . . i
i,. , : ' ' , t appear at i '"i"' ..'. . ' '' '
i, - 'T I' -nier, ..t . ' .' ' i . ; , ' ',..-
.; ' ' ii '.-si ,-,n,', ,. i ', !. i. ' -n
I. .' Is VAC M I NI!'.!!, ( M '".
SVai viV .Vnvi-Vuvtin'.,
!t t kl IMl l'. I "f ! v
StT'K.tit' HI i-irt i I I.:, t. I iii i . r ,
.l.t'ie K, : r m. W ,'i, ."i K r- ' -1'
llitor, e .mil 4Ieii.lit. !' : ! !" t'l'l.r t.
nrxt Ct'tle lio.v att
I'rmin'n o in '
. s animal, and that at th.e
iir ;.t llalriith, a
to lie ati jrtlri!
art: tit ,
tepicseiit.i'ivrs, without tt'ita'd to tht r.petisf of a sjve s,t t'doilu. :nr itn'tn ti,.,t Wili.atit K.-tr r-s h
ots in ri '!v cl tin' s in! ccntt tirs, m-
:i the
;i h th.'t u ii'imii it td the pej li
.. . . i .. .... a
ratilr. i raw led up on n. ami a.r. tn at. e k
i',l tVe 'tib' rts sthey were about j';
ii)!., !'.;'' oe, 'l
( )n t' f ii I i is', ri" r .! ,ri 1. ri the
oii't v'n'e t! ( o'li, .is i,r. of i nl liteti
Ne'a Ot'.e .n-, v.,is b t.iidt.i hv a piralit ,d
s. ' r .,t,,i pl'mde't'd ol' tao thr:', of hf
t- , ipp. d of hp trlv all her s.iil , and
. . : . .:. .. . a i, . i i ... ... ..s ,vt
iu , , , , . ,
c, -ivv.y the pifiitcs al-obeat the , iji! I iituti ita tut.itt t .i nr i :il - ii.i.i. as ..mi esiao
tarn and utw most unmcfcitull'. U.i'm the uniall vjm of fifty or sixty cVil-.',, li'.cJ by the s.,,d constitution, whereby a
thr l,ii,;'
population of sm h rctintv ; ami where:-.- ; interest nn the cap'u .1 ; but, n nhotit ; this vtc" : , , . tn.: ''" ' '"'
't . '.. I ....... . 1 . . . ' . 1. v.. .. . .. I VI . I ' ir, i 1,1 .1. nru t, .
i veu cuat mc iptility ol pr.puhi.tirm c-j i !" had ol the s.,V's on a pijiitation rc ( th- s.,! v
l,,' nn mili.liin. is,,,. r 'it III l tl .it V ee. I u- lilUUlal C X I ir lit T 01 I .
i. ...... . . . ,
is i i 1 , c i i iti hum il at I T t'ol-
II .. i.
Hi V
h ibitii' the rreattst in;tnbet cl muntit. .
riot a niajo'i'v of the nun. bets of the
t .i feral A-scndily :
i.,,'. i v l'r ' If,: '! 'f ''.'. wrftif .
. . . i- .,-'...' i . . , '
: siio e tite eoi'or oi ;ne v ti't.pi.ii , ri) .uri, i,,,. ,. , , presentation m
t , t' OC l.t I . I.
.! lilt ( '.M-. 11,1.:
lldll'tX. i w-oul i Si cm, Is i.kl iV to , c
i ...nt' f ituoiis hr its " ;" ,i ' .'ht,-" for a i
! not iom:
I niu Kilt!' Sl.ltC II iio.i'iioi t 'I ' ' ,.; . (
'tat-. Nile, sui'tiosis thit il the t linutc I , , h;,
1 ol the middle ami tioithrrn tjtc will ad inn t!f '' M.m h.t il'-er tie' I
i mit it r.isine; cotton, it tan be produced M .-rh. H : i, r. ', :. '.
. .-,.i.....w. l i r, li I r . 'Htri I i rr
. .' j -i I III ll'"" ...... . . . .
in i -on... tl,..:. it ti c southern states by ihe
labor of stair".
'1 he -'.do 1 1" Scu'.li Carolina, Ccotgiat
'1 of
'. et
nor, Oi
n I a t.
:i id s 'it', m e and a ..t rr. nt . '
t'n pr.t it thr' "I
A rep,, trs'. c.l ' (.UAH.VM, r.'i'.
ihi, t'47. l'r, ce ,ti '
I . i1
i ;

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