North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. IV.
NO. If 3,
taiavae rcai.i.t nm wssa,
Hit term of the Wrfirn ramlinia will
lereaficr i at Mli ' i ,
pa) able in advance.'
Admriarmet win" be (fcd f ftjr rent
per HTt ff tilf first i .aentuft, and ltl.iy fit
rltU ft tibarO,irlit (toe,
All letter fMrtW'l to the Editor, must U
fKit poti, or thef wit) not tee WnuM la. -
JiiiitU for Bale,
.f4&i fl frtM tUt CtuH nf Ey Jtf llrman
TIV virtue of niwl- docreetof lit Court of
J I F.uni fir county, mde at OcioUer
Urtn, UJj, I Mill ripoi In nibl.c stir, a the '
Court-'! "nr in Paltbnn, on VUiImUv the
o n In r m ti, the fallowing valuable
tracts of lt tin 'hieirad mar Alcvamlt-r
Imea null, not fr from I lie moo'li of (Grant's
tn i k, r-nUiiii .)f t'8 arret ( omro'lier tract
iitj',!iur ;r 'hi la' -Is f HiMian HimUi a! Alex
ander . l-iti!. u. 'i!r.c VI im i on other
lrc( on tl -iV'n ruf, !h l.i Uir mm.ili of
Cfatir rri rk, cuHaininfr 1 1 J arr 1 thrre nihrr
frartl a'lj-ini" 0f U! inrniinnl fin.
tainiPf tij(iili) r J arret t a'", fif lt'' l
Jn in llie (rr. a i.on 1 'j-urt; iif fhr ' 11 of'iMn, kixiw'i anil .'l r'.b il i'i fir p'l'i of
ta d l'n l Nix. !'.. J. . a ! ('t : I Ii -vr
pfj;H.riy Ik 'ni-a in tliv lit.rt at U of lln- Uu-. '
AK'Iin Irr r li'N k.
A', llo m limr a',. f laf-r, frtrl of
Ijii I 1 nf ' n 'if lliiitliiij; Trn I , in
tli"- Wi 01 iSr Va !kin, a.lj'n! i;f 'hr la l tif
t '1 1 1 lr, ffuki-r Jriitiiii anl n'li rs f "i
tii. i b lat n 4I11111 1 J m rt-n, bi l.)iiriiijr to
tin- !i uaa'la iiffM-'irgr ll mlon, il cM.
A! 1, at tt,- aaine tun a 1! ptff, trarl of
Ijih'I lyin; n the V-!km tin r, a lj'i'i 'hr j
U mU of Nl!,4rrl I'rcM, t, H illrr r llla, Jan.ri
Orr.l, an I n'hr.s cnlii.ii( 2ic.ra, iinire or
lea 1 ami brl'iiv nif to the licira at law of Jotlma
Cayton, ijrc'.l.
AIS at 'bp aam Vme and filarr, a tract of
lnd lj ii(f j0 the watrruf I I c I Srronilfrrck,
bo ruled bf 'lie laikl of M.rlurl llntl'itian, John
Tmlrr, bikI otltrn, anil routining am a,
bf thr Mittr more or Iraa, Iwlon jiiijf 10 the lie in
at law of John I'atinrt r, J.-cM.
Alan, at t'le tanic lirne and plare, a tract of
La'id lyiO)f on a branch of trC'ind rrrrk, com
Ihooly eallrd the W abi Hranrb,-1jiini(r b
land of (irorirc and Henry Hobium, containing
2t) arret, and bilorjring to the heirt at law of
Uarjrarrt Hobiaon, dr r'd.
A credit of twele and eighteen month ill
be fifen for the punhaae mooe, on tach of
tlie above ric'.i of Ijhi L
A lts at the aame time ami place, will be told
another tract, Kinjron the Water of We'hrro'a
Creek, joi nini the Irtdell lint-, and adjoininKthe
laiuU of Kril M'Kay, Jaini lloutioii, lUvid
Ptcr, nd other,' rnntaininr; forty-aii b f. rt y --
STlt acrev beloiicinif o the hvir t law of
i.-AkiaaJer tooklil;i; iL. J h)Mw;V ill be od
on credit of twelre month, wrtkvirrtrrett from
. the time of ule. . . -- - -
The p,irtlieri will he required to give bund
' Villi approvrd tecuritiet, in every ipitance, for
kbe puclie oioney.
0fi6irr?5. 187J. 7i
Suite of North-Carolina,
SUPERIOR Cimrt of L?w, Oc'obrr Term,
182J. Marv Hooper rt. Jotliu lltwperi
Petition for ditorce. It appearing to the tti
taciion of the court, that Joifw Hooper, the
defendant, it not an inhabitant of Uii tatc, it it
"till WSfttR. RHMTia ?n'lfiWjFtitVnd ;
M'cstrm Carolinian, piing notice to the defen
dant, that he appear at the next Superior Court
of Law to be Ik Id for the county of Lincoln, at
the eonrt-hoip in Linrolnton, on the fourth Mon
day afte the 4th Monday in March next, then j
petition, ntherwite it w ill be taken pro rnnfesao,
and. aiij'iOKcil according Iv, Vt itnt, I a ton
Ilentleraon, cleik "of aid court, at oflite, the
fourth Monday rfter the four'h Vo-'dav in Son-:
lembee, A. 11. ami m tbefoHy-etghtli year
f tlie IndV-peiidcnre of the V. Mate.
Pre adv. 54 3m' 91
8Lite of North-Carolina,
af KKs cnusTT.
ftOt'RT of Flea nd Quarter Petwirmt, Sep.
J tembcr Term, 1323. Sarah Vaster, to the
Ue of Wm. Slde, t . F.dmtin I Bcazley i .ludicial
Attchment, levied on land. It ppea'ring to the
eonrt that the dttendant so abaenndt and conceal
himteif that the ordinary proccs of lit w cannot be
4. aenctLupou hiuv it 'm tlicrtforq ird. retl.
. ul.U 1 1 . . t . . f
fk. .1. 1 . -. --...i --- ! -
T : to appear The"ncsr CwurlTir rira and
--Qitarttr Settiiion to' be Held" for" aald'cotinty, at
the .court -hoti? in Germntn,- m the seeond
Monday in Uecember next, and replevy, plead
to issue or demur, otherwise judgment fuml will
m riiTKu againat i,nn. im
prrmmton, AW. 3, 1 823. Price adv. gl 25
State of North-Carolina,
COURT of plea and Quarter Session, Octo
ber Term, 1823; fiendum Tutsev and Sa
rh hi wife, and Eliza Byerlv, m. Philip Gar
ner and Barbara hi wife, George Keplev and
icna nu wne : petition for partition. . It appear.
! I-. .1 . J. .. . rr-:- .
. KRoahta, Philip Garner and Barbara hi wife, j
w 1 Collint.'and thrifiWM"hi rire7 arelibt in-"
iwoiunt ot ttni itate, it it therefore ordered,
wat publication be made for aimreek in the
western CarpliniaiV printed in Saliibur)', that
nnlei die defendapt appear at the next Court
Pleaa and Quarter Station to be held for
Dndon county, at the court-house in Lexing
ton, on the 4th Monday of January next, and
P,ef and demtir to the said petition, ofberwiae
will betaken pro eonfesso, as to tiJem.
A true copy from tJit minute. 6t36
Priee ar. 2 jb. UOCK, $?k.
'Helling unuMinlly Low.,
flllf. Subscriber l hfiw rfil'r a Ur -t i
JL snrtmefit of l)UV WH)I) IJaKI) tt AkE,
CriM'.llY, tKIMKMICM, ar. fewn ,Ve
Turk awl I'liiMrlpliia, trlrftcd by JiiiCvU itb
(Tt, a fed botirfM Un tli Ofs trrwts. Hi if Mis
mm to arenre cnwlmiinre nr .' r-rvsenr rt.
ctahl ruaium, i l com n determine
turn to of!4-r bis extensive 'ixk of GuoU in
I sbury, at pricts Ukh, in hit opinion, will b
(tn4 as low th fre f lU- K hltHtiw
Hli"a off t ffirt." L cutluura i4 iltf
puhliti rt-ncmllv, trv inUil l rll tlam'nr,
ana Jtuljf fur liimtr.
j(ms miipHV.
from IlJIailt Iplua, 111 ajtauiliiitiiL id
J)r (uuc!i, Hsmlnnrc,
Vullt-ry ai'f l)-im-'it
lilrli, r'll ll,r rnlnicnl ! jwr1 to rr.
criic in t tli'irl 'im , will n U- Ihim ' at ll ai
'iifir'nrt it -. I lie t - ' r r t icifilU
jiniiiril lor!!taiiil rtnnitr f'.r dun
SuLtL'irv, An j. lf, I")M.
"Pif O fip a-piti in;;, ui...' ' i I'1'-- In'rifM,
riliidir' I tiur' I 1" i. IK. . 11. .' in
fll'lifr l P.Ml'lU"li l niT, i tf Hr (lliirc,
I In.' 1 iin fi'iir mi i!i tin ir rii 11 , 1 a iti--
i.l on lia ii.j( I'irir iirk with ncstm tt,
ilurl)i!.i anil ilnj a'cli.
r.DH Il. V Y.
Administrator' Xotirr.
ulnrnlx-r hninif qua'ificd at llir Uf
I tn
nn of Knua.i ronniv coift, at a'l'nti.
itrt'r on the rie f Jnlin Sinitli, latr f
tal.iinrv. ilrrraaril, jfici notice to all prrwnit'
i'mI. bu i lo aaul ra'itr ir, anv thapr, lo tunic fur.
) nl ami make . :tl mi ut ajM-tili!y at p"i.
1 Ltr j ami all thou; liming cUinia ttgnnA it, ill
in I.Vr ni.mnrr prvKiit tiicin, projKrly attest tit,
for liO'inlatian.
.A or. ?1. rX j Hi
INihlic Salt.
THF.ItF. trill be aol at the lae (Urll ny of
to fJcrraard in a!riitirr,- on Frtdar, the '
12th tt nf Ik'crmbrr nr', ariona anirlrt 1
lloiltholil F ifBitnrr, rnnalttiiifrof IlriU, c'iir,
i.C Ami alo, on the Kriilav follorinfr, the 19th
T nrermiM r, Uiere will be aoM, at the plant.
tion of aanl Junn Mnith, ilrc M. a atnric ot Hog
Mortca, Cowt, kc. and almi. Corn, Foddrr, &r,
iOn all aiimt alove two dollar, a credit of li
muntht ill be ((iven, the purchaarr jfivin(r 'Kind
and wrurity. Uue atlcivLnce till be giiii by
the anbKribrr.
Cotton f?aw CHir-
'r'llrrwihacriber fiai now ori hand, for'aali, at
1 jtrij hoprin-liibnr)', on Main ftreet, Cot
ton fw bint, of hit own make, wb'chhe will
wamnt to be at ell niade at ny in the State.
He will mtivanlly keep pim for aalei and will
do all kindtof repkirin, on ahort notice, and
reavnmblc tern,. s A ML EL FKA1.KY.
iS'iinAirt, Jur. 18, 183S. 67
House HiiuTEoTfbr Sate
THR anbtrriber w ithe to k II hit hnttte and
lot, in the town of Salisbury, now occupied
bv himfelf, at a tavc"n. The catabhahiuent it
mce to (tctcnte it particnUrly ; it it, perhapt,
the rrott eliirible tnd lor public hontr in the
wrttrrn part of North-Carolina ; it is within 80
ard of the rotir1-luii:tr in Salisbury 1 it lai-jfe
and convenient, with extentivr mit biiildinN
A very moderate price will be taken lor the f
tublMimcnt, and )nnuiitn niude easv. Any
person wis'iit.p to pun-hase, will do well to sp-
plv anon, at the mosc iler it now detrrmmeil to
'aejl, and rt-move lohialarm in the eoiititn. It.
ten d reeled to tlie subt.-riber. in faltb irv, N.
t. ill De ouiv attemiiMi o.
S,iU',urg, Tiet. 18i3. 82
I be' Haleiirh Star will insert the above 3
weeks, hiuI tend their account to tliit olUce for
. State of North-Carolina,
ORRIS MAKF.If, r. Alex. Johntton, et
at rtrieinal bill in Equity. her it
ppiar to the tstisfactjon of this court, that Pol
ly linker, relict of Jeremiah BakeT, d crated.
Jamejt linker. Jicubca-IUkaiy ly-Ann RnV-er,
Hwi. - m.;.if.:,i. "Kc'iJc ;.-".,-..Jf v;j. I..
remhih Itaker, deceawdi are- mhabitant of art.
other state ;" TtTaTneretort''n1ei'AtpMWt
ration be niI in tlie We ttern Carolinian, nub.
lithrd in Salisbunv for six weeks, for the afore.
said parties to appear, and antwer, plead, or de-
apahisTtliem, and the cause, heard ex parte.
Witness Jamc Ilathorn, clerk of the court of
Equity for the county and Slate aforesaid, Sep.
teanber, 1823. . .m I, ...,,. - - .
Price adv. 2. 6wl6r
Oiaic ui itoiiii-vniumij
r1 OUflTtf Pk wl QtiartUlonv-Octo4
J her Term. 1823: rGeOfre Shuman t, Hn4
-f-- , 7-- . .n ' .... t
nian, Maurice Davkand William Wiaeman.'aum-
moncd at imrnisliees. It annearinirtothe satis-
faction of Jhe court,; that lireUffehdant'i not a
resident of. this state, it is therefore ordered that
publication be made for three week in the We,
tern Carolinian, for the defendant to appear at
the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions te
be held for the county of Davidson, at the court-
house in Lexington, 'on the 4J Monday of Jan
uary next, and plead, lus. oUierwiae-. juajnienr
final will be enftfed . against him. , '
- A copy from the minute. .
Attest, DAVID MOCK, Crk. - ,
Priee a.r. $1 25: 3t4 ' j
iMMiiiam ri
. ' riTioir.irjf. ii,
Tlie trrirwrfl amcnuu144.i1 1 it Cui
tiu ni uufur (fiiMticriiMi 1 htn,on mo of Mr. FM'tf, lite nifeilnRreolcl
iiMifialoac&niiiiiiitt-bf lb mUlti but
4o frmlrmiif cld fton fwrH mr
flfflliilnr lo Uke the thr, (itn
St,kt rotitinurd lo brii!e inCbrnmil
1 hr ('on(itutlon, at pt minted to lie
jrHtridfii, thru tukf ti up by aicUutu
I lir niilr inif ndmf m inotifHrd to I lie
fir-a r.,r, to rh.njr thpitrk nl
tic f'pu'ar brmh of the l.fil lurf
frim llutMe f f Commont
10 lli
juse of
Mr. YltCr V. I hr (M.alrmiin tihha rnm
ir.ittft, ,,i't 11, r fo iimi'tre pftlrrfd thr
urm of I! ii of Krptrt. ntjittki for
oli' ! Kt olijrtiion made
10 he f 'ni.t .
I ' 2H sroiop prpokip( that the Se
n,i'nr hIijII M fln,tll by ,):iit Pf f
"' .ert, in nurmrr hen i .nficr iSirect
ltd ntrd without rrtn.'k. "
I A w the .11, eicrpt tn .1 it wn pn-
o i, so runner me um Krj iri' nutivo
iniri,i of thr 31 line, to ,tleiiirt, but
thr inniiiiii n not KU't1 lo.
'I hr re Ix int norlwnr prnpovd in the
4 Ii ti but t lie word Ilrprtactitiititea,
inaral of ( ('mmom, ti p-stnl ol courae.
1 he iui si ci ion prrvrilw the ijtuli
firm if mi ol tnt m')rrtcf the Seiute. I he
arc to he :j yeji old, and tnutt hae re
idtd in thr duirici t ut year, itc.
Mr. Curnn meted to anient! this arc
lion br adiiiti(, ihtt be thall he 11 rtizrn
iJ ih Vmitd Malr$, tt he wished t pre
vent any peivoti fiom entering our toun-
ult who wit attachtd to the inierc.U of
any other country.
.Air. SrtUe aaid, !; -perf eirrd - the
committee proposed that none but free
white ciiiieni tlmuld be permitted to vote
for memberi of the rooM popular h
of the Legislature, he hoped no colored
man would be eligible 16 a e;it in either
branch of the Gmer.l Atiemhly. He
theiefore, proposed lo amend the amend
ment, by adding to the qualificalioh, that
he thaUMe u rt rA mom.
Mr. Yurey id the committee had not
though: aucb a provlnion net ery ; at by
uocxia lecuoiJL.none out tree veMe men
poeied of a tefalil TTTehoTiTTare ief
mr.trdtoirotei lie-hwl, hoevcr jol
jetiiou loth proponed niriKinieiit.
Mr. Burton olnrrvrdi that there waa no
necet.ity lor the amendment in rehtion
to foreigner, a a Semi nr it r quired h
nohi 31)0 acre ol Und in Icei which no
l ' .. - .,., I Lir
I Tuulu nTCI
Both una-hdmenti were agteed to.
Mr. Mangum moved, lorthcr to amend
the 5lh tcctjon, by adding to the end of it
or nut r$tatr tnjre nf the value of
ton proposed to fill the blank with x hun
drtds w iiti h ,e iippiHrd wat about the va
lue of 3(0 acre of land at the time the
prtstnt CoiiMitiiiiofi wus adopted. He
oid not consider what wai the value of
Lint for met I), but what is in present va
iiie ; and he believed, that a dollar an acre
would be a mine correct estimate than
two dollars. W hen, said be( we are fin
ing two'quhiifii ationi we on;ht to make
the value nearly as pnictirahle ;
and a ni..n pussihtrd of 100 acre of land,
woitb K30U, mi'ht be ai well qus'lified tn
rerve ni roniiiry in tne Menaie as one
possessed of 30ft acre worth the tame
unit. We lime already said that a man
owning 50 a res of land,pr land of the t i-
lue ol "650. shall vote for a Senator. He
wished here to observe the aatne propor
,..Mrls'ir obrxeid.lhtAh L-iot til.
ked Uiiauioa.. beiweertmemlttpLdhc
senf the landed interest of the Stale" ; but
the latter the people at large, and he was
. - lki.1 illulinqliAW - '8fq lily
Imbitanta of our townt who have no l.tnd,
may be at patriotic as others but he
considered the liberties of the country
safest in the har-cls of the landed interest.
' Mr. Yancey said, there was no wish in
any one, he presumed, to destroy the
distinction of which the gentleman from
Cabarrus spoke.' It was proposed merely
Senate should have that quantity. flanoN
or estate of equal yalue, which will oper-
"ate IhliBf oh ptrfonlfrigpr
he wart in favor of filling tbe blank ti'.h
giooo, .-. ;.
Mr. JKsher was willing to fill the blank
with a sum that would be about equal to
the value of the land ; but no gentleman
wilt say tbalibe avrroge value of land is
S3 an. acre, and gtboo ou.ld exceed that
price. He hoped therefore) a muller
sum trculd be fixed" upen.
Mr. J, A. Cameron proposed lo amrnd
the section so a to provide thai Sen.tot
shall possess 209 arret of land, or town
property to the vslue of giono. .
Mr. fttkrr ol.jected lo the provision
beinirfoiionedlopctsonttiving la towns')
he with4U loM ectiraLr . ...
M'. Ilnnt laid, there appeared to him
no difTiculty In the proposed provljn. If
minnrilJ 3itrt of vmJ wouw
Wftlltlblet ftr If he trtd land worth 8 1 000
though It might be lets In qtuntlty. he
would be eq-ially eligible, fo confine
the alternative to iont, would deprive an
inhabiiani of the country fiom seal in
the Senate who posse trd any jcm num
ber of acres than 300, though it might be
worth 86W-' He taped IU irrttndmenl
would pats at proposed byhe mover.
. Mr. AUmtvm wst opposed to the amend
ment proposed by the gendenstn from
Cumberland. 7 his poposi'li) rould not
be contideied et infringing on Ihe rij;ht
at at presfnt ciertised: but at an eten
slon, fif that right. Uur aneettort, thi
he. thought proper to imtd our interesu
in the Senate, bv requiting itt members
i br owners of30f) acres of the aeil of
the country, and it was doubtless whole
some niovision. 1 he object of the pres
e nt amendment was to admit such aa have
not that quantity of land, but possess sn
estate of Sioou. Vyiiiterine preseni K,on
slituiion, if a mm possesses property to
the value of $20,000, if he havo not 300
errs of Jand, he it not eligible. I his I.e
did not think correct. He w.s clear, how
" . a i:r . .
ever, that the property 10 quaiuy a man
to be Senator should be freehold proper
ty, and not an estate that should depend
on his own life, or the life of another.
Mr. antm w in favor of neither of
the amendments prcpostd to this section.
lie preferred the provision of the Contil-
mion as it now stand. He wat lor niv
ing members of the Senate to be owners
of :0 acres nf land. He considered the
Senate's representing the landed inter-
est nl the country, ana ne tnoum prcier
that its member should be chiefly taken
mm the country, and not from towna.
Or, if memlicra should be chosen from
towns, thai they should be men who ow
ned at least 300 acret of land and no
rne worthy of a aeat in the Senate would
find any difficulty in acqu'uipg this quail
fitktion. , ... .
Mr. J. S. Smith was in favor of the ong-
iiul aroendmctiti but thought that 8 1000
was too Lre a sum with which to fill fh
blank. "A man wTioliaa 3oO"tcrea oflaiid
not worth H 100 Tn-sv be SenatoTT-'He
should with to fix thetilm at what might
be? considered about an average value o
300 anrt of land. He proposed therefore
86no. He was anxioui this amendment
should prevail : as the Convention pro
posed to take away the right of the towns
to send members; the inhabitants
towns Plight to be placed on an cquali'y
as to eligibility with those of the country
Mr. thifrr again insisted upon main
aj'mst facilitating the election to that
body of the inhabitant of the townt
Mr. Cameron withdrew hit proposition
The question wat then taken on filling
tho blank with 1000 and lost. The
question wat then taken on 8600 and car
On motion of Mr. Mangvm, the section
was further amendrd, bf inserting the
words, before Ihe 8600, real ettait in
xfet of the value jf.
Frvm the A'rw'Yik Stateman.
Mr. Hurley, an ungrnious and Indus
triotis mechanic of this city, hat rompli
mented Mr. linton by sending him an
American Beiver hat, of the Cortes form
beautifully wrought with hit own 'hands
Itt intrinsic value is not less than 13 or 20
dollar ; but its' piincipal worth consists
TrrTrt herng a spontaneous tribute ofj'rf
whose;. efJortitiiii.e.aojQ
developing the retouis es of our country,
and who has been the uniform friend and
advocate of domestic manufacture!.
Brutal Slander At Wilts Assizes,
England,) two guineas damages and costs
were -obtained - from person whw had
slandered tht character of plaintifTt
The Vamaira of the Ocean, recently
caught and noieexhibitinif in New-Vork,
issaid to wetgh upwarfltof five tone. The
great, that by a, Might turn of its body it
nappd cIT,with Jhje uunast eaiftibe
head ot me narpoon wun wnicn u was
struck. , ". .
The court of appeals in Fayette county,
Kentucky have decided that nerve of tht
Bank of the Commonwealth, tire not money.
I hey have also decided, that juneet of
the fieaee have no juri$diciion ot contracts
payable I" property ttrr Jive fioundi. -.
loCKUlntiire of North-Corolina.
nXy, AW SI.
Mr. Cameron frtatnitd the fullowa
Ing reto!utio, whith traJ thrti
tlrnci, piietJ;ani ordered to- Le tn
grossed t -
Whertts tlie Ilowoiall M iflitm Korwood
f.t'i. one of tjie 'J'ldp ofitiP Superior Crmrtt
of U w and Tvpiity t.f thl "sV, ws prevewted
by extreme lllneat'frnnt bol linr sf the "irta 14 -Uiff
circuit t which he tt t!o(f ed this foil i
Kmhl, That tU f-ib'W: I rt-atuprf b nd
he ) brrrby ainhonicd n I r 'l nred te py
the salil W illiain N(iro.a Ui full sum He wmi!4
have been entiJcd lo rtctite from the Pnt he
rnatury, In tkw manner a if b had hl4 the
Coofa ia the Cirr ult at.ijnnt to him i And ffcf "
sodi'iitg.thUsliall be hit wsrrsnt, '
On motion of Mr. (rravr. i itJcel
committee teaa appointed on the Mil
itia Lawt, and the public armt nl tht
State and the folio log pntlrmea
were named at the comnitttee, viz,
M Craves. Witnan.a, Urillaln, M'LtarT,
and Ward. ' .'
I he following peraoni err annoinU
rd on the arverai arlet I Ccmmitters,
ordered on the rnctiagc of the G"vrr
nr i . . .j. ,
On liltrnnl
BunrrMk LrrrtmL taklfhrugU, Ml llatth (
W av we. - ' ' - . - '."
tin JrictAi Meases. Hatch, of Jones,
I'hifer, rfy, Htrrell and Bethun.
Oil Crimml lwt Meswt. Martin, W tl!Vrn, '
On an, Graves and Mliipt-aus. '
itn CAerwJbw Und$t Mert. "eawelL Love,
Pwney. JPUod, Jlrittain, and Dormant to A . .
Httolution presented by Mr. Kneed.
On rMtaumi Mesw Rneed, Hill of lYank ,
Cn, Whitflelitrtraril, H'U of Stokes i an.t
On tht" library-timmiiutt Messrs. Forncy
Dry an and Bullock. ,
Ihe tommittre 'appointr d to "corducf
the ballottirttr 4or hrffrosting Clerlj
rrported that John C. Ehrioghaua was
duly elrcted. , . .
Mt.Gtr prewnteq ihe petition pi
Jane Wellborn, of It a ndolpb. : country.,
praying ihe pattage cf ft taw securing
to her auch estate at ihe may hereafter
acquire t which waa referred to hn
committee on Privileges and Election! s
Saturday, Jvov, 22.,
The following pcrvnt were appoint
rl a Committee PI Finance on the part
of thithouaei T" ."
afeaara, Ilatrb, of Jonet, Pullock, flowers, ,
kUrahaJL Hard. Uray, Iartin and M il!borns.
j A ccrtificatf received from tnt
House ct Commons, oi an allowance
made by. jKe County Cou r( bf Cu rp5t riZT:
land, infavor of Itabeila Canipbrl!, "
countersigned by the Speaker t.f tht
Ilouae j which, on tnotioa of Mr, ,
Dethune, waa couDtcrsigncd by xhfi ..;
Mr, Urittain presented the retir
nation of William Orr, Lieut, Col. of -
the firat regiment of the militia of flun
combe county i ard Mr. Alexander
presented the resignation ol Artdrcvr
iludlow, Col. Commandant .if the 1st .
regiment of militia of Ruihrrf rd coun -
tv, which were read and acreptid,
Monday, Aov. 24. ' '
Meisra. Cameron, Gra."Welil)irnf '
Phifer. and Buriress. were apDointrd
y U V
a committee on the part of ihia ilouae.
on the Httolution, introducid in the ...
House of Commons bv Mr. Stanly on ,
Saturday, relative to the public print
ing. , . . , . '.' ' -
Mcisra. Seawell, Vanhnok, Jhileri
Scalea and Snctd, were appointed a
committee on the part cf the Senate on
the Resolution introduced by Mr. AU
ston, of the House of Commoaa, re la. . . ..
tive to tht Banks.
Mr. Sneed, a bill to consolidate and-
tmttditheixral4awaof 4hia.S
relatiyrio 'thjrptycrni j:1HTm:'''K'T''
vVWerFiaCTdKrS mr
motion- of -Mr iliil 'HfiittijQf ,dc red. v: :. .:
io be printed, - (
Mr. Calloway a bill to appoint com-
iw!.c'r.n Ia ainrirtt tV, hililtliflff " "
lilt, WPn f ewip,. mo.pmmmrwwmw n
of two bridgea"on the great stage roud .
tn the counties of Wilkea and Aahr .
which wai read the first time and re-. T
ferrcd to the committee on Internal Im
prcvement. 1 'V :'-.-:.' uv '
Mr, Meary presented a certifi
cate of an allowance made by the Coun.
ty - Court of "MerkleTiburjr - to r Leah- - -- -
Jcatty, which was read and counter-,. '
aignpd by the Speaker. v ... ;
Mr. Hill, of Stokes, presented the "
petitiott tif VVm; VelciriTid
prayino: for authority to erect gates on ,
a public road-Referred to the com- .
mitteeon Propositions and Grie vances, ,
Mr, Torrence presented the petition
f 'Joseph ' Brers, rrf Iredtll," which
was referred to the same Committee. ' .
Mr: Love Dresented thenetitinn nf
sundry inhabitants of Haywood Coun t

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