North Carolina Newspapers

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tt.UAftlUnVi, Jv t). TMV.SUAt, .UJtlVftT 0, 1823.
.0. ICS.
f jEtf V tl mtm CrUnian,
At the sir v( tlii rtuLKthuxnt art
trpnninf to bear rdu.r a lavcrte ratio to th
, ntetpit, th IJ.ior m cn.ctikJ to .Upt
, plan that protniaes better rrj for hit Ubor
1a fulur. , 1m practice in 11.4 ollke, tuUtcrto,
hu LccR too carilcii, Px ra have Uea tent
to a mat many Ito ar u t.k no n to Ui I. or,
' ':.trtr-pmo!i11y w by rtjwt they pay 81
, , in advance and it Renn that U hi! aiany of them
(4f buul.U pay, afWa. reoelviag U-jif
ear, tworand tltrc ) tart. ' In future, lU Urwt
- of the YTeatern Carolinian will be u follows t
TkrH&Bart a year, ptyabUyt arly In advance.
" Tverr paper acnt at I cudnce, will ba discon
tinued after the tim ha expired for which it
hat bee paid for, utile thetubtcribcrU known
to la good ( in tba latter ea, tlia paper will ba
. tent until paid for and ordered to b atopt. ,
Advertisements Kill be intcrted at fifty cent
per aijiura for tba first insertion, ami t wnty-five
oenta for cacti wtbtequent one. AdvcrtittMient
from a diaUuice mutt bo paid for, or thrir pay
tnent aatumcd by t reponibU) person, befure
they can ba published.
AH Icttera addretted to tba Editor, mutt be
PvIJhuJ, or the will not bo attended to.
Sign, Couci. tuu Uimse
GEO. W. GRIMES beg Irava to inform the
citizen uf Ualitbury, and the eurrouiiiling
rountrr, that lie atiU continue to execute all
kind of houae, tijrn, coach, and ornamental
Fainting. Havinf procured an ample aupply of
maicnau, ami navmjf, ior a number oi jean
paat. devoted alino4 hi whole attention to ac
ijuire a competent know-ledge of thia branch cf
fciuintM, he frcU confident of being alletogte
auataction to tooje who may be pk-aacd to la
vor mm wiin oracrrm me above line, tiihimg
and Glazing will alto be executed in a neat man.
acr, and on rcaeonable tcrtna. He aluo keep
nana, tor aale, eopaJ and Jpan Yumtih.
Wanted, aa an apprentice to the above huti
e, one or two bvla, from 15 to 16 year of aire.
of ateady ami induttrioue habit) to whom, if
hey prove tnemtclvc dcKrvmg of it, a good
ooance win te given.
SaUtburj, 1823.
WfttcA VettTn, etc.
TAMES B. HAMPTON retpeetfully inform
w me public, that he occupie the old tliop
formerly owned by hit father, on Malntrcet,
a few door aouth of the Cotirt-lloute, Salisbury.
where ba ia now prepared, with a good act of
ioom, to repair ai kind of
-JlCMiurci all Lo amy tvoriaw.'wItIi tkcli
euttom, tliat their work aiiall be executed in at
good a atyle aa at any other hop in this part of
- the eottwry. au ktadaof old Jewelry repaired,
ond tome kind made. Job of every description
in hi line of buainctt, will be thankfully rccriied,
and executed on a hort notice. Feonle- wlm
Vetide at a distance, by acrwling, may depend on
living their work a faithfully attended to and
returned, aa though they were preaent and
oy the old etablihed Saliibury pricrt chartred.
toWry, .hs. U, 1S2I. 'Ut'tt
V Tuesday of next August Court, there a ill
be offered for Mle, that large and conve-
Tlien eitdWitfMVnl ia- -SaUa'H'1? t by d"ne
si uuui inc (inn iiu'lM., uic (in'prnjf ui iiic
late Barmiba Krider. The houte i 63 bv 30 feet,
with every convenience appertaining to a pub.
lie houte i it i well known a having been oeeu.
pied at tuch for about 3J year. 1 he eatablish
ment is to well known, that it would be utelets
to tay any thing of it convenience, &c. Venn
of payment wiil bo butde to accommndate the
purchaxr. . THOS. HOLVLS,
84,4823. - -
Yatm lor Sie.
TTSHERE w ill be aold,on Wedr.etday, 13th of
X Augutt next, if not previously (old at pri
vte tale, a tract bf land lying on the water of
want t Creek, containing about ZJU acre, join
ng John Litaker and other. A great part of
the above tract is of the tint rate woodland, with
a good meadow of about ten or twelve acrea,
the balance of the land now under cultivation.
A good dwelling-house, atill house, barn, and
other out house. The' above plantation i eight
mile wtt of ihity --"--'-rrcrrrr:
v'"Tr.4"ib'6ve Bn(t belohrt'to the WateV'of Bar-
naoat nrKier Mea.mfc;i,exnis , will bejnjade
'Inown on the 3ay"of.tJe..l'.".... "... ..
Tht "tate vtli takt place en the fireminf.
Saliihury, June 24, 1823. Ri'rt.
THERE will be told at the Court House in
Salisbury on Thursday of August Court the
balance of unsold personal property belonging
to the Hon. P. Locke, deceased, viz, Waffgoit,
CJeert, Ikc.'and a few (other small article!. Eight
month credit will be given and bond and aeca
rity required.
N. B. AH persona indebted to the estate of
anKi aec d. are earnestly requested to make pay.
tneot, a longer indulsrence will not be civen.
alt T a'numa rnay present :Ucm, and
celyfpayr"- '. " -
- Ji,,i833T : ;..'r t68: -
Uouse for &ae. ? A -
I. WILL well my House.and Lot In a
i'sbury,, on acommodiitirar. terms.
Apply to T, L. Cowan. Esn. or to m t L in Ra
leigh. There ia a good office belonging to the
lot, conrenicntfor a Lawyer or Miysician. ;. i
&5t?t7,.,!farcA8l 1823. 44tf ;
Unci. Thus. , JtAnwm,
1 TAVIXO lortted blmatlf m (htrloHr, (Meek
1 1. rtibur county,) mptctfully Under hi
Krvirea in tba aeerl dcptrtintnt of 1U pro-
frMion to the et'uen or th Uhig and it con
liguou country. AD etlliil mertwith prompt
and aatUUoo attention. H i retidmce U at )r.
. IfemleraoiiS Hotel, where ho ran bo found,
unlet profcMimklly -ngtirad. ,
"" oVew Arrungtintsit.'
fll:iE public are rMpcetfuIly Informed, that
-V'tho -.ttrmHtite hvm'ni' which ttt hrrn
for a number of year tranaaeted by Danirl
Cre'ta, acq. f Hditbirry, will in future be con
ducted bv me. In the aame buMme-1 where e.
Lera&tdWtfftVoif and p4rt17iiUriy will bo
pen, to rrn'Wraatiiiitcuim to tiioac no may
plcaao to favor ma witb thrir cuttmn.
r.nvAui) citrus.
StUtbury, M.trtk 28, 1823-47tf
T1e Copt)ermm.thinr, and Tin rie biuiiwM,
hreUfore trarMclcd by D. Crew, n. aid in
future bv cofMiuctrd bv nir, at the ume p're.
Tlop who ivor me wi'h Iinrciitmnt mav dc
SrM on Iisvina; their work done w it It ticatnc,
iriSitit mil dttpatch.
Mi U.
FltiiK tuhtcniiei respectfully irjorm their
1 friend, and the p'tbhc at arge, tint the)
butt ocitrL undrr the firm of (Iriimt 0
Cifrr, f r the piir;tNK of ram ing on the above
biinrM in all t branrhrt. 1 hry are writ pre-
f)vd to make t'l kind uf Wiixtaor and Fancy
Chairs, from Sr. to R12J prr t. Gentlemen
w ihing clcjfan' chuirm, or trttf-et, may rely up
on hviiig 'hrm t '. nantlv niadr at the hip
of the aubwriSrea, at al an mher in Ihe Mate.
Oi l chain and kl'ni rrpairei!, at a rcatonablc
rate, and on hort (iukr.
The aiibttriher re alto romplctcly prttiarcd,
vtHiti god t(n k of I'nAn r, to u.a' ail loud of
Ha'.'tetiit; at from J to 2S.
i.r.n v. fiRiMF.s,
1) Ju'lV CHOI'Klt.
kTi'lC'" COLST.
; it
DCRTof l'lea and Qiuili r Scmiom, Juiu-
rin, 18'.'3. ('niitiatitlne L. llanncr, vt.
Robert '.h W inton..trigin:J attachment
viel on tlnrt)-fivc arre of land. It appctring
to the aativliteJitMi ol'lhe (-iit, tltat (!h tleten
daut Robert 1. V inxton, n an in inhabitant of
another government, it it therefore ordereil that
publication he made in the tVettcm Carolinian
for lix wet ka, requiring the taid Robert I.. tVin
ston, to be and appear, at the next Couit of
Pleat and Quarter Prtaiont, to he licit I for tlx
county of Stoke, at the court houte in lu-rnmn.
ton, on the second Monday in ?tpUn.U r m x
then and Utvrw to replevy, piaaii, or umur. o
therie judgment w ill he rendered against Inn
according-to the plaintiff's drmmttt.-
- - vsrmKvr t.rvxyrmrrrT-rr'
Trier adr. '"" ' f-D
IBfBt tL COl'klT.
STPKRIOR Court of l.w frying-Term, 180J.
Catharine Cowan t. Ihotnai toaan; I'e
tition for divoree. In hi cane it is ordered by
the Court, that publication be made for three
month in theMarand V est' ru t'arolinitn. that
fhe delendanl anpeaT at the next court to be
held for the county of Iredell, at th f lourt llnutc
in Stttville on the 5th Monday after the 4tb
Monday in Stptember nett, and plead, anawr.',
or demur, otherwite judgement will be had pro
coufctt'i, and the cum heard ex pane,
Price adv. R4.
Slate of tVorlU CaroWna,
mrpr.n cocnty.
COURT of Equity, Spring Term, 1823
Uliam Sloan t. Sanmcl Carson, David
Carton, Andrew Caron, William Carton, Etc
a2er Carton, Marv Carton, James Scott and hit
wife Martha, Jacob Weathetbv and hia Wife Mar-
it appearing to the tatittac.lion oi the court, that
the above defiMKlantt live beyond the limits of
the State, it it therefore trrfered, by the Court,
that publication bo made in the Western Caro
linian, for thre montlutuccessively, that unleta
the detendantt appear at our next court, to be
held for the county of Iredell, at the Court-
Houte in Statesvdle, on the fifth Monday after
the fourth Monday in September next, then and
there to plead antwer or demur, otherw ise judg
ment will be taken pro confesto, at to them and
the case heard ex parte. . ,
JOHN N. HART, C. .V. C. &
Paid 4 3mt76
7 MVrft -e-otf n-T-y ,..
O rjPEMOtt Coiirt ofliw, April Tcrni, 1823 1
O Jane Weaver, vt." William AVtttt,er;.;...Peti
tTohVdtvorce". "" It t p$tiMiirmVXeiiii&'m of
the XJourt that the deremuint it not n inhabi
tant of tint State, it ia therefore ordered by the
court, thai publication be made for three moittba
in the vV ettern Carolinian, printed in Salisbury,
that the defendant appear at the next Superior
Court of Law to be held for the county of Row
an, at the Court House in Satisbury, on the se
cond Monday after the fourth Monday in Sep
tember next, then and there to plead, antwer,
or demur, or the petition will be heard ex parte.
. , III. tilUSS, C S. V.
Price adv. R4. 3mt70 T
IHIJE.iaJe.of. the Residue of the property; be-
JL ."tue estate o.f Jesse A. Pearsonj
deceased, wiH commence at Mock' Old Held in
the forki "of tlii Taih," On Wedneaday the 13th
of Auguat next, and continue from day to day
tlhtil all ia sold,' cotisisting of NEGttQES, Home-,
a stock of likclv Cattle, Farming Ctcnsil.i, Houses
JlQlAjni .KitcJieji.i'ttrnjturs,, and a variety, of
other property; All wlucli, will be aoid without
reierve on liberal tcrm( which" will be made
known on the days of sale.
A. .MiSlii I i , .vain r.
f) T an act of the W Ie'!tnre, th County
If Court of Rowan. i auilmr il to aril tht
fitt four HmiM l 'l)'l!imr-t, hdltbtl.
pmcteda thereof, to porch other boda. and
treri ether bu.Hinr ia torn t).or eirJ i-
i.u'iort. Th county court tcconlnrty, hare
.,iirinted. t. ccnimiite ta. .Kerain, hat evi
be 'obtained, fur aatd and improvtimrnia,
and to Dik a rrport of the aarnc, . Ib pranii.
aracona ata of 2J0acrea xl land. tf frcHcr
pirtof whah la wood-Lnd, and eljht oraJn
t" Hf booae t tbrr 5 akoaaprinf of
ctrriimt wgtcr near tuo houkft.
The fihtciiber a ill rccclr propoaJ for tba
purrh of aatd eatabUahment from thia tlox
untd th WcdneeUy of th tnauinf Augit
Court. I'cnona wUhinf to purchaw, wdl al
in wrifinf th pric ttcy ar wilUi)f to jive,
ana we tcrma oi payment.
1IIOB. lm C'lWAS,
Julf J8, mi. , 4wtt7
rn.tKE NOTICE, that a fourth Inatabnrnt of
X I en Dollars on each, and every altar of
ttotk ttibw-ribt-d, in Ui N. C. Cataaba t ompa.
m rrjiired to be patd, to the I reaaurcr in
( htrlot'e on or before th flrt day of January,
i Hy order of the Board.
(kt.UrZVS22. 4wt3
10 Wart Whh
fKOM the ubrr bcr,kii.g in
the county of Rowan, on the
?4th June, negro nau named
lu.voi tl.iabov formerly belonged
o (en. J. A. Hearaon, dre'dj be
ii well know a bia carriage dri
tr and tenant, lie it tktl in
!ir"wu Mature, cf very black fon t lexinn.
ab.t twciiiyne yeara of age, hi clotliing
not re.-oiiecicd. I have no Klea where lie n
gone. Any person riving information to the
ttibtcritx i , at Mock' Old Field, or securing him
in jail, or otherwite, to aa be may be again in my
puMM'ttion, thai) receive the above rwrded.
Htn wlwnx
IJUOM (be aubtcribcr, on the
. nigt.t of the ITlh MarlatT,
UENM-S a negro &n, twenty
eight onhirty vear of a?e, five
feet ix oraeven inrhet hiifh, yel
low complexion, say a mulatto)
baa a tVnt in bis forehead urea
tinned bv a blow , uhrf a far on
hit hind from a hurt. Ha a good set of teeth,
bold appearance, high note, and w ear a pair of
linker, lie look wild him vaho'it rhnhinr,
,j 'id ohtkined a pyrhiit to pat to Mr,. UlUitw
, frirtV"
Aiiv person apprdtcndiiig taid negro andcoju
finf htm in any aJw jail at tW-tmwl t4ia,4
o that I get him, ihatt be' lRierally rewarded,
and all reaiumuhle exjiense .paidJiy : Ultir. gil
ing iiifurniaiiow to Mr..iicnjamin Colquctt,
f.reibrHig, iico. Hcnnia waf purchased
by the aaid C'olqUctt, ticrf Fredcrkkttown, Ma.
nland, twelve month pst.
.1 30. 6wt68
ITtROM the tiibtrriber.on the 4th July, a mulatto
fellow named RILL, 2j or 24 yeara of age, 5
feet, 4 or 3 inchea high, with a remarkable tin-
gular mark on the right aide of bia note, rather
of a purple colour, hit clothing not recollected;
he ha brew in the- jatf-of tntonTyr"""''
I will give a reward of 10 dollar, to any per
on who w ill deliver the aaid negro to me, oe se
cure him in jail tot may get hinij or 25 dollar if
tolcn, on delivery of him and the thief. If he
ha a free pats, I w ill rive a reward of 50 dol
lars, for the delivery ol him and the person w ho
gave it to him, upon its being tatitfactorily pro-
ven that he it the person, I purchased aaid ne
gro of Dr. Isaac Philipa of Rockingham county
-.Mrtt CrtrWjr, 4th My, M33-.---6?tf
SUPERIOR Court of lav, March Term, M23.
Liivice Pcnington t. Ezckiel Penington:
Petition for divorce and alimony. It appearing
to the satisfaction of the Court, that the defen.
dant in thia rase resides without the limits of thia
State, it is therefore ordered by the Court, that
publication be made in the Star and Weatera
Carolinian for three month, that tbe defendant
appear at the next Superior Court of Law, to be
held for the county of Rurke, at the Court-House
her.nt;tfteairad fli
otherwise the petition wijl ejtud ex paitc,
and decreed accordingly." .
Copy teu? rW-.-HTlOlWCC; C; B. S.V.L.
PrW aJ,.g4amt63-i.....
COURt of Pleaa and Charter Sessions, May
Session, 1823. Jamca Torrenc w. Charles
P. Connor...Original attachment, levied in the
hands of Alfred 1). Kerr, and he summoned aa
pmiibee ; also, on one negro boy. It appear
ing' to the atitfaction of the Court that the de
fendant in thia cause retides out of thia 8tate, it
is therefore ordered, that publication be made in
the Western Carolinian for thre month ucca
aivelv, that unlets the defendant appear before
tliii tourX oil Oie L'Rrardaf oMhriiext term To
be he U for the-county aforesaid, kf fef afisyilJe; on
the third Monday in August next, and replevy
the property Jewed en jvdjle
cause. the olaintuT will he heard ex barte. and
judgment rendered against '(aid defendant pro
CotitettOt .', .. .
. Tett,
"1rice ach; 4.'
P the various kindt commonly in uJe, fofsale
tbe Ofuce of the Wmiiut U4cmtaa.
tnm tkt RUj J?frir,
T 11 rreemen of horth-CaroCna,
J-'tllmCitixtmt A fret rltlien of tout
tialCiUkr ihli met bod of aubmittin
fWi out M many weirdly rtawsni, vbicli
demontr-to the iualtieai and Bbtolute
lircetalty of th amendment comeiutila
ted In the Conniption cf North-I'andma.
llrtt, thft, at rtaprctVIU presentation t
W 31 and ' 3J icctlcnTcif tie fwi 'ci-iJ
Conathution f!erlaici,lhat Mcach County
th all t entitled to two Rcprccnttlvti
ana on Senator, (o L choim inuutliy
by btllor .without regard to the rclatha
population cf the different counties i
while it wa evident even at that oaily pe
ilod, (hat a rrtat Inequality did ciUt i
twecn tome of the countici, to point of
population. I hit inequality, front length
of time and many other one nil re cuo,
neve grown Into in alarming magnitude.
and now pretend the anomaly In rrpubli
can government, of minority of chizent
circling a majorily of the tncmben'of
ihe ucnertl AemiJy of this atate.
Our General Aembly it compoacd
at tlu'i time of 196 member. if
If we take one county, lay Ilockin(-bam,
tar . i m m
a auorainjf a tumclcnt population lor
three delegate! and apportion the rrpre
acntaiion in the other countlc agreeably
thereto, we ahould only have 16 J mem
ber in the legitlaturci 34 leai than there
arc al prcacut. There woulJ be i laving
tu the atate by the reduction of ihl num-
ter olniciiiucrtol ft J. o(o annually. I lie
federal ix pul.noii of North-Carolina, a
I, recti v lu the ccutua of tl0t ia 556,
693. One hundred and ninety two thou
taitd two hundred and ten woula coaipo ,
the populatkin of 32 counties, which tend
96 member a majority of three in both
hotiiei viz. two in the Common, nd one
in thenciiitte; the consequence is, that
they engross lo themselves all the mo
mtntary power of lent-ilJiion such for
ififctjiift as those of pasting laws loaned
your lives, liberty and property. Alao,
(he power of conferring appointment
oth executive, judicial and military.
And respect the Niter, of promoting
brought!) the gradations from a Captain
up to a Major-General Neither should
the primary powcrof deputing our Sena
tor to the United Mates Congress beo
mined in enumerating the formidable pe
ogativo exercised by a mere bardful of
tht people ol NorthCarolina, through
their ageiifs Irf the Central Assembly.
lkaidcs.1!:.: counties aboye.spoken, of
tTrere it-3t oihcrs in jhe state ihat con.
tain a population of 364,483, but repre
tcwicu ouocr toe prcacui aonaiuuuoo oj
only" 93 Tnembcr in" the Icgislaiure.
1 hese 93 members are the reoresenta
tivesof 172,275 federal numbers more
than the 96 to whom they stutsj opposed
In other words, it is obvious that a mine
yf aoirretbinr likeuneThird of thepo
pulation ol the Mate, governs a corrts
ponding majority of two thirds. As re
gards the revenue paid into the public
treasury by the 32 counties that are re
only 20 825 65: while on the other
hand the remaining 31 counties that have
a minority of 93 member pay 45.763
63, winch 1164,112 33 morelhao doU
blc the amount of the contribution of the
, former. To continue the contrast which
we are drawing between the political im
munities, we dUcover one county paying
a revenue of 8 1,935 13 on land and pole,
er pay the inconsiderable sum of 8137
10 on the like property. Notwithstand
ing which vast disproportion, between the
five separately, and the one large county,
in regatd to the revenue contributed by
them, the former are aggregately repre
sented by 15 members, and latter only by
3. 1 he citizens of the five small coun
ties must consequently possess five times
as much power in governmental affairs
as tbe citizens of the large county. And
when id freemen of North-CaroUna are
tryr the one oul that payi enxcjcisf :
re Ycnuc,.oy$onliopve nye9li)f rs, mRst
in addition to other intolerable grievan
ces,' furnlshamtich larger quota of miti
(ia than the five together. .Neither can
rte presenrtHoTlefT'epmeTnaTldnTD
defended on the principles of territory I
for we there find as great a difference in
the different counties, aa there are in, the
revenue and population. But ahould any
ene be of opinion that the 33 counties
with a population of 192,3 10 federal mem
bers are entitled to 96 representatives,
their present number) I would ask if the
re mainlng 3 L coUnjtiesi
principles of equity and justice, equally
fjititle.d;tA.J.8emb;rcsiii.p9ce:.b 93
tnetr present numoert ur in outer weru
if Washincrton county with a population
of 3,319 federal numbers, is entitled to
Ihxee repjcseniiiiiyest RocVlogbttn. witb
her federal population of 10,284, is on
the sfame -principles: entitled to in place
of 3 her present number. There ere
moreover $ or 6 counu$i whose revenue
d net par thrtr Immeiiiat rrprft.t
lives. 'The deficit consetr mly, coraes
out ef the pockets of the iliizrns oC the
larger Ciuntlrs. Ho thai, ftlluw-ti le h,
a msjoriiy of you M totn tiled tft torn '
penvtte, by w of Ux-tion, a poil'.n of ,
JeglsUtor who are n ior immrt'iate ,
servants who know hut little of sotir In
terttrfrrd aerHifmiw, nd earrwiiil Irs-'
alout litem." f trt s on are nude, in
a morsl fo.nt ol view lo acanowienga
your Impotence and lecivta!o aglnvt your
own sovertlgnrf. Upon the whole, aft rT
maturely eontrmplaiinir the Oelerls n
our eilsting Constitution have, with high
reverence for the ronsrr.rsied mrit of -
the authors of that Instrument, and with
a due sense f the dingers eonqint
unon innovation In lontr established lostl
tutioiis, adopted the solemn sod unequi
vocal belief, that as rrtpr!s one leature
in the rotifctltutjoti of North Carpl'ios,
vix. annual sessions of he LeiclsUturi,
they are of no adrquate benefit to the L
State, and should be ahrdithed. 1 he va
ilous reason for this deliberate conclu
alon, I will not attempt to nir w ithln the
limited coinpn of n address like the ,
present. SufJW it to Sav, ihrt the mind
of man 1 too artlve to remain tmemploy
rd. That to afford it a useful and iligni -
fied developerorni, vou most both in pri
vale and in public life, restrain it within
sphere where the objects of the stttn
lion are neither too numeroii, nor too
fitniliar, A regard leKivlation, a mub
tiplicitr of subjects re too well calcula
ted to beget embarrassment lo adopting
measures, and j proportionate unfitness
in their operations. A perpetual or fa -miliar
recurrence of the same mailers, ..
leads to superrerogation, or disposes an .
assembly of legislators, lo tamper IX
cesslvely with every thins; that hal sire
dy been accoinplithed. Such are the ef
fects of inuliipltln and rendeiing loo
familiar the object of a legislators attcn '
lion. In my estimation nnul session!
if the General Assembly infallibly lead
to the evils just intlmsted and there- --1
tore it is that I deprecate lhm,and greaU -ly
prefer biennial sessions. I prefer the
latter because I think that lecislatios un
der such a system would keep pace with
and not outrun the necessities of the states
I prefer them because I am convinced
that witb biennial sessions the legislature
would be .mak
ing hws for the ictaat necessiiies of thj r
community, at they' realljr and s nccessive
tf-presentert tncmsetres ; tnsteett oi
linir their lime and the public treasure,
in n l endleis round enacting ffpeat-ZT
ing, and reinstating the same as fs the "
case under ihe present Constitution-",. Aa
one argument in favor of biennial sessi- ' '
ons ol the legislature, look at me ex
pence of that body In its session during
the-rer" 1 8 1 h Tht,r-etstftrr-cot tbr
state 883,419 91.,. which expence mar ,
be safe! assumed as Ihe average expence .
of the legislature every year hereafter .
as long a annual sessions shall continue
teJbcJeWL44ferWhsre be-eorr-;
encd once in two years, instead of every
year and the making our law will cost
but half what they have heretofore done
for example, the session of 1131 produc . ,
ed by way of compensation to the mem
bers and printing the l. exacted by ..
them, an expenditure of 33.49 1 J tak
ing this expenditure the nnu..l cost of .
th leifiUtuie for ten vear onlv, the
kr.(b of :-
time, would under the prese t rnnstitu
tion sink to the state the sum of 419,-
98,. If there be certainty in arhhmetU
cat calgjufions, snd no additional extra "
vagance of official compensation was to
follow change of the constitution (sn v
event by no means to be anticipated 1I ;
ennial sessions would cost just tin If ot
the above named sura in ten years, and.
lesve the other moity as a handsome sur
plus to. be .vesteifby. the ovcrnmr pt .ia
nw iin nf the - laudable "riroffctS' now on
foot Jbr advancing internal improvcmcDt V .
teriari ior.i.pporUonbg; .representiitioft,
and allow, two. commoners and one Sena .
which comprise the present population of ; ,.
Uockingham, we sfiSuTdTso curun the
present fiumber of representatives as to
dispense with 34, snd thus realise an ad
ditional aaving to the state of about g
600 each session, which in five sessions
would amount to g8,000 1 the latter sum
added to JS 1 67,099 92;, the gain in ten
years by : exchanging annual for biennial
sessions of the legislatore, presents a
ecoivomical. and salttutr .,teuwhif,a..,,. ,
would certainly attend an alteration in tne '
fcpve exposed, according to the mode aug
Rested. I am of opinion that I may as .
sume, without the least temerity, that the ' r
framers tjf.our constitutiort DYtc.iptend-..
ed it to operate as it does. I would ask,
if it be possible for t rational -mind to
suppose that such a constellation of re-
publican sages, could have wi.hed erds
-.'a. ' . . .. .. -

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