North Carolina Newspapers

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rm:r.Mi m;h.
i-l V.v a tt.uoi'K,
. Th jMikil f 1 1 Jamts Cr' ; pr, C;:.
If mhill. hi armed et ,"- ffoin
JJrpool, whcnre the ssiU.I la ll I7lh
of December. Dy tMtatriftl U i'JU
ert of the 'Corooierild Advertiser have
rrccUr J fit1 of London pspert to th
iJih.'inJ Utrtpwl to ih I7(h.
Th rom Important rttcl of Intelli
gence U tbe change in the Spanish Mln-
' liirr, ThU event took pi. n the JJ
of December. The MarquJtCate Imjo,
apx4ntd prim Minister llertdia U
appointed minister of Juitlc j Don !
rpn-de t-Cnz, minister orwarruon
Lul1,opc IMItfcru. minuter i ll
susd VIUlt PejUs oi-4ho
Council. It It but iWt time since v
announced tba appointment of Stft to th
of!i. of print mioler, Ferdinand hat
' lent hit beloved fonfeisor bck to th
JJitbopHc of Tortots. ' Cat Irujo. al
though man of more talent, yet his prin
ciplei, It it aaiJ, ire not roor liberal than
the reverend statesman" who preceded
. Letter from Adrid.ef lb SOth of
Nov. apeak of lb organisation of the ar-mr-
ibe King ha oiJcred, that all tub
ilumt and private i b are raarriedi at
well a thoa who eolUicd voluntarily for
th time that the war thould continue,
ull b cii! to tbeir boiuet. Aadrid i
nil h atat of fermentation. An or-d-r
ha been published prohibiting the in
hsbi'ante from converting on political
lerdinind it aau) to have pronounced
tle ;vojeci of the Law of Amnesty, (the
ciii.'f artlelca of whith are to bring to tri
al .1! prron wSo held any office duiltig
the Itrsolutiou.; too rigorou !
of Sp,i-i u io favor of thii bloody tribunal
Smill band of vuerillat ei exist in
mmy p.rt of Spain, and in ei runt the
intern, urii'
The Pri Cuet are to ttie I J;h of Dc-
I lo detachment of the'
Gund, r. ..Mn fror. Spain, bItfd u
on ouciioK- il.c French v4l 1 he ofli
crrconinian Jinr, invtr them knrrl down
Aficr a abort plater to llir (ioJ af armt.
tner i oe izuu and made the air rctound
with tbe criea of ' Luif lire the King !
and " L live Frn-e J"
ft i Mated that there 't menv French
offjrenlu the armf of the Pha of Lpt,
wno hate introduced ih; Lu root an tactic.
I he i e.arr love 70CO per von a confined
in priMin at l.ilon, for politic! ofTencca
Uv tbe liM adticea front St. Petenbury;,
(tara tiir LoodJn Son,) the reiaUoni be
twren thiU Court and the Dutch govern
mrm, trem to be more clotely united,
and tht ihe two eoernmftiU are com
mitted torach to aid and support
r ui'iaiid to rtiu posseiMon of South
Tt t' Etw tfth irntern CtmUan .-
Sia : iicun tbjt )our roliiunt are
... I a . 1 . ,.
trill . lui r ,'-. u' rl III. I nn . i nnt Ai.
' ' ' : - uii
poseii, nvr imnv ratio I. to irtve ontv
aiu nf the (Juevon. rrUting to tiie P'tti
drvt a Flrction, unw me to transmit to
of the Kevolu'ion. AnDar. Jackok
1 he pccple eall for it at vcur band ; not
ti'nvaii!inj the aamc has been disput
tin ;lv rrjreted bjr some of tbe Editors i.i
the Souihrrn Mifofiuiit, becttuae it waa
-presented bp a plain
P. S. It is hoped tdat the Carolina De
mocrats uill not be behind their Pennsyl
taria brethren. j
The "incloaed," alliided to above, in a pam
phlet of 16 pages, containinj; tlte proceeding,
aildrt, Sic. of a meeting of the citiaent of the
citV i f i'itlbi!rj;, Tcnnr. 1 ania, fuvoraiile to tbe
'election uf General Jackson to the preaidency.
No one, we can aafcly affirm, baa livelier feci-
injra of gratitude for the aervictt of tbe hero of
Orli-ana, or would more cheerfully contribute to
thi kitiliy fconot ofhjVome tW we would j
it; therefore altogether pratultoua and unne
ceisary a uv corrcipondeot to requ'ire of tu, in
iio pfctemptarj' jiionoi tUiKk. Countrymaa
d( -, what fte a willingly concede aa he doea,
or mi v one eke ever did. It ia true our regard
-iienrJaekaon'remlnenr eT vice, r ana atern
political integrity, ia not marked by that head
Jong ci al which has been manifested bv some of
Dia ir eiKU) lor we believe tuat no man, nor any
'iaf-, can in any way 6e ao etTectaally promo,
ted as by a firm, but temperate and consistent
courw. If a " Hack Countryman" reads out
paper, he must hare aeen that we commenced
. ; V i publiHliiiig extrjicta from the pamphlet above
j alluded to, a- week or two since, and mentioned.
VStr that we ahnntd toirtitiu;' " t in" Th" aubachutnt
A' prellminerj question presents it-
I e.lf on. the threshold of this examination,
j" BP'i threatens topreclude our further in-,
, 1 'vesiiatioi). J he question is one of mo
! ' tneinous-irt.portto Ihe liberties of ;lhis
Coiuilry aVw the Peofile or Cungm e-
l,t($ ir tnJ.lcnit V.'e Lita It a i'r.'it
ial.arcM In tb ptoj.te time, to u .iniiutc
cand !!ra f)r the eUtUt r-Tiveai ;
perli'lf far tiatioit ao dln!'1 n! im
portani at tbe Praiidcnrf of lha Cnl m
The freedom or tlaetUan It the main pillar
of republican ane! th an
cli'.r of oif tUU o4 pwlIiktU .!ei tic.
an lae my lurrerxUr tlit privilrj
,...! lh hIa f the frm both way re
tain tba nam of Democrat, but have gr
aver ahaidre4 the trirc!plet. Sucli a
Kovtrnment It In fact an arU'ocricy, a
tninvhetdcd detnotinn, tU more danrer
out If matktd urider the garb of demo
cracy. Apply lbo fit prJnelile to
Jhe prtientn'iuwOwAn juenpi IVD9
making to procure a nomination or Prcti
deut br our reprttentatlvei In Centre i
attembfed, and ampowered Congreit to
namintte a President, or wat Utt rvMJf
at lha period of it election, tr hat It since
been inttructed I W atk the people
of this and other dittrlctt to 17, when
you elected your representatitee to Con
rreva. did you surrender into their hands
the right of nominatine; a President, or
did f ou rctert a to yourselves this laetU
roatle privilege f - We "kjbe advocates
of coogrcstional nomination, to tell us,
when, or how the people have abandoned
the right of suffrage f Tler esanot a"o
it. Our eppoacntt point to the pastj, at
the best guides to the future 1 incompe
tent to defend tucb a course at conaiatcnt
with democratic principle, tbej adduce
tbe nominations of Jefferson, Jlfadiaon.
and JUoaroe, to sanction the usurpation.
Let them not retreat behind tbe shelter of
ancient usae and authority. It it the
very language of the tvrsnt Ferdinand
againat the crtnit'futio"! liberty of Spain.
It U the rampart whiih preserves invul
ntrH'e the drtnotism of Europe. It was
, .mii ircteii au,ufo' by tne Amer
ican torict 10 sanction Dritish arzrettiout.
Parliament have esrrriked the power of
umg the rolo;iits, therefore, Parliament
re lawful! poterd of the right. Con
Kre hive aclccid our Prcidcnt, there
fore, Conrcas may lawfully continue to
do ao. The mere eaercite of power can
never confer right. But, we deny that
Congress ev;r made sucb a nomination
as is now contempt ited. When Tliomaa
Jeffersoo was nominated by a Democra
tic Ccnrrcai, lhto partie were nearly
balanced, and tka united Demoerscy of
the untera pointe.r to Thoma. JefTeraon.
aa the campeuto of J. Adamt. This
nomination yra nothing more than pro-
maiguig the will of tbe whole Demorr.v
tic party. .VaJiton wtt nominated during
the embargo anj the war, and in acror
dance with the known wiahet of Demo
crary. Monroe in 1816, wat the known
candidate of the Democratic party, but so
nearly wat his nomination defeated, in
defiance of the voice of the people, b a
congrettioual caucus, that the "eld
mode". w abandoned by the nation in
1820, and Jamas .lUnroe nominated by
a Democratic cnernow in Pennsylvania;
r.iucu nomimitions have aio been aban
doned in our tute elettient. In 1820.
KindUy- wis no:iir.atcdfor'the Covrr-
nor a clur, and J. A. ouulxe, in 1823.
Sy drlcute conventions. Now all the
1 iflNuiuaii. 1 ivi .lie 1 iramiuiT vie tun
I ... 1
,..,.!. 1 . . r.,- .1.. d : ... ....
isiiricj tJt i:ti'cr' IV. jac uuui. jii.
j i .. n.i.i ......
I)i mjcucs of the union is divided be' ween
tl.eni t!ie corneal is for individuals, and
the qtietto'i to be decided shall eongren
nt t' r frof-ae select the man
But the "oT'I'mocTe" thus reproba fed,
is not only antt-De mccratic, but a palpa
ble violation of the constitution, which
closet tbe door against congressional in-
crfercncc, not by mere silent prohibition
but by actually disqualifying members of
Congress from serving as electors of
President. By what authority dotbey
nurpthe privilege of virtually electing a
President unauthoritcd. bv the people,
and prohibited by the constitution : Ctil
it a recommendation, or any other cloak
for usurpation you mar choose te assume
for it, it either produces the election of
their candidate, or it does not. If it does
not, the nomination is worse than idle ;
but if it docs, then have congress, who
cannot serve at electors, in fact elected a
President, and suppressed the voice of the
people. Why hss congress been thus
careful); excluded from thia important
trust f Among otner reasons, Lecause
the very same inrien who hud previously
given their votes to a particular -candidate,
might be caHedj on as the constitutional
iudjres in the last resort. The reason is
equally strong against a congressional
J nniiwliorVwbkbthe amewembTST
who had previously pledged their support
to a particular candidate, might be called
on constitutionally to decide a question
wliicb they had prejudged.. With as
much propriety might a suitor in court
place his counsel on the bench to decide
tbe fate of his adversary. Will the peo
ple look on as silent spectators, and per
mit the constitution to be thus openly in
vaded by tbe very men whom they1 have
chbseh afvd "who have k worn Yb preserve
intiolStt ?Tf the
a President is
jjoopie. luiu mic iiauua uj tuuicas, ucic
will their usurpations cease f Not until
one encroachment rapidly succecdingano
ilier, will leave but the semblance of a re
publican government. The people may
perhaps still be permitted to drop bits of
paper jnt the ballot-box, but it will be no-!
X 0 we l!iu : firta. The r
vluot dvcren have bre.i rrglitrrad,
and C'fr,ftt already announce,! .th
PreJIcnu iSuiU aelartlon canbat In the
tajiiru;'' of our eoti'lu?iin be'fia and
equal. In acme state, the Democratic
party will beentirely unrepresented. In
other, emSnclng a large portion of many
other ttattt, their ok will b equally
unheard. In tuth conclave, Pnnrl
vania would v tut 9 yotes, an 4 Vir.
glala II; Tbeujh in ait rlrtilwi by the
people, Penatylunia it yl enUUed to 4
more, volte that Virginia, thus actually
iotioc; al of thevotea of Pennsylvania.
" s . ,
Cvil Rights ard JltUgloxu Prhiltgti,
yVt fo"ruJy rnortifieal (saya tK
lialdraarc. 'Aricrlcao-cfJlituk) to
inform ovr rndr that th house of
delecatei pf MarytanU has rryexrithe
act (hch U4 prctloutly raise d th
tenatr Mte eiteed t all the ciutcna
of Mtrjltfd the tame civil tight snd
religioua privileges that are enjoyed
under the cmitttntioo ol the United
SiHtn ! F 9rto ftttr dele atei ef the
people Ayr, at thi enlightened day,
voted aialnst removing this odious
and oppressive feature from our atate
(ODStilutlOO !
fThfeture of th ManUnd eonatitvlMm. ao
irwch aid ao Juetly eomplaind of, fLVranchiwa
uSe -Jenying them any particirtoa in
j b, but auhjrc'a them to all tbe pen-
ahiea o an infringement of tboa that ar mad
fcrlbea lACor.
We are pleated i her that the true
tee of onr UMvcrttry. lately appropriated
three thnatand dolLrt for the pirchae
of a philoaopfcictl apparatus fr the use
of the instittiM, n1 like sum for the
increase of itapubuc library.
Such lib v on tht p-. rt i f its trus
tee towards or univeraitv, will aoon rrn
der it srrorMl t f rollce in the union.
We are g!d t lod th' the number of
i'.s ttudentt coiUiuc to in rre.
ftaUigh lirgittrr.
Th editor of ti Pom Cibson Correa-
pondent threaten !.U ile.iqornl aurncri-
oer most fver.-r. that " iltbey dv not
make pay meut on r before the firat day of 1
ribni" Mtt h
M h ,
.have to
L'gi'Iat'i. 7e Lrc'tisture of AU
b.uiM, at it last tetion. ped seven law
divorcing marriel coopirs " purling
asunder" thMe ho hail fnmicrlv been
joined together. Such a number uf ap
plications nf this kii.d. wat i't to have
been amir!pted ,u,in ihe vixitiiful, we
may almost tar. Ir infant Stale of Ala
bam a. . m
From tbe lt of J.a.u .rv, 182.tothe 1st
of Januarv, lit? I, the numttei of deal in
Charleston. muu!Uf! to 8U; of whkK
number, 164 ueic white persona, natives
of this tjt, I r foreinneis. m; 70 from
other fMr of thr Union-; ISiUert of ron
sumpricn. 26 ol bilious fee'- 24 o! conn-'
try fevn , and SS of old a.e : 217 wee
under 3 Ve r of .'Re, 101 between 20 end
12-lH-Utaen 5a end to, 3 brtween 90
and ICO, and I over 100. ' he greatest
numbi-r!ied in tiie nioivlt of June, being
1 10, and the h-usl the month of Dt-rem
ber, being 40. In July there weie 87
deathrrA Hgff 4rT57arirf "tri" SepiemHer
60. Of the whole number of deaths 217
were w.-itr males arid 132 white females,
the rcf black and colored
Mrnit Potfirn. Yi s'rptljr as a young
lad wjj eoin t te of the banks, for
Messrs. Meri'tt & Dart, lo make a dt-pos
it of glsoo, be w as met by a fellow ex
pert at buim ss, v ho ook the bank
book from the lad. and told him lo run
back to the store, where he was wauted,
and ilia! Ae (the vri-in would do the
bunk business ; whirir tun rlo'ie, suuecss
fullv and atisfactoii! to himself. Hut
aurh fellow a cannot long e ape the vraj
of justice, and wo exer' ere long to see
him ia the criminal's bx of our sesiont.
A. r. Gnrtte, I St A uit.
Mr. IF S. Tanner of J'nibtdelphiai hi
reoBMa1or" )ublisfiinc
acription, a lare sheet .Map. of Ivv)drn
tireeceT the phtol wjucn re to n p 4
nronriatedinaid f -theOrr ekaW'lliir
prjee of it will be $2. the, copy, and'tlie
eny;ravLnK to be commrnccd as toon as
Xeve an& Chivalry. In Lee county.
Virginia, two negroes, rjvafs in love, Utely
met to decide theii qtiarrls with powder
and ball; and at the rst exchange of shot,
one of the amorous "African. insjtantly
leii iiteiess, dui ni opponent intereo a
few days. The ny rupn whose charms
captivated the chivelriiis lover, and caus
ed the effusion of gallant blood, was .bond-
maid briCd wo rd Penntneton, jo w horn a) -la
otiO "or tne sable. JiaTne-wa a servant.
that muskets were substituted for those
more fashionable engines of destruction.
In Palermo, Maine, died a child of Mr.
Lewis Saban, arcd 5 weeks, weighing one
pound and a. half!
Tt'f.mAr MoiiMM, rr.fiui'Anr u, nu,
W IlOSfJlil Or THE CUttKl.
Tbe ciiiaea of Mecklenburg, m diuhgiithd
fr their pttriotUm la the revolutionary etruggte
for ladrpendraee, etil! rviJeMe, every area.
eioo, a hallowed attachment te the print IpUi of
freedom. Tbe enaaly sUnd wbidi th anodarn
Gr-kt are now making againat tba Invader of
t!etr andTtlt aauriUrcr of their bnuuti,
ha eiciud Lt thi eatery, th mot Be! fctb
Hg of eytnpauiy M thif behaJf, aM Cb jaeet
ardent wUhe for thu aueeeat. A a yV.0
maiuAfUtli of JimI? h fltV JhU Wfjfatn
at, Mr. VaU'a, by tba citjitn of Chariotu and
Ha vicinity, on WtdMwur evening, the lltfi
inat. wb a bandaoane eolkrtion wae ra4 la
U of tbe gloria Cause, Heoy, tbia eeca
aion, vied with the nobler atx, in eontributing
their rait to th eUndard of freedom, e
CUUrnaof lallalmryof Rowan of North
I Carolina L-.."ro thoe aad di Kkewta.. The
j - gitlwrt eon of the patriots slrea" of our aUter
I couary of Mecklenhurr, have nobly led the way
j in tbi, as they ever hm don on all occaaiooa
I that called for tbe exercw of lh betl feeling
' of Chriatiaa ayanpathy, and ll tireCcat and moat
! devotion to th rihta of man throughout
h universe 1 It ua all, then, in the name of
! hununity, follow the eiampl act by rmr patri-
otie aeighbora, and testify to the whole world.
that American freemen, whit they recline easy
aid secure la th Up of C'lefv, ire alive to the
uffrring ami oppression of their fillow Chris
tiana. In whatever 0tarter of the habiuble gl'b
they may be located.) tA. Ifm. Car.
Pureuant to puhlie nofare givm, a very nu
mermia ami rrapectahle asseioldae of ti Peo
ple from every part of Koar, anj a number
from Davidton, lofiV a tbe Court-House
in Salisbury, on the 13h insf. fr the piu-posc
of bringing forward a crd date on the 71f'
Tukri. 71e meeting aa oryaniitd by the ap
pointment of Col. Jri VVr aa cbwrman, and
tfifuUn C.Jtn, Eaq. arcretary. After a free
and liberal discussion, in which many gentlemen
participated, the following reanlution ware
Bdop'ed 1
Hftvtd That this meeting esteem
John (file, Esq.
a suitable peron to be offered at a can
didate on the People' Ticket, for thi
district 5 and a sur.h. they recommegd
bin. to 'he fieemen of North-Carolina.
KrnS-rd, I hat this meeting disapprove
of l.he practice of eaucussing, whether by
the members of ConKrcts, or of tbe State
Hrk'ihrd That the proceeding of the
meeting be published in the Western
J. riSHEIt, CKattman.
H. C. Jojren, Recrrlary.
Tt was our intention to accompany the official
report o the proceedings of tne meeting tiw
mentMined, with aome explanatory remarks; led out the oripin of a (uuru, and distinct
but just aa we had commenced putting in type y marked its fe a Mi res. He laid that cau
the facia which we had briefly aketched off, a cuses were held bv the rrfirnrnta-
frlend-rMgtr.glr fommuhtcaTeaeutToiBg,
which ao fully antkipatea what we wished to
say on the subject, and ao nearly accorde with caucuses were forbidden by the spirit of
ourobaervaUonof what occurred at the meet- ,ho federal constitution ; but that, by the
ngjbt.-e availflumlvta of ihe kindness of l?PI!?i?IteL?Iour .aye.constitulionithf,.
our friend, and quote hia langiiage, in prefer- f,etP'e tH timet hare a right tossstm-enceto.nythingofourown.-X
We tyther. He advened to the forma-
m. Hon of the ruueut luktt last winter, at
The meeting; being orennijed, Major Kaleigh. He said that the people hail
John M'Cklland explained, in a few per- 'bree alternatives set before them : cither
tinent observations, the nature and object t0 TOt ff the ticket dUtatrd to them by
of inaia'intr on the necessity of union lhe caucus, or to start a ticket of their
among the friends of the people's rights, n. The people would triumph if ther
nd deprecating in strong terms, the dan- Prood trne to their own cause. Already
rerous and insidious practice of caueuung. do the taucuitr see it; and their only
He concluded bv nominating JohkCilrs, Pf' now are, to dividr thr firfilrt by
tq. as the cindidate on the People's Tiling p separate ticket for Ceneral
1 icket for Klector, in the district com- Jarkson, and thus to give the caucus Ticket
posed of Rowim, Davidson, and Mont- chance to sneak in. He hoped that the
gomery counties. People were awake to their true, interests,
I he chairman observed, that it would be nd would not be duped by' a stratagem
satisfactory to the meeting, to hear fiom
Mr. (;i'e n flerbration of his sentiment
mi the Presidential Question t thereupon j
Mr. dies addressed the meeting. Hel
observed, that as thckinclhessof a friendjmee,nr
hid proposed him as a candidate on the! Mr. Hargrpvt replied, that it would h
People's Ticket, it was a respect whichhhe more erTectual way up aeparaie
kowed io hit fellow citizen present tol tic1e for each candidate, if it were desi'a-
cdnfjwiththeinfimatron from the chair t
he should do' so with pleasure ; and the
more freeW, because he thought the pco-
plrhadBnlrshleTTtghrio cal! upon
i nose wnorrinerea io innir service, iori"
an expresibi 'of their view upon any!
presaion of their view upon any I
suhjeet connecte'd with their agency, lie j
wpuW therrfufe answer them in the spir-J
it .of .trulh and .-candour. He said, that,
of tbefiveentleme.rj who acp now before
the American people as candidate for
.President, his jirt choice was Johh C.
Calhoub, and his arc.nrf Cen. Anobbw
JACBsosr.: And th.u should he bo hepor-
ed with a teat in the Electoral CollcgeXpeTr
would-endeavor by his vote to secure the
to iecure the j m
in no event wouia ne ennanger tne inter
est of both, by votinjr for the weaker. He
regretted that he was prevented by indiv
position irom entering more luuy into tne
subject'of the relative merits of the sev
eral candidates, and from assigning his
reasJhs lor the preference he gavn these
ret, tic bv a. IT wat sure he ttnsj j
fy his opinions, by reason and arguments
that would b sustained by the meeting.
f r, T. P. Ivtt made e fervent and pa
trSatl appeal to hie fallow ilzn, in fa.
tor (f the pcople'i ticket, and aaWaiing
the present nomination. M im an old
man, (said ha) but a few atrpt from th
crave. WItkin a few yean pilt, many
of th able and patriotic tltlrrhiof tUt
touoty, who had labored In the timet of
th revolution, hv gone down to the
tomb. If they wer elite at thii time, I
would not have raited my feeble voice at
thii meeting. 1 lea here many tf my
orotaer ijrmerij I know they wllr listen
to (he'volc of reason 'and einerienee.
AltBough J ranaxW 'ttarvsv S"t wlrk -lltf I
ftit'Ajtf-atory, J hope wiUi illofLyJ
ray age and revolutionary aervieti may I
at tfa a t m. . '
eiaira a privilege beyond my mem., Yea,
fellow cuin, I hive epillcd tny blod
for th dear right of rrettom I have
teen one vatt conflagration on the face of
thi land i I have teen the heroes, like
Shadrsek end hit brother, that marched
through th fiery fumare, and cart led with
them the palladium of Merit. And after
th good fight was done, and all wit over,
w looked back rejoklng at th danger
w bad escaped, and around ut we hailed
our country a happy land. Tliit it what
we have done for you these are the bles
sing we have bequeathed you and w
should be aorrjr to ae them surrendered
to b eeucut ! If the people are incapable
of taking care of their liUrty, in vain lid
we fight, in yam did we bleed ! If they
are thut capable, It' them not barter their
rights to a eelf-made power a power
thl is constantly growing by the fore e of
custom. Think htrt for a moment of tha
force of custom j it it sly and secret t but
It ia mighty. What, but twenty-three
year ago, wat looked upon aa hartwle
recommendation, hat already assumed a
fearful aspect ; it looka like dictation ; am
by the force of custom, it miy herome,
and no doubt, if not pnt down, it wit be
come, atiiohilt dictation Then pstsive fc
obedience and non resistance will bt
preached p j and nothing ef our llepub
lic will rsitt but the name."
Mr. Maray avowed himself decidedly
for Mr. Calhoun j but he thought the no
tice had been toe short, and that the
meeting had best ac'journ till nest M.w
Court, that an opportunity might he given
Ihe people to attend from Davidson and
Montgomery counties.
Mr. J. Hendrrton replied,-that thie
meeting did not prevent the people of the
other counties from holding similar mee
ting ; that if they should deem them ne
ressary, it would be more convenient to i
assemble in their own counties. At all
events, the notice had keen sufficient to
draw together thi larfce assemblage, from
every Miction of Rowan, and a number of '
respectable gentlemen from Davidson.
Mr. Marty's proposition wat overruled.
In consequence of in Inqniry being
made concerning the practice of caucus
ing Mr. C. Flhrr arose, and aJdrerd th
meeting at considerable Ienrrth. He nom
tivrt of thperDln ; hiTT fni(
meeting of the Profile themselves. That
nr. Alexander then propmul to rr
tbe strength of the two gentlemen pre-
'erred by .Mr. Giles, py a divuion.ol the
- hie to try -the etrength of eirhereparte
'y but he-was sure the friends of neither
f these gentlemen i wished such a course;
thsrli was only called for by ihe friends
Mr. Alexander's
nr. Alexander a proposition was re-
jected, by a large majority.
sal '. - ;
Tlli Bale5(rh Be.ter mention, a remartiMe
inirttnceof he,,thfu,nei, afcma, idingin
Jthf . m
, , ' , :
?f n ?l'r,on ,nd h w,fff Susannah,
" )T rr' '."'ir-T v -
numner, ana nave ncur Jel (aa a
dcaUvin the family!.
Havio j given place to a pretty lenjrby speck
on the outside of to-day'a paper, we are obliged
to crowd out all the Congreaa news, and a Rood
deal of other matter, in order to make room for it
"Hack Cotintrymaii' the proceedings of the
people, and a small space fornttr I'oncript,
in or
e i
f w
,1 It
t at
I '

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