North Carolina Newspapers

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la fi !, ti tt l! f i.j'uiil n' f'iM tS the
Uu, fit,.'..'. 11 th tfTut of V ihiv
log It v'ue in In rt tnai'on if m; f.W t
11.U U wrong. WUr U n t tc w iJ. I.i , u
taute ltfWt fiom tvery I..II that iwellt In tb
landscape i th light i4 Jusvrn U not let glo.
rioul because U aliinc riially huf thou Id W
esteem tg' ur saffn'S, brc.use w art
eild to their tXerclacoitcw in firry ycsr. Ilul
Jhoacver much we may uudcrv ahi , it, there
are part of the world in wbUh rte people
'' ! fforfhc'SsniernirilrEt witbaHth fsrvowr
. tLu lover Lugi,.r the uilt w Li darling
Buttress. It was for tUb Out France poured
out bcr blood In rrentsj Hut ata t to m pur.
pM i It w lor ibis, idm uevoiea npain it now
etrugg Cnj against the- leagued tvrsnts of tl
eld world.
t'pon the wise, discreet, and virtuous eirr
CtM of O'i fr.hia, d peiwl, n era titan noun
all other ctutii, the coutinuaort, of tL Llr
sing of a IWovernnient, ami of jrotid Las
very nian, then, when be, goe to the poll
ahoulJ go till pure band . and an upright
heart i be should keep In mind, that lir it vo
ting not only fur himself, but fur 'la- e mini mily
t large i all narrow views tJ nlfnh fc'clirg
aliouU b cut to (!( wind i and be shuu'd
let bi vot respond to the question " Wlnc'i
it the man brat qua) fled in khm, and virtue, to
acrve the public V But, ajai ! ibiet not rot.
mm observation, ahow ui, thf there arc manv
wrbo act upon different priiK plct ' Men who,
Ike poof Eaau, Bell their birui rtjTit fur inrtti
of postage or a pot of ttron drink S Theae mrn
in to be nitied. and were thev rr.ore numrnxic
to be f,ad. But if the vnta irr
a l, hilil khil iiill r thftiirht nf ih.- U.
r f They, indeeil, dracrve the eieera'iona of
all honeet men, ami tbe aeverett p naltirt of
the indignant law i let no auch men he tmrej.
The man that would ne anithrrout of bit
free suffrage, wtmld, if opportunity wat fi'ting,
cheat bitn out of hie property, such mrn art-
only restrained in their conduct by the fear of
justice. Let u pray -that none auch will rite
Up among ui.
Our reader will all remen.ber, that Mr. Jef
frraon, at hit firtt term, wai elected Prrtident
f the Cnited State! by the lloute of Keprt
eentativei. At there U mme probability that
the next Preaident may be thoarn in the aantc
ay, we preaume that tbe following brief histo
ry of the proceeding on that occasion, fiom
the pen of a participant, will not be unaccepta
ble to our reader.
Xxtratt fnm a iimlar trfte latt jLJletuUtttn,
i. datri Ftbnory 2ttA, 1801Ar ihm
A'tfiiZ-V-;-' .7.r; "'
M On the 1 1th instant the vote for Pre
tident end Vice-prewrlcnt of the United
Sulci were counted in the Senile rluni
ber, when ii appeared that Mr. Jrflicrtoti
and col. Burr had each 73 votei, Mr. A
dam 65, general Pinrknev 64, and Mr.
y one. IJtc Jluuie. cd-Ucpcc.M.tuuvv
immediately proceeded to choof. I,
states a Prciident from the two liihcM
on the list ; on the firt ballot t i;ht M..t( s
voted for Jffiemon, tix for Hurr.nnd two
twwt .rliviJeel v.Xbe. Uiir.s.tbtvow4 fo
Jejtnm, are
If ew-York,
Kpw Jersey,
1'ennri Ivania,
Virginia, jv
Those for Lurr,
v. bouUi-Carolina.
. Mar land and Vermont were divided.
We continued to vote without, sepa
rating until 9 o'clock of the nexi morning;
the result was uniformly the same ; the
house then suspended further ballotiing
until 12 o'clock ; when, on trying it again,
there appeared no variation in the votes;
we continued voting from clay to clay,
without doing any other business, unti
the 17th instant, when, on the 26th ha'
lotting, ten states voted for Jefferson, four
for Dutr, and two put blank tickets into
iha basv t .Mf Jefferson, was Ahen uedar-i
. etf Presidetof Jtbtf United States,- from
the 4tjbj of Jklm hJit&U , 'i btviiiltJaUstl
Btipported coJ- llurr - and the tJemocTJftt
those ttlrrncn are accepti.bJje.Jto theiie
derali-ita ;. but of the two they prefer col
roa thi wtsTEaa caiourux-
Fourth July at H'iHeiboreugh, J'. CartEna.
A gTeat many of the inhabitant of Wiike
and some of the adjoining counties, tnet at
YVilkesborough on the 4tb instant t Gen. Stokei
w a appointed President of the eVw, and Ha-
jor John Finley Mce Prcwdtnt ; Col It. Brown J
Marshal. The Militia comsniei T Capt, Van -Mofbepaar
when the" ' declaration of Independence wsi
re and -an igpjc eloquent oration
was delivered by Hugh M; Stoke, esq. to the
grost gratification of the atulience. After hear
ingth declaration read, and the oration deliv
ered, 'the company with the militia marched in
proces'ion to 4t cool spring on a Branch of
the Yadkin river where 'si elegant dinner had
been provided by Capt, VaMoy, and wbert the
!'..!.. ., ... r .1 ., ! .(; : .1,, .! jr.
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.tt . WH t'.iJtili.ih'r, rrt ,!.
t.r a l . !.r(;s tf HnSke'rT ffuu (";(. V.'. II.
1.rii'acti;iaijr -.f!tr lkh the ton;.i'
i4Tik4 in t!i jrt,', ,( hifim.njr.
Irt. TA ii tttfhrtite. Mi ii inul f.
tafu b grtri'J by Amt-rani, a pfitiroi
n I b,'i a Uiw 1t, inl tiino )i Jl m tiu nwifti,
2.1. wAf ! I h brro af 76.1 b gk.
rr f Aoirnraua, at !hm ntms tyrant tnift-
unammoutcHoko of a frrai an 1 fne people.
1V brat barrier aiwt only aii(Vrird f our lib.
f rtv My il blctainn tliKctxl to the latest
p-trtrr n..r w rr rir.iT.Jp.nnT7aTofpo-
a tiw aHl arriiotial ptJodirri he furftt'fn, and
the tpirit f toleration ami union fpiide our
7th. J ?r(iW.tAi''a Hie onlr fife.
ufi a five an. iniM-rli ni nation May
we nrter Iim a w jl.mrton to command thew
in time of iUnjr r.
1Mb, A'irrf ito Vnttri 5fW-1tir
priile ami gl(.r A Mail of Are around her in or ilanjfrr,
t'lh. rriln tf ikr !atiCxtrvd be the
brad tS p' i. and plic d be tlr arm hkh
it pot forth to wparaie them.
Iirh. Iitlmal mhrtntmmttThr liirh roai
to Nat'onat wraith May North Carolina there
'iiermjL'e b-r tittrr Htati-a.
i Uth S-uih .firo Firtt iwltrd in the
f rU "f r nnril in tin- botom f di tpnt-
... , . .7 -.." :7 ,T." " .
iirum ur uc mucni iiuc ui liiifnj ami
13th. Fhain otitrndinr for arlf rernmnt
"hr 'be g"d it'i, .if ncry friend of
lhi ry io ,l,p uu Utr Me- '
!' V" PrU '. V,U,:d S!au
ir.uul ft .-1 . . m . . HM.i.ii.t. k . . . I nn.l .....
' . . . .. .' . . .
triotim, urtivc to the jtt nitcritj.
roa ti vimu rooiimi,
In my bit, I rn.ied to give )ou a view of
the prariifal n-tult i1 f.-d. ral numlers at a
bate t4 cli;iiUti'in fur th. fcia'e t4 North Caro
lina. Ur fed. ral iiumhera i meant the free pt- j
pulsion, ad-lcl to thraoilth of the Maet. 1
Ih.itifa (inn contain 8X)frtepeimt and
3X) lUe, it fe-leml nun.ber would be rlvren
thousand. 'I be i.nnriple it npted br the
ciMurntion who tmmed the oreaent ennttitu.
tmn of the I mted Mates, at a compronnte be.
. .l r .u i
is ecu uic jaing liui rtlii i me ic a. mi mm. -
, ,1 v . , . i . . . .I i
alavf. hnldinif ttatea. 1 he latter eontemlrd. I
that larnrhmild not be takrn into the ennn.c '
ration at forming the bate of reprrKnta'ion,
while the former contended that they thould be
nxrn HUH IIIT- CII.'lllf.lMI. I I ll t.MlIill. tl
interett prwed nearly fat.l tothe L'nion of the
Northern ami Southern State. At a nutter of
compromise, it wa agreed on that three-fif hi .
of the s'ave thou Id b added, and the remain.
inr io-niirs eneiuaea. nence me nnnnnie
lAderal number., and whether it i.!ic.U'ed
to impwe tbo n pretenutionof the Mate of
iorrn.i arniina rcmama io oe seen, n nas oct n '
represented a a prirriple of great equuhth and j
fatcuTlitcil to correct the eaittmr mermalttr.
Tbe . kind of equably which it will produre't
North-ramrin remain to be een. It has bet n '
slull attempt to show The rates of 5000
applied to the aeteral counties in the State, will
give the following reault.- In the coiintirtconu
nosing the first Congrrikional district, there w ilL
be fraction our the rates
of fi,000 8'h district 5,000
dNtriet ?,h ip. a.0W4
it .
10th do
11th do.
Uth do.
loth do.
4 . -.. i.
Total, 123.000
oer the rate, nd of eourae unrepresented.
'I he r. porta made to tbe latt Legislature on the
till j. ct of cnnuTciional dis'ricts, and presumed
to In correct, furnish the data from which the
foregoing calculation! have been made. I hope
tl.ey will prove to vou that conniderable inequa
lity' w ill exist in the representation under th
contemplated change, and although a imall im
provement may be made, ill be much losi
than you expected. Anoth.r inequality much
more serious to the Mate of North ;JparoIina,
will follow from the adoption of federal num
bers a a baae for representation. The general
result in practice w ill be th ,Jr-That represen
tation and taxation will bring in an inverse pro
portion to each other. 1 bowe counties w hieh
bear the greatest relative burden of taxation,
w ill in return receive the least relative power,
and those which bear the least relative burden
of taxation will posses the greatest relative
power. Establishing the doctrine, that those
pay least bsN Tecrre most; I hope to be able
to imyrejhat.fwyh-'srill. be.ibr.TtallJsiVai
theoretical --Ttraaotwng bot from 'r tindeniabe
.hGUjXkt foltowiaff counliV.witb Ih -federal
numbers annexed, paid into the public treasury 1
ttre atrms sperrtitd, igftekoly To the omptrol
UVa report, for 182lv
Fed. No. Do.. Fed. No. Pol.
tirrbirnt ! t,f. '1,390 "Stolter 1 3,1 51,3
Caswell 10,773 1,460 Surry 11,774 993
22,512 2,850 24,927 2,326
Cabarrus 6.580 920 Iredell ,12,877 1,049
asSvilSSSte 12 645 Wi
- g ' ' U '
20,806 2,724. 25,522 2,024
Cabarrus , f5,680 920 Burke 12,877 975
Caswell 10,773,1,390 Buncomb 10,126 776
burp, with tbefederal number 43418, and payv
ing TM heave1rx?rf85,,574 under the rate f
5000 would be entitled to 8 members, and Stoke)
Surry,- Irerleirtittl'Burke.ith x federal noteb'er
of 50,449, and paying the least tax g4,050 would
have ten menibers. Cabarrus-County, Vith a
federal number of 6,580 and tax of $920, w ould
have one member, and . Burke County with a
federal number of 12,645 and tix of 9?5,
would have two members. The people of Ca
barrus, County in proportion to their numbers
would pay nearly double as much of -their, la- i
bour Uito ilia public treasury as tha people of
, 7' ; V , '"7"" "7 fmmrT' I f the p.iM, b mlr ,n4 l r. Will Itgbteneih et r m m.- J or, ,
tpmibkaouie tiuita, wbo sever alinink from 1ai- ... .-..n,., ' w , K . Kl. , . M . , . w utm ,TV ,IC',, nv ,ur,,
' I ri(4irM l'i irrilal en n tat . . , , ,i aenW
JjW . . J
'lilt-' i . I ,'f ,.
.1 ,
1'unliil f f If 'lid t.rr. nl ' ' "I (I t'liii r .t.
i f cr? f Hi t f -rn a htw rn.-,
wmil I Jl4 fhlrf a '.t(i il arw ii'l.n In
Inch t!i fii.Twi 'I' Onl hm f Ul.IiJ,. lll
tlfiMi C'mn'iri h aliuuM rv ri( Juml,
I . . . . . i .i : l li .
ihi'i n i'irr, an.i niitMviiu n I r
ihmi l..- ftr h.,Hf. .r
l'Twnr i f .jrrrfi nuniiirn wwi 1.1 rrprr IUp m rr.iuifil pti!iril to lli
otdrr teinn ,( (tin hti ill pruduc vimH
Urrrault, It it , Hmt asji rtli ruan -
tira arwatcrfj'.a!iiwi!l bpr..i ir.j,ur.
ipita tftfit.nrt ftitu k tnrA.iftt.ttf kilt
1'u V r j . 1 j ' .7
a romr,ar.;rU ,n..ll mIu rf ih. iwU J
Nnh ar..lina a ill antiain tbe rrtr mKiiiw
- I ' e - -
be t tDrmnerd from the eonttmptated cl.n
in rrprrtenUtUm ia Icfl fur your irood u nu to
U,pt te atrip U f th.rh.4 trapping itb
liuti it baa bffd turwountmL and nrrarnt it an
ill genuine ftHurca. COMUU.N bCNSK.
taeret virrta(uiifU'.
" I've oA a rn with anted heel,
A wijbt bettiiile 1 WOirtOn ral.
Ma. F.Pirea t In your fiprr of the SiL
over the wgnarure of, there ap
pcan iKrthinr tar the vcnomoui attacki of an
electionecrinir orate. wboat inconaitteot aa-l
arrtion n-rre much to divthpe hie Illiberal
vKM.t in,itonpol.t ealhor;or- The right of
in im diction of the conduct of civil, ai atD
ai mili'ary men a rigid which haibeeo held ao
I ered. hrre the amaJleat Mrtkai of rat tonal
I l.brrty haa been enjoyed, Kcma, in tbe heated
I 1 i !.. II .K. J
imaginatbn of this, a well at other modern ne
erornancer, to be tbe mere spirit of what ther
so emphatically denominate HdiCrini i though
Ami anertt, tvmptoms of the ftction (oa be
t) U them) begn to reveal thcmaJvc at the
cloar of the Seminole War, when they
the name of rait. I would know of Anti wbe-1
ther they aMimrd that name, or whclher it was
a rrmlinaiit appellatiun, which seem to muchlh! p'ce, as H)y pCl lilanciit retlJcnce,
to aflict hi biifb toned rit bility. I he hb a he I
give of Hadiralt appear nothing, except the
inflexibh patridiam of the prtunt tL. The
..,. ilA--r nf ,fflnB.
1 ' ........ . .
trtmt ln uf ,ne P01"1 gos oi Jacsaon't
ririIa campairn, where he states the Indian
, aemiJeila. were umm led on br two
' '
. i i ,i e ' I ." ".I . I
lihmen by tli name of Arbuthnnt and Am
bnr wefcton porrte them, overafce and
aitiirt i them, with thete two men, and a Fan.
i t,- ih- nim. f Trnc th nmnUi . w
. J ..... I
w"uM rrm,nd An"- men,on- fe
t"rr tenaciou to permit us' to obliterate the
proceeding of their trial with it wicceedinir
c,,eiuencei t and this late period'. not the
.. , . , , , ... 1 ... ... t. .i!.,.j ,.r t,.h,.,.. . r
,,me "'"T'f the Jun.prud.nca of ibe ar. set, is divested of eer? h4fur U
event .' Anti, however in future, ahoul.l beU party question, or of an interest scp-
more caution in hit tperiftrntiont. On tint
more ramioua in nis spcrinraiioni
gallows, ha ait a, the RndkaU
. , , " - , :
brP" of owrt"mlnff h nim.sti
bulTl their
itrsfton, sni
hanging the General in hit turn. It, I beliee.
w a never w hispcred with uclr a phrenty as
he seems to intimate i his conduct in the inves
tigation was never pursued with the spirit of s
bae faction, but a stern and indelible inreati-j
he was acquitted in the House of Representa-
tive( the Senate referred it to a committee
whose report censured the general j the report
waignedbya Mr. Urock, but it wasgener.
Jly WwatflberoaatbepOT-cWni.'
ford! But I would ask, v vAm w it k:it f
lie assails Mr. Crawford merely with aaacrtiona,
and seems to have forirot that Mr. Adams ia an
avowed enemy to acts that vest arbitrary an
thority in civil or milit try men. Anti conceive i
the people ignorant of the political maae he en
deavours to unfold to them, and digresses on it,
flla aMlssesaflfal AaMlawaaa ff Kia. Vafc4rt lAtt . aaa
enthusiast he envelope, kid
ckrouiin. ina vmi me uurr i ot um trt-tipmi I
. . a ..... .1
over the head of those he conceives will be
made his own proselytes t he might have, had
n.. lit. k..a ll.... I.- . ! Ml t I
he continued l.U numbers, made us all politi'
cian of bi ow n school , but he made a ukm,
on awful pau indeed, prophetic of hi nd.
-.0 QeXl VammuHi-u,ithtkSL
Some dais ago.l;wii.creidj!ilr..ln-I
Formed oftrTwrfilngQlar'tfricuti
Swn-acatHrhehe '
4M4 tSlf-ll ; - ni.-t Kit a. ' eWnri limat twatl
t W-b MVHM ww v m BUUIt 1111 9
ous to his exit, tvan Hute, a citizen)
a . ... a
of Chatham, county, related it to a near I
rrerghirortrf-TnineTtheT circnmstatlCei af iW
as follows : ,
ft Lt.l.a tia
a week or lro mtm. a
M. .. . i . i
ethodm preacher ,jvaa rid.nela cir.
i m tvi
m-4 In tb last round 1 he then
wiis expecUng to take also,, near the end
of his circuit. The preacher attended
a rnMtin not far from wrl ere ITnio w
.. . - ,i , i j I
livtngt to Which many people Kpaired.
tairr man into tne grave-jrara 'orra-xnow-
e him wlVee Kr'vVdforbuned;-
1W jbintihat bf 2ahouM m Jive de
ou, M, circju, , W IkJ hjpja-
rections rcbtive ti Other tiling. -The
preacher then went home w ith this roan ;
and they took their afternoon's repass as
usual. After dinner, the preacher arose
r , ,, . . . .. ...i ".i :,.t,-,,i, I
from the tabc took a eeat, nl iiistcnlh
sunk down Mid expired ! 1 Q, transient! t)4Mffe4l , the duty of attending the musters,
pain J O,' h;ppy death 1 Dut Low rancl land otlut places of , public cesert, fci.Uj pur-
f; ra l.., ti t'.i ;;' t!,t !-e n - !',,.?
I l.cio i 1 t!.m!t I .tit ilut it ii I -i t
Mf wo all tti!cujtir, to 4re afur it
0 I iiuy all aiUo f. cm tl.atlutt cf ll,
crth, herecf were mmlc ( tin
low itene tt t),i rnorttt life fitjiu il.r
I ptUT I urUUI cl
ff l0itd fi
eUjr ruruSii cfll.ii otM, r.l act mui
catrn I where the itr-
Irenif J, tjr the Grace tf CoI, through
Jciui Chrht, liU U!orJ Son. real fuic
1 f r more, Amm. Mf Wl.all c tt tbr
I,d, tthiUt he miy be fuund hlltt In
I .1 - . .
.1 roniinuci inc eiieralloii cl ! love on
nuf nfd, Walk, Mlt VC haf
af a . . a
,n iK"t ' ' the HtjM o I l.rl.t. Hut er-
e ell eck the LoVd fur ourulm'i aw)
J 10 know hit truib, it it in JcMiitiur
Vl...!. . m . .
V 1 Kr",VDU enuurem lorcver.
I J 8 -U-
pastoral i.r.nT.n, .
To tbe Clergy and Lijf cf the rrotctlant
FpiacopJ Church, In the Dioct of North-Car
Dttlrout st I im, mv Rrcthrcn, of ex
ndiins to all parti of the Diocctt, car
Vl poiUe, t!ie ministration of that ia
I a a .Alaata. aa
crea "rer, nn wnicn, u our can
1 h,r 'l1 invcited, I am, , nevtrtbeleai
conttralncd, by varioui but iniperioui fir
curuitaticcit to pulcir, for aihuit scaion
the lonlinuaiion cf my prcttl.l jourticf
It it my puriiovct howeer. with the
Divine priniWaioii, to retura at early in
tbe month of AulmiU ai my other a(I'-Ir
will permit, and txtend my vKit (o the
wetletn prtof the irate, o at toenibrace
M many of the toncrriration in th-tt qiar
her a pokkible, loRellicr with otbera
in the south-wetitni section is the ne
erswry preparations for my removal to
U umit.
1 k . t
.Mt aniitty lur a personal knotaledtr
,oU ,n' urethien, Is crv Rteat. .My
erm' of the aw ful te.lKiiuMliiie of my
station, precludes all minor conMdcr-tioni
of pcrtonal case or intrrest ; and the pre
sing demands of tbe churches stimulate
me to every ekertlun for the general sat
itfactioiii and for the advancement of our
Zioii. Under the united influence, of
these motitet you may rest assured of
my most speedy anJ gealous co-operation
. ..."
in every incisure islculated to promote
the great, because Crrna, interest com
milted to our trust. Ccnsidcied in this
light, the caUie, in defence of which we
rate from the great interest of the pies
ent and 'evfffastln'jr welfare-f-all-otir.
kind while if Is not divested cf the Influ
ence and effect of those outward instiiu
lions which, as they are coeval with
Christian hope, so are they, by Divine ap
IHiintmcnt, the ground on which we must
rrtt for assurance in the entertainment
0f (
Invested with this heavenly character,
u. ug, mf Brethren, cherish its holt
comfort! in our heart, and adorn it in
our live, that we may beiu living ep'lS;
lie of Cbritr ta be read if all men.'
Thus shall we 44 ador( the doctrine ol
Cod our Saviour," and best rccomrftcod
our holy religion to the consideration and
ademtion of all around us. Thus shall
the thai interests of the church of Chriit
be promoted, and the fruit brut; unto
holiness, the end be everlasting IHe.
Such information as may aid in the ap
plication of my labours to the interests of.
Ol tbe laiif awft UCl an tntercI in in.
' t
- . . . .
spread of pure and undcfiled religioa in
the waste places of our Zion.
I shall fix myself in this City as early
as I can get possession of the house
which I have rented, which will be some
iim in thi m n nth tt I liTa-nih-p MYf.tfaai!
a . a as ax. I
Direct, for-the prcent, to Doydron,!
Mecklenburg county, Vs. or to Salisbury,
. .If - 1.V ii 1
N. C. to be left till called for.
xVar'ivtrcaiooate JrieiM iiad: pastor
.T,,.;MMOT-.t-..... A
- -
, a a f. gr a
mm . ba arw-waaw; arwaiam . si - arv 'W mTr
vvuviv;.xixu vuuiuj.
The Corresponding Committee for the conn.
6f BathelfoflrrcSfirsrmTtyToIh remiTionltte
adopted br their fellowcitixens at IUJcigh da
nn loc wle cuvn oi uie uegisuwrc, aiw
-tLla jl - 1a A.
H nuuicnuiu ua tin tuui vi niiuiuuT uiu
1b, nmn,.A hmai.ive -'eat in to th.
.. u.4i.. ji ii,. mk .r i...... i ..J v..
chair John Moore, bq. -wkT appointio, Dr.
Charle. L. II. ScbieffeW their Secretary, aTnunt.
Dp 01 e,r wuienB oe ng preem. i nc
forewd soluUotta having been read, James
urmuani ii. nuuici mtuixu uic hjiiiiuiiicc
W1,b . illccict and comnrehenaiva esnlanation
i i v t: . t . l .1. -
impcirea-w meir adopuon. i he committee
then proceeded to adopt th foUowmreaolo.
county of Rutherford, be invited to meet this"
committee at Uutherfordton, the 2d Monday in
May next, and there to express-.the opinion of
",e,r, "' l ujevt wmun
reform I and, that, in the mean time; the
n,.m1l.. 'f r'j'y, ,,m;:fc.k
' 'I if
, N, i -I
l l.ll.f I ".I I
. 1 1 . 4 t I tl9
... i .
.! t.
I If t
-1 .
.11 1 i) I '
I :, t,f V.v.
Actiifii.n'i, en the T 1 ' f fj, a fij.
ny fcf ll.t, e f 1 t I . ! rit .f !liiB
t. rt. Ih4 tl. t l,ir, in i!.f f . in t of
ir. liH.rt aJ tl.t inimn.f 45 tkl ri.rra
l aiHUd in, ii i( torn a; jnfid n. I ui1t tlit.r
lr, Jmra I Trml, n i f. the ilrlr Kta,
re td tlnl ..! !H forti ! Ml friiitl.e
eomi.i!tt, A'r lili, o'.t if the f t title,
n'n .f thr ri.n i ! i..i thr j.i rpoart
for tiiiirh tht t4 brtn timin. Uti'll pitiif l
iih rt'pirt thai any UtmUr pntrM ttoiild
tmtr the n.rnirg i'b I mi.Mm i.U, i,UM!ly
n the enbjrct. l';i"il h b Vr. Urr a 4
tirvdth mv'i: inr'iriJf ..n.tixtii'? the
fn at tu'lnn.
r r
f..M.,.r, t,r ilrlLlilr-...
.bl. lt i1lri) Hit
l lni '..l.,.tlr1 ltict t'.i Sifi !.
liverrd h aentiitru' p o)j uin to Jb
mrndmeiils, par'iin'.r'v thai if h v n'.nif the
AtccUr.jpt id ih J JitUatunv--m rv4-U r
Vrried tmrht lre(iitirlv to have; Hi.r lc,
gidaliv ciMinc'd In seaaton, to hi r rt.l f rdf a '
grievance, without fo miich wticklifg at tie
ttpeua., 4hat when th ajertitigt uf tha lo
giltiire wert prormturdtu 4 Kot priioita, bu.
s.nrM acitmulatrit, hi kii.4 became .hing
ami temtius, grxativ to tr. v-tnmen.t t-T the
nn.brr. ami rurf In nv grrt ib-Kr hwn,
if aatfiiati, aiid iru'aia cJ.Dk. Eai.t rn ftJattl
who huld annual, jet short sctfonjuf their !
fcia!turr. . ". ' ' ' ,
JWph M. I). Canon, r sq. then addressed the
meetint;. The vote of h UeKtcatts was ll
tlrp, until espetlirncy of amciwljnf, tbe Coiu
litutin the r In It was, 41 in th uirmajite,
ami 1 in the oegaiite. f . . . ",
llanairerawrr then appointed to stpeTu)ttr4
the t hrt'i.n nf dehgstts to Di'tct St Itlc'gti in
November next. tj wit J' '. 1 1 '
At tbe (?ourt-ltotu, Dr.C. I- II. khirfTclln ant
Capt Unlit. Twiltv tVatton'a. M.J. John IkU
ky and Mr. Iltieh Vt a' n i vVhit-attlt's Mcwrs,
AffM Green and A aaliington Y hiiesidctt Mum
fill's l'oe, Iter, pcmnnter Morgan ami sir,"
J. William i ll.tN. Joel C.tkiid and riala.
Hannini llurh rbn), Her. Jeaaa Kichanlwin
and John M ail, Fapi Irvtntvilk-. Mr J'hiir.p
Uiuwoairand the ttt-r, R. Hirkii Duhrantftclo,
JoM'ph Crren ami John Marr.II, Ftq. t Miufmd'a,
Mcsirt. McFarlamJ and l.blifll Coiprr
Spring, Daniel Carton and Jma Hcnton, tj.
I he mrrtMit rbn a.ljiHinK-d id tlie.TUetJJy 4
July Court, 4 o'clock, P. M.- r ,
lursday, JJth of July, the delegation. met
according to adjournment, Mr. M ore in the
cl.fir. " ' ' '
' On motion of tha Rev, Henry M. Kerr, ?.
lft4 that this Pretitir Wominste, by baJloL
two canditbites to represent this county at lt
k-'nch, in the grand committee, to n.i t in No.
vtniLcr nexi. jamrs Grsliam and Joseph M,
I). Carson. F.wik were ' d tlirnated, w bM
name are rVipeetfiilly tendered te the penjile,
HrtfL Tluit these DrocaedLiat be pubuab .
ed in thr Western Caroliulan.
The mcctliij' tK'en" i IjouhtedV "
Gtiistt PnT mcs, .
frtiy, I82J. tt
Sit t It 1 believed that many of th
inrrKulariticxjind Josua ia tbsuransmia
lion of letters, prpceed from the frfquenf
examination of the contents of the mall.
betsieen those point eHrhlc n dttribtitmsi:
nIT. . ..i.Uuk.J In tmtimA In f,i
v...vv .v ii.wii.iimi . ft Kii n ... -f
ture agslnst such trrtgularitiei hd loi. Z.
ei, you are required to procure, with the)
least possible delay. If your offlre Is not .
already furr.ished with them, Wav-hag'sj
made of subttantial material!, nd of suf
ficient sixe to contain all the lettert that -
are required to be distiibuted ai the inter
mrllatit ofTVra. hrf n Oniir rifTlef) tA
the next diktriiiuting office, ao that iho
principal mail thai) in. q x,... . , .
aminedt txtcpt at the dutributing ofTicea.
lam, very reipectfully, jour obedient
"jdiiN McLean.'
Cloctc foir ftoAc;
i FTItST rate Cra Clock and Mahogtnrcasei
it. for sale bn moderate ttrmi Apply kt thii ' '
Office. . :
ttifvti 5, 1823.
aVnn . j j ; i. i .
- ''l"nocicocomTfuomriiorincouiu
B J . f ,1 a, ,
umrtvoun iiouae in miuie, uunenmna
County, do herebv rive pull e notice, that on
the first day of September next, at Ai!n itlc,
contract will be entered into by. said .Commie
loners, with fcnv person' who may bVebme the
lowest bidder, (who will give Such bond and ttt
I curity as may be required,) for building aaidj
- " - "-.PL' . V1'
.v.iiv.Viu, swirva -1 it tar wist Rt,i vr swarszil
at any time by applying to said commit-iionersi t
; ions MeELUOVi
.I.UV4T u aun ii -t .... .......
.JOil ttOtHiFI-V-4 J
IStmcimie, July lth, 1823. 4'67
VoUcfc. t i
Persona Indebted to the estate of Daniel 1
ilCgMi dfcU U!laadj
thajr accounts,' otherwise thev will find theut
in the handl of officer by this iOth day of K it t. ,
gust. Ami all those that hive clainu atraimit the
eftate, wil britiaT-thetn forward and ftcclvat.. .
fe, CHESS,
J. GAY. "
" M'i if h. .823V
Bank! ftitjck on CrciAU.
0?f -Tfeitrsdftjf ' th Ststof AwgusttreiC tVinfc": ." -
Thurtdav of the Countv Court.) brte hun. ; '; ' (
dredaltihft.vir Sh of thefitaf 't '
Bank of Morth-Ciiiv and fuS-aix Share "crs
Stock of the Bank of CapoXI'ear, Drkmiring tea . , ' .
the,e4taVof,'WI Crea late- of Sabsburyv'- ;
dee'd, will be told 'on a crediof six months. .
Bond with at least two good securities will b ' ,
required, and other particular made knon oik ' ' ,
the day of sale by the executor. - ' ' .
. - EDWAHD CR8SS - - . '
SaStlunJuty Uth. 1833. . 6wt67

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