North Carolina Newspapers

    ' '-v
., i i.i.t ,; I ii.:1 i
W C ul C ill i ' li
and smai t.ii
ih1.' .!',
hii.i'lv.J, breath!.
''"' j
j. the
wind Ittin;; urul blow'-i;; ri!it
against us. A ttnij jrii'.Lii.,n, w ii
incjuti -msi v veiuiwcil a kv su ps far
ther, was drown upottjo luck, and 1
lu J ajiue apprehension, from the na
ture of the ground upon whith he fell,
was seriously hurt; lie escaped, how
ever, from the blast, upon hand and
prices, with a few slight bruises. Turn
ing the corner of toe rock (where do
Sccnding less precipitously, it is wood
ed to the bottom) to recover our breath,
and wring the water from oar hair anil
clothes, we saw on lilting o.jr tycs, a
corner ol the summit ol this graceful ;
division of the cataract hanging above
the projecting massuf trees, as it were
in mid air, like the s.iowy top ol a
mountain. Above, the d.tzz'ing unite
of the shivertd water was drown into
contrast with the Jeep blu? of toe un
spotted heavens ; below, with the liv
ing giecti of trie summer foliage, fresh
ai d sparkling in the eternal shower ol j
the nsinz at d falling spray. The
wind, which, for the space of an hour,
blew with 9. me fury, rushing down
W'th the river, flung showers t spray!
Jrom the crest ol tne tail. 1 tie sun
ra.s glancing on these b;g drops, and
sometimes on feathery streams thrown
fa vasticallv from the main hodvol the
water, transformed them into silvery
stars, or beams of 1 1 ht ; w hi le the
graceful rainbow, now arching over
Our heads, and now circling in the va
pour at our Let, siill Hew before us as
we moved. The greater division of
the cataract was here concealed from
Our sight by the dense volumes of va
por which the wind, drove with fury
across the immense basin directly to
wards us ; sometimes, indeed, a teer
ing gust parted for a moment the thick
clouds, and partially revealed the thic k
columns, that seemed more like fixed
p'.'arj of moving emrrald than living
sheets cf water. Here seating our
selves at the brink of this troubled
Ocan, beneath the giZ" of the sum
' hat a full advantage oi a vapour rung roar, tne darkness and the sti.rmv
b'.'T ; the fervid ravs drying our gar- whirlwind in wnich we stood, I could
XDr-nrs one moment, and a blast from! have I meed these masy vol tnes the
ihf. basin drenched them next. The j wall of s me fairv place living em
V ! t lengtn having v. mew hat aba-jeralds chased in stiver. Never sure-t-
. and the fcrrvman being willing to (Iy d.d nature throw togednr so fan
at' npt the pas-iage. we here crossed ; t.isihrdiv so much beauty with .sui h
in a bftlc boat to the Canada side. The, terrific grandeur. Nor let me pass
Dt i vousarm of a single rower stemmed ( without '.otu-e the lovclv rainbow that
this heavy current, jut brlow the basin a', tl.-.s irmment hung over the oppo
Cf the falls, and ret in the whnl ncc 5 ng div m hi of the cataract as parted
sioi.-d bv them ; the stormy northwest by the, g the wh' k
cl dug the waters yet more. Mind- breadth in itssp.m. Midway of this sil
ed a ve were by the columns l n- vrr, screen f sliivered water, stretch-p-r
winch were driven i:p-n us, t e 1 a belt of blaz ng gold and
1'. ' te panoramic view - I the c.tia- crimson, into w hu h the rainb vv drop
rac , which, in cahntr hours, or with pul ii4 bin s, and ecimd t" have
winds, msv be seen in this pas- td its art li. Dirfert-nt from all oiler
sa,-. Ihc angrv Waters, and the an- ientsol nature that has come under
r ainds together, drove us larther my observation, the cataract f N. aga
d" n tlcchatmel than W4S rpiir agree- raissun inmost advanage tuuh r a
a!;i., scer.g th't a few rods mine, and powtrhd and exposing sun : the hues
our h Hop rnu.-t hive been whirled assumed bv the vapor ire then bv far
in t kers, Irom which ten such the most varied and brillant ; and cl the
arms a "0e cl its skilful londucior beautv f thtse hues I can give von ro
could tu t have rcd cmnl it. , idea. The gloom of the cavtrn (lor I
Ikir.g I tided two-thii ds cf a iru!e!sp.,ik always as if under the Table
! 1-w the C4t.-r.ict, scramble, at f:rvt H k) netds no assistance from the
verv it tr cate, thr ugh, and over, and (;a J; ut 1 vci ing ; and t!ie terri!)h gr:m
tjrdrr masse, of rotk which t.c- deur f I trie whule is not lelt the less
casion. l!y sr med to d' i,v all passage, r being distinctly seen. We now
a-i-J ..rrorg whi b nur guide 1 ften Uis- .scciuhd the precipice oil the Catudi
u; ;je r d from cur wandering ey r, sid.-, and h .v ing takrn a I ng gaze from
p1 ird us at the fuot of the ladder l y the Table IvVik, sought drv tlothcsat d
wniih thr traveller decends cn the relrrsiunet t at a ncighborit g ir.n.
C.n.da side. Vr m htnre a rt ugh Wc I: ve agiin visited ti. is wonder
v k a! )rg a hlviig ledge of l-osc of nature in our return from lake I'.ric ;
stones broc ght us to thr i.ivern lorm-, and have no ga.-d upon it in all bphts,
ed t. th- y roject'.on ff the ledge tjvei .nul at all h"nr. under the ri'ing,
svni the water roils, pml whith is meridian, und setting sun, and under
In n by the nnme of th.e Table Hoi k. the pale moon, when
Th-- gloom d this vast c.vtrn, the .. lMmg tn lirr Hi n,m ..
vl'tldwmd that ever plas ii, it, the , ... ., .. ., . .
, . 1 t . Treeuceol the table K 1 k is not
cl frr .n?, the vast ribvss of con- , , ., . ,
... . .Li 11 1 . j nro.icht d v itlv ut tern ; at the latter
v.: srt! w. ters beneath 011, the fall, 12 i ' 1 .... ...
, u . v. '..ii n'lour. I he laitv hut sare now all t. e :
.. . .
sfur, not up' n tne rars anci ev t b t ,
lv upi n the heart. For the first few
tnt)nu nts, the subume is wrought to tin
titni lr. This position inrfispi t -bh
tl r f.nest, is no h nger one i I saftty.
A :.rt of the l a'de H'.i k fell last year,
ant! in that still ren uii;ii , the t e tra
.t n alarming fissure, Irom the very
i li mit of the pnjecting le(!i;e ovct
r Pu h th w att r rolls j so that the ceil
itp f thi c'atk cavtrn seems rent
from the pretip'ue, ard whatever le its
h' M, it i v idi nih fast iehling to the
w ater. You tannt 1 1 t,k i p t the ere
She, mil down tpon the enormous
rr -ss which latelv bjl, with a hock
rr t.kt n b the hi ighbotii g inhabi.
ta is for that i f an eartl qiiikr, wiih
Oi.! ' ' it k in? i t the drtatllul Pi sibili.
ry which nni crush )ou beneath ru-i
t-rt..rnuu. than those
which In; at voitr feet.
Fli : civtra formed by ihc projection
( j i' this ruck, exit-nil some feet behind
id j v.Mtcr, ;ind, could you breathe, to
sun J behind the edge of the thect were
pcrfectiv r.tsy. I have seen those who
have i ,1.1 mo they have clime so; for
myself warn 1 descended within a few
pices of this dark recess, 1 was obli
ged to hurry back some yards to draw
breath. Mine to be sure are not the
best of lungs, but theirs mint be Utile
short of miraculous, that can plav in
the wind and foam that push front the
hidden depths of this watt ry cave. It
is probable, however, that the late Irac
ture of the nek has considerably nar
rowed this recess; and thus increased
the force of the blast that mceti the
f rom this spot, (beneath the Table
Hock,) you ee, in ire than from auy
other, the h .ght of the cataract, and
the weight of its waters. It seems a
tumbling ocean ; and you yourself what
a helpless atom amid these vast and
eternal workings of gigantic nature!
The wmd was now abated, and what
was better, we wire now under the lee,
a- d could admire its sport with the va
'nor, instead of bcinr blinded bv it
Irom the enormou3 basin into which
the waters preiipitate themselves in a
clear leap of 140 feet, the clouds f
strike ros.' in white volumes, like the
roundhe ided clouds you have some
times seen in the evening horizon of a
summer sky, and then shot up in poin
ted pinnacles, like the mountain gla
ciers. Caiignt by the wind, it was
now borne down the channel, then, re
collecting its strength, the tremulous
vapor again sought the upper air, till,
broken and dispersed in the blue se
rene, it spread against it the onlv sil
very veil which spotted the pure azure.
In the centre ol the (all, where the wa
ter is the heaviest, it takes the leap in
an unbroken massed the deepest green,
and in many places reaches the but
torn in columns ol the same
hue, till they meet the snow white foam
that heaves and roils convtilsedly in
the enormous basin. Hut for the draf-
n Si i nt.rr. ir.drrd 'he rami
pt.r, :r.arru, the rynOuw. w
the ghost of what it was, nv pans a
datk impervious abyss. The ravs til
the sweet planet but lethlv pierce tie
c! id dense vapor that tl. gs ti e at-mo-hcre;
they t idy kiss, and c Jo'lij
ki-"s, the waters at the hi ink, and faint
iv show the upper half ol the k h im s,
now black as tboiy, jhiriMng irt,
rstom-tnssrd sea td rruiky th '
whose depth and btmndaties are alike
unern. It is thr storm of the de
ments in (haos. The siivring nor
tal stands t n the brink, like the Mar lit ti
" On the h:re nii'sidc nf Mm worl.I,
" t'iietraiii v!, in ocean or in air."
" buja e otnpajjna
" I ri mo ti t'nrie. elie ilelln j:,c t ill o
"Iu.tri'.e di iudure ajicyr im bna."
ii't I'lCi'-i
I.A I f.Sl' I'KOM KL'ltOI'K.
boston, ma tic li 31 Arrived at this
port yesterday, hiig Jew, Capt. Doaiie,
from (.ibraltar, whence hasailed on the
SCd February. Capt. I), states verbally,
tha' his merchant informed him previous
to sailing, that the last mail bi ought in
telligence that war had actually taktn
place between France and Spjin.
By tiie above uriival, (.i'jiailar papers
to 19th February have been received, from
which wc make th$ following summary
extracts :
The C'oites have vited to raiie 30.000
addhioiul men, increasing the army to
2i S7'J men, with stin t instructions to
tlic Provisional Deputjiions to see tliern
raised and fitted for service within a
month's lime. Ouvernnieiit is also an
tlioiized to enlist tijtivts as wed as for
eigners, and to introduce inio the rmnnry
everv speeiesof warlike mores, aims & . ;
and, also, to build, purchase, or embargo,
as much cr.ift as rnav be rccpiired to fit
out 150 cum vessels, for the protection of
the Spanish coast, to be manned by 3300
ticneral Mina is confirmed in the com
mand of the urmv ii, ( atalonii. (.enrr
al B.dlcsteros is it (pointed to tfie armies
of Arragon and N'uvirre.
An arinv of if serre is to be assembled
near Madrid, to he comni Jinld by ( our,;
Abi-.bal, ho, wiili 'he befoie named, is
to he Commandants General in eucli di,
triet. Six persons imprisoned at Grenada as
conspirator, aains' the constitutional sy ,
tent, had teen massacred bv a mob in their
1 hanks were voted u(jen. Mina and
his me fortes, frr having ob
tdne l co!)m nd of t tie forts of Urel,
whuli we Mjrrcndncd on the -J Feb.
st.w tour nrhlL 3 Laily tliijiuorn
fs i' ' iti'i' tuned that there was a
Ship tt ioo, from London, and the uunosi
anxiety t mar.ifrs'tt! dining the whole
innrning, Is business men and others, to
learn the ies. I he Ship was ettiri.;j
up in sc isn, vc have delayed our pu'di-1
cation t:tii f!t 4 o', and have now j
the suti-f iition of annouiK in ttie ai rival1
of the l.onlon fielift Ship lluiisr.n. ( jp(.
( liamplin. in ZO days from the I ,lc ofi
Wight, oiihiriritf '.he F.dimtstd the Com-'
merrial Ajvrr'.iser copious bits of the
London and pr vim id papers, down to the
J7di Februirv, inclusive. (
In the silting ol the S)jnish Cnrtc of
the I5'h, it was resolved ;kat thr A'.iy
nh'Mni 'pair iq C,rui'hi, and on (ic It :h,
his Majesty, with the royal family, Was to
set out lor that phrc j
The I'onuuuese Minister has rcrehrJ
orders to tpiit I'aiis. on the Ficnch enter-1
in(r Sp.un If o, the I'oUugucsc will;
nuke common cause. i
Cc'it. lirri', . i xrdl'vtn The follow.
in p.iragr tph. if true, is more tai.t
than itiv o 'tier itt in Ins met oj, v icw : '
" In lot ni.ei'm las nti lud ihe Admii.iltv j
from Itsia. slating tint urn iiavh'a'ors
h id a ro-iipli ,hed ttie objett of tin ir vny-i
,r;r. the ships having tn en spoken oir ry
Cup', by srveial vesstls btionning lo
K .mp's'hatWa ll this he rorrrct, the
i;rr . eor,'rapi irj pi oh, em is soUe.!. .u.u
prohrthlv our l)olrl navi-ttors aic now cn
ilrir way home, bv wav of the I'oitic
o'ean " I tds we corn fuon the iijih
ampton 1'hitmii.le of the 27th, the Lti!
ftitr rrcivtj.
' he Mncltan of Pij.ideaiit have peii
iioiiei! the xvernmcnt in faioi of the i on-; cf iirarc ; ami, .t( oi ;iui; to pi i -
v.'f letters from Havre, tlie oissvisUc
tion ut Marseilles neatlv ..r.icuit;, t. uie-'
voit. i
1st t of wir.HT- rrB 27. The Fiehth !
paorisol I hu. s n mIh! 1 iia iy,wi:h some
p:iatc letters of the Same cii't-s. have ar
rived. In the latst r it is sta't d (hat (.e
French airiy will enter Spin c:i or be
fore the 15th of March JO.O o tnen bv '
Havonne, and 25.00 1 by way of I i-ueis j
One or two ( oluinns of lilit tiops, up- j
ported bv " 1 lie faithful." will advance
on L'riteboron .Mufpiinena. It was be-,
lieved tint ihe Spanish iei;iilrir troops
would all retreat behind ihc Fbro, with:
the exception of those in i;di iicn ai Dar-;
celonu, l.tti la and I' unpelima. j
'Ihc papers tont.-in lurilier accounts
cf skimiisfirs between the tontetu inK lac-1
tioo.s in Sjijin. but tl-ey are not woithj
mentic)iiiiiK' in ilctail. lmiccd. if the b.dl ,
;l...t b: en !! were Hue. there would j
be no more Spaniards to tiouide the French,
"r earli other.
i nvftuv. rpn. '20 Ve have tinwliinir
hefote us letters and iotn Hals to the 7th j
instant, inclusive, from M diid, received I
by espiess. I heir contents are mostim-j
port oit. 'i hr -ri echof the Hint; ol France I
it at bed the Spanish Ministry on the 5th
inst. 'I hey immediately came down to
he Coi'cs, then sitting, witn a proposi
tion ior fAucn t; ihc urmu cn (hr Ju'A t:'ur r.
ta!-i'i-,'.irititf aiul the nation in a iitafe tVr
, ; i r hy l-i'ifl v.t,'l na. I hi y consider the
spet t h as cvi t y other iiulrpendent nation
would, if tipplicd to them, a ticclaration of
war! The debate in the Cortes on the
6th, which followed this proposition, was
tiimated by the same enthusiasm whhh
n atkrdthe celebrated discussion cn the
Nth Jaiiiuu y, cn the notes of the All'ed,
I'ovcrs- Wc ihall give enc specimen of I
the spirit thai pervaded that av-;cmh1y. (t
is from the speech of Canga Arguelles,
and is tut answer tu that passage in the
King's speech, of France, which contains
the memorable invocation to the God of
St. I.ouis.
"Let us," said the orator, " reply to
the pi oud power that tin eauns us with an
army protected by the (.od of Saint Lou
is. We will invoke the aid of that God
who protected the Spaniard, in Homes
v.dles; to their appeal to the God of St.
I.ouis, willw; answer by calliiv; on the
God which gave us victory in the battle of
St. Quintin j and if the beloved son c I the
Kiru of France comes hither at the h?ad
of the 1'rei ch troops, we will :;bow lum
the tower in which Francis the I iist wa1;
detained a nriioncr. Finally, we will t,ay,
not to the French riat'o'i, but tri its gov
enmieiit, under the influetxe of the bigo
ted faction, that Sjiaiiiardi, who will nut
he slaves, shall invoke the God cf justice,
and trust in him for Ihc victory." The
other spcci hes rnaniiest the greatest con
fidence in the national resources, and the
utmost enthusiasm to vtpport the national
honor. May this spectacle of a united
nation have its t fleet on the French coun
fils, or a war is about to commence, of
which it has been will cbseivetl, that we
may bear the f.rst cannon, but the child
unbotn will not hear the lust
I'.ni; li flimun.
The following exhibits a significant cx
presssion of the F.nglish feeling with ic
gard to the war between France and Spain.
" 1 he Duke of San Lorenzo. Spanish
Ambassador to I'aiis, ;Ti i'T d at Dover in
the p,i( ket Dasher, on die Kj'.Ii Feb
ruary. On tils landing, hi wai greeted
wi'.h thiitc thite cheers. On his ap
proaching ihc capital, bi buses were ta
ken from his carriage, and he was drawn
to the house of the Spanish l'.n:'aasy in
IV-l.nd I'lacc."
French Chimber if I),.ut:e, F,b. 24.
I lie order of the tl.iv. brciiun ihc bill I
for laising ihc sum of Ijj' Qj. ' O, fur
the extraordinai y txpcioe ol 18. J, was
called up. M. liovrr I ollard opposed the
law, and spoke !nid!v against iiiikin wai
upon Spain. lie insisted tn-t the w.u
was not coiictivt d hy the kin;; n.r pc-ojile
of France, and that the jititniples tpon
w hie li it w as nndei taken, iiittiati u 1 i ante
as will as Spain. A motion to ha'.c this
speech printed, was negatived.
Mr. Delesscrt detii'jed the war as un
just, ioipolidc, dangerous and itrermina
ble. He asserted that t!ie UitgoandQui
toira. and ail the factious, who have ait.u k
td ihe i-overnmcnt cf the Kin; of Siiain.
K . . a. ..1..I.I InttM.,!!!l.lirrilfhl,.rf,J
na.e . iii;ii - - ....
1 fx ir fanv. For his own pa't, be would
r!her nuke wai upon ihc Hhine arainst
50 (Ji.Hl Anslrians. Itussialis, alld I'm, n man h to m-kc wjrupon'M o' O
Desc.t misados.
Gen. Fov atthutcd the vrar to a con
cealed 1'iwer who would ( oiiimeui t
though Spain, a war against oui ins'itu
1 I'tie poarr dtas l wheit
sh.e ',es nr.! wish ;o ro. nd so tires out
the Minister that thev wilhcndcr w ar in
evita'. le.
M. de Yi'.lele. th.e Mr iter of Finance,
defended the nert ssitv of the m:' sidles
ih a such was the si'.ua'ion (( Sji.iui. ilut
France could not wiM"ut uis'.riate avoil
ti,!!,;; to war he -poki of mist ept escii
i at ions and of ( pposi'ion tveu l.i the
French I libune. II s. id, " the u stioii
confines itself to this c an vou ioinc sta'e
of Urn.entation in wLhh Sp in is. wit:i
thaw the rmv jou have ipen ti I'vif
i.ees, for it is i ii this tend ion vo i wii,
h.,ve peace. In fine, ted it ti tle t-e
jpv other I JI'. th-l r;.r. te at'oou d for tiie
satttv tf France, and the h'-nor or tne
fiowr,, than th-t which the king ha ad
iptcd:" Ii is said a let'er has readied town
which StatCS. that t,ne Of I'j Jl,apl!c's CiJ-
tingnished Gttictals. (.(..--':..: w . at
Barcelona, occupied in laisiio; a ccitpsc cl
10.000 men, ion, post d of 1 renrhmen ('.is
afiectedto the ) esent Government, who
were to be tailed In Cheiahm de It Lib
rrrr;andiu esse of War breaking out he
'wteti Spain and Frame, were to march
into the Ivter country under ihe ui-colo-n
d liaunt r. with the obicct id i xcnng all
insui rccticn, diiviog out ihe IloinOoiis,
and seating ihe young Napoleon on the
ibroiie of Lit father X. Y. Mr. Jdv.
The F.ditorof the Uahimore Wecklv
4 r gister' has letters from hi IrieiidCol.
Todd, dated Hag.i, Utb January
1 lie Congress had not yet formed Rio
rum, chicflv because the tnembeis liom
Caraccas and (uito had not anived- Fa
vorable account had, however, been re
ceived of the general state of the repub
lic, and it was undi rstood that the people
of (Viiii were about to supersede their
military government ly a rcinHtuttuixl
(, nc that the Cr!tre. tf J'rru was ex
pected to K've "be people a republican
form of government I he accounts td
the coronation ol llurbidc had not been
well received at Hagota.
I Ids city contains 30.000 inhabitants,
with the climate of our October and the
verdure of July ; the tempciature varying
not mote than 5 degress throughout the
year. The site is beautiful at the fuot
of the mountains. Within six leagin s.
there is a cascade six hundred niidffty
feet high. Salt is taken out of the moun
tains, 8 leagues riistunt 1 fine and beauti
ful for table use' realizing Mr. Jeffer
son's idea of salt mountains, which was so
much ridiculed a few years ago.
Col. Todd adds " In the vicinity ol
the salt works is a lake, where, from the,
first conquest, it has been u religious cus
tom to deposhe articles of gold and mI
vcr. There is a company now engaged
in e.sanunitnr. il. Among other articles,
tlieie was loun.l a latge piece of gold,
modelled into the shape of u monkey,
whnh the owner roposes to present to
the President of the dined States. There
i; also in tlu vicinity, a natural blidge, ex
ceeding in grandeur the celebrated bridge
near Lexington, Virginia ; and, while wc
are in the climate arid pioductions of our
October, there is a valley just below n.
which gives us daily all the fruits of the
From the J'hilailrlihia C'uzcHc.
Capt I law ley of the si homier Fame,at
rived ot ibis port, Mates that according to
the last reports received at Alvarado from
the interior ptoiincc, Puehla, Oxaivia and
V'eia Cruz have al declared in favour i t
the liberal sv stem of government, and tha'.
the c. plain General Lchevcrea w as at Ihc
city ( f I'tu bla, at the head of 6000 men,
and would march immediately for the city
of Mexico. The emperor was then in
the ri'y of Mex'u o, and was said to be fui -lifting
it; icports say that be also had
5000 men.
'A.W,-,',.,.!, .V.iii.7. 20.
We learn, by advices Irom Mexico, tha.
the an aiigcineht which has t-ken place
between huibide and the Congiess, isnoi
as IjVliiJiIc to the cause of the mushiooiu
cnipeior, a was anticipated. He ietaii...
the name and the insignia of royalty ; but
tveiy tiling real and substantial, respeii
ing the joveiiunciit, is ti aiidci red. as it
should be, to the Congress. We have con
vened with a gentleman lately fioin Mex
ii o. v, lio ha liail all oppo: tunit V of becom
ing aUjU.iimtd w r b ihe feelings ol peo
ple, ami lie is bt opinion, that this up; i
iciit calm is bui the iuieumner ol a tem
po!, wiiiLii aill sweep the ephemeral
l.mpcior lu oulniou.
Tlie biig Alonzo, C jpu'm Gold, aniv
ed at baliimoie on Sunday, Cth inst. iu
ten Oaystiruii Havana 1 iv c Ca) s pilot
to her sailing, the Uig Alert, laic blunt,
.Hi'iit-it t' 'e -Oi leans. ' l,e ti,
previous to her arrival otf the M ho, sl.c
was boarded by the piratical boat; lh.
captain and cook were killed, and one man
nioitally No Ameiican vessel
ol war being in port at the time, mt- 'icl
as-islaixe was iminediatelv rendered by
tlie lliiush Irigatc llypciioti, I.illicre;
L-'j comrniiidcr.
Vessels were daily aniving at tiir Ih
vana lud be en plundered off in,
coast by the Piiates. some of which h.ii
been cntiitly unloaded, and their cargot",
publicly t'llelfd for Sale ill MatallZas
1 he pirates continue to inlcst the coa-'
uioic iiumeioiisly than ever.
lie X.tiitsU M. ria:h;l of the 25th c'
lic li i ont.iiiis .ill account of the proi ec
di.igs ,f a iik e'ing held at a'
!.icb ttie ( apt iiii-gencral presided- A'l
dresses to the King and fortes of Sp.,i.,
ctc adopu'J. in which the meeting for
diallv approve c l the stand takiti bv the
Sp.,tish gmei ntiit til against ihe conu ni
plated it.teilereiK t of the Allied Power
in Ihe intcinal concerns of Spain.
M'.vV Sdl 11U:HN tiT.Mf..
Vn I ...J'.-i- .1, ,1,-r. 1 7, I'T'.
Wc i c a i ved this mo! uin hv the vum
boat t'onneitivUt the Providence 1'-.'. iot
ol yesterday, Lv which we find that t ,c
p-oumeol St. Sialvador. con posing nist
ol ihc old kingdom of Guatim.da, havun
been yisappuii.ud in an otTet nude to too
Mexican empire of becoming incorpota
led wi.h it on certain conditions, has ce
i ided lo mAc the offer of an w::.n re :'.
the I'.'iiir I Sutrt on ihe principles of oir
coDktitution, on ci ndition ot being adinit
ted on an e(pial footing with the other
states, and the Congress ol the ptovincc
in their last session declare that thry
drf.nd it ii thr r.awj :ur guvrrnwt ',!
i;7;t c A Ih u cv'Mncr tl.eirnh cn an :;'!
dace. W e have no lime ! speculate eti
tiiis proccedi i or its coiiseipiunccs. 1 he
Pall "lot says,
hf province of St. Salvador de Gua-tutu-la
extends from the Gulf of Mcxn i
to the Pacific ocean, and is situated be
tween Mexico proper and the Republic n:
Colombia. It contains aLuut I7t,00o in
habitants, including one or two
atile cities; and produces in great abnn
dance, Indian com, cattle, cocoa. cochineal,
cotton, and the best indigo in the woild "
ruhidelphia, March 27.
The report that liaptist Irvine, and the
otbei s who were engaged in the Porto Kk
t .peditio;i, had been sentenced to thi.ty
years imprisonment, proves to be u'-i'
founded. When Captain Scars, of the
Morgiaiia, arrived at this pott, left Cu;
racoa, their trial had not concluded. 1'
was supposed that no very severe puiuh
inent would be inlhctcd on them-

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