North Carolina Newspapers

    I !, t!.c pre' ;i i it ol ev
er ''!! ''' :v.i !n i . ion',!; ik''s. il v."4i .;', real
;:t,f.f C: .'ofti.n'ol l!. Jjy,
fh.n i; 1 ! i i! .; sa.-jj'-eiicnd ri''
l'i..u ; ! c ,v..s o';ti-.! fir' .'i. i",ioi',
and vr, uu.r i '"' '' "'"
in mi. I ; w.. to ny '.:v: J.
c ..'-
uiiiioh ami tC t under ti.i ii I'n.tiiil ; -:il
seat, on emerge inks, to act tit
der. And he i appniiiit'd iu that sta
tion for the follow in-: r.-tv.i.s:
1st. lie was a stranger, who had come
from a different slate to ansi-t N'-rh far.
t.lina, together will) their neighbours of
$tith Carolina, to ditvo the enemy from
Jier borders ;
2d. He had the greatest number of
troops under hit command of any cru: of
ficer ;
3d. He was cither anions the most ju
idor ofliters of that rank, or the very
youngest in commission, aiwl his appoint-tn-nt.
therefore. couUl considered in
insult to no particular otluer, more than
to all ; and
4th He was esteetnrd an officer of nc
tivity. etiterprizi", and twri' ; an I the fore
going reasons for his appointment could
be urged in his fivor without ohji c turn on
that score, or the disgust of the Coop,.
But at the same ti ne it it proper 'o .
state, that the suprn-fity of Co!. ': ."ip
bell to hit brother oftV . s "t opi 1 r de.
in merit, o:- ju lifica'ion of am kind fir
the omirund, w as neither atsi. 'K d or ad
mi' ted us a renonof hit iipp iinMocnt ;
jnd even the possiljilitv of Hi- ,sntmp.
ti-.n of such h thiti4 a' a Miseipient pi ' i
od. nut t all tnou'ht ot it ih- time.
11 owed hit appni'i'incnt to im.tivi of
couitcsv, and of pnli v. as .ihove tr I.
In the ll4ti!e of Kiiiij's v,otin'airi. it ha-
li been understooii hce that IV!. ' ' imp.
fc'- I disgraced liinit if, as stated t v (ioy.
S i :bv. he lepo.iaU lyshai'ii en.
Col. ClevtUnd fuimht w'nti a fier c and
fc.'le.s valor; Col. shfhv Col- Sea
Tin, with their iinul anim t inn . courage
m i m-ci ; Col Lu,and hit set nd in
Vimm.nd, Col. Hid. wiiii levilution t d
br..vt-ryi Col- Camphfll whh imrcpiditv
and skill; tul ( l II iniiiht w..s in the
heat of the battle, and had tnoie mi ti kill
ed in proportion to the iiurnber uinlir his
command. than anyotlu rtlTp-rr. Iw fine, ;
it ouU sectii that ncirlv Jill, both i Ma ers j
n 1 men, eicrted thrmelvts wi.n so
mm h valor nd sucre'-s, that at the dote
of ''ie attioo. and ever after, e ch one as
Cii'ied the victors to ois own biavci y.
Cases of wavciin or ilerelit'.iwti weie
lew. AmotiR these, I have heard ih.t
Coi. Hid stated that Col Wihijmt it tiutl
and kepi himself out of the tn(;a-.en ent
i i' he found that the bj'.tlt wa, tir lv
ui oy M friends ; that he then came hr
svrd with loud exultations and bo .tip
nd was shot by Col. Lacy. This ri-
cumstancc was knon to few. As tin
f ' ifi had not ceased between the conten
ding armies, it was Kcne ralW believed that
Col Williams w as wounded b the enemy
C'ol. Wil.i.ims. Col Lacv, and Lt. Col
Hi':, were Tom South-Carulina. The
had under their command, in all, perhaps
bi wern two and three hundred nun.
when they joined the advaniiiii; army;
but pethaps no' quite so many.
Il it to Uc teuret'ed, that one of the
fiietulsof Col- Campbell should have al
lo ed himself, during the unfortunate .1
tension wi'.h (lov. Shelby, to int vs- in
inr( lives against the troops of North
Carolina ; and with all the delight ol tti
umnh. to hold uu to derision the reci etnt
coot uc! of S'-tnc of our Militia t the b.i'-
tk of (itiilf'.id. Uet rimiiiatio. s vottld
b' easy
Hat to reproach and insult a
1. .'riour i': ' S.te with V r. '.oduf 1
te with t' e '.t.(!u t
of a few ill cm ip'.inrd men, is as il ilu r .l j
a.,,! 1 ninvt. a it U is litatitiL' and useless.
1 .... ..i.l ,1... I .! f 11 I,',,,.. !
A dill l'V,:u- vvil tin. v... ....... 1
se',1 wiiulu lit t with su h freliisvts hive
luei.'iotied the tfoor-s of North l arolin 1.
Mtn. i:i cci'junc'ioti with whom l e h..d
ir.atchtd against the enemv ol our rom
moticounti y ; who ha:i exert i-ctl the cour.
lesv of appointing him. a junior ofli' er,
to the principal and active command, iu
pu ft mice tj oflicctsof their ow n State
ot equal niciit, at least, lonerexpcrirnce
ami greater strviies; by whoc sides he
fought in a well contested ind bloody bat
tle, and who hid never been too spaiin
in their pr.,ise of his conduct ; would
so ely have received different iccom
j at hit hands, had he lived. Not in
sin h manner, unless I am misuken in his
t!v .'rr. would he hate uqni'ed those
wlo haj plated him in a situa'i'n which
enabled hnn to render good mvice to his
couniiy, and jailer lauiels lor himself;
ami whose bravcy and blood, nobly exer
ted and litclv shed, acquired for him
the n.oa splendid achievem.pi of his
lifr mociAS.
j-ko.- i Cctt-i.', Jt-,n!9i,, XS2X
inn thi. miOM r iHnLltu.t
M i:n.HX VOl.lH.H.
Mtssits I-.nnons: 1 was almost sure
that some of your correspondents ot,hl,
I e fore tl is tinie, have favored us ui h an
a "er to ti e (pierv of " .,o; :..,." I he
jn it ki d the sentin t nt ol his puce I do
hi . 1 . 1 v a( pi ove. f.r this Lin reason, he
i 'f irs t,f my plan i t uhtainiin; lunus
f. 1 W t stern (. ollrt.
II sipirv is"sluuhi not the Prev-iiKin
' i ei i.v.J call inteMHi ol toe I rus-C-
. 1 :-.( Il as possible '." 1 al.svcr 111
;!.-; .n'.-.iti'.'.:. At :!i 1 1'. uc there me four i
ma. i. mi me Mi'ijt-ii t'l the college :
'1 in: h r & t ii'il most general opinion is,
tii..t the College is .on; the second m,
that a change in loea'icti would ensure suc
cess , the mil J it, that the I tustees tuylu
to appropriate the subscriptions, itinl torn
i c I lit- bondings ; the loiirih is, tiiat
tiir. t ull;-i: it not titad, and that a change
of location cotil.l not, at pic.ient, answer
any valuable pui pose.
1'ioni thii new of the opinions of the
more enlightened citizens of die nest, i;
appeal s io in c that a meeting of the hoard,
at uu Utue, wouid trcate intieh inipiopcr
lecling- and give a final death stioke to
the College- Some ineinbcis woulomovt:
a change in Kit location ; ;o picvcnl tlii,
others would urge, and endc.voi lo prove
thai all ..I'lilnMl itiou ot the substitution.
and com. m he t. Hi' lit ol tlx: buildings,
would give new ulc to the business. 1'
any ot these should sm cced, wlial would
be gained: In my Jidg tnenti nothing at
all- l.vti y county cnnol have a college,
.t . . . .i r i ii
"ot net one ; aim our itinus wouiu
he so c ivuied. that we iwiuld 'oon see that
we mu-.t jjivc up the Wtsttrn College.
Out strength lies in our unanimity . It
upiie irs tome, thtrtlme, thai the inter.
st ot ihe (.ollege requires a postpone
rnuit ol a mtetitit ol the 1 tu-..rts, until
wise nu n have time to consioei whether
it wouid nut contribute to the public ood
to enileunir to enlist the whole energies
ami 1 1 jourccs ol the west, in endowing
and establishing a OjUrgr, latner than to
attempt to lotce into exia'.eiut a little
somt-thin.clui tei ed for a college bun
would do but little ood. It wouid be ult
My answer to the pjtry ot Ann us is,
there-lure, that it ouid be inuvh oetter,
alul llltii h mnri- f i1cmn..i.1 . lui li.u i in...
tees neve, to meet a,;.,in, and .el the coi
1,,-e ll, a . lor tli. ... .r.
- o '
meet toel' er, iinl, in soieiiiii ce.ibeia
Hun, to tucrtr its o'e'atli.
AI.(1 IS
."". i hose who luxe cxiuescij in ir
fears on ti.e sii'.j' tt. ni.iv he j,miui uut
' .llUIk" hat ii. .d II ) liatlll III w i lllhu, ..Ii)
Clt fllr llll- Ollllt Ik II.. .I..I I.. r. . .
' v ' I." ! si.iions nu he comd loin, a new eo-
l aroliniah on '.iic sub'K i ot im ti'iim ,. i
., , ' i viii.ii.tiii o mis ii, ey assented, kiiu it
Ud Ut "Jl t,ts ,L.UI1.f K u,
ro thi. v in i rimiLiMts. k.l.t.L I .A.V.
ltssKs . m roi
I's. A ti.c lor
which Air. Muiiioc tvat (iiost n l'rtsuleiii
is ui awiii; ;,, a 1 .')-e. ii is t rrtliil jno-
per thai 1-. , ei pu s.iuti.i; Lein 10 t.
sioer ii
his s-. ' 1
lie. -s. ;
a !it p.iSoii to ciiu us
lis Lctoiius tiie r..'jicl'1'e bum ot Sal. Loieiio.
-.r.r.e ulc so iii.ny (.oci-j 1 nt e-;oitM.oii ol munitions of war
.0 t.'.at post, ibcu 'In pain i.u her ot pcnoeiicits. is pei iiiit-
it 1
t t
It al .
: ii. 1
about iUil a UU-
! ate on-
I "( of ,
1 1
ci.cie 01 1.1
11. ed t.icni. 1
soinethi: I r.i rnoi ;
li. si iipi al ! li 11. t : . ..I '
the loi ( 1 ol i.'t taie; . . 1 .
once ..I '! .! 1 LaU of the l( i 1.
I leinemt'r his toll it t ( r
w a1 , and al e. its isi-. r ft:
atid v 1 . t tu. n ol 1 .
ai ion e the .it ho. n s ni . .1 ;
he has titi 11 Scirctarv o! W ,r :
t)l lr '' 't , . I also nil, en
1 1
1 lie Km pie I t 1 1 ft TV
Cut lions o! 1 is ii, n t ehite . u:
rc he
mis been set ut -ir ul
St.'-'.e. alt l.-e sh in
: him t he 1 be
tne atcomr iishe.l
,n iii'-v-
d tlctits. .-!,!
statcsmui. I ran. the retire
eat;iy rr ;
why i
it th..t Mr. CaJi-.un ami '.'.r.
ne si) iii,K-b talked cf as fit perons (
f r (be next 1'iesident. Hut. fur lhr- 1 1 f
ol me, I am at a loss to find out the
grounds of Mr. t'rav.rj't pi eteiisions to
that hih station. I hve now been a t on
y.ant tender of newspapers for nearly
twemv years, an I have jet to Ic.irn
this Mr. Crawfurd has done to rhc him
pthe 'east claims to tlic Pnsideticv.
None other than men of the profound
est talents, and 1 lie most tnsuilied iotc
rity. men that have ieu proofs ol those
tjualificauons, by ucti and dm.', not vcrd,
should ever be exalted to the first sta
tion in this rtat republic ! I have nrvei
yet heard of l"r- C raw fold's doiisi; any
ihin in this way. Hut pet haps his
achievements were ail perlormcd iietore
my remembrance II so, I should be ilai!
to be told of them ; and I do tunv inost
repe rifullv oli it tome of his hi' iiHs and
.ylvoc ates. to ans w er this q lery It jii r Im ' t )n the follouirii; o,y he depaited for Jal
pfr. Crav.j.rd ever d'inr ti rruile hnn 1 v br .'pa. On bisaiilvul there, a correspon-f-w.:-
I'rtn,dent'Jthre I'httvd Stutr, ? Lei,dcnre con mem eo between him and the
I. he answer ontain no tmptv -ssi i tioos ; tninister of r, which resulted in hollo
Vet it state simple fact, the vu-n, the u. ol iniport.,nce. On the 1 7th, a j;reat
nd the h,i in pl.'m worts, und
in it w. a
fit H KK r Alt M F n .
i'il Qlh. 132.1.
JKITK l I. IV 'F : lt.N-!.A Io.
An iiiiiot tutiaie mistake o tiiirtd some
time a in t: aiisiatii the Si lipuit t s i"-1 passed on his way to the Palace. On ar- j republic in the same peiiod, to I 74ft. 107
to one ol the I dt'ern Uniruat;es. T' jw.'x , 'ivini; at the p..l.ite, he with St Anna, pic- j dollars, exhibiting a balance contideraLly
as imtiri stood in the sense -J ''& tr Mlstntert the balronies with.inoui favor f a trade w hit h. it is argued.
tt'iJt ''ir jtiicr. and the M-iiteut e j'"-'$'
i, us! u- ti- jutted, was translated J n ,t
justice liust justice le dn unto y.u.
London uitr.
The ship Columbia, arrived at New
Votk, has brought accounts from Liver
pool of the 5th, and from London ol the
4th Murth, 5 days la er than the advices
in our Ust week's paper
War had not yet commenced between
l uiice and Spain. In a lale debate in the
House of t onitnotis, Mr. Cunning said,
" ihe li jiri oj in nerving mice bi tivini
iliikt fi'j-tvert Mitre tttatci iullij dimiiihtd,
It is said that 1' t uiiee has informed the
lititish Minister al i'aiis, that his Umber
t.tternpts to mediate between the 1 leneh
and Spanish oveiiuiienls would Le una
railing. In lianccthe movement of the (loops
townds Spain continued. The question
on the ..pp.opriation bill of 10-; millions,
was not yet tletiued in the Chambets.
Ihe debate on the subject coMiuucd
1 he fleet from Hi est had sailed, and ii
was reported they were dcstineu aaiiut
t. aulZ
ljuatletiion has f.ppcaicd amont; the
1 reni n troops on the juiiih 1 roiiiier.
i be Spanish Cortes are said to have
giautei. letters of marque against I reneh
vessils -and 4U coinmissions had been
t he Session of the Spanish extraordi
haiy Co:liswas tei miiiated on the I9th
1 ebi tiat ) .
l.oNuos uhch 4 Despatches arri
veu )istcu.u, in in Aati id. dated 22a of
lebituij. It .j pears that the accounts
w n nu hue been uolished in the lunch
p-ptis weie tx.t med. It is true, that
t nc umovai ui me Kinp horn Mdi id was
b ,U 'N"'";! e Kn.B
I ,t,U"' ,W "e P"-1' "'t MlhlS-
teis, in coi. sequence, resigned. A con-siuei-Liic then took dace ; and
the oiits utd 1'auee wtie assailed by
li.e peopie, viu, violent and ticasoiiable
outu ie. 1 1 Kin iiccame alai nicd.ii(i
1 1 e in -tu to icuivc tne lesihaiioh ol the
iM... virs, eir.itatin them lo letiiain in
..... , " 7 ."
11 .el. 1 1 l ..ii. Hit lit. .. 1 1. .us in ..ui i .f'11.1
Ii ..peais ihai l aiiunichi has agreed
m u iiouuioi. ot ixei 10 the amount of
t j ' tu ouu. .r. I aiiniiig has deelaied iiiit uii that can be proposed for the
leu. or the a,jii uituiai interest.
A puo.n. oiiiiici a- to or K'cn at the
Lola n . uvelh on the 7ih the
; p.ii.isn aiiu 1'oiuiucse nimisteis. and I
; 'id IU I ii,laliU 1 laliCC Is filling out StV-
eiai xju 1. 1 cos 101 sea.
I wo vesselsaie said to have sai!tdfrm
l.n(;.anu lot Spuin, viih aims and ammu-
A 1 l ion
1: t. t-i. i 1 Hies ailowinj; arms to be expoiled
t i -:'' "1 in it it pKiojtd in Ireland to
! ! . 1 i 1 1 1 :i ' 11 t'-'ii o s it.: ; (i service.
I 11 . u .t t i smocih Hihtu I We hear thai
ts . 1 '' ..i ut. u. if u d his m i vices 10
i. 1 j Miiali cpi.eroii ol observa
.o i! j to 0. In eu cut in ius( d
0 s ui'wtt 1. 1 latue .11 u Spain Ke
1 1 le - I . i . ct n srm on 1 to r o in
(01 o' nuiinstu the 1, uu. bet
1 ll. tis. t.l ( i lumoiis About
, i t. qui u toi ibis pui poic.
l.All. JM.M Ml.XK't).
j t w
0R. AIRII. 9 Ihe Vtty fast
st nr y 11 , v ;.it rovk. ainved
v i pl roy h
laic yesiert'ay Irom N'era t nu. having
li .: tlui port en the evening of the 2 1 it
iih We air .b.iiii;;lv lavou-d by tHpt
M ih the loi;bwir atcount ol the state
. of allairs in Mcx'co, up to the date of hh
t'rj jt ti rr, an.: front our knowledge of his
tharat ter, we let! uthoiied 10 vouch tor
its torrettnrjs.
I his .rrount eluciiUtet j
many cl ti e recent occurences in tl.
,.t :
quoiter. wi.u h nave appeauit
m?stcriou.-.V, .firi.V .Iher! ,rr.
On the 26th ol Jaiuiaiy. negotiations
comment eu on the pait ol the In pnil
army then bcsicginc Veia Cruz, with
(ieti. St. Anna. ih Hepublitan chief
Many propositions ere m..i!e by (itn.
r.chavarra, the omm.inder of the besieg
tn army, c 11 ol which were rtjec ted. nn-! tciing the ports of Hayti, under penalty
til the first of I'thim.., when the stipu- of the confiscation of such scssclsand cv
lationsof St. Anna weie complied with. cry thitiR on hoard and has also prohib
.nil the sicv;t laiscd. Iti the aliei noon 1 jtt d all sessels helonsinjj to Ilavti fiom
ol that uav Cim. Lthavarra entered the ' communicating w ith the Islands under the
tty . amidst the hoizasof the pcopic
. lb- was met by Ct n St. Anna ai the joules
,ot the city, and itetived with open aims,
!nd was ihcn.i; s(()iicd to the Palace.
Kt pubii.-.m thitf, CiUadaloupe Vietoiia, I
thttieil 'era I rui with every manilesta-
tionol joy. In anticipation of this event,
the crown of Lurbme had been burnt in
the pub.ii, and the tiee of libt-ity
planted upon n. under whic h Vietoiia
"it. tbs of huin on their brows, which would be greatly augmented by the rccip
th piopie iiisi,td upon their weniintj ; local appoihtmctit ol authoiisctl agents in
A itw t.avt al ti this, the M.'rquis de i- the two countries, comniaiidet oi the tmpciial troopil C. Ctty Uaz.
at Purbls, tleclai del for N'ictoiia, St. An.
na, mid JLiberty !
'1 he Lmperor, immediately on his hear
itij; of this, dispatched to I'utbla two com
missioners, Cjen. Negrete, und Hcrrere,
Secretary of State, to treat in sonic man
ner for the preservation of himself and
the crown. On their ariival, Cien. Ne
K 1 c t c immediately embraced the popular
cause, end Hcrrere returned without any
pai tii tdar audience with the l.epublicaii
thills. 'Ihe Lmperor then proposed to
establish the congress and to proceed
agreeably to ils decrees. 'I his was re
fused, a demand was made of his crown,
with a pioii ise of protection lo his per
son, until a confess should convene, who
ukne i-hould i.ii eel in what manner he
should he dibvm-d . The Lmperor on
receiving this, Jell tin: city of Mexico,
j ( Jl,tr aimi!'C 1,,c ,"d,'," I"'l)ul
ilth , bord' k,',vus alul k'
) for
U1.411J11) uu, win; league oiauiin
He also
formed an alliance with the (iiand Cado,
an Indian chief of the interior, who whs
eii);aj;cd to luihish him with ten thousand
Warriors, upon condition thttt he shall be
Kmpeior of one hall ol Mexico, and Lur
bide of the other. I his thief had left
Mexico for the purpose of fulfilling the
terms of the co-partnership.
On tho 21st of Murth, a dt-jpalrh was
received al Vera Cruz, dated at 1'ucbla
011 the U'h. statinj.' thai the aimy was to
move J 1 out Ihat place on the following
day to sunound ltiiibidc, who, it was said,
was about to dep.. it from ' ucabayou for
Valadola, supposed for the uipusc of
lorminj; a junction with his Indian tol-
The Ivepubliran army is divided and
directed as foliows :- den. liravo advan
ces fr ( halo; Im Inc. for loluca Ne
Ricte, for Aetta, l .thavurra, for Cuada
loupe j and llatraan, f-i (.Uutillaii. An
other division isordeied for S. Augustine
de Las Cactas. (ien. irtoiia touiiiiaii
deti at V'eial'ruj. (itn. .i at
(iuanianthc, with ( CO men. Ihe whole
Kipublicait forte was estimated at 7 10
(ToO: that of the I'.mpci or consisted el
1000 to 1500.
(.ei . St. Anna sailed fron the IslanJ of
Saciifue (one league from Vera Cruz,'
on the 2 1st of March, with a smiadion ol
1 biiK' and four schooners, hi ting on
board Zi0 10 400 tioopt, for '1'ainpiro
I lie supposed bject of this eipedilion
was to inttnep: the sliipmcnt of a laire
sum of money, tlorij;ini to Itutbide,
said to be on Ion d a Spanish packet w hich
Was to s.,il next day for Havana.
Ihe squadron lately purchased in the
V. statrsby Iturdide.isentiicly fauledup,
with the exception of one gun boat and
one schooner, and the officers and men,
with the exception of a scry few, dis
charged. I he British sloop of war Ranker arri
ved at Ver C'n 2 on the 22d of l'cbiua
ry. with a Mi . Makay, an at;cr.t of the gw-vi-mmeM.
on board, who was to have pro
rtedrd to the Lmptior; tut on findii;
ti e to'ji try in the hands of the Ilipubli
tans, he embarked on bund the Kan; er,
and sailtd, as was i-uid, lor Havana.
ItAL HMORl. ADllL 7.
m Conf.rctf.. . e ,-ie inrtbtid to
the ro i'tness ot Cap;. Shearman of the
Ibiij, Sam. uriivtri at this j oit yevtcidaV,
h r the L-test mtt llictntt Irom Canirca-
t by. In ti e province of i utatan. a ron-
'ii ticn was held, a'tet.ded by the miiiia
i and all the disaffected of Vera Cruz,
wl irh (! chord in fa'cr oi the ronptess.
A o inp'tte revolution had taken place at
i an pi at hy the imperial mcmor
l. ui tumid rut ol ofl'.ce and impiisotied,
.. . . . i... .. .' . .. . i. .. . ....i. t ii
j aim a i.c imr iii cicu 117 niv i .111
;thr prisnneis, who rre toi.fu,td by or-
dtrol the emperor Itutbide, wcte Itl ct
ated ; and nothing was heard or seen, Lut
rejoicings and illuminations.
I he emperor s person was con-mcrrd
vri v I'nmfe. as the rrreral r rv vas " dow n
.. ,i,. ,, .;. i, .,',,, .!, ,,,,.,.. v.
t nil uii nui'vt t H'lit iiiiiy mi. 'i.ivuva
it. DisatVection every where rtincd.
I w ,,1(,h w heightened by the prohi .ution
jof ie SJ,C of uA)0 ln lh-t ,,Jlt oi lhe
j peninsula.
President Hover has issued prorlama-
Hon dated 20th Match. mterdictiiiK all cs
sc's lie in the West It tli., Island lioin en
,iinc penally, with the addition olii.,j..U
onment of the captains and crew ot such
vessels. CA. Mtrrvry.
The acknowledgment ol the indepen
dence of this island by our govern
nient. is strongly recommended in some
of our ndthcin tommertial panels; on
the ciound of obtaining the advantage ol
j a favoicd n crrantile enteicruise with that
j new loundcd empire. 'I he imports Irom
'the island into the United States, in the
i last trcsurv year, amounted in value to
2.C41, 817 dollars, and ihe exports to that
Captain Selby of the brig Nancy, ar
rived at Philadelphia on Saturday, from
Havana, sailed on the 20th March, in com
pany with nineteen sail, Lnlish, Dutch,
and American, under convoy of the Ln
glisli sloop of war Ranker, of 2a guns
Vessels ran so great a risk in coming in
to or fcoiny out of Havana, that Capt. S.
deemed il advisable to wait three days for
convoy. lie saw the pirates take a bri;
in siht of Moro Castle, and chase a Uuicli
ship close to the Moro. The biij.; which
was capitncd was a Dutch vessel, from
Amsterdam, as was asctilaiued by tho
niaiks of some of the p,oods which vvero
landed. The crew b believed to have
been murdered. 'J'ie utrouttex ccmmiiied
on liin Q'Ott are (J the ticking .V
cri.ti'jrt. The men are murdered und the
women ravished. No Atnetican vessel oi'
war was there tu afford protection to ot'.r
I o the eastward of Matanzas, the hou
ses arc filled with fcoods. In jjeneral,
twij utk only u douLlooti for a Itorsc-ioud uf
menfiurulize. The following, however, i
the Matanias'rurfu I'nce Current, tniX"
fully collected liom actual sales, up to
the last date, hussia Shcctmi; lair, lo
i;w,d, id; Gin, per case, g I 50; Nails,
pel cask. fc4 ; assorted invoices, $600 lo"
g 8,000 til st tost Ball. ted. Jetu.
ll'jrrii 1'iraaj '. ! '
Captain Ivobinson, arrived yesterday
from Nt'.v Oilcans, inlorms that the bii;;
, Perkins, ol ki limbeck, aniveu at me
liaii.c on the 21st ult. li oui I'oit u Piince
and Lampcathy. (. aptain lt. was inloi hi
ed that khe was boarded in entering tuu
haibour of Carnpeacliy by a piratnal
schooner of about 40 tons, manned by
oi 4b men. who asked lor money, but (.'apt.
P itemed having any. 1 hey then sto
bed him in social places aud out oil outs
ol his arms, hcn iie told tiicin w here (be
money was (.0') doubioair.J which they
took and pioceet'ed lo murder him in o.r.
most inhuman mat. net . He was liistde
pnved ol the other ai m ami one ol his iu,;v
ihey Ihtn dipped oakum in oil. put some;
in his mouth and tinucr him ; set u on hrc
and tnus (ermitiaicd his sulietins 1 ! !
1 he mate was stabbed with a spear in the
thih- They also robbed the Oil,; ol an
chors and cables, sails, rigini;, quadrants,
charts, Looks, papers, and nearly a. I tnc
provisions and water. On the parage
irom Carnpeacliy to the liaiue, she Mat
piovidentially supplied with piovisions.
Stc. by vessels which she Ml m with, or
they must inevitably have perished.
A. Y. Mer. .tJv
.Indher simrrica-x v.urjrred !
The bri Alert of Portsmouth, froa.
Ntw Oilcans, with a deck load of hogs,
ariived at ILvat a on the 29th ult. Oil tho
Mciio. she was boarded in the ni;ht by
two piratical boats with nine men each,
and I apt-in ( luiles lilunt vc ki.;, J cnl
ihrtnt cve'hourd. 1 he Cook was stab
bed and thrown amon the hogs, and near
ly eaten tip beloie being discovered. .H'
veial ol the ctcw weie badlv wounded,
and the bri robbed Mt. h:el.
It appears by a letter received at lloston
from l niton, (jiving the pat tit ulais of the
fiie at that plate, that the houses at Canton
aie built of bamboo. 1 hey ore one story
hih, and contiguous, and the lanes or
streets arc only a few feel wide. Sm h
htiildinjs extend as far as the eve tan
reach. The Factories were two or three
stories hih, built of brick, and finished
in the I utopcan style, lt is st;
upwards of CC.t'CO persons weie rendered
houseless by the calamniir-aiid as the e ii
net much humanity cr ability among tho
Chinese, it is supp scd they to .1J hut
find siiclicr or support any where-
A'dai'A Hrgitter.
A proclama'.iiui in the Spanish and Iln
p'isli lngu.ipes. is published iri the Na
tional Advoca'e of the 2oth ult. signed
"the People ol L't itcd States." It invites
the inhabitants of Cuba to declare them
selves independent, it pledges the supjott
cfthc United States to such a measure.
1 his trick of a piece of comp i
sitioti in the ;uisc of an iflicL:l thtumrnt,
may be vciy amusing, but can answer no
good purpose. I he pcrplc of Cuba arc
well aware of the good feeling of lhe peo
ple ol ;!;c L'ni'.cd Statcsi and i! they ste tie
tt i mined, as we trust they are ion resist
ing all exchange which is to transfer thci:
territory .md their persons, like slaves
and piopeity, to a lorciRn master, they
will doubtless write their own proclama
tions, ..nd may confidently rely upon that
totirsc of conduct fiom the United States
prompted both by just feelings und true
polity. Ciartcntv'i Citj Gazette.
The act for punishment of frauds com
mitted on the government of the U. Stales
n,Res it felony to alter, forge or counter
feit, uny deed, power of attorney, ordcrt
icrtihiate, tcciipt, or other wriiing for
the put pose ol obtaining money from the
I'. States orany of their olTucrs or agents,
punishable by imprisonment at hard labour
from one lo ten y cai s, or by imprisonment
riol exceeding fne years, and fine not ex
ceeding one thousand dollars.

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