North Carolina Newspapers

T 1 I I ) AV M It N I V ( I, A I H IL 2', IS -' .
bv an arrival ut 11 jhi more , a letter has
been received from the atlti Acnt of
thin colony, duted f'nh Nov. It appears
that the colonists have escaped disease,
Lut have been exposed to danger of a tlif
tercnt kind, tlie native tribes have com
menced war upon them ; their ob
ject is plunder. The first attack they
made, was with about 800 men. In this
attempt tbey were repulsed, with a severe
oss, after killing 3 of the colonists, and
wounding 4, and taking captive 7 children.
When the second attack was made, their
numbers were increased to about 1500.
They made the assault at two different
points; but so determined and resolute
did the colonists resist them, and so great
was the terror spread among the natives
by bz great aunt) that the yell for a retreat
was soon sounded, and the whole 1 500
ran away in great consternation. It is
mentioned as remarkable, that the Agent,
who was exposed to the hottest of the ac
tion, should have escaped without hciug
wounded, though be had six bullet holes
tlirough his surtout.
The colonist have since made pc3ce
with the natives, and arc regularly suppli
ed by them with eggs, vegetables, honey,
Twenty-five more free negroes sailed
from IJaltimore, on the 13th inst. for the
above colony, to join those who are already
Success attend the cnterpruc. It must
surely be the wi4t of every comidtratc
pet sun in the United States, that this col
ony may thrive, and become the general
receptacle of the free negroes of our
country. In no part of the U. S. are free
bUcksof any advantage ; and in many sec
tions, they are an intolerable nuisance
They are interminably inciting the slaves
to t'iscontent, insubordination, and, not tin
frequently, to insurrection. Our slaves
would be comparatively peaceful, obedi
ent, and contented, were not pernicious
cations infused into their heads by evil
disposed lvee negroes. The terror and
consternation recently caused by the re-
jroes threatening to revolt, and massacre
the white inhabitants of Charleston, ought
to serve as a caution ( other states, as
Well as South Carolina, to thfi :ff all those
free blacks who can be prevailed on to go,
to the African colony. We should sup
pose that no good ri" tf the Union,
who wishes to contribute to the welfare
(ind tranquility of his country, would man
umit a slave lor any other purpose but
tli ut of sending him out of the country,
to the Afiican colony, or elsewhere ; un
less, indeed, the slave manumitted wn
tooold and decrepit to bear transportation'w.siT. or sot ni amk.imca.
When the (jucsti in l'r ircoiiizini; our
sister Republics of South Aniriiid was
brought before Congress by the rccom
mendation ol the President, the re-olu
tions on that subject in the Ilnuse of Hep
rcer.tatives rrctived the approbation am:
the votes of all the members except one
tint one was Mr. (iarnctt.of Virginia.
The resolutions did not go to the Senate ;
but the question was thoie taken on tin
appropriation for opening a diplomatic in
tercourse with those lUpnblics. Fvcry
member of the Senate voted for the Ap
propriation, excepting three ; Mr. Smith,
cl South Carolina, was one of the three.
This vote of Mr. Smi'h's, together with
his zeal in favor of nuking Mr. Crawford
"ir rcr.i rrcstner.:, set to tr.c cn
faience of the people of South Carolina;
and. nrcordingly, he wns superseded in
the U. S. Senate l.y Col. I!j,e, a gentle
man w hose sentiments are in favor of in
dependence in South Ametica.and oppo
sed to foisting Mr. Crawford into the of
fice of President of the United States.
Counter, it One day last week, a
counterfeit 85 bill, m the Cape Tear
Bank, was attempted to be passed at our
of (lie stores in this town. '1 he rlet k in
stantly condemned the note, as brim; ..
s?uiious one. He discovered, while tl r
i3n who offered the note bud bis pt t kct
book open, other counterfeit notes m it,
Vd expressed a wish to sec litem this
t.'ic in i.i rj' He toon kit tin; storei
and 1ms not been seen in town hince. It
would be piudent fir those persons who
ate itot well acquainted with bills in gen
eral, to be extremely cautious of taking
them from strangers.
We lost so nine!) ourselves by taking
counterfeit money, that we bad, at one
lime, grown rather wary in receiving an ma explain tlic i c:uhou f hist clecliii
a'ibank bill that was imagined to look the j ing n mission to Mexico Wmtionury.
least suspicious. It is from this cause,
we fear, that people of late have grown
shy in offering us any, either spurious i
genuine! Wc assure our friends and p t-
ions, that wc have now waxed more bold ;
and that they will no longer find us coy in
taking cither bunk or itomnsoni notes !
Thrtmfn'm'n Inland, or Knj West,
Is so frequently mentioned in connex
ion with Com. Porter's squadron, (it be
ing the Commodore's place of rendez
vous,) that a brief notice of its geograph
ical situation, he. must be acceptable to
all l eaden of newspapers.
Thompson's Island. 'so named in honor
of Smith I hompson, Secretary of the Na
vy,) or Key West, is one of those small
islands situated off the coast of l lori
da, called Keys. 'I he Spaniards called it
Cayo IIjcsso,or Hone Ke ; and the Fng
lisb called it Key Wet , but when i'loti-
da was taken possession of by the U. S.
it icceived the n unc of Thompson's I si
ne! . The island is situated 30 to 40
miles fiotn the Florida shore, and about
I0O tn -a:!y nor.h from Havana ; is 7 or 8
mm s 1111,;. an li'i'n one to two miles
wide. 'I his abounds in deer, wild
fowl, i-.c. Oi the west end there is some
good I.nd, of itch daik mould, with an
abundance of iw fresh water; the eas
tern pa: I has but little good hud, but i tic
celebrated iu!i iomv render thi .sirtion
valuable. It is said, that from these pond,
enough salt mit'.ht be mode to supplv the'
wbclu of the U. S. The pii:n i;al bar-
bor o-i the island is at the west end; il
i i i f,r . r. . .- .
nas a ut. in ii in ii un oi jiri, hh tior
regularly ebbs and fl'iws aliout C f'-et
.Uj.,;r h-tset: A closely rontesud
rUrtinn ul-blln llo- al.t-k..i. i:ii
thi 1st Monday in this month, In- (,ov -
ernor. Wm. F.usiis.'rrpuUirnn ,utu IL - .r -
rison G. Otis, (federal; were the t.i 'i -
dates. It is supposed Mr. 1 ustisis el. - c -
. , . i,i i tT
ted by a considerable maiomv. In ib7
' '
1'iwns, uic vines stnoci uius
. . . . .i i .i .
For Fustis, Si.SiU ; O'.is, 23 '.IX.
COM. rmtll.lfS .stJCADKON.
A imn.Srr of letters have l.'-m red n-r-I at
Norfolk, Irnni oflii rri in Cum. Tortcr' 'i"a 1-
r-n. I lu- in - an . at rati vf otic, oa'ea
M .ra.ois "ilst Mar. h, :S2o
" 1 teturnetl to the snip last evening,
after an absence of-lht days in the boats.
atnorv' the Ket ami aloti c the norm si e i
of Cuba. c made very diligent scar' hes
on cvnv Kev, and partit ula'lv on Ke -
rn liotn mo, the sot on w bii h the g.dl.Uit
but tititortunate Allen lell. but wort mm. . woods. dashrn the udrr .i;:ainst a tice. nr.n:g',t I t".- and In abb to u.ore than half
plctelv unsuccessful. Wi boarded a mini- llisilratlt w asalmos' instaiitaiieoiis. Let rt na d Infan t les w nrtb ptnclaitn. kind.
her rl vessels during ir ii'istnce, who .he tlei'h ol the Lite en I errson
were no doubt pirates, but they managed ' of ihU countv. was causctl ptcci cly in
in such manner that we toul.l not. i'b ; the Same way.J
any i-roprtctt. Iiv hold of them. Our!
squadron arc all dispersed m .UHcnnt t:i-j A Mr. M..ehew M'Kinnev, aged be-
rcctions. 1 he Shark has Rone to C aiac-juifrr, so all( "O e .rs. died latclv in Or -
n, with cnmi.s,-,rrt mrss.v, from thr . . ....... .. . . I
, '., . ,
rnmmis,'mr liirWrivi-!. I rrniT in.H
w ...v
I rtu-t, commanded bv Lumen, Hcti.v
and Pose , are c ruiint; on thr south side
rT Cuba, and ate to join us at ThnmpvorT
Island, in a few dsvs. A hrjre liect ol
. r rrr. i
meiThantmen. of diffeicnt nations, are It-
ing here, to sail in a few days under our The Pl.iladclphians arc engaged in tiis- lo i lbs.
cor.voy. Heavy piratical schooners have cussint: the virtues ami qu.iliiies of the rverl country mercbtim. who hue not In en
been rru'mng off this liatbor for some ' g,rnu.i..;c or n.yVc, as a Mdittitute in the habit of tr l'".R l" r'. l-ave h'tn in lor
lime,, muidering and robbing every "for ro c fre. With deferetue to those 'hfir auppli. vith.n the last few weeks and
thing they fell in with New s h.,s this worlby s:,,fs of modern times, the , oln e , a
instant reached us, of the capture or two philosophers, we would M iomuiend the UtL Sol.l at K e,ms rollcc'at 2. and mo
American vessels bv a larr- piratical ,c 0f whatever the .e ..V, our mo'itst jr, t tiny arc, Imwrvi-r, l.'kintr up.
schooner, about 15 miles to windward of sovereign, likes best. For Miiselus.H.t-runs e undt rstand, still rnn'inue to he
this place. Wc arc now fitting out our savs the etiitor of the Baltimore llt,i0,'.i;.;'e.M'roni v ,ltn,np"n t. t'l.arl. s'-.n and to
boats -gain, with all possible despatch. aml we eo.d.allv at;rec with, wC cm I v "Tn?ZnS ?A
,,;nu,. i...., ;,. I,,.,, ;.... .. h . I oe .., that tbe) are wot Irom tins l.te b
ui ill viii iLtiiu iii is, in n'wui mii iiwui
pursuit of this si hooner. j t0 a Dw 0f r,,r t,jUt, w,ilc t)C real gen
l ie this comes to hand, von will pro-' mnc bru t agc can be found so chc;.p, so
bably have lie -td of the death of our btavc beneficial to our health, and of so mm b
nnd ever ti) be lamented biothi r nfln ei . consequence to tiic revenue f the t oun
Lieut William II. Cocke, commander if nry.Cutn. A h.
the U.S. scbr. Fox. who was wantonly
and maliiiousiv killed about 3 weeks ao. j The Sea Serpent is reported to have
by a 421b. shot from the Castle, at ; rnade his appearance aain, on the 2$th
St. J ilins. Potto Kh.o, while in the ac: "f f lct- in lat. I1?, 1 4 Imgitude C
entering the harboi. It would be nei!-, iut it docs not appear that he swtdlovved
less for me to attempt to picttiic to ou . t,e captain who made the icport ; thoti 'h
tne feelinus which this t iitumstanie has! ls ltli, js uported by cajit. 1 homas. -ex'ited
anion k the olTicers of the fket ;, being the size of a h i icii'-
-nflice it to sav that there w as scarcely . kct ' ,"
my ep to be seen. A t on rspondetu'c .
immediately ensued betweinthe Commo-j CITY Of NKW
i'oic nnd the- Captain (Wnend td I. rt j It is said, 1 5n0 imrsrs are annually bnilt
Hi. o. who made m nv ext ics and pfl-iin thy t it v of New York ; that simc the
o: its in behalf of the murderous viil .ms
1 1 con inii'itd the boi lid tlctd) but alt to
no put pose.
The VreiJcrinj.- committee appoin
ted at a public meeting in wne of the
counties of Pennsylvania, to prepare an
address to the people of the Union on the
subject of the next election,
requested Gen. Jackson to inform them
whether he approved of his name being
used, at this time, as a candidate for the
Presidency. The following is the conclu
ding liaraiTanh of the fli-neral's renin.
" The office of chief magistrate of the
nation, is one of gieat responsibility : As
it should not be sought by any individual
of the republick, so it cannot, with pro
priety, be declined, when offered by those
! wl,0 have the power of selection. It i
.interesting to the American people alone,
alul ,hc tlt'(','l'm tlcy should exercise
meir iree anu unbiassed judgment, it
was with these impressions, I presume,
and without any consultation with me,
that the members of the legislature of the
state of Tennessee, as an additional testi
mony of their confident e in me, thought
proper to present my name to the Amer
ican community. My political creed
prompts me to leave the affair uninfluen
ced by anv expression on my part, and to
the free will of those who have alone the
right to decide.
Your obedient, kc.
The committee of Dauphin o.
Qualifcutiotin for the I'renideney.
If we want a fironifit, efficient, tronomicul
president, Cdhoun is the man if an ulte
nd h'j'irtt rrqutur bred ilimocrut, Smith
hompson would answer the impose i!
a t'llki'itf one, Clay is ccrtainh preferable
zztitini; one, Jackson to a thousand
il a n'a'emm'i, A buns if tne not 'lis-
tinuii'ieil by o'ly of these qu allies, Craw
ford will suit us. A". V. Com. Adv.
Dr. Pr tn o'i, of Baltimore, and (Jen.
Thomuk Cadivull Vrr. ol I'Kil id: hhia, have
I iiipj in tne state of Drljwai c, and exr ban-
K il shots. I he t.eiicial was severely
i i . . .i. ... i. i . i . i
Ihc,,jr ; ilUo r, Tjif a ,
Will I, I'll 11 Iltl Il'riiT it. ,t - , lu u .i.i I
The Piesi lent of the United States, in
f0,mw,n"' " !lstil.i,'uis!ii"l set-
uifs ol M tor tit-neial La lA.tTTi,
' nrinij the Revolutionary War, has t'.i
reited ihat the foitress iccently ciettrt!
J at 'he Nai tows, near New-York, and liith-
i'r'u called Fort Diamond, shall hereafter
' kllOV 0 OV MIC II J me Ol "CM i-u
I he rcicmonv. in conf.i ir.i'y tl ereto.
,,, )(k m Mou,a). it ,
( . j, i.Yut. Jun!.
l gentleman recently in Trat.ce, who
has arrived in Boston, mentions that the
. . .
itronns marched to the Stiaiiish Itcl.tut
. ' .
I ate less numeious than is trported in the
newspapers; that the chivalrir spirit as
cribtd to them favorable to the w.u, is
quite the effect of imagination, etui that
theeffu ers, beini; generally ultras or of
the ancient regime, ate very unpopular
it) the ranks of the armv- These arc
pjrticujr, wcl L,1(lt.r0;l ,lt 5.,rjs.
j .'. 1' i.f. '.)
Cl. Steel N tiite,il Savannah, was kil
led on the 29th ult. lie was rcturnitii from
'a lint sr i a e. mminud on a spirited ani-
ml. which tank fright, plunged into the
' i " Mi",, -
C ..... I ... l'. i t.:..
iineu j icais un a -;i.t;ir ncoi. r
monih s imprisonment ,r lietit (.ircrnrv,
three years for hot c sir ...linv;. sew n
fr tnjns ,,1,-er, -nd thirty for the nine
0f bein. in debt 1
tint rrTonci'C it ih fiiir jrjiatr, hi n miwn i
e;'t 1814 its prison.l property has di-i
I miiiislit it seven millions, and real estate
(had incrriitfcd 13 millions.
City of St, Low's. At the late session
of the Missouri Legislature a ch.,ru-r was
passed, subject to the approval of the
qualified voters of St. Loui, which has
been adopted by the following vole :
For the proposed charter 107
Against it 'JO
So Sr. Lou n is from henceforth a city.
A great many votes were excluded, in
consequence of a qualification required by
the act, viz :thr having fiaid tuxet td
the town cvrioruiiun.
Office Seeker The Georgetown Me
tropolitan mentions a report that on the
death of a clerk in a public office lately,
there were fourteni hundred applications'
for the place left vacant. In better times a
dozen would have been the number.
Illinois Politics. S. C. Christy, of Kas-
kaskia, has resigned his office of She-rill
of Randolph county, because an ict lias
been passed by the Legislature authorising
the payment of fees in paper of the State
IJank of Illinois 'die member luvin?, in
taking their own wages, allowed for its de
preciation. Cn. Ciin (iai.
About 400,000 dollars ate subscribed
for the erection of a splendid exchange in
New York. 200,000 more are required
The following exemplification of the
rwnoud consequences of an excess of im
ports over exports is furnished by a Phil
adelphia paper :
In 1823. the town of expor
ted l(Ko tons of jee, and brought back
250 tons of coffee, and the account current
stood as follows :
P.vpors, co.t .... S V1'1'
luii'orts, S1'VU:'
H.ilance auinst the Town,
It is somewhat tetiiirkablc. that the
Office of Vice President excites so little
interT,t. I he smallntss of len
ders il unalhiiing. Cium. (Il.-.t.
It i a that 'rebcliim travels
south. ' This appears itot lo l av.- bcn
the louue of the late stoin., the lavages
of which have been so ties' ruitive at the
iior;li. It was i-xpericiiced in Chai lesion
on Saturday evi ning, ant! in the t uurse o!
the tii lit blew with extiei..e vio'.:.ii ;
Vihiie i'i Boston it was not until S- ndav
eveiiim; '.bat its t!es'.!uc'..v u it.l'uci lc wls
felt. C.u j.
.1 ne;v VirW c Mjlr:.;.oi.:i. Lily
tm-eting with a girl who bad lately left her
serviit . enquired Will Maty, where do
vou live now f" Please, ma'am, I don't
live now," replied the v it l I am man ice!.'
Decii.riii Judge Haywood, of Ten
ncsst e ; concludes a legal opinion of bis.
pn", lulled in the Constitutional Advocate
of N olmlle, of the I Ith ult. as foil iws:
" On all t'fkr fi'snfj I am vrry f,(r
ti,( the J a tts-a i.f this Slate are tuch d,:m
ned f-.'M, tiat no nun can till I.'.vj the w.l
d.c d:."
The remains of the Public Benefactor.
Jlnshi. lattlv deceased, were interred
.in Fr.L'I.nd, wkh i;rrat in.uksof nspert
1 and rt' I hi following epitaph is
to be insnibed on his tomb ;
v it'uii th'. tomb lu'h fmrd a resting place
'I ! gri-n' rtiiciati if the bun an rare
Imttio-tal .) KSNClt ' hose pantic mind
And lisp !.! .!', un I.i. Un.., ! nn.e ;
1 a,I ra.'.iaat Ite.mtv .Imp b. r oddest tear,
rr Ucautj's in,,:, truest fru-i,d!ts here 1
' ......
! " ' . ', ' ' ' ,"
1 '". .'. S, ; SUJK rime.
. a.;, 1 hisk,-i.4 m. p..,'
. . . .. .. '
5 i (i . j , apl'le li. 4. to Aj , turn. , U lo i 1 . Iia-
cm,. KjtolO; mIi, lurkssUnl,'Ma6a, prrlo.
biisV Is ; nmlasscs, a :' i , sncar, nntsroiado, S
';r,,"r " '" V 'M
'! '' .'V' ''! I," 'J' .' 1 '' '','--.'
in "..' . laiinw, on?; u,esa, ,)j a
rir , . , ,,. . : iroll ,. (4, , ..r
V. a JO l. in (in i aw uti.i. I it. til in.!,
borbiMid. Oic-nrr.
( n.un.r.sTax mark ft, a;.,i m.
ri.'i -i'i I here I. as been no change. Sales
ire virv heaw nnd but little has bet n done,
t planils are iHiminully lit 8 to 12 cents, nr
few aides tit the Inner prn
It, i l'iir superior t-u-ahty Jsj 25 is obtained,
,ti'! f"r other t.i alities rates duw nward to 2 .)"
'on'' the first brand, has sold by the
ipiantity :it C,s?..
( cr-ft Hat fallen a few tents 05 cents is the
prior of best V hitc.
i.,r' No i.ltcration. Fine fTern, whirh is
v 'ist, brinps ."-i a .7 rents inferior 23 to 25.
.S. .oi'i lii-Oil Museoi vim are v arce thri
an- :.i V. liif'crii.rJ KJ. N. Orleans 9 a'J .
Itis.w us nj a 8. Whites l'J 12.
,l..',ioir, No tlitui(;e. Wrft India, 26 a 2".
Il.iv ana 25 ; N. tlrlesn. .10 a 31.
,',ir,'s Whiski) iiihhds. has sold at "4 rents.
in I.I. I, at ..I.. N. I'.. Hum ob a a7. f.ramh 1
' ;.i vi. Jam. Kum 7 " .'hicb" t.m
.'5. it dier do. 112.
.V..' M.i.vt Tui l Island ha ton! t ii'i rt'nv
and l.ivrriu'il a' alli'l.- Im Iow tl,;ii juv c.
Jeeu Am-U d 4 a 'I j.
CuUun Itut'ifmif Nomina! fur hem 42
iui h, rents.
.S'fwi-a I here In lircn a iniiill rise in nm,
ol tin: city niiitks, and state hoik k u!
ain ril ujiniiicl'ililv.
l''A:liaii)f: on the north bills at mli', 1 t r
c t-iit premium.
N. Carolina It ink Hill, 5 C jicr ct nt . tin.
Ctii;ia ilo. S J a 0
hin .L .Un,!, (,.
( utlMli. I.i mi. j It. ,u. . I . t ) Si IJ
7U I' A I ;
6VI u 7i
"J.! ali,
III lll'
tilt . ., ,
! "I
n,' i '
. . on tli- rJt;
in . ', ; . xv.
in iiri. i tin in-., ti
I VJ. Mr I., I :l I
er ut" in v fii-i on ! Iiu-'i ir.i!, 'm' In ;i;nr a
at an i arly u,;-. It was nii- 1 1' d that th-1.
est drjiP ' ill f"i' 'I l-liif) l::wl til'i.ns rxisl.
twe n 'in- now Ii:i;.m run oh , In it il u ai ''i
til til'- IT (.lilt (I'l '.IS III .l-'s u'.b , in,,
latent I; iv of Assi-i i.'!i' Iiim; Ic.J un o;i!i'
ty to ib n lupc- its !!'. Af'i i il- marrmi,
tiatll filrr i .1, v .'Ii a ',.;li tliat j.rn. it J,,
rinti, and a;i'.' a i d t'i l In bi f In af t
bunli 'i u 'in Ii ii id loiijf opj.ri'ss d ii, ' V
is 1 1 n- Ilia 1 1 I ai a .11 S ilill iid. d In b:iM '"
' in-
. l .
J e-
I'm S',vv,
A')t I ')') in its i,l' I.AM) on Dot
Citi k, tn tin- I'm ks ut llii- ai!
..I ;,
In- p. in basi d on vrrv reasi'i i.iblc
i!til4f to the sub .er'.bi.T ut l au-i'i-v iil-.
iat'.) if KDU Mil) M'K.VV.
Twwn it.
l!l V, ( 'otiiiin is. oners Inr ei n'ennif thf r .nut
of I lavid.,li, rive (i dilic lin'ire Ilia' llir"
u :! u'.'eiwl at tin- site ol t' In V l iovn ol .1i.'
i in, i.i said eiimiH, nn tin- first I'm sdn in .' me
II--St, In- tin: p'lt'P'iM: nl Killing a! j.ii'il.i' s..!t
tw 1 1, i- lots in Hid Tott n, nremblc t i n-' (
. 'J 'In- s.'.e of tin- I u n of Mat '"n is '
the Kali-i;'li road, f inr tnili-s Irmn la-Kiiitmi.
JO-r.lMI Sft III. I.N.
WM. IK illr.MI K MKIt,
f "''l'' I
HANSOM lll(l(s,
Vv VUnvts ewttvt.
0 1 1 AN auay froni the sn!nri-,. j
('7 on the nilit of tin llth i'
''A'rfeib tA!'r'') '"'Kro V'OlliUli i.:. ml
tT Anico, or Anna She i al . i
I I taenty Vium of a(;e, i a l" s-a
1 r I : ''lfr'' "r'' l'.v 11 ' "
'ijO l-cr. I don't remember tin .n. I
.m supioM- lif IS lult,0trU k!,!.' ':
p'iaii'.itniii of Ml. Noah I'urtii, ubo OU lis In"
li'is'.'aii'1.. 'I hr abme rc arl will be j' m n l i
an one whu will deliver taid neto to im .
J.VO. BliAHl), S. nr.
Apr.l 2o, 182 J. Ct.s6
Tt Avvvcn'iicv
ItfANII-.l) by the tnliv riber, ut the
y I inakiii)' biisimn, not ntnli r 12, nor -.'
15 year of tc To sober and iii'luk'.t'ioiii.. I,
a uimhI in now ollirt d, to .larn i,
pt'j(t trade, if welt tolliiwed.
I'.HK.M.T.IC DirisMlN
.V.lVitur", M,nU V), 1H2J. H
rVint V'uruUure.
IN . HAKFIt rep c'fullj mlorms the c.ti? r .
of Salisbury ami ita vieiniti, tba' he lu. -
tablubed, a few doors fast of the Courtllon ,
.V ( ii'i, rut llr.'f li'mm, In re he lias fli-li- '.
f.ctn Ins Kaetury in 4'a)e'tc, die, and is ini, j,', a large and gem ral a.sonnieiit tf
which he will ell on terms to u.t tin- tin..
Aware that the r '.'ens of Salisbury I, a" In .
under the neectunty of waf-'inin tbeir lut ' .t
a jreat distance, at considerable l.a.'anl i .. in.
ri, he flatters himself they will find it to it
interest to t all, as hi' furniture it all of the Lit -it
ami most approved fashion,.
.Nil'. 4u-i ii, Frh. 3, 1S2J St51
Vll. subunbcr iiit..rnis the citizens nf Sab
bun, and the surrounding cuuntry, that lis
:,ll tontiuiitt to tarry on the Cabinet bii'.in -,
at his shop i'i Salisbury, on Main-street, ibr
dm. is. e:i,t of Mr. slaupbter'a tavern, lie has
ju' r' cei i d a stock of ifuni, equal, if not i i.
perior, to any in the State, of State growth;
which he will work up into furniture on at rei
k.itialdc term a tail be liesiicil, fur cash i.rsl, .l
nv.l.t. A! KXANDFU I'.OU).
A'.: .'. i ' n' March 24, 1 82J. 1 1 wt'55
N. II. l iincraU will be furnished in tlic !.-
. We, and mi sen abort notice, cheaper than tbe
i iis'oiua-l t barges.
VwAsoY ilUftiv Mtkn.
fill IK. siib-eribers rrspee'.fuily inform !
1 tin lids and the public at arge, that tin
bale n-oc;a'ed, under the firm of (Inn '
Ci.'.V-, fi.t tbe purpose of earn inp on tbe at.'i'
hu.iiHss in ull its branches. 'I hry are wi ll .re
pare. I to make all kinds of M indsor ami Kaiitv
( I. a t's li'.m 12 to 12iJ per set. t.ciitl. -m i:
w i-l.ili elegant t hairs, or settet , I;, iv ti n;
uii h iiiui tin hi u elegantly nude st 1 1 1 . - st. s
t.l llir suIim r, tiers, as at any e'lu r in the S'a' .
iiid cliairs and settees repaire-.!, at a najeii i' '. .
rate, an I on short notice.
The .-ihs( riliers are u' :o comjiIeteV prepar'-i',
u ith a omi Muc k of timber, lo make all U.n.l.
Hi-!:, .i.i.., at from ! to fc25.
t.K.O. W. f.KIMr.S,
:.. John oui-Kit.
SUU viV .Vin-Ux-VuviAiwiY,
nvitKr. countv.
(Ult It I t.f I'I. as amltluarter Sevs nns Man t
J Tt-rm, 1H2". Charles M'tlowell w. John
Tiirm r' heirs Srieri facias It appcariiv
the saiisLrtum of the Court that the heirs of I'..'.
Iv Sitarr reside witbout the limits of this State,
it w as therefore ordered by the Court, thai pub
licit, on he made for three weeks in the II sif t
(' '-,'ini i, that unless the said heir ol the I
I'ulii Swarr apprarat uurnrtt Court tt be he' '
for the aid county, at the Court-Houte in Mo .
opinion, nn the fourth Monday in July m t, ' .
plead to issue or demur, judgment for the pla
tiff's ileiiiand will be ta'icn sj;ainst Ihem.
( opv. test, r-KWIN, t'
l'r';ee adv, G,l 2?

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