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!l fc,rt k 1 tut .... off
1.1 t Irv'.r.; i ?
-.!ili.t'..,M, Whose IftC
C.lapp7 ipala I wUl Ms await ,
Thy bright end tlootninf, shore I
i Of BxxMKtil Irtftitd, tho lurking k
Whose jtoics procblm forful faf
.v.To Loir, or be no ftAre ! ...
-lleV k the Wm U LunUj( flood
Of rrpl strength and rfl
Of king who ada through teal of blood,
To ll'hl Rix' freedom la th bud,
And Hot lie's Iritf.teat part!
VHt tbr tinrnov'd the ten peat brave,
Vnyieldiof n.ee1 lit fo f
rrvd 'I 1 d ai ran ft fir,
Your country from oprn.on e,
1 And Sard lb in pt ndinf blow I"
Or 'h k ntT, and k'M li rod
Of purpk pride and power I
And aliafl that fa h fv be trod,
H b'th Ird thy of rprinr from their Cod,
And o.M of kU the door t
fiothou haaf set the bleated light.
And dmtik of freedom's ctip i
flu felt the curat of alavery'abfyh
tern abilm'd ia superstition's niht,
And belttn hath raited tbet op.
Tb day hath dawn'Jj tL raJUnf yoke,
Tb fvttert c tht alaee,
' As lightninp rend the rnarled oak.
Tit ftpanlard'a arm in twain hath broke,
Xlo tobe dam bi br I
And yon j spoilers of a world,
t T cruwo'dincUttiig thing!
Id tain jour boha of vengeance borl'd,
The Dag of "pain no more la furled,
But to the King of Kings!
The Cght of soulof reason's ttj
Tbo gloriooJ manb uf m'in
ttboee courae no aceptred land can etay,
tflel the Jealoul traftt'a May,
Xa& Irt aa'froo OirtH mankind.
1 AOsruffBAtD.
...... r .. .
ioa Tai pilot.
Theft rttta upon the Soldier'i grarc
A form av tpotlata, tad pure.
That teara of fond aBeetlo la
To tilLand alt the toul endure.
Shall bloom 4th foliago ecrgreei -
- How brar the tenant once bad been.
S Tie widoer ahaD lo grief repair,
TO thia, the gloomy 6ckl of death,
4 And breathe to Him, "a broken tear,"
That 'gate and aeon withdrew hia bixath.
The Orphan to", aliall trarn to weep, "
I And Mck ihc land hia aire bat trod I
, TTJiere aide b aide tlx tleroei alrrp,
' Own'd by their Country'aad their Cod.
VkteTttt HxtracUa Sec.
'. 4 . faew a rai tteia.
The ipetch of the Ptoidcnt of the
- V. butto, on cpening the new eenion
ejf cJrtgreii, is evo more intertatinj
? thaa tlie iptecliei prouounctd oo that
t lttun6ccaaipoaJwayiref .. Immoye
I . tlie the oik which bravei the wmvei
' . that ltortn aioutid it, the ijoveroment
gate position the tempem by which
V the whole et ooutn- America, ana a
part of. Europe,' are desolated, and tBe
threatening- clauds which are,, even
now, acCumtilaung over the remainder
- TT " Whit a picture this prowine world
renovatei tBebearisjbf IHoie jdifgujtt
'iiawei oiope; ! '"A
; - KTcnue of 100,000,000 (frncs) with
out direct taxea j , which leaves, a aur
. Dlut of 12 or 15,000,000 after All the
" expenaetof government are paid an
army icviea irora me miast oi wc na
tive citiisos of the country, which
weighi''peliherob.lU"'i)opulatloa' nor
' tresary, and oUtrs nt dangers to as
f ibrrt-y i the tnaratime frontiers ot the
' at Jte jecetvmg, all at once tromart,
tho dficienciea which nature task ft
thrra unprovided wun t a p
' lnci'easinjr without end aM wi
u. J iuturl attiow it i.u j'ttl.-d 1)
tnue prticuljr $nd 'mJiiitiul later
tits ihah, etiewhere tpinl sttatk,
ucrctly undcrmitr far wiluiy alur
and dnuiie them.
. IU tstcutiie Uad cf t!e govern,
metit vf Uie United Ctatrl haa to e
preii Lis f Uvs on those detpl; inter
tiling circumaianccs, in whi.h both
Europe and America arc now Uvolv'
cd. With bat gravity, with whst
exquisite judgment and foresight, he
has done it ! How every thing ia dais
cd In his speech with clearness and
precision ii it. ords are jhoae ol
truth, cf reason, tf justice, and of hu
iaac)ty t-r ,w, T r-
South America viz.tne new states
of South America (he ays) are now
strone enough to rest oq what, they
hd 3lj'med. To continue a contest
hh ui anv b pes of obtaining an ob
ject, would' be both inhuman and un
just. The whole qucation of Ameri
ca Independence is umipristd in ihotc
(tw mortis.
The firat of snv eovrrnment. the
United Slates have proclaimed their
withes fr the succeatlul istue ol tne
mil lr ttrupffle in wl ich the Greeks are
emr.erdi ihev have (ou-d in another labour, which were discovered t the
i.t.hrrr. amtimenti which would commencement of the modern excava
have honored th. se who are nearer to lions. An inacriplion aiao va lound.
them, and owe, perhaps, a greater debt which is supposed to allude tojhe tame
f rr,i.tu7fe to their ancestors. attempt. The modern ducovrry .i
SVbiUt Kurope is filled with detla- made by occsion of the digging of a
motions against ihe revolution ol Spam well on the spot, in tte grrunus -i tne
sod Fortgral, America sets only in prince of tlbeuf, near bis residence.
ihoe oTtmi events, an improvement in This wa a h'nur bi.ilt upon the aca
the condition of a part of the human shore, on n cka of lava, near a Fran
rair.iuwhith hcrown children belonei ciatan cloiater. ! sirkirg the well,
ahe felicitates her brothers on having the labourers struck g-inai a flight ol
pcouired the blesaings ol a new and stone stairs, but. piercingthrough them,
T .1
which now aits to decide on the .latt of
Spain, and judge its inaiitutions, will
not sit at Washington.
The Abbe La Mennis, Athille de
Jouffroy, would not even be listened
to in the cabinets or churches ol a plain
oeople. of sober ood-ene, It u
maxim sicrrd to nur governmrnt
and people, says the president, " thaf
every tiulcpenarnt nation nss tne ngnt
of imnroviup its own institutions and
irr j,.;-,t rr.CM'-.r.f J Ui IU I.fc in U
i.i g j.r.ld M n.j4 t'j gratify I ii curri
,iity t jort ti. ; great ! ' ' n 'i.-m I
nature. , Ihemyfcl IVmpeii anJsonic
smaller pbtes were buried nt the same
time. Jltrtulaneum wit cct, n
Wmckclnun sits, covered in the fint
imtance bf the lava, but by showrrs ol
glowing cinders and hot ashes, cement
rd shoitly sfur they had fallen, by
torrents of rain. Up'n Ut first cov
erlng.the burning streams . f lava pour
ed and filed the ci'V with a mass,
which as it cooled psistd into stone.
I hat the inhabitants had time to save
themselves, and Iheir nuet valuable
possessions, appears from the tircum
unce that few skeletons; jtwcls, or
prttious 'artlclei nf 'any-kind, hate
been found. A t SlaVianhre't lclulie
figures were discovered, of which one
was apparently a servant, and was
carrying a w ooden caaket: the two oth
er figures had g ldeu biacelels and
earrings, which are now preserved io
the museum at Naples and at Ponv
prii according to Eustace, sixty skele
tons have been found. That attempts
oad, at some former period, been made
to explore these rumsia rendered pro
ruble, by the tubteraneous patsies in
to them, evidently the work ol muh
existence at a cheaper rate than continued their work till they Cf.meto
did U rat If. liut the congress a firm soil, conait i g f the aab of
Vesuvius. Three f male Htuea w ere
here found, wh:ch of all the discover
ies of Hereubneum are, ua yet, the
most celebrated, peihapa ih m st val
uable, and v hich aie in the gillery of
antiuues at Dresden, under we nmi
of the Vestals
:. J si tlie
t:.-.r.!.,.n. i
9 - - -
tlli.fe thertiuhes, lmny
quarrels tUf 10 suth a I.eigVt, U
auihi-rity c-f ihc l.uU.r.i.d csn ro longer
preserve peace in his household. In
ituH eases the of Mumbo
Jumbe is Called in to settle sUairs.
This strange minister of lusiice (who
is supposed to be the husband himself
or some person instructed by biro) dis
guised ia the mk above mentioned,
asd armed with the rod of pubic au
thority,' announces Ms coming h) loud
and dismal acresmi In the woods near
the sown. He begins the pstomimi at
the anoroach cf nJiht and as soon at it
is dark he enuri the town and proceeds
trrthe CntangT-Whtre thaTfluabl
nt4mmediately assemblta. .Jl iuy
brcarily tvfposed that this exhibition
it not mucn rriisnca vj mm iun.aj
for as the person in disguise is entirely
unknown to them, every one suspects
that the visit m-y possibly be iftfended
for herself, but they dare no! refuse to
appear when they are summoned, and
the ceremony commences with songs
and dances, which continue until roio-
nieht.'-about which time Mumbo fixes
on the
verely scourged with M umbo's rod,
amid the shouts and derisi ns of the
whole assembly the rest of the women
are generally loudest in ibeir accuma
tions on this occasion rsinst their un
hsppy aistr r. Da) light puts an end to
this indecent and tnhumun scene.
,,it I! ...
At Sparta, as soon as children were
born, they were r-bligid to be tken to
that no owe hs any right to interfere certain persons, and examined. J hose
in this sub ecu" The " Letters Irom that were wen mde and vigorous were
St. James, ( woik of M. Chateau- preserved. auch as'were weak or de
vieux) have never touched with- more binned, were left at the foot of Mount
sajrscity on tne nrintipiei oi tnese con-1 i agcciu, iu ptmu. a ujo,
volslons which agitato" Europe atlit- were at seven yeara of agcAf nt Id Ihe
bating themjojhe '."false posittorMu puMic.' scfio'Is, ThHr .cducatirtn ex1-
w hich the ArUtrtcracy 1s place d. "Tht rinded every embellishment, and cher
President says in this subject, 44 It is ished only the severer virtues. It
evident that, if any convulsiijn takes taughrthc duties of rHigion, obedience
place in that part of the world, it must to the laws, respect for parents, revcr
prt ceed from causes not amongst us, nee for old age, inflexible honour, Un
as we hive but one order here the duunted courage, contempt of danger
order of the people." - and death, and above all lb love of glo
Thus,iothe opinion of a disinterest- ry and their-country. .Youth -were
ed j'idge, if Kurope ia again involved taught to subdue the feelings of human
in war, ahe will owe it to the Arittoc- ity, and slaves were trotrd with the
racu. Those words of the President most barbarous rigour, frequently being
refer to us the fundamental difference put to death for sport.
between our situation-and thnt off All the cld amlaUver io eirtolation
America. There everv thing is plain was withdrawn, and fnlv iron money
btfore you; you build on a soil where was permitted to be given in exchange.
you meet with no obstructions nor ob-1 I hi com was made ol iron heated in
tt, it.a fvlloaliig ti'.'a 4 I '.!, .r a
n.uth tUrti-f as 'J La to a'r t!.o
tales due tUrti-n, f,r tie ys t"-J ai4 itul,
iii r
Itoaes Tes, C"0 acrt. n tLa wUra cf
Utile ntf, in In I t t!.e jr.n IV-iJ avl
)8'.'l, ,lua 1m do' tut lie ijnmt tr, and
yjO dbilnri S-r the Uttf r.
lUrtiton Turner, 300 aerea, t.n tl waters t4?
Little rieer, at rw dollars Uf m StXiaots
on d. lit m, t itta la at Ul du!:n.
Mn Turner, UvQ aehs, on the iatrrs of little
river, at 'M do!!n fur lbOi ar d th beirs i4
John Turner, cWe'd. 4U) aers fr the year uf
1821, lyirr en do.' given In at CJO fU, liars.
Jcrtndch r.nnea 3b0 arrea, lying cm the wa
fers of Lata ba, fur lh year 1 8.U, ulua 1 JO doU
Lra. U 200 sere a, titca St iJ dbUaN.
L.BaU .Craig, ,fvf 18JU. 100 ama, King en tt
waters U w rlaun'o ci, gtvn mnv cmuuw,
JOMa faaphriea, Waerw. lyig on ilm wateaw
of John's rief, gien in at M dollars.
ters of Cataaba, giea In st t dollara.
Kaae UartiN dee'd. 408 acres, Ifine on the Sr.
ters of Cunpowder, given ia at J0 dollars,
200 ami, lying on Drowning creek, the o
iter hot known, and tht Und not returned.
John Teire, 100 acres, lying oa Little r.eer,
given in at IU0 dollars.
John Johnston, JunliO seres, lying oa the
waters of IJnle rier, eieerf hi St 200 dollars.
CharlelDaleyriW arts, Ting emu suf
of lJnJrlvtr,givenlnatlwUelollra. .
, stripped, tied td a post end at- piii juiftptW ae lyinf en the wste
Csnfls llrofd.1, 1JW aCrea, lying oa the war
ttra of fjttle mer. rften in at IWidollara.
ii i ii.. ft.Lt rnri t-ra. Kinr on 8mnV4
nrk, given in at 37 dollara.
Jat.b mK 12 acres, l)bif ea the waters ml
Cip'.ader, given in at iS doUara.
Dnirl Crr, lb utti, iven In fr 1821, j4
ing ou iJtth river, given in at 300 dollars.
Kichard V.. CUry, 2SQ tciti, fcr 18?!, lying
on tlie aUri of little river, gWea in at 250 dola
Vsudivrr I raRe, 130 acres, King on the wV
trrs of I jitia river, given in at 30U dollars.
John fennel 2S0 ar rca, lying on tb water
of Little nver, given In at 4o0 dollars, for the
year of 1821.
Ale under Moore, 76 acrea, lying on the wa
ter of tiunroder. for 18J1, ren in at 76 dols.
I illiam Dickaon, 40 acrta, lying on the wa
ir i I jiti rirr r. lur 10.1. nca in i ow uwa
Jsrros lt.rk, 96 acres, lying on Lttie river
for the year nl 121, eiven in at 50 dollars.
Thoinss tiarrent. 291 acres, King on the waa
ten of CaUwba, for 1821. given in at 230 dols.
Alexander Marralt, 186 acres, lying on Jamtr
Mill creek, for 181. gi"" io 300 dollar,
at LaWkS-sTS kKnok. l&jcrra. hire on Drowning
ererk, for 1821, giren in at f50 dollar.
En ira m .Shuford. 203 acrea, ivineon tne wa.
1 r .
tera v Gunpowder, for 1821, given in at ZUZ
Junta Collirc 100 sfreulvirr on the watersa
r.f t ..k C IK'21 in in al 50 dollars
V. mirummt viv. . ' ki.llv. 100 acres. Ivirr oo the btad cf
John's river, for 1821, given in at 80 dollars."
Elijah White, 400 scj es, lying on John's rive
ami Mulburv, for 1821, given in at 1000 dollars.
Heuben White, 50 acres, lying oa jonn s nver.
. if.
lor 1B1, given in at aw etoijara. . j-
A. SUvHAKilI VtwU oMj, z
Jwn 18. 1823.- . . 4163.
I think there are two periods in the
life of man in which the evening hour
is peculiarly interestingin youth and
in old age. In youth we Lse it for
its mellow moonliaht, its millirn stars
its then tich and soothing shades, its
still aerenity ; amid these we can com
mune with emr loves, or twine the
wreaths of friendship, while there is
ni ne to bear us witness but the hea
vens and the spirits that hold their end-
ens sabbath there or b-ok into the
deep bosrm of creaiion, spread abroad
like a am py nbove us, and look and
listen till we can almost see and hear
the waving wings and melting songs
of other worlds to youih the even
ing is delightful, it accords with the
flow of his light spirits, the fervency
of his fancy, and the softness of his
heart.. Evening is also delightful to
virtuous age it affords hours of un
disturbed contemplation it seems an ,
emblem of the calm and tranquil close i
of abusv life serene, placid and mild
with the impress of its great crearor
inatamped upon it, it spreads its quiet
wines over the grave, and seems to
promise that all snail oe peace oeyona it
The Uie Admiral Lord K-
had franktd an envelope for a letter
tntended to be written to one ot his re
latives; he died before the day for
which it was dated, and the frank was
actually used to cover a letter to the
same relative, to announce the death
of the fioble writer.
The fourth anniversary of the Amer
ican Society for meliorating the condi
staclesj here you must both demolish the fire, and ccx bd in vinegar, th it it)ton ef the Jws, was eelebrated at the
and build up at the same time. Your might be rendered brittle and unfit for j City Hotel, N. York, oo Friday last
work is rfoubled the. prescription of other uses, and from that time com-L The receipts into the treasury,
fear vuri jxfiWZf
Cutnr, will admit of its increase r 4 flag
which waves over every sea j the arts
of manufacturing idduatry developing
themselves every day oi a soil-which
we looked .'oo aanlylsdapteJ tMHe
toils of agricuhurc ; Sachr is the pic
tare which is offered to u by. tht Unit?
cd States of America, in the fohy.fifth
year f tVk existence aa a cation
ages, and of 1400 years of barbarism merce was annihilated, und the useful
and feudality exclaim against you, w id -rt were abolished. Lvcurgut, to rtn
havoc and destruction, to prevent the der his laws stable and permanent, ob-
establishmentnf an-orderly-and har-jtatrird airoath1rom-trnr Lectdimcii
mouious system, which they hate ; welans that they would observe them on
must both neht and build up amidst til he returned Irom Delphi, where hav
ruins. But Amertca, happily, knows ing obt lined a favourable repose from
of no such impediments. t She sprung the orscle, he is said to have starved
to life full grown, and propotioned at himself, while others say he died in
once for all the relations of social ex- Crete.rommandinRthathisashes&hould
iste'ncenneriifthralt was pure, ra-jbe thrown into theea'r b-feahrpr
lioii thereia LaeedemOTianrjnlghitJcoE
rootnforw aophiwjrcf thrmbf- j selves as reieasetr irom tht if oath.
uous for the cootesta between . old
and new interests victors and Van-1 UVMTtO. JUMBO.
quished j heldead bnried or rooted f - In Park's Travels we have the fol
from "their craves j and. where cveryjtowing singular account of the me
wheel in the political machine moves I some of the negroes adopt, to correct
without noise and without expense, their ladies, for unruly behavior, and
during the !stj ear, amount to 5834
all of .which has been received since
the 8th d.iy pf AugusLla5U!QLthis
Herculaneum was a city on the Ital
ian coast in Campania, between Pom
peii and NapTes, and is often mention-
edTn tie cImsIc
which it ivtoowe
the European continents and- some
times Hertulaoeum. a it is called in
Jingla'nd . and America. It suffered
considerable by an earthquake under
tne rctgn ot tne emperor XMero j ana
under the reign or the fimperor J itus,
and In the time oCPliny tle elder, was
buried beneath the streams of lava from
mount Vesuvius The celebrated wri-
reduce! them to proper subjection.
l a .a . a'
ii is to oe nope a tnac none oi our ousy,
useful, sensible sort of men, will ever
take into tht ir heads to teaze and wor
ry the public into any Such plans of
village of Mallaa tort of masquerade
habit made of bark, hanging-upon j
tree, and, upon 'inquiry,' he was told it
belonged to JMumbo Jumbo, This is
a strange bugbear, common in all the
M andingo towns, and much employed
by the natives in keeping their women
ia subjectian ; for ai they are not re
stricted in the number of their wives
every oofi marries as many as he caul
sum. auxiliary societies have comribut
ed Si 653, subscribers, doners, and
life members 563, and the residue.
being 3619, has been collected and
remitted by the Rev. Mr. Frey. The
batance in the treasury is 4918.
At: the above celthration, aapeech
was made by a Mr. J a do wjd i ky , a i on
-wertiPc4iait zrrrr-
Wheri t)6ut departing for" theVace
course on Tuesday last, Mr. Randolph
suggested to some gentlemen that it
would be a Rood time to elect a Presi-
ent of the United States, as there
would be an assembly of 50 or 60,000
people from the different parts of the
Union, and probably every state would
be represented. On his return how
ever to the city, he remarked that he
was glad his proposition had not been
acceded to, as he had no doubt that if
tnFelection hiu taken place there "Piir
the) rider I Eclipse) -ivcutd nocV
tern mm
ntr- etf Xftwn tftTftina ...
lannttL COUNTT.
.if nT -r m... mnA Oiiavt fijituona.' Ifsfa
V Sesnon, 1823.. .WUliani Falla w. Charlaw
. Conner i Slotion to use me ocpoaiuon u
Theophilus Falls." The plantiff, by bis eouneef
Tliomas W. M ilaon, came into court, and moved! t
for leave to take the depoaition of rheophtfua
Fall, to be read In evidence in thia cauae i and
it appearing to die aatiafattion eif Ui'ia couK thai
the defendant is hot a resident of this State, it ia
ordered, that publication be made in the Wea
iem v' ,
he may CUend at the Court-Houae w Lawrence
tille, in the cocnty of Lawrence, ia the Sut of
1 enneseee, on the (r Svcond, and third day
,f l,,lv n.t .nrt erfiM eiaiTU)e th Uld IB-
onhihia Falls, whoas depoaition Will then and
ihr h. uken. and will be offered to be read
as evidence in this cause, upon this noUce.
Tret, B. SIMON PN. cn.
Trice adv. SU 7J. 4t'63
SUFETUOK Court of Uw, March Term, 1835.
Lprice Penintton rt. Kieticl PeningtonI
a . " . r I I f Ia - . !
tuossi iab fiLinur ana aaitsasaiasiar . w nssawaiaiaiat
In tks taf isrTirt utn nf th Tniiff. that thr rfrfriw
flartt ,1, f hit rakjt fv.til, mnthnlit th Imiiti fit thtl
Sfafe. Tfu uVcrcfore ordered by the Court, that .
publication be made in the Star and Westers '
Carolinian for three months, that the defendant,
appear at tlie next Superior Court of Law, to bs .
held for the county of Burke, at the Court-Mouse-,
in Morganton, on the fourth Monday of Septera-
ber next, then and there to dead to aaid Dctitioa, L.
otherwise the petition will be heard ex parte, f
and decreed accorrlirrly. ...
Etymology extraordinary- Hero'
int. is, perhaps, as peculiar a word as
titers oi ii are jnaie, me nrsi mree
etnale, the first four a brave man, and
the whole word a brave woman It
read thus het her. hero heroinet
. 1BE0KLI7 COdbTi.
COURT of Picas and Quarter Sessions, May
Session, 1821 James Torrence w. Charles
D. Conner..;..Orijral attachment, levied in the
hands of Alfred D. Kerr, and he summoned a
inff to the aatisTactinn of the Court that the de
fendant in thia cause resides out of this State, it
ia therefore ordered, that publication be made in
the Western fjarohnian for three months aacees. -sively,
that upleas the defendant appear before
this Court on the firat dav of the nest terra to
be held fur the county aforesaid, st SUteaville.oa
the third Monday in August next, and rcpievr
the property levied on, and plead to the aaid
cause, the tihiiittirT will lit heard ex Darte. and
. . ' . . ... r A , " "
judipnent rendcrea agaaist aam acienuam (
i.v...--..7 r.-v!.'. .. .....k It,. SIMU 1 vi
'Prie'adT."R4.''" "'. Hmt7l '. ' "' Si
iiatawVia VaVljialVon
mAKE NOTICE, that a fourth Instalment of
X Ten Dollars, on each, and every anare w
stock' subscribed, in the N. C. Catawba ompa
ny, is required to be paid, lo the Treasurer ia
Charlotte on or before the firat day of January
1823. By order of tlie Board,.

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