North Carolina Newspapers

    tf.l fQ!ff 1 CM f fril t-mV"'t
VM W'k frrf'ived fWn gtn'l. mn In the
- m rr 111
yij ! - m w m
(mth to ht )'
m There If o -wit tut Ccn. Jtckson
111 get the of of tl'l Slate, end I think
ef Louisiana. Craf'rd l out of the
oueitlon. The congest be between
U!- Hkkorf enJ Mr. Adtmi. I aheuld
U much pftated la North-Caroline
tupportJng Cen. Jackson fhey ought to
rfaiOf'.nd tJtoewt State In the Union."
trtrset of letter from Naaheville, Ten. to
frier! ef the Editor of the Wtstsni Carolinian,
wv-V ":rr
w The election of our gsllant Old Hick--ory
vo the Senates oeribIdiflVil-Uams.-will
sgree-bly eurptiae ou.The
principles and politic! life of Mr. Craw
lord ere loo Inimical to the feeling and
vittuce of the people of thlt sta'e, fur him
to ever hope'of eupport here, and I fond
ly mm our brttbrtn of North-Carolina
accord with us In opinion indeed, I know
too welt their sterling rf publiein qualities,
to doubt it. Not to Cen. Jackson,
large majority of this state are heart and
hind for Mr. Calhoun.
Yours truly."
A letter to the lUliior of the !ewbrn Celt
tioel, from gentleman in Miiledgvitlr, Georgia,
Acr mentioning that the lata election In that
Bute for. member of tha Lrgidature were -e
sided with a view to tha election of Governor,
(who u down by tha Legislature,) g on to
eay i
u The Crawford parly hate brought for
ward WillUm 1 roup as their candidate
far governor, (one of the most popular
men in tha elate, and against whom Mtie
can bo said oicept that he ia the friend o
Crawford, and have exerted Ibeir whole
strength to place thote Individuals lo tb
legislature who are frtendly to hit election
Yet we have now returns irom every coun
ty in the state, and it is almoit certain that
there will be a majeruy in tavor ei I aibot
(ike ClarVcandlilate, as he it called here.
Talbol'e frienda are in f-vor ef Mr. Cal
oca, and openly opposed to Crawford.
Our letriiUture will meet the first of
tit month, and if Mr. Talbot should
be elected, as is now generally believed he
will be, it will furnish pretty conclusive
evidence that there it a majority in the
etate opposed te Mr. Crawford.
I am inclined to believe that ill the
opponents ef Crawford will unite in Mr
Calhock, against whom there are fewer
rttudices, than against either of the
thet candidates."
An Election was held hi the state of
New-York on Monday, Tuesday and
VedoeUT-UiU-Iur. -the .choice of 10
members ef the Senate, and the members
ef the House of Representatives. The old
democracy of the state has again triumph
ed by an overwhelming majority. In the
city of New York, which is entitled to ten
tnam'jera of Assembly, two I ickets were
offered, both composed exclusively of eld
tried democrats the gentlemen on the
first Ticket nominated were said to be
nearly all friendly to Mr Crawford, and
were ef course warmly supported y Mr
Noah of the Advocate.
The gentlemen on the second Ticket
ware suDDortee" by the American and
Patriot, on the ground of their being op
posed to Mr. Crawford, and in favor of
giving the choice of Electors of President
to the people; they were elected fry
majority of from 4 to 500.
For the Senatorial District composed of
the city of New-York and Long-Island,
Dr. Abet Huntington waa the candidate
supported by the friends of Mr. Craw
ford, David Gardiner Esq. also a republi
can, but opposed to Mr. Crawford, was run
in opposition to. Mm, and is elected.
There remains nb longer any doubt but
the choice of Electors in New-York for
the next Presidency, will now be given
to the people. Co'umban Regltter.-' '
We vjbserve it stated that toe new Post-
mister Geterei, making .tbe contracts
amount for that service to about seventy
thousand dollars less tban it has herefore
teen. Bait. Pat.
The Synod of the Presbyterian Church
ef North-Carolina, commenced their An
nual Session in this town on Thursday
last, and closed it on Monday morning
.. following During their session, many
excellent and animated discourses were
- delivered f and on 4h S&bathrt ho-Sac a
rnent of the Lwd'a Supper -wis -edmmhi'"
f ed to a large number Of comrnunicants.
We are promisee! "a mdre i particular at-
VJco.uni Ja&MiifJie&tr papMiiahdi4Jl:
must refer,j?ur readers, or such of them,
and we presume the number, is not
imallr--who feel an interest in the spread
f the trospelandthe triumph of the Re
deemer's kingdom.0erTer.
A do? latelv died in Mobile uowards ofJ
33 years old. Fewlf any of the .species
ever artive at se great an age.
On 'nt!y, thr IJth Ins'nf, f ?i Itev.
S'ujfisl w ariLltiec, it rhyatlra,
irt thlt county and iKen Intttlltl la the
ptior charge r.f tlm con.rtr.siioiis ef
I li)itira and IUthpt-t. 1 ha erdinitton
sermon wis prttr.hed, by the He. Din
id C-jlJ, from thtte wordtl M Who it
suTident fur (base things ?" , The charge
to the candidate and te the united conrrt
fitions, was delivered by the Rev Jof n
Rotlnson. The icene was truly aolemn
ind impressive. Id explaining the C
rultles attending the sacred elfice of tie
ministry, at well as the consolsticnt and
enjoy Cicnti to t txpe5te4,Th? rrmon
of tkolte. Mr. Could, was plain, umple,
solemn and pathetic It w is such ss M Paul
himself tnlg'ht tppTOvo'end owft.The
cliarge of;the nivrMf.'ltoblnsenr"
admirably adapted te the occasion. The
matter and the manner were alike solemn
end imprettlve. In enlorcing the duties
of the ministry, end of the people, he ev
idently shewed that he had do disposition
14 to thun to derlare 10 them the whole
counsel ef Cod." Oo the Sabbath day
following, the sacrament ef the Lord's
Supper was administered by the newly
ordained minuter, assisted by the venera
ble servant of Cod, Doct. Jamei M'Ree
On this occision, it is supposed more than
400 persons communed, lo no part of
our country, it it believed, ire the privi
leges end ordinances ef religion mere
highly appreciated, and mora univers.Ilv
cnj'iytd, thin in the western counties of
North-Carolina especially in the counties
of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell, and
Rowan. In each of the cotgreg-ilTs of
the Rev. no. Robinson, irxi. W. Wilson.
Samuel C Caldwell, Joe. D. Kilpatrick
Doct. M'Ree, Jno. Erwin, and tome eth
era, there are several hundred comment
cants. In all these congregations, the
number of young persons professors in
rclielon is unusually great. The state of
moral, literary and religious improve
ment, in this section of the state, ia but
little known to those residing inother parts
of our country. The state of society, the
fertility of the toil, the salubrity of the
climate, the mildness pi the seasons, and
the variegsted end picturesque scenery,
til conspire to render this part or the
atate a deairable abode. Truly, utbe
lines have fallen to us in goodly' places."
The writer of this communication ii
endeavoring to obtain the state ef the dif
ferent churches in this part of. (be coun-
try which, when obtained, he intends to
In 1804,
Mecklenburg had
16,821 --6,457 .
' t,443
113,549 15,749
A roeelinjr of frienda of Gen. Jackson,
in the City end County ef Philadelphia,
was held on Wednesday afternoon, at the
County Court House. JVe were not at the
meeting, but from gentlemen who were,
we learn, that it consisted of about 150
persons. It may be proper to remark,
that the weather, throughout the greater
part of the day, was unfavorable. A pre-
mble and resolutions exprssive of the de
termination of the meeting to support
General Jackson, were adopted, a commit
tee of correspondeace consisting ef nine
perwns, appomred to confer with aimilar
committees throughout the Union.
The invitation to the meeting was not
confined te citizens of any particular po
litical complexion, but extended to tha
friends of General Jackson generally ; and
from the names of the gentlemen appoin
ted on the Committee ef Correspondence,
it appears that the meeting wss composed
of citizens attached to both the great po
litical patties, .CoL J acp'h. Ilolgs t e nresi-.
ded; arid egma"fiTKlllip4,'Es-q"icT:edlir
SecfetaryWAmerl eBtinek'----
The ship Mary, captain Hale, which
arrived at Boston en Wednesday, left the
TUtmd Sumatra on- the .24th of .JoJy-
A memorandum handed by captain H.
states, that the natives naa oeen very
troublesome in the interior of the Padang
settlement, and had destroyed many of the
district troops in several sk irmishes. Re
inforcements, however, had arrived from
Oata via, and it was expected that the Dutch
authorities would soon be in a condition to
Set enthcT defensive;--ThechoreTa-iTior-
jjoii. at.
Generating Steam. A. plan " for apply-
ine Electricity. Galvanism, or burning
glasses, to the generation ofSream," has
been announced by a Mr. Slack, in lb
Rhotle 'island American. He thinks bur
nimr elasset would be a cheap way for
farmers lo do their boiline and cooking.:
and he ssya that the expense of the appa-
ratus would be compar. lively trifling."
1431 -23J2
' 1047
raft. Tctcr ). f.iy
I i).en
Ol Silt 1 4'
Dtlt Sf
f n
Cauniy, fiUeJ
rt, isni.n three arrrs iiJ en
tenth ef an acre ol Un l.two hun lrrd anj
Cfty k-?.els of winter wheat. , A cuniid
tri''e jortion f thlt crop hit been aolj
for icel at f, to per euthel, averi!rg
frnit til lo CI lb. I'tT Luihell M-h il
pretty good evidence of Its quaUty
1 he particular mode of cultivation we
have not learnt, but Mr. llojtun it
smong the number of cur best farmers,
presume he tmrauri the correct one,
namely, to use pe more land than ke can
cultivate tu-llrUnjtQi rt. btmintl.
'TTfci t!Ptr.' Ilenrr Clay dtlrerftf,oi (hi
I lib lift, before the Synod of JUnucky,
composed of all the Presbyterian Clergy
in the - Mitti en eddreat respecting the
plan of the American Colontraiion Socie
ty, lie trrucd that k was both deiirsble
and practicable to colonize the free blitki
of America. Dr. Drake, formerly ef
Cincinnati, followed Mr. Clay io a abort
speech, shewing the miserable condition
of the black portion' of the population in
tie free States, and its unhappy effects
upon the slaves ef the adjaceat States.
rjrr.TTr.riuE prices,', ij.
Cotton, Hi to 15 1 (lour. fine. 51 1 u pern tie, 6 J
whc.i, 1 al 10 1 hii'.ey, 40 a 42 1 peach bran
d v. 50 a 621 1 triple do. 45 to 50 1 corn, 35 to 40 1
bcn, 9 a 1Q, titt Turk Uland, &5a90, per 100
buthel i mUr, 35 to38urar, muwovuks 10
lo 10 yt eoftto, prime, green, 28 to 3V i -d au4
31 oualiiy, 26 a 28 tea, bvton, f, 20 a 1 25 1 n.
ecu, 1 1 Ullow.7 a8i bertaf.30a31 rite.
3 5J to 4 per 100 Ito iron, P, to 5 pr. lOOIb.i
tobacco k-1,3 a 4 manufactured, 5 to 0 pr. cwt
CJiEiurr prices, x, e.
Cotton, 15 cts. i Dour, new, per barrel,
5 a 6 1 old 4 to H t rn, buh. 45 to 50 el.
Otii, 30 to 35 rtt. Praa, 65 to 7J eta.; Whis
ker, gal. 40 to 45 eta. i Apple Brandy, 40 to 45 1
Tobacco, 3 to 4 1 Beeiwat, lb. 30 eta, t Tallow,,
6 to7rti. llron,9 to 12cU.t 7 to 10 ct.
Buner, 10 to 20 cti. ( Bagrinr, 25 to 33 eta. (
Iron, 5 to 6 doll, i Krh, buan. 1 dot, i Sugar, 7
to 12 doli i CofTce, lb. 28 to 30 eta. Twine, lb.
30 cti. t Mflaart, 40 to 50.
Cnn.Ftv parcel have commanded our
higheat quotation this week i but there have
b maay ur lota in market, whirh hive gener.
ally brought 14 a 15j . CAerT JnuL
Cotton, 3. 1 aland. 25 to 30, aiained do. 13 to
IS i Santee, 20 to 24 j chort staple, 1q to 17 1
Bice, prime, H j inferior to g'Hxl i to 3Ji
Whiikey, (Penn.) 36 to 37 eta. N. R. Knm,
36 to 37 1 Apple Brandy, 33 to 34 cti. i Tobac
co, Rrntucky, Georgia, Fayctteville, be. 2( to
4 1 Brnwax, 31 to 32 ceuti. Tallow, 7to8
Reef, Boton Met, 10 to 10 i No. 1,9 1 prime &
No.2, 6 to 7J i Mackarel, No. 2, ij i No. 3, 4t
IUcnn,8tol0ct. Ham,U14i Urd,fttol2
BaireiPE, Dundee a. Inverneas, (43 inch) 25 a 26
cti. fogniae UrtMy 20, 1 SOprrgala MnHi4
tun, 93 to III) cti. per gallon t Iron, KuMia h
Hwe1r, 4 to 4i 100 lba.i V.ntrYuh 31, Rait,
Liverpool crr, 624 eta. per luliel i Tulk
Turki IskAd, 55 a 65 1 Surar, llanna White, 12
to 14 1 Brown, 8 to 84 , MiiKoradn, 9 to 1 1 1 St.
CroTa pninel I all f i OrTrinlTf fime7TOarO j
Inferior, 84 to 9 Kefinrd Loaf Sugar, 16 to
20 1 Coffee, belt green, 25 ; Inferior to gool,
21 to 24 1 Mvon l ea, 95 to 105 cti, per lb
Rum, Jam. 95 a 100 ct. t Wert India, 65 ; Mela.
irt, ( W. I.) 26 to 28 ct. i Black I'cpper, 20 to 21
Pimento, 25.
North Carolina Dank Bill, 14 a 2 per cent
dn. i Georgia, If a 1 tin.
Cttttnt. lite market continura etcadv, and
the price of last week are fullv supported. l
land have, we believe, in one or two initmct ,
gone a little above 17 cents, but theae initance
In thi county, on Yucadar, the 18th inwt. hy
Itebt. Macuamara, Etq. Mnj.Jolm Locke, to lliu
Mary Sloan.
In Mecklenburg county, on the 31t ult. by
the Rev. Samuel C. Caldwell, Nathaniel Alex
ander, Esq. of Virginia, to Mia Sarah C. Alex
ander, of the firit mentioned place.
On the 30th October, Maj. William W, Well
bourn, of Wilket county, to Mis Ann P.Trank
in, daughter of M. Franklin, Esq. of Surry
county.,,,, -j
In tlu county, on Wednesday, the 19th but.
Mr. Joel Hartman, in the 23th year of hie age.
Administrator's Notice.
TJH B a.aeitbtf-JklUualifieA iast
I tf-rm 'of Rowan" courtt'V'cmrtr-ar-itnm
illUruICU VI WliU clic iiiumj mwyiz, v wi..v wi-
wrd and make aettlement a ipeedily as poiai-
blc t and all those having claim igainst it,witl
in like manner preent them, properly attested,
Aov. 21, 1823.
Pttblic; Sale. v
THERE win be sold, at the late dwelling of
the deceased in Salisbury, on Friday, the
12th day of December next, riou article of
Household Furniture, connitingor lied, cnaua,
ke. And also, on the Friday following, the 19th
-of eeobetr, 4here-will -ho oM; at 4hlantr-
rionof aKjJoUu,roiUilec'd. a tock ot Hog,
Hore. Cowa.-fcf. and also, Corn, -Fodder, fcc.
J.Oo,aU auroaybw 4 wa dollan, a. jcredifc of ,12
montnt win oe given, me mirciuuer giving nonu
ami aewmty "0u attoodnttee. ailUiasjtaiiJii
the subscriber.
jvW.80. 1823. . .3t83
, ' Notice "r'V r:';.
T forewarn all persona from trading with my
J. wife Sally for I wont pay any rber contract! i
If they do, they may look to her for pay.
Va,22, 1821. ' 1 .
Nr.f AS.OIiTMiVi.
i:tr. i.r,'.rf
fi'nn 't.,!,!i I;
K , in kmf1itiriit i,(
Dry (JotttN, JIarthvufe,
CuiUry mhj I) win
aUtli, tsh.h t3. artn-rit h eiptct io rt.
fri in S 3M t'unr, bill hi!,U him to aril a
tjfic'ory pnee. ih putilie r rt'trifully
lutitcd to (all, and eiamin fur thcnurKt.
Baktttt&y, Jluf, 16,123. (7
Tha Copptrwuithlnr, anil Tin Plat bti!nea
hrretofor Irantartrd by I). L're, rn. Will in
future be conducted by me, at tha um place.
TboM Im for ava wtia, lUtir cuMom, may do
fwwd m hw hte work 4mw w ,Ut awai w a ,
durablUryand devpateb. -
... mwn.
Selling tinusnnllrlA
TUB aubacnUr I now rereivlrg a large1 St
aortmratnrDKY GOOD. IIAIflMVAttK,
Cl'TLEHV, tK)MC11CKH, from New.
York and lliiladelphia, elected by h'. mar If ilk
cariand bought on the beet term a. Being aa v
nu to trcure a conl inuanoe uf hi prewnt re a.
peel able curtnm, he ha coma to a dtterniina.
tivn to oner rut citenaivt totk Guoii in aa
babury, tt price which, in hi opinion, will It
fuund't low m tha prica of thaw who advrrtlat
"rliinr oft at coat." Ilia euatomera ami the
pubhe generally, are invited to call, et amine,
and hulifS lor themaclve.
. ?ron Ctunif, X. C. Jf. 1 823. 66
Hooks nnd Htationnrr.
W. P.Bo,308 A7nf Srrrff, CharUttit, X. C.
HAS now received his fall auppfinof It In
11 ana sianmnary mmtirt, wntcn ne win aeu
on accommodaing term. Merchant, leach
en and Societirt, are invited to raJL A new
catalogue U now ready for dlivtrv. lla hat
Juit published Uia
Country Almanac, for 1821 ;
which contain tha tiwil matter fmind In Alma
naca i the South Carolina court a altered at the
hurt cenion i the N'Tth-t-'irotir emirti and gov
emmriit , the Georgia courta and gavemment i
tha Gardener' Calendar, and other tiieful ami
intc rtitinjr matter, calculated for North Caroli
na by Joahua Bharpe.
(TT Coattantlr on hind a supply of Philadel.
phi manufactured .Vnui,
Jmt rc a a conugmuent 01 llavtna Beari,
(kfhrr 1, 823. 6vlol
Mmliant' IIoU-J,
tfja ttht Hihif Sun, emtr king U Sftetl
itrvtt; CharUmn, 4. t.
CHARLES II. MIOTT reipectfiilly Informi
hit acnuahrtancea and 1 raveller renertlly,
that hi a ell known enahtiahmcnt ha been con.
liJerahly impnived tinea the laat year, ahich
render' it a corprurtable t any Houae in the
City, lu (ituation, being in the centre of
buaineia, render it particularly worthy the pat.
runge of Merchant from the country, and
Planter. Tha Houae contain tjpwirdt of il
ly room, and ii high and airy i the Suhlra are
nre-proof, and are situated on the opposite aide
of the atrret, under the direction of cartful
ostler i tha Table will arib furnithe4 with
the best the market afford, and the Itar with
good Litfiora; and-an attentive .Bar-Keeper.
Every atleutioa shall ba paid lothoae a ho atop
at the bouse. - ; . .
- H. Br--The Cohtmbia and Anguit Stag.
omce u lept at uiurn outer. otai
l'Wfc,n, S. C. &ft. 22, 1823.
New Fashions.
THE subscriber having very lately received
from his corretpondent in Philadelphia the
latest faahion from the celebrated shop of Robb
If Hlnebrtnner, of that city, ii now ready to do
all kind of ork belonging to the Tailoring bu
siness. He pledges himself, that all those who
may favor him with their euitom, ihall have their
wot k done in the best it vie of the fashion of the
day, and on reasonable term. Traveller, and
other, a ho wish garment made on short notice,
can be accommodated a ith a whole suit, on a
notice of two daya. Order from a diatanee
punctually attended to.
Saliiburu, Jg. 11, 1823. . 66
Tailoring, at Lincolnton.
THE (tibscriber return! hi thank to the citi
zens of Lincolnton and its vicinity, for the
very liberal patronage with which they have
hitherto favored him i and begs leave to inform
his friend and the public in general, that he
will still continue to carry on the above businesa
in all its various branches, at hi old stand. Me
a'stiirs all who will favor him with their custom,
thst their work shall be performed in a fashion
able and durable manner.
As he is determiord not to hare any inferior
workmen under him, he feels confident that hi
punctual attention to the performance of hi
promises, and the superior style m which Ida
work will be executed, must merit to him the
confidence and favor of all hi friend. He ha
iMtWrtheettaccutlnmcd la obtain the. latest
fishton ftwrt Charleston, and will MX udiavoc
taaiiw;tiikejk yeaiw hv.tbe, merchants who
visit lhat Cky, The subacriher can sure.aU
who may wish to favor him with their patronage
that he haa become master of the art of cutting
garment agreeably to tha beat plan known in
th'6'Thitrd ftatca i and, as tewing welt Is the
hiost csmiiat part In mssing a carmen t, lie tan
also anure them, at he keept none but good
workmen, that part mail be aatiatactenlv per-
formed All who are unaquainted with the aub
scriber, a44i punctuality, morality or work
mnnsliip, are referred to any of the following
merchants of Lincolnton, who have' favored him
with liberal patronage, viz t Col. John Hoke;
Col. Danitl Hoke, David Ram sour, Jacob Ram-
sour, Robert, H. Burton, Jacob Forney, and Jacob
Riest, F-' "--- DANlEL &E1GLV-
JJntolnlon, Vet. 3Tr 18'i. 78tf
P. S. My prices shall be raorabieraa IH
timet am jrowing ttimewhat-duJUir and- moreJ
op pre mi ve.
, Taken Up,
N the month of Miiv ll, by the subscriber, a
stout able bodied neirro fellow, who call
himself Edmund i lie ia about S .faet 10 inches
hitch, very dark complexion, t.utter 'considera
bly, particularly when agitated, and aged about
53 or 24 years. The owner is requested to
Erove property satisfactorily, and take the fel
StUtivr, Aee. 10, 13I, , SW ,
H; l). t
7. W ,
l, in,!,
,'.f ( '.. (
IS prr(ir-il tt . ,in.i'i trsn-H'-. at J
Vi.ilrrt plenlifullv, f,n f 1.l.l , ''l ' "( !v
fait fMn ren inil him ttm riff t ('It
h, mairlil, l, hun.tty Iruxa, u at hint
now. ,s. K, mil. ;
Cotton Haw (Jin.,
was Mef p i iff r I'siw itWW Vil " w" r ij( a
L h ti'ip m 1 shuryj on tl i n lrert, t V
Ion w Cn,uf his nan ml, vliiehb al
irrant to ha a aelt "kU my in th I k-,
II will cn'aiuly htp rm lur al and "1
do U kinds of rrpstui g, Vm sl.ort fkHicr, U.4 . ,
rciwnabte terma. '
amvi-i. ruAir.t, .
je., ,tf.1B, 1KW , 17 '
i nr iiiiu.t iA,
TIlOSK Militia OOm era l" !" e evptirit .
a Wi to he jiwoes-td 4 tfce vwil-a laij
caa now at suDDiira srn tnr i'r" r"iu w
thtm, hy applying at the priiiting-cff ee. . ,
State of North-Cnroliim,
baviosoh cotstf. , " . -
COURT of rh n4 Qusnr r wiiil, tVI '
bef Tr rm, 1 823. GVrJiim Ta-y it d f
rah hi wife, and Elite lrr'y, twi I' f Gars . '
nr and BaHara hit ife, (.eorre Heplrt andl '
Catharine hia a iff, Slordrrai t'lhm aid t htia
Una hia wife i trtiiloo furpatlllion.; It ipprara ,
inf to the firrtioii of the emirt tlis' ihr V
frndanta, Philip Garner and Otrbara kit 'Jt$
George Keplrf and Cathirint hi wife, lU ii.tu
cti Coll.n and Chrialena hit wile, are ml itv
habitant of Ihii ), it 1 tlirremtw erd red,-
that ptihlicatinn be anade f"f us week in the
Western Carolinian, printed in alihr), that
unlr be defendant appesrat the tit at Court "
of Plea and Quarter hriim to be held M
Diton county, at the court louse In losing ,
ton, oe the 4'k Monday of Jimiary i-st, !
plead ami demur (o the aanl petition, Othtra law
it will be taken pro ennfesso, as to them. f
A true copy from the tn'm ite. V
1). MOC1CCV .
Price adv. 2 . . ' , ,
State of North-Carolina, 4
tokk covarr.
OURT of Pleaa ami Quartei Seaaion, j4
teniber Term, 1S23. John C. Blum, Agrat
of the Dank of Cape Fear at ln w. Edmuhd
Bcixlry and others i Judicial Attachment, lrtu
d on land. It appearing to He ttiafetimi of,
the court, that Edmund Ileadry so abscond or .
conceal himself that the ordmsry prncrM ft
law cannot be erved upon hi, it ia thtreforei
onlerrd, that publication be made in the Wet
tern Carotlntan for "three werks, g4ng Hee -to
the aa'nl defrmlant, F.iltniind ftrnlei, to ap4
pear at the next Court of Plraa and Qi srer
ftessions to be held for the said efMin'v, en lb
seooful Momlav In Dtcen ber heit,and,rrplty,
leaiL or dcmiir. otherwise Judirment final ili
be entered againat him,
;inst him.
H, MOORE, i tk.
Price advgi Ii
Gsrmnnton, Av. 3, 1823
'State of North-Carolina,
sTostrs cocaTf. .
COURT ef Pleu atvl Quarter BeaaJoM, Sepe
tember Term, 1823, - John C Bhim, Agent
of the Bank of Cape Fear at Salem, t. Edmund.
Itearley and trfhertr Judicial Attachment, Im
d on land. It appearing to the satisfaction of
the court, that Flimind Ueaaley so absomd nt
eoneeau lufsMtt that-the ordinary- -ptavtas sf T-t-law
cannot be served upon him, it la thrrefurw ' "
ordered, hat jmldiealiow he made hx tht.vVef
fern Carolinian for Ibrre Wrek"givirtg netieet---to
the aid defendant, Edmund Beaatcy, to ap
pear at the neit Court of Pleu arwl'Qref
Keaiion to he held for said count , on the te
eond Monday in December neit, and replevy,
Elead to issue, or demur, othtrwiae jui'n men! .
nal Will be entered against blm. til .
CsrwNswsn, AW 3. 1 823r Price an f, 2l
State of Nortli-Caroliiia,
COURT of Pleas and Qturter Sessdnra, Sep .
tember Term, 1833. John C. Bluni, Agent
of the Bank of Cap Fear at Halem, . Pilmuna
lliailev and other t Judicial Attachment, levi
ed on land. It ippeanng to the satisfaction of
the court, that Edniund llrnle r o abscond rP
conceal bimelf Uiat the ordinary prwei f
Itw cannot be terved upon him,' h la there for -
rdrretl, that publication be made in the Wee .
tem Carolinian for three wetka, giving notice "
to the said defendant, Edmund Deailry, to p
pear at the neat Court of Plcaa-and Quarter .
Sessions to be held fur aaid count, on the ae
onnd Monday in Deeettiber aeat, and replevy -
(lead to issue, or demur, otherwise- judgment
nal will be entered against him, tlU
CermtHfn, AV. 3, 1823. Price adv. gl 2 J ;
State of North-Carolina; ..V.
STfltrs corttTf- " "
COURT of Pleu awl Qi arter SeWmna, Sep
tember Term, 1823. John C. Btt.m, Agent
of the Bank of Cape Ftar at Sslrm, t r. r dniMiul
Bcaaier and othertr Judicial Attach mcr.t. levU-r
adun Jandttannearin: to. the aiskction of ; '
tbf court,4it Kdiaiind. lieiali,,'mll. 0fs2l2;
conceal nimicu uiai ine cruina'-v rrcctus or
law.ciuM6erved wpph hunit-via iberetoHa :
ordered, that publication b niafeiri the ' Wes'",Ti-!
Urn Carolinian for three weeks, giving notice C, T
to the aakl defendant, Edmund lk-aley, to ap ; :,
petrnt the next Coorfof Picas and iCuarter .
Btuluns lo Be helil Tor inn eujnry. Oil T
cond Monday in December neit, and replevy,
plead to iasue, er demur, otherwise judgment.
final will be entered against him. . tbJ ; - '
- MATTII EW R. MOORE, Cl'k. - -"
Cewrim'w, Vs,3, 1823. - Price alv gl 25 jr
State of North-Carolina,
COURTof Pleis and Quarter SeMona, Sep. -i
temTjer Ternifo
useofWm.SUule,. Edmuud Btazicy.t Jurfic;4,
Attichrnenr, levied on land. " Itapmrarwtto tha
cVirt IhaTIIieo'elcwTimT
himself that the ordinary procenof'law cannot baa
servrff-Tipotr hmv th w w tmlered, -tl;at
puWicauoh be made in he w estern Carolinian
for three weeks, giving notice io the ctid d( fen
dant to appear at the next Court ol Pltii anil
Quarter Sessioni to be held for aaid cotiuty, at
the eourt-lwiite In Cernmr.ten, on the ttconcj U
Mondar Sn Pecember next, and rcDlevleaA
to issue or demur, otherwise Judgment nnalwill ;
nc cnioreu aainn nun.- - ..-.too
Y (- , MATTHEW K. MOORE, Cl'k.
eirmaTUtn, AV. 3, 1833. Pric? ad, gl 2jf j.

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