North Carolina Newspapers

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tkry co b pubnJitd.
All Utter xbiiTMcd to th felltor, mutt be
pit 'pJtd, or they will not be attended to,
rillLO WHITE.'
Sign, Coaci, inA Uouac
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part, devoted alnn bit tirntioii t ac-
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btitinem, he frelt confidcni tit hi jnjf able to
, auiMi'wtxin lo i:im honwk be nkatrdto fa-
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and Glailnp will alw h exeru'ed in a n-at roti- i
Her, and on rvaonatle crr . lie iw acc;i
n hand, for tle, Cpl a-'d Jpan f umith.
Winttjl, at an apprtnu r 'c anTf
tnrv pr.v, 11.,-,. u..rvinj. m . t
nancr will Do C'tn.
AW Afr. Vt. 3. 1823. J9
ttvrs li. MAMf iON n-attrctlidlv iiiforna
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etonr orto lda, from IStn 151)1 ajfv, ', a'i;I eiilplo)!.! niy COI respgn
of rr 4.1 and in !u'r?wa ImViH to 'ion, if t,., anniC or mjrcwnj a thaii bt
f'ON r-jfrftlt.liy ml'!
!C nff'lUn- ihi' id I I
K. f irr. on .Mam-Vt t
-where he ii iu nfiDam.l. a ith a srwKl wt cr
tooU tntmr kiwi .f -
He ttfirct Hit t In mav t? hit" uifn ihef
Ow'om, that tbcir-wnrk ihall bf f UC itvd m at
mt'om, Miai tncnvwnrK iiuii or rxec iuu n ai
I tie niiiii'o,"tlia 'ic 'cri;.. ihi' tA I thp! : M mmr hodifi itdcfd whi.h
tlie countn. An kinltrM lr. ry narrd, , -enc of iie(iiril. h . fir lit r,jerl, ' to
- jmI om lilada nutb. .. Jvfc.1 nf ryrry flr.'r.r ;nl44rjrr.4 jn. what iiiinr:il at luve in
lahitlineofbut.niu.willU unkhiy riiviwd, '(j, ,uif uK hri'u'er ,.ri or mv iH-ein
Icti te at a pn.i nr, mr dirnd on ''L . i
bwnj their Work at (U r!,f..'lv .ttemlr 1 1.. n-l f 1,fc "r l,u h ,njV rtlo,n1P
teturnedTaa tbonirh tttevw Nt,',r. nd-W'fit lu U aUi... ia i U t suiu.
ntheoldesUhr:' e.I 'ilmhuri pne ar nrjfi 1. ' nirirt." Wr ww'i lokno hrlhr sum
.Sn;ry. .frf. 13. 2?. '14 Vrfi ,, s jU,j mi,e, d h.ivi lrrr -he nl
NORTH C 110!. IN V. ,li"lrOe,e , ' nliUMlOIIOl exial also
' BURKK couvTT ' ,iii ottirr pU. et n- vei nmivvd; whrihe'
' T C'rP'EllltlS Cmntlttir Tr r-H; 1K2J ! W a1u ildc .fculxUa
O Loice P- ilnton w. K-ki I 'tfniii(f. 1 1 rra of Hie tatne rl .. wiili h Ii ie lioi !kii
Pet'tion foriliv;rce amali nnv. It ap;v iring- ium m all, hc-ue Ihev rt not known ;
to the anfiifaction of thet'onrt, tha- tin dcfi-n- jn, whnhtr we h.e not wiil.iii'our lim
daitinthiaca4eriii.lpawiiiiH.ul.i- li,.!.of ihia wm f for W(il h me n-)l(. i( . ,
State, it it therefore onWre I "tv the Co'.rt, tliat , . f , ... n- t
, .. . . .. , . . ... . i Urire tumt oi nvifiet .iUwmcI. h hr u i d
V. ,. r .i .i ,i . ... i r .. i ;nr,i f .f I hi k iiki krp liilllili. Mini rr all
i ;,ro'.nia ii rmrrc ii.omu.x iiuii ine iu'iciuani
p ji at at the nest Superior Court of l-aw, to be
beld for the county of Iturke, at the Conrt-Houtc
in Murjfanton, an the fourth Mamby of Srp't jn
iJut,4bcn aiitltiuercLto petition,
, othtriae the petition will be heard ex parte,
and decreed accor -tinglf.'
Copy teat, - r. IV. ERU IV, C. B. S. C. L.
Price ad. 6- 3mt64 '
CbmT of lMeflt and Quart, r StMiont, April
Station, 1323. Nichoiat Viichacl, m. John
P. Mataw v Origiiud attachment letieiiun Umi,
i. .:...! .La Qil.fiolinn nf the court, that
appealing w v i.
th rfrpn..nt ia not an inhabitant of thit Stato,
. ? ..... U n aiiftAd. Vt llfl II
CCess vi IA in ine nMiorni.. -
ppr'rat oururTtowt of f Irw-atit T'larteT
Sca-iohs f6bf btld.for therotinty of l)sd:n, at
J4iUtiIwjri-he4tW Mfl
' Jav7n"Jidvr-neirrrhftnindth?w to rr;i'eTy and
Vfd, or judgment .will be tkeneor(ling to
Hit DiMi "'
r t A
, 6i6i
. ... . . I'k Iw iti iir
from the tub
.sr.bert, living in
ok District, ,
Ca-rnUna, on the
Sfith Mav last, five
' roci,ilillbtrC;
' fclloV about $5 year of stout, made, black
i uuipkxiari, inn !TlgctoMgPtil'ift
bat a dp n look when apol'en to. I'inllia is
and a brifht muktto child about 3 montli o!dv
T ttfla inn rlirlr okilinlftSrlAli- Oflil Pranks h.itli the
ont of Giiert, abiiuV eeve'n and eiht year p
age, mU boy Tb above reward of bt'ty 4d
, art will be gien, and all reatonable eipente
pa'dt o twetrn -five dollar wrll be given for
Ubert akme. delivered at llarrisbur?, S. C
-----'2, .-v"-'1-; john KTMitn.1, ' '
" ''Jane 3,1425. ' (4 ENRV COL iliCCP. -
ACItlCt LTl Itr. OrV'MI I It CAHrtLWA.
' itttm i -I'O
Clirk yl"-r, r'.. rtbi7 f lb So
t an Agrictihitral Hoeietr.
fui ILiiu,; au.uf.tri1 om cener.
f Jiii1p!p,'btrh I tMxV Clrit lo R
irrn tiln wt(rf 'ri1 impe ihc
.f4ifrtuJftte"f piwcAltMi
(Hefwrrd ot twtctlf in tho awbjef I ol
four .1i1irVr " lVni i!T 'l-ll-fid thif
ari'ir jr'ipliio5, M in haf ReulKScltur.
tjnf lhrit4te lkrn,M eiiiSrurftartob
rtt whli'h hit an impoiUnt lerint( on
l ie luteie! of tjl oiuire I 1'
rert-ln wht titer the titati toil pri-
p it likely i b the bnt thil could be
tciimJ, inr tummt or ti mtoei.
eiuiiuii. U'lt proef.iliiiOii the ground
(h-l venloilftl ure d lhe Ule 1 ,
nmi in!rrrt!lrtif and Imiiorturit idtiect, we
rmw leaf the narticuljr rnwJe b? wbirh
il it lo be accompli trl lo futoro dicu
J(i. Mr prrirni o'ljftt It,' to our r my
reutont far thinning to favorably cf the
athnnc itMtif.
I hu.ri i hat ilirectrd mr reading of
Uc Ki4rd Hie aludy v K'ruti on ac
conn! of Itt tupp'jted praclic! ten.lrnr,
ki I da not n.oUtt m ui mr
tiil.Srrt i Mild deMlillf 10 C1U till tilt HU
brller, boih for (ormii an r
pritinj; ine t)Ojel, i nwn you natt m
iltrd the allention of our citizrnt, and f'
offerln mr reont for that opinion when
lormru. I haie obtained imm rirni, no
it with H it wlenre, detailed
ttatement rejTliii,r the oAr t.f a rro
luilfal turwey, anil in uavamu , w men
may be Xpeted to -rriuc f om il loihe
nuijlic. 1 am hi liberty iiioieoirr, to
nijka audi ue of tnia iifi nmion I
n!rr. iii ahall Mierelore aiuil niv-elfnf
r t
It, to a tun i lerblc etriil, m I he filo
i'i(C.obkcrva(ii:t ; itlet tli audi prtt at
I deem nioM import nt in my preteni
Ii nooeart nut efolocrr. in a acteniifir
trine, i ' the widv of ilie Carih em
'.larinx ihoir iniiiiuute tu!surtet whi h
ur naiurjiU fouid fin or belov ih! ur
,--V. .1.1-.
. ' .. . . 7 . T . .
number ol p intculura.. uh ny tmmn
HH. V ' irt-40-1 vi'rrv pL. i" 1 " fi-Hrr
'44Mri4'uliw4i4ve -rery Ji'tk ti dq T th
he fHoiiioiiun tour ohi rt and mine
. - . - . j
i - - -
liounrrd to the publi' I r wih to kuo of
wlul Hi they are wnl It the-biti
meaMof hi i"K'nK tor m into u e ant! how
t fflif turn them t nr t-l accMMii.
We Heiire, thertlore, not only lo have
(teolonicarsiurver nude", but to have the
reiult published in suh a form, that it
may be penerally uhdf rstontl, nnd. so far
as is expedient, reducrd. to.prui lice. I
theicfore, tir, entirely approve of your
suggestion respecting the expediency or
havine the result of such surveys lun
made, Uid before the briard of aricuM
'; .i i. j ...L.I".
. i -
ture. to be nuhlished. either wholiV or Hi
- ,., .,.. n- ftr it.. ..U.
r'"'fe7i:l.ilif.i?i". ?r. nrn ai rf thi iiW
rteiT'tl ,T-l CIHHK W Ill-M ini':
gedoRkstllartcyi'of 'tbe auie t Such. 1
i,iT7confident, are the views which prevail
TMii ttinc h rc'ppcrln? The ctjrrt nf the
proposed suitey. Id the copious de
tails which my fiiend has been o good as
to fiiiniah rcipecliriff thr advantage vihkh
vfiil accrue to i he public, from such jd uti
(leititkinVhe husiiuisteJ that the respec
tabiiity o.f the state will 'be 'much-promo-ted
by il and Uii enough. 'been; Irea.
dy disrpvered to intltire ..compelyjnjjjnjfcj
To beiieve, lhat fmufT rc searches in our
even hintect, that NWib-VarotitTrmaK
when she has a f ir cljim to appear con.
spit uous ; that her mineralogy orctipica
no little space In work that treat of H is
stjciee thit a fnrtiijner would Mippoe
$ho ti in this Jcspect ?he least Rll'td td
any state tr the Union i whereas, thrif
is reason to be lie ve, that all this feniint
dcfiriency'ls oing tathe: act,, that J et
mineral treasure .have ; bitbeito' ben
scarcely At all eapioicil" .but ibat, weie
Ihrv full devtloped tn the f iirnt that
fioin prefn up .tt.n' 'bey be
liird lo rlt North t ..,'.n .'ould no!
only he freed I. o n jr (!i.rcc lit Ih
rnnndrioii of Imf rpineraly with hl
i.f brr tUttr states, but woulJ command
nrniaUe diatitullon.
f renfrti, I feel im t little fnotN b
rn'ilrrafions profrstedly toikbinr the
Kmtnf tapf Cblily ofSCr t tAjf
ihrn I re Bert that litest m mm do not w
"th'Vb ttnirrn u"irprf ent at lftoe
which re more mmtdiielf conneried
with our ftrtuniaru inter'. Motive
like lhee eern more proper to be ad
rlr ttrd to mr lrilatu'e than to our agrl
cultural tor ir lies i I'r are not o much
in puryiii of honor at profit. I ht there
fure thought beat to paa over such ton
iderli'n a the foretoin. 'o eti,trr
no'iirdi-ie Iv oniheminiry, U Tsl;i.
ir'fu o aomri'iTiai t mt ui-
AiiiTn toe' moat importaot of lbese(
are the loIiowinK t
! Iron, J ,
2. (ivpvum,
3. Silt,
4. Limestone,
6. 'rrrtorif , including rnitilej
, . 7. P-int and d)C.itu(Taf ;
8 SUiev, ) ,
8 Mculli oret.
I.ti at dwell a little on encH oflhee
ti')tianre xp-iratrlr) rutuMne, t the
iimo time, ho farjhr tooud survey
will foiitnUutc to promote lb ducovery
of them, and to inttodure ihein into such
notice as may condute lo the public good-
Of th Irtu MiUtt and ManhfiUlwrf e.MrlA iron fonatittite the fcvtit of all
the arts ; that the inilrumenf by which
all mrchaiiral i peration are carried on,
are l.,lnirntrd ol mil metul ! ht ettn
the mplt f f all arts, tht of lilting the
Bioiind, iIU for it aid either lo Nthloii
or loniiiiiite every oneuf itsimplrmrn! ,
are 'points wunivefirfDv'ltn'rwTU'thsr it
i upc: ilnou to dwflf on the tjses of
mm, or to ii' ire how much we if imlrbi.
e-l to the mineral kingdom, fc arTouiinK
i i w ma uch fthaustlr abtmdaiice.
thjt liort tinJiteiiable imrpo,
. --'-1 '-V! V "iif""-'" 1
whatever ma e mt1 faimit;; ami ercry
Liftii.r will Ktant, that ie dt and roiKt
employ 'jfrt qiiitVrni-'"of tbi tfh le
mr year. .1 Jt be Ir.g mirt'tllrd ihrn Ibat
mnt have rvjwrlhe rpir rorr i,-Aw
. munvftC'U' fii ffsr cerrM, of tkult we
i ifi'jri it from uhr'td1 The only plea thai
1 f .ii Link of in Ltor of obuiiing i' fioiu
tiio .d. is. that wt can buy it thraier than
ip - tun mike jLUhti isi ?f cin do htlr
! emplovinK our labourers in aRrirul
tine, and exchanging our cross foi iron,
limn wr can i!n,by transferrint them from
this employ ment to the manufacturing of probably would be unnecessary ; for
w. irintw fir lt lor enterpiir l.ild open
bv the cttntve manulacture ol any ol
our native uiHteri da, and etreci.dly the
rue titiiler rnusideration, a rsoatiropo'r-
Irtht inrans would le introduced lor at-ir-'ini;
the liibr ol emiuralioijj aritTa most
initiii) object would be pres? nti J to fo
reign miner and tn-nulacturtrs to rrttle
h4fMlv be-rer f be, b--the way.
wotil l hiinalonu with them iJcgree of
skill exceedingly" favorableT the' im
provement of our -arts. A ouuber of
otberjeanona occur lo me why it ia better
to manufacture tins article if ye can, a
much as is sufficient for ourselves at
IfiSt,- thn to depend on foreign aup.
pliesJauilbcg leave to atalt-ihese rea
sons in order. -
.. The manufafture f ifonliint w
nalu fron'rxu ueni tmfilui mml Uiflik e
rho"st other., orih4rtSt--it -fa
pb'iipHt T iriwily fo-4b"ttltJ miml m
rail as aRriculiurer Jn these reptt lt
a Ij)v contrast tt these manufac
turing employmenU, which ricbintatethe
fiartic, debase the mind," pollute the mo
mis. and -pgtrmijUr imnuir the watiwnal
slrcni-th. Noemplofment probidily tends
more tnan in is, to creair enicnniin
indusulous habits ; and it isproyerbjal for1
its peruihir pijwer to nerve the arm, and
imivrorate the breast of man. , . ( ,
3. In' a neruoiarv 'noint. of view, it h
khtji-ctto ciV than almost any o'ber
phiLlovme nt that can be tumea. i oo
J L! ZLZZl.. - ..... :
b sid)iccl. to
Wit- ftWiftaff-; fltwtuatWBVfiE
tLririmBtjtif Udhneetea ita b up?
ply of alii urw
tver to Pocut of use,' or indeed to have
its' iise in any comiderable degree
. . m . ' ! I .
m ruled, A change ot time may mouce
o m rlr. without a thousand fuxunet in
hir It we were aecustome&foirrrulKe.
Htnc the manufaciute ol auchartrciet
& drafted, not so much on the wants
on the pride of man, are subject 10 the
most sudden reverie. but aucb an ani
iU as iron, w'lch must he htd at a
lirnts, and under eerv emergency, l
irr in dnt;er of filling atilUTily Jnio
i(!i-iur, and ruining th manufacturer. In
oUie where not enough of tbit article is
made to aupply home rontumptton, a
the cat amonK ouraelvet, the safety ol
t hi kind of butine It itrmely obvious
I'eare demand mor than w ran tnuk
war turs Wil fofr Un iuprtnc,lin(ltni'
har.ret the price of what Unwde at hnrne
N'i jnan therefore. rn pnttiblybe in sfcr
buainrtt with prudrnl management than
the manufjcture of Iron. rc au war
rants Ih fbrricoinK ertionsi for (tvkI
manKrment and persevering industry
do,' ! think, sir, utu Hy terurf to tho
tnsiced in ills bulnet a hamlsome pro
Ct, and not unfrfqucnily torducLthfiTi to
(he buhett rpulcnct. I have, in more
than one Inaunce. known n individual,
who ha by this meant made himself trrt
wrabhv from small I Klnnlncs, and that
too under t)is.idan(j;es with reiprfl lo
ore and a maiket, which would not be
espriltnifd in this aiate.' Inr'rrJ thiHe
of our cititens who hate entgrd in f Itt
htitinrss are wiintstct and proofs of the
foregoing potion i many of them hate
made handsome, states , other have
turni d a tins Icr rapiul to tood act ounl :
and if any have failed entirtlr. their wanl
of turrets it believed to htve been, in
most raes, if not in all, attiibuted to can
tes wl l'h were independcnl of the bus!
nets undrr ronsi leration. Dut if these
establishment are profitable now, they
michi undoubtedly be rendered far mote
so, as I hope to show by and by, were
they condoned with tbe requisite skill
and economy
9. In addition to those arguments in
favor of ihe manufacture of iron, which
arise from the natutc of the business li
st If, considered as an rtitrrpiize both tli
cible and nfe. in addition to these, I
tay, .Mr in iwotna nut maurrmturt 19
turn hrr attrnti n 19 thl t 'ubjert wh ch e
prtuHar'tv he"rlf. 1 0 thcae I invite tery
part'n uur atteMiorir "
In the firtt (dace, North Carolina is
mrtjt bumitly furnished wiih .in 6ret.
So pli-nteiiUsly hat I hi moat useful of ail
ihe, metallic ore letn bealowed 011 out
state, thai not less tbiui 30 distiuct beds of
it havealrtady bern opened J' the touti
ilra 0 -dlClkrtlOuii; -:- ahrtif i HM
scarcely a single ridjfe ofU that tract ol
country which liea between twenty and
thirty p.JKi f ast of the Blue Ridge is dej
ti ute of induationt, that a aimiUr trea
ore lies toniealed below "The counry
of lincolniiii particular, has already di.
dosed Innumerable depositories of Itoft.
Indeed iheie is scarcelva county amoiiK
the . billr and. mountainous' din lets, of
North I arolina, where a bed of iron 01 e
hat not euber .actually bero dirovred.
or wbere suffi' lrnl indie ions of. It have
not been ntrired, to justify a reasonable
hope of finding beds of it. In many parts
of ihe low country also. ia found a species
of Iron or'e'r Men', IlhoughTiiferiof lo that
tr' the" upper - country r-i nenerxhcleas.
much the same kind as that which most
of the Biltikh iron it made, and it might
perhaps be wrought to advantage.
In'the second place the w which ii
thu firofuirfy ttored beneath our toil, it
generally tf the b'tl f uutfy. Wiih the
exception of the lower country, just mro
lionedjf consists mostly of te klndde-
nominated bylmliitraloKUis, JIagnetic
Oxide, containing from 75 to 80 per cent.
of.jnttaIlic iiooFahd the less abundant
vaiieties. namely tbe Sptculator Ore,
Ued Oxide, and Micaceou uxiie,j are
all rich ores, yiddinj, rooie than 60 pet
cent. of. the metal. The exh.uMless a
bundance, therefore, of the magnetic ore
nf the west ; its excellent quality, being
similar to the best Swedish ore t the ne-
ver.faiiing supply-ol ChiVCQaL
rofrstrtali afTcirrj with riftlc of no expense
but -that ff burmgthtrhr-
.,-t, i... t. I-.' ,?.-r-vt; k;:.;'-
bit4? othef
prctiliai ly adapted to mat secuon 01 ur
state, and noitit out this article as entitled,
.3 -the, '-other klfu of
cdnsidered as constituting the innerenl
riches ol our western counties,
t !., tiiihrrto contemDlatcd the man
ufacture of iron merely as ValTotiing to
individuals an inymng held lorenterpuse,
inj niVmriiMiif retaining wilhin the
stete the mooerwhich is expended or
this article airoaa..; ..pus ,iww ""J!""?"
ilav b-rfime verv considerable arti
ru f'r.f..t. Were the TadMn afldW
rs .. k.n,u pd..iiaa'iokDa.--lw& etc
mishit speeW njoy:the drlightfuf spce
tade of boat without number flowing
r,Art. ihrir tributaries, laden with these
native riches, and destined for foreign
markets.j Aitbough the art t mainu-cr
tnrintr this "article itfwhhout doubt, much
less perfectly understood than ji might
be, , yet, soexceilent is our ore, uia, u.
k I. imrv ! ailnwrd. een now, to sn
in iulitjr. .with' the bast io the maiket ,
tod with the InnuTierabl dvinte
which a Tee ni.ti m w,m'd,
Ha'e f N'otth t''i nl ;i.t niifnlii
th tale of kr iiuu Wi n irn bt I
Hutti. Jit ihe blkrl rMl'm M.rre
dislriclsof thfl ir-'t' e'ti couii'itft tf I f- ;
ropr more thiticj-inlnsiarift itffti J !
of opulent hdfmVJ eitif t bsvkib,!. ,
u, irt Consj'l'iw a of ibosa ois t inj.-.
iis-tn!1! ,trivtH''arrWii:;rlri;aur"
of, jron om lAllff !!!it tJj:MJ r - '
lutioit which limits our view of what our .
own great in eret itcmvndi rrmlJ w j
mr aajr beronJ the little horizon of wr
own etistence, and think and frd f"f "
our children snd our children children, .
it wiiiild then b no tport of f-ary ta
tee, In the tislontof futiiltt,biighi v'iN
birei Liid thronerd cities ti drtir on the fe
inofftt triWatie of our wrrn waitrt.
Hut ssftfs our present inipe(linnt Av
tranportation 'and the wsnt of k!t ti4
eronomy in our mo.le wf mjniiraeit, lh,r 't
Iron, etrn Kngbinl supplies toihli pirt
of wbal North-Carolina herself, ,
alilidiiuli the ore fmm whii h it It m.iilu.
fiCturei are rbiiflf of the piorrt -sort, "
tirldjng bnh 30 pr frht. of Jmn. Kor
furl also He English art blijjfd l mko
Use of t'ke p rpared ftom pit ccmI,
thiiro Is Irmit aWKl, t kli.dof fir
whii h it both mote tpenslvr tbn our
rhsrroal, and grei'ly i.ifetlorio that in
respect to the qualm of I lie Iron t
with it. .Vet. under all these lu'U' il ois
adyantage such Js idvanr tif sf .tr'of
th mechanic arts atn'ng the!i,
ihiif they iriumph over He sun. rl n b y
which nature herself has rWs!nv J ,4
us. hr tellinir their iron at so H V" t. ire, '
is to tempt us to use it in the h v '"
Ghes 01 our mines and manulac Mir, j ,
ri.r are so Itianv a'.'ana '. a -j.52U
resell from muItiiiMnefron woiki, itt I . . '
rould wish to see' more lh-n one tv .h-
lishment of the kind in every tout) in
the tte where the ore can lebiaiid.
N..r kl.utild I' aTioreliend'thnt'tnch au in
.... . . . - -rr .
i.l t.i..iV... MTdil.l dninr iiiiure .
IKH9V in irj'mn if. j I
io lh prcaem pr jptiitlors of uch .works,
.! .., Ju,,.a . atf rnmnili!iin
MiHC t;iair tatvkjiw w s.vim- ''
..U 1. a laa U.i.tnkat aa I . aa a -
louiainiruuuLEiu'.i i,.si.,i,"'!?.".i"a a-'
of akiil: fordrn woikmcn, when
tucba demand was opened fr their
but, would resoit bi'lwr, and bring sln'ocr -
liththem lb impocmeis of iheir res r
rei u ed piu.aud an. riiiptovu quality
Aritrla wl h.nicl and Sf Ottly tlltlf It lm
jn 'i ilr l"of txDort."Tbeiie Urctf.tTiivt.
crs, I think, would amply rompuJSHe ih7
manufattu trs of iron for the tedtKtrort -"
of prc e wbirh tbe arjcle mtglit usruiij2
by being thiown intoth maiket In n
creased ahun(liox--iloreoveri a rcdutai -' .
lion in the price of so in iipe"V'de an Jr.
llrl a iron, ta far at is compatible with
aair proSijiojhejn nufictutefi U public
benefit. ('oulducfiTmpiov-t memsbc fn
troduced that it could be afforded at one ,K
cent jess in a pound than Itjt sold at pre. 3
sent, many tl)0Ut..iid cjollar would be aved
o tlje State, ever yean lor expense mat
arise from a deffefencyor itf It Or bad tro
nomy, or a total loss, and do no body any
good. One obvious advantage also acr t u
log from a reduction in the price of iron,
that the community may W iire.f ti
ty, and thus increase the stability and cs
rellence ol all their mechanical struc
tures, as building bridges, kc. and im
prove the qolitX.and durability of the
nous instrument 01 an, ana uicnMi 01
husbandry. Eipen'ses, moreoverx incur.
red by tlis'anee liom maraet, are a oeaa
ln. n this means ihe articles we bur
cost tts more, and tboe we exchange for ;
them biingul iri less. A , ' "
One of ihe great auvamages 1 nave ever Trvm th mnintr of rur rt
lUHU IIIVII.H ' f f, w "
vr. tk tbeVihndi lunit the- wilt afford u
.for sending to market such artic les as tha
. .... j m .ALttramvK.' antrini Ksneri.
,yrIis auch ao aeiit. I ahotil41ivsaa.
of the staple torn modhiesjpf
it ik ronsidersttons, I think '
St U rind-reft evident lliatjt is the inter
est of North Carolina lo turn her4itten
tion, in no ordinary "degree towards her
mii. e.f iron ore t that she has peculiar.
inducements to do so from the abundance -nd
exct Hence of the ore i'seir? that his -Important
to makii the moist of those beds -'
01 II wiiivil nao wti.11 t..j
and to bring to libt such as may yet be
concealed n different parts of the etate
. ..1: . .. k.'.Y.!lVl.Ha'.i.nAmu Milikl.i! .
ami, in at greater bmu bm j,ii
so far a is practicable to be inn oducdT"
tnTo;ihrnriiactare of AhUrtts; mstoasirv-to ijiquiroWhethVr;
tbe ;iocaHtiVvN5y
nroposed, will contribuie.t ihe-promotioo ;
ul tne loregoing oojrvia. ..
this in a tery high tjegree, will, I tbI5i4s
be apparent from ihe following "state.
ments. ........ -
, It would be the object of such n un?
lertaking, to ascertain the efctent ancl di.
reetion of those bds of' iron 01 e which ,
have fclreadj been opened j' and henca to .
" if :

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