North Carolina Newspapers

    .., -:.)rr, )
j ' n '.!! ili.' psrti.-s 'till he un
til I'Hi'eil Icr I he n1 f u' ii issue, itii'
,;otut may niii'irux: the Sail.?, under the
sain. rii". ii't'i r':,i;u!,4ios hy which suits
at law me nw continued. Arid if the
is.iid juiy shall fuidtb.t 'here is . 1 1 v fraud,
Of riniceiilmctit, of it' s.ti.l debtor cr debt
01 ahall fail or refuse, to answer upon
Oath, or i!' the l debtor or debtors shall
fail to make it appear to court, that he,
she or they have given the ticct ssarv no
tice to the creditor or creditors at whose
instance he, she or they tuny have been
arrested, or to their agent or attorney,
then, and in that case, the said debtor or
debtors shall be deemed, in the custody of
tho sheriff, and the court shall adjudge
that he she or they be imprisoned until
a foil and fair disclosure of all the money,
property or effects be made bv said debt,
or or debtors, and until he, she or they
bate iveii the necessary notice as afore
said, to be judged or by the court.
V. And be it further enacted, ' hat when
any debtor or dcbtois, taken upon any
espial ad satisfaciendum, as aforesaid,
shall be desirous to render a Lir schedule
of liis, her or their property and effects,
he, she or they shall file the same with
the i Ink of the court, at least ten days
before the sitting of the court at which
he proposes to avail himself of this act.
und that upon his being permitted to
swear to the said schedule, the same pro
ceedings shall be had thereon as may be
had on schedules fded under the law now
in force.
VI. fir i: further enacted. That no per
son shall be imprisoned upon any capias
ad satisfaciendum for any debt contracted
offer thr first dav of Mav next, who will
comptv with the requisites of this act,
exf-pt in cases of fraud and concealment
hei in before mentioned ; any law, usage
or ustom to the contrary notwithstami
in. V: I. .1uJ be it Jurther enacted, That it
shall be lawful for the creditor, on the
tri ! of anv isue before the jury under
the provisions of thi, act, to have the
debtor examined on oath before the said
VIII. Be it further enacted. That all
Jaws, and clauses of laws, coming within
the meaning and purview of this act, be,
and ihe same are hereby repealed.
furusa dissm SiVliTtllTH rnsniust.
IH0 Tit UlTIUSAl ISTil.LK.lM.lB.
um-i-he consideration, in committee of
Thursday, jas. 16 ihe Jscnate re-
, , c . r st i i Lni imio ii.auuii iiic ihcii ai uic iiuoiiw en-
the "hole, Mr. Shith. of Maryland, in i ' . . . , 1
, e .mi i.i- v.- ii their respective departments ;
the chair, ol the hill f) abolish imprison- ' r .. . ' . ,, . .
, f , . i i n- a so, to furnish catalogues oi all books
inent for debt, and the amendments offer- ,. , . , ,h . , ,.
d thereto which have been purchased at the public
Mr. Muts.of Massachusetts, rose, and exP.rn'e n 1 1 r ',cttUc P-""'
entrrrd at larpe into the questions pre-! ?,Jll"K ,he U,nd T'" S-Uth '
ten-rd by the subject-submitting the ! (' e" P'rureJ c-r during thr
r..,on, whv he could not Ko, and arRU. vears ; was.aken upand a -reed to.
men's aKMinstKoin, to the extent prop I ,Mr: N- V offered for
sed by the bill; the difficulties I Option .he lobowin resou,10n :
would arise in the practical operation of', --'W. the Comnntt.c ontomn.rrr.-
. . . . be iutrue'ed to iiKiuire and renurt to t hi !I.iim-,
so broad a measure, the embaiassiiif its, , ...... . r . . ,. i .
. . ,, , , uhethtr .he proviions ot n aet of Parliament
in which it would inoIc our esja'Jishcu ot- rvlt frit, ?MV., 3,1, j.(V (l AuKu,t,
and nicely adjusted system of jtirbpru-1 122, o far a ihr) impose certain duties, upon
tience, ScC. the proihii lof the C. MaVs pavuijj into Lou, r
Mr. BARBoLR, of Virpinia, totk. tV.c ! ( d"n the 1,'iver St. Utri nee, or other-
opposite Kround, and, in a speech of more v.ew ioexprta.,ou, are not re,ltt.
' . tunt to ex st.iij treatit lie.wet n this cuuntry
inan an nour s ienKm, strenuously mam-;
tained the justice and expediency of the !
proposed measure, in its Rreatest latitude, 1
so far at least as retrards the ordinary class j
of debtors, but excepting all those who
become debtors by any of the various
wavs which constitute breaches of trust
which latter he looked upon as criminals, I
deserving punishment, rather than as u:i
fortunatcs. entitlrd to commiseration. Of
the ubtiti!tes offered to the bill, he pre-
terred that proposen by .sir. as uchkn,
exceptinsr its features of prospective ap
plication, which he objected to, and main
tained the justice of making the bill ap
plicable to all debts, past and to come.
U hrn Mr. II. concluded, the bill was
pos'poned to to-morrow ; and
' he Senate adjourned.
.,, .. ""lii.v.
C. rose, and in speech of considerable
, ,l j .1. ' , , :
iTnuh tijjiuseu iiic una 111 i'jiwi arm i c
plird to its advocates. He vindicated the
principles and tho wisdom of the com
mon law, and opposed any innovation up
on it ; contended that there was in thi
country no v'ui,, in
t krtiu, , . 4.1
. .
latter, nine times in ten, deserved no
com miseration, as their want r princi
ple or of prudence often inflicted on oth
ers fur more- distress, than they themselves
suH". u ' 5c Sic
M: Holmes, of Maine speke a 6hort
time, on the practical en'crt and operation
of the bill, and of the substitutes propo
sed avowing himself favorable to the
gener.d principle, and suggesting such
provision, as he thought would pro'iablv
accomplish it, so as to produce the most
good with the fewest disadvantages ; for
he (Impaired of framing such a law as
svould exclude horn its benefits the frau
dulent, while it protected the liberty and
limi ts of 1 he bout st.
Mi. Van Hires delivered an argu
ment of more than an hour's length, in
pt isonmrnt for debt, but if there was, the I f esv 1; That the exports have, duvin the
state were compete tit to remedy the evil, ' w Pf"'"'. amounted .0 fir J.l' of h-eh
if it was one; maintained that creditors! Tf S"'?'
. . . . ,, . , , , . ( re t -'reipti artirles , hs' "t b ilono-stir r.
had rights as well as debtors, and that the , .-...i,., c;ao?,.qii - in ,,,;,,
nuppor! of tiic object o! the bill lie laid
down t! c prim '.pie tnat nr pi isoir.licnt lor
lebt, as piMcii'.ed in this rorntry, is in
operative ks remedy, unnecessarily ri
gorous, unjust, and ought to be abolished,
in regard to dcbtois involving no fraud or
'npah of trust to the public or un indi
vidual, and this piinciple he defended whh
much earnestness, lie reviewed the dif
ferent amendments o He red, pointing out
the defects of those offered by the other
gentlemen, and sustaining the expedien
cy of adopting the principles and provis
ions cmbiaced in his own substitute -When
he had concluded
The bill was laid on the tab!?, on the
motion of Mr. Van Uvur; and, about l
o'clock, the Senate adjourned to Monday.
Monday, Jan. 20 The Senate took
up thr, following resolution offered by Mr.
Jonssos, of Louisiana, on Friday last :
Hetoh-ed, That the Committee on the Post Of
fice and Post Iliads he instructed to inquire in
to the expediency of repairing the mad road
from New-Orleans to Nashville, and of establish,
ing ferries at the water course on the. route, or
of making bridge over them, so as to facilitate
the conveyance of the mail to ami from New
Hrhatiis; ami, ils, to inquire iut the expedien
cy of repairing the national road commencing at
Madisonville, in the state of Louisiana, and ter
minating' at Florence, on the Tennessee river,
and into the propriety of providing for the con.
veyance of the mad on the said route, in cover
ed carriages.
Friday, jan. 17. Mr. Lincoln, of
Maine, otic led the following .tsuiution.
which will, of course, lie on the tame one
day :
Hrtiihrd, 'I hat the Secretaries of the Depart
ment of Mate, the Tre4iiry, War ami Navy, be
directed severally to inform this Mouse what
new papers, journal nd other periodical ptihli.
rations are taken at the public expense in their
respective departments i also, to furnish cata
logues of all hooks rvliirh have been purchased,
at the pubiic expense in their respective dt part
mints, stalini: the Titles ami once of s i Ii a
have heen procured by each during the last six
J cars.
On motion of Mr. Hooss, it was
llt fdvrd,. That the Committee on Military Af
fair be instructed to inquire into the expedien
cy of repairing the fort at Smitliville, X. Caroli
na, or to tre't new fortifications at a more suit
able tite. ,
Monday, jan. CO Mr. Fl'LLeu, from
the I omminee on Military Affairs, made
a report, anompanicd by " a bill to fix
and tender permanent the Naval Peace
establishment of the United States;"
which bill was twice read and committed.
The resolution of Mr. Lincoln, of
Maine, calling on the Secretaries of the
State, the Treasury. W ar and Navy De
partmenis to inform this House what
i'PPcrs. joutna s, and hcr period.-
,,, ,iri, M,u r a XloU,iim f our rl.t to
the free n.oih'Vnm of the hVer-M. lavwrenre,
and w h it me.-,irt
"ht-in rrp. d r 1
are expedient to he tak-n to
niitd.l'u iiUoii of said n !, or of
nv o'dier said aet of 1'arliament, so tar a their
protivions vliall lie found detrimental to our mm.
merce, or repugnant t rights secured to us bv
trti'v or rational law, or what rounten ailin.'
prr.vinr.ns msy be expedient on the part of the
1 I m
On motion of Mr. McNrtt.t, it was
.' '. f !, t hat t' r Committee on the l'it Of.
f.Cf ami 'ik Itoads, be iustrurtrd to inipiirr in
l' the e.ptdienry of o arrS'iKine; the post route
Jfmm Favrt'eville, to sVadesSornuph, that it will
return hy FleaM Store, Allrnton, Sterl Mdls,
aiul Heti.uae' store.
The Sveakkr communicated a letter
from the Secretary of the Treasury con
taining statements of the commerce und
navigation of tho United States, during
"-I.v.. .n,i;ni,nn,k. -n,K w ....
M , .l. r i. 'V'""
lS-2, of which the followinj is the con-
elusion :
From these statements, it appears tlit the
imports, during the t-ar endint.' on the Vuh of
I Srpletnlier, 1HJJ, have amounted to Ss'.-'-Jl,.
I 541, of hii h amount 76,95)4. 131 were impor
vessel, and S.V-H-1G6 'n lreign vesst -U-, ami.
of the foreit-n articles exported, $,?. .5 5
wt-re rsponeu in American, anil liir in
foreign vessel: Thai Hr,Kjl tons of Ann rican
shipping entered, and 811,7 l't ch ared from the
port ot the t iuttd Statrs- nml th.. 1V..S41
tons of fiireiifn shipping mu red, '."0,4'' el'Mred
rom the ports of the I nite.i Mates dunnfc' 'lie
wine period.
Inimrnse ImiiKs of Coal, nf un ct-.c-lent
(piality, have hct-u disiovrifd . liout
fifty miles above St. Stephens, in Alahi
nia, and near the falls of l'uscai.ios 1, in
the Same State. It is spoken of as l,err
after forming a valuable ari'n le ol export
to other Slates, and to the West Indies.
It is lie si 1 ibed as lring -b)'-:iir to t:ie
Viiynia Coal, nod full) epi.d to that us
ually imported from Liveipool.
lie comes, thr- herald of a noisy world,
New front all nations lumb'rihg ut bis hack.
Lute from Old and Nnu Spain, .
ciiAiu.ESTON, jan. 16. By the schr.
l.ud'na, Capt. UitooKiNCft, arrived last
evening in 10 days from Havana, we have
received from our obliging correspondent,
the Gazettes of that place to the 4th inst.
I hey contain extracts from Old and New
Spain, of later date than before received.
The Cadiz accounts arc to the 2.1th of
Nov. und from Vera Cruz they arc to the
I Uh ult.
The accounts given in the Havana pa
pers from Madrid, although brought
down to the 15th of Nov. do not appear,
from a hasty perusal, to be of much in
terest. Should we find imy thing, oti a
re-perusal, worth translating, it shall Lc
given in our next.
Under dale of Cadiz, Q tlli November,
a private letter says, " I have just heard
by a patrooti in 10 days from Barcelona,
(hat the factionists of Catalonia have
evacuated Sco de Urgcl, the national
troops having presented themselves in that
neighborhood and occupied the place."
I he Spanish schr. Amahle ''ereiu, which
arrived at Havana on the 2Ttli ult. brought
accounts from Mexico to the middle of
Dee By these, it appears that Gen. Da
tii.a. 'he former Commandant of Vera
' i..z, wis to sail from that port shortly
af'.er liei that IilreiDE was still in Ja
lap, wiiere he had iud an interview with
Gen Santa Asa, why, having been bad-
. ly teteived, and ordered to proceed under
i arrest to Mexico, immediately returned
' to Vera Cruz, here be has since, at the
bend of hi, troops, PROCLAI M LI) THE
das published under date of the 3d ult. a
1 Ion; manifesto to the exican nation ; and
on the 6th. he also published a letter to ,
I TV k bide, in which he details the scrvi
ce he had rendered, to make him Empe
ror, but finding that he had infringed up
on his oath, and the treaties of Iguala and
Cordova, he was now obliged to proclaim
the Hefiublic, which he did among 2000
bayonets, and the most sincere applause
und vivas. This spirit of opposition to
Itibbidk, had also extended itself into
the interior if Mexico, and Gen. Santa
Ana, had been joined by several divis
ions of the army. A flag of truce was i
sent to the Custle of St. Juan de Uloa, by
Gen. Santa Asa, but the only answer
received was, that a more liberal inter
chance between the Castle and the city,
would be acceded to.
On the 10th December, Gen. Santa
Ana left Vera Cruz. 10 attack I cntvAH
in. Governor of Jalapa, who was at Sole
dad, short of provisions. On the 4th, rlie
regimen'. No. 6, marched from the City
of Mexico, lor Sati Luis, where the re
publican standard had also been raised,
under the Marmiis of Jaral.
' he U. S. corvette JJm ,l!an:i, Capt
ssiiaw, arrived at Havana the day Le-
fore the t.ui'.m sailed, last from 1 anipi-1
co. I he U. S. schr. h'n enr, Lieut. Lk-
vv, had been cruising on the roast of Flor-1
ida, in company wild the V. S. icveniic j
schr. I.ouiiiana, Capt. Jackson ; and wa !
when last i eard from, .it M ituttzas.
January li). I he intelligence of this
event, icccntly received from Vera Cruz,
via IliVdiia, is confirmed by accounts re-
rt.1 r.r SL. I.u tit. ..... ...... I. . n
1 1 - .1 ' 1 11
I he letter Ironi a correspondent on board I
.1. 1 , , r ;
the JLn .fdumt, and extracts (mm our
H. .l r 1 . I
avana papers, throw some light upon j
.1.:. ...1 1
una 9uijet.i.
liy papers rrceivrd st Ilavani from
sera LrtiA to the '22c. Dec. it uppears
that the Repuhlii an party, heaJed hy An
tonio Lopez de Santa Ana, is gaining
strength. Citizen Guadaluupe Victoria
is, by his order, apjointed second in com
mand. The order is dated second tear
of the Independence, and the first of lib
erty. The same revolutionary move
ments have taken place in the province of
San Luis. Citizen General Santa Ana,
is marching triumphantly into the inte
rior, as mav be seen by the following
communication, under date of Vera Cruz,
20th Drr. ISJ2. . i
Eternal firaitc be ffivm t) t'.e Arwj e.J
l)r.';vrrert. 1
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. lbr.linS( nj nMt'frr't the upper part of
t trie Army otr),wr,ics,hU1)f.1(10 a,orn, ;lC exmn without
General ot
me what follows
I bis moment, 3 o'clock in the morning,
1 h.i.f- .'.teen hw mriiru t K . Pln
.lrl Nio.l und asn h.'i.m - -u... , :,
r,,r,l ,nee. ilr,.v,l,. 'i .rr-. n ,r ,.r!
artillery. The firing lasted about an '
hour and a hair, and I have observed that '
side, " wounded only, have been presr n- Ju7 M,a" lh;!t "" have carefully ex
ted .0 roe. This I inform sou of. fr "m,n,d rhe- ?rai U y' d-i5,r0VlT "
,ouro.vns..tisraction,andth.,tofthet.K)ps : marks of v.elcnce upon it. I hey have
under j our command, and of the coinnui- witnesses in the ja.l.
nitv at larRe. So fortunate an event urc nnan.nioi.s y of opuuon and de
otiuhlto I,e celebrated in a proper ma.,- !?, that whilst they believe the d,t
net, and the notice of itci.culated ilwough-! pi.souers in said jail is suf-
out the province under my command'.-! fic,rLm , M,PPorl nf rf' ,l;c-v conM ;
(r d and 1 ihrrtli
r!:ui (h i tiio, Dec. 19, 13.
AN' 1 (i.MO l.i)l'K.. UK SANTA ANA.
Directed to Citizen Pedro Mtnlcna, !
Hr.gadier and 0v.of eia f-'nj. ' 1 sis'enre of e rh prisoner. I he Jurors
I C'lmmunii ate the siuc to the faith- i afoicsaid are of opinion, that this boy Ro
Jul troops and inhabitants of this plarc"jctr canjcin his death yesterday between
and province, who are so rnuc.Ii interested
in the welfare of the Nation, for their own
satisfaction, and in order to show how vis
ibly heaven has interfered to protect the
cause of liberty) which we have embra
ced, mid will never desert.
Vera Cruz, December 20.
F.xtrait of u letter from un offi reran board the If.
S. Canute Inm Anx,dtitedat Havana, Jan. 10.
"We arrived at this place on the 3d
inst. from Vera Cm, Tainpiro, after
a long and boisterous passage of 38 davs
from the former poit, with Mr, Poinsett,
of your city, on board, and we ate now
only waiting a wind to take our depar-
tu i e for Norfolk. 1 have littlt of impor
tance to communicate, except some cir
cumstances which occurred about the
time of lumiuj' Mexico, (CJd ult.) A
short time previous to our sailing, an in
surrection broke out in Mexico, beaded
by Santa Ana, the Governor of Vet;.
Cruz, which appeared likely to terminate
successfully, as four other provinces had
co-operated with him, with a view of put
ting down the usurper Itutbiile ; the whole
empire, indeed, was in a stale of confo
sion. The celebrated soldier and patriot,
Vittoria, had come out from his reiiic
ment, where he had fir a long time re
mained dormant ; arid the hopes and pray
ers of every liberal and enlightened man,
were put up for hi success. There is
little doubt, I think, but that cuiitriy will
be revolutionized in les than six months.
Our government, I owever, will doubtless
be soon correctly informed of the exact
state of glTirs in that quarter. Ill gotten
power is ever precarious s :nd such is the
precise situation of Iturbide he must
eventually fallfor his is a government
without system, und without 1 iws ; except
such as imperious and vi ril oit drspotis-n
has established purposes.
His influence over the liiiiliiig soldicrv
tarried him to the throne ; without hw or
justice, he proclaimed himself lunprror
of Mexico, and dissolved the Congress,
which had been elected by the pimple.
To a new Congress, funned bv himself,
he proposed to establish Militai y Ti ibti
iials throughout the Lmpirc,to ronsist of
two officers and a Lawyer, of his oivti
choice, who were to bear stirh rank and
titles as he in his good pleasure should
think proper to grant. This military
rcuit were to have full power and prii
lege to try, condemn and execute, w ho
ever it iniht adjudge guilty of exciting
dissentions amongst the people, or speak
ing unfavorable of the Lmperor, or the
State. 1 his monstrous stride of military
despoli'm exceeds any thing within the
range of my historical reading. But
Mexico owes her delivery from its thial
dom, to a spirited Congress, who firmly
and eloquently rejected the proposition,
as contrary to reason, to justice, and to
ihe welfare of the people. Kvery friend
to liberty, and to rational freedom, must
wish success to Vittotia.
" I'. S. The brig S.urt has just arriv
Ccl here, with the loss of Lieutenants Ni
cholson and Newcon.b ; I'urscr Fanning,
Midshipman Whittle, and Mr. Davis,
Captain's ITcrk ; all with the fever, since
die left home "
In the mi'lit of I fe vi c an: in death."
On Ntw-Years's morning, a man by
the name of F.chcrt, of llaveock town
ship, in this county, was inst.ntancously
j killed, by the discharge of a gun.
I he partial ars ol this nieiaiu holv ca-
, , , ..
tnstrophc were related I" the ei.itor if this
' , , , . , ,
p iper, bv a respected li lend, and tire as
. . , .. , ,
follows ; A number ol voting men had
assembled on new-year's morning toushcr
in the new year, by hiing whu h e be-
heve to be a general piacti.e, among the (
j 1
Gernuns in our country ; Mr.I.chcit had
a load in his gun, wbiil. had not been j
used for some time, and in mnscrpitnre
of not being able to get it off, took the
barrel from the stork and very impru
dently placed it in the mouth of a stove,
after the barrel had become almost red
hot, and without discharging the load he
took it out, and strange ys it may appear,
placed a live coal in the int,7z!e of the
gun, ami commenced blowing it ; nt this
instant the gun went off, u.M dreadful to
relate, the whole of its contents enured
his mouth and passed out at the back part
of his head, carrying away nearly nil his
a groan. fjctjk i,t ,v.-n Dem.-crat.
flea'hfnm Cold -On Wednesday, the
R'h hc Coroner of the eity of Rich-
moml hc,d,an i",l,,,r5t ?n ,he t"1 b"?v J
nrU V?.e bRing to A .ner Herd,
in jail the day belore. t he
irriiitaiiim.mtui i'iuii ici oay, lou Milan
in cpiantity, and objectionable in kind, when
thev have reference to the sum allowed
the jailor by law for the support und sub
11 und 12 o'clock, from extreme suffer
ing with cold, it appearing in proof, that
he was without clothes of any kind on hii,
body, and at night had no blanket, 1101
covering, other than wheat straw: So
the Jurors aforesaid are well satisfied this
boy Robert came to his death from the
cause aforesaid, and not otherwise."
More properly i'uii groit inhawanity.
Singular Occurrence. In a county of
Pennsylvania, situate between the Dula
waru and Schuylkill, in the early part of
December, a muscular, athletic young
fTnan, feeling that inclination for society,
which is natural and proper, visited at the
house of a farmer, whose daughter pos
sessed the charms to excite the inclina
tion of some other young men of the vi
cinityand on the same evening several
met at the same place. After a variety
of conversation, and some boasts of
strength and agility, a trifling wager was
laid, that the young lady could throw him
at a wrestling match ! She reluctantly,
no doubt, engaged in the contest ; arid aftor
a few trips, succeeded in giving him a fair
fall. Unfortunately, he was unable to
rise, or muke the least exertion, without
the most excruciating pain ! The spec
tators of his fall succeeded in putting
him on a bed, sent for a neighboring sur
gcsn, who found the patient in much dis
tiess, and on examination discovered that
a dislocation of the tnigh at the hip j int
upwards and backwuds, had taken place.
By the assistance of four men, it was re
duced, and the young man is in a fair way
of recovery undoubtedly much chagiin
cd at bis defeat by one of the weaker se:
l)olentjjn Cor.
The " Ihrnn" Printing Office, b
Richmond, was forcibly entered on the
27th nit. by 15 or 20 persons, masked.
and otherwise disguised, at the hour X
midnight. They assaulted the proprie
tor, beat the compositors, threw down tho
types, demolished the fixtures, and did
every thing they could to destroy the es
tablishment. One of the police officers
is said to have been present, and calmly
observed the spectacle. The party then
rr tired to enjoy the repose of a v.eet r;i.
acitnee after hnn'jrabte lalor.
I'harlrttm Courier.
It'asiini;t'in, Jau 12. A bill was yes
terday reported in the llvuse of Repre
sentatives for organizing the Naval Peace
Kstablishment ; by which it is proposed
that the Establishment shall consist or
tie; Roar Admiral, five Commodore,
twenty five Captains, thirty Mastets Com
mandant, one hundred and ninety Lieu
tenants, twenty Sailing Masters, four hun
dred Midshipmen, thirty-five Surgeons,
fort v five Surgeons" Mates, forty Pursers,
six Chaplains, twenty Boatswains, twenty
Gunner, fifteen Carpenters, fifteen Sail
m.ikers, and of all other Officers, Petty
Officers, Seamen, &c, a number not ex
ceeding thousand five hundred
The bill contains many other provisions
of great importance to the interests of
the Navy. We have given only the
giound work of the system.
.A of. lite!.
The bill yesterday reported in the
House of Representatives to regulate the
Post OlTn e F.staMishment, resembles, a
good ileal, the bill of the last Session,
which pissed the House of Representa
tives, and was rejected in the Sena'e
The most part of the bill is that
which proposes to cause the commissions
of all Postmasters to expire within this
year, and to make all future appointments
to be lor a term of four vears, when the
same persons way be re-appointed, prc-
. . . . . . 1
l,fy :re not in arrears to tnc gov-
em ment. n proposes aio .o uae aar
i.e. '..1.. .rf...i.:. r ..11 r ...... .
me iivrui ui iiaiiftiio- iiu'n an ,utr i.atii.-
tivc Officers except the Heads of Depart
ments. a.
7Vie J,-v. are building a new synagogue
at Philadelphia ; it it now under roof. In
the south eat corner stone, was deposited
the coins oJ' the country, and a plate, with
the following inscription :
"The cornerstone of a home ronseented to
tin; worship of Almighty (.oil Jehovah, hy the
.vngregaliun Kal Kadosh Miekve Israel, is pla
ced in ils bed hv John Moss, 011 the 11th ily p'
Tri.sti, Anno Mnndi, 5j,:3. coiicsoonding to th?
2(' ih,v of September, in the 7 year of the
Inilependcnre of tho I'nited States of Anicrira
.lames Stmirue iiemg iresii'.rnt, mid iianit i li.
Tompk'.iis li e President of t!i t'nite I State"
of America, and Jioierdi HeisU-r (iovcrnor e,f
the ('oiiinnmueal'.li of KaJiia. Tlii hap
pv eoiin'.ry. in wh'uh reUioni ar. 1 civil liberty
is secured to its inhabitant, is now at peare with
the whole world i may that enjoyment long en
dure, and the integrity of th! government, ant',
the reign ef ' virtue, liberty unit independence"
he triumphant until "the wreck of matter and
the crush uf worlds."
Aftrr this follows the names of the
building committee, &c.
The Rank of the United States, 00
the 6th instant, declared a dividend of tvo
and a half per tent, for the last six months
on the capital slock of the institution.
Accounts fiom Naples mention, that in
the recent eruption of this mountain, ma
ny farms have hecn totally destroyed, and
upwards of 2000 peasants have had their
dwellings burnt.

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