North Carolina Newspapers

    15. j i it
Ifi? Gtnrr.t AnMj, .ball
4T Jittrtj l.i JirM from and pro
if it a;aiei f r reo!ff( which
t ma? iVmk irjuriout t public,
or any UdlvHual, tad bevt tht ret
gem t KU d.aunt toterti an tf.e jour-
(a tiff
45. Hal neither Ilouif f lit Cea
ril AiitmU tl.a'l proceed opoo pub
He butiriMt unless a majority el 11
th members of eutU Ua ire tctu
a!lr MeifDti ml thaf. upon motion
ma4 and tceoodcd. the r f4
.... na,i,:upua any, queiUefl, .ir1l
Yen and entered 08 the iodratUl ltd
tW iSa Uurnalt of tht oroceedinei of
both Houses of iht General Aatcmfci
abU fee printed, and madt public, im
mediately ifter their adjournment.
rvrKni vn'mM U ika Mrtrnt Ceaatlmtlot
art It brackets art propcd la bt U4.
t ttrUtct (ml.
rnoposto kew conjtitutio.
7)k ContHtut'm "or Ftm of Gevtrnmtnt
of MrthCartUna.
StCTitt I. TM Legitlttivt author,
9 1y ahall b vetted to two distinct branchy
flxua oepenieni on me pjj,, w,
Senate and etr of Rtprttenlativtt,
- Ste.3. Tbtttbt Senate ihailbttompo
ad of Re&rtacntaUvet chosen by ballot,
ewrrt; It yrtra, it wwwmt htrewafltr
Sac. 3. TbaUbe HUtt of Eeprtten-
ttiivtt ahall b eorapoaed f membera,
tboten by UiVot, every two yrtra, It oa-
hiTrinaflrr directed.
See . 4. That tbt Senate and Houat af
Jteprrtentativtl, wimbled for tbt pur-
post of legietaUon, thai! tt dtoomineite
tbt General Aascmtiy.
3te. I That each membtr of tbt San
w. .
ttt aAafl 1 trre eaAire attm nn. v
Ae tref Jlelee, aAoi ttaiti to tht
ojt p twenty vr frantHni thall bat
usually rtaided to the in wwen nt
1. ! ' f ... t-,l!.i-l. nrv. I
line ahall bave
to pot acta, In the
- . .1 .1.. .1 ... .....f
, VV. j Vv..
Aie tun. e ttuien of tht Untied ttatet,
tr.Vn hill baetutually rttided to
th,e, county to which be la chosen, for one
jear immediately precemng ma aiciuu,,,
tnd for tit enontha ahall baet poateseed,
- "tnd emtinut to posaeii,imbt county
" " bicbKt re preaenta, not kit than ont
iJiunarea acreipijangnjeaw .!..
ttrni of bil own life, or e freehold of tht
waue of three hundred dUart.
Stc. T. 1 bat allrrr white men ef tht
' - t?e of twenty-one yeara, who have been
. lnhabitanta 01 any one county within the
f State, twelve tnontha Imtpediately pre
ceding tbt diy of ary election, and poa
tencd of a freehold, wiihin the aame
. nl hl, irm fil 1100. or qr me
value 0yjiy dollar t, for six montha next
-ielbt t and at the day of election ahtll be
entitled tt vote for t member of the ben-
' te.'
Sic. 8. That all free vlute men of the
ge of twentr-ooe years, who have beeo
Inliihitanta of an one. county wiihin the
. . . i .iL. I m.IiiI.4 nrl.
Cing me oay wi auy m" -
. 'have paid public taxes, ahall be entitled to
; t ott for membera of the House of Befire
' tentative, for the county in which ht re
sides. Sit. 9. That the Senate and House of
. Refiretentativet, when met, ahall earh
' have power to choose t Speaker, and oth
I er their dicers s be judges of the quali-
. .. .. . r ..J -Ull
ficationa and electiona of their members j
alt upon their own adjournmente from day
to day and prepare bills to br pasted into
r Jaws. The two llouaea ahall direct write
j of election, for aupplying intermediate
' : .: -c-- ,i,v .Ttr n::Tvnirmifc:nai1-.ifeM-
TSCinciri. -
. k ft...... i..r.M. iV,h
'" paa'a into la i,"and be iled bfThe Spea
iters of brb IFjuscI. .
' Sfc. 1 1. That every nerson, who shall
j. be ci.oscn t member of the Senate or
' Hcti-jf ft lrfretentativt, or tppotnted
' tn an b.n a or nUce of trust, before t-
Xliig his teut, or entet Jng upon the execu
ticn of bia thall take an oath to the
" ' Stnte i ard all officert ahall alao take an
" oath of office. 1
Stc. 12. That the General Aaaembly
: " t thall. bv joint ballot of both Houses, ap
point Judges, of the Supreme and Sufif
.,. , . . . ,,,,. -f I -ntu -liviii K.mntir.- and - an
...... ..... ... I L.-1I. V.... ...... m !.
c?lucs tiui it';;" iM 'hehat lour.
State thull be vnttd in a Governor f who
' thall bi tlrcttd by joint ballot (J buh Hvtet
of the General Mcmb!u, and thall hild hit
; iffce for to yeen; He thall be at teatt
', thirty ytart o a dUnen of the United
State,t, thall ht re idd . in ttie State for
Jiyt- yeart immniiattly jircctding hit tiec-
tiun, own uni jiotstit in the. Slate, a
JrnhMofvi leant iwD thousand dollart in
' value? at I no per ton thud be elected Gtv
erntrfer mrt that to ttnnt in kccm.
t, . SI T'M !fl If I Seal 4l
... . H 1 . 1 . I - ,1 . I'.
trti',-i r4 :' I T Mart etln may
f.n.ihai and a'ull 1-a tailed the Crttt
Rail of the Sftt ef North-Circtira. If4
U fcC.i'-.l t ail f rami and towmUilona.
iic. 15. The Cititemyf for tt llmt
U!nr Mt bt Ctptiio Canertt and Com
mmdtr la Chief of tbt mlNtit and la the
nctiK'f tbt Ocnartl Aawmblj, a!mli
kavt povtrto trnbtC; il.t mtuut far the
bubite iitetf .
Ste. Id. Tbt Ctrcmor fr l!it time
katnr abill bat Ner It draw Gif 4
applf auch tuma ni rwmey at au na o
led br iht Central AaatrnWr. frrla
. - .Hi
eontlnteneSet if fotanunant, and 1 1 1-
touniiUi t4 wtm forut amt i nt-tii
bate the poer of sranttnR pr4n and
rtprieta titept wbert tbt prt-ecuilon
abill bt carried o bf ibi Central Aa
atmblntr tbt law ahall thtrwiw direct j
h bleb cia bt mif In tbt rtceaa t rant
a rtnrittt nmil tht ntH alttlnf of tht
Central Atiemblfl and may eurdtt til
tbt oiher titcuiift ptrtof foeern
mcnt, limited and renricied aa If thli
Cnii'nnKW la menlontd, anj acctnflnr
fa tht Uwi tf Iht Statt. And en bit dealb,
Inabiliif, w abciKt from tbt faU, tbt
Speaker or tht Senate, for int nmt otmK
ndin tat thtrt bt Sfinktr e Iht Jm
tit , ti ear ate, Iht iht fitrn e we
htt Sfifke if tht Srnlt, tnd in ft 9
kit dfttk,iitiUity,trOenttrtm me oare,
tbt Sntaker of tbt Htuat of Refirttnf
tivet f and in ftae Ihtrt tyftier a
Ikt llftt tf FefifttrnlaUvet at tuck Itmr
then the fiermn wh0 wt Utt Sficakrr nthr
tluuttf RffirttnMivti, ahall eiercite
or dorinf tuch abaenct tr Intbiliiy of tht
Goeernor.t Speaker, or peraon at afort
aJJ, or unul t new nomination la made
by Iht Central Ataemble.
StC If. h rrry raaf, tre tiy ef
f er. the rijrhl tf apAo affimnimmt it vn
- jMmklu. r in ike Gj
, . . f- . e- .3. tf
rf'tA. rftmoiin, rtmtvot, er eVr mana.
ir Vftaii dHnf the trtttt 'tf iht General
MtkUy,the Guvtmnr thall have fiovtr it
-OIC. II. t Oat la uwfci iiwr, 4 uut 1 ui
and Equty, end Attorney Central, ahall
. " . , . . '
rrrr . rra.. Wrary 0 W,,
-ec.10. TNtthe Gwtrnor, and other
ofntera, offendinf iKatnet tht Statt. by
iMaifcg "any "ipirt of " thla Consthution,
ii)al alminitrttlon,or Corruption, may be
protected, on tht imtttchment of tht
7our tfTtifimmtltVtf.
Sac 21. That no peraona who bare
heretofore or hereafter may be receiyere
of public moneya, ahall htre a acat in et
thtr Hjuat of General Aasembly, or be
eligible to any office in thia State, until
aucb peraona ahall have fully accounted
for or paid into the Treasury, all eume for
which tbey may be answerable and liable.
Sac. 83. That no Treasurer ahall bare
a aeat, either in the Senate or House of
Reprnentaln t t during hit continuance in
that office ; or before ho ahall htve finally
settled hie accounts '-with the puplic, tor
all the moneya which may be in hie hand
attheeipirationof hia ofRco, belonging to
the State, and hath paid the tame iote ihe
handaof the succeeding Treasurer.
- Sac 23. M officer, eithtr cM, military
or mvoU in the twice 0 the United Statet,
or eny ofArr Slait or Country, tha.l he en
titled to a teat m the Smalt or Jhute of
liefiretrntativet: ." "
htc. 2. ffo Judge of the Supreme or
Sufietiar -Count of Law and Equity ol thia
State, thall be entitled to a teat in tho
Senate and House of Jiefirecntativf,
Stc. 25. Ab Srcretary 0 State, Comp
troller, Attorney General, Solicitor-General,
Soiic lort of the Sufierior Courtt of Liw,
or Clerk Of any Court of Jtecbrd in thit
Staff, thall be entitled to a teat in the Sen-
thr the Senate or House ot Rcpretenta
. .,,,..... .. .. ti..-.. ...
tivet, white he continues in the exercise
of the pastoral function. (
Sue. Sr. That net Dcnon who ?hU 4z.
ny the being of God, or the truth of the
Protestant Ketigton,or the divine author
ity of either the Old or New Teataments,
or whu ahall bold religious princtpica in'
compatible with the freedom and safety
of-the State, ahall be capable of holding
any office or place of trust or profit, in
the civil department, within this State.
"Stc. 28. Juttket of the Peere' within
their tttpectivt'countie in thit Attj thall
be appointed by thcGovernonb-j and with
tht advice and content of Ue Senate ; entf
commhtioned by the Governor, and thall
hold their efficet during good behavior ; but
they may be, removed frtm effice for cor:
ruhiion, mitdemeanor, inability, or abtence
from the State, by the General Jttembly.
Sec. 29. General officer ej tnt-militia
thall be appointed by tht Govern
or, hu and with tht advice and consent
cfthe Senate: Field of cert of the mli-
tis hali ee tieetea ty me regimen r
theijlehnri 6 ,f 7
li.i e7trt rac y 'f
Mniff fa v AiA lAfV snj and that
. . ... . i . i 1
laiJ cjVrri it affitintra man it tam
mhmntd Im tht (hstrnm
Sic. Srt, That there ahall U fo etiV
llthment of anr r-nt relitioui tVurcb or
denomination la thia Slate, It prelereaca
ta anr other t neither ahall anr peraon,
on atif prctrnct battoettri be compell
ed la attend anr p ",n'P onr
rj to bit tn fiih m Judgment, nor bt
lAlltad la nar fur Iht Kuftbtlt tf Mf
laU, or tht, bulldmi oi anr ntuit 01
1- - ; r - .. .
onhip, tr tar tht raajntantoct oi anj
1l!.!.ir. er m'iniir. -cantart ,tt vbal
l,a be!iVa riabt. or baa eoluntarjlf and
peraonen enriJtd to perfamf -bul alUBW, immi
l,.!i .t liketia 10 tttrclat their !
..nmod. ofworablp , Protldad tha, noih-j
tog berem eoniaintd ahall be cona'meo 0
exempt prtacbert of irtatBH4 or aeli-
tloui rftcoureci, from legal trial and pun- -
mn. si. Ttit'nn oeratn in ibe State
tball hold mote tbn one lot'ttite office
at any one timei Proide that I no P
nlarmnt In the tntlilla, or the fTice III
uidct of tht pcact, aball bt totuidered
Sic 32. That al! commUaiona and
frania abll run to the name of the State
of North Carolina, and bear tttt and he
tha Coventor. All "riie ahtll
run to the aame manner, and bear teal and ;
1 .j . .k-i'l-rfc.of the raattective I
be tinned br ihe tlerla 01 tne reapecua
Courta I Indtetmente ahtll,
14 tKintt the peace and dignity of the" t .,
Ste. JJ. That there ahall be a eherifT,
coroner or coronra, and itnstablea, to
etch rounty ttiihin thia Sttte.
Stc. J. f hat the perton of a debtor,
where there ia not a airon pietomrnion
tf fraud, ahall not be confined in priton,
fier delivering up, bona Sae, all hit re
late, real and for the use of hit
crtditore, in urh mnar at thall hereof
ler be regulated by U. All prttonere
ahtll be b-iuble b tufficient turetiet, un
Irtt lor capital " tBaiiTe'tT'whtn the proof
b rviaent or he pie-aimption great.
Sic Si. I hat t achil or echoale be eiblMhed by the LegWaiure, tor
the convenient inaini'tlnn of youth, with
tuch alam to the m-nera. paid by th
public, aa may. enable th'm to instruct at
lewpricee ami -II uieful learntng shall
be duly and promoted, in ote
or mote onivertiiice.
Sac 36. Th.t the Tuture Legtslature
of this Stale bH reajulale entails in such
a manner, at to prevent perpe tuiiiat.
Sac 3T. I hat the Declaration of Rights
is hereby declared to be ftn ef the tn
st'nutioti tf this State, and ought never to
be viola rd on any pretanct whatever. !
Sac. 38. That any member ef either
Houte of General Atvcmbly, shall have
liberty to d'utVntTrbm -nd proieiragttoK;-'
ant act or resolve, which ha may think
injurious to the public or any individual,
end have the re.ton tf hia ditseot enter
ed on the journals.
Sac 39. That neither House of the
General Assembly thall proceed upon
public business, unlest a msjority ol all
the membera of auch house ate actually
present s And that, upon a mo'ioo made
and tecot-drdhhe yeaa and n.ysupon any
question shall be takan, and eulcred on
the journl : And that the journals of the
proceedings of both of tha General
scmbiv sb-H be printed and made pub
tic, Immediately alter their adjournment.
SC 40. The Gmtrai Mtrmbly of thit
Suf duillconvi i' at ihe S-f qj Guvrnment
we in encru :wj Vh' ; but may be con
ver(Jofien r by the Go vernor of the State,
i, tn hit of.imun, the public mitral thall
require it.
Sac . 4 1 Prprrtentatirr thaV be appor
tioned aviorg the trveral eouuitet and townt
uceorriirtfto their rttpective numbert, whteh
thall be determined, by adding to Ihe whole
number ef jree white pwont, including
thune bound to trrv ce for a term of ueart,
and excluding Jndtant not taxnl, three ffth
of all other pertont. The actual enumera
thn thall le-atcennrn'd by the ctntut taken
in thtM State btlhe Untied -taiet,. unlett
nrftfnrimrvdirftied by hUie, JLtjtit!alutj.Mtut
I ienrett
ery four thoutand in each county or luwn ;
but earh county thaU have al itati one Rep
retentat've : and until iht taking of the next
miKU Of tht
enumeration under the authority of the Le
gulature, Me tevera'l counties thall be enti
tled to elect thejollowtng number cf Repre
tentative i the coundet of Aht, Utaden,
Brmtwick, Camden, Currituck, Cjarttrtt,
Columbut, Chowan, Cybarrut, Gatet, Green,
Hyde. Hertford, HaywotToWetrLenoity
Martin,: Afooret Ontlow, Patquetank, Ptr
OMinsunt, Richmond, Tyrrrty )ah, Craven,
Xew-Janiver and U'-a'shingi6nthaU be en
titled each la we. Representative Thtttun
tiei ofJnuon, Buncombe,' JJurke, Beaufort,
dett, Franklin, Jhtuten,- .tnitwnerj', 'erthamp.
Ion, ., Per, Hockingham, Jtaudolph, Rtht
un. Sum', Davidton, Zanpn M ayne, Htlktt,
Cwtberlnud and l'erer, Aa each be entitli-d tt
tiet ReprettntaUvet The ctimtiet tf iiut'jord,
GrmmL'e, Habfax, Meckkmburg. Mutberf&d,
S(tea tt &kf end lltwoa tkaM be entitled eaeh to
Ikret JlrpreientMivei , The. cetmljr tf Lincoln
tt four JietmtenlntivttJttmtf Orarig4 to.
Jvt JtebretenhiHvee and tht Unetu i!mngh.
Jtevoem ana r ayenenm, ' f y "a'f
tmeh to one JlelnwntaKve?
tit. 4l. 54 iUii A"4" A- '1'"
a A.U a ay . a A"'' "w".r
J a ""n, h lax A..
ar t"t i'm aiiM '"-"' '
iliAiy t,yum,4 tkl U4 tid puUe lr.
Yi 1 4- mmh. a ana frrtkttiter in w
y. a r.ra trhff Uml, f
prfJr4 mif, thai in lh 9Hmu y nmmorr,,
,ju i.)iiMiiH iiaiil M" a anHifcrf a rrM-e-
mkm, WIaW emmdertd al lUgig ar
iar.41 hJt 1 0flrti'd I 4Ht
. U,t,rnlnl, art 0frmnrJ. I ht
$Uuent.MMttw "l
Jt iX
JT m, f..(y . Aatf
w(lJrj, sir, tht Kmhtrd
M w .vntaiw tht tmnU tf.uht endmiitt it
e rat Indrf we uKf
At t iaan . -f a i A f if
tAmrmU M firnofri Ihtttrntg JtowH fW
:OTrfMy,riadithr.Wfcf -
,4. tMtntm tt lkivdfn tnt StnaM Muting.
im tnt Sinit, H'ktt Htmtt , C.wli
tUori Cumberland ,M Sxnaltr i fix kuf wui
Mr tnt SrnakrTt Qrnngt and rrrn thall H
mblltd It tmt nar brnmtllr tnt Senator
H kt tnt Sna$ hhnntn tnd ft aw va
,.r , irrrn . ' 'V
Vaataa and AWA a Siwai'i tkr, ILnfird
ta .wut. ,
and Mat. Aa t enUtieU to iwt wuuTt ,
.Ytrthamptontnt Senator i t Woaaad Uottttnt
(tr , Camden and Currituck tnt Smamr , Jtran
jvrt, YAgetmbt and ttt tw , It fhtng -
ton, TfTtU ana nynt tm
Senator, Green, Lenmr and Jtnet tnt Staler,
Carteret and Onekw tnt Senator, .Vn-itrr
and Krmntwitt tnt Smator , Velmmbnt and Rth.
etm me Senator, and JUndrn, hupln and Smf,.
ten thall be tnMlcd It ret Semato'1 , and tnt
etunto ike be enHed tt mere tUn tnt benutor,
nfit afto tKe nert tnumeratien,
Stc. 41. Ihe House of Rrprtltnta
tivet thall have tht tole power ef im
peachment. Sic. 45. All Impeachainlfhad le
tried bu the Senulc ; and uhen fitting
for that purpoie, the Stnatort shall be
J .,' 4 tr V.
on oatn or ajjirmauon. jv ycittn
thall be convttttd without the concur
rence of ttrO'thirds of the mrmbero pret
ent. Stc. 48. Upon conviction of any of
ficer liable tt Impeachment, judgment
in tttch caset thall not exiena junaer
than removal from ofjkt, and disquali
fication to hold any office of honour,
trust or profit under this State i and
tht tarty convicted may moreover be
liable and subject to indictment t trial
and punishment, according 16 law, "
5.c. 47. AU ofuert new putng any
tfjkt ar appointment, thall xonlinue in
the exercne of the rienis ana amies or
their retpective offices or appointments
for the terms now by law avthomrd,
i i ... .....: . ' .' . . . L
unit at (nj mis coTiiitiuuvn it i &icr
twae- directed: And all laws in force at
ihe time of making the several amend
ments to the constitution, and which are
not inconsistent therewith ; all rights,
actions, prosecutions, claims ana con
tracts, of any description, shall con
tinue as if the said amendments had not
been made.
Sec. 48. The City cf Raleigh shall
be the Seat cf Government of this State,
and the unalterable place cf holding the
future General Assemblies of the same,
and the ptace ej residence cj the chtrj
officers of the State.
Src. 49. Popart of this Constitution
shall be altered unless a Bill for that
purpose, specifying the alterations in
tended to be made, thall have been read
three times in the House of Represen
tatives, and three times in the Senate,
on three several days in each House,
and agreed to by two-thirds of each
Houte respectively,' and when any
such Bill shall be passed m manner
aforesaid, the same shall be published at
emutng.electienfjor -membw.-ojJhtr
agreed to during the first session there
after., by two-thirds of each House efi
iht-Genrrel Astembhjj-aJ terih
shall have been read three times, in
three separate days, in each House,
then tht same shall become hart of this
Constitution. Provided ahvay, that
nothing herein ' contained shall be to
construed as to prevent the exercise of
the unquestionable right of a majority
of the free people- tf this Statrto alter
ayainendthis Constitution: " ' '
"CCTThose parts which- are t(t&'frii,-arethe
amendments' proposed to the present Cvietitu-
..... . i
YVf have tht great pleasure to atate,
that the trustees ef Columbia -College, at
a meeting of the Board thia morning, have
constituted a Professorship of Law in the
College and VKAkwocaLT elected the
Hon. James Kxirf, L. L. 0. late Chan
cellor of this atata, to fill the chair.
... IN. Y. ivtning Past.
4i.irtr, awa raeirr, iriiiun,
TtT.iiur, :j. ibii.
T catttrf aitTt. ,
ft titrt ot l'ad t number of eomr&iHurt.
Com, aW a gmd dctl ef otUr nutter, Intend. 4
fur tint week's ptrr, ahkb wt art obF.pd te
defer for want of room.
-- - - - - - '. - ---- -i--- i,. .- a- i--js.5
I wajajeMBa)
rry yf i r 1 1 tir rt;1cn to tTe euJa atgt
if thit WfcV'a pSperTor'. foreign 'tews. u4
maw- tlumattk anldca of ktcreit.lL.ia U -
m that the law edvlea- frtm Ef Irtrf -liult
doubt but that CaIla !im fJlct inio tltt
btndt of tba Frrftch J' and ttiat, coiwqiienily,
the Bpaniih ptopla muit again bend tlieir tecki
to t devpotjim aa revolting to the cnligtitened
pHnclplrt of the aCe, aiHia tyrannical cn
CI u ua jJWiru uirimi'rn wt Dua
the emnM-fet will again be liffatcd up, and (ha
bartaroua. blood Inqutaition be rcrirai
throughaut thy beautiful country.
Tolty ft pretcnt our rradere with tht r
Mitt of the labor of tht Conveat'en delcrta
who mrt In Italeigh on the lOtli int. The oU,
and tha proposed new Conatitution. IU be
Iwmd on the first and tt eond ptgrt of thit pat
per. We hsve only given, this week, a tummt.
ry journal af the proceedings of tb meeting t
the three first dayt of their eeation, at we vert
tatitfitd, frwm the eafrrneat with which thees.
tra tlieet we aent out on tTedncdy, the 19uV
intt. wu sought aAer, Uiaf the public anxkrty
a a greater far a tight af the amended form of
the constitution, thtn for the mere jturnaloiikt
mf rtirg. We tlitll ne it week publith the r.
mainde r of the journal, tnd part of the deba'eti
tnd in the ueceding ptper, trj to complete tht
hole i for bjrthat time wc shall be eontidera-.
bly prttsed with the proee clingi of tha Lerie.
Ittmr, ttt1, tn aAr, Uh4hoat'Congrttr -
tt e Jiftrr to little iptce for remarks Uiit reek,
that we can do no more thtn barely felicitate eer
follow-cititene an the eupicioue rcmilt of the
conference of their delt-gatei j and cxprcat eu
beticf, ttal the tmendaientt they have prnpotel
to the Constitution, are auch at are absolutely
demanded, in order to secure to the people eatf
North-Carolina the bleuingt of t repre eentatir
government. AH htve now t fair view tf what 7
the friendt of Cnnrention with to do. Tbey
noir have thr' tmendmenta before their eyes, 1
and ran compare them, at their leisure, with
the old constitution, and see which they would
prefer ta a charter of their liberties. ' t
rctiTer will find In our columns oftoljy,
extract! of letters from various sections of tht
Union ( which would teem to afford eonclulivt,
evidence, if any were yet wanting, that the rad
ical candidate ia indeed " out of the question.
At there never wat a prospect of Mr. CrawfortTl
succeeding to the Presidency by any other
meant than the management of hia partizana, wa,
have aeen them, ever aince the year 1316, abet
thry made a desperate but abortive attempt tt
foist him into the executive chair over the ahoub
ders of that patriotic HeroluttonarT- hero, ihv- 4
Jlunrme, resorting to art, intrigue, and corrup
tion, to carry their project into effect. Their
patron hu so slender a hold on the good opin
ion of the people, and their task has coalequant.
ly been so difficult of execution, tbey have
been constrained to use means so manifestly
barefaced, that the people are beginning t
discover their real designs, and to mark the tur
pitude of their actions. It is no wonder, then,
that Mr. Crawford Is fast losing ground, for bit
popularity was of a doubtful, spurious kind, it
was ftrxed upon the people by the misrepreeB
tution and management of disappointed office,
seekers, whose native worth, talents, and patri
otic services, they knew would not entitle then
to places of trust and honor, and whose only
hapes were, therefore, to push a man into tbd
Prt'sidentitl chair by intrigue and corruption.
who would reward them for it by conferring ot J
ihro.luasLUva. tppointnientt,.. At the,uuhoiy.
designs of these men have now Wen developed
to theeophi, theyi their tethowi and the maft
Whom theyirrtended Jo palm trpan us as chief
magistrate of the nation, must fall before the
majesty of public opinion!
We learn from a gentleman residing in Surry,
that a very mysterious suicide was committed
in the neighborhood of Jonesville, in that county,
some time in the month; of September l4
A young man, aged about 20 years, by the name
of Anderson Siak, eon of Jesse' Siski" Esq. of
very reputable family, of unblemished" charee
terr and in easy circumstances, hung himself
wfth" a; brldleYttfa hook,iri aback piazza. ; Tbe
dtcd was committed en Sunday. His'ptrent
snu menus anew ot no cause ma comu iv
this world irksonie to him.i he went, with cth
era of the fim:ily, to preaching on Sunday mom
ing, and was apparently, aa free from grief ami
melancholy aa any one around h,im i be .imme
diately returned heme from preachings;1 hefots
Qie 'exercisea of the day began j and when the
balance Of the family got home, they fofl
him euspended by a bridle to a hopk, wha
it waa tseal It ang up hartaaa. : -

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