North Carolina Newspapers

fMt Sji '
I I IVS1 A Y M'HtMMi, JAN'. IK'.!..
Isaac McKim is elected Kcpiescnta.
.v;;.?.,v ic.nctit.wiui, muuv.
j I III', lOllimltll f !, tllti Mlll'C t of live
j stir', k tesiteitfiilly report to thin society,
jtlial fii I hut sd.iy, the 'J4th tilt, they at'
, '.ericlfi.l ul Salisbury the exhibition of live
j s'ock.and profens themselves highly plea
.. j f.t i Willi the fizc and e;ood appearance,
' jrr iicr: 'ty of the tttiim !s brought forward.
, I his exhibition, ultho' but (he effort of an
infant society, plainly show: the rrcat util-
tive to Congress from ISaltimofc District, ity and importance of ,'it'ch institutions,
in the place of Spinel Smith, recently 1 ll! does much credit to the zcul of its
1 !....... Til.. ...... n.;,!,, ... .t. . .
transferred to the Senate, by a majority
of 81 votes over his opponent, den. Win
der; and to the 18th Congress, by a ma
jority cf G2.
Cen. Alexander Smyth, of gasconading
nemory in a circular letter to his con
stituents, offering himself as a candidate
Co represent them in the next Congress,
thought fit to make some pretty serious
wiiy Ci.c 3tiK? cf J$91 00 collected in the
St.itc of South Carolina, fioni a capital of
ftAOO-j Add to this, 25 per cent, of the
tax, to defray the expenses of the nriiiy
hill, and tl5 capital of 8'!'00, pays a tax
of f, 1 1 ,175. And from this capita!, thus
employed, and producing the above result,
the owner (.jets nothing; hot loses his la
bor and his time.- (.7it7fr Courier.
tiik i.oi rr.iiv.
The drawing of the National Lottery,
was on lliorsday, Jan. 2d, brought to an
i menwrrs. I his committee report, that
of the stork produced, S.unl. Jones had
the best bull ralf, Win- Howard the best
heifer calf, John Heatd, jr. the best
pig, and Saml- Jotiec. the best sow pig ; and
that they award to the outlet s of these , N'ew-York- Alex. Ih ratd
animals the premiums established there
upon by this society. The committee
further report, that Mrs. Kelly exhibited
a very fine and large voke of oxen ; Mi
chad Itrown an elegant high-bloodcd
horse colt; Dr. JVrr.itid the best mare
colt (by the importrd horse I!ngh: ;) (his is
an of great promise ; and John
I tin lii rr iKtl rii'17 It ftiifilni .. .. .. . . rnicti. j.:.-x
(JoMoit, '.) to I) (,) Hour, fi to 7 ; v.b a', 1 I ')
to I -2; wlii'tlwv, ; p.-iii h hl-ail'lv, -I'; Hji,!.-
Iiritinb, , i'i , corn, 4 J to .SO; bacon, 1 cm! . , n,..
ke, .15 to .i , nijjur, tuns, oiado, 8 to 1 1 dulLi .
per i:wt.-lo:i; I') 10 '5 cents per II. ; olie.-, .."!
to .10; tc:i, liyyui, 1 -, to 1 lr, IKis-sr..,), o
cents to 1 dob; t;imv, V) to 11 cts. per II.
Ct.'llt!,i:ST).Y.U llhi:T, .Ian. C,
Tottoii, 11 Si); ll-Mir, 7:i8, com, f.'Mo !,." -collcc,
l.iv:in:i, JO , M, ).,iniiii, ; sujfr,
liro-Aii, 7 at, Muse. na !, ;t '.' ; iiii.1,sc-, 2", u
'''l , sslt, Liverpool, J I ;, , I tii h , I , 55 to
io, wliink"', dull i 'l.i.'), i,i!.,n ,T,';-itt',
to nave uecn sold at Itu hmond, andi l.'.iroliiia bunk bills, 1 : :r
'!' t"'t inchest, ( -'5,000,1 is saul to have ilo. .J).
en sold in the upper part of the state ol
C'llHHiOII, Ji 11
)!' ('.
, im
The whole number of persons in th
Ohio I'enitentiary, is one hundred and
thirteen. The Columbus Gu.ctte j-jves
a sta'crnetit of the former occupations of
the inhabitants of the mansion. I wrn'.y
eiht were laborers, seven shoemakers,
three blacksmiths, one was a preacher;es aain,t J. Q. Adams, which he J Heard, jr. the best brmlir.K sow, Thc jotic a justice of the peace, one a physi
cian, arm one an associate jud;;e 1 but we
do not observe a printer or a lawyer in the
whole list. ( harlrttw Courier.
! .1,,,,
u ,.i
committee recommend to U.r, soi r tv, to
award to the owners of these last mention
ed animals honorary premiums due to
their spitic and enterprise.
.I'lliN lSKAIIl), Seor.
hiKvr.vric .i. .'i:fi("iviiLs.
The ci'inmittcc on ihu stdnect of Do-
As we did r...t publish (Jen. Smyth's ! mes'ic .Manufactures, hci; leve to rcort
circular, criminating Mr. Adams, we are ! ;''.' 14 yr ,,,e' Me l!,c '
. , , ,. ,. i hi'mio:) of limies'ic matuifjctutes on the
under no oblnrat.ons to K,ve his I lhy ;(, ,,,, uWe ,p()I) by t(ii V).
.defence ; though as a piece of political j rj(.tv, iu. ri)!,im;, lc(; ;i,e at a los (or
history, and as containing discussions j Iarif,uarn to epre-,s the irratilicaiiott they
of important ronstitution..! cpiestions, it ; ',,t exhibition. We nred not
ave as his reasons why he sh-.ulJ not vote
for him as Hit next President. To these
charges Mr. Adams has thought it his duty
to reply ; and he has accordingly publish
ed in the liichutnd Eiwuirer, lengthy and
ably written replication, addressed to the
electors of the district which Gem Smyth
would doubtless lr in'crestin;; to many of much lonirer for the elegancies o!
I fashion, if the vfA .nd ipirit which t-re
on t ! ; i -i occa ion" manifested, are propcih
airrea('en. Hut its length far exceed-
tin limit ol a wceKty paper ; and this, 1 rie, ,.,.(. Tlf. , nim'"i - state, tint
we suspect, will be pled as uii excuse by j Mrs. Kelly exhibited the best piece of hi."
some of our brother edi'or s. who. in strict j '' lrompu!r-.d t heM home tn ,'
I t-jnhams; .Mrs u II v alk ptor'urrii tn: c
lUs'ice, arc not entitled to it, for luewiic i ". . , , . 1 ., ' . ,, , ,
, elep r.t(oiiiurip,i-ies,oli.e.ii!lilol texture. c, --or palLnt. to the teriMdr V", 'I ir-
cxdudmK the Secretary s defence from , .,ni vrrv workmanship. ' ! Ifyp,cn to the lvelof ,i hti'ks'n's si o-, I U " "
Our Hymeneal Department will be
found this week to be pretty well occu
pied. It is seldom we have the pleasure
of recording, at one time, and from one
neighborhood, the names of so many dev.
otees at the holy thrinc of matrimony ;
and it is certainly pretty evident, that here
do not exist, to any considerable extent,
those ftreat obstacles to marriage, luxury,
extravagance, arid dissipation, which led
oncj of c:r northern bards", not lorn; since,
i i i r i ( . '
pi t inn sucn ooieiui nmci lor mv tin n ; j to i ,,n :,n i ;
times so i ces-.ively dull, that his Lu-i I ",:''k t r,. ,
tii-s - ould hardlv be sullii'n :it
" l 'i pny the rent and liljtiiijj of Ins !
N'tw, by the by. it it n iibcr veiy lassi
(jin: ft. in .
1 i.Mi'I.IM' I V.M I'M AN' bee
e l, jjer the St.-:nn lloat ',- It
'j' Oi Iran;, t li'f article , as uwlri-, u !,,. h t.
sell low !r (.ASH cr v r
in .M.i i k.-t-sitrecl,
''j'jo !)ii-,li -Is Sai',
1 5,000 His. Sizars
j J )' lbs. ('ec
'- lafb. M...K... ,-.
7 ) t,,;t Chees-;
' ) l.ejrt N,,i,
15 I.I.N. M.a Lire I
'!') bill.. Nill'llieja Hiilll
pll'l' heuli d,i,
'',) ps. Cottun ll '!,f.on
1 cask Sia!ii'.li loig)
( :v S of Wiml IUU
?j' pair na n'', cu.ire shoes ;
'lojp-i lii-r ui'li a jr.-!n ia usiitinei t. o il(y
(ii-U, II 4nU;iie, ( ro ki-r., an-1 M .in-.
fash triveli t'.i Coto.o, 'tallow, llec. U ,o., and
I'U s.-.-.l.
Cli-mw, J,i:,-,,vx, 1, 1 ! -C,i')2
'! V.i'
' e i I ;
.Mnvtt iici'M.v.
i I-T'AV tic; U.-e. C M'l . -,', :
i , Caro!:.i:. l!.Vi o r an. I I. i i'
'Ur, for iXJ-M'.i- .1,: ;-.t l',c
eru ( . -ir-ill tu.Ui, - i . .III i i,l .
r pur, ( ati.i iw of n .
Ur,, Ml,,,.,!,
in tl,,. ,r,
I' S. !
fr,eni! , ;ue!
VKt- -..II f,. ! :
Dr. STAib .
at thoir nil
M'Alb-r . ,
of I'll) Sit
Km. 7, V'.:.
and tiie a
"'.'.',; i-.f .rim !
'":.',! I!,,-,,,
m, lit; i it
oi !.
I CKi:T l a';
i 1 ln-b i:'.-ii o, " . I .f ( .i
I pl-opo .e to !.;' '
ti.o .and Ibrte vr
w !h-M-o:i Hi" I, .an-
- a !'!(;, ica'h n- .... ,
Ol' .il, if.o I Vrf, iH-iilll.i .
i'i.iii'ai.'i.s. If is -' n
fe,irh ! , 'on of lais '' ;
-.bis s lo i A t a boc.a
in Uit
i li'-i.m:
: t ,
t i.
I in ti.-,
'ir ;
1 1,
t. '
At r-.'il
-" 'i acres. 'I I
i fill on I ir. .1
, 1' ' V u'i v.or "
s. v. ;,;;an"!)'i, . i,r.:
nr. ii f.r.a
iulYtvi & I'vtmvwfH,
i in: it. in, ,v r.
t ir ,,ton- in I loiit -tr. I,
a la:-'',- an, I cener.l a.sortiii' i tl ol I, Hit.
jt un s. Din (.onus, i iiui it. iir, ;., .
w'jtlAli- or li t 1,1, for, at soi !i 14 e ; as
y . . , . ... . i , .
n.'.sers ; w hi. ;ir. son ,o .1
taniKit fuil to salt
oi in,, -rry ,c
( 11 ' Ul.', t. ..
lor t 'i. n.scbe .
I I -l t'otlon an
" 1. 1 s. '.;.-'..
I lie li
l I I I t;.
N'v::vtvs Vtv nt'.
their column J- It may be as unpleasant . ; ,,!y UyW, deserves the tb td.s i
for them to recant, a they supposed it sw ietv lor the otbr-numcrou. and
impossible for Mr. Adams to rxfi.'uin.
(Jen. Smvth's first charge against Mr-1 nr ,l0me , n.nnel ; also,' two .,1 .! ,
If lit specimens slit-
Mr. Steele shuwd lis thn b- st piccr
Adams, is retail nitni to his jither ; to jr,t j,K.ros of lii'.M'.y.
this chartc he of course pleads pniltv. ! Mrs. Ilocrs lrotr,;lit forward a
An-xher is, that he was opposed to the ac-' fiRurcd counterpane, wi
w It
i r.iiu !i
i In,.. .1. . ...1:1 .. i.;, I.
.- f . f 4 , I'tTlC .MM IIM,'. HUI ! , dlkUi 11 live I II ..I ' IIHII
musitioti of Louisiana ; this .Mr. Adams . . ., 11 , , , , , ,
1 ha'hlv commanded the aibmi -'i..n ot ibis
show s to be untrue- He wa oppowd, ; cornmi'.tcc
not to the acquit'ion, but to the m-.dr of j Mrs. lVrrand exhibited the hi si pie
taking possession, of Louisiana, and of in-, of home made e.irpctio: that has pm i
,, .; ;. ,i,. T'r,;r, ,.n 'been seen by any of the menitiers of tlii
ui ii'iiiiiitic 'v in-' siivj v i'ivn vwir j
tiMitional grounds, which arc very incii- j
v.btic all is b.fam and ..' , rhotj.-h i ii l'.t
must be confessed, that if thei? be but i !' '
,. , . , !:.
uM.b j'tillmitrv, tnerc i, rert.iiii!y v,mc ; t;,,. v
t":;.!u in the metaphor. JJu: li e wo' .hip-! h''1'' !l
.c , .it llvmen's '. should not be con- j ''' '"
faitidcd with the devotees at Mamtnuti's i '.
.-. and
uiis of
. o! r,
' Sal shun . o
, 1 a Nl i,l:'i,
s mo I ;!.,. A I
:.'.'. ' !,' ''
s.d -, siV nintitiis
Ol I';,
O'e, .t '. ;
. , i. r.'.i
eoltou in
r. il., tl. i'
i '
i-jf t..,' on lit by I, on. I, w ,'!, :
...:.-' '!e pri-pi-H" i- -.Ik-.
Al.l MAMl !ll l.
j.-v. ji, isj;.- ittt,-.i
V,e have wandered, ho'.vcvf r, from our
purpose: we intended to say only hilf a
(loc'i wotes, and here wc arc, ere we
weie of it, at the end of a lengthy
p jr,i;t ,iph. i!ut as we have already said si
much, wi'hoet svinp-what wc at first in
tended, we will omit the compliments we
had o carcfuliv cvdi'd out, for fear thrv
Mrs. Win. II , ward nroduccd the ties'
iou-lv and forcibly stated; hut of w hich , ,,jcrt. 0f 0,,rn (p,,;,. I his specimen
v e have not time to Rive evcti a birdVev c i docs much erc!it to the taste of tbl - ladv.
vi.-w. lie isrharcril.tcw. with h.iiM!l.rrn! Mis Cr:inir..'!i.irr!, the best specimen!
, , . ol -pu;i cotton. : inii'iu miss tneir ouject, as wc nave ours;
Mis. Lovl.c, the fine. t and best pair of- and content ourselves with simply cxpres
;voainus. The committee, besides re-; s;,,., tlHt all nur lair Inen.U it,,v
either a lueii'! to the .s..:ve trci.'r. orccsir
mis " to render the acquisition of Louisi
ana injurious by pertnittim the unrestrain
ed iii'dux cf foreii'ti slaves :" this accu .a
tiun is shown to be no better f i inded !!. !!
the precci'.in one. Ay; he is accor.d
of having been ' nlricndly to commerce ;
and (icn. Smyth arco ;nts for on the
ground that Mr. Adams was unwilling
that Mr. JelTetsoti's adn-.itii'tration i'!.!
liave the credit t,f pivin. protection to
commerce : thi s charge descends with the ;
other-, t ) U:e tc.m'j of the Cap iltts I
lommendinj to the '( irty to awaid to1
those ladies such premiums as the Micie-
lev deserve. v.ouH respec t-
tv m.i v
v st: r
"k irtv to t' 1
hibi'ioti. and
an rittrc '. :
a "( c'
t idies i '
.ks from this
ulrd the. f x-
who seemed to lake so deep
n t!ie prospeiiry uf the so-
SAM! . .KiNr.
M. MMii:i ,
;;et busbands'if the v wish l)alid that thoc
ol tl,; rouj;her c:; who want wives, may
'ti'ti ' them.
" for love a,,ii.- our Immc eii.h vr-,
I vfteiis i Vn the ir'n f of tors
lake erring creed of Moslem faith,
Who,, llonv.. viiith the pnj i f drarli "
Their are the pr emnml rhartjes a ' :
Mr. Adams,
, . i
are founded on tv.i-
A IOI (ill V NKFT.
A man ti.nned I'enjamin Nlimn. fo-r.i'-r-
iv cf l)''er:.e!d. M.,ss latr'v returned to
his n.iti'.e town, .Iter ;in alu-erT of ni"rc
ked vo'es cf his recorded on the jour-; than "0 ve.Ts i-i the Ibitisb i!nminioti.
of t'-c Senate of the United States: ''uriui: whi-h bis friends supposed him
these aic the p-cc.that be is no sta'cs-'r-u!-,,i'i:,V' nnprM-m.
, . . cot.tracteu a src-t,ii niarnace- Mie is
ci nil l-o. i asstu;ii a; p , , ....
1 1 ' no'v i ece.isr.b Munn h i:i bis
i "
man:" that tie:
. . " ' ' no'v cece.isr
bis pigment; at;,! they carry cnsiexr- an,, ,riHU hu .ci,;frirr i v;va
able jl.msihili'.y n the face of tlicni : tut ' Scotia 1 i lla'.ifax. r.rar'.v i .',) miles ; fuun
when the raal fart, are pivcrw the veil o!' thence be proceeded bv w. ter to P.oston.
i) ,
la V.'.,-:-:, A thf - f (;..-. T-.
t iitt 'n ! e Mr 1 M.ii. (,,
t , 1 to Mis ',:,; .!,;,,!-. 1, 1, ,'S.,,.'
tbvrsr.i , ,, i ..e n...... r, i
NVnitin Vtv Sut'.
t,l'. sa'isrnlii- tias lur sale a new . -o;.,
I u ith a toll si ' ot years firtoiir hurs.s. Un,
tin w iiu i o-ks ot Uio watrons. All of 'oi ii
lei v. ill k.-II I', i f'ri, or mm.
.IUIIN liKAKP, f.,.
1', lC .v.'-t-i
nuUlun:' , 'i fv .'.'-' !,i r at (
,., ml' 1, If.M
I AM A I KI-DN, .l ours M
no ) I',la(kv.M, ;, A .,ih,
ll.miel 1 E . i r !' s, Al' s an, .'or Un-, .loV, p.,
bar', .fmii , li, '!,,!,., I'.rid ,!ia . ( . I
(a,,, San. or I 1. or la , V ,li aoi f'ra'oi :, I).
'Illle, lleors 1 II ,s, I o,v ',, , .(.,;, i I i
.lohii ( orotiier-., .1 n o!) (' iIi-'h-jm. )i , ,, hurl, , ll: . r. I'j ,1 l a ar-
VII v.n rii-ii.imr, f "' ! -a i Fi-o s.'. irl. v u
hatli I on. In -in II, 1 i n lei. I,. .lol.'i I n llih.l, Ilo,, t. H r, r'rav.l'.r'l II ,o.
M t.i- "', M inis, '.I .I'.-th II in ,s, J'.l, i
IM in, I'll II.cim at, 'I h'noas ,t II ir: . ,IM .
o!, l,,ie, I !.,,.;, j-,,, J,,,,f, H, .,'. ,v,
An.OI,, ..- II HO, ,t, !, .,!,; S, ! jr. V,.,s
S. M ila.s, .1,,,. j,', ,in em. I,. , i , . (,.,, (
' r I ,,,!,', r,,n,,.,i.r , p,. . ..
I..n.. M .,sl, i r'', i Morris 'I o , Vt,..
lll.illl'T, I a .' '( U li .0,1, ,l.,M,i , !T;,I . ,
.loiiu M s. o'.iin,,.,-, Mi'tl.ias M:'c!,, r, li ., 1
M.i:!'.e, .1 re s M'rlar, .lo'.n M'Kin . Il ll.i.'.v. p. siarm I'limii iv, I! , , -'.
I'ci'.' lis. H--'i",:i:i an l'U,;.k'-', Nstlmi l'i, II. ,
li. on N. '!,.rr, John I .. tv.n, lljmi .'i I I
H .( Hi-,,. in , r J'.iti,.,,., ,,,s, i;
.1 ti;a s t.Cs, I,', (f, l'i, I'ruiiei. Kos-; s
s.iiom-1 Saoloro, I'!. !,;. S'.,i(., I.Ii,h Me :!.
H i!l,:iin 'ItVr. ' . John I. Vhr,
M il'o'i, Jan,, s U ,r. Tel. I ,jU- V, . , I ..
s;:,h W'i,it.-. David M a-"", r, VVillu-a M
V. John (, nun, Win m.or
II !IUIKF, .1.
1 .1
.."Z .;l t I' n"
j.i' l,
fl'll' sic, si , ,i,i r Hif, ,r-i,, I;,,- ,i,!,i;,-, tl,.
I ll I. INi. f I'.I I K "ill be . ..r., .
ln In.-i-.,-, the .rrs.-i,t w as. Hi, by Mrs Mi
llii'.;c,.i! l.'i rent, i hi..4-!t r in the j
.i at
,t I..., i v
i n.-.-: v .
be ( J rrti'S pi 1' pimll 1 , lor the secoiol ii,, ,
a Jieo's. Ii ,-so ,s .il, l,y Si n t);
ilu-ir yarn, M ptKt or oiht-rttist-, pi-eifvn, tlx ot tin- live, n ay I'.rpcml njon luiii o;
tl,i ir v. oil; i!'.i,r f.,!lilullv, and witti a j".i
! a 1 t r:i sin ni loii.i-s, as if t!ii-y tin hes
v.irr liresint, hiil ulten Iinist.i-,1, Will lie r.
tor, t .1 tu tli.-m, h si, h runvevan
l.l.ST f J.rtttIS -frui.l.
(11. II Al.f XANIH H, Alrv.,1, ,er. J
Alexander, Amos Alexander, dcoiy A'! n.
J.inn s li Ah iitulrr, William Atchs Il.mll
Alevaodi r, Mar.-.ret Mean ler, Sample Vl.
at. !'T, l ap:. Ati-sawlrr. P. .(
li one' s .', J.illrfs Itrown .1 .hit, I. Haraett, Sv 1
v. s' r Iteat h. ,lai,e H.-ovvn. ill, am r.ariu s. Iihn
-, rhdiip it 111111 1 1
i ...... i ...i I, i
I,, i ii ,!!. lur n, lo. ii .ri i,l l;. ' I
M,e p, ,- t.,r Ihebc-t oioilav. v. ,11 Is'4" T ".r llUk' ,,uk' ""''
. - . II,,, ,.,,,,. II. ... .!.. I i 'h . fl..
........ ... ., IV . . . . ... . !,,, .-..,
ot tin- roiiuly roiirt, Marv Crro, Jol.n liuion.
Vlrvamler l awliv, Uc . . I'hris'en'. orj;,
Isaac I arnpbril, Mr. ( :uiip!el, S is ,n M.
ti. Chirk. D M:a, l)il.l, l)..n , I lli.s, lohi,
Don, A'ldllrt Jalii:, John M !,.n .
Jnha I', laiiin.iiii Sarah !'.. I.ruiii, l. den k
, . ,1 .. I t'-'clb I '. Al'-vaieh r V:;, , lit ii.-.rti -r , man.
u.a'. dir. tt, ii'i i t.l,: -. 'In: i barj;i s l..r dv i. .n
v.'. '..'.i..v ir, i-:.t
(. Joi.n x. I.ans.,, V i!.A;-.i C.rav. I;
4 ! t'T s v uo .-' .i., a bv tin
'l Jo!,n .l.cio-s I'iiih r, a shoeii
,'.. ? '.', i" a'-ii t.i ,. a s
I,;, v. ,!e a I ill, 1.1. i ,i't to ll.v lions.
I v i , w ,t!i in- dor i ' - a'" i- it 1 1.
ami ir -tt'-itir int.i rvv !i ! 'I,e anion, t of i a eo- ' km
I U I. ie Collar, tiasrly a
, i-l t'.e l.'tb I' '... '. vi
1 i re ,, a j a !,, ,i s . ...,t 1 ?a','uioi,s, a'
i t!a I mi a p!i I il,i..l, l.ncil iviili prem tt.,ntitl.
v, ,lo, M.ina am , wore a clinked
'. o, :, I 1 il.e 1 1.,. I, ; .:!,'. 1 i ol,!, oi.e
k., .1 inn s I. iitlu, Jons l.ri'.tilr. It.,, juh
(.r.v. H,.-I,.,r. l.nthii. ' II Jo ;,h II. r'
I lihiii Until,!, I.ilai J lli.jlic Jam. II ..!.,
, iiiini I llonii, I. J.x'ut , Irwin, k -J..'i-
I Kin Ira k. I;. Ut'-r k.kf. I.. TiVi.l ... -,v ..i M M'I'n, Jam. s S..cre,.l t.. -t . L,
m r bv traal. I lioa as M rtli, J .nn-s SJ-tKv,- ,, D ,-, I M l-,.
II ,,. ..I It'll 11 -! .. I. .1. . ..
ni' -tl a-ti-r, r !i o '., ir K" n, r.i ., 'i-i.i su n .s :o, . u
,',!,, ai, uu r . ar.iie Mart.n, li.m- Moor.-, A lean ! r VI liar-
H ,, , tv, V ii,!,cl. M.V.H, n.U. Mn.'i r, I 1 .1 M I Mr-
N. JoSm Sorr.s U I a-, it .N. Irr, X.
pet iousncso which coveretl them is d. awn !
'1.1 then ro: 'inued his
mev on fm t to
' " iv...r..t,i ...: ini.,.;t... r, ,),-,.
., , , , ,, , Ull i ,il IM. Ill,, , I w nun . tai inn .
aside, and thev appear as hcliow and as j y j-
harmless as thr ('.etier.u's proclamations, i
We have ifivcn this very hticf view oil 1! AK'.T.M.I) Wpr.TCK.
the controversy between (Icn. Smyth and If the follow im; occurrence shon'il not
Mr. Adams, hecausc, as beiiv; on t.f the I apP?:V " K' of nV!rh consc.pience, it is
, , , I c c 1 1 a : n I v a novel one. A few days since
passing, and, in some respects, interesting i . , . , . r ,
' ' . ; a man by tl.r name of Abel Brown, of the
events of the day, wc co-.U not, consist- j ,mv of ,.rf,a!i,..:n, X, Y. while in n Mate
iniiv with our (tr.ty as p'bhn journalists. t0f i-.itosirntion. in ccmp;,ny with several
..hullv pass it over; nor could wc, within 'othc.s no better than himself, laid l.'.s
..ut r.'.uow limits, lav befcr: cur readers1" I upon a stove in the roe,,,,, by whirl,
' ;t was considerably burnt. I Ic tiiov cu his
,he cntrcvcrsy r .iter.- . ,,an., aIld (!,.rl!jcra,Py locked at it, and oh-
"ervinc; it never would be of any more use
The establishment of the lLe!t;h Xtc j tn him, took abtoad axe w hich was near,
has been disposed of bv Mr. Henderson, j rep! iced his ha'id upon the stove, ami with
its late proprietor and editor, to Mess, s. I of sevcrc,i hshlA
. ' , . ... , -iluswiist. A surgeon was soon railed,
Bed J .or.Tf rr, by whom it s nl hereaf-j wio foun , u neicS!(irv t0 amputate hip;!..
rcr he conducted. As fell nv. laborers in I Pr ,;p, u hit h he performed, and the p .-
the same cause with ourselves, that ofjUctit i iloinjj well.
snreadini' li.'ht atiJ knowledge smoji'?; the I
' . ' . .. . ,! fteVch'fut result tf th' ;.' Tar rw.
people, and supporting the interests on , , . , t
11 ii .s , mu! ,aM!V. , c aptt.,1 ... b.OOO, nd
,,,v n.mmon country, w most Miireirly i si,i; (!,,,, .mount wcrklv to Havana
rcn.le.l, in, Ihv t. .pl.t i ,;,a,i Urr. I'. I apt. II I 'a 'Is, Wiilamlt.
ho,;t I ,,o - li e, He ' I'"!'' r, .1 ,ni s I'ln-ket, .'' I I'. I'bi.r, I'lohp
1 ?,aou;..oi,s a-ul has 1 ' al', ,1. sr , !, c ' -, .. M ' v" MTV.
H. I .aac l.'irh, Jan.. Koi TS, James IV llu,!,;. !,
I'liiti li'o,!'e!s. s JaiiM j S ra't, .r," VV.
. -.'s, hsvel .'!.::h, An.!-r- ; ". IIurH
-t a rr I ,o!or 1 1 v are lcll.pir-U, as j;- as I ! ! "-'I'. t.rttn Mll.ttl, SS alum .M. M.nsoi,. .
iK'.w. r-vcr l avmr'd ank anv so.rtts vilole r-- j laticr, John M. "1 hoit as William M.
o.h v v 'th I!" I !,ev w tl.t avvav tn a K w,:li ! 1 " : '. W Tnler. V Jan,. ,.k, ry 2.
.1... :.,,r., H..4 ,1. r,nl, .,1 , r-m.. I " -.l .li'l V ilsot) ' HoOirt M il nil, W .Mi.iltl
an, I of .heir cen.hiet, is pnt hsl ,rd, 1" '.I tbv
! I i the iii.,ir'.i!i,rb..d of Hi all,, ', i',.r.(, I
r. in rouii'i, mi Sun.l.'.v, 15th n't. Mr. ' ;t;
II - ik, r, in Miss ItetH) Winters,
AI.o, mi 'rui'sdav, lTth ul', Mr. U.l.ia'n II.
ilovi anl, tit Miss ft udiel VVajrnner.
...... nr. ,,-,1- , .1" 1'.,,... 1 t. . . ..
, . .... - , j-.., i.u i. . ... . , ;,i'i,e o i 1' e.r
to Miss Martha Casholi. j iieiiij. iV. ill, lied
AI.o, mi l liiirvlay, 1 .Hi,, Mr. Aan.i. r .crar, I '"n.
, to Miss P. e ,i Parrar. 1 ,.
Also, aiieiit that lime, Mr. Steplicn ( ..Mi, In i .
Miss l.evicey S-lech, ilaili;t.tir of Mr. I.tckk ', tUuV V I S ItUSl,
st, , 1 . : I nl .' . r in, tf. l si'iee tlie linsl ., I, r I
VI. u, about the same time, Mr, David Darr, i i
to Miss lanetnrri r. ;
on-!, att.l previ i.l t.ll.t r lr..m
1 V thi .'il II, the Ite iilK t Vihli h 1
jmx mu.i ki;.
, j. . f 1,:;.
W vt .-iis, li'iiam VViin ! -ve r, Jordan VV.I
son e. i i.o-HHs w ,--. i v ix ww
,l,il!,'-s V,..ll '
WM. SMI I'll, V .
All 'bos- ')'.! to !! for Hter an ' e
!M r
.i s s'e.i ! !i. ,rin niiml t'.,u'
o t in th-' tieiicral ruit-UtVic i
' WH'iillii.
. r toe vi tt ks si'lCf, the
(!. Si! -1- irv to Astinlle, Uiinronilu-conn.
. ; - p'n'!.''. '.hree'ed '.n J"!',!i M. (irre::!: r,
rn ,i, .1- liir . iiiliin. riintinioi utmut -111 II
AUn, Mr. Stall,-,;- Park, r, tn Miss all Heal. J ( ,jK. ,l;u k,.t ,.vcr ,..
Also, , Thursday, Cfah, Mr. Oshoiirn V aiki I', ; n of Mr, l.reonh-e j and the potri.! i,
1 1 Miss f iris'ina Hmkle. 'Invo..: a irr,-:it iinnil't r of parkets ami pan i K
Also, ,m Tuesday, $U, Mr. John tl.crcr, t f nM. ,li,J eata-
" , ' in . ! it bow or where tiny were life I' i-,
.loss .sanii ai. u., I ....,!,.. some ttai-nrnnhi-r. tlirv nvn. 1, ,i 'ol
Also, a khurt time before, McMillan Will
iaiiis, to th: smiable Miss Tunpc ll,u,n;ai in r,
all of Lincoln rnuiitv.
wish ibem s, 1 1. c c s , The p .jier appears
v.ith new tvpe ; atid sti. h oilier altera'ions
and impru'. emeu's have been nude, as
M ill insure to it, no doulitabe support and
ppprobation of an enlightened and liberal
bis eoirtspotidi nt shipping lo him the
same amount weekly in return-will be
At rii'iladrlpbia, on Monday tiipht, the ",0th cf j
!)- r, Mr. Jmi Mflihh, r.ei.i;ra;.brr. in the i
5Id year of his nge. Mr. Melish was a n.rive of j
I'vnhshire, Scotbiinl, but, ht'w ardently attach
ed to the f riiicpb s of i.hcr'y, it llniioat. d s-iil
siUlcil in this tool. try in tin- year lSvJ, Since '
that period his labor have bv.-n utiineti'lv ,;s,- 1
ml., tin- iniil. .Ss tiny are ol sueli niutiire .s
to ! iisib s to any uue excrpt the o n r, it is
n-pit -st ,1 that whoever has any knevvlVdire of
lliein will siiidtheni by mail, ir othe! ne, to
to!. ,1 M. t n cnlee, 1's.p" Mordant. n ; ". if more
e on - i.i. ii!. in lbiij;hmiu &. W In'..', .
t. .;.;, : ih:,:.
.",'. ,'r, . fi 1 :
I l l'lis a,1, !-i m M the Si ei .l!
"Ci'1 , U other.! ! i,-::, ,, nr. t
! ' c ', "r thev v. ii ,.! he at'etiJ.
:". ITvat lltim''.. -s I letters a li
t-oiu ii-,!i,-r -aiiitt;. -, ;..-. hav,- f -.
. - ,o i to a lojit t!r ( no- in nr,!, - to
!f the v;cls" ul piyiiur rtlhcr a:i
i 'le so, ii in h.. i oi rse of a V ear, to tl. -lot
cf ,'!.,., ,-;,..- 1 .-Ceis.
' ' ' SAMI I I. JdNI ,
. 1
1 1:
I , .
Vive Vuvyevs UevitwA.
1 1 AN tvuy fn-m tin.-, latch, IV,mi::
I v) ; r, a'!i-!,Mi!' "o t"" hoen:kini;. He
' h v a .'m' .ish, nicakiii,
liible to a tax of per week. 1 T tin- ( ' to Ins !u-.l comtn. Hi w.-rk m tn
returns bo. sold hue ai auction, and net , - icines ,f i , ejaphv nnd t'ohtiml l.i '
only gS'KM) nt each sale, the owner pays are univusallv knew n, ami ib ,r mipcrtaiicc h
ft I. SO auction tx i 'his will mnnuiit to ', l wi ackiinwU-ilirt by the h ghest Wjtui i.-t '.it
SI 73 per which in )cai, yields no- cmi t; .
!'" U ' V .' ,.!,:,
.i;,.i :.r,.iiee. All
t , t ru! lum (i-i mi,
I. S . I.-'.' Ui ro'i. t
.v. :.: :
a l t!
IN v':- "e.. i f tan i- ri' , of v. , '....', , .p.,-, , .
tome ,1 rcrtc.1 It "n '.lie t atirtnf PI-as . 1
Hu.-irter Si .tot s of Ito an rrmntv, n ,'
perinr I',' nt irf Muk'-s I 'all proceed i , ii -,'
the t iii.rt-lloiis.- in (i riiia.itoii, on $,,n U. , lb-
lll (t 'Jiiitlip- ties!, for ca b, to the li i;bet,"
bidder, s V'eeti ! '.eh Ii-'tiv,-:., tii" projiefv r,
A-. Iliiial.! It. I.'o'.n. ti, vitvV tl.r ,i,ht itne''
on an- loi.n.lili it cither si ,te '.,k of Novth-I 'arol.n , a'
nnl, UT t ,.,,, y Iiun J, -emi.ih leh,,,:,. (if M,,L.. .
' ..4,,
r tier, I,
joiiv kiMii.i:
is; ;?w t.
i'c. ;i. 2i
it wN i n, .s -.
4 . i r
, s
M WWwvv V.o vons ,
Hi s-ri; 's et
ke"'. for s;,'
it t;
- -" -. " i,,. ..;..m

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