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i ui( t, or nth rr.QpLtu
At p rtul rucetlnp; of i he cltltrnt c
Mrckh f. Mjri'j.Hln Charlotte! on Wed
riM.taf the inh of February last, (btloj
Court Week,) for the purpose of adopt
In; tome plan to ascertain the tns v
, tht people relating to the President!
question, the folio in j resolution were
lit. Hetotvtd, that general meeting
or the c intent of Mecklenburg end clti
' km of the district, be requested to attend
. In Charlotte, on the J!r$t Wednetday e1
firll next, to trpreta their opinion rel
tlve tq bo ought to be our nett Presl
dent, end to adopt torn me at u res in re
Ution thereto, at the common good majr
In their estimation, require.
3d. Retitved, that the foregoing be
published tn the Western Carolinian
Tmnai J. Pete, Set').
Mink 6VA, 1833.
(Notwithstanding the above meeting ia called
a partial one, we Warn that a large collect inn of
people attended it i and that the friends of Gen.
Jackton vere decidedly the meat numeroua at
tb meeting.
Wathngton City, Feb. 38, 1 834.
To the Editor of the Weatcrn Carolinian i
Sia i In looking uer sour paper of the
1710 mat. which tome gentleman, un
known to mc, hat been kind enough to
favor me with, I am aorry to tee that
tome person who wrket over the signs
ture of 4 a voter," hat evidenced a ditpo
anion to mitrepreieni met and conse-
nmmtm -1-- . - -
idea of my haviuic attempted something
in Congrets, by which they were to be
aerioualy affected. If this wai the 6rt
attempt that had been made on the tame
principle, I thould perhaps not think it
Decenary to notice it; but with a view of
preventing improper impiessions being
made on the minds of houett men, who
would not with to be milled, nor take un
due eirrptiont, ar.d for their satisfaction
, exclusively. I state, that since I left home
there bat been, from a respectable aource,
committed to my charge the memorial
that Ihit voter mutt have allution to, in
hit tarcattic publication, accompanied
with a requett to tubmit it to Congress.
In conformity with my duty aa the rrpre
tentative and organ of a free people, I
complied with the requett, without any
apprehention of infringing upon the con
ttiiution, (as the honorable voter seem to
, think.)
Therefore, having done nothing more
than every randid man will at once see
and readily acknowledge wat my bound a n
duty, I hope thit honourable voter will
not be seriously alarmed, and I could with
that he would cease to unnecessarily a
Iarm his neigbours ; for I can atture him.
that if the wishes of the memorialists
should ever he met by Congress, thjt
neither the constitution, himself, nor his
Southern negroes, will be affected there
rertlf regret that ay portion of lh
rrusteci should be willing to adopt tucti
measures as will, mott probably, render
it imputable to have a retpectable col
lege, when our population and resources
ma be a Utile increased.
, . a Tamil.
The limit of a weekly paper are Insufficient
te give any tiling like a detailed journal of the
proceedings of Congress, and, at the same time,
to do Justice to other subjects that urgently
claim our attention. Indeed, the daily papers
at the teat of government, are coruteiitly com.
plaining of the want of room for the Insertion
of their congressional reports. In a weekly
Journal, like ours, therefore, we are compelled
to epitomise the proceedings i and it is with
much difficulty we are enabled, by this court
to give a connected Idea of what our represen
tative aervanta arc doing i but there is no oaier
alternative, we mutt either Cull the beat fruit,
or reject the whole tree.
In the following retrospective view of the
proceedings of the national legislature,we have
endeavored to collect wnatcver appeared of
most immediate interest to our readot.
. - Ltklor H'nirrn CtroUnian.
mi thi wtsTta carousus.
Mr. li'hi'e: It appears that a very se
rious misunderstanding has taken place
among the I rustee of the VVettern Col
Feb. 16 A petition ws prrened from
a company of volunteer artillerists, in
Pennsylvania, praving thee might be re
ceived into the service of the U. St.itet.
forth purpose of improving themselves
in military tactict. Frb 17 ; most of the
business of this day, ws of a private na
ture, frb. 18; the prescient enmmuni
catcd a report of the Secretary of the Na
vy. rrutit.a o .k. i .: i
pendituret of the naval service. The
military committee reported a bill to pro
vide for the implement and discipline
of the militia of the United Sines. A
bill wat reported, to provide for the rs
tinguishment of the debt due to the U-
Statet, by the purrhaters of public lands.
Frb. 19 ; the bill for the final set lenient
of land claim in the territory of Florida,
rame from the other house, and wt
agreed to by the Senate. Frb. 20; the
Senate wai engaged nearlv the whole of
thit day, on the bill establishing a nuil
hrough the territory of Florida, from St.
Augustine to Pentatola ; the bill was
nallv ordered to a third reading ; adjour
ned to Monday. Frb. 23 a communi
cation from the Secretary of War, rela
live to expenditures in the Indian depart
ment, wat received and read ; and a com
munication from the PM-ofTire denart
ment, relative to the number of clerkt
employed therein, was also received and
red. Frb 24 ; a message, of considers
ble length, was received from the Preti
dent of the U. S,. relative to the payment
of the Massachusetts militia, for services
during the late war ; which was read, and
ordered to be printed. Frb. 25 : a bill
was reported for the better security of
public moneys in the hands of marshals,
clerks, and attorneys. The bill to repeal,
in pah, a former act to lessen the com
pensution of marshals, clerkt and attor
neys, in certain cases, was read the third
time, and passed. Frb. 26; a resolution
was agreed to, instituting an inquiry into
the expediency of attending the judiciary
law ; the remainder of the day the Senate
for luUittenre of the si my, 169,847
forage fur bilkers, 39,136 1 for the re
cruliing service, I J, 8 'Wj for the purcha
sing drpaitmcnt, 141,137 49 1 It wai
tiatca litre, that, in purchasing clothing
for the army, a preference wat always
given to American mungfciurea, unlets
the public would mtte rUlly uffcr there
by ij for woollens, pfioo j fuf u, mt(.
cal and hospital detriment, 10,000 j for
the quarter matter s-nerel't department,
nvfwi inrauaiiioikieitpensetat West
Point, for outhouse officet, plate for
diplomat, kc !3.40r nd for the pur
chase oft far! allied tn th
lOfiOO. , Ifatl'tj one thus far in the bill,
the bout etfxjiiicd. Frb. SO i state
ment of the Mr of tbe Dank of the U.
Statea. w.a received from the Secretary
of tbe 7"ritu7 a Hit of the unproduc
tive posHff for the year 1123, wat
received frm the I'ott-Matter General j
the committee of rlectiont reported un
favoraby to Mr. Ballf'i retaining hit seat
at a member of the house of represents
live a the resolution was ordered to lie on
the Uble t a desultory and spirited debate
arose among nembers, pn a resolution
rcbtive to the tanfT, which lasted till the
Speaker called the house to take up the
military appropriation bill the bill wat
Further filled up, at followt i lor contin
xrnriet in the army, 870,000; armories
360,000 ordnance tcrvire. 42.000 for
revolutionary pensions, 1,391,716 39 ; for
invalid, widow and orphans of soldiers,
313 174 41; and arrears in war depart
ment, 3 6 000 40. The house refused to
take up the tariff bil! this day, but adjour
ned over to Moaday. Frb 23 ; a bill wat
reported, to tecure the accountability of
r,Vi,''Jir?iiirir,o) authorizing ihe laing
We Invite the attention of our readrrt to the
debate, la the House of Commons of our last
Legislature, oaj Mr, Fisheri un' -caucus reaok
lions, which we have this week commenced, on
tbe first page of the paper. 1
tfanngaged in private petitions, claims,
j . . la i im .a . "J
lege. It w-, the uncontradi. ted opinion c. rto. n ; me aenate was orcupi a
ofthebourd. at their latt September mee nearly halt tnu day, on yie military ap
tine, that :he last annual meeting would propriation bill more particularly on
t I . a
be mcely nominal, with a view of keep
ing up the charter, till some fortunate
occurrence thould justify them tn pro
ceeding. We are not informed that ei
ther Congress, or our own General As j
tembly, have, on any condition, promised
to crive. us assistance or that any wealthy
individual have proposed to'endow the
the item relative io the military Academy
at West Point ; it was finally postponed
for 3 or 4 weeks. March I ; a preamble
and resolutions of the legislature of Imli
ana, expressing their approbation of the
remark of the President of the U. S. in
his message to Congress, relative to the
struggle of the (ireeks for liberty, and
relative to the interference of the Holy
out of certain roads in the territory of
Florida, were both passed and sent to the
Senate for concurrence. I he house took
up the tariff bi Mr. Martindale, of N.
York, moved to strike out trie enacting
clause of it, md mate a speech of 3 or
3 hours to length agatntt hi own motion,
which created a good deal of excitement
among members; Mr. M. finally tat down,
before finishing hit tpeerh and the house
received iw messages from the Proident
of the U. S. on reUme to Ihe rules and
regulations of the army, compiled bf Gen.
Scott, another relative lo the boundary line
of the territory caf Arkansas, another rela
tivr to the expense of transporting 300
troops to the mouth of the Columbia
river on the Pacific ocean, and the o'her
relative to the .Matanchusett militia
claims. Frb. 34; two memorials were
this day presented, on the subject of the
tariff, fnjer 'onK desultory, and
amniuiut moni"us fletw, ""e nousc
ciary erx ilttee were instructed to in
quire wha: other provisions are necessary
foi securing the payment in o the I reasu
ry of fines and forfeitures, which accrue
to the U- S. and remain in Ihe hands o
the clerks, marshals, tec. The tariff bill
was again taken up ; and after consider
able debate, the house adjourned to Mon
day. Marth I ; the house adjourned thit
day, immediately after the members had
assembled, in order to prepare for the fu
neral of Mr. Mm. 1st Ball, a representa
live from jirginw, who died on Sunday
Our readers kav already been lrfbrmad, thai
iL.'a held. In th various cwnlia, for deUptas,
ho were to meet to Harriaburf, the teat of s
government of that lute, on th 4th Inat. for
the purpose of nominating candidate for Eke.
. - ... a. . .
tors, to vote ir President tnu vice rnaiocni,
at tk ensuing Presidential election. In moat
of th counties, at the elecuons, pretty sharp
contests took place between the frsrtxU of the
two Presidential candidates (snd tbe only onet
who had any chance of success in tlist state,
On. Jknn and Mr. CoMwi. That acrimony
of temper which a warm strife at th pof!e al
wayt ertatea, waa engendered between the
friendt of these two cambMates, who had before
ae happily harmonised in political sentiment, ami
whose undivided etertiona had, tbe last araaon.
gained to signal a Republican aacendancy in that
commonwealib. It waa at this Juncture, when
the election for delegate! waa going on, and the
ianie hanging in doubt, that the meeting took
place in Philadelphia, an account of which we
pubfished but wetk, and at which the friends
of Mr. C!hun mtrt nobly and magnanimoualy
came forwsnl, snd proposed to waive their pe
onal choice, and unite with their reDublican
Drctnren in favor oi Uen. Jocim, n woom, n
llu. nr mwn u nrflfcltflKTl i n
then, have things changed r J he 30th of Alliance in the concerns of South Ameri
Mirch will happen on the-wlefc imme- The Senate adjourned at an early
diately preceding the meetiBa of Pres
hvterv. which will reiideric erv tncon
hour on this day, to attend the tune
ral of Mr. Ball, of the House of Repre
sentatives, who died, on Sunday the 29th
UlV i .,. ,
Feb. 16; the house did but little this
day, except receiving and referring pe
titions, remonstrances, Sec. The tariff
venient for those who might be Wheeled
to attend both those meetings ; and, in
deed, very few of the rest can spare time
from iheir other duties, to spend a week
at Lincolnton, on business which they
have found cannot be done
If these notices and appointments which I bill was taken up, tmd discussed, but no
h:vc anpared. have not opieinated in a I decision had thereon. . rrb. 17; one
want of rerollection, they must' haveJbri memorial from Virginia, against the I a
their object the baptism of tome petty J riff bill, and two from New-York, in favor
crammar school, or some mushroom
utademy, with the dignified name of Col
rl.nnv ill. cita tvKrro vol I dIruSC
and nothintr greater can be produced. 6v
the fund which the Trusteescbmmand.
Those who subscribed to the funds bf
the Western College, understood that
of it, were presented this day ; the house
again went into a committee of the whole
on the bill, but came to no decision on U
Feb. 18, a bTIFwas reportedi6rlheTfr
lief of certain distillers in the U. States,
I he Speaker laid before the house a let
ter from the Secretary of the Navy, Irarrs-
thfit Mibscrintions were a trial of their I milling a statement of the appropriation!
atrenirth: and itTITisunlveB'aTIy'cn bf
aed that they are insufficient, many of the me U. S for the year?! 823, 5cc. One pe
subicribers consider them-elvet released tition in favor of the tariff, was this day
from obligation to pay their subscriptions, presented, from Vermont ; and the said
Any attempt, therefore, to conptl pa- bill was taken up by tbib house, and some
. , menu will be iitied as an act of outrage discussion had thereon, when the house
flp iinst ihosr taws wnren oueni to uHiuiaoiuuuieu. . cu. i , iuc toiiimmcc.
-the rommunity together. way Brwmeans were instructed to inquire
J have always found that the most ef- whether the passage f the Tariff bill
fectuul way of accomplishing any public would diminiri theevinue of the United
businets, is to attempt -it with the appro- States ; and if so; what jcourse it should be
bation o( those who have tobeafHhe aur-i expedient to pursue, (to supply tne oen
. . . tm . . a al la I af ... tk Sl
den of it j and the most effectual way to ciency. I he fjouse thjen took up the mil-just published, trom vvauer s great uic
ition bill; the sum appro- nonary, a selection oi iwu ui uuee mou
defeat anv uroiect, is to attempt lo force itary appfobriation
freemen to do what they are determined I priated lor the use of tjie military acade
they will not do. I therefore most sin-J my at West Point, wasig99 4,307 0 ct. j
I. Of the 361 members of Congress
m a a aa a
Mr. irawtorti a votes amounted to no
more than tiny two in Caucus.
2. With the addition of two votes bv
proxy, hit whole number of votes appear
cd to be but sixty-four.
3. ThisJra:iagiDsLhi.mJ97 votes.
and a majoritt against him of one hun
dred and itriy-lAree votet.
4. from tm ttatet he had no vote.
5. From five states, he had but one
vote each.
. 6. from two states, he had but two
votes each.
7. From three atatei, he had but three
votes each
I. From the remaining four state, he
had a majority in three only
' 9. Three ttatet cannot elect a Presi
10. .No man of "sound mind" in the
country can now believe Mr. Crawford
will be President,
11. Unless the National Intelligencer
can make it appear that three forms a ma
jority of twenty four.
Lithotomy.Ve have witnetsed with
much pleasure the return of a little boy,
aged -4 yeara-and 9-nwmhtr (the-son of
Mr. tamuel CiarJt, of Beaufort county, in
this State,) from Philadelphia, who lately
tubmitted lo thjt, most important turgi-
cal operation-.. 4 bw operation was per
formed by Dr. Phvsic in 2 1-2 minutes;.
and the child confined but five weeks,
and is now in perfect health. We have
had the curiosity to examine the Stone ex
tracted from the bladder. It is a round
oblong, of a hard. texture, with several
sharp iwytf- w the, bodyjni
iehgth 3 1-4, inches, in circumference 4
j-, anu weigneu penny, wtignig jo
WA -I . . aV
grains. daemon uaz.
Mr. L. White, of Philadelphia, hss
was fotrwl, the republican party could most bar
moniomly concentrate their support.
We have omitted, till now, making any re
mark on the proceeding! of the Philadelphia
meeting, for the purpose of ascertaining wheth
er the movement was the effect of sober judg
ment, guided by principle, or whether it was
caused by that eflrrvcacence of popular will,
o characteristic of a city popubxe. The last
information from Pennsylvania, confirms mir
firt imprraaion, and must satisfy every unpre
Judiced mind, that the step Mr. Calhoun's friends
hae taken in that Stile, was prompted by that
(baintrrettedncs which has uniformly character
ised their conduct throughout the w hole discus
ion of the Presidential question. They taw
that a schism would be created among the re
publicans, if they prrsiatrd, with a blind teal,
to push tbe claims of their fcvorite i they taw
that the raucumlrt were unwearied in their ef
forts to produce this schism, thinking that if
they could diude the friends of Jackson and
Calhoun, and excite embittered feelings be
tween them, they might turn a current in favor
of the caucus candidate : they saw all these
movements of the enemies of the people, and
nobly determined to sacrifice personal feelings
on the ahar of principle, and thereby defeat tbe
scheme! and intrigues of the agents of the rad
ical caucus at Washington.
Many persons, especially among the caucusitet,
appeared to think it dubious what effect the
proceedings in Philadelphia woukl have in the
interior of the state ; but the last information
dissipates all doubts the friends of Mr Cal-ltoovin-
U the counties, Jiave responded to the
sentiments of their brethren in the citj, (or w ill
speedily do so,) and have cordially united in
favor of Gen. Jackson ; so that the 28 electoral
votes of Pennsylvania are, safe for Jackson, and
no human effort can gain one of them fur the
caucus candidate.
The people of Pcnnsylvanis, however, still
cherish all that respect and admiration for Mr.
ale nts, bis' decision
Btat a ft v mor namet nl romplt it, ja
support of (hit tkket, let us ill lurmoniourf-,
unite let ut defeat th projects of th rfti J
rial rourw, by voting for the peopU'i iU ltf
elevating the re tOUtnt to the PrethtiJ
chair of our countrythat count 7 wbi h ),4
vahantly and tueceaaTutl fought to defend, M
well against th merciless tavtg(0f th wdde,.
nets, at th mildest Invader of our country
the plain of Orleans,
I declaring ear determination to ajyoesi
the sleet Ion of Gen. Jackton In prefmne to the
ether twe dininguUhed candidate who ara m.
aW. Jrs rh dictation of a eaknu, Uf, - a -,
reader thai w meaa not to (Irparage IV cWna
of either of these gentlemen f but, oa the eon.
trsrr, w have a high regard and reipeef f.
their talents, and especially for the distinguiahed '
ervicea and unblemished character of tlx for.
mer.........we tliouM not repine to tea either of
them advanced to th highest office under our
government 1 but we ask their friendt to answer
ut, in the language of candor, whether they
believe that cither Mr. A dame or Mr. Clay cm
succeed, in thi State, against tlie caucus ticket f
Wt believe they cannot.-. .and we think the rt
fleeting portion of their friends are well assured
of i. And, taking it for granted that they are,
we will again ask them, whether they do not
believe tlia? Juctn it now the only man who
can beat tbe caucus ticket, in A'trtk-CartUnnt
Ami, if so, whether they woujd not rather vote
far Jackson, than see the Electoral vot of the
State given up to a despicable caucus t
In the caucus w hich the members of the Vir.
ginia Legialature held to nominate candidates
was ereateH among the members, when ,1,Tn
Gatlntin w u pmpoaed aa a candidate for Vice.
President. Mr. Braxton said, "he waa not pre.
pared to vote for Mr. Gallatin. He wat aorry
he had lived king enough I $re a firei 'gnfr at.
inatrd fr r imfurlcni an Jir f" But it Wat
enntrnded by tbowe who supported Mr. CaUa.
tin's nomination, ilia they ought not to incur
the risk of losing the vote of Pennsylvania to Mr.
Crawford, by turning their backs on her wit
distinguished citizen, (Mr. Gallatin) te Vice
President ; that upon Pennsylvania mainly de
pended the election of the nest President and
that, therefore, that State ought to be roncilii-
ed, ami induced to aupport Mr. Traa ford. Now
if the Virginia poli'iciins flatter thrmvlvrs with
Ihe idea of cajoling the respectable State of
Pennsylvania, into a support of the radical esn-
lidate, by such artifieei, they will, in the sequel.
find thenitcivea moat egrt giotioly cheated in
their hopes. Since the meeting in Philadelphia,
numerous expressions of the public voice have
been heard of, from various parts of the State 1
all of which harmonize with the srntimenti of
the Philadelphia meet n? Indeed, thero ran.
not be a doubt but the llarrishiirg convent ion
will nominate Ji.cton by a unanimous vote. At
a meeting in one of tbe counties in that State,
where Gen. Jackton wu recommended fur
President, Juhn C. Cattm was unanimous?
recommended as Vice President.
sand words, which are liable to be mit-
pronounced. Nx? Journal.
Calhoun, which his briffiaji
of character, and his sotlcst integrity, at fint
inspired thm with. As an evidence of their
regard for him, it appears probable they will
support him for Vice President ; be lias already
been recommended, in different parti of the-
state, for that office.
We believe ours was the first -piper in this
Stute, which came out openly and undisguised!)'
in favor of the xlaimi of Mr. Calhoun to th
Presidency. From the moment the question
wu started, "Who ought to succeed Mr. Monroe
aa chief magistrate of the United States" we
turned our eyes to Mn C. Calhoun we thought
we taw in him a man whose primitive and con
sistent republicanism, whose vigorous intellect !
and highly cultivated mind, and whose enlight
ened views of national policy, eminently quali
fied him to guiaV the destinies of thit mighty
and increasing Republic and we ttill think to.
But our attachment to an individual, in a political
sense, ia not of that bigoted aUaip. which, nurks
the character of the tybject or vaual of kinocv
authority 1 we were raised and educated " after
the ttrictest rule of" republicanism, and were
y tanSht that tnindblet were paramount tn
every thing else, in a republican government
that they formed the pedestal, upon which our
inimitable representative system of government
rests. Could we still sustain our favorite candi
date, consistently with the harmony and union.
of the people, We would invoke divine aid in
ctomgso ij Taut ItliM now becprri
nbfetWe fofe of Peri
diminishes his prospects, that we should be fool
hardy, indeed, still to urge hit friendt to support
him, at thit time. We now feel bdund to yield his
claims; and co-operate with thft friends of Gen.,
JACKSON, in supporting Electors who will1
vote for him, in opposiiion to the caucus ticket.
The renple't Ticket is now nearly formed in this
We notice in the Saratoga (N. Y.) Stntintl,
an article marked, as an indication fir us to r"py
it, w e suppose) in which there is the following
" An attempt has recently hern mn!c
br tbe proprietors ef Webster's Sptlling
Hook, to obtain an injunction agsirM F.
F. Marshall, the effects of which would
lie to prohibit him from publishing and
vending his newlv invented, and, we may
add. vastly iroproved Spelling Cook. This
application, we understand, has been re
fused by Judge-Skinner, andre believe -very
justly too."
Of E. F. Marshall's newlv invented Speltinf
book, we know but little, never having seen
but one copy ; and we doubt whe'her a fiftieth
part of the citizens of North-Carolina have been
even at lucky at we have, in thit respect. Our
northern brethren may therefore quiet their
fears, which an imagined monopoly on the part
of the proprietors of Webstcr't Spelling-book
teems to have excited. .Our ancestors, to
the third and fourth generation, were taught
their rudiments from llebtter and, although
other elementary books are worming them.
selves into use, we don't know that Marthalft
Spelling book it used at all in this section of
the Vn'uii.
sfjs "
Considerable pleasantry took place in
Congress hall, during a debate, on the
19th ultimo, relative to an appropriation
- p. r-,y- ir.T 1 J J 1
for the United States Military. Academy5"
at West Point. Mr. tFa'JSeld, of Mary
land, having observed, " that he spoke in
favor of the school from no nersonal or
fiaren'al feelings, as, he tlianked f leaverr,
he still enjoved a statef tingle bletted
nett ;" Mr. Floyd, in reply, remarked that
" he was happy to' observe the gentleman
was Verv Ihdnkful even Tor tiie tmalett
The Legislature of Alabama hat apoin-
ted' tTownwsront
to ernploy a competent personand ttfus
t an tt, to examine and ta1ke"an acciira'a
survey of the Muscle Shoals and Colbert's
Shoals, and ascertain the practicability
iinrj best mode of improving the naviga
tion of the Tennessee river.
.Ilubama. f.aier.

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