North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 170.
tBISTSB tVt tl lll.S,
m riiiui u in i r.
The terms the ,tr stent tP..'imo
tercaftcr t m folio i )
t 7V ltlUn per annuoi, J syatla yearly U
1 advaae.
Kcfy pIr lent t iEitne, in b dlcoo
sjntted aAr U tint liu spired fur wlM k
baas paid fr( ail the aubsCribcrU knoM
to be roo ( in the latter tf, the paper ill be
1 1 scut uriia Jala fcnfii.tmtrtti ti'f r fTt-r
' Auvertis-ment mill be inserted a: 6(1 cents
per ure fr the f ni nn-nipn, and twenty-five
rnti fur each suW'pient one. A dyertisemeirt
from a distance mutt be paid fr, or their pay.
meot aa-ximed bf a reponJblc person, before
ihry can be publiihed.
AO letter addi-esard to Uk Editor, mutt be
tti fnuJ, or the- .will not be attended Id.
State of North-Carolina,
COt'RT of frmtr, Sprinr Term, 1821
1 William ttloen t. KsiMirl Canon, Jlaviil
Carton, Andrew Carton, William Carson, Kir.
ai r Carson, Mary Clraun, Jaaire Scott ai'l lilt
wife Martlia, Jacob Weathe'by and liia wife Mar-
rret : Original bill for the convey ance of land,
appearing to the aati.faclion of the court, that
the aloe drfrndanta be beyond the limita of
the State, it it thrrfrr trjrrrj, by the Court,
that publication be mule in the W tskrn Caro
Lnian, for three moniltaanrreaaivrK, that tinli-M
the di fendanta appear at otir nrit court, ta be
teld fur the county of Iredell, at the Court
IIixim in fttatuvillr, on the fifth Monday af r
tlie fmirth Monday in September next, thrn ami
there toplrad anasyerordrtrtir, otherwise judg
ment ill be taken pro confeaao, aa to them and
the caae heard et partr.
Paid fc 3mt7f
State of North-Carolina,
COt'RT of Pleaa and Quarter Peaiona, An
(just (ii aaion, lo".J i William Railv v. Duly
Johnson; Original attachment, aurarioned W al
ter It. l-rnoir and f. PaMirson, garni
ahcea. Jt -apocarinjr to the aaiisiactioM f the
Court, that the defendant it not an inhabitant of
tlii. State, it ia therefore ordered, that public
tion be ntade fur m weekt auccew.iv I), in the
M'cttcrn 'Carolinian, printed in Saliibun, that
the defendant appear at our next court of plea
and quarter at aiiona to be held for the county of
Wilkca, at the cnurt-houae in Wilktboro', on
the firat Monday in November next, then and
there to plead, or judgment will be taken accord
ing to Hie plaintid'a tlemand.
Test, KOBT. MARTIN, f'fr.
Paid $2. 671
Stray Horse.
BROKE looae from the aubarriber, on the th
inat. on the tnain road from Kockford to
Iluntrvillc, 'Surry County, aix milea from Kock
ford, a entail bay Hone, with mane roached, twitch
tail, and one of bia hind ilioci ofT he w aa tax. en
tick at the place from whence he escaped, and
by rolling on the ground, the akin was nibbed
orTin a number; of placea, more particularly on
liia hipa. A reasonable reward will be given to
any person who will deliver h ru to ill am iM
"lerj', "of Surry county, or Peter Clingman, of
-' r . . -. . f
HuutaTtllc, Surry county, or give nilorniation ao
tliat 1 get him again. , tr
Suliibwji, Sept. 15, lHZi. ' 71
TAMES AMES has the pleasure of informing
If the citizens ol Salisbury, and the surrounding-
country, that he ha located himself in the
Tillage, and that his utmost endeavor shall ever
he to accommodate those who call upon him.
He first became acquainted with bis profession
in the City of New-York j and the knowledge of
tin business whicn he received while tliere, con
nected with liia experience in this country, will
enable him to execute hia business in the moet
Seat and fashionable stvle.
SaKtbvty, Jlvf. 18, 182J. .. 67
Vlowse for Sale:
WILL sell my House and Lot in Sa
lisbury.' on kccommodatinr terms.
Apply to l . l Cowan, Esq. or to myself, in Ra
leigh. There is a good office belonging to the
lot, convenient for a Lawyer or Physician.
&il.oaTf , March 8, 1 823.'
fys Friday, the 19th iitsjnmikDijir
v.nce 10 me siioscriner at me nauing dusi
y IM', nm of JtAujugiymtXlp n$vn&
" S feet 10 or II ijicIim Ti lias lii t Jajane ; hatl.
Jfes,7n3 'I-t .with. j. h.eayyt awkward,
swinging" gaitr -Whoever will apprehend said
appiN-ntice, and return ntm. shall receive ,1 rca
sonable reward. All persons are forbid harbor
ing, trusting, or employing him.
Sali$biirti, Sept. 20, 1 822. , 3 wt74
Twenty Dollars Heward.
y Tl AN AW AY from the sul
A bert plantation, in Mecklen
V.ii w jfurhu I I :
Xl man. iy . lte .j)annof.; PuriJU
. . '.- e.. v.; .
year i ni tcci iiiii, nieiiir-
"l" Ing i littfe W the yellow t jhas i'
imoil rf.eal of white inf biaievea.
0;wSk and haa scar above one of his
: wnnoV'speaV
but he Jaad afur TiaT and a lTi)e cotton coat, and
hu got a pass for,i months, by some means,
and will perhaps attempt to pass for a free manv
the above reward will be give for the appre
hension of the jaid fellow, and lodging him in
jail, ao that 1 get him, and Information gwen to
roe by; directing a few lines, to the Wbite-HaH
Post Office, K.C. - '
Hani. Stork, on "Crrdit.
IlKrV MX Share Cap rear lUi.k ftlotk.
aen'r. decraKd, will bt tuUl, at PutiU Kale, on
credit of ail month, ta Tutidaf, 0 7ik
(kltlhtr next, IViiwi, who two approve! eta.
ntlea, wt'! lc require 1.
AW will be K.ld. at pubfio tale, at the aama
time, aikd -ame conditiona, aui rjrgnt bay fig
iMfiiiii i r . v
cm., s
SuUtluy, 3'pt. U, 1823.
Fa)etteydle (Hiarrrer, will pubLth the above
aJvertitemcnt till day of arde, and font ard their
account to thia office lor payment.
THE lubfribcr having ry U'tly receiyed
from his correspondent in PhiUutrlphia the
luteal fob ions from the celebrated ahop of VW4
U H irvbrmnrr, of tliat city, is now ready to do
all knwu "I work belonging to tne i nioring nu
sine, lie pledges hmiaclf, that all tSoev who
may favor him with tltrirruatom, shall hate their
'.i i ..i r .i i .t-
wota none in tne oet aitic oi inc ianions cm tne
day, ami on rraaonable Jerna. Travellers, and
others, who wi.1i garment made on short notice,
ran be arrotiinMxlated with a whole suit, on a
nniiep of to das. Order from a distance
punctually attended to.
SaUthurt,, .Uf. 1 1, 1 s.'J. '66
. Tailoring HuVutf. .
flMIF. atibriber having etablialied himself in
X the above line of businen, in the loan of
JTinfiH, Davidson fount , revpectfully temlers
his services tn the rilicnt of that place, and the
aeirrtrtiiiibng ctxintn. He invitee all whowih
garment, niade, to call on him, and give him a
fair trial, lie intend to make arrangements for
procuring the ltet laohioni j and will itrive tn
do l.ia work in the mott approved and durable
frder for work, a-nt from a dittancr, wIIJ be
punrtually executed. JACOB ItlULIN.
Hoot tS Shocmakin HiisineHs.
FIIIK aubkcribrr w iihrs to iaform hi friends,
A. and the public at barge, thai he haa re mo.
ved from his reaidenee in the countrj', to the
town of Conconl, where he is well prepared to
carry on the Boot ami Shoe making buuurts on
a large scale. He has gtnxl leather, and em
ploys good workmen, and will therefore be en
abled to do his work in the best style, and on
the moat reasonable term. All who want gtMd
work done, are invited to call and try his shop.
The subscriber haa also on hand, for aale, a
large quantity of sole and tipper yoAer, ahich
he will dispose of on the most reanonable. tertna.
lie wishes to employ seven or eight journey
min shoemakers to good workmen, and stx ady
men, he will give good t-a, and steady cm-
pJy'--" - ' -
C. Srfn. 2, I82J. - 69
Cotton Saw (Jins. . .
t fflllE subitrrilter has now on hand, for sale, a)
A his shop in Salisbury, on Main Street, Cot
ton Saw Gins, of his own make, Which he will
warrant to be as well made as any in the State.
He will constantly keep gina lor sale; and will
do ja.ll kind oi' repjijriiitji.jltojLJVjjtire, nH
reasonable teni.l.
SaSibury, .hf. 18, 1823. 67
ril-L stand the present fall
season, at the subscriber's
ilantation, seven miles west of Sa
isbury, at the followinr low prices.
viz : seven dollars the season, five dollars tua sin
gle leap, and fourteen dollar to insure a mare in
foal. Mares sent to remain with him, will be
furnished w ith pasturage gratia, and grain at the
market price. MICHAEL BROWN.
SaHtbmy, Stpt. 30, 1823. 4t76
Carriage and Windsor Chair
THE siiSscrtner have the pleasure of inform
ing the citizens of Lincolnton and the
country at large, that the liberal encouragement
they hav e hitherto met w ith, enable them to con
tinue the above business i and they will endeavor
to accommodate all those who may call on them,
and their custom will be thankfully received.
They also keep on hand, High and Low BED
STEADS, of superior quality..
"Tbc subscribers wish to employ on- r two
hwe'Ttot ftrtlfe "tafiif of Inwifcitton:
nouses and Lots.
ifTrTPT"asOrt .fAftaaj. tlia' flfi1 pittas ftf ftllf
ll Superior Court, in Mecklehburr county, at
the court-house in Charlotte, ttill be offered for
sale, on 12 months credit, one of the moat valu.
able Lota in aaid Town, beintr the corner lot
heast of the Court-Rouse, having -a store bouse in
and uor a dwelling house,' kitcnen, a.c.
Also, a valuable plantation on M'Michael's
ererk. 7 or A tniln from Tharlotte. containing
an excellent miU scat also, one sixth part, of aa
l:..:jJ . . .ui fy I - ?!
uiiuitiucu iraci, on ine vamucii eew, "'u'3
from town, good stand for public business.
All belonging to the estate ofCapt. John Springs,
decL and sold bv virtue of a decree from the
LCflurt of EqwtVs-Bonl -and approved seewity-,
will Wiuired,iancl ut Ies made, of '
- ''' . -t-tt--rTvt -ao r"rlf T
Yadkin Navigation Company.
A "general meeting oAne StocTtnolJers of this
Comnanv. will be held at the house of Wil
liam H. Slaughter, the Town of Salisbnry, on
the 9th Iand lOtWayi 6 October net, being on
Thursday and F nday of uowan Superior court.
. A, P, MVBFnx.lL. rrttidtW.
r ts warrias liLlirti.
' mm
Extracts from the 0rt report of the IrsdcD
count BiLU Society,
Jiace tr.t crgiDltnio) ol thu so.
titty la Jan. 1622 J5J3d hu beta
rccrircdioto iu Ueiiuryi "Th'u turn
hdi been railed by annual and life lub-
icripticn. hj donatiooi. tod by the
le of Uiblci; After having Uifrayed
the cxptne of r rintipi tht conttitutiop,
ana iwv uqtctie ty tne public, and l
transporting Uiblca and Testaments
(rvitn New. York to this placr. and after
having remitted 8 1 00 to the parent
Sxicty, J518J atill rtmaioi io jour
Though a reipectal.le number t i
uhtcriberi waa obtained aoon after the
rnizatin f thia Suciety, it waa not
till the following Uet ember, that we
received any Biblea from the National
Sotiety. bevcral ciuse united for a
time to retard our operation", but car
ty in December bit, we had tht h.p-
ri to receive liberal donation, ol
50 Utiles and 50 Testaments Irom the
American Bible Society. Some of
your manager will not aoon forget the
Icehngt and hopes which the arrival
of this supply of the word of God ex
cited. This timely donation was con
sidered as the presage of a more am
pie aupply, the commencement .f our
abor of love. The rapid circulation
of these copies of the aacred volume,
produced a deep interest in, behalf oi
the Society, and brought more distinct
to the knowledge of your managers
e wants of the destitute around us.
In May last, we received another
donation of 50 Uiblea and 50 Testa
ments from the Parent Institution.
I'he amount of both these Jonativna at
first cost in New. York, is 8120 10 ct.
With this last-donation, wc ibtained
on a credit 200 Biblea and 50 Testn
mcnti, valued at 2 152, and nuking a
total of 300 Bibles and 150 Tcbtamcnts.
It was thought that these copies of the
Holy Scriptures would be enough to
supply the destitute id our county 7
but they are nearly all in circulation,
and the call for Biblea continues. to
reach ua from every direciiom -
A coniide.rable jiurnber of Biblea
and Testaments have been circulated
among that class of Society, which
without the interposition of christuu
benevolence, would, in all probability
have remained destitute of the wordoi
IjOcI. Une ol your managers gave a
60 years of age, who had been the pa
rent of 14 chudrrn, but had never
owned the Holv Scriptures. Another
families, in his own immediate neigh
borhood with Bibles. They were ready
to purchase the aacred volume as aoon
as it was presented to them. But if
it had not been literally brought to
their very doors, they might have lived
and died without ever having posses
sed a copy 6f the Holy Oracles. - A
third manager, who haa either sold or
distributed 25 Bibles and Testaments,
writes thus: " I find the common ob
jection against Bible Societies, that the
people are able to buy Bibles, entirely
unfounded, for most of the persons J
have supplied with them, would frank
ly tell me,-they were noi able to pay
for them, and I have no doubt buUhey
told me the truth."- -
f On ? tlvead ppelitiondweverj, thl
waa able to purchase one, still Bible
I Societies would be an incalculable blciT
sin g to our - countrjy -sineibe world f
through the medium of these benevo
lcnt institutions. Bibles of a superior
quality are obtained on much better
terms than they can be even of our
city booksellers. Is it desirable to
purchase our English and West India
goods on moderate terms, then why
not equally desirable to procure Bibles
of an excellent quality on"the same
terms -Are people prodigal of "their
mouejr because it ir ripraded n reli
gion, objects WhyihriijQlhey part
with it so reluctantly ? And why rJL
than afford their liberal aid to benevo
lent institutions? , .' ' ; '.:.
l"Zsi AW the Bibles which your Society
has received, cost in NewYork, 272
10 cts. but they could not be procured
at our stores in Western Carolina for
less than-g-400, making in our small
purchase saving of more than Si 00.
Bciidcs, your Society hat, since De.
(ember, bttn tht honored though un
worthy imtrumcnt for putting into cir
culation 400 copies of the sacred vol.
umr. But it is perhaps very question
Lie, whether, if we had no Bible S.
cieiv !! the merthanis would, In six
yeari, sell so many Bibles. One man
iruciodcraie . 4Kumtartceo- lxuglit of
your man4geri, 4 copiel of the sa
tred vhimrmnarkrpf;, thatewtfrh
ed every member of bis famtltali
a Bible, It is devoutly tn be wished,
ih it his cxambU might be followed by
every Christian parent in our country,
and in the world !
" In view f what this Society has al
ready achieved, and of what it has the
prospect of accomplishing, your mso
agers desire to rxprets their unfeigned
gratitude to Almighty God'. Oppoii
tion, if it has not wholly subsided, as
unable to urge one plausible argument,
that has not been again and again abun
dantly rcfatcd. " Noisy declamation"
aod " confident assertions" will never
pass with the friends of tht Bible for
sound argument. They do no credit,
either to the intelligence or candor of
the man who employs them, and on
reflecting minds, they will ever raise
doubts respecting the goodness of a
course w hich is unsupported by better
argument. IJibic Societies are, under
God, indebted for their existence, and
unparallcd success, to a benevolence
too disinterested, and trio active to es
cape the opposition of men, whose
lives are at variance with the precepts
of the sacred volume. But an Al
mighty arm is stretched out far the
protection and advancement ol their
noble iiisliluiiona. Who can cast an
rye at the astonishing success of Bible
Societies, and not be deeply impressed
with the belief that they are destined
bv God to diffuse the light of Divine
Truth over the world i The British
and Foreign Bible Society, has, in
18 years, published the numerous
number of 3,563,974 copies of the
script ures . " Yet its last rr port states
that die demand for them is extending,
though -three millions of - Biblts and
Testaments have been put into circu
lation" .The Russian .Bible Society
was expected to print last year 200,0003
copies of the sacred volume j and they
were preparing the Mandjux Testa
ment for the use of the northern hall
of the empire of China, a work second
version of the holy oracles The
American Bible Society has, in acven
years either published or obtained for
circulation, 323.777 Bibles and Tes-
'. f , .1.1 r . I vt ..i-.r ,.t. t ... J -.... ,jM.u,w
laments or parts of the latter. It has
nearly 400 auxiliaries extending from
Maine to New-Orleans, from Florida
to Missouri, and from Missouri to
Vermont) the field of its operations
is constantly widening, .
"To(a mind that appreciates, in any
degree proportioned to their infinite
importance, the glorious truths of the
Bible, it must be a most cheering spec
tacle to contemplate the stupendous
efforts of Bible Societies, Juvenile,
Female, Marine, City, County, State,
and National Bible Societies, are all
embarked in the blessed work of cir
culating the word of God among the
destitute throughout the earth. And
whilst the affluentfrora their abundance
ceintVHjuteritH treble KberrrQo
lence, whilst our own Wllhingtont
dinotS;- lott4wttfy4hwtandi-'itn&
while the princes and sovereigns of
ilwope urctclv-outastUl more mum 6.
cent hand, the members of the Iredell
County Bible Society, if diligent and
self-denying, in performing theirhum.
bie parti will not be overlooked or un
rewarded by the God of the Bible.
Confined as- we are to a remote - cor
ner of the great field of Bible opera
tions,7 and" precluded by our pecuniary
of splendid deeds, if persoriaUy inter-,
estej in thejs
may cherish the high bope of mfeeting
hereafter in mansions'of eternal rest,
an, Owen, the illustrious historian cf
the British ad Foreign Bible Society,
a martyr who translated the Nev Tes
tament into the language of Persia i
a Milne and a Morrjson. by whDK
nnited labors a version of the whole
Bible has been made into the language
of tht Chinese empire and trn thou
sand others ? kindred spirit." ,
, H. SIMON TON, ") .
TlltW. ISHOW UtK, t Vtmmiut
II. COt LI),
'?, Kept. 1 1. l.M,
si ii'. I.. j. tmtwm .' - Iran mm m inr mtm t
'Tl'linjf tit '"' " s-l'Sftture new,
LAl tir IKOM M ItOIT..
Ut the aial ef the shift llas Snd'
Amrrita from IJipool, at Boston we
have rerelved frem our cotfeirxiiJ.nis .
of the Patriot. DU silertWer end
Statesman, slips containing London date i
to the Uth AKut. ...
The protected movement ofthe dnk
d'Angoulemo towards Ssviile has Iskca
plate. "'
A letter has been rerelved from an of- 4
firar In the French army of CatalohU,
hich aars Whatever may U the (io-
rallon of the campaign in the ret of
Spain, that in Catalotila it sure to be a
Ion one, for Mina completely out gen
erals our Marshal, (Moncey.")
An important naval movement his ta-,
ken place in KhRland, from which we In , the Iiniiah rattnet isahout uklnt?
a serious art in this I'e ninsufar war.'
1 he f.xtrmoriiitnry Cattttt of Madrl!.
announces that Motillo has been bcucn
by the revolutionary troops near Vljro.,' .
Arrivals at Trieste from Mjrtelcne, '
June 3 1 l informed that the troops Untied
at Cavlsto by the Captain Par ha bavo
been cempletely routed by tht Creeks.
The Greek fWt of 120 sail is In pursuit
of the Turkish fleet. .;
WtnatD, ittt 34.
Pampeluna and St. Scb s'ian hold etit
obstinutelr ; the Rarriton of the former hat
made many sallies. In the last, whilo
two columns of 500 men each, protect
ed by artillerv, enau'ed the enemy, on
one side another, column ol ioo me-n cut -down
the corn on '. t other aide, to carry
it into thr fortress. Cen.taiilleniinot has V.
H i yen povl iye orders to besiege both pla
ces in lorm. . , r -raitroiT,
tvtt Hi?
" It is generally Suid in our political cir
cles that the present situation of the Pe
ninsula will give the to a new Kuropean
tonSrM lo ):..hld at Vienna fn. jho.
month of Oct. next. .. t .7
It is also added, that not onlf the pew ' "
t n of the Jint ran k. but Jlke viae those r -the
second and third will assist the ap.
proaching .Congress The object of ibia ' :
general' assembly " will bcto form -Into - -statutes
the great maxims of the Holy
Alliance, giving them the form of e code
which will be rccognUed by ell the states
5s establishing the public rights of neons.
Extract cf a letter from ' ,
oinaaLTsa, aro. 9.
Siai I have already written you by thia .
opportunity since mv last things wear a
tion that Ballasteros had been corrup'ecl
has been thrown back in the teeth of Ida
accusers, and there does not appear to
have been any foundation for it. ,
We bad rumours for several da a that ...JL .
the Spaniarda under Ballasteros, and the- ; - '
French under Morillo. have at lemrtb '
come in contact and measured twords at
Jean, and that the battle his been most
sangulnaryt both parties claim the vfcto- i
rv t but that Uallasteros bad taken tho
French artillerv. I have ta d.v a lertep
from-, at Malaea.ln which he
M The French and Ballasteros bsve bad ' t
i dresdlul battle and we believe that botbj
parties have suffered In a shocking man- .
ner j as the Fr. have acknowledged a vast
number killed and woundedbut the ac
counts from Ballasteros have not been re
ceived with details. I Torrigos writes the
lutAuu u M.tuHmT aim sooner inin -is
exoected. The reliant Mina ir Iti
The accounts today are that Morillo
will neither recognize the Cortes nor t ho '--New
Hetencvi and that hia irmr. indie-
nant at his conduct have denounced him.
and he bas fled. Quiroga has assumed
the command of his army j who 'are la" " '
Rood spirits arid 3000 Stronir. " The ene- .
my have not met in that quarter with any
success.' r - .t '
mtsiAkmttiitxi. GibitftaVtJug 9, .
" Cadiz will doubtless hold. out, and r.
ceive daily supplies of provisions from
tms piacaJt lngate which pursued tho
boats loo t Dear lite coast, became a. nrliit . .", .'. .
to the Spaniards bf beihg becalmed wttb-"" "
in ine rcacn oi tne guns ol aan redro '
General Uallasteros has beaten tho
tHe . French uuon the . coas.tatntl-ialLira .
2000 prisoners! and it is said a great part '
of their artillery These circumstances, -v.
. a - .a st . . -"j,' t--"--:
who, tne addition oi hir Kobert Wilson .
beine at Corunna with a conldfnhi ' -
force shew that Spain is not yet to bo
despairea oi. filore Trench troops bivti
.-v .
(-ft fi ; ..ft 'Tr
. .. ... ' 1 !(.. r .

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