North Carolina Newspapers

r.TTr.riu.r. rnrjr.t, r,, v.
Hour. fmr.4l I
V J cam i wl.i-k., .u J'l
a f) I ppl t. WW'il 4' "
r . , .Jr. Turk Island. 7J W pr
m..l.-t"fl 2Hi urr, muscovado, 10
feu if i . - i
cofr.r. prim e green, " "
w lo 4 per M U. i Irtm, g4j to J pr. 100 &
f hf co leaf.3 1 i manufactured, i to 20 pr. e
1 ii ifinirn
In Rutherford county, on the 25ib of Jnury
... Ui. John Coontr. K. to Mi Cecelia
'JlutWr. '
1 f-2r- lb'',A' T"
' lurry, J-Uffrnrr t " q. tur.
roerlr Lincoln county. " Alio, otf the urn
J.y,bf A -rod rron, T.j. Mr. Jne 1 Thomp
son, to Wdkln, daughter of Mr,
Wilkin, fcfj. oil of tlwi tUjniiyXnrtiilTI !ly
wood county, K. C.
Ai 1m teswlenee in Wilkes I wm(;nth t Jth
ult. if dropsy, Mr. ,tJU Futrr, In the COth
year of hit age. He vu tlie youngest child of
eleven, til born at unghj birth i end hi it lb
Ant death, in thit extraordinary long-lived (ami.
ly. The remaining ten art alt in utual fowl
health the eldett now- in hi Ml It year. At en
early ge the deceased entered into the Revo.
lutionary service and in several arduous cam.
paign, discharged bit duty faithfully, ami wat
honourably discharged aliorlly after the rapture
of Cornwall at York Town, Va, where he act-
d hit part. On the death of hit father, he re
Veiled a handsome property, which he improved
ml ad.led to i the proceel of which he bu
Vised with hospitality ami charity to many, and
Jwin long be remembered by hit fnVnda ami ei-
In the neighborhood of Jonesville, Surry
jCfMinty, in thit Htatc, on the 13th inst. Mr. Jamt
t'fWrW-r, aged about 7S year. He wat a aober.
muustrioMt ami moral man.
Mansion Hotel,
SALisnuR r, .vonm- c.wnux.t, or
F.mVAKD Y.OtnitOlT.H:
UMIO rertTtfullv inform the pub.
W r,e, and liii friendi, that he h
taken the exteniive 'd ekrant eb.
Mime n. aituatrd at the north corner of the
Curt-Himc, (la'ely occupied by Mr. Jamet
lime.) Ine convenience of thit aituation Tor
hunncM, it eiud to any i t the plare. The
Uwitr contain! a ntimhcr of private room, well
cilcula'eil for the accommodation of Travellrrt
and Boarder i the Stable are equal, if not tu
mor, to anv in the nlacr. and attended to br
lblrjritr ami attentive llojticr; hit tabic and
.ar, w ill be tiipplicd the brtt tne maraet
idorUn: and the repilationt of hi tlotite, Mich
he hoD ill rive entire tatiafaction to thote
iJho may think proper to call on him? and he
awnret them, that no paint atiaii be tparea 10
rrnder their tay comfortable and pkawng
Tuition, on good Term.
fTHE ubcriber have employed Mr. IFm. F.
J Ihtmnt, a youn man, w ho come well re
commemled bv the Her. Mr. MuUnt, hi teach
ef. and the Trustee of the Fleaaant Crov
Academy, to teach the I-atin and Greek Lan
ruatfea, and a part of the aciencev for one year,
cotnmcncinfr with the 15th Fi b. 1824, at SOdol
hn per cholar. The tchool w ill be continued.
ifuita'ile encourarement ctn be hail, for lev.
era! v ar. Comfortable boarding for 40 or 30
choUr can be had, for from 53 to 60 dollars, in
reaiKcUble and decent fafyiSc,- md the price
not varied.
We flatter ourtelvc t!at tlii situation com
binct at many advantafjea for an institution of
thit kiiuL at perhapt anv one in the wcttero
part of either of the Carolina. It i near Fort
lirhance, on tae latum niver, in a wcaiui) ami
fertile tcitlement, where provimont of rverj-
kin 1 can be had on the mint favourable term
for health, none can exceed it ; and for moral
character, hut few excel. Kvery attention wi
be paid to preserve the moral and etxid treat
ment of the Students. Addreaact made to the
Post-Master at Fort rv fiancr, Wilkc County
N. U. will be duly attended to.-
KDM. .I()NF..
Tilt). l.KNOIR,
r.-hniaru 14, 1S24. it96r
Feb. 23, 1824.
THE ccjebrnted race horae,
by old Sir Archy, will
stand a part of his time in
Salisbury, thit acason.
3Iornton Female Academy.
IIS Institution will continue the current
year under the management of the Rev.
Chatinccy Eddy, Mr. Eddy, and Mias.Parkman,
the tame aa the last year. -Tlie
discipline and course of sfudienire: the
mme ii tfiote'adflpted m the- moat apprwed
'MnuVttlcT:fif :j(:Enland and New. York.
1 he first quarter of the present year h 1-
reauy commenceu, nut admission can oe oniuin
ed at nny time, and the bills will be made out
from the time of admission.
AteTTecrbrfhe'1nnitnrf0Tr T the intellec
tual, and relifrioue improvement of the iounjr
Ladies the Instructors U t I themselvet bound to
exercise an attentive guardianship over thenv-
to check their desiit for vulgar and degrading
enlarge the mind and improve the heart
' Good boarding can be obtained, cither tit the
Academy, with the Instructor, or in the imme
diate vicinity, at the rate. of ijj'jtjvdollars per
Terms, 25 per quartcrj or g.5, when in
ifructibnj at
Jhe end of each quarter. "
Forte Piano, for Ssile.
4 FHIST rate seconddiand Piavo, isolTend
1 V tor sahvvery low: For. terms, &r; applv
to . MICHAr. nitOWN. '
1 $uUburi;Ffb. 0, 1824. . 97. ,
-tr.N'. JACKV'.
Ittruilt m iht I'HIihttrg 'tfl.L,. f,
lb full win rvol ittvnt were cd b iht
lif,.hrJ, Thtt rnrellnt re com
mend to lh De mocrttlc KepuUlcati
friend ef Andrew Jckon It tU Htatt,
i bbld meeting In their repectif coun
lit i, nd elect o men dclejraH they
iro entitled to NcpreMntie in the
lower houM f th btH LlUture, to
I c ontenilon for tht purpo of nomlna
lini( in electoral ticket for the .State,
friendly to Andrew inlvm.
JiXttirgrilin'ftoii tht pltteT end'tlTe
ihha AtnndtT In Martb nest for holding
nut convention.
: Cirtutar-UynZ been pDolntei br
err hrgt and repectll meetlnif of
uemocretK JUpuWicane -f-AIJeahn
count?, ftvortbla to the election of An
drew Jckon to the- PreUdenlLl chair,
com mil le e to correspond with other im
lr rtmimhttirind1ndlytfo!Deroo-
trati frirtidly to lha tame object, we in
cIoe you copy of our resolution, and
CBrnett.'r reciueit your immediate co one
rtiion. 1 he dele cation vtem ha been
hitherto successfully purued in Penn
lvani4,and it, in our ouinion. clearly
preferable to any other mode nf nomina
tion. Although the voice of Penntrlva-
nia ha been loudly expreed In for of
Andrew J-ckton, yet hit nomination by a
nemocratic delegate convention, U per
hap vita to hit tucceu. Conerei will
in all, probability nominate a President,
shortly alter the commencement X V
pprorhinK aetuon, and immene eier
ion will be nttde to carry the candidate
son. It i therefor extremely desirable
that our force should be concentrated.
nd Jackson announced by a delegate con
vention at the Democratic candidate of
Pennsylvania. Such a nomination wouid
not only aerure to him the vote of this
State, but would, we hope, have the hap
piest effect on hi propcct throughout
the Union. If Jackwn should be nomi
listed by timilar convention in the other
Stale, in opposition to the caurut candi
l.ite, we khotild deem it a moM important
tep toward hi tu ces. We wrrr ell
Iht lufifiortcri (J Mr. Shulzr't election,
many ol ut a members of committees,
and we would lincenly deprecate a de
tuocratic opposition to Jackson in this
Slate. Dm iMon in our ranks would again
ensue, and the gloriou victoiy we have
just obtained, might be changed into the
most lamentable defeat. We have re
commended Huntingdon t the place, and
the third Monday in March next a the
time for holding a convention to nominate
an electoral ticket favorable to (ieneral
Jackson. Permit us most earnestly to
tolir it your aid in immediately convening
a Democratic meeting in your county,
for the purpose of tending delegate to
meet those selected by this county, at the
time and pbee above recommended.
Your immediate and zealous cooperation
is of incalculable importance to our suc
cess. Had a Demoeratic'mecting in any
other county selected a different time and
place, their democratic fellow citizens ol
Alleghany would have most heartily con
curred. Our only object is, that there
should be no disagreement on that sub
ject. A difference of opinion, even a to
miner points, might frustrate an object so
desirable to us all. The prospects of
Gen. J ickson s success are daily increaa-
Jig Ruutd.Hf I'.ftninj' I ttL
A large mrrtlnjr of tf dmoriiuc cioitM of
n,;u.-y.;, im that ?r m n. nit,
wit, i al which W til rtwlved tht' lh frirwlt of
Mr, CB.i l Gen, Jackaoaia-oold unite ia
upport of one of tho two ftaUmca, fur the
FresioWj, Among the dch-jV tkt were
elected to U Cnaveirtion, whitb ll to hH
at llarrislMirf , to nominate Ejector Mt i tingle
on U favorable to any J the tWidatcwxept
, above mentioned. , The peofi of the
real stale w l,nnyim-, ia mU ippor.
In; either Cl!miii or Jacktorvnd, A tr9
preltjr eonfulenf, rill NorthrrJlia, enhrai t-
'Mcd U a aclnv whicH they k p?ri
Bow In' cotrtemplatioii..whaA it, ! tfivLU th tUfAT, i
people, and Induce tht friovl of Jackton foVrotSer cbi
tart a teprte ticket, to fh they (tint eaoeu.
lUt) may aJip In betweea the two." Hat we
cannot believe that the tru friend of the vie.
fbT at Ortrinv win ba-fSstttd by thit device of
their political enemy i fur Jackson's ilwnca of
f ctting the vote of tl peope't electors, U too
root, for hi friend to puraut a course that w ill
enable the caucus ticket to asxeed.
T1 hrvr Tin iin imu .i. .
Ii' '" '" ",,, r.wamtkrr. iIif
I J tin fnrrv!, tr lr,rr
rt Inxlr rlw. la S,.,..
...a. . ' . - - -
lli f T "( (tt Wir ne.s(,lMrt in Hie
10H H i4 iilrm are polite ,y', in f,t ( s
.( iwarly erft the TAP tit o'
atun-4rr-t, ali)ury,
Munk 2, ir:.' p)
I hava now on n.L ami intn.l V fffltfl9
ipply of the very bett of trTlir.H , ami a
I iiall m.k it a point loran.loy first rata work.
men, my friend and tli public may rf riwl .
on gettmr; m pm work eote. hi my sUn,
n tte line of AWwJi(,r, M tvrr M j, n
the Iowa of ll.k.iry. or in tl.a .i.i. i
only rnnst to tnake a elcinoi ano outwtn
boots ami shoe a any body clae, but I further
covenant with ail who may abed the iiufiin of
ronageon my shop, to &i tlxir vh k at
ami, rHrrhap. a hire i imfe, thin my
ipa, r.H.r..r.K uiur).
Xevr (limU,
A fire broke out In fUkigh, fie 22d ult. which
consumed seven or eight buulinp, before it
wa arreted In it projre, I: originated in a
blackamith liop. In contcqoeaoa of thit arci.
dent, tlx cawporali'M of Raleigh have Awbiaklen
all person from building any blackimith Soot,
or bake-!iop, within certain Emit of the city.
rf JE toWribrr rrtnectfully Inform hit en.
f-Momrr. ami the onblie at krre. that he ha
j"t Vcrrrrd -.i.4Uty..t?.Cljarlrtri, an
eiegti ami gtrwraJ a timcrit of tou is, con.
'tinjt'yn part, of
Drf CA, Cutlery,
f'WCn SmUlfty,
U,iJmitA trtkvt'i, Ut. If.
aJI i a whiy, he it detrrminrd to s- ll on si-rotn-mo-b.tii.gSrmt.
1 A '1 1 81'iihKE.
frW.VA. ir, 1824. Jit'XS
N. It. Ilailwi eoritinuet to krrp on hand a
grner! awrtmrnt of U0i)K, vu ;
Xer A mo rime nt.
ril:ir, a.d,vriler ha trry f.rn-ly rffll
I fr plolad. I,,b.a, an U
liirh, with th iwnrtixrnt U tipert to re.
cri in abort lime, w. ril,, t.m In tell at
Mtiyri nry prkt. The publ.e are rrtprc'fuJly
inv.ud to call, and t u.. U lhn.j,. '
tUWhM thr.HI,'
3ubiafj , Af. I rt, 1 821. it
The feiiiperwiiithihf , il 1 in 'Uit builne,
brretufor Irarmrtad by l. ( r.t aen, , m
future W emvluctrd by me, at the t.m i.,,.
. -. -...... nr.- m inrirroxom, n, tie.
durabilitv and (etwe. MH). rlKa.
The Raleigh Register inform ot that a hom'd
murder wa eomr it'ed about 15 milr tooth of
tfaiKung near her own door, after nfct wiiU1
ligtUr J torch in her Lands, wat shot di-'ad by
rime peron urkno.n. The hatband of Mr
ollint immrdiatrly ran to the doot, and beard
the fiMitttrp of the murderer, mskii.g hit es
cape i but the night vu to dark. Hut no one
ni in pursuit.
CHaBLtSTOv, yrn. 20.
From France Commercial Inrrr by
the ahip Ores, are to the 4th Jmuirv.
A jle of New Upland Cotton, from New-
York, '200 bales) had been made as low
26 3 4 soot.
The consumption of Cotton in France
the last vear had been less thin the pre
ceding oneattributed to the Spmish
tr, the cold season, Sec Thf beginning
of the new year, however, fro xl the man
factories in full operation the demand
for Cottons steady, and the stork on hand,
micularly of the lower qualities, not
Mr. Parish, Consul of the V. Slates,
passed through Strasburg on the 33d
December, on his journey from Pari to
It is stated that the sister of the Duchess
of Urrri, i going to contract i marriage
with Don Miguel, of Portugal.
-Letters from Rome, dated the IGih
Dec. state that the health of th? Pope is
till in a precarious state.
Fetes are atill continued to be given in
miny parts of France, for the glory ac
quired by the French arms under the
Duke of Angouteme, it the late campaign
in Spain. " CounVr.
Chering new from GKEECF..
The London Mortiing Herald, of Jan
uary 6th, states, that the doubts that had
m . ... . . ia .r.l ...
ing. He certainly will receive the vote'Deen mrown upon tne account u me m
of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and'val advantages obtained by the Greeks
Tennessee ; and if nominated bv a demo
rratic convention in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Illinois and Indiana, would probably unite
in promoling his success. His election
discouraging prospect of deleat. I his
argument it powerfully nrgedagDinM him
by the friends of the other candidate.
Now is the time to exhibit our strength,
and demonstrate to the Union that Penn
sylvania at least will rally round the stan
over the Turks, are removed, by the later
arrivals. The Turkish fleet is said to
have been obliged to lay up at Constanti
nople, for repiirs. A letter from the
bis lirtnenrTBecrrifritHisly injuied W-44ikdjnifal datedpn Jhoard his jhip.
the Muulv, on the hrst ot uctoiu r. con
firms the defeat of the Turkish fleet, in
the laat week of September, whiih the
Greek had found an opportunity to at
tack, in separate divisions, with their fire
ships. The naval powe of the Captain
dard of the Here of Orleans. We are Pacha is thus accounted lr 1 1 1 urkisn
engaged in the glor ious cause of an inflcx-1 ships were destroyed, one frigate of 24
ible democrat and incorruptible patriot, a guns was captured, 15 were at mat pcu-
cause that merits our moM zealous and od blockaded in the Gulph of -N olo, anu
active support. We shall be greatly gra the remainder had fled, in great confusion,
Acne of llrkury
ArtinV N'irra'ive of
tufTrring in Africa
Amrrkai HUr.
Brarriibridgt'i vogc
to tooth-
Blair, l-rtturc,
Bltir frfiMin,
Rmw:p.iiClU t--nemtifcMl't
llarrinirton and tliify
on the North pole
llibles, variout kiiHlt.
Carl, ht in trarcb of a
Camp meeting Hymn
Chalmer't rnont
Cavalier, (Novel)
Christian Soldier
Chap Hooka
Comfortt of ohl age
Charlotte Temple
Crook in the lt
Common prayer Book
Copv Si ri)'
Conversation on Chem
ist ry
Cicero'iOrationt laitin.
Don Uuixottc
Divin Worship
Iarin't Xoonomia
Dugdale't llorarr.
Fniigrant't Guide
lening entertainment
Krskiti't Sermont
Ofirhl't Speaker
KJcmcntt of Drawing.
Family Instructor
Florence Mrt'srthey
Family of Ortcnbnrg
Fourfold ttate of Grace
Fathrr't Talet
Felil Alvarez,
(rman Prayer Cooka
Gil lllat
(ioldamith't History of
Ciohlsmith't Home
German Hvmn Bookt
German lliblra
Greek 1 estamenta
General vic of France.
Ihnin Bixjks, (various
llarrik' discourset on
IhlU' diitiller
Hi-nr) 't Travel in Can
a la
Mall on rommunion
llonie mi Mimiont
llinilol(l''t Spain
Horace Dclphini
Harold the dauntless.
Iiiiilatiou ol Christ
Ivanhoe. ' -
John Ui-castro's history.
Kendal'a Travel
Knox's Essays -Kendworth,
Also, writing and wrapping paper by the ream
Luther's iKiefrine
IOtr Writer
f.airihi sfrira
lyprke's lUatl
I ale of Kpenccr
Law of I ien
Ufe of W.shington
letter from the Moon.
lf. e stM.iUPHh.m
Ife of Fennrl
Life of t.rern
of Wriltngton
latin IVxikt.
Mclamriii's Kat
Maton't Monitor
Mannrr nd Custom
of Nation
Marrow of the Church
plinister't Instniriiont
Mair't laitin SyntsI
Wttonic Hong Hook.
New Testamtnta
No Fietion
No Cross, no Cr n
NatorJ Hitory.
Ovid's Mrtsmorphosit.
I'arrnt's Friend
I'aildock't Narrative
Filgrim's Jiiomil
l'nrer of Religion
I'ilgrim't llvnitit
Pimlar't Poemt
I'ilgrim't I'rorrt
Poems, Original
Preparation for Death.
Ramble in Italy
Rob Rov
Rise ami Progress
Return of the Jew
Ri-ailv Reckoners.
Sass' Journey to Kme
bmockcr on the Reve
lation .
Saul, a poem Ly So'uthey
Schnal ami Lefroy't rc'
porta I
Spv, an American novel
Trial for Conip rary
Trail'a Sermons
Thornton Abbey
Tale of a Tub
Thaddeus of Warsaw
Tuckev ' F.xpedition
Taylor'a irtor
Trave ls of a Philosopher
The universal receipt
Wirta life of Patrick
War in Florida
Weems' Pamphlets
Wilson's Russia
Washington's I .otters
Walker s Dictionary,.
Vinri Dtdidiini 'I.
Velvet Cushion.
Ywinp'n N'ght thoughts
Ziou's Pilgrim.
Ikmcnt nntl Ulihuty,'
frrn tUty" QLlnl fV T. f.
1 1T1LL ha ron-rantly orTTtand, llirVMrjtjrJOT
f r the acsKn, a lartv assort mnt of
ugsr i ouenio 4 '
torlee fringrr
Tea t'oppera
Rum Akim .
Brandy!x-r fait k
(in Mailder
Wine, of all kind
I'uwdrr anr?t!Mt
Iad, &.c. he.
tt hirh they are determined to sell a low at
ihry can powlily be aH'orileil, for ratk. Tallow
ami lleetwts received in payment, for w hirh tli
higfiest market price will be allowed. Country"
Merchants wishing to porch tifrrr,,,, will
do well to call and caamirte for theniatNc.
.',.. 24. 182.1. 3tV7
The large antl IM-Hiitiful Jlorso ;:,
MM. s'iihI ih's enn in'
r-4f ,t
'jiff n 1 ttr.bortrcl
rounti. fjrwi)fi tTr.fe
horse fUitftri In dm l) tte in-pcr'nl liorsa
Arch Duke, and eantc out of the i!am of the
ui.rrpiallrd noise Sir Archie. All otln-r partic
ulars will S made known in banubills, in a short
F.iigWer't gr tt site, high farm, tnd uncom
mon teed, I lioe willelpim the sii.n'ion of
gentle mrsi alio are fnd of large and fine liorsre.
SirjV. W. lH-'4. 24
Vtw fttovc, n 1'mc(nn.
rMIIF. sobsrrJ'er has formed a Copartnership
I as it!, Nailismrl Sutton, in lite riiTraii'ile
l)Uiiwt, at Concord, Cabarrus roim'i, N'i'rth
Carolina, under the linn of .lf..v I' uttn
here they are njirning a freh irtnieni of
Drif Cooit-u Ciillrty, on J Hardware,
rlreted villi much fare, in I lii! Irlp'ua am!
New -York, nd bought i the best ti niii. I hey
ileign t continue tlie buiinrM at Conronl for
soin eri anl as Mr. Murph ill '"it the
northern cities ainnially, to procure sop'die,
their aswirtmrnt w ill he general i and t"lll bo
ilt;x,cl of t'iir prirt fir cash, or on credit
to punctual customer. I In ir friends awl the
public generally, are rispcc'.fully inncl o call,
csau.ine qualities, bear price, and judge for
themselves. JOHN Ml Itl'IIY.
JjnMfirv, 1824.
John Murphy,
IIj a!to, at his store in Salisbury, a Isrgw
aawirtment of GOODS, to suit citiena, tow q and
country pctple i fo be disposed of ununiallv low
for rash, or eoonrry produce. 9t
Nm IioIus W. (Jaither's Fstute.
1 iriLL br sold, on Monday the Hib day of
y v March nest, at the house of the late Nich
olas W. tiaithcr, dc'd. all the personal proper
ty of aaiil dee'd. eonaisting of
Jltrtri, lf, and
Civ, .VArcp ,
a large qua 'it it y of Corn, Fodder, Hay, Le. two
wagons and gears; four Stills and one lloilcr,
w ith the still vessels i implements of husbandry,
household and kitchen furniture, with a number
of articles here not mentioned. At the tame
time and place, w ill be hired for the lutlaitre of
the year upwards of twenty likily Negme. and
the Plantation rented, the sale to continue
from day to d.iy, until all is sold. Terms uf
sale made known on that ih, liv
THUS. Mc.NK.KIA, , . . ,
A.K.JONES, M,mm,tntm.
Vfrrswrj 17tlK-JL Jit '.'6
tified to hear from you immediately on
this important subject.
Respectfully your Democratic friends,
and fellow citizens,
Chartrt Krnnry, .' . Andrew Scott,
Edward Patched, Thtmai -'Brown,
Juhn Irwin,' " Jotrph Cooper,
Bott H rlkinti -r -Dvid Blair,
Joiefih Gqzzam, "". (. Piu,
B.J. Walker, Samuel flare,
Committee of Correspondence.
It appears that While hesitating to tend
mini tier of Obtervation to Greece, we
ere credited abroad, with, having sent a
Lnglish, of Boston, known for the ver
satility of his genius, his character, his
faith, and his pursuits, recently a Gener
al in the Mussulman army, has arrived at
Constantinople from this country, as it is
said, ta conclude a treaty (of alliance it
liopedT between the SubTime Portcand
Watl.lffL'tp'li.'-l.s. k.jrwa ..' -
vfmwmivmmmMmimii'nr:'- '- ' ,
Judge Archer, lias been nominated by
the people of one of the districts in Ma
ryland, for Presidential Elector. He is
friendly to Mr. Calhoun.
for the Dardanelles, where they are know n
to have arrived.
Letter dated on the 9th Dec. w ere re
ceived in London from Odessa, by which
information from Constantinople to the
Tst, was cotrimunleated. -Th. Ciiptain
Pacha had arrived in the Dardanelles,
with a part of his fli-et, the reminder oj
which i accounted for above, and ie had
been ordered to appear at Constantinople,
and to give an account to the government
nf-rheyee-if-dantap;e.ahich the Sub-
lime Empire had reaped from the exer
cise of his naval talents during his sum
mer's cruise. .('.
Ti.. Cmnci. I distress of trie Tnrs is
said to be extreme and they have en
obliged to adulterate the currency. An
'Xtraordinary Divan had been held, hnd
I . . . a t" ' 1L
Vuluublc Land and IMantntion
fllHK subscriber will dispose of said land and
J. Plantatisn, lying in Montgomery county,
on both siilei of Beaver Dam Creek, half mile
above the niM'tli of said creek, one mile above
the Narrowi of the Yadkin i containing 448
acres, well fatered, with a good mill seat, with
a good dwrlling-liouse, with all other necessary
out-liouse'i with excellent apple and peach or.
chards. Three other tracts, lying on the water
of Little ttiver, containing 600 acres, unimprov
ed;" Ts tftay-be-ltnownW applying io the.
ubscr?t-'r, on toe premise.
F&ruarv 1", 1824. - - oit06
All person indebted to the estate of N W.
(iaither, dee'd., are requested to make immedi.
ate pavment ; and those having claim against
the aanl estate, are requested to present Uiem
(br ae-itlenient, within the time piescribed by
law, otherwise this notice will be pled in bar of
recovery. V. M. and A. R. J.
State of North-Carolina,
OTTTtT "Of" Ptrarand -tinaetee Kuaaiona, Jaa..
lary Term, 1824 : David Ilradshaw r. John
S. M'Curdv : orirrinal attachmrni . !: J tni.
It appearing to the court the defendaiil in
this rnr- is not an iiJiahitant of this State, it is
therefore ordered, that publication be made
tim e months in the Western Carolinian, giving
notice to said defendant to appear at the next
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held
for suit i county, at the court-house in Concord,
State of North-Carolina,
(tOI'RT of Kquitv Samuel Roach, r: Hugh
J McDowell, James Moure, Andrew Heron,
and others. In this case, it is ordered that publi
cation be made for six weeks in the Western Car
olinian that unless Jamet Moore and Andrew Her
n, two of the defendants in this case, appear at
the next Court of Iaw and Fruity to he held for
thercotrtitr of - Mrrklenboag on -the 6lb Monday -after
the 4th Motidavin March next, and answer
or the bill w iiT be t At ii pro coiifctso, and heard
em parte, as to them.
D. It. DUNI.AP, e. m. i. "
Price adv. g2. : il'O
Sta t ? oCNort 1 t-Caroina .
the result is stated to have been deter
mination to propose an amnesty fo the
Greeks, and to olTer to nlace them ntu'ci
(Jovernors of their otvn, like Mol-irfLtji'du-gainyi i Imu, u..u u-1-jnlt
. I dcrljaccoMing'y. I csi t -m: iy- f yj
Vnte iht,JJ.
I t Kfftl w mt'vrv
("tOI'RT r.l !'le;is and Quarter Sessions Janu
J arv Term, 1834. Iloyle, Son, &. Coxe, vt.
Samuel A.,MKcnzie. Original attachment, lev
ied in the handa of Hugh Ruing arid William
Campbell,' :mtt on lands. It appearing to the
aatiifacti:ui of the court, that Samuel A. M'Ken-zi.-,
the lU-femlant, is not an inhabitant of this, it is therefore ordered oy t .ourt, tnat ha
ou the third Monday ot April next, to replevy, i t ap u tf , imnf. t;l(lirt f .tas an(j Qllar.,
plead, (.rtetnur, .wiierwiatjungnieni niiui "u,( Hcum!i u be held for Lincoln county, at
court-house in Lincoluton, on the fourth
The thermometer at 1iuTiriigton7T?fin"b'rirr
on the 5th ult. stood at ?.:! degree below zero
at tunrise, and at 9 o'clock about 13. The air
wa perfectlv'stiU and stretie.
. .......... ..- - i !
I VJOMPTI.Y txecuted at tins olUcc, in a styl
I. ' i f workmanship ccirre.poiiding with the
iiiiprovcBients !' t':r j.rt-p;it fc-
midavftef tbetKitrttt in March -ne:t.-iTnl!iw
ttnitriPi.'worgjitlKnK'jit will '
b iitemt arainsFtiim t Orden-d,- tbatpubbc-':'
TKrti 'heri of bB-tnadAlM-at:ei;kaUS,CC.?i!t,cjj;,
in the Western Carolinian. Witness,
Price adv. gt 25. it9T.

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