North Carolina Newspapers

    i - i ' i i ''.iJtsiit.'.','ifcM'
I t r M. ' duti'rr the- ViMa: n.-ji i- J,
y in) the t in t I sir iia a iunri . ' I r.
fKun rug ittttuif,
THE F.ii.H tit's .or.
Se(t it the Farmer' humble lot,
L nkmiMii U kiibHui, c ire and stnf.-,
llappv uiul peaceful in luit col.
Hi- glide ado n the ll.lls of life ;
To loin that vale i spread in Hotter),
Ami jfmccd i'h an.aninlhiaii bowtni,
An I plcuttire Mini delight are therr,
And dove-eyed joy with laughing; air.
Hum awt-ir' to fum at ghiterinj? dawn,
Aduanthe t iolet iii)(lcd k''Ic,
A diamond id on ever) lawn,
A Tuneful choir in every lide;
Anil fleecy clouds of purple d)e,
Jfiitting athwart the vermeil ky,
And lullt in vine raldme ten's.
And wrapt in (fold their flatiiinf erf its.
0! let me ever, ever dwell,
from vice and foil) far away,
And run in ulnn the uoudlan 1 d II,
Ami tune my rustic roundclai t
Ami when old ae uitli snt decay,
S'.cal the rote of youth aay,
Tin ;i let tin- prrs the cypress wtca'.l).
And cetly aleep the sleep of death.
IIO THI. 1I.W KuSTHIT Mauaits-f.
STAN. s F'Mf Mr -IC.
I u.v, vthile t!ie earth a, tt rot,
And 'ii.- Curt a in of Heaven atrf l'.ii:ig,l
A tu, vv fill of halm from t'u- , t
oVnhc face of a jlec;v laVe Ijuu ,
L rutfii il a ave un it t shore,
And tin- at.lliivrt to billow tiav broken ,
Ti ale left it c&lm a bc-tore-,
1; slept a f nevc-ravvoken.
Sot th-n with the dull tide of lif..-:
One iht-ik may hr furrow e.i by werpinj,, frve from the breci of vr.fe,
Atiotherifl peace mav be klt'tpm.
Tl.c wave once disturbed by the breeze,
(. an trampnllv ilecp w-nn never,
1 ill destiny chill it, and freeze
I he cairn ir had broken for tr.
Vanitv'tthe very 1; tee of life.
That rie it ail ita rtavor.
rauK mi Tniirii ti v aiiiin,
Sa' -rica Character niid hand mr dctfiption
lit l.t t rv nt'en lo v trai I. i.t lual.
itv. ii; M.ii,( if ! C) ri I'erjji rae. rai -Ute
I for:. 1 v Fencb, b) a prrauii el Luior.
ic.iit.lun, l6jS.
'1 nr eXtr.tordin.ry prod ctiot.s of
;hc intrlii 1 1 u.d us w 1 11 ., I tin mate
ril world, c linage "tirattcir.i n by thtir
vrry eccn tricitv it is as n udi the
Lusiness of pi ilos .p!nr t ! rve
the course of the comet, or the w ,
drring iar, as ( t the plant t iaih, in
its tb grre, contributes to the cxti r.sior.
cf The sprcul .tior s f thi
philosopher may b- tnrc grave and
VcigV.ll, f)it the singular fabric ati ins
cf he imaginative faculty are i f 1 qu I
Use in astcrt.iiinrg the essential nat ,ie
of minJ. Cyrano Hrrgrrae is a mar
Vc'louslv strange writer hU thatai
tcr, too, was o..t cl the iomm":i v ,i .
Jlis chief passion appt ars t !u r I ten; and. Irom the numerous ul
iaiisol honor in whuh he was n,n
crrntd in ihe course of ,1 vrr -.hurt
Lfe, and the bravrry wh'uh he di-jl v
cd on those- Oitasinns, fr ai quired t! 1
cognomen of he Iilrrf id. His friend
and editor Le iSret, savshr w is rng t
d in no less than one hundred d ,i Is
lor Ins fric uds, and not one on his c n
ationnt. Otlicrj however say, that,
happening to have a nose somewhat
awry, whoever was to unfortunate t r
40 rash as to laugh at it, w as sort- to be
called upon to a swrr its iutn-pid ow
ner in ti e field. Hut In w t w r this
roav hr, it is indisputable that Cyrano
Was 4 U st ingoisiied mom in.icoi-,: uTid a
most eccentric writer. His pr tiut
tit ns ab ond with antithetical th- lights
tti-d ci rruMrati ns nf wit, pointed, an
g :!ar and spaikliog, ,.s the framints
cl .1 broken pill.r of ice wht n the sun
.1m!us upon t'u m. Cons'idtrii-g pla
r i ,. im a b .d i s high a av ri !.b r , and
inft'Utrlv uorsr th ti manl,tuc;l,ter. it
is pioh.tlvle he math it matter t f c' -ht
it nre t ot to appropriate evm his
sh ire 1 1 the id- as ami m ntitm nts c m
11:011 10 ail irrn, but a ks'Io
ti n r, wri'iiig like ih bod who had
Tiitirtic-d bim. The frest r-t nlhc--
ti 11 w.i thr o!Tsp-i g of h vouthful
t.u the o-iipi iiriug tif v'rin
Cii s t' M,i of l it llltl lire t,
v. ! h lii,!, Iii r prren p ihrovi
! he u.!; v vow slip i.'.d the p.ile p: ,iw:iiC ;
U is ir.iif il ptvgsK.nt with all the rai;i
in iin..m c ui .1 rail diiti uiiliiracd soil,
it uid.t s proiliietH vivacuy ol iniuci,
w.i'uli, like a burning glasa, collect a
ihuusaii'l scatitrcii rays to one puii.t.
l.ei l)ut u tlinuglit present it!ll, and
Ik- !ii.i..,it iIums it thruuijli all its
Mtisii le t il iiiiii- i a.,cl il.jutjliii'V, till lie
(.nil) loses him .ell m the in. .UHicrinys
df hii tnvii l. ni) his whole soul 15
.iniin.iteil whit the w ild spinl ul j )
he ..itually leeU wild il:liv;ht. He
posatsied a hit. pillar cast ol wit, wluei
surprises us wuli tle most unfit ard oi
rcsemblaiu rs the most novel discr-1 their intrllect more nccomplislu d, be
dauces, but he minj-les thi tn, howcv it, j cause of the mixture of the l.-ure jual
wiih the mi st t xqui-.itr bservati 11 ol 1 ities. This is the reason why red men
nature, and the most bea-itilul iuiagi-( become not so uon grey as those that
11a inn-. The lalse, the allccUd, and are bl.tck, .is if fiat .re were vogry and
the troe, ultimately and in such rapid un-.v illiiij; to destroy that, whuh she
succession, as sejretly to he severed, i took a pleasure ir, making. In troth,
'lake the prisoned senses and I-p 'em
in elysi im." Such is the vigoi, .,nd
such tne vagaries, ol Cviauo. Uh,,i
we shall ex-rait ma be (onsiderrd as
mere snorts of fancv strange thi;.ij;s
told in a Strang.: way ; and n are w 1 1 - would ne mi thi'.k ih.a tin ir flesh di- ! ishnu nt frcm vt-gttibles, both fVuits .lolm Dougherty, may be stated. He
Ir g tu -t tht-v should he sue nsidend. v u! s its--It into otde tin . ads t -make and runs; the latter he dig, up by sl'.ot duwn a hison, nd leaving the car
W'e sj) i idly beg the aoennon of ail! tin in a h. ,rdf I bpeak not of bl.u k ( means of h.s long lore claws. j case, wenttuobtain assistance totutch-
l.idirs iihohae red hair, tu our an- b- irds, lor is well k o-1 ii ti.t dc in j I hat they foriiierly inh bited the tr it, but was surprised on his return to
tm-r's ardent iodicaii.-n of its sunrc ' v e ire a . itiuntube but . 1 v tUt k , Atlantic States, and hat w c re then find that it had been dragged entire to
'(il .lions fruit of the essence of the!
most b.uu.iful visible b,-i;,e! i t. tli -
i t rtll-i t;- n ol t- r radic 1 tire f
! mugs- f the sun, tin most per-
feci ! 1 a n it !r i.isli to mis
t.k. for mv fpietn, tin daugliterui him
tl t mv ;iiic.. sots a k owhdgid lur
th ir (iii'I. thriis 'ii moaned '.h- tail
ol 1 r 1 row ii. in the ruiur I Apoii '
u ; U line 1 f . sed m c nun .nd t e
rid, vi hen she iU 10. d f.iC ost t-- i he
1 :-.ilnii Hum lirs' iiep.m to in-
Lvc m.iiki d. w itii sht to- k I r In r
arms f use of the mjii isti r : lone
as Piisi tli.l r t" this universal
I spirit, lur the r.) s th .1 she hi hi from
him, four th n'sand e;irs roiild not
make old the vigt-r of hrr m r arc J v ,
but being ready to see his im.iis lr
km, he l ok nctuarv in l' q .n. fro.r.
the abusisof hal)l,.n. j
"A brave, covered vv itW rn!
hair, is nothing else but th-.- s..n n th- '
midst of hisravs- or ihr sun ; 'hum If
isonlv a creal'tve. ui drr a red n 11
W!K; vrt ah the vv rid sne-ks di of ii.
In cause few h ivr the honor to be so.
A d am m-K' ahuudft d ladies, vou s' a I
h.rdiv ftil ne, fiecai."'-tto. v b: iot; st r.i
from H .tven to command, it's n
sary there siw old In: more MiiJ. ct-, '
ih t . s.A.-rt iriu. I) -wr not see that
li thitr-s ii nit ore are more or hsse
oble. -icorui'ig s tfe are more or
I sc red; am" gt the elfmnits. he
that t c-rt i s the in st essen: e, and the
bast n.atrrror subst.tir, is tin fire,
hrc.Mse ! his rol r ; gold ha recciv-
ed 01 his dc. thr honor to reign over
1 hi nit lia'.! .. an,! . I .11 t:.r j 1. i,c s. the
t r i, m, is. ted ; the ha;rv comets thai
II. op .md dvwn the skies, at Iht de -th
l litres, art h.v n t the red must.,
ihotof tli. (i ,i!-,i',i i'ii j 1 , k IT
lr r,'i.!e.: ( as-, r .u.d 1'ol.ux. th
nth I '"-s that iv. kt sta.Mii Krettll
ire ttdtf a sn tu,, .an tl t ht .u
thing tNe in n i!u- ml hairs ol o.
ivhih sli', 'ii uken (f 1 vt , st nd- f
v - , ,,. , .
. t j t-o-i . 1 n tint , Ii .,1 1: not t ti lor
ih sire Jin n hi J
lire 1 e t I a n li sl.t t p, the clor , f thir-
t d n-s-gci'.s. would be 0 ,ht cranb
1 I t' is- t' i:i;s ihu never wen born,
And ( t ship in irg vtt but a re cent in-
smthr.) tin rieiis coiihl not h t to'd
i.s that the world hath four p irtM . .
X'po;!,), Vi-nu, ard I.ove, tin- buret
div ini'Msof the p-n thi on, are dim
son red; and Jupiter is brown bin ht
.ht. dim, bt.iuse tf 1 hi mr.ik of his
thin tb r. v. h cb b th ! la kt I im. hut
ti the rx-.ttiph-s of inv thoh rit- do let
s tisfu the obstin-.ue, h t tht m tt nsult
hist' r, Sarnpso1 , whose strti.-'ih
huncr at his let ks, did he ret rtcuvt
his nvr.icul u, et trv fn tn tin 1 1 d-
r.tsse tf his hair? Did no! 1! 1 d u-',
oir- nub ihr eonitr-ation cf f t ijli
pire of Athens, dt pt nd ujion one i.d
hair e l Nisin.' And (tod, would ht
nt t havi unit the ligl t 1 f l. ith to lh
J'.thi , il he cotihl have found a
m- nt'st but t ne ml ' One wonhi
tu I ch uht of tin txctlbiil of ;!o.
pt rs. ns, if ni t- n nsiJ, 1 , d, that all 11 .1 1
th t nre not mule l nu r0 am! It
v hose Tinitif ( d hinist If chnvt- 1 ,;
kreatled the substance, wen ml. Ad
am, th t was tre.ttid b (1. d's own
hand, t tij-ht to bt thi most i,n nv.plhl.t I
ol men l-c w.tsred And ..II :ir iti
philosod-v ought to teach us ti at n -Hire
which inditus V- the m)st peine
tiun. dwair? entitair is, in ft rn iog a
maai, to make i. red 01 1 , just r.s she : s-
jures to irakr gold hi m. ko p e I tin t
cury,bul that she, seldom hits ujiou it.!
An archer m ftot eatcemeJ uniTiilfull,
whi) Kiting thirty .irrowes Hie, but five
or six hits the mark. As the lebt bal
Liucd cunstitutii 11 is hat which is be
tween tUgmatick and mellaiKhulv, me
must nct'ils be verj happy, to hit ex
actly a;i in-,hvi'.ible point. The llaxm
and the blak ar besides it; 1h.1t is to
say, the fi. kle and the obstinate; be
tween b dh is the medium, where vis
d iiti, 1:1 iavor of led nun, ha h lodged
vcrtue, so their Ih sh is modi more del
icatc, their bloi.d more pure, their 1-pi
rits mure clarified, and const ptt ntly
1 S'-ldiim see a flaxen head i f hair, but
I think of a distalf ill periwigM. Hut
1 gr . nt, that hiir w omen w ht n thry are
g, an pirasmg;
but as .soon as
! t'irir ciu-i ks tn um to crow woollv,
ir . 1 1 1 1 ,
OM ciixnwe musi an 01 ci-ine m.iv 1 s
i" beautv . is ,t t.. l.o bctui lobe dc
l'rit t(' ' l rei (loin o g .c. ncn.o s.
than by h m jie . t "i ds. or iron feturs.'
TIIK (.lfl.!. IlK.Mt.
profit Mi 'i'- .o.,:'' ...',. .,. --i Ii :h
Tin (r . 1 a: i- oniilv d'tiiict
from u v a., w 1. ,-nits t f f.i ar, by
U'1' cn.iraik r ul me th- g led
! and rt, ,r ila s. jiut r tvni.- ai or -
iv -' "V"' .
i-r - " " ' ' 1
paridtoitu A. pi o. r (L . i.riti,)
u panic ila. iv 10 tru . lAtui.nvd
r,. ty. 1 n.- il.. h, ever, ol these
i rjear to t,- 01 1 ik usiui lorni, ar.u
not ri-i g.u t iu.u the facial spir, in-
c ,(uil tiemeiti the eves, is dtrpl) in-
nlr i tnrV aUl) ddh r in their 11..1 -
r-1 . and cbmb trei s, vi iiuh tht gr ,z-
Z v b ar is never knovntodo.
Lt w is and Ch-rk frequet dy saw nd
tnre ) ars, dnr. ng their ( e!e-1
lir l J tX rtltt. on across the continent,
1 ht nin.t.-.none whiih v as r.'n e f ret
I '"g. roin the r ose to the tip (S the
l i e fore fo t of nnr,.htr was 9
ot hrs . cross, its hind loot eleven ,-nd
ihrre quarters Ions, rxdu'ive ol the
,on,, RrVr" mchrs vije. Ihe
t dons f a tMrd were six and une fotit th
inches long;
Ihev will not always attack even
when wounded.
As they fired, he did not attempt
to, b ,t fb d w ah a most tremrn-
d. us .oar, nd suth was its tenacity
" '. 'hat although hr ho five balls
Pe thr. ugb his Lngs, and five oih
er wounds, be swam more than fall
a ross the river to a s -nd bar, and sur-
Vlved iwrnty minutes. He weighed
brf.vrrn f,vc and six hundred pounds
at bast, and measored eight feet seven
,n,l a 'all inches from the nose t th
extrmiin- tif the hind feet." Lev ix
ne lived two hours, after havinp
hem h. t the c-title of 1 -
. .... ,
I .ik's, and w mist in tnis state, in- yr
nt I for hiriisell a bed in the earth.
1 . o U t ut 1 j ai d fiv t lee t 1 rg. aio 1
r- nr.irij: a m-le and a half. T ht flcict
.m l skin w-t re a hcaW burden for two
men, and the oil amounted tu tight
Anocer, shot through the htait, r;:n
at his pace nt.rlv a quartt r ol a
mi!( ht ft re he It 11.
I spf.irs, they further inform j "110 the water, and swam about for
u. n all its t ari .lions ol coloring, isjsomrtimr,
rohd j;ttthyst by the Ch punuish j Mr. John I) 'Ugherty had seven,
In ii.iiis. j narrow escapes from the griiziv bear
These travellers mtntion unnther , He w as once hunting w ith a t ompan-
sp-irsof bear, width Mens to be re- ,'
lartd t" the .ipiie bear, and w I 11 h is
n ost pre ba ! a ne w spt c'n s, licl.mhs
fees, and m known t' the ( h punr.ish
Indians. I-V the-navre of I'm-intl.
Ti ej also intotm us tiiat liie iopu
latig Mason octurs ah-ul the 13d
t f .1 11 1.
The Indian of the Missouri sc.nie
'tmespnt'. warin-m 11 units ag ins
he gr l hi ar. and tti hits obiaii,
dbou 1 is I otN an hig! 1 isticnu o
and tluM-ifv he- fortin ate individu..
w ho o'li.ius thi in. Wr saw on tit
p. elks 1 nuirv ol their wuniors t tik
h.t t s con I st d 1 t the long ft iv t law v
sip ra to lit-p, 'I 1 btt. ta-teiviby a'
1 ,11711! i; a 1 iliaiir.c ; ai 1
tne f the b. mi ol l'awite warrit-i'
i hut t n em n it d a dt tathn t nt f e t
part in. 1 th.. Ki t .a v iih;ge, w; so-
i.tittt tl ui the t rt ir t kin if 1I.1
11 O11 w ith i1 e daw .s 1 1 n.a'u.ii.g 01.
it, susjurdtd upun his Lrcast.
It ii not a litdc veniartublc, that the bear, which w is mentio ied at
a very early period by L.ihanton, sub
sequently by several writers, is not,
cvc.11 at this day, established i.i the
Zoological works, as a very distinct
speiies; 1h.1t it is perfectly distinct
Ironi any described species,, our de
scription will prove, from the con
current tistimony of those who have
seen it in its native haunts, and who have
hid .,11 1 pportuniiy of observing its
manners, it is, w about doubt, the most
daring and truly h rmidable anim d,
that exists in the U ited States. He
frequently pursues .aid , at icks hunters,
and no animal, whose sv illness or art
is not supi rior 10 his, c ,11 cv.,de bim.
Hi kills the bison, ,'ikl dr.igs the pun -
dcrnus carcase to a distance to devour
l.mi .a bis leisure, as the calls of hun-
ger may influence him.
I he i-nzz'y bear is not exclusively
carniverous, as has by persims
been imagined, but, also, and perhaps
in a still greater degree, derives ih-ui-
ttj.aily lormidable to die Indians, wc a considerable distance, by one of theso
ha e some foundati. n fnr belief, in ' hears, and was now lodged in a concav
the tradition i f tin Delaware Indians, itv of tlie earth, which the animal had
1. su iting he llig Naked Dear, the ' scooped out for its reception,
last one .i which thty hi lie e former-! Notwit istandingthe lormidablechnr
Iv ixisttd east of tiie Hodson river, ncttr of tills bear, we havenotmado
and hi'h Mr. Heikwcldir as surra u:-; of any precautioiis against their
1 us, is ( ftrn arryi d by ih; Indian-, he
, lor" 'he m. nds 01 tluiriryiiigcl-i.drtn,
1 i" ' rightt n tl.rm to q it ii ss.
I dovt rnor Clinton in t ie notis up-
. p i.ucii to hts .1 ..uttil Jutr:,. ; j;
( u .t i.-r.-a. sas 5 iv.a
1 1'. ilulia ,
dial W 15
:;.ei. lect!
. :;tv, it '
dn, u-ld a Jri.i:d 1 1 n
: an. ma! had btci; sci.. !
1 loir ; notwunsw
h..s bet n sometiniei dome Jk;t ,1 d, and
1 that an Indian i c ;on;'iv? to ;i inlj.- on
the liead watei . ol tne M uo-i -,;pi,
j hid one in a ecl.i.tmd state, v hich
1 he sportively directed to go h-to 1 ca-
noe, belonging to anomr r tril.c cl Ir.
j di.-ns, i!u n abou: inurring fn tn a '.s-
: it ; the tear obeyed, and w 3 itru. L by
Indian ; beirjj considered as oik- i.i
the family, thin was deemed an i n 5 1, ! ,
was resented accordingly, and pr d.;-
! crd a war between these cation ;
A half grown specimen una Upt
ch.inrd in the yard of the M.sscii
Fur Company, r.tar Eng'.n tr Canun-
mei t, last winter j he was led holly
on vegetable food, as it w .. o'-urvcJ
th: he be- ame furious when too 5 ,ui-
t.fullv si.ippUrd w ,th .n.n al fare. He
w.iS 111 constant m-Hon d-.ra.; ir.e
greater parte! .he dav. pin.g I ...cL
wild and for, id. to the t. ni rd his
chain. His attendants ventured to
pLy with him, though u!w a) s in a rr-
served nu.;ocr, fearful of trusting hun
too f.r, or plaiirg thtrisrhtu . bso-
lutriv wiitiin lus grasp; lie several
t'lms hrokr or fiom bis chair, on
.. 1 :. 1, . : 1. . 1.1 t-..
;is an, I cl. srd i;u tr door ; he ap-
joai -u mudv (Mr.tcJ wit,, nis tern-
porar Iriedom ; he ran to the dog,
1 . 1 -ii'...!
it h were straving about the yards.
but thev avoided I nn. In his round
hr came 10 me, rraritu; up, placed
! h-v j) v s t n m hrt ast ; w isli-r;' to rid
mvsell f so tough a play fellow, 1
turned him round, upon winch he ran
down the bmk of the river, j lunged
ion, on one of the Upper tributaries ol j
i the Missouri; In htaid the ie p. rt ol
1 11 11 " Cl asr 11 1; e ,w -a. u man 1 1 1 -" i. l . r . ri- ,,
. , , wr.S lerveiit surtjlit uori ol fus olrsMrs j.
utmost jo , rum mi -'. it ttu y.tulin' '
everv direction, rraiit.p up lus hind , 1 0 t.enCthe. our re.oluuon, and keep
leet'and capering ahom. I w as ; rts- i our fers aw-ke, wea.e to mark the mis
et.t at one of these ext. batons ; the j er-blc victims of the sin with arsu ty ur.J
-q.iaws ard children bvlotigini' o the j teiror; toriKaid the sin itself as thetig.1
'taMishment ran i-iecip'.tati U to thi ir J v Ij 1IU! and to realize, that in ticivb
h.s compani- n's lifle, and looking ' nr incnuv, in solemn ana .necijnK our
round, he beheld h.m at a little dis- Ion urc, entreat, and perauatle us to ah
tame endeavoring to escape from one : stain. Cmd commands: Christ solicits;
of these bears, which b bad w(. uncled ; tl,e sjaiit of grace influences us to ab-
it was advancing upon I im. Mr.
I)ouc,lnrtv, attentive onlv to tlie pre
st n ation of bis triiiuh diatelv
t.astiiicd to tlntrt the atttntit ii and
t 1 suit of the hear to himself, and ar-
ivtd within rifle shot dist.u 11, just ii.
ore to tile it his generous object : hi
.lu'gtd his b II in tht .itiim-l, and w,s
l l gtdtofn in his turn, whilst his
it it nd, rt lit 1 d from in-mint nt tr. re r,
.irtparrd !or nnrthti onstt. by ch tt;
:-g his j it cc. wish which he aeono
undrd the bear, and relit veil Mi
I)noghtrt i'nm pursuit Inthismos'
, arch us tncoiutet, ncitl ti t l ilm,
- ;t ii jured, but the bear t as foitu
ii.itcb tbttrox t tl
t3evcral huiucrs were pursued Ly a
grizzly bear, that gained rapidly up (4.
them, a boy belonging to the party,
possessed less Hpeed than his compa.
iuiis, seeing the bear at his heels, fell
with his face to the soil the Lear rear
rd up on his feet over the boy, looked
dowu for a moment upon hirrt, then
bounded over him in pursuit of the
A hunter just arrived from a aolita-
ry excursion to the Qui Court Hiver,
informed me at Engineer Cantonment,
that going one morning to examine his
traps, he was pursued by a bear, and
had merely time to get into a small
tree, when the btar passed bectaih
him, and without hailing, or even
lookuuj up, passed on at the same
j pace.
Another hunter received a tloy
from the fore paw of one of these un-
itnals, which destroyed his eye and
chetk hone,
1 In proof of the rreat muscular povv-
' er with which the; animal is endowed,
a circumstance related to us by Mr.
at . !.s, and althougn they have been
'. rr;:l times prowling about us in the)
ii'gl.t, thry have; rot evinced any dis
position to attack us at that season.
I hey appear to be more teadily in
timidated by the voice, than by the ap
pearance of m:;-i.
f ON 111'.'. NKENNF.Sf.
No rcptiuiioii, no wisdom, nor hardly
" HUIllh s.tuic inau .,;ai,i-.
: drurikrnr.css.. '1 fiiv Jin is found in the
t cottrvjrc, and the p;Lce; in the Mudv cf
the philosopher, ;,riri in the .acred desk ;
he hill ttr e council, and on the It nclj
tf ;usticc: mid contrary to what wotl-J
rrni tl-.e dictates of nature, as well &
delicacy, in tl.r female sex ; even in ir.
stances, where distinction, understaiidin,
ainiblcnrss md refinement, would p-
rfsr ,a CTtn ,he upicion. Id
most, if not all f ihcie cases, the eil
i creeps insensibly rn theunhappy subject ;
und otercomes kim before he is avvare.
A p,;me 0,,;cc, t0 be here Tf,irM., ii
clcfore l9'kfff) .,. t!trr clKayi tfcrr
(o fee, .hai w-
' .
. cu,kf !m ,rc ,n J"ter 5 and to cons.df r
-bi'ual -i.d lively dreaJ of it as ur Lcs
vaf. tv. We ro to form !o, vigorous
; i,d vt 3t."nig re. solutions that we will not
be ovtrcoine- These we are invatiafe'17
,Tui ni in the fear f God ; with a solrrno
r,.(olC( tl0Mof hi prrvence ; with a hum-
ble dependence on 1 1 im to bless us ; and
int; to ii we se al our own reprobation.
j -j-y all tti cto.iltia motives can never
j w , Mu;lltui!cv cf the hinrst
import, and the most commanding
cv, have hern ulicady suggested in lha
progress of this discourse. I. very heart
which is not formed of adamant, must feel
its foirc. Nothing pleads for it except
the nine appetite of strong drirk ; an sp
petite, usii.d!v unns'.ural, and created ty indulgence. All things else in
heaven, and in eanh. exclaim against it
with a single soke. Our health. our rep
utation, eur safety, our reason, our useful-
our lives, our souls, our families aiiJ
st,.in ; Angels and gloiified Saints bchoii
our condui t with such unxicty and alarm
us h.'ppy btint'sc.n feel; and watch and
hope to sec our escape. The Law wi:.i
a tt Mi!!e voit c thui.dcrsv in our ears tha.
die m'hilt'fiiunciatiiii) " Diunkiuds shad
not in itiit Ir.r kingdom of Cod." Lvtn
he !1 i'seif, hostile a ii is to our salvation,
tollovvj the 1 est of the Universe; and in
spi'e ol its nialevolence, subjoins its
1. 1 ratllul admonition, by marshaling before
us the .niiuntciu'tde foil of wretches thii
sin crimen to iis mansions of despair
l,n, ihal tJocs r,ot already sleep tl
s( of 'tcatii, run teftise to hear, awaK
end ht.-Ltx.izht't TicJ

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