North Carolina Newspapers

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and EK W. Ward, C. -
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and Thomas Bell, C. '
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&imou Charlea Gavin, S t John Sellara and
David Undrrwood, C. '
iSe John Hill, 8 1 Augustine II. Shepperd
and Joseph M. Flynt, C v .
SHrrjr -Solomon Grares, 8 1 Mr. Wright and
E. Thompson, C. , :
Tyrf John Bea&ler, 8 1 Enoch Hassell and
Ephraim Mann, C - ' ,: -
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and Samuel Davenport, C. '
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iWWC-Mlcaj Ji T. Hawkins, St Dsntel W
arw t or ( 1 arrt. 23.
Hjr the srnvil i,f ld (f.ld line) Ut el
Shin st'nlty, Cipt. Maxwelliifi ilAr
from Uverpool, the UJifor cf tHt Nation
a Advorst lus rtceived London paper
to the Uth, and lJvcrpol to the Iftb
The arcmjiiti from SpIn continu lo
re err tinreriain and contradictortr.
tcltrrspMr despnich has been received a
iit, which am ounces that Ii4Uitero
has ubrntttrd to the recency appointed
by the rrthrh, end (he terms of capuula
lion will be found amone our rxtNtu
TMs U 1 tad tlowt tliuub the result of
th ute action mf have left no other al
ternntive. Dar'cclnns, Osdizi St. Sfbas
tiin, Pimpliins,Corunna,snd a few otb
cr fortresses held out i ana! if treason does
not ;et within their mUt Spjin tnj jt
be lived.
There his bern some levere fixbtiss;
In Greece, and much sunering amort)?
th people. appears tha the Greeks
have Ksined triple victorr, and totally
(feranxed the puns of the lurks. The
Captain Pacha, after doubting Cape d'Ori
detached thirty transports, escorted hy
some ships of war, for Pa'rss, while he
himself with the main force, made for the
bay of Corystos, in the of Kulvra.
Here under protection of the batteries
the place (occupied by the Tuiks) he
landed 5000 troops, which he ordered lo
Rain Attica by the Strait of Neirrj4int,
and thence proceeded lo Phocit, in order
to favor ihe entrance of the I urks from
Thcsialy hy the pa of Thermopylae.
Ihe Greeks defending the pss would
thus have been placed between two fire
The Pacha, however, had scarcely effect
ed the landing of the troops at ('oryitos
when a Greek squadron, which had watch
ed his movements attacked him. The
rombal was long, and well suttained by
the lurks, but at length the Greeks hy
their skill in manceuveriiitr, and their fire-
ships, blew up several Turkish vessels,
took lit, and put to night, and chased the
rest of the enemy's fleet.
Abdulhad Pacha has sent 13.000 men
from Solenica to the Gulf of Volu, in or
der auppresa -the- insurrection. -The
ins'uients took refuge in Yrikeri.but the
Turks burned no less than 24 villages.
and massacred more than 3000 men,
while women and children were carried
into slavery.
There is reason to believe frem move
ments of the Russian Cabinet, and dupo
tuioft of the army, tbat tome interesting
Il Jt cert-la tint, since O.e li imti'.
the King is more free. We are on lbs
fe fcf treat events. We shall am,
lo ffi'f row at C'orJova. The DuVa d'An
goulc me has let otT pot lih part of hit
liomelieid, and will arrive on i!e 1 S h 11
Puerto Santa Mails I and if Cadu duet
not lurrender cn tbt 30th, ihe batubard
. .. t . i .
mrni win cornnienre immeuuitiy.
AWar, A1 13. A-I1'"f loo
place the diy before sestsnlay at Darce
lotia. I hi plan was le do awif with
Hottrn i tevemmenti but unfertunstely
Hie plan wa bid, and victory declared for
revwluttonisti. Numerous trresti and
unguinary exscuilons followed the luc
tesi of Kotten. The Ursl French vei
sets of Ihe Marine look on board great
uum r of the Ininbiumi concerned in
the arTalri the were pursued by the ene
riy'e jun oats., . .f- ... --Sr' -
- rmt lartk, -
Dy t arrival last night of the fast
saihnrsbip Union, Cipt. French, the ed
itor oi the National Advocate his fscaiv
ed London P'peri te the 31st Aug. and
Uvrrtool of the 93d,bciag4 days Uer
thin by the Amity.
It will ie seen hy our eifracts that af
fairs in Spain are in great confusion, and
statements very coatradictory are made
on all stdrs.
The army of Ballaateros did not join
the r ranch j he had been suspected by the
Cortes, and preparation made te dopes
sess him ef command, when he petfidi
ously joined the enemy. Ills armv is to
be commanded by Gens. Zayaa and Kic -go.
A letter has been received in London
from the arent to Llevd's, dated Genoa
Aug. 7. which says, that " A vessel arri
ved this morning which sailed on the 2d
ins;, from Sn Felicio, roast of Catalonia,
he master of which reports, that on the
27th ult. 3 divuiens, commanded by Gen
erjls MiUns, Lloberas, and Mans, attack
ed ihe French near Manresa. that a ver?
obstinate battle took place which lasted 9
days, in which the French lost 3000 pris
oners, and a great number of killed and
wounded, and that the Spaniards aet fire
to Manresa ; that on the 29th ult. Gens
Mine and Rotten sallied out fron Barcelo
na, with all their forces and attacked the
-Vench on the 30th. near Mataro ; that
the battle was not ended on the 2d inst.
when he sailed, as he saw a great fire
long the roast, and on the tops of the
mountains, so that the final result of this
action is yet unknown. ' -
The Iyndon Courier of the 20th, says
" Nothing more is now said about the
freedom of Ferdinand, the certainty of
S. TU pre tent decree sWI l printe J,
an t nulJ kn wn all ocr Ihe orIt
Given in Ar.Jajar, the S:h of August,
(6nedl iot)U Atoik.
Jlcaftammd qviuimmot.
By irrirsts at New-Vork London pi
pers to the 37?h, and Paris papera to Ihe
3?th ull. hiTt been received.
The most prominent artirlei of intelli
gence, are disastrous to the Spanish
citjse, and give us feari thai resUtence to
the Invaden ii nearly at an thd.
Comnna and Algesirn folk taritvhtrd
i ihe frrnth on the 14th August,
. The hit advlcei from the Uuke tf An
goule me state that, 'on Ihe I ttls of- Au
gust, h wai holding Council U'ur un
der Ihe vdSi i Cadit. Privious1 report!
ttated that he a"n1ef, arslVMifWH
the reih, and immediately sent flag in
to Cadil with propositions for a negotia
tion with the Cortes but Ihe Is
sdid. declined to receive any proposition
except they came through tho British
The defection of Manio.ene of Anna
Cenerats, it confirmed, lie had joined
the French with 43 of his troops.
Billasteros carried with him 4000
aiLiiai sr, iovii errr, inirttiiitu,
BIM IW " 1 1 m
Our rrs4TS w ill have observed an error in
laat Week's paper, which we take Occauuq t
enrrrd. 1l No. of the fjcr of . 7th (k,
aUouU have been 174, instead of 173, aa k
worked ef. '
I he Regency at Mi'lrld, it is said, en
deavored to pioture of the Duke of An
geuleme a modification of his decree
against their autheiity to imptison the
Constitutionalists. But il appeared Ihe
dcrree Wat put in execution, and upwards
of 600 men had been released from pris
en at Madrid ,
There are reporta that the Greeks had
obtained further great victories on land;
that they had encountered and nearN de
stroyed the grand Turkish fleet, only 10
vessels escaping, and that they were
about to undertake an enterprise against
The Pori Pius MI. died, at Rome,
on the 20th of Augutt.agcd 33 yean.
Hs pontificate was 33 years, one of the
longest recorded.
A letter from Bayonne, August 1 9th,
says a courier passed through that place
on the 16th. reported to be the beater of
an order from government at Cadiz, to
the Constitutional Generals, forthesus
pension oi hostilities. Another courier
passed through Bayonne, with news of
the death of Mr. Belin, at Seville, the
agent of the house of Rothschild.
al VtllllK I , wl - I
nt. -K..t it.k. til..,. !n ncKocmion, or me Fpet.u.i oi an im
, k.t t.,-1,:-. I mediite aurrender on the part of tbe Cor
it r,,mnrA 7n rnd .hat th. on the contrary, we arc told If
B,.j .,, n ,k.;. I Cadit doe a not surrender by the 20th,
k-H ti--.i-"" I the lombiirdfflint of the city will
iiMikii lunaiui
Tbe report of Captain Parry having
effected the North West passage, is posi
tivelv contradicted. No surh intelligence
bad been received at the Admiralty
Private Corrrfiondencf.
''MADRID, avo. 9. Midnight.
city will com
The Liverpool Mercury of the 33d,
states on tho authority of the late advices
from Paris, that the Duke d'Angouleme !
had actiiallr dissolved tbe rerenrr of , its a community ol more moral and Dhv
&iol strength, in proportion to its num
Extract of a letter to the editor of the Nee
York Statesman, from the western part of that
W aerr M4 The Coli.m
. .Tbe editor of the Columbia, 8. CTclf sect,
aila 4uvM'Cd' i,Mhom swnae;taaa4 tl
editor had committed the literary charge of ka
paper during a U w otoiitha abac nee, have had
- faDing out," and much angry language fcje
paaard between them. Jdr. ICCord eontead
that he alonr, at editorial manager of tbt papa.
w as the omoer conservator of the aJinM.i I
, u
errrfa of t!ie olTice i and Mr. C'line. the trmr,r- i
tor, thougtit b-, by all means, was capable f
keeping kit secrets. I'poe this,' tlieirqua.
rrl is fiHimlcd. Mr. M'Conl piibtithcd a spisr
fill article, announcing bis withilrtal from i
panic pation in the eatabUaliment i and Mr.
(.line has come out with a long exculpatory
pirce, in which he a mare Mr. MCord ss ith ba
tra)ing the private confidence rrpoacd, in him,
ami diaanpointingthe hopes which therftiztnia
Columbia, and of KuMibarolina, had clieriaEcd
of the rrrtitudr and orttMdoiy of the principle
he would promulgQ through the cokimna of tLa
Hy Mr. Clinr's statement, it appearsthat.sonja.
time lat spring, wishing to make a viait totha
north, he was anxious to get an me person to take
charge of the editorial department of hit paper f
that Mr. MTnrd, who was a young gtntlcmu
hom the citizens of Culunibia thought to be of
one promiae, applied for tle situation, sliki
vr given to him, he drsirlngnootfirr' remit,
nrrm'ion than the privilege of writing fur and
managing the paper, for hit own amoaement tad
literary imtrurtion. Of the effects of Mr, Jl'.
Cord'i editorial lalors, the people of Soutb-Ctf.
olina, and a great many in Nortli-Carolina, as
well as oth r Htates, have a melancholy erj.
dence. For sTTbr eiglit motiths pit, the cot
umna of the Telescope have been prottitnted te
the vilcit purpoaet i publicatiwts of the most
irreligioua, dcij'.icil cait hare been tent forth to
the public ; among the moat flagitioua bf. these,
wrre a aeries of raaays under Uie aignature of
" Tht GtuU." These publication vorr natur.
Madrid, and made other great charges.
Corunoa waa still in possession of the
ally caused mnchxcitement, and met with
reneral reorobation from the nioui anil mnnt
I have had a most pleasant excursion, portion fArm rnr .m... si.
t .r. j t j .l-r- i -.. . " 1
tout iar, aim iwumi mr uranu vanai nai rln. vrrr :llfi;r;n,i. ,i,.,.;.,i ,,,
, ... . a I S j " J vsifciiiiiiivn. aiiaaif Half III
history will represent it to be the most h . - - r: -!. -
splendid and wonderful work of the pres- m rj ujJ.":'
entage. I he whole western country fills ' '
me with astonishment. That portion of . a UK'n inc le cUxrSe r h' busmesa
the State of New-York, which lies be- ,nt0 "', ovn cr management," and
twecn the Little Falls and Buffalo, exhib- P'dges himself that his paperthall hercafterbe
conducted on pure and correct princ plea. Eve
ry well-wisher to good society and rood rcvern
bers,than any that has ever existed, either J ment, must rejoice at this event,, for it is incsl.
in ancient or modern- times. cvlable uhrt a miachTevou."d;anin;7;irrnllir
I. -n -ence
tuch licenjious publicationt as the Goats,
A Book has lately made its appearance I &c- llTe ,,n "e morals of the community.
Ai ih. when the news of the Constitutionalist! on the 10th August.
deTiveranre of the kin? and the disrerionl The French bombarded it at intervals,
of the Cortei was received at Madrid, the hnd were in P"'on h heights
publicTcnHceslmJprrvaTe-W ,rom wn artillery ouW.pliiy uun.
without exceptions, covered with tapesr ,ne "Pf' "uro,ac rnvec at Mdence tftWffn the Hon. John AJamAt putting weapona'Into the hands of others.
try. In the evening the bust ol rerdi- B"U" UK: (atf preident f the United Slattt.andthe which they mar, at pleasure, turn airainst hia
nana wai tarncu in iTiumuH niiwuKu uic ru,n ,c wiaun .uunrr, stur. late 4t iViam lunninvham. Ana. bcrtnninf ncwonal character ami n..n:.,
r .. . .1 .. . ........ ' o ' ' J v - I J i. m
itreeti Dr these memuera oi me i,mrcj ve nave received tne impor-' , iao3 and ending 1813. Pub Uhtd bu find that the resnon.ihilitv
.t-.0' -l. "I. I. T1 IL.l. 1 " ... I IM UllUllUHIU"
gawps, wna were n me iy. n was ni uczmx isjyeq oy me uuae a An- j m. Cunningham cn of the late W'ifc cident to the eituation of an Editor .re aufiV -
in stain k t ftkaw 1? aw iwas new . ttltn riMarlerl nAn!am is l 1 at kas rl.nsi . stasaa . At1,iS.ii w sr ss I ' aulSr
... ..... ..v6v..v7, ." mv i. Su. ....uuja., iiam ,unnwgnum vq. rew puoncations eicntly harassing where he has tbe sole msna.
ef in Robert tt.-Jone o.w"'
.... . -r ..,-.,.-J-.- -
awse-i-Kicnam Wt-'-naicih -r irosno-riaw
" 8nii'anitttTihMramTrhrc
and WiHiam tIortonrC.""-
' . towns.''
- James Iredell.
PJentoHt ;
. .
Kobert Strange. :
$t9c Ar aByniintV"
H;iUboru, " Thomas Clancey.
Ji'cvhern, ' . John Stanley.
StiKtbttry, ' - . John L. Henderson.
-- h'llminrtit, - - at. W.Camnbell. -
' (JThe above list ia complete, with the ex-
cenuon of Vtlumfiu county, from wbicn we
have not yet seeft the returns.
Frie Canal and the uw. The Cor
""tidraftiotrof "Albany, and the-tititenr-of
that city, bj general roetunj? aeia. on
, - prancr ceiesrauon oi me passage oi . me
- firtib.vtf (chrti ihi; Gteat Western Canal
into Iludson'river! at that city, which joy;
' ful event is expected to take phc in ten
or twelvt day AT. forrcf . .
-t -: contribution toward! tha purchase ef
an organ eras made at the rev. Mr Park-
ma'n'i meeting house on . Sunday last
when S1S59 75 cti. was collected. ' It h
intended the organ shull b&vt American
jT xnarmfacture; , Bolt, Pat. '
some tumult, endeavored to persuade the on the 8th inst. ' We give it, as it has
people to await the confirmation of intel-l reached us unable te define precisely the
ligence, to which they themselves did not scope of its practical application, or even
attach the alightest credit. Nothing vouch for its authenticity. Supposing il,
however, could restrain the transports of however, to be euthenrfc, it certainly in
the people, which continued to be mant- dicates no very cordial feelings aa sub
fested till a late hour at night. sistinjr between his Royal Highness, and
" Some individuals well known by their the Madrid Regency, for to them and their
opiniona and conduct, had the impru- adherents, its article! can only apply.
dence to shew themselves in public, and There are no other u Spanish Authori
became the victims ef4lhis false intelli- tiei," to whom such a decree ceuld be ad
gence, which, but fqrthe prudent dispo- dressed, for it would be a ridiculous as
sitionsof Marshal Oudinot, might have sumption of power to pretend to exact
compromised in tho most serioua manner obedience to it from the Constitutional-
tho tranqtnnrf tf the c4tfjUneperson j ists
wa WHerhwt trrn
have produced greater excitement than
this appears to have done. The cause of
the excitement is to be found in the fact,
that the Correspondence now divulged
was of the most confidential nature, be-1
twecn connections, and perfectly without
rticrvc On the one hand curiosity is
excited, by the disclosures contained in
ging of his own business," without hkvirp to aft
swerfor tbe aberrations of irresponsible persons
itrw haTrombtf "gavestb'tbt'news
arc uleted yeate rday t- -
A letter from-Seville) -elated, -that
fyrenees, c. &c; - - -
'Constderirtgtharlhe occupition 6f
CalatraTa had, on the 3th inst. a long Snain. bv the armv under our command
conference with Gen. Bordesoult, in the place m m(hr lh; inttist)gn58ble obliga- . ' ""c 'a'. anC"
TsTirionrinhTc larirDopitvlnrtecnrl tfir cgl8ia
.a aw a . a a a s. I . ' ' its thia tUfai swee anlf air f awn at aKTaw 'at eala.
- I 11 w Wl w tas wiling sj v i v aw w iauiuij j i
the Corte! and tha members of the revo- thlt Kingdom, and the lecurity of our
lutieniry government, emoaraeu on uaarai troopS hiTe comn,anded, and do com
Enelish vessels. On the 6th,at day-break, imand as follows!
thekinrand hu auguit Umily were, they i. The SnanhK Authorities shall not
said, at full liberty, and at tha head quar- nuka an nrisoners without authoritv
M T " - - J
tera of tha besieging army, Cadix having froni tbe French commanders of our
surrendered amid criel of Vive le Roi : troops. "
cannon, which continued firing at the mo- corr)S under our. command shall demand
men! when tha courier tfepartedT 'fT". " tf,e refease otairpiisVne
I bich imprisoned In ' njf 'arbUrary winner
From theEtoUe evfoTJ. 1 bxien imprisoned in njf 'arbUrary
- CVie, - Jtug. I i .wA " report- prevail l j fbr Ikilit
this morning at the Elat Major, that they that they may return to their homescx-
nave oecn ngnung i ne sirceis oi v,aaiz i repuog sucn wiier uoerswoB, hb give
The commercial part of the town wished cause of complaint. ,
that the Kmtr should be set at complete! 3. The Commanders xn Chief of-the
liberty, but tha small number of militia Corps are authorised la seize all such
who remained in the town wished to op-1 persons as shall disobey tbe present or-
nnta it. r I Gera.
. . i i.... I ...... .I...' .. . . . .
The most vfolent partizanS of the re vo-1 4. All publishers and periodical wn
ution have taken refuge Iff the Isla of I tings shall be under the direction of the
Leon. - - iommanacrs oi our troops
The TCtort of the KwTeigTiRepater, propoae,
on tbe 18th of next month, to commence tha
publication of their paper t ice a week. We
wish them success in this enterprize ; we are-
the Letters ef Mr. Adams r on the other, willing to grant them the Increased facility they
indignation is roused at the violation' af I wi" thus have of Inculcating sentiments faTor
confidence, involved in the publication of I able to " their man," for a prospect of hemf.
them. ter receiving a more diffusive report ef tla
AV e speak without relerence to its con- proceedings of the Legislature.
tents, when we express eur sincere re
I . .. . i. : . . i i . l .
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ment of, their notes with specie on the 1st oft
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uuu, lafa a alv 1 1U.N. April next, tbe dav fixed bv a law of tbe Stato
A few days since a large New-Founc- for uat purposed Put it is thought that the
in this place, waa sold at constable's sale
for twenty dollars. This is the first case j
of the kind we recollect to have heard of,
egislature will extend the time.'
Key iret-U is stated in the -National Intel
Whether Cats are not equally liable to g"ntn, in consequence ot tne unneaiuu.
execution, might perhaps be a legal ques- u,c T-a"ro" l 'P51'" '
lion worthy of rravo discussion. Those and that Com. wt has volunteered his st a,
of tha W hittington breed would probably j vices to go on a special mission, under the or. ;T
sell well where rats were plenty, and ma- kr of the Navy Department, to-the statica :
hy'pefsens i wouTddly perhaps ie'ec ven 1 eobmaoued by Corn. rorter,""to1examine tha
the rata themselves'disposed ofbjr-exe' causes' ottfie' tnaeaseanviulina; iliere, tH- ttflt.
cutieo a&MTVlz&rfHStttt Chrtmtclc. rcportlo government whether hia etjWedientie.- -
remove" the re ademma ib. some liiore hesjttny. .
The remains of the lamented comma- s"t'on. Four of the eldest physicians in tna -
tterShiWtwjer navy WiU aceom-pany fionCI&dgeja." 7 7
the tomb, in the burial ground of Christ . . -. : ,w
church, Philadelphia with miliUrf hon- " 1 e pubhshed last
ors.amidst a Vast concourse ofcitirens. r",romUl Wenton Gazette, it was naieu
1 h reverend clergy, and all the civil and J that negro p effy wasconuemned tebe rtccureot
military authorities of the city, the officers
ot.the afmy and navy, and the sailors aa
well aa -citizens, attended onthe mourn
ful occasion?" Franklin Gazette.
this, it aeems from a later paper, was incorrect
Pc-lly waa acqnitted. But negroes Cbarlc ,
Jack, and Lsvina, were executed on Friday, the,
2Sth ult fcr Uie murder ef HuMvy WVwsf.

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