Vurvt. t T T. o. irKnra ltith ftiirthlrt u c'lerUU e-ir hrarti, 'H preempt by P1mnn jpvtn, nl c'tcrfnlnri tin 1 j)prt 1 he Itmper beat fitted far bae b. Among afl the nufttbcilcM way ' ' i fly which folly Contrive In be wrong, There It po which more weakntu dlrplayt llifl wearing eyUage too long. Tli Ommpote nt Dowor dea'gn , That the gift of hi grace U enJoM Ifenen, he that forever rrpinrt, 1!! brttef be tetter cjplrii T.. , WhenlSret wi rrIJ oof ncf,, " r "TIU i arth fur''mnaion was given '("""" And Wl hefind fault with the place . . To wbkh he' slkHUd by heaven f ' Til I thin j , I believe , under!, f Jn whicJi every kc I agreed, Tbi earth u declared to be good, . . And eo iq the B.bU we read. . V tn&et Providence , tenant at wlfl, A fiat habitation we hold i Tor ui t be murmuring Mill, ' la wicked, ungrateful and bolJ. Tet weil-meaninr people I've Seen, Who think true religion ia ehowa ' By a or of woe begone i ein, And l sad, whining doloroii tone. Tit true there's t scon to mourn. At Solomon aysne'ertbeh- Our frit f altould be manfully borne, And Hi full to cheriah dlatrtt. A train of diaeaaee await On a heart that forever i 1, " And aome, from ft orro wing 'te, Become irretrievably mad. . That religion can never be true, Which bowe ludiacipte to arth. Tot he that hu heaven in view, ILu the beat of all title to luirtb.' With mirth then welt eherUh our beirta, Tie ft mandate by Solomon given, Tor eheerfulneaa surely impart The temper' beat fitted for heaven. TUB COURTIER. ' The make, tradition' tale aver, Cat a, once a year, hie apecklcd skia i Tet no improvement change infer i , 'TiaatiU the aclf-earne enake w ithin. Too Eke the topple courtier trim, - Who turn aid tw lt occasion' alave t -i-TiaeUnge ofiuV, not change of him! J?ew JtM4rjtt thf tame old knave! BcnaiTie or. . When Cupid'a-darl liafETpTc rcMltrhetrV- The wound mBaniea and tnen Of Zeph) r .inge ft fan he brings, aw quench thflws tgaia imui lAUrar liXltuets, &c, lui i i nn rrup , ,, - .,z:zx- . . . ' T - The foUbWg'extrftctl from VlJ. IMn eedltion to t!rf Rocky .ountajn, exniDrt tne . character of our V eatcrn Indian in ft new and - intereinr iiaitt '.f AuuuuUy, in the raomh of July, tlie Mi n nearer celebrate their irrejt me dicine dance," or ti nee of pei.ittnce, which may well be compared, wuti tne f l '. . nr iknutorv torture V( lf -lninj- tt CAutta, r On this rccaaion con Tdcrabie qaanliiy of f-od i prepared, - bich uveil cookea, ai.u servca up ; in -'their best rnanner. Th devotret ' "v."tr trnrl 'n.V to thnr music at intervalt, frthne pr tour uayt togem r in f,,!Viiew of victual!, without at ttmntintr to taste of them. But they - j.-.-....r !.'"l:'';.-r---UU- do not, even aiina i"8" -.,.,.Am.rl Anitalit. .Andif astrap .$eOAteir8Jhem tnrv turtureft commetiCc. to hich the 'precedi ng-ceremoruea -rre Jbut-fjc. fudee. An indivfdual presents, him self before one of the oftciating magi, crying and lamenting and rcqaesting hini to cut a fillet of skin from his arm, which he extends for that purpose The devout operator, tnrusts a narp instrument thrdugH the skin near the ,tf fhen Introduces the knife, and ri:"tIrto;tfie" shotderTBOtlteUt A request bands of skin to be ctif from his ?iferA ihWirftaye-Ki breast ' Hayed; so as to represent a fall moon or crescent. A fourth submits to the removal of concentric arcs of skin. fromhis bfe5ist, Afi nun v- vp ". romnvf small pieces of skin , froni vartoye indicated parts o. hit. bo. '. r. .1 . , . .n i rnii LndEifl IS dvf lor tnis p'p"5 " : . . .. h akin, and the piece is tut tff,-by passing the knifcwder 1 1 tj 1 1 t!i mf U i 4' f , t'i tkfCJ a bole li.riM.g tuc Mt! uf t.i O.O'ilJcri, d .lirr ptin(; a 1 tord throun cmcij ul ti.e 'luiea, ,r rmiifi t' ft (r .l,"iltn Ut lunv diS -r,j ' W - t nce (roin the v alt ir, and much one i.f the Imon aVulI Cutlrct d ihrrr. I'm ihc ehoki-n cr.iiiiuni he afixrt the end ot! hit curd,, and drags it ia thi pan fal maniur.tu the lodne, amu-d which he must g with hi buraen, Ix-fiire he can bs rclcaud from it. No one it orrmiitcd toait hinn, nei thrr dares he t i put his own hind t iKr-CorUa, to wile tru to bit ftUlltri If It thoirld eo happww ht the Im uf the cranium get hooked utlJt-r root or oiher'obai.icVea, he rout e xtn eate it in the best manner he c, by pulling diflerent wyyi, but he munt nA 'touch the rpe or the head with hu h-nd, -r in any respect -ttrmpi to relit ve the painful stuin upon hi Mounds, until hi complete tak is per formed. S me of ihe prnitrnts have arrows t'trouiih variuu mucular p4ru ofthcir bodies, as through the akin nd supvi h ul muscles oi tne arm. It g. brtH and' A devotee cued two stout arroui to be pavttu ihroutth tne mottles oi hit brcaat, one on eth kidr near the mamtn. lo lhee arrow, cords were attached, th pp si erndof which were tfi cd t the . pjM r prt of a pot, which had been liunly iiitpuntra in the tanh I r the p.irp sc. He then threw hintsilf buckw; td. into an b- liqiiepoitionthi Ixtk withm about io lect ol the s il, so a to drpmd with the greater Kni n ol hi weight by lite ccrdt. 1m ihs aituauon ol etcru c'uting agony, he chii.t and to keep time to the mutic ol the gong, until Iroin lcng binnmcc and aifleni'K he Uiniid. Ihc bystanders then cried out, " Courage, c rage," with much shouting and noise ; .iiur a sh.rt interval of insensibility he revi ved, and proceeded with hit aclf-inBi. t edtortuie as before, until nature be ing completely clhuatrd, he agin re- upbed into InsenMbiiny, upon wni n Ik was loosed from the cords, and car ried off smidot the acclamations l the whole MSSimbly. Aniither Miunct.rce,in compliance with a vow be had made, caused a tn hi VM-rforairii lhrirh ihe mu cles of each . shoulder Jhroughhest bjilcs;cordtere' passed; which were, at the Doosite ends, attached by way of ptrtdirtcr horstrth-t had been pen- ned up three or lour days w ithout looa or water. In this manner, ne iru tne horse-to the m rgio jLlhcjriver. TheJ)OJSC, of fpurse, endeavored to drink, but it was the pmvince of the Indi.m to orevent him, and that only h atraimni? at the cords with the mus- del df m& rcuiO. tiHBOUWrtrivng- - :T" w. . . . . io the assistrtnee of hi hands. And notwithstanding all the exertions of the horse to drink, his master succeed ed in preventing him, and returned with him to his lodgr, having accom plisheV his painful tank. Fnm th FuyetUrcM Obterver. . HYSON TEA- TheTacT has hern demonstrated that the genuine H ysonTra may be success fully cuhivatf d In th tat The exr prrimenr h;s been tried, and the result has been the meat satisfactory, A Ja- dy, the wife of Mr. John Newi3od, oi Chatham County, found a-teed much resembling that of Buck-wheat, in the rw tt m of a boxof Tea, w hith her bus. band had purchased in this town. 5K"rilatirrA the- seert tn her warden, and t kst-mtid urt vi rdtrnti ftd e f cP r riSh rioFtonTihe-IJfdtr'of M r;-Johrr Far- ri' gtnn, of Chatham County. ho also I nlnnlH Ihl H t and HIIICI VI UM1 I . -.1.1 . fit., .lii. tl hia Infnr mttion fr XV I Mrs, Farrington, und also rbtatned from her some of the Tea and Seed He pUbted the aeed in bia garden ii this town, where it can be seen b those who are curious to witness the products of the East-Indies transferred --...K rritr-nf thi Article bas dMw iuted of the smaU potC" l pbtineo cy nim, w mwrvi a Tritm nn thr mode r? curinc this valuable plant is quite desirable, ' 'IL.. 144 ' - . - - e ta .eAataT0 ceeaitt. S',t OuAKLta BaatPrTLbi. lately .ui 'Sr. tt atrrrt ftf L ndr n bv a set- rqnt -rirtV wife lived in Sir Charles. family, and whose jealousy appears to Vaii . ate c f .n f ft j.T it vc, wai arrivt J a! tl.f tfu.ut'atcrt tfliW lie in .rnrd a MoOir, U ij'.fj at the af.erwsrj icim. She w at often teen oi en sreo n ...c , rC hill 'V CuraraM AS.olt, ac. w m Mh , ,)tn; juMaUcftW, u ..list. wirf. ir the P,arr7 .t .hrU hi. r....k m .p.lJ-irttMXisne-'was .Itodistlnguished f-r( , . . . v . bruins i the' was ahidntlnu driving to beautiful little hoisrs, whi h Shendan alludes to in the School fr 3 aidil. " s-ire never wa ae -n t wo twh beau'iful poniea Other borae are clowns but Una macrouit Sir Oniric abandoned he r so n . Iter marriage, previous to hich she aban doned heraelf so notor'iou!) , hat hen the prevent Sir' George 0.mpf)lde grew Vp7W ( -ommal) father wa in Uu habit i.fiuUodncing hiin MM Lady U4irjf)Ue aut and my heir.! UjH.n ,ha Uf 6CCa.,o, say the Lrnn inz allowed to amootn tne uymg nu lowofhererri nolJsposo! Sir Charles U.'s father was a miser, who inherited a god ettntr, and 1 ft behind him a much greater. , 1 he s. Jkers who h-ve pocket-books fi bed st ub . ..-!'' r,f nurtijpfi.tilr cirli cf the oil- auct reded to it at an esilv asrr, and, as is usual, spent it much faster th in his fithrr made it. In all the insolence of of his Triune, one of hi servant con trived to offend him. for which Sir Charles threatened tok'uk him toh I f you do, s-id the man. I ill tell your father how yen -re p ndmg his money.H When this old Adonis was abmt sixty eight. he fell in love with a dutchess-widow, and resumtd a smmtiess of dress and appcann e laughlle (in the eyes nil but the widow) that the following lines were tent to him : A, rumblrr, JEl tn, 68. rars; j -Hi. eye. through a rinkled corner, cav. their He bows rlicutnaiici (till soft tliinjc '1C ! Toothk-aa, he fancie. thafehe yet i jounjr, And atrainabiacripple'd knees, andatruU alonj.1 CANNIBALISM. Ritrartsnf letter Irom Mr. J.Wil li iins, to his fa'hrr, at anchor in Ko ro adica bay, in Ne Zealand, riding nut a glc of wind, dated Aptil "23 1822: 1 went on h. re' the other day, and sa the head of a vtrv ttreat ihief. belnnging to the liver Ihnus, with wh se p rtv Sioiffee hud gone to w.r. Fhe.chieCs ame wHs Ii n. kt, a vtn large man. It is aaid he rrceiied b ur ball before he fell. Immediately al ter he fell, Siugee, wi'h a rvtugeful -- .'.kirn -a-- else. caught h'u Wood as it m stream in fnttn his veina, and drank it.with 1J ihe eagerness possible. Hut this is not all; they cut him I mh m m nmo, and Vara' delicious mcslof bim. '! large canoes are now rtturcng from k- ua in urri' rlirrlinn. "Ihe dav tlje n .1 ii. before yesterday three returned, ne or two of which had a man's head, at the head anu stern, ano aeverai jmi nn they had taken in the war. One of our teamen wert on shore at a chief's place, whose name is Pomare, and saw ehaU,.aU.picttLlLr;tU.btCiUghvirpni the war, rne of which was a child , about 1 Smooths old.prob.bly the child of a great jhicf. Poor Hinaker had two brothers, the one almost as fine a man as himself j ihe other a fine oung man about 18 or 20 years old all ms sacred, and eaten, except th ir heads. which they preserve either as t. kens f vicmrv.or to sell to Christiana lot mus kets or nowdrr. to enable them toe x- ecute,' more effectually, thtir wicked deeds. LF.ARNtD DUICHMAN. A phenomenon has appeared at Am- I a sterdam in the shape of a Dutch Im provisator. This individual, a dislin iruished merchant, named Clercq, al though only 27 years of age, hat ac nuirfd a thvrottrh know led jTr ttf- histo- j ej- ' w rvssiiid of tiet1t r LatrnSpaft1h4taI- rUntth 'IiteratiTfe.'"-' He rtciies by turns; anrl with enthusiasm, the poems of Clderon, Tsso, Voltaire. IJyroo,nd RrlviiWr. To all thUknowWKe-bfc j. ihs the inspiration which alone cre ates a poet ; ana wnacis ery eun dinsry, his poetry jft almost w holly ex temporaneous. A mong ttc subje cts uhii h have thus been illustrated by hi genius, one of the most remarkable was Melpomene,- proposed tp him in the prr8Triee"of Hbein44ittite-C4nmen rifp: with the dramatic art in ns.ieeoie iiimntf iiii .-." -e yh.nndjfrsch inihmythe followed h m s vigorous ' 'rw w a ft' t ei demcted in several brilli. nt passages (the truth of which was cknowledeo oy tne if arneq urcea; scholars ot the Institute) the distio guishirg tbaracjer of adi-of those and thence passed to Ita- aa-v a a - Ivtb France, to Ergland, to Germany. and back to Holland j taking a rapid bu( admirable view of the dramatis lit craturccf those; counuici. Us r.n. tt f'.l. Jimi't t''"h t' enrrpri. rtovrd xr ' '1 t! !r m,i,tn, Iir ' ..'toalmtvcftooe. Ananrtd.HeUrcUU'1 14 il tm MIC , ,. 'r .tl UU lM h I fir wt iini"nu .i -- woods ol Kentucky. I fouhi.nd pellid the sragvs, nd hoprd Ut re pose, (iame was abundant, snd oui path was pn sptroot, Uui soon 1 was molested by inteiloprs lrm evcrj quarirr, Agin I retreated to the re gion ol the "Mississippi j but -pm lhet speculators and stttlrrs I. llowed m. Once more I will drew to thclukai J Miouti 4rd here at Irrg'h I Upt d to d rrsl. But I J4 still puiVot d I J .0 ?J MARIMAUE BROKERS. In Gtnoa there sre roairiage tro- a a t.a at names of martigfhble girls of the dif ferent clttses, with notes of their fig m m ures, personal attractions, fortunes, ac. These brokers go about erdevorii g to arrange a conr ection and hi n they fcurrrtd.thrv c t a commission of 2 or 1 ru-r rrht. ulKifl the DOrtion. MftT- v r" i t f . . riage at Genoa i tjuitea matter ol cal- lulalion, generally setilfd by the par- rnta cr relations, who often draw up the contract before the paitits have seen one another j and it is only when a r ev ry thing else is arranged, ai d a lew das prttioua to the marriage urenio- nv, Hut the IU Uie tusuai.u ni"" I " . . I .1 t. m 1,1 " " m". t ' , "". ' Should he . auu w,u a,.-.. ... or appearance, he may oreai 11 ne matih, n condition ol his denying ihc brokerage, and otner exwtnses in curred. . ' ' v COUETS. Mrs. Dt.ha- b of Bethpy, in Nw Jersey, uaaiht moth r of il rreanja Mr ilai,p itr. hiiihl ai ' n rlishedaid beatilllul j the o.r.g lad ts have I i g been in tin lubil -l being a tight -a ai. ol thir reicl bots; one bus tc coii e quiie irfnm, and the ther two rii.l.iulv diooo. Ti t alaimd parent sUted trie siiuatUn of her childnn to hrr i Id friend the tentr. Me Ur. Galen of Phil delohia, who so n altei the re- jteiptol her uolc,lorajdtdtLt: Lllow iuir reply: JUaJumtl he cast e-f yoor charming j m a t .1 . - rlnhiKn ufT. rts me. and n wh Ic ex perience rriav be put in requisition to astist them ; lhatthey were ne anny tro bustard fine children. I perleitly recol lect, and ihai their henlths are now im paired may perhaps be solely asenbtd io thrmselves. Fdthhn destroys nu re females thntrr. Fu m amisuken notion of b item g the best oik of Heaven, the infatuated fair lisk health and evrar iile itself. I dee mlhe. tdUtt of the preset t dy to be a perfect i n gine of torture, ai d worthy the inqui stiion ol Goa, ar.d Rome, ard infinite ly woisc than the siojs of time pone by. 1 hece last to be sure w etc injuri ous, but they left the lesen blance of frmale sh. ce ! the corset, op the con- trarv. nrments the waist as nrularU Jjndjind untapejrjng aa a w hite lead keg. Ihe oldtn stays, I rememoer, were lated with a silken suing, of the sT2e of the finest twine, but the corset require s a rord equaling the hew string of a Kickapoo Chief. The antiquated hoop was' of a foimidable ejpansi' r, and when fiist thrown upon the public eye created no trivial sei.8i.tii i but in itself it was perfectly harmltthete was no compression about it ; ard the lirfv ft Krt dip ti s b a f rlr w tthi r t s -ample. cntxirrifctm t vtrv oVg tet have,- and t ver y4nh ion must have:itsTav. I anticipatsf 1 i . . j L . r.:.. ..N line tiappv nt'iHi-w--mav t T . - 'r ; Ml 1....I, tion ol tne lair creation am au N-r rl M llh .I'lllB fll W alllH). and tiers of whalebone. I he consti tution of our females must be excel lent, to withstand in "any tolerable de gree the terrible Inflictions of the cor set 8 long hours every day, or the hor rible total of 1 78 200 minutes in 1 year. Kn nthr-r nnimal Could SUTVIVe it. Tak erThe" fKneut ;XY-atMl-close-bis sides with' hoop poles, and put an oak- i rn pi.itia umvi.. , d I of him labour He would labour in deed, but it would be for breath.- Splin ter and belay a pig in the same; way, and a w hine might be aspirated,rbut it would be ' whine of expifition. But I fear I am trespassing too vlo Iently on yourpa'ierce, and in.ptijrto you conclude with the old Caledonian motto, Spero meliora." Yours, CALty. HV.LWUH '. COMMl klCATl D Ai a laic nmiii.i tif the fnenibers tf il i Sim irtv, the fullowlne Olf.ce is wcra e In led for the e tmuint: term I Hm Ales Mitr, PieiUrntj Jno. Ds a . , , & f i't era a I n a Ii Tsima, t KC rrrtniei tl) II, Id I.. Hnilei.Corr. Sec'ry Holt. II. 'JXih, Hrror. SfC'rfl Ben. It Ulume, A at . i a a fieaiuieri mi. t.. mmt Aimi r. Sherd. I to a Ilnd. Ldniur.d Maion. IWm. E. Ahderon, A. J. I). 1 to set, .vaiari I. iota, irn juiision, nobt. If. If Wash. Donned, Mngtrt Hii Sitietv tl.tes it orivin about 11 J n - DuMb Ink . nd, wiitj rjiosl othf ruof ' the srue kind In thi bl e it to be escri bed to the esciiiont of Dri Uolitiaon, the " iCalnjtr iti(Jetatigblr and tocrett fu! " Aicent of the Talent IniliuiKn. His he- ieioln.1 proposition for the ettabliih nu nt w a no Mron.-r annoum rd than it met the f ri It atsenl, nd deiiied appr ubatiori of the h'ucei.ta of ihe Uolvetiiy, more than a hundred ol whom instantly concur ltd lift !,e hotle drsliin. Frota the ne. culiar, nature of their iiution, snutba tenor cl their pursuns,lui moie tluw all, fiom ihe utiloor.lle chararter which mikicprcseniaiion has attached to them, the (licumtunre ileubtless cicited tjta i-utpiize, if not aMriiiidimeiil of the com n.iinnv, and niay have been regarded as the icvlIi of a inone mat) impulse. 1 ha ateati) spbil, however, whlth has uni loimlv aiiimafrd the mimUrs, and, tha unabated teal whirh haa maintained tha stsinlini ll iltt it encieased the tRicien ' ct of the Soiietv.iltarlv pro.eit the off spring of lu.l.iuul brncvidtM letlinjs and ct ft) ntd ( hriil..n ptioiiples. A Jtv onh.lud lilt ihe tpiii ual n tiue'ice of re liaicn; tutaaw' had iuteae(l the happy t fleet ol the Goptl on the community. I l et had seen it the ref.ime ol public norals. the patent of aoiiJ order, th Mtiiite of iiiClkidiul leli i v abd of public piofjent). 1 hev l.t.d seen it scftentnr the tatav' II tientot into ihe civilized man, ani keliioK down, the looming, Indi vu into the u-i ful r iut o t nikI it was tho ii flutnre of that 'piiil wl irh has placed il e word of ( ' 'mo (he htnrl of hratK hi, that ilttei mined them lot fTord th s nie lira-ure t; our (It.ti'tite f ItotO'titi t'Ht, uniicd to them, aa they ate, by tha eniiraiii tie ol inuntry. It wa soon u.uiid that no neighborhood prrtenttd an an plrrfitld, or niore crowd, id ohjrtts, for the t XrrrUe of active plJ larithtopv and christian rharity. I ha liRbtof sciepce" thouuh o rear, hd ml diivrn sway the dtkhesofiKnprnce, bnd to sdd to the wrttchednets oi their ait uki Ion. that were destitute of the 44 lies t rf Trfes'- to wt tafctrleted 10 aladden thtj ejfliciid Uih aiVd to cheer the dresrinets' ol povcrir .Xi.der theae connderatiofi. .. r.- -. '. L i - k..'f u: - tnt riOCICiy nai yiuiuim a imiwi ' i ui- htf s and festamentt for the purpose.of iarr)irir thin to every "man'a door by gratuitous uiinbution or oy srconimoas unR i he it pilces to the respective iibiliiiei" of rurchawts. In the caparny of fttu dents, the members are aomewnai conn ned in the sphere of their active opera tiori; but thi inconvenience i measurt- i bly iWoied by the employment a. agents ifi th ("diintf '.' from whose aral ia . ; ttvr tMt of Ihe lhble snd intimate ac quamtance with the cin umManeet of the people. thet deiive ihe pleftint assurance that it wi'l be placed within the reach of all theit ileatitutejitiHhbi.urs. 1 l is Sn ieiy is exr luMiely composed" of tlie-Sjucli nls ol the Universit, und if lht t klll l.t to dtsere drritiion, or ho call lorih praiiej it should assuredly be; plat en io tne cieuii ui uui uwi 'i"i Ko to do away an prejudicet which maf ha arisen aeainst character. -Thr kre several cirtumt'nreshichniusl render this bocieti peculiarly interesting and important. Inuiesiing.. aajil is n or iimmt ol the feelings and sentiments by whh h the joim n en of our Universi ty are actuated important, not only front Ihe bern filial influence w hit h it may shed arcund-its Irom'ttliate. circle, but beeause ihe splat sijlijb P?: mW&& !! .miy":t'ftlitiJetff:an eaged toibeiacdVcLPWtto breathe - forth -in similar -insuivuona throughout the State. T T "'Be!ieviYigthfsiTTieor ly institution " ihe kind amongst us, solely constUutcd i... m.h.' lr ii hrnfd to itimolJte the 1 s. me class in other parts, to enlist W a cause, eonsecrsted by a holy leligion anj godlike charity and farthertbat . .1 b r h.lii..n ilL behold in it el- tber the reproach of their backwardness or an encouragement to their exerttors. ' 'a., a ' a a a W aha non professors will leei tne wrc mation of thia Society, andbe InduLedta province of Daiecarlia, it is customary lof young females on1 their weddinn j.t tn rni rarn ni 111c tuw . i a pair of stockings or gloves of .their 6wn kniuing. This custm is held s sacred, that weddings are frequent? deferred, because' the requisite quae' lity of atackings and glovci u ished. have pccn exwicu 4twu 4 the mstrucaea

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