North Carolina Newspapers

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Ag Olt f tll Jtl(!rf-,t lift
trpmiinjf ta bear rather an httrne r'in ti the
rrWM, the lljtr U cm pcllr-l H sbpt '.Mr
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t)Ill that JironMKl B uciu r f.aaru .if l.i.
In future. The pnn tlrt in liti -yllW, lii'.htrto,
) bet loo earth, I'sp'r hat-eb. i ifKl
" ' o great loan, ifm are wnliion Ii ita F-di'or,
either prr.-nilr or by n p,.H .they j.ay g 5J
C ndusnr iiQ'X.i uiilu.j it-, aj.m
evtr le"4 r7i cr rrteivinf the paper
, tw, and Iljre year. In future, the tm
(ib W e Cr'KfiiI iH b foJWi
I lV6 ..4s year, pav abliytaHy in advance.
. Itery p!" """I dittancc, will be d. on
tfnucd after time lui tspirrd f r wSht'i it
'Ju been paid for, unlets the iSt ri(ri kii'twn
o I tmmI j In 'he r , K pfx.r 'n
Acnt until ai.l for tivl onlervvt U) be rto"'
jLdrcrtitcmentt be imcrtcJ it f H
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fo (l'nince mi br j 4! t'.r, .r -t.r ...
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dry can be pubHtlic t.
All let'ere Mrei4cl ti O.e F., r.i.t L.
fttl-piud, or tlicy will tKit bp n - I I".
J'tJii.u win i n.
Sign, V!oir, Wousc
GEO. W. r.HlviF.H l.f(( !. iv t0 hforrn'Ke
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Win'n, hr ?;ll t'.'' n'; tu if - s'i
ltd It of hanr, !jfn, .'!,, , l 'in. .ni.-"t J
Fiin'ilij. Ilvin)f pt r I ai u r.; k s rir! "f
B.B'ert mi luri",;, f ii iui r of eari
JtwM, HcnHcU iinim' li'i --l.t'l' i'.t- TMon to c-.
'iire cnfiji -ni V'.a k l;: a i ("ik1i of
tuinrs !: ff 1 i Wi'U'nt j 'Jt to jjni
' 4tiirir.tim to t'. ho ii i pltlV J to Ou
tor dim wi'li onlere in the jow line. i.jj
; tnJ filktinjr will ilo hecucu'cJ It I fV kt m-n-i
gM-r i"don riauiatl terti t. Il- alto krtpi
n hiV, for tak-, c pa' anj Jij l umn.
, WaiiTt J, ii an apprtn'.icc thr bovr bui.
kts one or two Mi, from U to 10 vrn of
f ready an l iiilu'ri(."iJiab':M ; to whom, if
Iley prove t!rlne d:rlr.g of it, a good
fiance be gwin.
iulitbtiry, f'rb. J, J5 i '-
' T ' '
the cubiic, that lie otiupica the old tiiop.aonjof (jilbrrt, about atvfn awl ttiftit teart oi
tformerly owned bv h'.i fa'lirr, on Main t'rect,
it few rtiwri aoirtn ol the toun-ttouH', aiiurr,
--where he ii now pn pared, with a good ic,t of
Itmila, to xcpair alt timta or
11a a mi' ret JI whrttway fv him "wrth thrrr
larfmn, tbat their work ahtl he executed in at
tfftod i ityie a at any other t!op in thit part of
the" Country." All klndiotoM Jewelry repaired,
And lome kind mdc. Jul of every dearription
a hia line of buainett, will be thankfully rt-reived,
nd executed on a ahort notice. People who
etid at a dirUnee, by aend n;,', may depend on
kvinjr their work at faithfully attended to and
returned; aa though they were priitaiid
0hi'j the ald4ablithed &IliWy pi ic eburged.
Vnfiftiry, .fir. 13, 1872. 'Ut'tiG
St'PF.niOR Court of Lau, Mar h Term, 1823
Lovioe Peuininon rt.! Pcitiuglon :
Pitition for divorce and ahmonv. It appeunnr
to the Mtufaetion of the Court, that the defen- j i d b tTjl nmes bu, M xUt ine
!nt in thit cate retidea without the hmitt of tt.n . ,f h(, aiK,ther, he may (five himaeirmc
tate, if it therefore ordered by the Court, that 0hvf (ianje tf &m took wilh lim hii wife,
publication be made in the btar ami V Iti'ern MmeA (;rACt.f ,bout 25 veart ofajrr, a ttout hear
Carolinian for three montha, that the defendant . WWH(W)r ,n?, niter than hinr.birirt boned;
-4nratthenetr8upcfi6rC6irf.fUw,tobci : , .,', mad! i,emnt countenance,
tieldfortbe county of Burke, at the CoiuH-Uouae
ih Morjfanton, on the fourth Monday of Septem
ber next, theii and there to plead to aaid petition,
otberwite the petition will be bean! ex parte,
iiwnrviTcti BLtunuiii.
Copv tent, . W. ERWIN, C. H. S. C. L.
'Price adv. g4. 3mt6?
I A i i: 1.. .
ihf.dkli. count.
COUHT of Pkaa and Quarter Peniona, May
Seation, 1823. Jaine Torre nee v. Cbarlei
D. Conner Oriripal attachment, levied in tne
hand of Alfred 1). Ktrr, and he iomn.oned at
rarn tbee t also, on one iitgro .boilLspp?r.'.l
Ing lo lhe aafisbtc'ion of the Court tlwt the de.
... .: fentLiM in .thj,caufct rtauka oia-itia .Wat., tt
' lr.. ..-.l i il l.l:..:,.- li- m..lii ia l
elteid ftiounty foVeW.l itSta.eM ille.on
ti.-. .. :J . , ... ..I...
the periv U vied on, and plead to the taWIety 'f chse-timbera. And thfe who may
juuXioont remlcred against aaid defendant pro
Tett, R. SIMOXTON, CCk..
Price adv. g4. , 3mt71 .
COmT of Plea and Quarter Sewiont, April
fessioni 1823. -Nicho.liis Michael, tt. John
P. Mataw : Original attachment Levied on Lndi.
, Itapearinf t be tajiafketion of 'thexofltfJIhaT
...v,njjg K'Temiani ts not an injiaoitant ot tmswc,
me ifc-tendant is not an Jnjiabitanl or thi Stat,
for x week successively, ia tbAAVcstern Cwo-
rmiw;Jfimca W Baltabury, that the detendant
appear at our next C
L'l IIIIV U 4U WSMMvllI I w wlliiih 4)tS tV. llViSWil I I ' . , . 1
at our next Court of Pleas aniiiijich
StaSeldfor' mScSXSiSy of pavidson, at wiihing.tlegant chairs, or settees, mty reiy np-
HesRffnttODe tieia lor me county
the Court-House in. lxioffton, on the 4th Moir
day in Julv next, then and thtrela-rcplevy and
Jleadi of judgment will be -taken according lo,
le planUti ! demand. "
r Test, PAHD MOCK, C. C. C.
Price adv. S?- " 4 6t62
for iale at tli'u Office.
f nrt Anjriit Court, tVr 1
r le, that Urjf? i.r comrt
t In slihur, thnt dor
I MoiiM-,tli p flftWf of the
f. 1lji!NMeiby 30 fret,
' iir f pi raiflli tii a pub
til know - t'ylnflMen M'di
. . lltf eililt
!i - V"'",-, " ."f"' ?, ' J5
p-urii;jirrr. ;j7 Vi.s'iiouikv-
in ) any ihinjf nl
n-r, ie,
aiire, me ?4, 1123.
Vurm fur ue.
rTHP.HF. mill be t il l, nn, tf
I L A iilit e', if nut firr'.v;l a,l'J .t tri.
)v( Or, t 'raft l I ai ! ';! fill'.,!! W.Ura Ui
"..-.S er......ffefr,t .... .UanS. hto
.. ," !.. ui .i. n.1 u n I twelve acr a,
i: i. lu.ii now un Irr f j't,tiin.
'! ,i Jmiiar, t',?l hiuf, barn, an1
. Hie ab'ite phntat oii ie e'.it
l fa'USi.ry.
flit r i '
Mi t 1 4
1 i
i . '.bntr Un.! bilonpto the et'a'e of
I t K'ller, dre'd. Itrui will be made
I . n i.n 'be day of tale,
i W 'i' ie itic th f remiift,
bsta -ir rj'tt.MF.s,
. . J A 1 KHIDF.M,
tbwPtn ?4, 18:3. - - Vn.
"'Tj. Iabtiry, on accommodatinr ternia.
Apply to T. I.. Cowan, Kan. or to myarlf, in Ha-l-!(h.
1 l ire it a pmMl oflice tttonritijr to tbe
tot, convenient for a lawyer or I'Mwrian.
Snh,bri,Mrch 8, 1823. 44tf
M IL Iromtbeiub.
Kribert, Kiti in
Vofk Dittrict, .
Carolina, ou the
?6th May Uft, five
I'l.illk Littleton-
frank, and Fliim Mulatto child. . Gilbert ll a
rllow about 33 Tcr of irge, ttout wadr, bLck
eompiexion, very IttcHiKciit.and fowl maniera i
hat a doan liok when apoken to. Phillia ia
about 20 yeart of age, baa a l!(fht complexion,
ami a brijfbt mulatto child about J. montba old.
LWtit ton. dark complexion, ami Frank, both the
!aje, itout boyi. The fcboire reward of Mty flow
I 'II 1 . I -ll .-I.I- .mrl.i'i
;ara win nc jficn, mna u iri
paid i. or Ucutyvo doilara wll bepven for
ilbert alone, delivered at llanitbnrf , S. '
4tn " Iir.NTiV 'MF.AClt.lH,
.m. 2, m lit.SUY COL1H.IOP. .
r Dollars Iltward
RAN AWAY from the aubtcn.
ber, on tbe nijbt of the 8th
mat. a bright mulatto man, named
w binkeit extendinir round under
Li chin, bold t))uitn, and not a very pleaaant
jcmuitan mce i hat, perhaps iome Bear on bit
head. I expect he will try to pata for a-white
! mud, or at leant fjr a free man, and may have
aoine kind of a fale certificate or free paii with
j him, a the like hat been lately found in hit pot-
' mmann in u l.irK f-allcrl ttimwir SaHlllel RnOX.
. . . ... ... ,
and not a very black nerro. She ha a tear on
the calf of her ripht leg, occasioned by a but a.
j. mi, phmi ., rff1r " D( tl. hewL gnil
She ia in the liamt ol wearing ner nair nimiji g
-r - ' . . .
tied. I hcv have both been raised near Hill a
Iron Work, York, S.C. If they leave that,lex
pect they will make either to the north or weat
Am person taking up aaid nefrruea, and deliver
inp them to roe, living in Mecklenburg county,
K. C. near Charlotte, hall receive tne aoove re-
ward and all reaaonable expentei paid i or gl5,
if confined in any jail, and a letter ient to me by
, mail, to Charlotte.
buamet et the aliop formerly conducted by A
N. Jumn. 1 hev are well supplied with a tin-
ret atsureil their wortc will ne weu execuieu.
imLAaai ' " ,
All kind of repairing will be done at the most
reasonable ternia. Gun-boats and Yankee Wag
iron will be made, by applying to tbe sub-
scnoers. . ' titi's c-i
Salisbury, July 1, 1823. Sk6
Windsor iiar iSialcVng.
fTIHE subscribers, respectfully inform their
have iMociated, under the firm of jCrfmei tf
- . .
business in all its brAucLes.,TAey frc(well pre.
fiared to male all kinds of W indsor and Fancy
on riavinp Uiem a eieinuiuy niauc .u.iiUu
of the subacriheM as at an other ia the &tate.
Old chain and settees repaireu, at a :uiiu
rate, and on short notice. ;" -
Th miKacriLert are also completely prepared,
with a good stock of timber, to make ail kind of
ct ll,
U'e bf
aitb en
Ik Inn iM. i
f?j4 bet a ee n 30 and 40 year of
h I 'Pe' "vc k1 ' or 8 ,ncn,i f'
j I and midlinir heavy made, black
?( I and MrahrM hair, alih larjre
BaUtewU, at trora SJ to "
- . tiEO. -VV. GRIMES,
. ji9) , . JOHN COOPEH. .
HI. anil'.
T Clulci I"Uher, r.. Secretary of tin Bjw.
, kit Africttltaral ftticUty,
. ! I tn ehumera in ihoto mbyartcei
v ljuh ih Mlir! KiiyJun aToHe r
AiciUuhttr an ti e Am, ttse tihintf
liM h Vt'tcionr ;'rn i- h ht 10 irerh
,y "Uiu ' It . 'i ffjt ti i 4 ma
dure , lit ersin prf rf mir rrun'r.lhat
boif i'Tc li4 l-rrn frti'ir"1 ind
frtSv ei.rii ,ti by 4 ; nd the ii diiivir
l ir of t!teliftn Jtrr-.ny t nhaficeciiii
it e !in'oery r,f be of t! in tbe Mnl'v.
S' Y.'ik it to lo tusi ettnhat Krr''
f4' t,nU' U m,l Chilled
jove r llial Slate, or if M to other COUMnea.
CrrMim U.abundinUV unedtn most of the
eas'rtn stjtjt. It ii ciiicfly obtained Irom
Novs Srotia, no extf stilt bed of it hav.
inn been dtK-overea in New-EngUnd.
Souicful has it ptored on tome of the
I.. t in the interior of those States, that
Ihe firmtrt hare Coned their Interest in
tt oriinR; it ihlrt) or forty milet arid
frequently lo a still eattr distance over
Irt il said to have ben uae
viiih mot admirable ttfict i ind i is re
norted, (hat some of the upper counties,
have been greatly bentEttcd by the di
covery of a Ud of it near the Abingdon
SJi Works In tbe astern st.tes, C; y fr
turn is found In aikV abundanre, as- fo
rons'itutenotmall patt of the nauyeiich
ei of that section of the Union'. " Z .
The loudest encomiums hae resched
us from the north, respecting ie utility
there and the opinion of its virtue as a
manure, seems lo be the same in V'tri-
.... r
AU I he lollowinr testimony oi n ei-
feet, it' giiin In Taifor'a Arstor, an au
thoiiiy generally: rtpcied amonR our
Farmers. I he Immediate benefit of
Gypsum' to Indian fun (says this writerj
is, sastly greatar than to an ofher'crop,
except clover, whilst lis benefit to land it
equally great. Unptiatered piacis, left
across large field ol cloter, have, jn sun
dry instances, produced a third or fotittb
only of the adjoining pListered clover.
UnplatsicltrspttCes4i4,tia Urge fielJsof
corn, have been trrcptrntiy .hible durrnir
the whole crop, hp.i an i equ d,
lut a considerable t Mi.rjiiice.tCi u'vi I
clover, and inclosing, in conjunction, have
within ny own knowledge, doubtert,triD'
led, and, in a very favorable soil, quadru
pled the value of land, in the space of
twelve or fifteen tears, whilst the land
regularly produced wo exhausting crops,
those of corn and wheat," in every lour
years of the period ; and these Crops wer
continually increasing.
flanuretno doubt, are the food! lane,
as the productions of L'nd itself are the
food of animals. Both alike languish
without their respective aliments. To
testoie to land under cultivation, an equi
valent for the amount of exhaustion "which
each croo occasions,' is the way to pre
vent it from wearing out forever ; and it
the food thus supplied, exceeds the loss
of strength induced" bfropprngT'o'"
year Jo year, lancLwiil obviQUSlXKicj
more fertile the longer it; ia cultivated.
Hence, the economy of manure
their pdicioua application, are, ptohably
to be regarded at the most important
subjects that can be presented before the
... f , r I
farmer, every panic le oi manure saveu,
helps to form a sinking fund to cancel
those Urge drafts, which he is continually
making on his land. Hence the inesti
mable advantage of Thing near a bed of
I have before alluded to the extensive
and profitable use that aaid to be. made
of fiyixjum m the .New-England'-Statea.
Btjrttierefe'Teaiiofii ;vy'?f13.J55T,
culUf fUnjrss oXibeir climal for grazing,'
induces them to keep a much larger stock
of cattle than we do, in proportion to their
farms: and the length and severity of
Thetrwtnters, compel ihem loeTpThTs
Urge stock inclosed in yards, or even in
stables, at least twicers longat we are ac
customed to do it in the colder parta of
this State. By these meana,they acquire
Urge beds of alable manure, which, in
tbe spring, ia carried out to enrich Their
lands; Although their farms are much
smaller than ours, and they accumulate
Hih -more-stal-le nwmirev y et they find
it greatlf to thttradvantege to aentt to
I T r ri..i.. .nrl a-u.i.f It
cwetiandfbT twentfthirtytor forty roiled
We slJouldj.njfX,fncirt
TarmTfa of North-Carolina, who labour
under so much greater disadvantage for
obtaining.a quantity of stable manure, ade
iixtuc to their wants, would derive still
ercaier benefittfrom the use of Plaster of
Paris. But a great part of our State is ao
far frpra the tea-ports, and thii article is
so heavy,, that the expense ol carriage
musit, ia most case, greatly, diminish the
nrofi! lilfli foitJJ therwlmi icrrtje
from iti ue, and, h' many Inttuncei, rt ri
der it quite unprofitable.
All f bete things r ontidVid, It is moat
drtirable nhjecl to OU' grirullitrkl inter
rttt, to yUfovcr beds fif (iipum within
our own State. Nonr, so fjf I know,
fitthe no Ufn dhcotert ;eJrofrl
Plif Ilidi;e, ' . . .
tihuftw ft.rUt!v IfUfaer Xi'jfMUm'H
The kthdnf rerlt amon(j shjr h Ofp'
sum occurs, it writ knorfii to Geologist,
and they can at once decide that lare
sections of country do no contsin It, and
(hit it would be unlets lo!uk for it there.
In scrnrd.iice with IhesO f-rncral ptinc i
pie t, f mut sdminh-iaiis eoiaKical
Icaturri of the trreaier pill of our State
are Inrompstible with the exit met of
berfl of Cypttiin Mtd no ptoir'ttt'
. . ' I . .11 !. I ,
cil ootemtiont ntve eytcnnru, 11 wouki
be uteleif lo look for it here, trxrrpt i'l
iwoorlhrc limited districts. Nr, in
cited, have any tery tJrrisive indicaiions
of the substance in question, been h.
biled hitherto in ei herof these (litrifli(
nr can we tm verjr sanctiine in expecting
to find in them so desirable treasure,
But it I at !"! aof ineomiit'tit tv'iA the
lav tf jfroofv. lo I'tok f'r Gtptum 1,1
both these ili.tiirts; ond the Importnnce
of the object would w arrant some rcaeai ch.
whete there is only a am.ill probbiiitv o(
Mircess.' Morroter, wilhinttoe lare
tracts of countrri whoe -' festures
ate so unfavorable, othir liiu'ed disticl
nuy rmr to liijht.' of the pioper kind
fur. aiToioin (iipum. '. le may alao
tlrive encourage mt-ni from the w.f1l
known fad that thit'subatance, like most
other substances particularly useful and
important to society, cxiftr in the earth
iifvery ureal abundanee, and that h.rJIy
uny trtiiteuv gn the fre of the globe so
extensive at ours, and so dive isificd'in
it sfru.-ture, it probJilir dettitu'e of it.
Nor. when the above .mer.tioned ulstilclt.
.whfre'Cjvpsum might be reaaonbly look
cd for, we snid lo be amitrdy in tbem
ielvrs.' They are limited only when com
pared wit hi he extent of the whole state J
hitt the fact iVlhey contain more lhan
1700 squirt? miles.
SuppuaiDcUheht that this most fertil-
iiiim mnuie may exUUn our State, let
us ne tr4m. , m- -
' li'tiufd ltf O JutfeatJurVty fittftbtrdi
f endue :f f4 (l Atcof cry ' z ' L"
(.fClQKJtby. lifichln; thalCyptum is
revet' found amorig certain kindsof rocks,
and other- mineral formations," cuts at
once a great part of the State, and ihut
presents fruitless researches, lly thus
limitinu the field olobsertation, to a com
parative narrow space, we increase, prer
ponionally, the charjeeof. makinii the.
desired disxoverj. I he arRument is pre
cisely this : an article of Kftat value is
supposed to lie concealed aomrwAerr in
the State of Ni rth-CaiWui that is.
somewhere in the space of 40.000 miles.
It seems a hopeless tusk to search for it.
but just as weartL..itacl4rus-etf4t
I ii i - - I ..... i..;,-
we are imormru, tn uuu auuiunvy, um
in nineteen twrntieths of this tpie, it is
already ascertained notHKxisWand thete
fore we mat coi fine our search to the
COII1 purttlt.Kty ot v iiiii.iv mw..v
Eveix. one can see how much our e Haute
oi finding the tteusure would be increaatd
1 he particular niir-erais wna w ruoa
Gyosum is associated ia well known, the
occurrence ol one or more o tnee ne
quently leads to the ciscovery of the min-
" . at It f . a. I
" m . a a'
era! sought, snouia u c nance 10 ue
found in any place, ihe rulea ol Geology
would make us decide upon its probable
extent, and by ascertaining the course or
direction of the bed, to point out other
plttccajshctc might reasonably be look
edlor, andf specify, at the lame timer at
what dcotb it wirurdhe below the aurroce!
if rncrcy rr any vj wimm .
Ceological Survey, conducted wuh the
renuistte ability, will have a great tenden-
c? to biina them to light. In case, also,
of the discovery of Gypsum, a great ya
riely of uselul and necessary information
respecting it might be communicated in
the proposed 44 Report" to the' Board ol
AeTiculiure.: Besidee including -infor
mation respecting tome of the foregoing
particulars, namely, the probable extent,
the course, the placet in the tame range
where It "might Be found again, and at
what depth below the surface the Ke-
port rrnight poiot out ariou cither pKtif
ctflars' trtsfng; out or tne wuowmg corsi
neWiiW ftOrnerotr "arletiea of Gyp
aumusMUy-iburaA -iii .the aame bedtiMl
it becomet 'important to learn which of
them is the beat adapted to tbe purposes
or manure-::----Some
kinds of land receives great ben
eSt from this substance : others none at
J A4k' 'K'
all. Nor are the kinds t land sow ei
known as to render it unnecessary to in
stitute experiments'' on the soil of every
county, where it U applied, llenca the
utility cf r!l condactid f irimtntt, t
rrslil? of whlrh shall he m-d kton 10
the public losive ri1ii.iuat fiom liteltil
and waateful iipencei.
Gtpsuni, though n exrellcHt mitiuti
when pMperlr uvil, nCy ell brcorrrf
unprofitable, or e en hni!f.l. ' It jtidl
Uous"apprKii'"nr. Jll'lrV l' '"' Tauiarti -.
et)M-cillf nerrstrv lothfe wh if tir
areottrime'rf th nii; JT he fe'rivlKi .
forniiTnlhe tTcport.'whriher tlerlt'ed
from perv.nsl expeilence. op ihe et etl
ence of others, at found recorded in woiki .
of gf-od authority. ' ,
I trust, air, the foregoing ron!!irH!iri$
brink Ihe aubjetr lo viih they reluli
fairly before the public. While they ra ,
otencici te shotr-te utui'y m Utosam
as a nunure, and the pniiir '"-fteHt
whlc h our Agriculture niihlrecen c from
i were irlwind among ourMTvt,iol '
they are not intended lo lntpi'6 an fU$
hopct at to the piuhLnili' of findinu if,
"ut it nwy lff t-ndouhllvhe un'lcrstitot!, ., '
that a smaller degree of prtbai,i:i'y, mi
twth a degree at U evidently efTo'ded ti
ut, it auflieni lo induce us lo bilrg ii
all Ihe lights which (Oology c-n aiTord to ,
aid our attempit lo discover it, 'f ;
I remain, air, jour obed't sertr,int, ,
, VVAITIB JtALt.0lT, ,
mmmmmmmmmm --,.,.
, - - - - , - '
wifzaaiAND, MaCHk2i.-The L
lira ot toe reiuiou'i its,' oi -which. M
had not beard anr Ihit'if for sotne timet ,
have iusl been renewed in the same pUca "
tht formerly acre the theatie of theta ;
oirentepiCMe(ilnga. AdUgu jing acena , '
too piiec soinc dya ago In village of
rioiikonlnihecant n)fZurih. , Adiit
en inditirtuJs.' men and whpen, ahul
Iheniifclves lipid ahode, um er prrtcil '. ,
of praying. A-ihburafierwatdtadrc uii ,
noite .wt heard, The people .sseinbU.d," -the
inhabit, ntt of Ihe neighborhood hast
rnrd to the apow and demanded rt Vail
thal.the. house houhiMOracnei.--Me4a -lime
the tumult Increased every moment
the doorwaiat length, forced open, and
these wretched people: were all found
stretched on the, ground In variom groups " .
closely embraaing each other.. They wera t
all arresieL- Their depot! lioni preteut
nothing but instances of deplorable folly r-... .
her pretend to be inspired by Uod, ana a
girl who Ts pregnant la Jwayi thergar4 Z" ;
by which his will is JDsnifested t rhera.
Sorrie ol theru bava oeen taken to tna,.L.
rnad-lioflae" -- f-r-r r :iT.:'-ir "
-P. S. it traa liobed that measure! taken nr.u.
by Ihe Governrneni of Zurich would suf
fice to enlighten the fanatics, or at least V
to restrain them within bounds, but the
re d'n uJoqs jcenr . w hicXluolt. place
7oon, have suddenly been tucreeded
by ot hen that are traglr al and horrible . : 1 .
In the night of the I4tn, a young1 lemsie
risionary pretended that Uunniprte had "
appeared' to her, and iad Inspired her
mih the letolmion to file, to sate several
thousand of w tils. ' hla appriiioo infla
mtil tpe imaytnatlt'ti of scverhl faUttiiiaa !
and ihe.sjrritice was ins'tantlf icsolved
uj-on. Men, women, and )ung gi'is,
immediely prtpartdiiiatiumeuts forth"
sxecuiion,faaUnedlhe unlortuimU totinj t v
oruan to a .board, and umidsv the. uica -
of Joy uttered hy""the'h nm, thty drove ; "f.
nails into her feet and hands, lore .her.'
breast, dashed her .h?df ft'.'.!.X
mallet, and sung pious hymns to celebrate -
fier tleath. . The .ViagUtrates hcin in
fotmed hasten to' the-spot. Six
guilty have been arrested, and the hWes
ligation is still going on. , '
Later accounts just announce to nuchas j
a sister of this unhappy joung womtniiae T "
also peiished in the most cruel toriuits,
likewise a victim of religious rage, tier
brother-in-Uwr has declared himtell ttf t
havr PcerrtieT asjassinj tnittiepretcnuTrrd
have. lttlfiUc.clJjhAJitt 9lJ&uAtMm
of hia trtoe-A-w
i8aiiaa!Bnse 7 ;
It ii aaicl tliatTilma. in playing latin I
Ijr at Paris, productd ao great a aen '
jf iUlilill i.
ting Napoleoti in hit uie, and io cur
ruing hit hands behind Aim, as to pro
voke the inttricrcnce oi tne govern-:
ment, who prohibited i. repetition, of '
the ojfencc; What aT comment is thia Y
upon Monarchy ! " One might writer ' ;
volumes against u, vrisaout saying as s
much as is contained in this anecdote.
HowererfirmrjtabHshcd ijnjheifllr'
sense andliffccUbna of the per pie 'utuat I
i ii. nn-iiiiii'iii iwtiMiiaii'w'i... --r"?r ;
rjrrnat goveriirncni. ror.u own. secu3
ritV is obliged o prshibii a vian front.
rf&WJJuttioX. Tirhind htm
Thanks to Uemocracj ," every Ame r
kanmiyr ithout askiag permission?
of gOvenimtnt.iAiffn.Ai wigsvidcar-jz
cy hit hunch i behind tit his own iiktngT
JWfirthem paper n
" -' ' ")
Credulity on one part is a ftronf temptabttn 1
U iessit en the ether. ' ' . V;'..;: . ... . '
. i

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