North Carolina Newspapers

    s) IV) -i.
vol. w.
' it lK4 iirssta of this estaMisImwnt ei
tc ginning to bear rather an ir ratio to the
fHtiff, the Wjior I CMifctlctl some
' j)Uji0utr'itUfrrilf'rlhUbor
in future. The practice Sn f.Uec, hitherto,
ja Iff 5 too Carrie. Pp'lilt beeeit
"to a rtt put vbo are Bti nowrl ti tt taHtar,
eiihcr pcmiwUjf or lijrjtpurtilifX r El JJ
fa sd ranee t aJ it seems that as all smaji of thetu
rer Intend to py, kfler receiving the paper
W, tvOrnd three la future, the termi
U the Western Carolnia w ill he a fuUovit
Ti Jtr, payable yearly In advance.
Every piper aetit at a djttance, will be diaron
ejnued after the time b.ts expired fcr which It
ku been paid for, unties tin sXibecriber U known
to b fowl 1 in tbe Utter me, the paper will be
tent untl paid for and ordered to be stopt.
Advertisement m ill be inserted a fifty centi
per square fur tbe first Irwertioo. and twenty-five
' enu for eeJ subsequent one. Advertisementi
from a tCetanc mue be put! for, or their pay
Beot easuroed by responsible person, before
City on be published- .
All letter eddreased to the Editor, must be
gtit-faid, or they will out be attended to.
Sign, ttoacAi, vu Uouae
GF.O. W. CM UK bep leave to inform the
citiiena 4 Salisbury, and tbe suiroundirr
eountrv, that he ft. 1 1 continue toeieeute all
'kinds of houte, aign,' coach, and ornamental
FaiiilW. Having procured an ample aupply of
knarerials, and having1, for a number of yeart
at, devoted almost hit whole attention to ec
ejuire a competent knowledge of tliia hranrh of
business, be frela confident of being able to gn e
satisfaction to tbeefjaho mar be pleased to fa
vor b'tm with order In the above line. Gilding
and (.Uiinf will also be eaccuted in a neat man.
tarr, and on iraaonable term. He alio keep
en hand, fortale, copal and Japan t'umith.
i Wanted, a an apprentice to the above busi
eta, one or two Uul, from 15 to 16 year of aye,
f steady And lnduatrioua habit i to wliom, if
.they prove themaelvea ilcacningcf it, a good
hance will be r- "
Suldur,, ft. 3,1323. 39
JAMES D. HAMPTON reactfully Inform
the public, that he the old abop
ormerly owned by hia father, on Main-atreet,
av Tew doori aoutii oi tbe t.oirUMouac, SUbur',
hrre he -fr" wwpa'1,- m a jwod art f
tAola, to repair aO kin4 of
. lie wiurei all who mar favor him with their
ueUMW Utai Uicir work ahall be axecutcd in a
good a atyle u at any other (hop in thi part of
H country. -All kindaofold Jewelry repaired,
and tome kind nude. Joba of every dacription
In hi hue of buainesa, will be thankfully received,
aniT executed on a abort notice. People who
reside at a dirunce, by tending, may depend on
twing their wuk aj faithfully attended to and
wturuad, a 4i mH they wore re aentii.a
Wy the old estJ)li)ied SJUbury prices charged.
OV Tueaday of next Aurutt Court, there will
be-' ofieeed Jie tle1 that tfjtW onvn.
ment estabhthment in sahabtirr, three (low
cut from the Court Houe,the property of the
late Barnaba Krider. The houe i &J by 3u feet,
with every convenience appertaining to a pub
lic houiei it it well known a having been ccu
pied a tuch for about 30 year. The etabiih
tnent it ao well known, that it would be uaeleat
to aay any thing of itt convenience, &c. l enut
of payment will be made to accomhvtdat the
wurchater. THOS. HOI.MKS,
Ex ecu tar.
Satihnry, Jan 24, 1823. ' . 8t6S
Yatm fur Sale.
rpHEHE will be aold,on Wednetday, 13th of
JL Augutt next, if not previously aold at pri
vate aale, tract of Land lying on the watere of
Grant' Creek, containing about 230 acres, join
ing John Litaker and other. A great part of
the above tract ta of the firat rate woodland, with
fc good meadow of about ten or twrlve acrra,
' fhe balance "of the land now under ' cultivation.
foodwltnt;4iewtll-ott,' bar.ind
other ottt hotnefc The above pUnUtkaight
TBe a.56 Iknd bclon gi to the estate w Bar
aahaa Krider, dee'd,.- Terma will be made
knoum .on the day of aale, "
Tt tale wtfl take plact an ihti prtxiitrt.
s 8t68 ;:r - , THOS. HOLMES,
'g'a rj June 24, lri0011 fV .
Dollars livar A.
from the tub
cribera, Kving in
York District, S.
t Carolina, on the
26lh May last, five
Phalia, Littleton.
Vnwik, nd 1larl:iql42.inMijft
fellow about 35 years of age, stout made, black
.cowpkwon :eryiivt.elligcnt.and gfojjntasieits
hat do an look when itpoken to. Pbillia it
about "20 ve.rt of age,- ha a light complexion,
and a btht mulatto child a'Muf 3 monttit old.
Littleton, dairlc complexion, ahdrfinlErboth the
oont of Gilbert, about (even and eight years of
- age, stout boya,- The above rewartl oThfty doU
ars will be, givetwajwl all reasonable expcB)et
paid j or twentjve' dollars will be givett fur
ilbart ai dcJircred at Harrisburg. 8. C. J
Jmtm,; HOHY,COLTaftOI.:
fir. T WtJ, kB iy lloueeand Lot In ,
1 Wry, on accommodating term
Afpry to T. U Cowan, T. or to mywlf, in Ka
k 'eH. Here (a a fw.l ofbee he-lflnajing to tlif
lot, convenient fr a Uer or pirin.
SaL4y,Mtrrk S, lB2X-'44tf
VttKtA t-tttr 3 r a .... IWacm. -
tlif .ilrnbrrob'amrd lrttrre -f
lairation on the tttaie U Jre A. rurio
AO peraoM Indebted to aa'd efa'f, re re
nueated to mak pavment without H lay i and
inoao Ijitinr ilcmamCa (aint the " , arc re
qu ttd lo U t.-m pieettel fur - 'tie
ment within the time t.rtKr.bed b I, or tin
notice will le pled In br of rrrovrry.
Junr, im. 6-tW A.E'DITT, aJm'r.-
H thorwigh bre ! llorae
lint i. itaiHl this treton at mt
kl.ble in kklabaiV. and b
ffimTtL Id to BlrS at the price of rigt.t
A jm i J ilulLra the arkMini five dollar the
sn, to be paid wltcii the n.are takes Hie hore,
al'.H hbertv to turn to tne Kaaon alioutd tre
mare w-t prove wrth ful
Ave is novr nine years old. Ills da! was b)
the imported hone t'harrint i bi ire, the old
imported Dion, hoe ed grce almoat eer)
perton ia cll tA-qiainted ith.
thtn ranis with the best horara ever
trailed on tbe fa?ibury turf, having been a
running aince three years old. During
thi t'-mc, he hat won i race three two-nuU',
aid 3 one-mile h ati aim, the bett three in fve.
iHm a b Mt fil bay, r'iig fifteen haml
hiif'.. Yt nibcular noer, and elegance of
act oi., in cannot be etccllcd.
I here are a few col from Dion i and though
thry are the produce of comnion marra, they are
uncommon in puint f title, lortn and br i'..
I he v aon ha alredy lonmienced, and will
trniiinatr tbe lat of AngMl.
MOstS A. litfKK.
Schtlury, M.f 15, U!Z. lirU
27i lit.Wura UwurA.
I) AV AWA froimlii ti.bsrrl.
I Ur, ill- 'i g" of the Bth , l.ri.-i.t n.i.l.ito man! named
Sam, bet ecu 3l nv'i4D yeais of i
aye, five feet 7 or ttlnil.r high,
"a"d mi lling hray made, black
and tri)(lit hair, ith Urge
u lu.lrn i-ntriidiiiir round unde r
ht rhin-'holil Ifxiken. nd not a VclT nlcasunt
1 couutcmuv e ; has peihapa, tome trait on hit
head. I expect lie will try to paa tor a wnne
man, r at lcat for a fne man, and mav hate
some kind tf fyeetiit er tree pss with
him. as the like ha been lately found in his poa
aeamoH, in which h CuIUd himnelf Kamuel Knot,
,r .1 kv names, but all the tame hand.
: U he proctirvj snot her, he maj. rire himrf some
ouier nainc. jiv aiso iwn "u " - -"-i
named Crave, about iS year of age, a stout hear
ty oman, perhaps taller man mm, jarge uonco,
, ttraight ai d trim made, pleaaant countenance,
and not a very black negro. She h a acar on
I the calf of her riRht leg, occasioned by a burn.
I She ia in Die habit of scaring her hair midling
LMig, and cotm d up to the top of her head, and
fU.t Thtv tiarp hnfft lefn h.teJ fteif tritTl
Iron Work, York, S. C. If thi-v letve that, I ex
pect tliey will inake eithrrto ttienurth or weat.
An) person taking up Mud ncgnM'(,.and deliver-
inir t Ik-in to llir. hvillC ill MccklcnllUrif COUHtV,
' V n r.r rt.irlriil.- nhull rrri i i- tin abovt.- re-
tward and all reanwwbhl tiwiSM faSd"t f RlJi
t cmn'-d in any Jail, aJKi a leiier sui w ute oy
mail, to I harloUc.
Junr R 1S23. 4f62
COURT of I'lea and Quarter Sesssions, April
Si ttion, 1823. Jctse llargraye ti. John P.
Mataw ; Original atUcliuieul.. Jcvied fin Laucli.
It appearing to the satirfuction of tbe Court, that
the defendant ia not an inhabitant oi hii State,
It i therefore trimd, that publication be made
for six weeks successively in the Western Caro
linian, printed in -8alibttry, that the defendant
appear at our next Court of Plea and Quartet
Sctaiont to be held fur the county of Davidson, at
the Court-llouae !n lxington, on the 4th Mon
day in Julv next, then and there to replevy and
plead, or judgment will be taken according to
the plantifr'a demand.
Tctt, . . . DAVlD MOCK. V- & c.
Price adv. 2. 662
rr.i Kt J VT r.- -v
St PETllOR Court of Uw, Spring Term, 1823.
Catharine Co wan vt. 1mu Cowan Pe
tition for dl
the CoOrt, that publication be made for three
months in the Star, and Western Carolinian, that
Im .Iffwmhuita4pnar at the next court ta be
held for the county of Iredell, at the Court House
in Statesville on the 5th Monday after the 4th
Monday in September next, and plead, antwe.',
or demur, otherwise judgement will be had pro
confesao, and the cause heard ex parte.
. Witness, B. WOHKE, CPk.
' Price adv. g4. 3rat71
State o Xortl Carolina,
SUPERIOR Court of l-aw, April Term, 1823 i
1 Jane Weaver m. William We'arer...::.Pfti
awce. 4t.eppet-Hif to,the MUafaciioB of
the Court tliat the defendant is not an lhrraw
tant td this State, it is therefore ordered by tbe
court, that publication be made for three' months
in the Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury,
that the defendant appear at the next Superior
Court of Law te be held tor the countyW Mow
an, t the Count House in Salisbury, on the te,
cond Monday after the fourth Mcndar in Seg
teniher next, then andthere la plfs'l, sntwer,
or demur, or the petition will be heard e x parte.
f BY. GILES, 4V.
. Pricetdr.W, ;'. mtrj
I,' n. I I
tf AnVOWatedbimsetfatMoupt
J 1 Vernon (Kwan toenty.J che
' by the aiore of Mr. Jaoob atruler, tjf
, i i (rrs to the Inhabitants around tl.a
t4r o prompt and aduoS (UrtiH
(if tlit neural dutks of h prbfeasiona. '
jv.w.1 rrfi, Jb l. na. tut
1 Utir sl'Vl ny -c r i
, .pitOM the buir tfinr.ln
" stant", one Wound. ir lU(td boy,
Jta about t ent ) r pf age, by the
Li name of Jtk (Pwnt. ald boy
,) k a mulatto. re ens reeanl.
( will he given 10 v,f persos) de
Jv-. ,vc ring sid bey t me, bit l0
thanks or charges paul.
7(w 2d, 1823.
I.KOU ln suBrtiner,i.vnv m
the county of Ko an, on the
9iik i. He. m ikrirra man named
Ikwi t hit boy formerly be U.g d
to Urn. J. A. Pearaon, ue u its
is wtll know a L t oarritgr dri
ver and Krvant. , lie is ull in
tture,ofrry black con ph tim,
about litem. years cf age, bis cMinng
not recolUd'ed. I have no idea ebere be w
! . r . : . a I.
fime. Any perm giwtr inioranauon Mock's Old Field, or Hcuringbim
in jit, or otherwise, o as U may be again in my
PKM taotu!ull rcccite tbeaboie reardrd.
Jmm 25, 1823. t
l'tiat uiA eV;iS.
milF. aubvnbers beg le.v to inrirra their
1 fne;.(U and the public at Jaf . hai they
lim nd earning on tht Coach i cl t. g making
b.iim-as, at the aliop lornKrriyfmdiictrd by A.
K. Jump. They are wtll aupptied a ith a van
cty of chaie-imbera. Ami tin e ftho ma)
plrac to four tht-m ith their custom, ma
r aasured their work will be acd exicited.
AH km.le of repairing will be oW at the n,ot
riauMublr trrma. ,(iun4jatsaud Yankee tg
ri will be maik, bv applj ng to the ub
Scrbtrs. CVHI n ttEr.
Sal.tbury, July 1. 1823. 5t64
tmiDsov cotarr
ftOt'lIT of I'lm and Quarter hraion, April
J X aiion, 1823. Nicholas l.icbat l, v. John
P. Mataw : Or ginal attachment It vied on land.
It appearing to the safiafartion nf the eoiirt.that
.L- .1 f.l.... ma & n InV.h'.tkTit nf ihil Atatr.
IIIC ll.ICIHIH ! ,IV w. . - w
it i therefore trjerrd, thai pu'Tcalioit be made
srr-werkesueeewively, in timMttmt Ca.
limtn, printed in Baftstwiy, in tne. aciemiam
,Prsr at rrstt Ca-itol ncas
icsiioiai to be held lor .we cwmj jbi jiarKwm. .
the Court-Uouse in.Lxinffton.onxhe 4ih Moiu
day in Julv iieit, then ami tlu re to replevy and
pifBII, CTT Jtnijnirn 0
rt luntiM drmanit. " " ' " "
I . . ...a. f
Trt, JJAIU MUVN . i v.
Price adv. g2.
6i 62
SUPERIOR Court of la , March Term, 1823.
latvice. Penington ft. Fztkiel Peningtom
Petition for divotee-awl aliMy. It appearing
to the aatiafaction of the Cwir that the defen
dant in this eae r tidrt without the limits of this
StM. It isliierttare. otd-ard hx the (luuiUilol
puhl'cat ion-be "made -in th wiir and Wettern
Carolinian for three months, mat ttic ctrtemtant
apiiear at the next Si ai-rior Court of law, to be
held for the county of Burke, at the Court-Home
in Morganton, on the foucth Monday of htptim
ber ne xt, tlien and there to plead to said petition,
otherwiae the petition ill be heurd ex parte,
and decreed accordingly.
Copy test, W. W. ERWIN, C. It. S. C. X.
Price adv. g4. 3mt69
Noirrn ctakolina:
COURT of Pleas ami Quarter Sessions, May
Session, 1823. James! orrencev. Charles
D. Conner Original attachment, levied in the
hand of Alfred D. Kerr, and he aummoned as
gjimitbee also, in one negro bey. It appear
ing to the satisfaction of the Court that the de
fendant in thi cause resides out of this State, it
it tlierefore ordered, that publication be made in
the Weatern Carolinian for three montha ucce
tively, that unleu the defendant appear before
this Court on the first day of the next term to
thethird -Monday. iit.jAli
&i limMrtv -levied onjtudpl
cause, the nlaintiff will be heard ex parte, and
judgment rendered againat aaid defendant pro
eojmjssxn----""'-''-''"-" - - - -
Price adv. g4. i..1fct71
nUaTPis'ttSi or fet6cirr-
1 ROM the (ubKnber, on the 4th Julv, mulatto
' fellow named BILL, 23 or 24 years of sge, 5
-.. inri inches hirh. with a remarkable sin
nilar mark' ontherignt side of his nose, rather
of a purple colour, nis ciouung noi rccuuccicu;
he has been uvthe jsil of Salisbury .
i wilt ri! a reward of 10 dollars, to snv per
son who will deliver the said negro to me, or se-
. ... . . a . i-,Jii .!
cu re him in jail so I may get mm j or oouar
mi dflivrrv of him and tlie thief. If he
has a.ftee pass, I will ciye a reward of 50 -dol-
iai't; tor the oelivery oi uira anu uie pcrmi ,uu
cue it to hinu,UMO S1 bew&MifdS3fftoM
veil that be i tne pcraon. i puraiaaeu am ne
gro of Dr. Isaac Philips of Rockingham count.
. 'if. . BAHiWI-Jj HI I.
IrtdfU Count, ith Juh,K23. ' 62tf
. . AJittUKOs
ft the various kinds commonly, for sale
) at the Office ef the Wrmnii Camtinsii
for sale 1t this OlSqc.
Frm tie JTaJW4 JTWer,
ItTTKI IT. salt AD tlMtlTOH.
To taurjes Ktalier, T. lecrtHary tt the Row
Agricultural feocicl. .
Shi Tho remstkiofrcrrd la trf IsH
letter rttperilng Gypsum spply eo
to saitiIM I hH bf.vcrrtiUcf on ibU
ariuu notwlihiunulhs Ui Rrist rni)tor-
ttnter- Indeed tt it almnet e eofrsteftt
tocUte f Cj txura ; ina Geolae;Usl point
m a .a a . I
oi vtew, nearly tne tsmf app'y 10
both i and where we find one 61 them.
e may lock with crest ctpcctstlon for
iho other, it rosy not, however, t iro
proper te remark, that few people $rt
prttbably aware, how profuarlf beneB-
rent Viwiflerr ha ryrovMed. fof ll.e UM
tif man, this auhetanro which It n indif
pcniulde to hit hatpincss. All it it truOi
cannot but know that the wide ocean ton
fjs it to every shore but all, perhaps.
ate not awsre to what exleiit the solid
earth itself is e'orrd with it hctraylng
itrlf in one place, by in nutations on
the sin lift, si.d in another br copious and
neretmlal. sprinica of b'nr iifcli(f here
into iofly hills, and sinking thcte into the
sbvstei of the earth.
I allude to these facts to show thst we
might derive some little hope of finding
Salt enoi ourselves, merely reas iAe
txttni tj tur ttrriitry. But, wi h regard
to actual indications, there appear to be
the following. Throughout that part of
the lliue Kicge which paswcsthrotigntnis
Slate, and 'throughout that part of the
State which lies westward of it, Salt ma
be looked for with the grcateit probability
of success. Gpum,it is said, has al
readv been discorded there: if so, I
(Mild tilmost venture to predict that SJl
ta constant companion, wtll ie lounu
iherc also. nh retard to the oilier
.... am.
W i i tne Mate, the piotMiuuty oi nna
Slt ri sts on. very nearly the lame
L'louixi is that of finding Ctpium, and
het wtic pointed out in my l-st letter
As in in the present, the pro
b.l-ility is not ury strong from any indi
rations hitherto tdmrved t butsiill, they
are deemed sufficient to encouraee lorne
search, and this, as was shown with rei
ned to ('i pum, would be greatly aisitted
by thelights of Geology. -
In regard lo ft luuject so tmponant
trtl mf.tnlT desirable rhat tbe pub
. . .. . lnformed U wh otlculal
fo ,
v.; - : - '. . u
wbereu would b o1m to-Mirch for it
.what are regarded at fcitftli of Slt
. - Q-ga lull IIUW Bill II 11 lull ..llllil.iiyil
li. l - I..-.-J A 'k.. ..U
is to be conducted and what would be
the best mode of carrying on the rnanu
factute of the article when found. In
formation on ell these Dointi,- is tmnlr
supplied bjr Jbopejrjence of jplberitkadJ
ih deposited lor our use in works oi tne
highest authority. In the proposed M Re,
port"' to the Board of Agriculture,-this
subject, in all in details, might be pre
stnied before that box.6D4-.AhjQUgh
iKem to 'Ibeti hlbtted" be fore ihcpublk.
l iMXsTOxt. In considering the two
last articles (Gypium and bait) cur zeal
haa been some w h,it tempered by the want
of any very encouraging probability of
SW' i - I TTJ . . 1 I L . ah...aa,4
hnding tnem cui, in me iw -jrcaciii
case, we hare every thing to encourage
us. No part of our State is unfavorable
in its geological itruciure,lo tbe exis
tence bl' Limtitonet indeed in most patts
of the State it is already known to exist
in larger or smal.erxjUaDtitics.l be Low
Countiy yields the Shell Umcitoue and
Marl; the Upper Country, the finest
Mountain l imestone and the western
most district afford the Blue Limestone
in the gteatest abundance. Having of
fered itseJf to our notice already, in nu
merous places,, with little or no search,
and there being, ao far at geological ob
servation can .'decide,.,, great rea son for
auppownt Mi9Wn.4!La.i'i0U-W
motive jo bend our attention, inhe first
place towards discovering Limestdne,'and
in fhe second plaCenowardltliii in'tfoduc
lion of it into far more general use. j
There are three reiDect in whicb Lime
isartiruiariy-impotant- f octety-t-i
' . , . . i ; . :i ,-.-n ' I
namely, in irciuiciiuioi to .viciuurgyi
and in Agriculture.
1. It is well known that great quanti
ties of Lime are required for tbe purpo
ses of A8CHITE.CTU&S. Public build
ings, a the Capitol at Raleigh, a College
at the University, i Court-bouse, or a
Church, - are occaMonallf erected in the
interior of the State where is fully dis
played the fmportfctie - of bi irtule,
l JI.UUI M'v i.u, .mw ... '-y
I 1 . . a . 1 r V. m. Vnt,trAt fk ftll-K t..2l.1in
tcjs wvuiu uc y.;.vj(wiMv.fiM,a;
a the Canitol. I his orobablv could not
I , r m - - 4--rz.- -- --
be furnished for a less um than from four
to five dollars per barrel, including trans
portation fiero Feyettevillt. We- wifl
J, t. tt. .... Bni-'fou- dollars the r.
?PPe l t0" nl7 "r. flOllartllten
Itne L-iroe lor iikii a nuiiuing wvuia com
1600 dollar!; No w in tome part of our
rnnnirv.' where Lime-Quarries are, ahun
the Lime for such a building would cost
riant, this article el!i for one roiUr pti.
hirrell were surh a qatrry t!lrevef4
nesr the eity of Ralrljjh, the tavlng In th
tindertsklng supjiod, wmiW be 1101 dol
lar and the remaining 4W would bt
ripended amonr, u lira, instead of be
ing sent to fordn "market. This In
stance my furnMi an averape estimatt
of the eatravarant jiibe fid l'r Iime
thmiirilirur nlf h SiVi Vnrisl'.lt being "
(bur lime II Diu'ch lt Irwntild tt ,werf
beds of i ormn among fcurret
to fMrtilah the rrotiisito quantlte if Urot
(every builder, in M own tidniiy. . ,
I have Sir, no data from which lo estW ;
mate the quantity of lime at prrvnt Im
pored Into the r'tete, nd f onvryed from
ur sea-port Into the Interior! ho', fur, we will suppose It to -be
onlr 3000 bjrreU annually ; and thst
th, in'cliidinr transportstion, will ev' .
rsgejat the price of h ur dollsr per bar. .
rel. OoUTneupposl'ion,thetstebsyi
RIJJJOO tear, for an article it
believed with much eor.fidence, oil' '
within her own territory In numerou
pUcr beside those already noticed (Id
ohice sufficiently numerous Indeed,
supplr more tban all our need. If tht
firt be so, we are-pa in t at least 6000
dollars annually fir nnneceary carriages -
and 6000 more to fuietn ntrkrit for an
article which we could manufacture at
very small expense among ourselves. In
ome parte of our country, a ha been
mentioned already, lime issjtdatlhe kiln
for only one dollar per barrel, ami Kill af
fords handsome pfoGt tlhe m;-hunc ...
tnreri. I he proprietor oi me te w suns f.
treadr established in thi ttate do not sell
it at so low a pi Ire, and prorbly cannot
afford to do o t but'thenaiural lendencr "
of niuMplfingesUblishmf ht of thli kind,
is to introduce skill and rtonomy into trio v,
management of them t and no reason ap- .
pear to prevtnt the supposition, that,
wert Limestone found as abiindintlv In '
N. Carolina as in 'the plate above refer
red to, Lime also would becoVne as f heap
hare aa n ia mere, .iiuiaoe iriuicu -
oOfthst in the forecoing estimate (or ra
tber il'utiration) of the expenses incur,
red for thi article in foreign markets, w
have only contemplated the quantity . ,
which I consumed in the itwrhr, leaf ,
ing out of r'rew the great amount re
quired to eupply the wanta'of ourcomw
rfVoftwIUw- nnia of ro k rcir -able
to aupply iheso exiencU 'ii onrr
our domesUc resource. -rrz2' Tzrrrr
But mother torisidenilofp vlne; In -t
the same manner, the importance of fiid
ing JJrot!oneJnKreatejr .quanuiy an
frequency among ourselves, io order ta
supply material for building. I alludey '
to tht grrat advantage thai &uld tttult ,
io Architecture from uung Lime more fret
i- Fatiiie jMkeiiLilluf'tri'ilow wiiirt
supposed, that 3000 barrel of thi art let
are initually Hited in the Interior of UP
State, besides what la manufactured e
mong ourselve. hether this quantity
correspxmdeJa.My. degreo w It h. A ho
mount actilallr consumed, or not, theri '"'
can be no ftoubt that an adequate supply -
of Ume for the same district of country,
would itqulre, rot three ihtutand barrels ,
or.l) , but thirty thwandt I apeak merely
of a aupply for architectural purpose
It willoccor to a little rt flection, r at
least it will be found hv a little experi.
ence, how vastly mote fiim.and durable)
all atructute of brick or tone are when tTTT
laid in good lime-mortar, than when aturk
together with Ovud.- It mas be added thitr "
were Lime abundant andrhejpiio-''a
walli wruld be found much more eroho
mical than ceiling. They would cost lest
at fi.t i if well executrd, the would bo .
at least du'able bring easilv washed
or colored they are, not, like tinplnte
ciiling, o liable to wear a feu or gloomy
aapect and when the nc r pirv pf C
house is plaistered within, the rtnuinde
mpved ililitbaref pairir
urface a a nouie eniii ely wiled wtthinv
Many persons have been discouraged ft orr .
Using iirnirntf:'laW
celled wall, on account of the ui.Uiifut
manner in which thoso of mortar hav
been1 executed. " Mttch-atroiind'Ol
plaint, without doubt, exist on thi pointj v
but wo must reflect thst a more frequent-. ,
use of thi anitle, will bo the meanof; .
introducing better workmen, and of im. ;
proving thoe already amontr J. In Ar ;
chitecture, therefore, durability beauty '
and economy, are all intimately connect;
ed with ra full supply of Lime. , 'Zt::y:
2. In MiTAtttnof. or tho art of ;'
stetie is often of indispensable oe' Som j "
witboutr'itidi and in almost all caaet
where iron ore ia reduced by fusion In
furnace, Limetone it employed as a flux
to assist the fiision.l it hprt ardjy bnoL
of the Art can be carried on upon i '
Targe scale without the aid of a great nunv ,
ber of natural substances. .Thus the maw -nufketurer
of Ironf before he engages ex " $
.bfhcl;iii ! Ir y

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