North Carolina Newspapers

    Tin-: .mi'mi:.
Vt'.l mi pd't'rr tned.lnng tlvra,
' for at Biurb w rilblinj Vut H tlcclbr)
Nor, wi Csitnot soU,
lay t, o'er win rj want direction,
We, I. out trades art fjre'J to write
Of iris of Mam can) bt atinUnJ
tor lv of ff we roust iciif,
rM who lfl kri a" rii.tinf
Wben eact U d, lU aolEer erica,
Othello's oc-uplt)'i iron "
H'kat can fly ttpoi -
pies, aaJt, and pppt girt a a eat.
Ami bf (Jit candid lU eonfeaa'd, '
ttVra fuft'd 10 mm what you read.
I! auuibs (ltd satires, and all that
You'd damn mit mildness wllk faint praiae,
And. rail our papers very flat.
In our papr, a few e kt back, a writer w bo
adopted Die airnature at the bead of thia article,
in replying; to aome etriettiret of another cor.
reapotttlrnt of our, on the propoaed new Con
a Kiit win, totik occaaion to uie Unjpijf of an
Illiberal import, toaardt the whole body of the
tkrfj. 1 be tkjffl of Ilrutoi," we approved 1
but no one could more except to hit mumnrr
than we did. Our mile motive in firing pvib- j
lirity to bia communication, waa a dcaire to
toullify the ohjrctMiot to the new constitution.
. r..M,rrMM. 0 Jlllliut,, In
Ififti-dwhh the talent, and ha ap.rcd
the t n e, In rrpl) to " Juniua," e certainly hail
the at.paaiaM to barijr up " Drutut" on our 51e
of excepliuoalile papere. We rejrret now, not
having eemarj l lie privilege of expunging
the faulty prti of the piece. Hut aathe whole
,b gone to the workl tbmugh our columni,
and, like loat lux, Cannot be recalled, we are
dca runt of counteracting, aa far poaaible, it
ewil tendency : it ia therefore w itli a w illing dia.
position, ajJ a tliankful heart, me receive
what followa, from an crteemed corrcapon
dent: 1
Mr. White: I cni you some eitracts
relative io the conduct of the Rreat Ger
man Rrfrmrr towards his opponents and
enemies. They are taken chiefly from !
that celebrated work, the 44 Edintnirg Ko
cyclopedia," which hs been reprinted in
tu editions in this country. Your read
cr will, doubtless, look at them, and learn
what cn be advanced in opposition to the
assertion of " Brutus," in our paper of
Feb 3d. Probably in some future paper,
I ali.ill have something to say in defence
of the tlngy whom be hat thrust at with
the dagger of revenge.
Ji is in tne following strain that the En
cyclopedia eaks of the conduct of Cal
vin. in the affair of Servetus i
It w s altogether unworthy of such
a mun, sod must he regarded as a blot
in his otherwise great and good repu
tatio. But while this is freely con
ceded, Tt concession cannot be
made to the enemies of Calvin, with
respect to that outrageous clamor
which they have raised and propagated
against him for his treatment of S r
vetus j a cl.imor which seems to hav t
arisen, not so morh from a calm con
sideration of Cdvin's real demerit, as
from an unreasonable prejudice against
the man, transferred from the sstem
: ofdoctfioc . v hie h.he, maintncdjir
from a stroog feeling of hatred to in
tolerance, urn hastened by a knowledge
cf the circumstances of the case in
question, and of the history of the
times in which the obnoxious transac
tion took place. Calvin, doubtless,
went far wrong in sanctioning the pun
ishment of Servetus ; but his error was
the error of his age, and of his coun
try ; and, in proof of this, a thousand
facts ir.iftht be udduced. Heresy in
religion was universally regarded as
Ctvil luii); and puriistied with ihf same
When, therefore, Calvin is repro- j
bated for procuring the death of a her
etic, he sufTtrs in common with all his
sed upon him, is not because he acted
wbrse than others, but because he did
rot. surpass them in tolerance, as he
did in every thing else. It should bt
recollected, too, that the punishment
. of heresy was not only permitted,
" It appears, too, that the procee-
dings -against Servetus received the
-irpooasMi:'ftiflrirn)e-mw mt--
- nenteccleiastcs who then flourished..
The reformed Swisa cantons were un
rrfmous in exhorting the council of
. Gciieva to punish the. wicked won,
and to put it out of his power to in
crease heresy jFarel, Viret, Uurer,
. lleza, Oecolampadius, and even the
s.-prctc I
iH-4tirc. And why iu .1 uU
I' Cved In (ne ism crnsur s
.1 in the lime ernaur tIi'i N
only action wtio wa twIJ enuoi I
t he only pcrionwlio was iwu enuu,; i
knowa Eru'!,-r at Camn, uu 4 ten.
drncy ti errr ia other omt
cicntly itcouoc fr ihli drjarturc f'um
the prevailing rntiinert. It may he
fjnher remarkcJ, that Smrtu
heretic ef a peculiar ct. I U did not
merely rruinuio S Ktn'un ducirinr , but
held principle and Ungjne. willi rn.
pett to the oaiure of the S ipreme Be
Li, (ttitwii Miiiuunted to bhaphemr.
and were riot far. if they were at ail,
removed from Atheism. Thia ii hin
trtHtttrthg irrimflrtrTmTTlTrfTand
utiitcuy air Med by-me writer who
were very uofriendlv to Calein. Suc
conJuct on the part o Servetu, a I
of hereyt would be deemed at oat
time m ire than enough to juttifythe
ofhereay, would be deemed at tat
ify the
opinion of one whoaaid, that e'dt-
aerved aomethinir worae th.n tkath.
It ahould be noticed, alto. thtCalvin
himiclf had been accused f error with
reipcct f tne Trinity j arid tai, had
he connived at Scrvetut, or d-att very
ircntlv with him. the auaninona for.
merlv entertained of hit own ortho-
doiv. mieht have been revived and
confirmed. And the perannal feelinir
which, in thia view, he mut naturally
have ciperienced. would be atrenph
ened. bv rceullectino- that the doetrine
fii Servrtii. rr.n, t nrr tU tlninilv of
ud herenv, bth bv Papita and Pro.
leitauti aid coni qucntly, tliai. con. involved the inspiration of the Krip
tideriog the existing Ua and notiona turn j from an apprehension that the
i'i regard to it, and the ftvnrablr op- ex iminai'un of these pointt would ex
portunity whuh he had of checking it, . pose thera to the cont.gion ol scepu-
any c.ildneti, or reluctance on his part,
would have been construct! into a per
fect indifference to Christianity at
large. It is not true, however, that
Calvin shewed any undue eagerness
t-i procure the destrncli iti of Servetus.
Much has been alleged to this pur.
pose hy his enciucs ; but it has no
f.mndation in fad. He acted in this
rase as he uniformly did, from no par.
I ly view, or paltry resentments, but
from a strong sense of duty, and an
ardent love t' truth. hat he did in
it, i-idred, was done with his charac
U-ristic steadiness and LrA. It is evi-
dent, however, that his chief anxiety
was, nnt to punish Servetus, but to
make him retract his error. lie tried
most earnestly and patuntiv to prevent
the catastrophe which followed; but
thiadestgn was frustrated by the oh -
stinacy, the violence, and the impious
language of Servetus himself. Even
after this unhappy mun was condemn-
cd, Calvin felt for him ; and though
he could ant get the execution of the
law suspended, endeavored, but in
vain, to procure a remission of the
more harsh and painful parts of the
sentence. These observations are m.tde,
not to excu'.pitc Calvin, or to juMily
the use of the fire and fagg' t in de
fence of the gospel, but merely to do
justice to the memory of this great re
former, and to moderate the hostility
tnd lessen the confidence of his ene
mies. "Although he hid his failings,
which were chiefly those of a dogma
tual and irritable temper, the genera!
mdusFopiniorr of him isythat hewt
1 a mill ttrhMlaw W aaa-tall tl a STfl Stlai Aaiu
ing eloqutnee, immense learning, ex
traordinarv penetration, indefatigable
industry, and fervent piety, placed him
at the head of all the reformers." Even
the language of Scaliger, usually so
a '
parsimonious in praise, is scarcely too
strong, when he says that Calvin was
the most exalted character that had p.
peared since the days of the. apostles ;
and that, at the age of twenty-two, he
was the most learned man in Europe.
Such : etilogiu m s, f rom such m e n ,
should niake those
entday, ashamrd, who never mertion
the name of Calvin without a sneer.
and who associate with it no ideas, bit
The following instances will also
contribute to a correct knowledge of
the character of Cnlvin. Thev are re
corded in a late popular publicntiqn,
"M emoirs of the life of Calvin, y
J. Mackenzie.''
A woman, whom he (Calvin) had
reproved puhUcl);, called him awicled
man. Calvin avenged himself by ah-1
laimiijj fieF paroon oi inc cotmcif'wnrr
had imprisoned, and intended to .pun
ish her.?' : ,.
.i Ami Perrin, whose life was very
oisorderly, was. excommunicated, de
prived of his place of counsellor, and
condemned to two months imprison
ment ; but although this man had al-
ways f.KOjracj the fnemtri of Cat
4D I Urn the cause of nil l!t tryu-
IjI.-i uliirS hi rt llr nrlirril TrLin
i ' ' r
5,, .Mnnn,,r..w ,vuVr, mu
j viiiii'ix i"mvuuii iu are mi
morut encrry released from prison,
md rtitnrct'to hU employment"
This.ii iat Cuhint whom slander
hit i Jilcfc again and again ! ,
ia.udij:aluiy I awl writ upon bUlomtt,
If ItiMill Kul'fy can apar) U room,
1 hr f-lKiiU(ic iif thy ltiouarul tr v -!
Klncli V-'iU hit. fc- -H'in
I11 Mm.l7l3, Mr. Uwight
called ia fill th; important au too 01
prcident o Y-M college. Ua enter.
A .iuif.Att iiia iiU.ce. nc idudu m uiai.1.
- ---rj r . . . .
ptioe very relaitrd, and inbdcl prtncu
plea geoerally f reeauni : 10 exur.
pate a apirit ao tvrmcioua and fatal,
ihe availed hiroicif ol an early and dc-
ciaive opportunity. . r retiic oiipu
tatioo wa an imnortant excriiie ol the
aenior clan, tor lhi purpoie they
were formed into a convenient num.
' ber of diviaiona two of whah dlpu-
ted before htm every week in the pre-
, aence l the other member.
claaa, and of the rtaiden. gradua.ea.
It waa the practice lor each duiaion
to aijrce upon aeverd qoeatton', and
thci refer them to the preaidcrl to iM1
led whi. h he tho jl?ht VTOQvr. Until
allowed to dicu any qucatiun which
cum. As infidelity was extensively
prevalent in the sUtc and in the couu
try, the effect of t'us course on the
mind of the students had been unhap.
py. It had led them to btlicvt, that
their innructors were afraid to meet
the question faith ; and that christuu-
ity was ,s'j)jMrtrd by authority and
not by argumcB'. One of the ques
! lions preaeoted bv the first division
s this: i Are the Mrtplum of the
OU iinJ Nnv Tittamem the Wo id of
C:d?" I d thir surprise, tin prcai
dent selected it lor discussion ; tld
the in to write on wnich side they
pleased, as he should not impute to
, them -ny sentiments which they ad
j vancrd as their own and requester
those who should write on the neg,i
i tive si le f the question, to collect and
! bring forward all the facts and argu
ments which they could produce, en
joining it upon them, h.wcver, to treat
jthe tujfct with becoming respect and
reverence. Most, if not all, of the
membersof the division, came forward
as the champions ! inf.dclity. Whe
they hiJ finished the da cussion, he
first examined the ground they had
t .ken ; triumphantly refuted their ar
cuments ; proved to them that their
statements of facts was mistaken or ir
relevant) and to their istonishment
convinced them that their acquaintance
with the subject uas whom iuperfitial
After th'm he en.ered into a direct dc
fence f (he divine rigin -f christian
iiy, in a strain of powerful argument
and animated eloquence which nothing
could resist. T he effect upon the stu-
4deot-uaa ..electrical. From that mo
ment infidelity was not only without a
strong hold, but without a lurking
place. To espouse her cause was now
as unpopular, n before it had been to
profess a belief a Christianity , unable
to endure the exposure of argument,
she fled from the retreats of learning,
ashamed and disgraced.
.VemoiVt Dr. height.
Sntf Taiing. Every professed,
inveterate, and incwable snulTtakef," at
a moderate computation, takes one
pinch' 4n ten- miuuteSr Kvery--pichy
with the agreeable ceremony of blowing
and wiping the nose, and other inciden
tal circumstances, consume a minute
and half. One minute-aod a half out
of every ten, allowing sixteen hours to
ynuff taking a day, amounts to two hours
sM twenty-four minutes out of every
natural day, or one dav out of every ten.
One aay out of ten amount ., 'xtv-x
day and a half in every ye$tr. Hente,
if wj suppose the practice to be persis
ted n forty years, two entire years of
to ticklintr his nose, and two more to j
UlU T 11J jj l.
-Vas married, on the 25th nit. in Wil
liamsburg township, HI by John W. l.ills,
Esq. General John Edgar, an officer
of the revolution, aged 90 years, to the
amiable , and accomplished v Miss Eliza
Stevens, aged U years I !
lorior Alcxandrr ton, -
nA INti "ir j lh p(Hriu(i rcfrilltjr
r(unil ij )r, ll.ikiili, a frw Ji r
hirlU-t ul ilia I iMirl liHr, rtmunl to
ru i-rn.iin-fil!)r ftUliliklMril liiititctf llir f"
bcr he U rt-! Ii nut nnitnpily to all calla
fur prttfraaional arrvicra, lie kaa in die almp
rxl ply of ,V'.Z ! f hn h lie ill la;i
be rr.l, lion imH pntfrMioiiaJI callcl a,
to ftiniiJt In tlMwe to anl Itirin, aiomaiiiei
wnn the iwfrkrj prt rliitioiu.
New Oil .Mill.
T1 f ORCR VtMil.r K r. pectfully Infuemt bia
Vk frienda and the Jxiblie gtnttMy, that lie
(ra II M nw ftrii '"-"w m v 1
of aa good a quality aa any U the OouuLry e
Vtabe t mrcbaaw cpianuij m ,
Flax need. V
fnw-t.lrtr-Kir-wilt ta-7i-nU per bti.liclll)
...1 M arill ria one btiahcl of aalt fuf two
of flauccd. reoili In thia eertion of eountrjr,
are repeated to aat all IM tey can,
.... . l....t.i u i.
aa tliey will aiaaye nna a reau-
r,kn,ary 14, 1824.
Kan Away
17 ROM the auSacriber. a very TrfA imilatto
k. n.m.J t.KOItLiF- about 28 r-3(Hcri
of are, awl between . feet tea Inch. i ami ai
Irrt I'if4. rrv iliin and aoare. with a eery larrc
roman noae, ery black hair, ren.bliia: dial of
a white man'a, but Inclined to curl, and but lillle
hr.l n ilw uDDtr lit) and point of the chin,
chewt a rreat ileal of tobacco, I a jrd barber,
houae aemnt and c-chman--in the Ut.
a toleraiile carpemer ana nu-mer,
"P"V " i:-;"?
fact, be capable of turninjr hia band to any
kind of labor ery hun.bW ami pUumMe. am!
ran olffor no other eaute knoan to me, but the
fear of rettine a wbippinr f drinkina; to an
Inch be ia mmh aiblictcd to tahrnrvcr
be can ret it.
lia likely he may attempt to
omplrSton be-
en ne ten
nv, a blue brood cloth coat ami a'.npe'l panta
loons. Htfoniterlv belonavUto Sir. !imi attoT'
ney at law, of Chatham cotmtv, Nortli-Carulina i
then to itr. vim. tvton of Neabern, orth
Carolina i then to Rruwn It Jama, also of New
hern, of whom I bought him. He bail a mother
and irlalioni living near PitisltoriHijfli, Chatham
county, North-Carolina, ahcrc he aa when I
bought him, and perhaps he may have made fur
that aeetion of couutrv, or attempted to rvaeli
the aeaboardt therefore, all nuateri arul oanera
of Veaarla ar forrned from employing said
boy, aa the law ill be rigorously enforced aiinM
any one on whom the fact may be proven. One
humlred dollars reward will be given il taken
out of the. stale and lliervd to rnr on the
Catawba, three miles above Landsforrt, Chester
district, South-Carolina t or fifty dollars if taken
out of the Mate and at- un d in any gaol, so thai
I get him a)(a'n tent4ive dollars if taken in
the Ktstr snd delivered lo mc as above, or
secured so that I get him again.
FKEiiKintK l. j. pri nr..
January 2i. H24 it06
ON the 19th and 2)th of March, at the resi
lience of tle late Ir. Ateximh-r Schools, in
Sloikaville, will be sold at I'tiMie Vendue.
Urge aupplv ( MKIHCIVF.S, of d.fTervnt de.
erintions lsn, ?hop Ftimiture ; also, lfooe!i Id
and Kitchen Furniture, one tiig and llarntsa,
three or four horses, csitlv, &e. Terms if aulc,
a credit of nine n.ontlit; pureliisers giving bond
and security.
SsMt'KL McAFFPR. f-remfof.
Feimary 23, IB'24. 3iiX$
All IVrsons
NDr.nTF.D to the estate of the late Dr. Alrx
aiHii-r ."'f Hwit. arx m 'irvn io muse pav-
1 1 I
....1. Cl...l. ,. . L.
ment anl fnoae liavinr elaini SfSinst aaid ra.
tatc, arc -requested to prcst-nt thrm for
ment, othtrwise this notice will he pled m bar.
RAMI KL McAFFKr, re.w.or.
Frhnmrv 2.1. 1804. :Vi96
do i.p n hy,
TA1 ELY owned n South
i furolln. u;it .i.....t . .
LjT . 1 I ! i j
i "ses. siauie, one nine and a nan
Jd!.J froni Concord, North Carolina,
even day in the week. Sunday eiceptid, thro'
nut the season t the season to commence the
1st of March, and end the 2uth of Julv.
IMthin will be let to mans at 10 dollars the
Season (but may be discharged w ith 8, if paid
within the season,) 5 dollar the sin trie lean, (to
be paltPdow nand 1iirrllars to insure, the
insurance money to he puid when the mare is
discovered to be with foal, or is parted wi'h b
the person putting- her. Partiriilar care w ill be
taken of mares left, in preventing accide nt. &c. 1
ISl I !lr.liWV
1824. 13i02
Concord, Jan. 23,
Caution to (lit Public.
AM. persons are forewarned from trading for,
five several notea, viz one aga nst Jameai
Ueid, SCr i2A; ohc do. on I'ctrr Drown. R4.f.
and a credit of 3() on it ; one on .lan es Haih reentered up against him, and iht. niUter tbtreof
Of gl-3 i and two 'olTicra.'.on 'CebTgeT flodge, . decreed accordihgTv." - -
to the an.ounl or.j54.50, or tliereabojits.
above notes were ll in favor of Uank.l Feaaan.
aiirm1e over to"W
are cautioned against trading for any of the
above notes, as they w ere all lost at the decease
of William Fcairan : and if uti person has tra
ded lor any of them, -is desired to niske it
known- AHCHlHAUr-FKrAANv
AWrtn, Frh 21, 1824. .Tityfif
Valuable Land for Sale.
THE subscriber will djspnsp of the (ollowving
tracts of Lund, in Meckle'nbiirir countv, viz.
One tract of 340 acres Ivjng on the Ca'f'v
ricr. a n. - uvaaaicr imui
and about 9 miles from Charlotte..
One tract-of 270 acres, in the name neighbor
hood with the above.
These lands arc admirahlr adapted to the
iSuvttttmmmfmnl.-. all kinds of small
irrain. ro tne.iormer iraci, o-iongs. some
frimcrBolMHW' -anammatBia3au'
speaking,,. : well, and is finely tinibered and
watered. As the I two tracts join, I v. ill scIKlicrii
either separately or together. . . .
Also, another tract ot 7UU acres, situated
about 18 miles to the cast of Charlotte. This
land is almost perfectly level, and Is not inferior
to the best in that section of the county. .
Charlotte, Jan. 25, 1824. 6:t?6-
i;.Nii j;i htatkh laws.
fay aCTifoaitr.
AS ACT appropriating a certkinaim of n..Wll.
ff l!i ft Ucf of D.nirt I). Tomplmt,
Br. i r r.s w. i r.i y iju u j ii.
.tmerit U t r tmi,Um That lh a,ftt.
tary of lha 1 re saury be, and ha hereby U, a.
Ihuriaed to pay to t)4i I I). Tompkins, Uta
tun t mot of lha Iflsta of Nsw York, out of anr
money In tb treasury, not othrrwtsa approiri,
ate.1, iba sum of ihirty.At tbuusanil one hun
dred and ninety dollars bi ing lha amount rr.
Kd in favour of the asid 1 1). I vn-p.
, by tht Accounting Hffkri fifth Tre an.
rr.ln romi wit. r c0"a ,
the aciii(s w wiiliri II. T HtL .... v
trnof of lb Wat of w W. P- 'W
twanty4rt febrwary, on lUouaand gUt .
drtd and twnty4hrc.
fptsketof lha lloa of llcpWMntatlytf,
- DANlF.f. t. TOMl'KINi,'
Vk Frcaident of ike U. wtatta and
fret dt-nt of the IWrwU.
iTjWsjf.a, Jsw. 22.1B J.
Approsedi JAklES MON'ROB.
' ' " .
AN ACT to' autboriaa lha aurveying and ma
king a road from a point opposite lu Mt mnhis,
in the state of Tennessee, to Little Rock, la
lb territory of Arkansas.
Br. it rxACTru y ia w v
Jtrbllni a lie Ull htatt
JmfHta in t tarrrsf lutrmU J. I hat U Frt
ident of the t otted huui be, and l. is hereby,
authorised to anoolnt three Omniiswoe-ers, ho
aliatl eiplore, survey ami mark out. In the n-
eligible course, a road from a point on the light
bank of the river Misaiasipp", opjfsitr to tba
loan of Men. phis, in th atnte of I mm sate, to
little Hock, in the temtorj of Arkanaas, and
ssid Comm aaioners ahall n.ake out acci.rata
plan of such aurveys, atcoii psnUd with Arid
notes, snd certify s'ml transmit the same lo the
... : J . t t ki.i.n . Kit if L an.
proves ol the aat survey, sha'l catise lb plats
thereof to be deposited In il' Orni of tli
I ressury of the t'nited Htatrs, and the aaUl rnad
ahall be crmsidrred as estsbhslted ami accepted,
Htr.2. ,14ltlfrtkrrnatfJ, TliatlhrJ
road ahall b ocned and made undi-r the d.r, c.
tinn of llur Presiilrtil of the t nitrd Htatea, hs
i hereby authorised to employ the truopa of the
United Mates in the completion, or assisting
tie completion of aaid road.
Hse, 3 And 4e it futthrr tmtrleU, That tit sad
Commissioners slutll, each, Ix entitled to receive
three dollars, ami their aetesnU one dollar aid
filty Cinis, (.r each and eery day wh'ic!i they
ahall be mccaanly en ployed, in the tspl-ieil r,
S irveying sikI markit g, said roail : And, for il
psiqMisc of eon.pensa'ing the f.)ressil Coinimt
sitmers and their awirfanta, and fur opening aivl
making said road, there ahall be, and l.errln to,
aiipmpriBtcd, the sum of fifteen tltouaand doU
lars,to be paid not of any money a in the Treas
ury, not others isc appropriated.
Aprros-ed: H aih.njlan, Jan. 51. 18J4.
. State of North-Carolina,
IN Fquilv, t)c.t.lM.r tirni, HJ.'3.. Sherwood
Kenned) and Nancy bis wife, v.. 7.ebuln
Hunt, adminiytor of the gnoda Mld chattl,
rR-hi'a ami cnefits which were of lames Hilton,
dee'd. also, against John Jackson, Hartrun
Jackson, Uche Jackson, fire-en Jackson, FA.
tnutid Jackaon, Stockanl, and tletsy hi
fc, Tbnmas and Nancy hi wife) also.
James Hilton, Thomas F.ngh'sh and Susannah hia
wife j also, James Lowe, Lianey laiwe, Abram
Ixine, amel liwe, Marv laiwe, Ketiali lae ;
also, James Hummer ami Mary I'lummeri also,
Isaac Jones ami IMsev his wife. It appearing
to the court, thut the defendauta, John Jackson,
a L . . . . i t ii l . i
I namuu j mason, ,cne aacsson, urvtn .:..
, . ,
I tnn K.litinn.1 l.rVin
. . .. .'.
aon, tlTiiiikl Jackson, Stnckarel and Int.
aey his wife, Thontas and Vancv his ifa.
1 homas Kulish and Susannah his ifr, reside
out f this Mate : it is tlicrefirr ordered, that
publication he maile for the snare of si I weeks,
in the W es'em Carolinian, that they and each of
them do appear, at the next Court of F.qoity to
he held for the county of Kowan, oil flic second
Monday after the fourth Motidav iir March lu xt.
" sal!shury, ami tl.en and there ph-a l, answer
or demur to the bill of comnlaint. otherwise the
.-it. I li'ill u Ml I... talrn ,...1...... iliam
v 'oi vwmw o.iimun.m,
and he'iird ex parte.
C.P.OSGE LOL'Kl' r. & .
Price arlv. S"J 3J. it97
State of North-Carolina,
flOCTtT of I'K as and Quarter isi!ons, Jan.
nary Session, 1824.....Asmn Camp vi. F'-an-
j cis Coxe ; origniHl attachment, levied on Ian Is.
1 It aipearing to the satisfaction of the court, that
! .t 1 r . 1 . . .i . i
,, T T . . .. " ""'
thia Nlils It sal tlataaawfsM nas.I,.tsawsl hw tit a ssiitst
! that rnlilicati'in he madi in ttic Wi-.ti rn I am.
" S..S..W.S..W., , v aT s..s.ww.,..t
Ilinian for six weeks, that the defendant appear
j before the J istici i of our next County Court tf
i Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be holden for the
county of Ittitherford, at the court bouse in
Kutht rfordton, on the 3d Mowlav aOer the 4th
Monday of Marcn neH, then and there to plead
to issue, or demur, or iiiilu-ment final will be
Price ndv. S2, it98
State of North-Carolina,
10l'UTof Pleas and Qtiarter Sessions, l)e-
J ccnihej-ltrnv A. 1). 1823 : LawitnccJJatt:
serand John Stults, administrators of Matthew
Snipes, r. the heirs at law of Vatthew Snipes,
dee'd. It appearing to the satisfaction of the
court that William Moon and Elizabeth his wifo,
heirs at law of the said Matthew Snipes, d;c'd- , ;
are inhabitants irf' ihtmUaa ku. It iaiheiefore '
tern Cnrolin'mn lor six weeks, successively, that
the said William Moon and Elizabeth his wife,
appear at the next (:ourl of Picas and Quarter
Sessions tobe held for the county of Stokes on the
second Monday in March next, and either plead,
a iswef or amttrwwtlfMffit
same w ill Im. taken tiEOCQlifiEso. an J. lu:aid eiL !
puTr;-wmsVvfieni. ,7
-iW-w WA I I , H. liiiuw, e. f,
Grrmanton,Jan. 14, 1804 Pi ice adv. gfJ '
A Painplijct,
ON the subject of the rresidential F.W'.ien,
addressed to the ei'i'-eps of .VortliSiii 'via,
i for sale at the ofllce of tlie Weslern Cwrolii sa,
price ten cents.

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