North Carolina Newspapers

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1.1M of t " '
lit tli
ricmbr snl "t ! ''" "f ' twenty
I f jur. tl" wo i' I h a ly i m in ! ? .
lata fur all th people in the ltat of Nmli .'
fohna, ivl S t!i P'i'.lio between fn and
th mtiJ p"und 7rf l aiiJ tut nine'
mi memlrrra.
To go en a firther U n w-nwlclinf mir
fternm-oT, ml In Her to a-irud tspoaa
twin My. we mlifM ey thsl oiko in three
years would be euifMent f"f wf General As.
mlilr to meet. This tft K ,Unt by ur
Constitution eayingtbit we '.lUI Uo'ir mem
bers of eaaembly to serve f t three )rsr. and
ur Governor thrr yesre. If war should break
out, lbs Governor to luvo constitutional wot ho
fity to Cil tb Genera Aaen,lly together aa
often m he and hit Council thought needful.
. Anl la time tf,r.lUwtf A, rft JyUs
' ' trmrrtn Inrreaae t't number of our lrgila
"iors, trrT'itgM te a ilauscTn bur CdtaStu
tton tot that smrpoa. -i .- - '
"""" A graldal more 'niTgM be' added, on the
principle of curtailing the expenaes of govern
Went. Ilut if lit Coold be ilonr, h would mm
tii Utate eon!trbU expense, ot lead Uen
tynii thousand pounds In every three veers.
- Gentlemen, take thie H hint, ami bo wise
to make cliolce of such men to represent you in
th Gcnersl Assembly as r most capable of rt
drcMin; j our jrrierocr mi rw nch w jw
tkittk ouU bo IviirUtng ick tu tltote in tit
& ni Amemblf vno would be InrDnrd to
Uuirn it the Ifnoranct nr.d wckneM tbir
GenUcmtn, I tm,
Rctjxctfullv, Tottr frifixl,
rn toi witrt' ctiiw
Mf onfn, Mtif 30, 1853.
The telect correipunilin rtinimittce,
tO(clber with the delrKkte appointed bf
tnt difftitnt fapnin' ronp.inirt, met
according to djoucnmrnl ; when (he de
leRatei reported trie following vote, in
favour and aint the callinq; of a con
vention to rrvite and amend the consti
tutions 131 1 votei in fvor of the mea
ure(and33 aaint it. There were four
companiea unrrpreented ; but from the
belt information, it it auppmrd, had the
vote been tken, the rrauli would have
been aimitar to the reported co'npanin.
The committre and dHrttct of the
countf proceeded to nominee two prr.
aoni at delegates to lc voted for at the
peit election, to meet in convention at
Raleigh; when Col. Iac I. Aer,and
William Dickson, lLq. were uuanimoita
lj appointed.
On motion, ordered, that col. I. T.
Avery addrei a letter to the (General
Committee of (orrrpondenc, or any
member, to inform them of our proceed
Infra, and to rrqtie't uch infoimaiion a
they may he in poeion of, a reardi
,s tae convention. .
Ordered, further, that the committee
nd count v deleitea convene at Morprn
tonon the foy th Moncjjy of July next.
-tlt h further ordered, that the proceed
ing of this meeting be puhlithed in the
Wetrrn" Carolinian, and that the Secre
tary forward the"' for that purpone.
Baaaa U'aoawaaa, fitrrrtarj.
Tour or 3y.
Charlotte, Mttklenburg Ca.A. C.
Freviotii notice havinjr been jrieivthe citi.
aena of Charlotte and vicinity! convened at the
" 'Conrt-Uouw on the 11th inttant, to make ar
ranjreinenta for the celebration of the approach
inff annivrraaryof American Independence. Gen.
O . Crnham waa called to the chair, and 11 iU
Ham DovtJtQn, appointed Secn-tary. (n
motion, ReitUtd, that the Rev. Saml Cald ( II
be intited to introduce the bttsincM of the d;iv
by praveri1 that Saml V. I.:ve, Kq. read the
Declaration of InilejHrixlence, ainl that CoL
Thoa. G. Polk deliver an Oration.
The follow injr Committeea ere appointed :
Saml M'Comb, Thoa. J. Polk, Jamra It.
Blake, Thoa. B..Smart.t,TKCaKV':'-?'ra'?-ment$.
Dr. S. Hcnderaon, Dr. R. M'Kenzie, M ill Da
Tidson, I hoa . G. Polk. CtmmiUre of Tnnt$.
In conformity to the above reaolntinna, appro
priate arran)rrmenti have been made for the cel
ebration of the day. i
The dav will be ushered in by the parade of
CapU Kirk'i company, of Cavalry, at 11 o'clock ;
tjie citizens assembled will form a procrasion un
der the direction of the Marshal of the day. Dr.
"William J. Polk, and n.arch to the Presbyterian
Church ( fthen, after suitable religions eaerciara
by the Rev. fsam'l, C. Caldwell, the Declaration
'of Independence will be read hy Saml. F. Love
Esn.mml an Oration delivered by Col. ThoaG...
. .TJavc4imer
. -xup amusement of the day will be terminated
in a pubKc ball.
--Ae4rl82S.- "
aAiatsR, jrni 13. '
The Commenrfmentof our
took placeort Thursday,ith ofthk month.
J The exaninatiori of the Freshman, So
phomore and Junior classes, was begun
on Fridas- 23d of Mat , and closed in the
afternoon of the 4th instant that of the
Senior class- having been finished, accord-
" :ft.?tthe;waruleT6
" '"laie'iitrTOli' "trtdnctatr " inf;" l "ueyr'ao eve
n'oRS, preceding ;MtnrMl&M, A4.
"oH-:ected:bTbe'-' FJtuZt
the three lower classes, pronouna 1 se
lected; Orations. On ; .WednlayJevr-
.' fling, Mf Kffirctcntalivet chosen by the
I- t'Uterarr Societies belonging to the
, Uhiversitf , flelive'red to quite a large au
t dience, similar orations.
The followiriuj is a list of persons com
poatcg the Senior clns, ,oa wbom the d.
;; til lr.Ur f Alt! i'...ftif
i.i'f.njr wt'tt Hi i.ttiim i! i,t i;i if in
tii,i l 4 in n hy ti e l4 i.Iiy I
54 It 11 H. f' 8. It 'Hrr, AltS. II
l i M X, 114 ! I U, I !:-, If ill. ll.ifimn.
'' f. Djv'i ljii, J n. II. )h kton, Juhn
I i ,rt. r, Itu'irrt II. t. !i,ni, I'lionm l.r!im,
t.lf! IIJI, tho. It. tlir-l, Ih.UIkI I, llaf
ft Merlin, lktij4'nm t., Vittor
M. Mitrjiiir) , It.i !itii't. II. I'rirtun, Jnhn Hina,
fiujain.n S. Itcka, lUtit.ew K, aaycr, A II re
M. KcJ', ftaimtcl H. MUwart, I inw, tuimner,
JartM-a A. Wahir.(rton, torjrs W huficLl, llubt.
T, Willtamvon, and Wis. L. Wdla,
William I Chapman and lti hmotvl M. Fra
on, wra Uc!raJ nrat ana tital i Thofnas ira
liaia, aecond Geo. I, Ikltnar, John lUina, Jaa.
A. Was)utilon, wero ranked Uiird and f l'ial.
I lia Intcrmeaiate rra4 vu atairnej to the fi
l)if in tl order of thair nimea, Jot, N. Dirk
son, Moht, n, O.llii'n, Thomas famner, Gvorct
,tf D.vj-Un, .DauicJ Vf, Court, .aUl4iWwi.
Hii de irret of Matter of Arts was eonfrr
on rt'chAtTSun,W31. 0tyl3m4 U,m
and Inomas 0. SUde. alumni of th I mverwty
The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity
was conlrrrt I on tit Itiftrf Kwerern! juhn n
luvenacroft, Rialiop of rrotastant Efnacop
CburUi in North-Corvlina.
A very singular mrthod of fihiinh a
duel, has Utelr hern resorted tu in Virei
nia. A Mr. Archil))! Lacy, for some
insult, challenged Col. Hirhard Gravt
to a Jl'i fiiht i the Col. objected to the
mode of such a combat I but propoud, In
rttsm, to decide the point of honor in
this W4V that two cups should be filled
one with pure water, the other with dead
ly poison; that they should then cast lots
wnitn oi tnem tnouid anuK the water
and which the poison ; that if the one who
drew the poison should refuse to dunk v
he was to be deemed the coward, and the
other the brave man. They then tried
what virtue there was in the law. Col
Grave ws indicted under the duelling
act, but was acquitted. So a now stands
i" -ara-Saawaa
Me. Skinner; t here is a gentleman in
the lower part of your native count , who
knoa much belter how to take honev
Irom hees than the tetman mrn'i 'tierl
in onr p-per, ( N. 48, vol. 4. . ml with
lest expense than Hl'kcS patent hive,
I wjs once an eve wnneis of hu t-kin n
jihi panooK oi me pier Uitiiiir. lie na
no heed of rp, m-sk or lors to f.
r i ll' ii it.
irotn Minming titniscw, ne rofi, rn ttirrves
u p alto v' lit i el'Kiw, iiiiJijocs at it when
the tun it at i' m ridian, Vwn thdt
the bees are all at thai time fnun Aowr,
'I he brighter the sun the tx ttrr, and the
month of Aut(Ut is his hoi.:y harvest
When he ijoes, as before mentioned, at
mid-dat, he takes off the toft of the hive.
and takes out aa much honev as he thinks
proper; naiu on the top, and ifoeson to
another end another, until he i done-
The honey is as nice nd white aa can be
tbC-bcea-.wUl immeaiiat fill up the
vacant placef and t ho next year you have
nice new honey again, as the gentleman
informed me. k lote of bohit.
May I th, 1823.
Another murdertvt attempt.
A daring attempt was made to take the
life of General Foreman, a magistrate of
Norfolk county, on rriday evening last
His escape was miraculous, lie resided
contiguous lathe Great Bridge, and was.
while ruling along a patn-wav through
a swamp, iirterver tng between his dwel
ling and the main r ad, fired at by some
person concealed in the bushes, but the
r.haige, which he believed to have been
a bull, fortunately passed over his head
Immediately after the report of the trun,
he distinctly herd, as he continued on,
the sound of the snapping of guns, four
j! , . l I!..
in es in quu:K succession,, iroro wnicn ji
is evident that there was a party assem
bled for the express purpose of dispatch
ing him. Za. Pat.
We are authorized to announce Thtma
Hampton, Esq. Is a candi late for member of the
House of Commons in the next General Assem
bly, from the couirfy of Davidson.
4 aJtHi
Cotton, 9 to 11 ; flour, fine.Tj itlperfine, 7 25 :
wheat,! 2i whigker.'35tneach brandv. J0a7Ji
apple-do. 4SMS i com; a7DiTi&m Jf V
mJmk1mwff'6&i45,-ftr 11)0 bushels fiiai
laiea,33 twS? f wpov tmfwrad6, ?toWrfftS?;
prime green, 23 to 29 j 2d and M quality 25 to
27 1 tea, hyson, 100 to 12U t flax-aeed 8U to 90 1
tallo78 a 9l beeswax, 3a 32 riee,' 3 30 to 4,
pr. 100 lbs. i iron, 4 7$ to 5 25, pr. 100 lb tobaceo
'.2 75 a 3 50 maiMdaetwred, S 90 pr: cwt
C9 -A revival in bills 'and a decline in
freights have operated favorably en produce this
week, and although the season is far advanced a
tolerable business has been done in t'planda at a
small advance i middling to good, 10 a 12
very superior, in demand b it scarce at 13 fcenta.
The atock of Cotton, of all qualities, is fast dU
Djiniahinf and there i a iwwiber f Assets -waiting
freight. J ...i,
hands at 38 cents for b-s 42 inch.
N. Carolina Bank Bills. 51 a 7 per cent, di;
Georgia F 6 J. -
Chiton llagglng, Bale
. - t MOPE,': tic.
fi (fVti f tton bagging? 'JW (Coils
iiSUJ Dule-Rone, , together with a general
assortment of Cwm'ea, Tor sale by
Front Street, Cheraw, jBouth Carolina.
June 2, 123 " 59-63-68-72-76-81
At M k Vi'ulc, in this county! on the 17th Intl.
by tk Itev, Dr. Freeman, .ILiuU O. Cart,
fj. td Miss UUH4 ll'iltnn.
In thia county, on Hundajrmorblflg, tbe'lith
iMt. TJoahctb Albright, wtb l UuA' AIWi,
in her 60tb year. Ihe wu a believer In the
doctrine of Jesus Christ, a sincere, hunibla prac
tiaer of the duties of Christianity. Hhilat her
surviving friends may derive a useful example
from the correct deportment of her Lfr, and Iter
resignation In death, let them take consolation
from the bona that her virtues havo now met
their reward, from that Almighty in hose mn
vice site breathed her hurt. caaaeaitarsa.
At his seat nar Statesville, Iredell county,
on th 14th Inst, after a short illness Col. Hit Kurd
A'An, in tho 63J year of his aje. Col. Allison
Krved hia country during its atrufte for imle.
pendence i and hu been an active and useful
citizen ever since.
Ma. JuhnVCUWatiA,.
We are authorized to aay, la a Candidate fur
Representative in the 18th Congress, from the
Tenth Cottrrcsfiona Diarict of North-Carolina,
enmtMMrd of the counties of Chatham, Kaodolh,
HaiMison, ami no an.
.1 13, 1823.
fill IE semi-annual eiamina'ion of the htodchtsH
1 of (he I'U-aaant Mr treat Aca'lemy, commen
ced on the 2d and closed on the 4th of the pres
ent ilut. It affords to the Trustees no small de
gree of pleasure, that tltev have it in their pow-
rr to annmince to the public the progress snd
acrirncv r.isn nianv vnung men, who give audi
evidence that 'he are ailenl In the puMuit of
that knowledge which is calculated to prepare
tlirni fur the discharge f the moat ardiirus du
ties that miv devolve upon them in aPer lil'e.
In the i itmination ol the dilu-rrnt claaies,
some difference could he observed i but from
the accuracy and nmgrcas uf all, aad eapc'tally
from that spirit of emulation ahich sppeareil to
be universal, the Trustees have deetm d it im
proper to make distinctions, which are often met
Hi in similar publications, 1 liey feel it o be
their duty highly to commend the diligence and
attention of the atudenta composing the differ
ent claMica, of which they gave so satisfactory
evidence at their examination.
The exercises of tte Academy will again
commence on the 16th of the present inat. un
der the direction of the Rev. John Muahat, and
Mr. Jam a T. Watson, la thu grhtlrmaiw Mr.
Muohat, from hia experience is warranted to
place the higheat coofidewet t and hu no doubt
but ho will prove himself worthy of the patron
age of hia employers. - ' ;-. . ; .
By order of the board.
JACOB poaxtr, SreV
The ribsrriber cannot fail to take this op per.
tunity nf expressing his high approbation of the
punctuality and persevering attention of the
I nistees to the examination or toe ciHerent
classes. While they thus continue to d Khar re
their duty, they exon rate themselves, and af
ford an incentive to application and Industry,
without wbkb the brtghtest taltaU will remain
enveloped in obscurity.
OS Tuesday of next Augtist Court, there will
be offered fur sale, that large and conve
nient establishment in Salisbury, three doors
east from the Court House, the property of the
hue Rarnabaa Krider. I he house is 6Uby 30 fret,
with every convenience appertaining to a pub
lie house t it is well known aa bating been occu.
iiiuwiic 11 ii , en tiiu. ii u uiiiii lira, nwi
pid aaatieh for abootS vrart.- f heeablish-
nit'nt it so well known, that it would be useless
to say any thing of its conveniences, &c. ' t erms
of payment wiU be made to accommodate the
purchaser. THOS. HOLME, J2rr.
Still, bur v, June 24, 1833. Btbo
Yarm ftiT Sale.
THF.RK will be sold, on Wednesday, 13th of
August next, if not previously sold at pri
vate sale, a tract of Ijnd lying on the waters of
Grant's Creek, containing about 230 acres join
ing John Litakrr and others. A great part of
the above tract ia or the nrat rate woodland, with
a rood meadow of about ten or twelve .acres
tmnwrance oi tue lanu now unaer cumvarion.
A rood dwelKntf-hoflsr,' atitl tHru'ei barn," faiid
miicawcsfof halwoury. , .. .. . .
The shove land belongs to the estate of Bar-
nabaa Knder, deCd;- Term, wm oo Iftade
known on the day of sale
I i a
SutUbury, Jun 24, 1823.
jt,W " B AN A WAr
V XV from the sub
iLjl scribe rs, living in
VI Vl.lllVf
Carolina, - on tho
26th May last, fivo t'
NeeroesGilbert. '
Tnillia, Littleton,
Frank, and PlBllis Mtdatto fhild;: :i Albert .i
fellow about 35 yeara of age, stout made, blaok
complexion, very intelligent, and good manners i
Jma,' :-do Jook when spoken to,Pliiinf is
about 20 years of age-has a light complexion,
and a bright mulatto child about 3 months old,
Littleton, dark confide lion, and Frank, both the
sons of Gilbert, about seven and eight years of
sgc, stout boys The. above reward of fifty dol
lars will be given, and all reasonable expenses
paidY or twenty-five dollars, will be given for
tidLcrt alone, delivered at llarrisburg, 9. C.
June 2,1823; 7 HESBT COLTHK0P.
i tit
4 NMf anl s.,IUo1,'rtitt4ll v,..i.l!
1 il.ina f ir aJr, at il.e st"i f .1. -"nf U
li l. A t fC't.l of tacha liioull.i a .11 It itit
la ids pun tiM-n t
ity s, n:i '
VeTOtft tor .ttc.
riHR subscriber hkvlnf, at My amnion Urt,
1. obtained an orlr fur the sla if ems r.
fvoes brknriiif to tho tatate of A let, Frohotk,
dte'd, will sipuaa th same to public saU, at tht
Court lloust In halnliurr, on TueUy tho Iw of
July next, Ibo terms will be twtla mantbi
credit, votes, with approvtd vcurltits.
ItlCUAEL mtov, j,wv.
A 3, IS: J. ,43)
Doctor .MUt
nAU arrived, and now Aerfi'i
MrvfceS to tbe eiWcns of the
town of Aatabury, and its skintty,
U h otveral droartnu ota 4 his
tirofesalottltl ny be fuund al llr.
Blaughter'a f avem.
duoatttfy, Jmm 3, 1823. ' . 58
Vtvr olrtiviitwtnt.
T'tF. public are respectfully Informed, !at
tho Mtrxmnlilt Bummrtt which has been
Air a number of yeara transacted by Daniel
Cresa, sen. of Salisbury, ill in future be eon
ducted by mo, in the same building i where ev.
ery tteeeiaary attention and particularity will be
given, to render satisfaction to those who ma
pleaae to favor me with their custom.
SaliUwy, Mrxh 28, 1823. '47tf
The Coppersmithing, and Tin Plate buainesa,
heretofore tranaacicd by D. Cress, sen. will in
future b eondortrd bv me, at the same place.
Those who favor me with their custom, may de
pend on having their work done with neatness,
durability and despatch.
... 14. EDWARD CREH.
VT Msy Term of Hoasn eotinty court, 1823,
.the subscriber obtained letters of admin
istryinn on the estate of Jeasc A. Pearson,
ment within the time presrrlrd by law, or th.S
notice will be pled in bar of recoverv,.
Jnr,nU. 6t61 A.NKMllf r, oJmV.
lyif.L be sold, at Mcks Oll PieU, in Row.
IT an county, on the twentv-tliird if June
next, (the sale to continue from day to day) the
personal property belongrng to the eitsre""of
ien. Jesse A. I'e arson i consisting or a Urge and
valuable stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs, &C
farming utensils, household and kitchen furni
ture, and various other articles. '
Abo, at the same time and place, will be of
fered for sale, a number of valuable NEGROES,
consisting of men, women, boys and girls.
Trims of credit, ke. will be made known on
the days of asle. . . A. JVESMTT, adWw, -
May 23, 1833. 4m59 .
RAN AWAY from theoLbscri
ber, on the nigtit of the 8tb
lost, a brigljtaiulattu man, named
St, between 30 and 40 yeara of
age, five feet 7 or Inches high,
and milling bea made, black
and atrairht hair, with birs-o
3v..; wKt.kmrrrvrvtinff MMinit niuCv
his chin, bold spoken, and not a very pleasant
countenance i haa, perhaps, some scars on hia
bead. I expect he will try to pass for a white
man, or at least for'a free man, and Oiay havo
some kind of a false certificate or free pass with
him, as. th bke bawbees kufy fbuodm Wapw
session, in which he called himself Samuel Knot,
signed by aeveral names, but all the same band.
If he procures another, he ny give hiroat If some
other name. He also took with him hia wife,
named Grace, about 25 years of age, a stout hear.
ty woman, perhaps tatler than him, Urge boned.
straight aid trim made, pleasant countenance,
snd not a very black negro. 8h has a scar on i
All t I ka X I . w i ewMisiiisiaH r ivr vi iitv aaaiHl
n" 'V " i ' V T . 7t . i Thomas, are desired to apply fr and take
quested to make payment 1 w, tho,! delay , ami j,,-,,,. 7 3l63
lKi.n K.wtniav .la.owto.sajU wrr i narf tit a aaasaa. iM .
" .r .ir ..i ' Jun J3. AMI EL t.EREK.ifan
quested to hsve them duly presented for settle. !L-'
the calf of her right leg, occasioned by burnTtBennetAasttn.M... I rrigiiiiiT aHachment, levieit
ntie ia in the habit of wearing her hair miuling ; " "reo negrora. ji appearing to the aatisfac
long, and corned up to the top of hef head, and i 'ion of the, Court, that the ordinary process of
tied. I hey have both been rawed near If ill's
) . -- - -
rlM ortTrKai-Ifdiovtli
pect they will make either to the north or west.
Any person, taking up said negroes, and h liver
ing tnem to me. bring in Mecklenburg county,
N. C. near Charlotte, shall receive the above re.
ward and all reasonable expenses paid or $15,
if confined in any jail, and a letter aent to me by
mail, to Charlotte.
.W 14, 1823. 4MW
AVUuIsot Chair .Making.
fllHE subscribers respectfully inform their
JL lnemlt and the public at arre. that they I
have associated, umkr tlw ffrmr-of "Grtnut I'h
Cwper, for the purpoiso of earning on the aboye
biwineaa likR its braiicheor
paredcto maJte kllttinds of Windsw and pancy f
fhs:rr fWim 0217 In CtWiS ut . flntmm.n I
Chairs, from gl? to S12Qrper aet-nDentlemen
wishing elegant chairs, or settees, may rely tit.
Ion frtivmgthem ss eiegaTrth made at the shop
ot tne suDscrioers, as at any otner in the state.
r1 ta .. ,. aa.
i w j ?
401J tht nt ?tteei irpaimt; H rcwiubtef
rate, and on short notice.
The subscribers are also completely prepared,
with a good stock of timber, to make all kinds of
Bedtteadt, at from $3 to $25. "". " '
39 JOH cooper:
ON Mondayihe 14th day of July next, at the
.Court lIouaeiaAulherfordtoivill beof.
fered for sale, to the highest bidden, for cash, the 1
following lots in Kuthertordion t Eight lot on
the east aids of Main street i four front lota, Noa.
5, 6,7, and 8, and four backlotv Nos. 16, 17.
Wind tyfntfWil1ifttdt( bTijaTi afree'U'le
tour iota, two iront iota, os. 9 ana o, ana tw o I tne westem-Garouman lor three months succes
bsck lots, Noa. 16 and 17 f lnchidin wlicre the j sively, that unless the defendant appear before.
wiuow aiiiicr ana uariana uicxe.raon uvr. i a-
aen aa uie propeny ocionrinr to vne estate or
Jamet Miller, deceased, in tho banda of his ad
ministrator by an execution at the instance of th
administrators of Charles M'DoweltTdec'd. and
the executors of Wallace Alexander. ' Atten
dance will he given by
My 20, 1B23.
Hi t',rt.;f(H trel l. -na
" , ' IIT.. at, n, t!. anaoi
n at tt f ,
( - " j i i ( m Buin!)!!, an.i l a
I g ""y liarrs st tha pnra if ti-t.t
oJs-.vAli!rs tlia seaxini n d-.tlara tl
I I o
it, to b paid Si hen the n,r UacS ! hire,
4 ah hlirrty to turn to ttio season should tte
mart not pro with foaL
n U now nm years t 1. tils dim was hf
the lnitrled brs CWrvti his sire, the till
imported Dion, whoso ftcd jrres alnoat every
ptron Is well acquainted with,
An certa rity ranks with the best horses ever
trained on the BatU'jury turf, having been a
running hre since three years old. During
this lime, he has wm i t ra ra thrte t u-oulr,
atd3onemult beats aUotl.e bct thrte in five.
is a bwautitul h, r.s ng f ficta baixls
blfh, for musruirf power, anj hai.a kX
s.tioo,'la tasAn ew. 1UJ ; - --
There are a few colts from Dion i aed lUib
they are J he prod ire of eomnon znaea, they aro
wneommon m pornt nf aire, f.irrn'arid beauty, .
Ihe season has already commenced, and w.Ii
terminate the 1 at of Aufit . , j ,
Xali,hry, Mi, S,WJ. . lOtflJ ,.
Mo reunion lHlAe ftoctx.
THE first anniversary of this society will bo
holden at the Church in Muiganton on
1'uaday the 15th day of July. A new board of
Managers will then bo chosen a report mad of
the proceedings of tho current year, ami suits
ble BiLlreaSes delivered by the clergyman, and
others, of the different denomination of Chris,
liana. It la hoped, that the friends of the UXlo
In all parts of the country will be present, and
by becoming members of the a clcty, afford their
awl in the laudable design of supplying sll the
destitute m the county with the word of life.
158 C. EDDT, .Ter.
Vol let.
f I AKEN up, ami committed to
A the jail of Guilford county,
on the 21 of May last, a negro man
slave, w ho s ho belongs to tho
estate of William Thomas dee'd,
late of Marlboro' Dial rift. Knuth
.f'smlna. kHaid negro callahlnv
self Hum Is low ami stout built.
and appears to be 28 or 30 years of age. Ibo
0W4 CoUKtT.
StTERlOR Court of I aw, April Term, 1823 1,
Jane Weaver to. W illiam Weaver..l'eti.
tinn, Uvort. It ap'earing to the satisfaction of
the Court that the dcfemLnt la not an inhabi-,
tant of this State, it ia therefore onU red hy the .
eom that publication b made for three nonths
in the Western Carolinian, printed in hatisbury,
that the defendant appear at Ihe next Huperior
Court of law to be held fur tho county of Row
an, at the Court House in ftatiabury, on the se
cond Monday aAer Uio fourth Monday in fp.
tember next, then and there to plrai, answer,
or demur, or the petition will be beard ei parte.
Mr. GILES, C. 8. C.
.. Price ad, 4. V- --.- - lmt70 -
6UU ot wVorllv CatoUna,
own couwtt.
COnrTof Pbaa"and Anarter Setaiona, Vty ll
: Beaasona, 1823 Abraham H, Jqnee t. Bulr
net AusthiOrTpilal atttachtneiit, levied, fce-?
It appearing to the emiafaction of the court that
the ordinary process of law cannot be Served oti
the defendant, it Uthewfore srtVrd by the CoiiK. '
that publication be made for threw weeks la th':
Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury, tha
the defendant appear at our next court of Plea v -and
Quarter Sessions, to be b.ld for Rowan, at
the Court House in Salisbury, en the third Mon
day in August next, then and there to rcplew
aoi pbuuVor damur, wrjutlgmeiit f 111 h inl-1'
ed according to the ptantiff ' demand. '' ,
Teit, JXO, GILES, CTJ. . '
Price adv. gl 25 3(60 ' ,
fTlOlTllT of Pleaa and Quarter Sessions, lfar
Session, 1823 1 Alexander Nealtit & Co. fi.
cannot bo served on the defendant. It U
- .. .
Uo ourt, that rmWieatrorr-
be made for three weeks in the Weatem Caro-
bnun, printed in Salisbury, that the. defendant .
appear at our next court of Pleas and Quant
FcruonMobehrld for Rows' the Court llousj- ,
in Salisbury, on lite third Mwnday in August
next, then and there to replevy and plead, or'
demur, or judgment will be entered according
to the plant ifl 'a demand. w . . .
Price adv. gl 31 . 3t60 , .
Slalc of Xottti CwoUna,
Ct IJPEmOIf Court of Law fhirin BTemT 1 ftiH"
iQ - Crthartna
the Court 'that, publication bo mad for thr
innnili. iM iK. Ut. tl'.. i;: .1 ' '
the defendant appear at tho next court to b
hfldfbrtbeountfl)flredtB,aftl Court !lHis.f
Uiuiivii. ., ui I U Slll WMCUIIIIIKII. llA
in atatcsvdle on tbo Monday after the 4ti
- Jx i ii
Monday in sepuncr next, andplcadt anw;
or demur, otherwise judgement had pro
conl'esso, and the cause heard ex parte. ,
Witness, . . R. WOKKE, C(
Price sdv. 04.- - 3mt71
C0UBT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. Mar'
Session, 1823. James Torrence t. CharleV
ni Ctmner..t)rlgPa1 Itrachmenf; levTodin'tho
hands of Alird iv Kerr, sl ho ttimmonm) t:
r garnisbee also, on one Mgva boy. It appear -'
' ing to the satisfaction of the Court that the de-.
ifendant in thU cause resides out of thk Sutato. ii
therefore ordered, that publication be mjde in
mis court on the first flay oi lue next term to
be held fur the county aforesaid, at Statesville, on "
the third Monday in August next, and replevy -the
property levied on, and plead to the aid
Cause, tne plaintiff will be heard ex parte, and'
judgment rendered against said defendant pro
confesso. ' ; .-'
Test, -, fluids i on; cn.
Price dr. g4. , 3ri!t71
taflllftM OaS mM SI. .B U
1 1
i i irsfTiansttTm

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