North Carolina Newspapers

'M.. W.
tt.AMSlUHVi, .V. 11. 'HSV.SW.Vi, "2, 1823.
A the iOikii of tun eiiaiUiiment art
e ginning to b-r raiher an later r'iJ to
rvcWaea, the fi-Ltor la ( jtt'U-J lo adopt fc'roe
Im Unt prom! if 1 a tt tftr reasrd ftr hit 1-Jx-t
4 future, TM mtK la tin t.Tc, litiherto,
j baa been too carrl. , fp'rrs have ba Sent
."uLe ptr2r we by report OkJT pay gt
in advance i and it secmathat ia til mini I uicm
ftr intend to py, fcAer receiving tin paper
me, two, and tlire year. In future, tlit tern.
of tlit Western Carolinian will b a follow i
JV e&r.a year, pyallyearly la advance.
Itvery paper tent at ft di-tance, will be tLacyn
fjnoed after the time hat expired for which it
La been paid for, unWta the ubcriber la known
- to be good, U the Utur cw, the pfe will be
lent until paid for and ordered to bo alopt
AdvertWmentt ill bo inserted at fifty cent
per oquare for the Crat insertion, and twenty-five
eent for each aubacqucnt one. Advertneroent
' Iron t distance mua to paid for, or tbeir pay
joent assumed by responsible person, before
tutj can bo pubbshed.
All letters addrcaaed to,the Editor, must be
')0$t-faid, or they will not be attended to,
Sign, Uoac, and Uouae
GEO. W. GRIME beg leave to inforn tba
ciliicn ( Balisbury, and tbc surrounding
ountrv, that bo atill continue to circuit all
kind of bouse, sign, coach, and ornamental
fainting. Having procured an ample supply of
materials, and having, for a number of year
past, devoted almoat liia whole attention to ac
quire a competent knowledge of tliit branch of
uaineaa, he fcela confident of bring able to give
AWisfaction to thoae who mar be pleased to fa
Tor him with ordcri in the above line. tlding
end Glazing will alao be executed in a neat man
er, and on reasonable terma. lie alao keep
tn hand, for aale, copal and Japan YanuiL
Wanted, as aa apprentice to the above buii-
teaa, one or two Uls from 15 to 16 wen of agr,
of oteady and induatnoui babitt i to uom,
they prove fhemaelvea (learning of it, a good
banco wtil le given.
SaXtbin, F,b. 1813. W
Ik. ratrAtfVYf
, r f AVI.'JO lofaleJ bltiadfat Mount
f bf tlio anr of Mrf )vAt ItrnWr, of.
J ki frra to tH inWuUnta arotinl th
. rot iirfjmnt and aaid ioia tierciae
of the atvrral dutc t - f hta ftni aan
M,nlV'J.WL 6ltf
fTllE'imfc "ore '"rVtpeci&flr Inf nnririlut
1. the Mntitt ftudi witch baa been
P.r 'l" nu'iibcr IT Vean V aaWlf 3TXf Phicl
Cres . of Daliaqurr, will in future bo con
d'icied by rut, In the xune building i where er.
rry ncceaaary attention and particularity Will be
given, to rrmler Mtiftction to thoae whom ay
picaae io iaf ni tut meir eiieiom.
S.M,hury, Monk S8, 13.'3.-4rtf
Tlie CopprMmithing, ami Tin Plate biInr,
hrrettfforw trmnacled by I. treaa, arn. will in
fu'nre be conducted bv me, at the aame place.
Tl.oar who Uvime with tlnir cua'oui, may dr.
prnd nn having their work done with neatneaa,
durability and dcipatch.
- WaltU lUvaVtVn, tie.
JAMES B. riAMPTOS roaprcOully infrtrnia
the public, that he occupjea the okl a'. op
formerly owned by hta father, on Maln-a'net,
ft few door aoutli of theCourt-Kotiac-, Saliahtin-,
whert be Ji now prepared, with a good aU of
eoou, o repair au ainua ui
; He aaaore all who mar ftror Wiii itn tlicir
mtmn,that their rork ihl'i he "executed in ai
rood a ayle as at any other eMp in ttya pa,rt of
the country. AU fcimla of old Jewcl-y repaired,
aod aome kinds made. Job of every ikfcription
In hi line of business will be t liankfull v received,
and executed on a short notice. People who
rende at a tance, by sending, may depend on
taring their work aa faithfully attaodad to and
returned, as though they were present. ......jind
tnljf the old established Snlishury prices charged.
f S Tuesday of next August Court, there will
J be Offered for sale, that large nmi ctmvc
nlent esubluhment in Saliaburv. three doors
east from tlie Court House, the property of the
hte Bamabaa Krider.1 he hoW ia 6o by 3u
widi every convenience appertaining to a pub
1'chotisei it is w ell known as having been occn.
pied aa such for about 33 years. Tlie establish
roent is so well known, that it w nuld be useless
to say any thing of its conveniences, &c. Terms
of payment will be nude to accommodate the
purchaser. THUrf. IIOLMK,
SaVtbttr,'Jme 24, 1823. " 8tC6
(iriu f ut Sale.
THERE will be sold, on Wednesday, pih o
XiitCt next, if not previously sold at pri.
rate oJe, a tftCt of lanj lying on the water of
Graof Creek, containing oout ijj acres, jom.
,, lng John Litaler and others. A great part of
! the above ract if of the first rate woodland, vith
good meadow of about ten or twelve acres,
the balance of the land now under cultivation.
A good dwelling4iOHe( still bouto, bam, and
- l Wut HouscjuriTbo above fdatrfatHKt i eight
Xbvaba land belongs to thje-estaty nf Rrfc
"Tt0ar alndefieca Term will be mar
known on the day of sale.
JTht ml imlUlak plat tit prtmitM, -
llie tliorough bred Horse
"liril.1- stand this sesaon st my
V V? ' ,ul,c sr',",r? ''d be
fji let to at the price i4 eight
S)a J .dolUrs the seann fve d llar die
leaf), to be pid whew the mare Ukr tlie horar.
With liberty to turn to the acaaon aJiould tba
mare not prove with foal.
), is now nine yraia oi l. IT'S dim wa by
he imported horse fharriKti hi aire, the old
imjortrd Iin, whoe ped gree alirxitt every
pcraon is well arqua utrd witli.
JJtn certa'uih ranks with the best horrs ever
trained on the Salisbury turf, bavins; been a
running horw since three tear old lluring
th ii time, he liaw won sis races three two.mile,
aid 3 one-mite heats i alvi, the best three in five.
Jh'.n is a btanliful bay, riaiug fifteen hands
high. For muscular pwer, and elegance of
action, he cannot be eirelled.
There are a few col'.afroin )ion j snd though
they are the prod ice of common niarea,thi-y.are
uncommon in point of iir, firm and beau' v.
Tlie i,a,on lias already rrnimenctd, anJ will
terminate the 1st of Augurt.
SuliAuru, ,jf 13, 18 )M
10 iltwnrA iltth alwa
IKOM the subrnber,Iiing in
the county of How an, on tli
24th June, a negro man named
l)itwf this boy forme rl belonged
to Cen. J. A. PriHon," dre'dj h
is well know as his carriage dri--yemrtd
aervanC ' 111 i tall in
tattrrr, of TeTTMsckr eomtrtcluon:
about twenlyone year of age, his clothing
not raeoBected. : l" have pa idea w here he ia
gone. Any person giving information to the
subscriber, at Mock's Old Field, or securing him
in jail, or otherwise, so a lie may be again in my
piiaaeaaion, shall receive the above rewarded
11. M. PKAttSON,
"i 35, 1835. 60
ft II-
I kmrmg to
the rei 1 e of the property, be.
the M'K ! Jcaae A. re anon.
eeear4 will eomnwncr t ItorksOld he U in
thf .rkaof the Talk: a , Wednesday the 13ih
of Atirtat heft, and eoi u,u from day to day
until all (a li conaiatingy tCUOEH, Horses,
a st k bf bkcly Cattle, farming l'tenals, llouie
kM and Kjtcjtea furaimrv, and variety of
(dher property. All wbieb, will bo sold without
.) bawrai lettaat 'Wtuca wOi wo ati
kaowa oa tbrdaytof sale.
A ivEiDrrr, AUtc
y-',4, 1823. 66
Wank fttotk, on CrtdU.
ON Tliursday the ilat of Aitguat nctt, (being
Thursday of the County Court.) One bun
drer and ninety 4om Htiart Mock of the state
Dank of iorut-Caro.ifu. And Kfty-atl Shares
Atock of the flank f Capo Pear, belonging to
the estate of Darnel creaa late of B tstxirv.
dre'd, will be aoldon a credit of ail mouths
Hoods with at least two good securities wiQ be
required, and other particular made known oa
the day of aale by lie executor.
XaSftium, Juh, M IS23. 6167
Tlie P.diior of the Ralrign Btar, Kegiater and
Fayetleville iMiaervtr, will please in-rt the
hove advertiarment in tbeir respective paper
five timr nd forward tbeir account to tins of
Are for paynient.
fTil E subscribers repectfu!1y inform their
1, and the nubUc at argo, that thrt
have eatoriatrd, under the firm of Unmet (j
Cfhrr, for the purpoae of carrying on the above
a . I. .v ..
bith'nraa in an ia urancaea. I iey are wen pre.
p ired to make all kinds of Windsor and Fancy
Chain, from gl2 to per set. Gentlemen
w iabihg elegant chairs, or settees, may rtlv up.
on having them aa elegantly made at the shop
of the subscriber, as at any other in tlie Mate.
Old chairs and settee repaired, at a reasonable
rate, and on ahort notice,
The aubarribers are abo completely prepared.
w ith a good stock of timser, to make ail k.nda of
Ulead, at Irom gj tc fyii.
Wvi Away
IltOM the suWriber living in
. Burke countv, on the 17ih in
TffiriTofirliWffld or Indented bor,-
ft Knut t wntv t m nt iw kv
- -r - . j -ft ".
nam uf J.xk fhmM Isaul kv
is s mulatto. Five cents reward
will le given to any person de
livcrinc said boy to me. but no
tbantt or charges paid. ""
.me 28,1813. 3t63
fellow named BILI- 23 or 24 year of age, 5
fecL.4 or 5 indies high, wtta a remarkable sin-'
gutar murk on the right aide of hi nose, rather j
ljUt of Letters.
Rmainlnj in the rut.fjflct at Charlotte, X. C.
h the 1.1 day Jul f 1823.
A. Capt YVm. Alexander, Elwio Alexander,
2, John II. Alexander, Hubert Allen, Doct Ah
drrwin, Sample Alexander, Jeaae Acock. B.
F.. A. Beatv, Bebeeca IHcckry, wis Brawner,
2, Eliiabrth S. Biggar, V'm. Kiggara, Josiab
Brown, Mirhard Bartlett, John Bouden, C
t;n. Carfington. Alexander Cawley, Wm. F.
Cowan, David Chamber, I'm Csshman, 1Kma
S. Cockfan, Wm. Campbell, Bobert Cockran,
Nathaniel Cmtningham. D".Obedience IJin-'
Vmx, t.ewir lymkint, MargarrrrK. DlnklnaTSa
rah Dinkins, Jane Binkhis, James Dinkina 4,
Halter Davia, John II. Davidson, John Dickey.
K. John Erwing. F Jrycmiali Freeman, Jo
seph Flinn. G. Thorns Galoway, James II.
Goodwin, Joaiah Grady, Alexander Garden. II.
Eiekial Ham, David Harry, 2, 1 ippo 8. Hender
ano, Jairtr Hogan, M. at N. P. Hall, Reuben
Hills, 2, David Hawell, John Hannon, llatthew
Hall, FJam Hunter, John Hunter. K, alyer
Kimble, James Kirk, 2. Lj l itus lancey,
John Little, W m. Little. M. John B. Mosa,
Jamea M'Clenny, W, Maaon, Daniel Moore, Juhn
UlorTUjO, AJelmeJ) Milton Osborne. P
Edmund Palmes Mary Potla, Joaeph J. Pun i
ance. tt. Cyrus Query 2. Rv Charles Rich
niond, W m. P. Robinson, Permenia Rodger,
F.2ekial Hubinton, M. L. Riclioldson. S. F.Ii
slia Smartt. David Smith, Hngh hmith, Robt. Si.
mona, Alexander Spears, James . Sinimons, Ja
cob Marn. T. Wm. 1 oler, Cliarlc F. Toom
er, John T)-e. W. Godfrey Williams, Leander
Z. Williamson, Thomu B. William.
3t64r WM 8MI1 H, P. M.
Ttm tb Jfolfl4 Jtfjiiur,
To Clarle Fiaher, Secretary i4 Uo Row
of a purple colour, hi cluthir.g.not recollected;
he haa been in the ja I of Salisbury.
I will we a reward of Id dollar, id any per
son wbo will deliver the said negro to me, or se
en re htm in jail so I may get him ;,or 25 dollar if
stolen, on ielivery at luiu and the thief. If he
has a free paw, I will rive a reward of 53 dol
lar, for the delivery of him and the person who
gave it to him, upon it being satisfactorily pro
ven that he ia the person. I purchased laid ne.
grp of Dr. Isaac Philip of Rockingham county.
- - yi?tA,ry, Jitnt 24, 1823.
Coac and 0g wMaUVng.
THE ubcriber beg leave to inform their
friend and the pubhe at large, that they
intend carrying on the Coach and Gig making
business, at the shop formerly conducted by A.
. K. Jump. Thew are well supplied with a vari
ety of chaifeHunber. And those who may
please to favour tbem with their custom, may
rest aasured'thefr work will be well executed.
. AU kinds of repairing will he done st tlie moat
, reasonable terms, 'Gun-boats and Yankee Wag
gnns will be made, by applying to the sub-
" . . , FttASClS PIN&STON
Salisbury; Julr I, 1823. - - 5t64
Uouse for Salt, v
WILL tell my House and Lot in Sa.
-fobWf Unaccommodating; term;
Apply to T. L. Cowan, Esq. or to myself, in Ba-
k-igli. " There ia a good office belonging tp tlie
ftrt, wttyenient for Lawyer or Physician.
1 - - john BECKwrrir.
tUtbwj,Martht, 1823,-'44i'
aw ea
July ttl. lBiJ.
A.-TTHltarn ' A11eilTsoiv'Al)raham Area, Ben-
jamio Alexander," Sarah Allison. B. George
. . -a. . . . t . I nl 1 ' i.
Harnnart, uiiuain wncr, amuei uiacn, jane n.
Bingham, PtILJIugcrJCWillkmCratiiivl'
Daniel Coleman, John Case, William Cosset,
Able Comne. F, Jacob File, Jacob Friexier,
Lewia Fitlier, George B. Friend. G.-rSamuc1
Ganger. Christian Gregoryv. Il.George Har.
vey, Doct, Elam Harri, Joseph Hamilton, Wash
ington Harris, Samuel Hudson, Aaron Houston,
Joseph Barvel, EliaabetlTJIarryeut. K. Ro
bert Kirkpatrick, Francia Kirkpatrick, Laird
Kirkpatrick, Mary Keith, Jacob Keny. M.
Mary Mayer, Macarny Morgan, John Misenh't
mer, Samuel Moore, Thoma Motly, Richard
M'Kee. N.BobcriKuI. ?.-B6bert;Ferkins;
John Patterson, Margaret Phillip, Thoma Pa
UngeA4:aUIa4WPhjfcr, Eha JPaffiljOnl
Pbderv H-Jopfi lUmiMmm'Mn
L. Ross, Jobs Iticbey, David Ueese, Parmenio
Roger. S.Fward Smith, Elia Snell, Elijah
Smith, Januf "lon, Samuel Hhinn, Alexander
Scott. Trt-Joabua Tuter. WSamuel Wal
lace, Doct. James Wilson, Jesse Wilon."t.
James Toiing.i, '
' : 3r63e D. 8T0BKE, A, 'P.M.
Wnts V enllU0Tl louas .
for 4e at this OIHcr,
To Country tMeTcautB and
IF, owner of the Pteam-Boat MAID OP
ORLEANS, laving formed the deaign of
running her next aeason, ana toereatter, as a
public freighting BOAT, between Charleston
and Cheraw t and finding if indispensable 16 her
success that ahe should at ail time have full
freight and diipatcb, liave re solved, when there
happen to be a deficiency of freight to supply
it themselves with the leading articles of Mer
chandise, viz t Salt, Iron, Sugar, Molasses, Cof
fee, hi. to be sold in quantiliea by their agent
at Cheraw, at cost, charges, and a small compila
tion. Having Uiemidnce in New-York and
Charleston, the ownert do' not hesitate to assure
WeWhBcvW"ific1ravir)fi 'toFMiioliU'
not aarpasaa -W)Miat Uiewf prices snau oa-re
iiJiirand at;factbry to sill ratibhal buyerv to
tmuch so as to make it the interert of the mer-
ehantto purchase mttch of his aupphe of them,
pither than submit to the inconvenience and de
lay of getting then! from diptant niarkct,Vnd
through other channels. In comTiencenient of
this dcsig!!, they now offer for tale, by their a
gents, Messrs. Mebane & Co. the following ar
ticles, auitable for country retailer i 40 Hhda.
prime Molasses, 20 Hhds. of allqualitie Sugar,
and 500 Sack prime Liverpool Bait.
CAerow. June 4, 1823. ' . 4t63
State of ot Carolina,
SUPEM0R pourt of 1 w April Tjt.rji4 1823 t
Jane Weaver ." William WeaverPeti
Uon, divorce. It appearing to the? aatisfaction of
tent of h StateV U 'Miereftire ordered by the
court, that publicationlie made for three month
in the Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury,
that the defendant appear at ihe next Superior
Court of Law to fceJiekWbr the county of Row
an, at the Court House in Salisbury, on the se
cond Monday after the" fourtb-McrodrTn. Sep
tember next, then and there to plead, answer,
or demur, or the petition will be heard ei parte.
. . r HY.-01LE9, C.S.C.
Price adr. g4.- : mt70 ;
Sir Fomi Coal Uio liulo tied, or
veil known In thi tstf, that proUMi
mn of or lnbtliaiiU.,pi;i atrd lo "ie
UMr Ibai wo rtfsr to combustible) tub
uncti futmtf In the inlrHor of the tArtL
tho oxIaling'tLer in inch abundance! at
to' furnUb the moil old and nonuloui coun
tries the ratet part of their fuel. TM
iQbttance U or tucb value to tngiand
that without It the would be uittrlr una
Me to carry on her manufacturing opera
tionii indeed without It the could hardly
supply lurwll with fuel for the ordinary
purpose of life. Tbc following facte will
how.both bow abundantly Coal film In
nature, and what vnt ute Itmade of It In
certain countries. One of the greatest
Coal-1 ormation known, ia that of Now
Cattle in the north of England. Thit hai
already been worked for eeral hundred
yean, and ttill if it citimated, that the
formation contain! enough to hit 1000
years longer, although not let than T3-
000,000 are can led from it annually. Ln
don alone require for her monthly aup
ply 2,3:6,000 bushels ! (Antult of I'hilo
tonhy 4,411)
Owing to ihe abundant retource for
fuel afforded by our interminable forest,
the Udited btttet hate not hitherto em
ployed 1 oil t'c-al, except on a very li
mited ecale. Bui the forest embraced
within the older Stalct, are by no meant
inethauttiule i every year they are bow
ing before the xr, and already have our
more populous district legun lo feel ihe
scat city ar.d expensivenrit of fuel. A
our country become more thickly act-
led, and our forest more eitensively
cleared, a moil to tuUerranean tupplio
or lurl will every day become more and
more common, in levetal puce alrea
dy, where large manufacturing establWh
incut have made great destruclion.of tbe
surrounding lore!, co-1 hat become in-
4j-penable to, their progrtM, In the
mot iwpulous artt of the United Slates,
it daily become more and more impor
tant to preserve the timber from destruc
tion ; and the time i by no metn rlii-
tant, when most o( the fires that are light
ed in the oldest lections of oui count iji
will be fed from. tbe. aiorca that now. lie
for th most part undisturbed below 1 he
surface. Hence we infer that Caallidtf
lined it iWK, ( fie very distant day, an
article ' in much greater drmund- i our
country than it i$ at fir cent j that to such
States a contain it in abundance within
themelve, jLwiJLbfi j tery valuable pos
aeaaion, and, when their own wanta are
Mippiicd, 4nay afford the means of a lu
crative commerce in aupplyingthe wants
of those State, which do not contain it.
We may cite the sitter Slate of ViieinU
for err example of the Tommencementtif
tiiis tr.ltic, which is, in out view, to be
come tvciitually to important.
Among those States which will be so
fortunate a to embrace a lull supply of
this article vaithin he ir own territory, ihe
State of North Carolina will undoubtedly
be one : nor will this privilege be small,
although she has displayed little but cold
indifference, while a limited geological
research has added to her native riches,
three apparently ample beds of this mine
ral, and has traced out a region extending
not less than a hundred miles from north
to south through, the-ver centre of the
State where. one of these beds ia found,
and where numerous other beds may be
looked fori with the greatest probability
of success the whole being, without
doubt, a continuation of thoae tich beds
of Coal, that lie on the border or James
Rvver. But tnetbinks.1 bear some one
say, " Of what vib are these bed! of Coal
supply us with fuel f And although these
St rttarId"ve--err--m -ihereihity-f
two of our largmrhersTyel lliose nveri
are not navigable, tt.d e cannot send the
article to foreign markets.' Poor narrow-minded
policy ! that can see nothing
yrdwWe-tn-1 herrreh wtfrTHexTtm
unlets they can al) be enjoyed by Itself,
although they be fraught with incalcula
ble advantages to that age which will cer
tainly arrive i (be it a hundreds be it five
hundred years distant) when a Rreat part
of our forests will have been cut down
large and numerous manufactures estab
lishedand the little impediments that so
dishearten the present generation, be
ous fame of William renn, that in found
rnlghrenfaln unemployed for centuries.
In my last letter alto, it wa tUerved,
that grrut numbrr (J natun,l tuh'afr&
at rtquthtty re$uirtd la frrt a tin
glr Art ft idvtntigr, and that a plr
where thtte su?ihra are fmind In h J
greatest ihundancj and the rlosevt rrn
nexion, Isbeii fitted fore nailing its it. ha
bitabt ta el U- the arts stMl mrife
rores,'luleihe'TUrfy l1r,of Itcslllrj f ;
loyoor rrr oiler t ion thee Wea( brritntr' "
Ihr y rerrive so good sn illustration In the
article before lis. A Coat Mine Is aa
important pot session toe Sta'e, although
hundreds of years should .roll sway be
fore the mineral can be brought into eg
lenIve ute. - , "- .
T are the foltr of tietlecting ihe ni
lurst advtntsges wl lth are conferred on
a place by the presence of a ri Led f
Coal, let us suppote tlssst the cotnpaBj ef "
adventurers, who first penetrated the wet 1
tern wilds of Pennylvania te (he spot
where the buy and . flourishing city of,1 : . .
rittsburg now stands, accidentally fell in :"
with the led of Coal which are deposited
there.. Perchance some one.of the partr
had witnessed the vast bettffit which
Kngland had derived firrn her Coal beds,'
nd hajling with enthusiasm so fortunate
a ditcovery, represented it lo his tompa'
Hons as a circumstance which conferred - -
oil those lands a peculiar value.. Another
perchapcr, who was unacquainted with .
the uftnc itself, and unaccuitomed to '
extend- his views beyond the, present mo.
ment, demanded in deilslon, "Of whajt
ue ran more fuel be in this wide wilder
ness t Are not the forests that surround
us sufficient lo supply itj And U H not a
better to cut down tbi wood, which we , v .
wish to clear away, than to drive in the
dirk caverns of the earth after Col f . "
And if we should not need It for our "
selves, pny what uto could we make of
it i Should we send it down the Ohio to
he Western Indian I If Ihen we could
neither ue it ourselves, nor sell it too
there, pray what would it be good for, and
tow can any but vtioNry thrmtf sup - --
pose that (his land derives an additional
value ft omits containing so useleit a jb - . .
stance f'loone whose views were too li ""
mited to penetrate a line beyond the little -.
pan of his own exUtence, aod who was
ready Jo condemn every enterprise as vl.
slooary which ho could not achieve by his -
owivpowerilOould te vainlb ure that-r
on day perhaps those, forests would ba
cur down 1 hero 'f 'rpUIous cltv'wouldl
arise jthe regions far to. the wtst and
theo"gtb and tbe norths would be filed
with inhabtants, and numerous arts might
be carried on at this spot to supply the
wants of all that region arts that could
proceed only by the aid of thit substance
Men -Providence hid stored here ter
baps for that very, purpose. ' How well
these supposed visions have been realit
ed, the following account may show, ta
a m .a f
Ken irom tne lateat geographical notice
oE Ptttsbwtgi uAlHhecottney-wrrnind
the city is full, of Coal, and aVf the
city and the suburbs ate so admirably t.1
tuated lor such manufacturing establish '
ments as requite the ue or fuel, ard e
great many surh eatablishments' have 4J
been erected Here are steam mills t
glasa houte, in which yery. kind of.
glass, from poner bottle nd a window
pane, to the most elegant crystal pi. t is
manulactured, to the amount of 200.000
dollars annually ; 4 air furnaces i i brew .
erics ; numerous" flour-milla, notttiies
'orges, blast-furnacesi rolling-miita, slit
ting-mills, distilletieStwnd othe t mill and -.-r-
manufactures too numerous iO be parti
cularized.". To those who believe . that
North Carolina is doomed to remain sts
lionary, or even to retrograde, while all
the other Stalea are advancing in the
grand march of Improvement, to such,
doubtlesst the foregoing analogy will ap
fdrcti?inrprollaed ior the exigencies
of generations' unborn, and of extending
in full view before him through. the long
yjsta cf. tirht . ..,. ,
I Uft leave to recur to the ideas offered
in mjr first lcJuer, respecting the Impoi -tant
bearing on the interests of a State, oi
those possessions which stamp an iritrin
de value en Ha ttrrittrjr although they
pear wholly irrelevant ; but to those who
Here thai ahe is even now advancing ia
this career with renid Dace. .and that sha
will "rtmuertcf-iidtance t rilli" accelra""T
Iedslep,ltwu7Vppm i -
fraught with a useful and important le'aw
pLDMiAeo pr DiACi LEADr-The si: ,
mtlaTtr7thi-Tibn5ntrTJ CoilTli Hi . ' "
peels its composition, is the reason for in
troduclng it here. It occurs frequently
among the iron beds of the West, and a
large deposite haa been noticed rot far
from the Pilot Mountain but the forma t
tion which deserves patticular notice, is
that in the county of Wake- the most .
abundant deposit of Black Lead, is! ful,
ly .believe, that is to be found on teford. '
It. would.. bo easy to adduce proofs'
o easy to adduce proots to
show that this is a treasure, "Whole value
tnfRFM underTtoodir ppreti-.
aieo oy tne pr&pie o? tins Mate ; out i ;
leave all details of this kind to such as
may he entrusted with making out the
Kert" tirojoscd to be made to the - . :
Board of Agriculture, should that body
tl ink proper to take the subject under
iher patronage.
That the foregoing considerations will
command the ausnueoof tbe Powan H

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