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    i r.M.H.n.M i;.
.-- - .
" i i . . I'l -I Sr iili-ii , lie ."' I ii( I.M.f.AM).
km lout. ul r. II.
Tie p'Kkct ". JiUI VVcl i, Cjt
INrtU, wlikh left Uveipool Sept. I
lived evenhg." Wo have received
Myer't Uerpwl Adieuitcr of (he Stb
hkh contains nothing "new on the suii
j'ct of market and liridon papers of th
evening of the lib, and rooming of ifn
7ih i; ll. which are altogether barren o
. newt. .
' ,' ton dow, itrt
Tbe Parii pipers of the 3J h.vo trri
red, but ere destitute of Interest. O
' ' the anticipated operations Ulore Cadix,
. we have io further ialurmauoM. The ft
.. T. ported failure of ibe attack on Matagord
has been cvlvc'dand It is stated that the
aturk was adjourned on the 3Sth to the
- Sl'bof Aogv.- It itwlso reported that
nothing further will be done el ladix un
til the arrival of Mr, Ward, who it said
to be charged Kh dcipatcbei from Eng
una, t (
i ; .. , ..." -. .". MApftio. AVO 31
Our advices from ladix are to the 23d
in at. The Squadron bad just been rein
forced or 13 iiiKli-t more vert com
In from Corunoa. When thee arrlt
tbe blockading aquadron will consist of 36
vessels. I be flu ilia built at heville and
St. Mam, coutista already of 16 bomb
vessels, 7 howl xer boats and 33 gun
. boats. Admiral Villavicencl arrived at
tha Grand bead quarters on the 23d.
We juat heard the death, (by a disor
tier tn hit lungt) of gen. Couchy, who
commanded tbe blockade of Ptmpeluna
' The ship Alexander at Philadelphia
from Liverpool, brings Liverpool papers
to tbe Stb or heptember and London pa
pert to lb 6lb inclusive, with Lloyds lists
of tbe tame date -being one day later
than the Intelligence brought by the
' James Cropper.
1 ... he tone of the London Courier It
' tirely changed, whlck certainly indicates
that the cause of Spain ia by no meant
considered desperate in England or per
jbapa Freueh Cold doei not flow at cur
. rently aa it formerly did, which may ac
count for the following liberal remarks
, extracted from the editorial column of
that paper of Sept. fi t Halt, Amer.
The situation of trie affairs at' Cadix is
" such "as to cause cohsideraLTe uneasiness
to the French Government. Every at
tempt at negotiation, hitherto with the
Cortes, hat failed, and there is no grounds
for believing that better auccett will at
tend ant further proposals
The letter of the Duke ti'AngouIeme
: t ' to Ferdinand, was transmitted by his
" - Boval JlighneiiV AH de csmp: -on; the
-- . 91st tilt and the result- might have been
;7'- known at Pari bjielegrxph,. long before
Wednesday last, which is the latest date
of the French Journals that have arrived.
Tbe aid de-camp wit received in Cadix
with every mark of civility, and we are as
sured on pood authority, was admitted to
the presence of tbe Sine;.
Hit Royal Highness limited the period
for reluming! an answer to his letter, to
fivr days, at the end; of which time. If no
reply was givrn, or a hostile one aent,
- u ti taurait ce cu'it await m fairi" This
communication, aa we bare already sta
ted, reached Ferdinand on the 3 1st, and
:. from the total. silence upon hew subject
in all the Paris papers, it well at from
other causes, we have every reason to be
Here that jno favourable reply hat been
given. 1 In the mean time tbe war lingers
the summer is hastening toe close
- end there ia every reason to expect that
matters will remain thus undecided, nil
. the rains set in. 1 he French ministers
es my be supposed are - fully sensible
ol the increasing difficulties of the 'con
test, and anxious, if possible, to effect i
speedy termination of tbe campaign.
. A great deal is taid, as usual, in the
'Paris papers about what the r ranch arms
intend (9 do with the fortifications in Spain;
they are Jong, however, in carrying these
intentions into effect, as all the strong
holds continued In possession of the con-
; ttitutionalists. Nothing is now jai4boj)t
-T -Haliastero or Corunna
i . . ? r, ... . .... ' ... t 1 1, , f i,i.
.-'..( l Mj I I! i ;'i l.ii ri.-i;
H- , i-lt () !. ,4 4t, 1 i.-tvl t.c
i J ; t! g 1 1 I t I I'.t Jlulji,
it Imn ti the .urr of n.J V
Iji.!, wl tto he wiwl I rtur l.ia army
tnimtA tliere, whiili i ii4 la atiKiunt
fiO)00 troojx, conHiun lcti by tlie grand
Uuke Coiutsnilne.
OUXfCt. -
There ire soountt from Zante of the
I6tb July, givinj such minute details of
the defeat of the Turks at Thermopylae,
in the esrly part of that month, as to re
move all doubts on the subject. The firt
shock Is represented to have been very
violent, and the carnage great on both
Id but after two heurt hard fijjhliriag
cUVtiff uttWAei tt rt, aT4 ckj,
Novt rnbt r 1823.
lAUsnrnv Kilt ioctmt.
A nweiinf of t!.a Itrctrt tt( lhw thirty
I..II at TutUf enSnf, t) 2M u!t. !:
t'rts frm artnia, directory aivJ wthrri, Ulit
.. I ttn-y bl done tnarli atl!u. ttJ dlttr.lutitif
tlci, eutlfctinf fttfvli, ic. arte rct(cJ.
I La cvulriKca atitaaon tliia occon, and uth
trt l.ub have latrl beta elicited, aflurd ua
a fl luring prtaapttba f.lil7,tU jrjr
ity, a.J tae eitnve wM A the ancicty
J" - 1 " 1 ' " ,,JJ"IJ 1 Tb rria U were at 3m ikrptical f tba
I ha 3d No. or A I oovenlloi.lst, was wiUt kuoM of llu kiml, art beaming
received so late, that we are unable to In-. to are and U t! mst muni ali'tntiret to a
serf It this wrck.
" " aa
; Omvmihn Srntmtnt, in Iht tt'ett. ,
eomnttnit, from a gewnd dJTuio of tbf holy
scripture!, , Vague imhu ait giviitf place to
practical conviction ( and the Bbl M alow If,
Jtthe RakUH negiiter,iflrectly Jnde'r. K"f f ft .kle
I .
the lurhs were r-puUed, and amigh. sal. . , aee mis aned - Truth,- is con-,.mm "m " , " tn T "V- ' ,
Mllfd and 90 jriofierv btaidct SMXl ' i- j-" i. - r flHrt. S .JL"K u
wounded. Am on the Drloners weie t ! credited In Ihe Last, 4ll ter- crtek,snd I n.ty co,rrnit, maaitlat much
men the Drtoners weiel " " ... treet. sihi i n.ty eoi.tT raiwtA
Bekin Pacha and 17 Beys. The Greeks jllnly. mUlead Its readera. This writer intitia behalf of our society. Alargtnum.
uf they neter made so greit Capture. iayeT" " " " ber ofttbtei bm beer j'ldktouify CUpiwed of,
the whole oCl he Turkish artillery, am- M I thi k I may with tnith tey, (list from W and eorwklerll amount of fuwda culltctcd
munition, nroviaions, and a number of Hia beea able to ascertain uf tlie optniona of tlwre. Among tbe many intfancct of pioot lib.
Camels, fell Into the hsnds of the COiique- the oeolcoftli.atae, there Its large najwlty ,it rf b be5ec4tl furuka in lhe
rati. agamat any alteration in our coiiaututtoft. I tut ' ' , , , . .
,1I1T acr.tim.nt U rot confined to tbe peopto of the rongrrg alwna, c feel a pkawra in naming ibe
OBR4T aaiTtta-. fMt of the counties in th treat of Wlowinf t Miaa Mrrtt lUrr, (rww Mm. Johu
The competition among the Bteam the IM ate, and ae vend who Jta drb-rara ia the lluua.vnl Mlaa Klixaboth L'ullH-rtaon. and Mia
boats on the Clyde Is so great, that some b held i i. kukigb, are aV . g, Uni cortU.l from or 20 young
of them c.rry pa.seng.r. upwards of 100 M b-i,. of B Jk Creek, i bl t rc.k, ...d UnitJ
miles for half dollar. If.then,-D.' our other eastern U wffe f(r
A frmaU robUt In the neighborhood f. tends, are to wall satisfied In the opin-, . lhcJr pu(0. tlie ef. j. kil.
oi wnaon, was carrying on rer fltprt k, th.t there it a large majority a- 5 P.tmk, a member for lite of the nlMr, -Bible
dationt on tbe highway, to the great a . ,. , , . ... . .. , .
larm of her sex, of aome rich old nabobs, 4,n,t ,njr ',,r,,l,'l, ,n lh tontiimtloa," iet, , a,l l. vy Mate, of Mr. k,l.
a. . , . L t f a avkSM-L ' on.w,.-.!!... h...L . A. a., at
and youths, whom she had eased of tbeir n" 1101 grtuiv mose wno are in nvoroi ui.i
cash and watchea. ... it, by permitting the Question, Convmtvm me "? uU! M trsclcn
... . I " . I I J J
Uettert Antioch to the 30'h June or No Convrnti.n. te be tubmitted to the " .c aun",on " nm
State, thst earthquakes continued almost . .. .. .. . . .' ! weetora oftke Seacly wiH nereafler
daily to be felt, and many shocks were F . 1 ai w.. .saea, mect oncc . roo.,d, rejt.Urly, on tbe 1st Mo
most alarming and calamitoua in tbeir ncn w" 1ue"on' on lormer occasion, day emung of eacb owmb, at the place which
consequences. was oeiore me Legislature. Ann surely 1 may be appointed tut the pr)er uiccUng uf that
I be harvest in Ireland, though back-lit is a very reasonable request from our
waiu, ws III VIIIISIIIII l....... limlir.a 1, I. r.a. t-A
The Dublin papers announce, that the I. l . . .
general state oi Ireland, notwithstanding I
the occurrence of a few outratrcs, is coo- collect the ,ote- Ui ,he q'iM hen,
slderably improved. No cases of atrocity JlCO o the people; and if, as" D.ays,
hlV Of late come before any of the assixe the matoritr are onnosed to a Contention.
JSri&vs: '" - ' a-.
ing proved maiden. .
f HiLADtLritiar oct. II.
By the brig Clio, Captain Burkhart, we
I unheaitatinri nronminr that lli mil
mass of the people have nothing tocomplnin of ,or ,n,t Pper, and of this, he makes
agsintt our mate Constitution, aoU that a Urge use of such civil terms aa imhoiilion, bane
maiontr would ote artmst an chaiire." . .
- , . " Ji-Jahtbvd, kc The very languagi
Surely, after this opinion, so " unhesi. i f . . ,. k , f
bare received able of Buenos Ayras pa- Utingly pronounced, the members from I ' . k f ' H a t
pera up to August 13. ihe Congre,, Dr ,he Sn come forward and submit the ,T ,v
Buenot Ayret hat authorized the Execu- h . . , . thst cannot be mistaken, it is said of
Satan, that, to deceive mankind, he some
times assumes the garb of an Angel of
light. Perhaps in imitation of hit old ad
versary, this writer thinks to disguise tbe
true character of his piece, by assuming
a name the most opposite to the nature of
ita contents. But this veil is too flimsy
not to be seen through.
After dealing in such decent terms as!
above quoted, he seems to clasp his hands !
together, and turn up his eyes in wonder J
streets of Cadix in coaches, on the 3d of
4 August escorted by the military of the
J- citvr and followed by an immense con
course of people, who preserved perfect
order. The Cadix Expectador of that
date asserts that he. is under no restraint
: from the ministry or Cortes ; that he has
' put hit constitutional negative upon some
of the acts of that Assembly with regu
lar ef&ct, and hat privately declared to b
bis own the sentiment of the. patriotic
proclamations, to which he has affixed his
"ifrnaturev To procure him credit for bis
sincerity, they revert to the boldness and
candor which be exercised at Seville, in
r:xpressinff'hit repugnant 10 the remo
val of the government ta-Cadiz. -
" , Wat. Gazette.
j " . ,'v ,, BDSSU. --.i . ,
, There appears to be some object of im
portance contemplated by the Emperor
of Russia! but Whether it refers to fur
key or to Spain, is Dot very apparent.
Alexander is stated in tbe Paris papers to
live to ratify the Convention concluded W ,he peoP,e ' !f do not u
with the Spanish Commissionera on the W,I ,how ,h"1 ,heT h"e hut '"'"'e Wh in
4th July last, and has also adopted the rn opinion of their friend M D." Again
project to support Spain in its struggle saysMDi"
agabst-therrancli lnvasbn, with the - Tja tii rR.ieTgrmeetlnTwm tkl
sum of 20 millions or dollars, to be fur- their seats aivtmdfnr to renresent tin
rushed by the independent states of South I in that meeting, who did not get one hundred
Amerifa. as ioon aa thft aaM rnn,mi!nn loutof a thousand voteamen who know-tlie
shall be 1 ratified, and the' Independenco of -Jfu
the Statea shall be acknowledged by the .. , .
mother country. . " " 1 """"r n pen
The finances appear to be in a prosper- j OI T writer wnose aim is to commum-
ous state, as the revenue for the last sixlcate the truth and is justly worthy of (he
months of tbe current year exceeded the hand of mianom.r." Nn- .,hir
xpense. by aeveral hundred thousand j ejlner m d or Editors of the Rei?U
MFTtrn . I ,f r' t0 how any auch instance as a Dele-
It is ascertained by Mexican papers to eate going to Raleigh who did not get ICO
the 30th August, that the voice o' the out of a 1000 votes. It is true, that in
provinces has been unequivocally ex-l,nm,r fll ... . r..
prcsscu in iaor ot m rcuerai nepuouc. . . . r . , . .
Santana had reco-nid in Torm th. S vo,e ukeD delegates. , But it is easily
rcme Executive Power of Mexico, and ,cc.ounted ,or ,h,r WM "u,e or no P
in an address to that body, he signifies the position to any candidate for delegate
pleasure with which he learned that the ind we have all seen, often and again,
ral .Dinion. sr.a emnlored in de.ermLn lhat here there h no PPOSlUTO for. any
the basis on which to organixe the nation Pl ,here 8re 6"Uy but few votes
into a Federative Republic. In several J n. But if the people of these
of the Mexican documents, strong detes- counties were opposed to a Convention,
lauuu ueaprcssca 01 int rrcnen invasion I ,k. .n . :.
of Spain jin all of them, the principle of p
the sovereignty of the peoplf is empha- Where the Cventton orM
tically proclaimed. On the 35th July, Convention, was taken in tbe several com
paper money to the amount of 200,000 1 panies of these very counties, in most of
oouara, was puoiiciy ournt in toe city oi hhem an unanimous vote was given for
Mexico a&. Patriot,. . j . u .t .
it auu whoi-o iiicid were any Qgamt u,
at . ' 'm t a . aa
rtTtRSBPao, oct. 21. u7 were - lew, ana iar oetween." fcven
Br the .U.S. schooner Fox, arriyed at j in Cabarrus, which this writer says is op-
Norfolk en Wednesday last, from T. I. prised to a Convention, we denv that auch
which place she left on the 24th Sept, h. a iV'i WtA, thf .tl 'wi f.
wawast-'4'aM'':'4lV'r"l.JK'j:l,' ft; -"" tT-Jf r T . '
among the rrx suK(r.thelWh;thetlst P1"
on wbicbwmJP. left the Island".-1 Those rww nM oppiraeo to tt:
who were sick, were generally recover- But if the election is the criterion of the
lag Republican, r sentiment of that county, bv a paritv of
An English cutter, of 14 guns, captur
ed, about the 1st of September, a pirati
cal vessel, with 14 men onhoord, and put
them all to deathr - -
-In Chpr V.I1.. IK. Y. tVw daa
. - i -
since, between 6 and 7000 panes of glasa
were broken in a hail storm, and the1
Presbyterian Chureb was somueVmjured
: ... J.. t. - i l. r '
as iv renaer k vvriess at piace- oi wur
buijj. i evca a:iu inc sibca ui uunviii
were bruised and indented by the hair.
By a "letter 'reeelvid tn New-Orleah
from isatchex dated tilhun. it seems
that the fever: was still raging there.
Subjects having become scarce in thetio-
dy of. the city, it was now attacking per
sons in the out-skirts of the town; a
frightful number die daily , considering the
ew inhabitants who remain in the city and
immediate neighborhood. 4 -
reasoning!' we can justly aayTrrarCabarrus
ts'lnovorof a Convention, for two out of
three members from .that county are
friends t the measure, who attended the
meeting in Raleigh last winter j they were
elected by a large majority over a candi
date who declared himself . opposed to
IIjs JlaieSgh nrgtsier cf tl ;'M t
teems ti atutid In matter, lt,
which it to . 4-n the Contrul(,n,i:
to put p Wm. It. Crswford. A ,tf
in that p.jer of tbe atme date, b0 r
himself A CI Uen.ta)!! Mht Lj,
tors of the Stati and Western CarolM
have been pleased to represent Mr. Cl
beun as the trtmJenilal -nidtduit tf
Jrjftrtun Schorr' school, we an ft,
tain, in which A Cltiteo tnaver u,
bia degrees, After thia, he goes oa
give at wonderful account of Mr.Ca!lxA&,
1st. That when In Congress, he edtx
ted continuant e of .the tyttem tj JDn-rrf
and Internal Taxet l" Tfue,oh Klng.ks
didf but let us hear all the clrcumsiiaui
H Ic'nTIaTrrylogoti e jua'and rlgij.
loos war in defence of our national rlgkii
and character, e largo debt was ir.currt
It is true Mr. Calhoun did wishte ketj
up good faith, and pay it, or such parts at
were becoming due. lie therefore a
opposed lo the repeal of the internal c
lie until our commerce could fagm ft brkf
ui in a revenue adequate to the fiurfibM
As soon, however, at this .was the cite,
Mr. C. was no longer for s contlnuanct af
the system. This wss his plan, and that
cf Mr. Monroe, too. They were not rocs,
who would shrink fiom their high its-
ponsibilitics ; thru never acted the Bah
the J-abic t but . '
" Stood by tlifir eountrj 'a glfry fast, -"
And nail'd tbeir colors to the nnurt m
2d. 1hl wiitrr says of Mr. Calhouai
1 be hu!e sfope and policy of thia g ntla,
nin, since he became fitcrtlary of Wtr, bat
hern to licrvJit tlx ALL tin and to rain tht
rrjmtution of ihe rrfuUir armu. Ills Kriortt M
ConirteM sliea thai, with him, the Army it
ntr) thing, atid the V)il:tia ntthng.
Docs this writer think thai no persoi
ever reads reports to ( ongress"butbii
learned self? 'Does he retollect, that OS
the 4th day of April, 1818. two reota
tions were passed by Congress, both ia
the same words, one calling on Mr. Criv
ford, the other cn Mr. Calhoun, to report
at the next session, " a plan Erie the eppli
cation of such means as are will in the pot'
er of Congress for thepni poe of open-"
ing and constructing such londaand Ca
nals as may deserve and requite tbe aid
of government, with a tiew to military
operations in time of war, the traiuporta
tion of ihe munitions of war," &e. 1 hit
call, be it remembered, Mr. Crawford kttV
jitr e r conxlc scendf d. I lo-nis e r irthi
44 Burke Farmer hat told lu.vfav Bui
Mr. t"alhoun promptly give in bii report,"
as was his duty to do. ' Nowf if " A Citk
ecn will recur to this report, he will soot
see thst be has stated, what is not the'
. . a a t a i ' " s.a . i. "
that the very atonet do not cry out"-in j ,rmn 01 i,r' H'.noun f.40 "wus.;
favor of Mr. Crawford, we nretum.. I. ! VVe iU m,kc lho quotation t " Tht.
deed, were tbey to begin, they would 1 n?ce,i? f Jyatdal iatill more
make a most terrific noie in Surry. here, TKn'U if w ,ak lnt0 consideration ths'
no doubt, there are a plenty of them. Af charac,er tof cur P'i maxims and inv
ter thus calling on the stonea to tune up t,,,u,ion" 8 in ptinctpie f a krgt
for the radical chief, he tells us wha an "atldinS reliance for dtfnet
important man be is ' that he has a per- be " lkt m'V''"'fl' 0 be tultfd out-
sonal with mm. f -K. l-J. ' Vuentl? fm 0 diotance, and under
ing persons in the District 'pf Ashe,
Surry, Wilkes, and Iredell;" and that he
knows a verf large majority is in favor of
Mr. Crawford, Now we pretend not to
say how it is with ihe atonet, but we must
have better authority than his to believe
that auch is the fact as to the profile. That
there are some persons for Mr. Crawford
in Surry, Wilkes, and perhaps Ashe, we
sre aa well aware as this scribbler ; but we
know they fall far short of a majority. In
fact, in the largest county in the District,
Iredell, it is not known that there is a
single man ho is positively for the Rad
ical candifiBteT':!;5: : rV": ' ',
" But this scribbler makes another1 state
ment, which more" plainly 'exhibits his
barefaced effrontery. He saya" Mission
aries have been sent out from Salisbury,'
In the last Raleigh Register, is a com
munication over the very unapproptiate
signature of M Truth," nuking statements
which the writer must know to be un
truths. In alluding to a correspondent of
the Star from Iredell, as also to the edi
Com.-Porter about whom so much so-
liciUKje has justly been -felt.,. in coue-
quenc'ejpr' hit having suffered severely
with the fever at Thompson's Island, put
into Charleston harbor on the Uth
the Sea-gull, in consequence t of head
winds, -bound to Washington. He had
almost entirely recovered from his sick
ness. He tailed from Charleston in a day
or two after for Washington
to electioneer for Xlr. Calhoun. This as-
sertion merits a short reply ; and we give
it to him in hii own words t it is a bsne-
full falsehood.' How wretched must
be any cause that requires bolstering up
in (this way, and by such writers as this
pseudo" Truth."
"By tricki 'and Hps, as numerous and as keen
JU tbejieceasiticsheirautJiPfs fcel.?,
- We last week received the first No. of
the Georfretovm Gazette published in
paper is printed on a large sheet, and the
mechanical part of it is very neatly cxe
cuted j the selection, and the editorial ar
rangements generally, are very judicious.
The Gazette will, undoubtedly, continue
t6 be ao interesting and useful-journal.
the pretture of an actual invnt'on."
Mr Calhoun, in his speech on the gen
eral policy of this country, delivered in.
1816, tayat "Gentlemen had spoken in.
favor of the Militia, und against the army,'
In regardto the militia, said Mr. Calhoun, -I
would go as fur as any, and '
considerably further than those w ho are so
violently opposed to the army.' I would .
arm them," &c. Again 4, I know the
danger of targe standing armies ; I know
the Militia sre the true force, that no na
tion can be safe at home and abroad, t
wlkh hasnot an efficient rottlili ZJigw
"i Our defence, on hnd, ought "to depend"
on regtilardraft from the todf'of the""'
But, really, it is time and words thrown . .
away, to ixpose the ridiculous blunders'-
of sue h 'i wn ter as "-A "C rttztit."'
only a few weeks ago, that he charged
Mr. Calhoun with being the cause of the
war with the Indians up the Mjssouri)
when all other intelligence and informa
tion manifestly show, that had Mr. Cal-1
houn's plan been adopted, there , would
have-been no necessity for a war-witbtlie ,
Klck&,rJndian.Jl4d h recommena-
tion been acceded to, and a post been e- I
tabhshed at the Mandin VilIaKet, above
the Rickaras, the exfietiie would have been.
actually jess than it has now cost Eoycffl'
ment to send a special expedition againsr .
those Indians ; and the blood spilt and lhc
lives, lost among Gen, Ashley Vri
would have been averted. The tpiih 4
our slaughtered countrymen cry uo;
their grsyca against th murderous ; ,

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