North Carolina Newspapers

    s, itjsitimr :
T'KSDW MOIIMM., MAliCII tl, lt2'.
'1 he !at mail brought us several mar
triages, from two different Sources, which
we were solicited to piil.iish ; but its they
were anonymous, the u quest cannot be
Complied with. In one of the letter was
enclosed a thirty cent bill, to Insure, we
Suppose, a favorable reception i now we
pevcr take a fee of Hymen's Votaries,
though, we sometimes pocket the cmfi,
trhen mischievous Cufdd pun it into the
fiead of some love sick swain to write
amatory letter, and have them fiufiliJied.
All that is necessary to insure the publi
cation of a marriage is a responsible
name ; the frequency of impositions on
printers, renders a compliance with this
requisition a nine qua nun.
In the remarks wc made, two or three
weeks since, on the absence of two mem
bers of the Board for Internal Improve
ments, from the late meeting of that Body
at Wilmington, we were actuate ! by no
other motive than a sense of public duty.
Hid that been the first time the Hoard
were put to inconvenience, from a want
of punctuality in sonic of its members,
it would have passed by us unnoticed ; but
it was not so : the columns or the Ih in
ter will fully bear us out in this assertion.
We had reason to suppose, therefore,
that these fiequcnt instances of neglect,
on the part of public officers, to attend to
their duties, might arise from some other
cause besides necessity ; and we were not
alone in this supposition : under rhi im
pression wc made the remarkscomplained
of. If we erred, then, in their applica
tion, wc erred honesth ,at)d with the best
intentions ; and wc hasten, with pleasure,
to remove any unfavoiablc impressions
which the article in question, may. have
produced- by copying the following from
the last Rakish Regiatcr informing the
editors, bv the way, as they appear to have
some doubt, (why, wc know not,) that we
do 11 receive their statement as true."
The " Western Carolinian" has noticed
the non-attendance of some of the Mem
bers of our Board of Internal Improve
mcnts with as much severity as though
thev had purposely avoidrd the meeting.
Jtudi iilterarr. partem, is a just and humane
maxim, not only in jurisprudence, but in
all the controversies ol life. Wc men
tioncd, in a former number of the Regis-
thcifby dcfcl'.-idtf tiU Cliar'acHM', and blast
all his future pw-jKft in the world. Such
a piactko is at 4;vti war with every ten
der feeling of the human heat t; ami I
cannot well distinguish between him who
would imprison un honest roan, and him
who would commit murder. The conse
quences are very near ttic same, u is
abiuid for any person to lay any claims
to the character of a good man or a chris
tian, who would commit to prison auhon-l
ost man for debt i were he to do so, the
very book by which he professes to be f'o
verned, would condemn him.
PHI LA N 111 (0 I'OS.
The s perch is too lengthy for the columns of
a weekly paper, am nun..
ron tiik inousu.
Messhs. I.i)i tors : You have always
taken a lively interest in the concerns of
the western part of the state : will you
be so good s to give the following ac
count of the present state, and future
prospects of the Western College, a place
in your paper.
l ew subjects have excited more atten
tion than that of the college. It was
thought that the number of academies,
and population of the western part .of the
state, required such an institution ; and it
was confidently believed that there was
public spirit enough to employ the'ie
sources of the country in endowing it.
Subscriptions were therefore opened w ith
the most flattering prospects of success.
It was estimated that Mecklenburg had
subscribed near 30.000, Burke 20 or
21,000, Lincoln 4 or 5000, Cabarrus and
Iredell 4 or 5O')0, ic. Hut the subscriptions-were
unfortunately taken in such a
manner, that when the college was loca
ted at Linrolnton, the trustees could not
claim more than 12orftl5,OO0. It was
however the wish, and even hope of some
of the fiie nds of the college, tb it the sub
scription i lost by the location, would be
regained by a voluntary art of mbscri
bers. Hut it was sunn discovered that the
location Lad given so much clissaiisfac
tion, that in sonic counties no additional
subscriptions could he obtained, at least
none of any con--i.leral.le amount. This
is the true state of the funds : the trus
tees have subset ip:ions for (2 org 1 5,000;
but thev have no leasonable ground to
hope tluflbcy can obtain 12 oi S'5,000,
or even 500 more.
Some have thought that a change of lo
ration would ensure an increase of funds
It is certain that if the rollegc had been
located in Charlotte, that the trustees
might have had near S30.000 ; mid it is
equally certain, that if it had Hren loca
ted in Uurke, the trustees would have had
of much usefulness.' If any, one will
look over the several items in the bill of
expense, it will soon be found that U'O.
000 dollars is comparatively a small sum J,
100,000 dollars would only support four
professors, without breaking upon the
It has been said that wc otijht to be
content with a college on a small scale,
that is, as 1 understand, with the shadow
without tho substance. Fifty ve.irs ago,
a college might have been established on
small funds, and might, by this time, have
ri .cn to some eminence ; but since that
tiiue, the grade of literature has been very
much raised. Whole sciences have been
.Med, and all the branches of an academ
ical, or collegia e education, arc taught
with a critical exactness unknown, in this
country, iilty years ago. Able instruc
tors must be employed and suppoited, or
the college will he only nominal. rrora
this view of the subject, it appears, ! least
to the writer, that a college without fundi
must be without able instructers, and con
sequently could do little more than amuse
tho argunicfits- of the anti-coiwouionids.
It is also pretended that the pvoph; e
not virtuous, or as wiser in a word,
that they are not as capable now to lorm
a constitution as they were forty odd years
ago! , Those who advance audi objec
tions as these, I trust will not call them
selves the virtuosi of the present a;;c.
These are miserable shifts, or pretexts,
and they can have no weight at all with
any intelligent mind, unobscured by pri
vate interest. In fact it is absurd, and
it casts a dark reflection on the under
standing of any politician, to oppose a
convention, when justice shines so biil
Ihntly in its favor. Hut error has had its
devotee, and truth Mid justice have, oft
en met with stern opposition 5 but this
has been more fiequent in ages gone by
than at present. And it should always
be laid down as a correct maxim, that er
ror cannot, or should not be sanctioned,
on account of its antiquity -this, would
lead us to the moat unhappy and ridicu
lous results. I think it unnecessary to
extend my remarks, as no one can be so
the illiterate with pompous titles which j ,)lul(1 '", not RC8 ,l,e a0,S(',ll.te ncrcHslly
:i so forcibly the slender, the very alcndV
litild man ban on' life. He attended ut tl,,
of .fudge Lockup r fleet oil ll.wlay, the -.'Mil
ult, and cm returning to loan, in the,
li holso rail away with liiili, and dash' I ',iu:i
against it tree he fell to the ground :! ;. i,
having luii anil broken in two places, and h 1 ig
liitally injured internally. Must of the interval
from the time of the fatal a t nt. until b.ia :;
it winged it fliifht, he suffered .xri if Mit'iig bo
dily pain. n "' -
In tlii i oi nUc, a few days j'uo:, afracfeirt i!
ncMof J! Iiii.ii d:-te,l j . , U v : iisc.
F.-irr.Trru n.i 1, puivif:, i--t. 17.
Cotton, Kin') , 1 (; 1 1 C 1 ., whea', 1 )
to I 23 i whisLci-, ,i)i i -l) ; n:.i i brand , 4 i tu
!'); appl" do, 4 Mn i coin, ,l t.i H ' ; li u
to 9; tin;l:i.h'. , J.ltii 5 j S'lpf, muMOiado, 4 to
11 ; hmf, i'J 21 : , ;i. C'.'i i tra, l,
11.5 to 1 23) tUt-sccd, V) t 'JJ; ull.iw, 6
to ') cents.
vii.inixsTox mis Kt:r, vt. 24.
Cotton, goo !, 1 ') a 1 IH mipcisor lot , hr'.i,'
at 12 a 121 ; flour, best noihrrn Iiimm Ij, ft !.
mi I the- iii)l)' limiu rl; r ii, 7j to 7.5 1 i i!J,
.)) HI lor IK'S" L'lecll l iv;ii ; , 1) ,lin!-''0,
the college had power to confer
If it is asked, does the writer of this
paper wish to let the charter fall ? He
answers, by no means. We ought to
nave a college and wc might have one.
After weighing this subject with all the
care of which I am capable, it appears
to me, that the trustees might, perhaps,
prove successful, by adopting another
plan, w I will, with all that deference
which one man owes to his fellow man,
briefly state: 'hat the trustees mag
nanimously relinquish their claim to all
the subscriptions which have been taken,
and resolve that the county w hich should
subscribe 4000 dollars more than any oth
er county in the western part of the state,
should have the college located in its
bounds ; l lie location of ihc site to be
made by a committee of the board of
is confidently believed, that if this
method had been at first udopted, the
trustees would have had 50,000 or 00,000
dollars at their disposal. There arc some
reasons to fear that this plan could not be
so successful now. The ardor of feeling
has subsided, and the prospects of local
advantages, to be derived from the loca
tion, have lessened at least one hundred
percent- At my rate, a trial of this
project could not make the matter worse ;
it would make a strong impression on the
public, that those to whom this business
had been entrusted, were not to be dis
couraged bv one failure, and that thev
were not influenced by their private wish
es, or sectional interest. 1 his method
proposcil would be -attended with one
provability of success, that it would be
an attempt to enlist the diffei cut wishes
and interests of several counties, and of
for a convention, and that justice demands j 2) a 21 ( sugar, brown, m 7k; MurmjM,, (,
A' t( i lilil:i':.i, .7 It) j J j ait, lavi-nxlM, J st 53 ,
Turks Island. 4 tu 50 j wln'ski-i, 'M in lili fa. ."'J
in I. IU ; cotton hup-jfing, bct (( i.i'i'y, 32 n Ms ,
North-Carolina bank bibs, 2 a 2.J p: cent, ibf, i
(cor.'ia do. .
It is believed that pn. Washington was
57, Mr. Adams 63, Mr. Jefferson 50. Mr.
Madison 53, arid Mr. Monroe 59, when
they were severally elected to the Presi
dency of the U. States. It is now said
that the following are the ages of the sev
eral gentlemen who have been mentioned
as candidates for that high and hononble
station Mr. Crawford 58. gen Jackson
58, Mr. Adams 55, Mr. Clinton 5C, -Mr.
Clay 43, and Mr. Calhoun 38.
Dent. rrmt.
XF.ll .YOnKMJHk'l'.T, ' !. 20.
CoH'ce, best imlitv, 2f, secoii'l lo, 24 i to'
ton, l'Jto 1 1 j while Hustia sheeting, 16 ()cr .it ce,
bmii do. 14 5lli broad diaper, 4 5J, narrow
do. 3 ; bhii: nankeens 1 40, short c'lo 57 tn fi,'J,
long company 'J0 to 1 JiJ, long while 07 to 1
12 ; Canton crapes 4 75 to 'J .10 pr. piece ; l bir
cntine kilki l'i ') to 11; mrikiuitiik, assorted,
from 2 3j to 1 'J t pr. lb ; whi'e Huss.a sliei t ug
IVoiii 16 to 11 i'i pi. piece 'l,ic dome.nlr hi ir
ling from 12 to Id clx, pr lar.1, brown do. 1 , to
Mi check-, 7-H, IS to 28'; bed ticks ZS t.i ; I j
red lead, 10 to 1 1 pcrcut. white, dry, do. 13 1
Knglisli veriiiilho i, 8 ) cts. pr. l!i ; iiidi"i 2 '.'j to
2 50; opium 7 5i) or. lb; ctnr od 3 Hi r. K'-
oil vin ii.l 7 to 8 ct, per lb. Unman di). 11; n.oi.ia
lies, 31 M irt'ovadu mii'ar, prime, Jl2, aen.iij
The deaths within the ritv of Lor.don
from the I Ith t,f Dcecmbcr, 1821, to the
I nil. ,.r fi-n,t... i ill -nn.niilf.'lln I ft.-
ivi.i-i miT,.iM 8CSi ol; urt-ovadu Miliar, prime, JS'. '"ou
80S. of which 0603 ('icl ofcotisiiiiipnon, third quality, 10, t. U, ll) Will, 1 JU, lO'lllg
2929. of ronvulsi'iiis, 85 I ofdropsv, 1121 . Iivnn, 'JS. Nortb-Carolina bank notes, B tu hi
of fever. 753 of whoopini' rcuc'h. I3ii nf diwount i South-Carolina do. 4 to 4J , tleurgi,
inflammation, 21? of ins.iiii'v, 2j.0l cf eld 8 n 4 ll' h
. ,,,, r Si I About ., VM Wales of all d.-vri.tiu,
air and debility, ami CO t of small vxlx. ,s(.j 0r t!jl. Jasl Wl.t.k ttrAlll nl
OftlMH wliiile liliniber, were ..i .cs Sotub Carolina uplands fr rxportatiun, bro ,lit
II and 111 an." 12 ccnU; North Caiohiia, Iroiu
yj to 11, and am:dl parcel 11 cent. The mar
Let was steady tbroiijumt the week.
a. i
t. . ' 5 I WII.I. sell niy House and IjiI io Sa-
20 or ;2I,000 at their disposal. It is,!severa wchhv individuals, into the scr
however, at this time, very uncertain J vjce 0f thc college. The first plan of
whether the subscriber in Mecklenburg , subscription excited emulation, but all its
or Uurke, would lontinut their subset ip- force w- lost ; but thu plan now propo-tion-s
even if thc trustees would allow would secure to the funds of the eel
hem to locate the college where they I tr,c every cent which might be subscri-
ter, that two of the Members of the Uo.u d j I'1"'-- Jhcrc U. Wlt,c mfrerencc bc" , bed. This proposal is made with a confi
had failed to attend the meeting -t Wil-1 !wccn, ,h,p Pcuni-ry rcourcei of m-ny I dence which the writer docs not allow
mington on the 2?-.h of January : that jn " - nmiseii oncn to assume. It is so just,
av. ii is -ui Mn',, ii inn un i"i vi so weu calculated to produce a public cm-
piodurc is so low, that some of our best tl)ation, ao congenial with thc views and
farmers compl-in of a scarcity of money. w-hCs of several counties, and would of
i i . .... ... i. .. , . .i.:.. .. t - - - .
k.,.i !... ,...,.;,; f.,..., i ncrcu - n-ais,uuv,uiiiiis.niic,nv.i-iii rti so ,,,r a,, onnortunitv to certain
ntrrndwe at mtmineton. am.earrd-and a i ,n ,he 'n,mls of nuny.' ,.hu ol wealthv individuals to crown their names
quorum was formed; and that Mr. H.tch i htcrarv institutions s satd, t ha. i our with immoml Klory
- v. l ,....: ...... academies were well managed and en-. Your. Sic.
i.minu.u' 'i ji. .ivji ink in iiiai 1 1 in c , , . , .
ther.1U.eofhatgentlemanH..bnce,wc!cour;,"tl,",, c",lon ,at htllh e?"
could only state thei of his absence Pc.nsc; uMy K "SHh
hut we now learn, from undou'ited author
eonsrquence of such failure another meet
ing wa called, to be held on the 4th ult.
at Raleigh, where John I). Hawkins, Ksq.
a:id 03a I females
In the same pciiod there were 23, .".71
persons rhiistened, viz. ll,9d3 males
and 1 1,105 females.
Two children w;cre bitten by a mad
dot', nt Swan ton, Vt. the beginning of Ust
month. . lisburi, on accommodating terms.
Several m .d (logs have appear u in uie Apply to 1 . 1.. Cowan, Ktrj. or to mvsilf, in Ha.
neighborhood of Stockbridge, Mass. and kitfu i here m a othee belonging t-i tbe
two or three men. besides numerous ani-1 lot. conw-i.ici.t R . Uvyn or l Wi.n.
,,..., N- It. I liosc wlio bavc not yet cl isd their at-
mals, have been bitten. cou,itawitbmo,wilinndtl,mi.ithehandof Mr.
, ' Cowan, till April Court, afterwards in llie liaoila
Heard,, Among all nations, bearos 1 0f an officer. JOHN P.KLKwtfU.
have been the subject of laws and fashions, j .Salibtiry,MmhB, Uli'Wf
and the causes of distress, liut, perhaps, .t4? W Till si
! the most extended injury thevhave yet rt-,It. . .. . , , , .
done, was that arising from the shaving 1 j,Miril,.vmi.n r,'' ,r '7
and cropping which Louis the seventh of kk.a,:y ,J imlustrious habits. None need apply
France performed in obedience to thc in- , but such as are of the above habits,
junctions of his bishops. Tor, with this N. R. Ik alao wouU take two or tlirrc boia,
uncommon appearance, I " appeared se ii. ' K'd families, as apprentices to ue abovd
diculous and contemptible in the eyes of . ,U""C! ms M mHtll T.
his consort, I.leanor or Aquttamc, ' "a, , s.JM, , Murth 3, 1 H23.--.Ttl6
she disregarded his honor and her own to , r .
such a degree, that thc King obtaineJ a di-1 I WO liYmUCtS
r. . i -i. . . r iirivii'ii k.. ). . . i :v.-. t-1
VOI CC. cine men married IIIC l rami Ol mm.-.ii-i m uii: mumiuri, i uiv; nunc.
f f
ros tus wssTtn caholimix.
who shortly after ascended the'
r..J.,: ,. .1 ... ir- II , Km .hn I 1 erofgc, To wberaml indn.trioui. Uds,
u.iv...v.,..v.MT j a Koo,l opportunity i
gave for her dower, the provinces of Poi-: fwj trade, if
ton and uuienne ; ana tins was tne origin
of those wars, which, for three hundred
vears, ravaged Francef and which cost
that nation three million of men.
J'oult'jit' D. Jdv.
making buainiss, not under 12, nor out
her ami indnstrioun Uds,
now odcrcd, tu k aru a
The proceedings of thc membcis of
our last legislatjrc, in rel.itioii to calling
a Convention to form a new constitution
. i t - .1. . I . . , - , r
,hil nt thP tim. fifth- mo-iin. at ' "ini-n lusc inou,;,.i , oat a change o:
Wilmington, he was necessarily detained 'f 1,tio" u" '"'""Kcn.cnt the
at home by the indispnsi'ion of his father, I cl,J,ter- 1 w i":,l-u ' a" p1""10"
.L.. .1 ...1.. ;i, ... J-l..-l.- (ilI?a.iuv. ..... ...... v i - l v i
w no ji men iaii'ri uusi in , .inn niai lici . . , ,. .. . i - ii. ,f v -ii c. i:. u
tO DC Vtiy illJUKU llial lilt V.lllliail a," ! iui i"v Jtuis, vi ..u.tii'. muiiim, nil. 1.111
scmbly would grant a charter, and with-'calculatcd to bring about that desirable
hold from thc trustees u power to do idljobject. The committees in the several
those things, not otherwise rontrary to the counties, it is be iicved, feci a deep iutci -laws
of the state, which they, in their est in this business, and that they will,
wisdom, might judge to bo conducive to consequently, use every suitable exertion
the interest of the college. Such uie the to dischaigc the duties annexed to thrir
difficulties with which thc truster have appointment.. I he importance of the ob
to struggle, and surh arc thc conflicting ject in view hao been so often urged, and
stnliu 'en'ts of thc people, that if some sa rlcarly explained, that there is, per-
method is not adopted to concilitate the. haps, scarcely one enlightened individual
public mind, and to unite thc interests of!oppo-. il to it. Prejudice or pride, may
did not receive notice of the meeting at
K-dcigh in time to attend. We feel it
our duty thus to explain ; !id should the
l.ditoisof the Wt stern Carolinian receive
our statement as true, we indulge thc
hope that they will, upon reflection, ac
knowledge '.heir censure of thc conduct
of those gentlemen to be premature and
tl ndc sc r v e d . liu'eigh H egister.
In life's disastrou scene to others do,
A you would have by others done to you.
paaw is.
I was lately very much pleased and cd
ified with a speech delivered during thc.
presrnt session of Congress, by Mr. John
son, of, on abolishing impris-
In this town, on Wednesday last, Mr. JUsivl
Cklss gcd about 5j, one of the Directors of
the aii,lmn Biauili of the State Hank. Mr.
Crcsa ai a native of Pemisx lvania, but lias
been a eiticn of Salisbury ujiwaislaof years,
lie has all'orded a rare instam c,of a limn rising
from indigence to the possesion of a large for-
the several counties toi.cerncd, the col raise 1. 1 .olous objections to the call mg of ". i l"c nvrB " al
lege cannot, at present, go into opcia-;a coin t nticn ; . uut tne tragiie iiarncrs ...1.,,,...
nesi, Mrs. .'.mm, w ifo of Mr. Christian
I ton
It is evident, from repeated tri
jwhich they may set up in opposition toi
ials, that! so t'csiratilc an 'jcct, will fall at the ap- i
all hope of raising sufficient funds in the
method adopted, is tntiictv visional y.
And it is also evidenl, that difficulties of
onmcnl tor tleht- 1 should tc picaseu to;"w w- , - '
Kin any viv'iiu.iiju mc niii.
see this speech republished at full length
in your paper, if your limits will admit.
I am well satisfied that It would please
such of your readers as are not destitute
of tha common feelings of humanity. It
might appear unintrrcving to those whose
bosoms are animated with thc spirit of old
bhylock, as they will, contrary to reason
and humanity, demand their pound of
The practice f imprisonment fr debt,
originated in barbarism, and it ranks very
well indeed with the " Holy ItifpnYnion."
It is bad enough for an individual to lose,
by misfortune, all his earnings for many
years ; but it is much worse to immure
tion which have been obtained. It is the
belief of the great tn.ijoiity of subscii
bers, that thc bind are incompetent, ami
that there is no prospect that they can ht
otherwise, on the prc-eni manner of ob
taining 'hem j und therefore they would
repel any appropriation of their suU-ni;i
lions, as an art of outrage against t.i'isi
laws which ought to bind one part of the
community to another. It was dLtbulj
understood by the subscribers, that their
subsrripti'-iis were a n'ul of th ir strength,
and th-l they Old not expect t ) be c.uled
upon to pay them, unless it would be
judged that the funds would be MifT. imt
iq jus'ify a commencement of thc iitn.
saty building. If the ttustees tould
command 3.",ooo dollar, wiihout good
prospects of 30,000 more, it is manifest
his body w ithin thc walli of a prison, and I that they could not promise u a college
proach of good common sense,
That tlieie is a great necessity for a
convention, no one cun honestly doubt
!t I? jd-in ? 0n? WI? hiI tun t, ,.',!.
four: it is therefore to he inferred, that
the people cannot be deceived by the glare
of sophistry. Thc cotutitu'ioii of the
United States has guaranteed to each Ma c
the l ight, or it has required each Hate to
form a constitution tipon republican pun
ciples ; and this is in accordance with that
meat chart of lihetty. But according to
ilic present constitution of North-Carolina,
minority rules a majority of our cit
izen : this i directly opposite to the
spirit .of the constitution of the United
Sutt-s, and of course, contrary tu the
punciplcs ol a veputjik-n govin.meiit.
and it ought not to he boinc by a fiu
people. -
The objections tlmt have Rcnernliv
been made to a convention, kit really un
worthy of seiiotis onsi(leral-KMi, Ihc
Urcat veneration for w hat ha hi en t!m,t
some forty years ago, genu ally glosses
m;knf..f.u DICKSON.
S.i.'hbmy, .VjrrA 10, 12J. -41
A'Ol' w.ll pptar at tlie Court llotsc, for com.
pans 1 Jo'clotk, A. M.ontl.clast at-
unlay ol Mart Ii, inMant. (In which day an elec
tion will lit held lor a LitutKiiunl i anj ', i Mr
an .., vice 1'hilm vvntl vii,0 has bccij
con.iiiiMiiuiicd in thc lirigade Stall.
-U.-rfc 11, 1112..
Crt'. .'-r.
ti MHlman, in the 2.1J year of her ape.
t)n the Ut inrt. at the eat of A. Macay, Eq.
two niilcs from Salisbury, Major General J imi A.
Pimu. Iii the 47Ui car of his age. In thc
.-. , . . .r?..
ilcam oi i.en. rearson k-icit i.M , vnc u, . oJ t(J p..opie K ;hc cin uMi.tancta
best nienibcr, and his friends one of their clmi- j ol and receipt, o that they may not lr nnpos. i
cent blesiiiK. He w.i dit'.njruihed bv bia com- j on by sucji a v.;iih,-r.
ON the 4:h day ol Job, 1.M, I pare John
Jliilnanicr t alias Jack) receipt fur a nolo
ol hand on Jacob Unix, of abotit tor col-
lect.uu. Mi. tin in lound out tlal I bad the note,
and he t,m Mr. Himujinu r if ht would gvt ins
note from me uin, be would ,ictth it iiiinie
diattlj. Uumgariier applied to aic for tlie noto
I javc it to inns, and be received the apmuut
of tlio ii(.te from Mr., and i;ave him up
the note. Owing to negligence iri me, or aoii.u
Dtltc-r eircuuistaiice, w ball I do nia recollect, I
did not liti tlie receipt. Ituingai;er has since
removed to tlie county of Wilkti, and h. en
ilcavuivd for kuii.e tonv la trade ny net i,t , at
kitgtii be sincceued in imposing k n young
loan for a very gix.d bcr, 1 ii.foniu ) 'he J ikiiij;
man that it was fraudulent i and he li.a suceenl
ed in getting' Ins hone back. I sent an ordiY
to liuinganier for Uic receipt, S'.iJ he r fu-d to
give it up. I expect he intends i,n i.n r. on
m tt a i -.. 4 I
manding talents great entcrpri.c, and hiplily
tiolisbid manners. Thoac who knew him best
were most attached to )iiff.. In the councils if
hi rouii'ry, as i jtatuman and politician, li'u
M.'ii'iineiita were rt fined and liberal. In the ile.
fenee of In r right! he was firm and exemplary.
Ile ha I a heart to sympathize withhia fellow,
crcaturtt in their distreaS, mid was fser ready
to m'mVcr to'luir wanta. Hit relative havo
s'istainrd r,n irreparable loss, which w'dlUe lonj;
and felt. At a son, brother and hi:'a-l,
'ie discharged 111 dtitica w ith fidelity, chccrful
neas and affection.
lie was cut off in the meridian of litV, not by
'fie !ow hand of disease, for he fell in al! h'A vi
or and atrci gtb, hut by one nf those n ysic
r.')g ens of Prcvidcnce, vh-ch tc;
i ron Tin vi'-
J.inrntn'nn, .1M-T 1, 1it?V
kittle. uV .VoTlh-L'va tAttvu,
(K)CRT oi' I' lea and Quarter Sessions, Feb
J ruary Icr.ii, lit.j. Juswpli Min.itison vs.
Klijal, r,iiigham....CT. Al'n. I .vvied Oil one cu'
tiiig kiii'a and buy. oa? tM 'e chain, an I ""
hogshraih It appeainjf to the Cmirt, that tli
drieiHlaiit in rase i not an inhabitant of i n,
state; U ' u'. ..', thit publication be into
for sis ccs in t:e Western Caroliiiiai, K;;I,C
noiice tu the said defendant to )iiii.irai 'h.i
nest Court ot I'leasaral tj iarter hcMi.ius to b,
hi I I for uid eoimty, on the firit. Mim lay of t iv
in vt, and wplevy, plead to civic, nr (b iiiur, mh.
crif.c judgment final will be entered again;.'
a copv. ii vniT.n, v. r. :.

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