North Carolina Newspapers

i.a i i n r ric),.. m'ain.
Tta Mjf Cuih'tlnt K-rtrt, rrictl at
New.Yoik, In 3 J t!i dom Gibraltar,
tiingt papers of that ; lic if the 2d of
he I'teniWr inclusive, front li ap
pears, that our doubii rrsptnin; tl. tur
render of Cerunna la the liench, were
well Tuundedf rotwlthtum!H'gtl.eerfitUl
bulletin, in the Turii pspcrt, announcing
I Jut convention had tteti ifjnrl oath
I4ih of August. Corunoa i well at Ca
4ic continued faithful to lb Conuituilon
down to the beginning of September, the
1'rcnch h4 made tame attempts against
- Cadli on the Jj'b August, tut they cr
A tnecjinvof general ofJiceri end other
persona of nt. -mSmit to be htW. it
' which the Duke del InLnisdo wit ex-
ptcted to be present. Nothing it said
"about ihe bombirdmentr General Lau-
tftton't division, which had procicded to
Tano, had tuttslned torn loea, which
. rendered ll necessary tut him I retire to
Attaint. A private Icttr dated Gib
raltar, September 3d, ttatet ihe Ion of
the trench in thla repulse it too men.
The writer add, M Malaga it fa dread
ful atate at pretent t the commander ait
inade i requisition of g 1 00,000 of the
nerchantt several who refuted to pay,
tare been tent to prison, among; them the
American Contul, end several hate been
shot. The English filiate Tribune it to
freceed from here to brine the English
jnerchantt from that pkce.-
Sir Robert Wilson left Gibraltar for
llalaga on the 3d September ( and on the
precedinfdiy Gen. Zayat and the the
officers, who had been arretted by Riego
nd tent on ibip board, arrived at Gib
' It thus tppcart by the Ufett accounti
Irora the Peninsula, that there it no tea
too for believing that the Ficncb will auc
eed in their attempt to subjugate Spain
. - Uo the contrary, the brave and determi
Dad reaittance which they meet with at
every point, juttiuee the opinion we have
all alone maintained, that the cnemiet ol
, the Ceutiitutional tyttem will fail in their
i object. Their career of bribery hat appa
rcntly been arretted, and unlet the Duke
Angouleroe it possessed of more tki
than the former 'generals of France, we
hould not be turprited if, in a few days,
lie had concluded s treaty disgraceful to
thote who had placed him at the head o
the expedition, or retraced hit march
rot the Ebro .trn. Pct.
tw YORK- OCT 6
We hive received by the Catharine
""Ttodgertrr letter from Gibraltar, dated
Sept, 3, which states that the French had
le en. resulted .jat Tariff, with the lost, it
wat reported, r 100 men. 1 he write
dde1 Malaga it in e dreadful, aute at
- pretent i the commander hat made t re
: - quisitioncf 100.000 dollars of the mer
chints severs! who refuted to pay, have
been tent to priton, among them the
American Contul, and aeveral have been
' shot. The Englith frigate Tribune it to
proceed from here Jobring the hnglish
merchants from that places Mer. Adv.
Wo yesterday received a letter from
Gibraltar statins that the American Con
lttI."monirothi:rT,-,wittmprhoTit4 at Mat-
' tg'a, in ccnse'eience of refuting to pay a
... euro of money, required by the opanuh
commander at that place. Although the
, letter came from a gentleman in whose
"-. atstements e place great confidence, we
could hardly credit "the account; but find
there are other letters In town which not
1 only confirm the fact, but add that all the
foreirn Consuls in Malnea were in pus
on. , The sum demanded of Mr. Barret!,
-v bur Cousul, is stated to have been 3000
dollars.' Of the Swedish Consul, 8 10,000
Was demanded, fcc. ' ibid.
Portugal A gentleman nf this city
has received a letter from his friend at
Lisbon without tignature but known by
the iSan,dwiiiing, dated Augutt If, which
gays" I in sorry to ten you, inai since
.1- ;.ir?llI?iJSlA!l
laUe nieOa"
OZZ fiiehd hich alJuda. lo. the. poll-.
tics Mbit country in Tact one cannot
open nis"m6uthT"It was'Tor thislreisoni
- 1 tald in my last, I did not wish to trust
to the casualties of letters. Asfie, ere
, long, to be able to write and exftrtt my
inind at targe." . Ibid.
T A public dinner was given at liverpool
-oh the 35ihof August, at which were pre
aent Mr. Secretary Canning, Mr.Umkit
. aon,. Lord C Bentinck, Mr. IIvohks,
: Charge dAffirs from the United States
diwinction. In the ore of the even
ing, Mr. Canning proposed as a toast, the
Jielth of the rtwcacrjtatJye .ctObflJimec.
X kan Government; whbasrVcniiW'hii
a it4.n ' Th toast was acrom-
t-wftaafjonx. .--!'- j-t.iirt a o?r'-utf Tk.tvAM. aAArmmm.
r-i....-...pjjj ."Uy A,Pir.'.V Hit Blllfl T' .W.w-T
higbl?.' complimentary tothe JUf.State'a.
rit appears to me. laid t Mr. u that
" . 'i : the relative? position u6f two such' Statei,
f f alluding toHlw- UninscFStates and Great
' " Britain is not w hollf unlike that whith
"t'KixtaMonall occur iii families wiiere a
. child having perhaps diaplcajsed a parent,
; . ( . daughter for iomance, in contracting
tea ixi .:fprf c 1 1 psui.l'tffti
in;; , ytne eitrjsctun.t wuulj tut a
i.s!t rcievtinlf ennie ; but f:cr a Uj t
t.f time the liiatiwii it forgotten, the
fwrie fef Uafid.tiiJl previil. at the
rUrhter and the mother suml toj;tltr
a? irM the wmlil." Thctoul W4tdrnli
with grett 'aplju, and Mr. lltvur.i.
afttr cprcmng hit tentlmentt on lha
occasion, propod ts a Uat, M the Ton
of Liverpool and the United States el
America i their Trade and their Fiiend
ship i mi; thty all go on icreing.H
On the morning of the same day Mr. C
Mr. II. and other pertom of diitlnttiun,
had accompanied Mr. Hiauta on a tiit
to the American thip Canada, Captain
Macey, In whkh he hid arrived a lew
PmtDitrnu,ocT.'9. The fait sail
lig brig Terpedo, Captain Chandler, ar
rWed here yesterday afternoon in the ihort
ptttage of 47 dirt from Smyrna.
To the politcnett of the owners of the
Torpedo we are indebted for Smyrna
papers to the Uih of Auguit inclusive
The paper of the list dite announces thai
that city enjoyed the most perfect tran
quillity. Capt. Chandler ttatett that respecting
the Greekt and Turkt, there were d-ulv
repori in favor of both. The Greekt
were in enure powttion oi mi igrri,
eiceptint the stronc fortress of Fetrat, In
ihe culf of LeDantOi where there it at
present a numerous turkish fleet. The
Greek fleetf were at Ipsara and Hrdra
at this Utter island they were to meet on
Derate attack on the Turkish fleet, and it
wat tuppoted that a great numtxr of
boats were lobe sent in along with hie
ships. There it no douM th.l the Ureeki
arc much more lorw-.rd than ever. A few
dayt before the Torpedo left Smyrna,
there wat a report that a 74, two fiiatei,
and a tloop (English) had arrived at Cor
fu with three of the chief Gicekt on
board, from whence it ii .id they were
going up to the Turkish fleet.
The ship Far.lhee.on herpauage frtm
Rie Janriro for Blon, tpoke on the II th
September, the English bHjr Khamiwk,
from Fan, which reported that one of the
Brazilian totiadron. under the orders of
Cochrane, had arrived there, and Hated
that nearly all the northern provincet had
taken iidct with the cotise
quence or the new, from Portugal, of the
drTi nf Ihe Cnninlullnn.
SAlTlMOftKi OCT. 8 By the sehoonert
Col. Ramay, Smith, arnvrd here lattjihe eastern tedlon of the ttite, there are,
evening in 33 dayt from St. Jago de Cuba,
we Tearo that Can. Moraioi and his Irmv
were still at that place, and that a con
tribution had been levied upon the inha
bitant! for their aupport. Amer.
It it lUDPOsed that unwardi of four:
hundred sou It pemhed in the gale at
. . . : .
Valparaiso,S. AtnerKa,in July last.
Extract of a letter dated St. Thomas, Sept. 4.
44 You will hae heard before '.his of the
terrible 'dost irVttVrtlfas'lieetfln'tJKi
island of Demerara. 1 he negroet roue
to the amount of 3000, and pave regular
battle to the King'a tnopi J they made a
desperate attempt to cut oft a detachment
of the 31st regimental it wat coming up,
but they were defeated by the very gi
ant conduct of a lieutenant who com man
tied the Iinsion. Ihe 2 1 tt west India
... --- W . a. a
Reeiment and Geortretown Militia of
Cavalry, were all engaged in the affray,
ana oenaveq uncommoniv wen. meiu
. 11 j L ,u
mult wat not quelled when the express
left Demerara, but there is every reason
to hope that it is so by this time, as a
strong reinforcement was immediately I
mnaraed at uaroauoei lor ino scene "
inn " I
A letter, received in Ne wTork bv wav
. I
.,t Kt .tat-a tkt on th. 51ft nf
action took place in the East
wen armeo negroes, ana mo iroona 01
;n ."'i"''" -1 ' l.a .ft.
w,U.., W il.v.liWl.
50 in killed.
ttate the failure of M. Belzoni'i intended
ournev acrott Mount Atlas to Tombuc
too, ' Br a letter from mat traveller, a
ted Gibraltar, 20th Junet he states his
having met with an unexpected stop to
his progress Trout the Emperor of Mor
occo, through whose country he wished
to past. Mr. B. attributes his failure to
some inTrignei, but irddif,- tnerare " wd"
fullr ihlstaleri who think Ueretlfttrfi
me back' with one blow.' The only ton
..XMMUtSf.rie J9ttauoug40.
wnai 4 nave -gaiocreo oi
i w . t .r - r . 11
neeiiin another Quarter t
m.--W- i 1 V - . J
iou wiH receive this. I shall nrobablv be
ohe-third of my journey farther south
than I .have been in my last route. I
Cam. Qire.
U accounts irom Georgia, it appears i
a. . .:.. i..
that an ienmense quantity of cotton will be j
drUtoyed in that aute by Ibo ROT J
teqnnce ojt,hij XSVerse Is, .lhaloiBK.lolis,CiI,Ms'oem -&fisburyv But
saw as caoaev.
Octobcr.28, 1823.
Nothing more strikingly eihibita the
ill.Vnl jeilouiy of our Eastern brethren
on ih Convention question, thsa the fact
thai almost every member from that tec
itlft of Jib ejfcaie, fhtUOttd JbUb, tflVA
!..aa a f fl A aw at a Ik at tat ft 1 1 llta 1 if
, , V ......
elrction, nn the grounds If that oe. -
it.- J.. vl. I Tk. n.Ar.l. rf
liww uui . tins ,w uiwi'iv
Rowan had urged their grievance! on the
Lr gitlature for nearly thirty yeart in me
et Ion, with univiiling eforts. The
wettern memhert, it ie rwe, always Toted
for their petition! but the power retted
with the eaitern men, and they alwiyt
lurnerf a deaf car to the voice of juitice.
At the last teuion, however, i number of
the bett informed end matt liberal of the
etttern representation, acting under
..... . . . ,. , . f ,K- M.
of moral duty, voted for the div
. '
ion. They einected at the time, that they
ere furnihlng weapons for the illiberal
demaitoKUri at home to work upon Ihe
jriorflnl mth , hu, lk honeil Ugitlators,
"Msr of juttiee. I heir espectationt
I were realized ; thrir vote on that quet
(fort were tung throuKh their counties
in,t hrm,,Bfl ,hey Wfre tcn at the
, .
lcr,,on- " "M rmerally only the
otet of the ignorant and prejudiced that
they lost ; for we learn that tfK-ir public
rnnt11(.f u. annTMrA h iK. .r.nk.n.J
v -r -
ind liberal minded part of their fellow
ci'tzens. An honest man would rather
fall in a rood raute, than iie in a bad
one. These gentlemen were too honest
m imother their tense of justice and enual
t,htu ror ,,- uit 0f ,n cnhenietal non
ularity. With minds capable of bearing
"P !?" " h f"ry infatuated prej
udice, they have pure hands and clear
consciencei. Their constituents will suf-
fcr n)uch mort , h f their
I ,
vices, than they will in riot going to the
LegUlalure. In the representation from
every tessiona number of men of talents,
intelligence and liberality ; the others are
mostly pertinacious and illiberal in their
prejudices. Those from that section who
voted for the division of Rowan, were of
the forme i class 5 and we will venture to
say, where, an exchange has been made,
it is for the worse.
When we see uch consequences follow
a vote for the division of a count v, what
can wacxpecL from our eastcrn brelhrcn
on thVgfeaTahlTTp6tht7i'uctIon of the
call ef a Convention f
The coroner, Mr. Howard, wat called
on Saturday, the I6'h inst. to summons a
jury and hold an inquest on the body of a
female, found on the prrcedinr Fridav,
h , unoccupied dwelling houte about
. ., . t .
six milea below thu town. 1 he corpse
appeared to be that of a woman of fifty
years of age. It was found by some pro
pe wno were examining the premises
with a view of removinc a familv there
w. . . .1. .. 1
11 PPa ne poor woman naa
Dicked un some rirs, and made a bed (or
nest) of them,Whkh: sh.e 'hadTeen Jv
4k- . . M f. l.,
" .
have writhed and struggled a good deal,
during the paroxysms of suffering imme-
(diarely" preceding the extinction cf lift
No traces have yet been discovered,
that are likely to lead to a developement
of the name or character of the deceased.
';- WIDOW .,..magain.
The American Recorder, printed in the
town ofAVashington, N. Cwncntiont that
thr aref erryjbirr wrdowt m that towni
which contain! a population of only about
lOGOouls. -This beats Salisbury. But
iff nvpioertMa-iwct jtnrly-aBorrl'
Mown, ir is the natural etiectiqf anex
.. . . . M ' i.
Itraordinary union of causes ; and as such,
j, M deserving of publicity as any other
curiam thing.
.... ,uj t, u.,,v st . .
ar. ,)ruye t0 notice the procecdinci at the lto j
meeting of the Bible Society.'sr,
ll.uri!f, the o;h of S'overnVer next,
hit been act apart by the Gtnenl Aiiem
blf of the Trcibytirim Church, at a dajr
ol public humiliation, fatting and pri;er.
"C031MO.V BliXSC."
' ta vaa witnaa fiMiiau.
JIK Lkitr i I Uve aotictd l voor piper,
aevtra iuee5e eimi cm Uit tJJtrt ef tht
trntim, aignrd twmnMMi aen," I'rofO
the try grarv and p At tt Diattncr la whkh
the writtr lirtrodueva himach lo the puklirt It
waa ia We hern Virected UiU he had aome.
tlunz Mm ami ivimxinf ir ht. iitRTrwi, now
tJ ihU. wa litA cmw'ulrraliW Mrtof vhl
J WUa aii.l U ,,,iUffU.yir,U
cation to Ihe mliifcti and the rt uf hi r
-ifwlaajbre nilrwtiViicf whuhaa etiofteh
- ; before brea wmI, aun;, ami wriMra in the Tt
- ' . . . 4 . . W ,t. . a 1 ... ..ri.l
- rrnttilion of tLt old (mc-ricK. W rnifilr
":,,', .. f .1 i t
; iriJ I'HIHv 1 1 V I.I vil 'IIM IIIW i ..h m
new l.btr.
11if writer, ty wiy of tnpriung th nrA of
the grtat work be lore him, open With the In
formatton, M that the tubjtct tt the Convention
la the onler of the day, and thit it rrreiraHy
enrrotaritbe atttnlion of the emniutiity.H Hut
uMortutiitcty it would teem the community it
entirely wrong, and it remains for his superior
wisdom to brii g them " to a correct umlervtsml
ini." lie very imnlciily sdJ, further, "tht
the current of public opinion is strongly sgin
a," and tint Ihcrc is great clanger of db being
rem helmed in it i ytt tie dori not rrgmrd per
sonal contrqucitre, pmtJrd h only can save
" hit country in this her d.iy of trial." G ner.
ous martvr ! ! Ma is willing to he oer he lined
by the tide of public tenUmeut, if he can only
write i
m Cdm'd iv onJIkii lmri, I writs."
And whit lias he written f
After hating thus inlrcnred himself, with ts
much solemnity as though lie were about to re
veal to die benighted world the nawlyJiicw.
ered secret of perpetul motiuii, he enters up.
on the great work hefotc him namtlv, to prove
that the rtmwtiiury is altogether wrong, ami t.'nt
II K i riehl. '
In all controversifs, whether written orverhk
much time and words may be ued by putting
aaitle every Uimjr that doe not strictly relate to
the point, and by coming at once to the ques
tion m dispute. I-et us endeavor to uo so will
the lucubrations of " Cmmon Sense."
1 He first ground thut " Common Bentf " takf
for the nunos of showins; otl Ins l'VlC. 11 1''
inequality tif rrprt$rntatin , or, the allrgalion
that minority, under the existing Cotistitiition
can rule the majthiy. 1 his he aenies, and ad
mi ts. in turn- We will state him fairly, by riv
in(f his own words : he says, " Ht fore entering
into the merits u the proposed s.llration it
would seem nrcettarv to examine at me (Icteit
aimtxd to the existintr Constitution. Anions;
the most prominent of these is thr following,
via : 11ict under the existinir Constitution, a mi
nority may ard c govern a majority, which is
held to le hirhly anti-rtfivtikcn." &c. &.c.
is the sfBrmative of this proposition that is as
serted by the friends of a Convention, and
"Common 5ense ttstes'trfor the express pur
pose or refutation. . How does ha Uiaprove it
by figiMTS,aot, and argimenta? Not 'ake his
own words : It is oitmttitil, that in theory a
minority may govern a majority 1 but in practice,
it iaesmt ended that it very rarely, if srer, occon.1
first, then, st to theory i Even tins writer, with
all his prejudices, cannot deny that the aristo-
-".?-i5 i r t
craucai pnncipie oi wejem joveroinf vne aiu
ay, docs exist in the present Constitution. How
could he deny it, when the late tentu stares
him full in the fcce, and shows the fact f When
that cnuui shows that the following1 counties, to
wit : Washington, Jones, Creea, Chowan, Hnins
wick, Columbus, Tyr.-el, Martin, Lenoir, Hyde,
Gates, Carteret, Beaufort, Hinder, Bertie, Cam
den, Currituck, Franklin, Hertford, Moore,
Northampton, Nash, New Hanover, Onslow, Pitt,
Pasquotank, Parquimana, Warren, VTsvne, Per
son, Richmond and Ashe, in number 32, ami all
csstcsn csun&a but ane, csntaialng only i42UQ
souls, or less than one-tluM of the free popula
tion of the state, send a majtrity of mermiprs to
the Legislature j while the other tw o-thirds of
the population send the minority. A rain .- We
see there are 12 counties in the West, thst con
tain 144,000 souls, cns.third of the population of
the state, that only send 36 members, w hile the
same population in the t'st sends 96. Other
examples could be multiplied, were it neeessa
ry. But aavt " Common Sense," this ia only in
theory, and rarely occurs in practice ; that is, he
ailnuti that a principle does exist in the Consti
tution, by the operation of wlucii the minority
of 14 can control the majority of 2-3 1 but he
puts in a salvo, by saying it rarely occurs in prac
tice. To unprejudiced minds, this admission at
once gives up the question for a Constitution
..... f i
is an instrument nxmg lumiamentai pnnaplrt;
and certainly the instrument must be defective
and anti-republican w hile it contains a principle
wnich gives toe minority the control over the
thit ellution u perpetual motion mty
lLU.nLVtry long-rnce there ahheared. in.
our,, cotjxy. Tivn a ytvMblihswtJtsm.
'er with age " whtfiiai returtiingfi om hit
miuiunary Utbort among the $avtigett fur
the fiurfiote, a he tuid, mttlcing known to
hit white brethren the revelation of a great
tecret front Heavepthe Ung hidden tecret
of perpetual motion ! that Heaven, in a
virion y had revealed tt to htm. - a proof
of tht mtracley he exhibited the plant and
draxeingt of the tecret j and at tton at he
had removed alt doubtt of itt dixine origin,
he propotedxlXUm.on very advaniageout
ttrmt.Jt gompan
of a few teleel friendtt and lie purchase
made. The great ditcovery toon took wind,
and fieiinTJloeked
and prttiihYjpockid in to examine the mon -
ttptXtuMa l he
huh tht reputed-evttor Tif
we onej all believed that
it came from Jfeayen j thert were othert,
however who tUspected that it came from
Kedneitter ; and tome were to dtttitute of
M common sense" at to believe that it came
from the .' Perhaht bu thin time our
friend u common tense" tan remove' ell
doubt tt and ' bring the fcoMMliilTf Ta o
correct under ttanding . ;,
fcsj'irtty, It ta t argument to j t! tl ,
ritiua t4 Hit prim pis tut rurw'f t....,( .
free people, JraUms if Ihtir just l ,'.". h
f B"'i;;li to know tint a tliaiotiiy mat f ' , J
ta th miiiwityj fi.r ths inty w cvrry ''
tesrhf s os that power ner ytt (.as rt& j )
In the hsmls of the few, but tU nsny Ui, i
thi ahtiaa of It. Comet pnncijilcs sr tf
thing la) Covsrnmrnl, It Is Just as in .
for a correct practice to follow inemmt i , ,
pies, aa It la ror a pure ttreani to flow f..',
mudl source. Reason and experienr i.
in this tnt'h. trne it was, that our ktL j,
dd not tli row en" Ut ItriiUU yola so axtrt
account of the oppressions tbey actuallj f,
because tha Dritiah goverrimcnt luul a
prineiplet unjust and dangerous in their a-
is, ft wis rxt lor the pitiful tsx of U a,
the pound of tea, thst the war commeocrd . (,
not one nisq in a thousand, at that dy.
i ...... "a
wt wawlprpiiwrmtyrliK wirBniH 2
urana ica I dui it was souwt tut pnnfi,i, fl
- J cevtoraat Kiinnr-mead, iUxaI chjI iriM he.
m m a . t . W
(Cwn ai niiim7i.riiiuMi m mftin Uxf
rant John, anj wrung- from him the rhirvf
strument of Marnl Chsrta. And it u fur
tipla, that the people of Kuropa art now stmt,
gling arainst those mmti'imi that hold txl
wtlh in iron grsprtn short, let the" pvykm
any nation give op ptmlpU, and they win a.
hsv but little remaining worth conteodinr la I
te .i i.i . . . , s I
ii, mrn, wa wm nvi I'wiu w aingit tiff.
else of this unjust Brinriplv, si ill the rtssotUls
spprcbensions for the future, would amply (j,
fy the W ssT in drnismling a Convention, ta rj,
piiiigfl It from the Constitution. Rut t eas
show examples where this principle has tsca,
practited where the minority hsvs ruled bi
majority. - Imlced, lliis writer doea nut petei4
to deny the fact j ha only "strongly doubts k
If it he true, at report says, that Coitsa
Scn" is from tha pen of a person who bat ksl
some experience in the legislature, be certtia,
Iv will have candour enough to admit, that then
do exist in that body two separate and dkiaei
interests, called the Ikuttm ami lit item i
the Eastern party hart a majority of snenbrjj
in the Legislature, thwgh they represent ajy
shout 1-3 of die free rtople of the Bute, n4
thst the Western ntemle rs compose a minoriH
tliougli they represent (early or ipiite 24 of (bt
people. Further, thst these partici on cerUii
oecaiions, sre as distinly masked as evee wen
the old tiolitical parti. Now no man of eas
dout and of common ktelligrnce, fjt,ef j,
Kait or West, will dnV, thourh "Coouras
Sense" msv, that nt 4ciion has elapeed, aucs
hecloe ohhe w ar, iiiwhich aome one or awes
(piestiirta have not orrrrd on which the tvs
psnies acre array edi gainst each other, eack
toting together in a btlr.
That a people nuy e agrieved, not onHVy
the enacting of unjmtVxn, but slo by therrW
ml on the part of UiOniajority the Iegitsw
ture to pass proper out, is a proposition too ev
ident to require ilhistrion. 1hen,csn therti,
ter in ipirstion deny tkt the eaitern party kw
oftrn rrfuvrd the paaafT of measurtt esan&d
to the interest and hapiness of citixens of lis)
West? Take, for if ance, the division! ef 1
counties; and fur a pfticular example, thttsf
an adjoining eminty, feowan. For now .ussy
years in succession diiot the people of Kovit
petition the Ia gisUtre for a rcdrrst of their
grievances, both of aocal and political niturt
The Western menibrt alwayi vott-d r, (kt
Fstern always agoini their praver. 1 his eas)
does not Jose its fori hefact, that at fia.
last session our sistetoun'y w'aa divided, hi
well understood.- th tha result was brwugls
about by a COuibinahn of dreumstancet, tli
may never again cW. But we have not only
seen the members ehe East act together at
particular measures f legislation j -we have at
ten w itnessed the ate spirit prevailing ia (bt
elections exercised f the Legislature. . Cat I
be denied that thesenatoriai election, at tin
last session, was cJ-ied on eastern feelings!
I he votes of each emidate Were known, an
it was at the time aartained, by actual calcula
tion, that those w) voted for the aucccssful
candidate did not rtresent but a fraction mart
than 1-3 of the peoie of the Ptate. A rain i I
comes to the w ritefd this, from good authori
ty, thst a high milk office, at the last tctsioa, t
w as filled on the sac principle! with this pec I
liarity, that the oRl wu in the West, and tkt
voles that filled irw-m the-cast Agwhrr t-
will not tcThspntJ. -ttnrthe"ypetcraf Mf
House of Commoif at the but session, was saw
appointed under t Influence of eastern feel,
ings and prejudice and a few weeks will shew
that the nresidintffhVer of the next Commom
w ill be. chosen olhe ume principles. - Wets
it deetm-d neccm, atill further exatrolel
could be furnishd but it ia prcsuoied these art
sufficient J
I w ill n w leant to the candid reader to sav.
whether 1 haTeit ahowa that the eu'sm'y
the Leifislature pea control tbeasomVa not
only in theory, k in practice. Indeed k would
seem from the low ing quotation, that Cois
mon Sense" b'elf almost rivea un the ary -
mcnt j for he idently trie, to Justify It bv a
similardefcctipenewConsfsution. Ileun
"If, however, h an .occurrence (viz, the mi.
noritv ruling! majority) baafcrVen
will be east' torove, by undeniable facta, that
the same thinnay happen under the remedy
proposed by friends of Convention ts cure
the defeCT; vB the" prlnciple br federal auni'T
bers." Uere.ired, is something newt 1te nxt-"
Constitution it be baaed on tha principle teW-'
cral jJUBoberal Xt it prme4 Uot ihatttUeei I
of Commowense". must have received thit f -
iinurniauon iii ms inena ioe iiiuian Mission is
ry8 for erf it sw that the proceedings of the " f
such idea, i though be may have made thit
discovery tH'lh super-human meant, he'll
sttH- plettedf oner intangible reaswtit fur it"
Let ua, theire how he proves tbat the princi
ple of fedeinumbera is to be the b.tsis of the
new Constiton. Ilia argument, nearly in Ins
own wordsirown into the form of a n Uosfism,
is at touo
" The lendi of Convention, in their
meeting! Kaleirh, recommenced that
the deleft to meet in November next,
be -chosf one -for-tvery 5 000 federit -
k w
But, In arranjeinent baa been highj
a extoP by tnany" of the, correspond'
ing conjmees." , : , , ;
ErgtJ I hsczird but little in asserting
that it iht intended base for the future
repretejiion m the Legislature of Nort
Caroli Jf there are any who suspect
that this not a fair representation of bis
arguni, I ask them to turn to tb first
No. ofComtnon Sense, in the Wes;
tern Qliman oi the Utb July ahd ex
amintjr themselves.; These, then ar
his m deniable facti ; It ia a loc
weatluBl to that br which Jack, th

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